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EU Caves Putin Wins, Transportation of
Russian Goods to Kaliningrad Through
Lithuania Will Resume
Posted by Ruhn 7/2/2022 11:03:34 PM Post Reply
Two weeks ago, a NATO blockade of Kaliningrad, an outpost of Russia, was triggered when Lithuania blocked the transport of goods through Suwalki corridor. According to the Lithuanian justification they were following through on NATO sanctions against Russian goods. However, the escalation was very provocative toward Russia and discussions between Russia and NATO countries were tense. (snip) it looks like NATO postponed the announcement until after Biden left in order to save face on the reversal of position.
Disney Animated Series ‘Baymax!’,
for Ages 5 and Up, Features Men Dating
Posted by Ribicon 7/2/2022 10:58:20 PM Post Reply
A recent episode of the Disney+ PG-rated animated children’s cartoon Baymax! features a man asking another man out on a date. Previously, the show included a transgender “man” who menstruates and gives advice on which maxi pad to buy. In the recent episode featuring two men dating, a character named Mbita has a crush on a man named Yukio, who he works up the courage to ask out on a date. “I think it would be fun if me and you went to a place or perhaps a thing together,” Mbita says nervously, to which Yukio responds, asking, “Are you asking me on a date?”
TX Dem Sheriff: Law Enforcement Leaders
See ‘Complete Absence from Washington’
on Border
Posted by Ribicon 7/2/2022 10:50:54 PM Post Reply
On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Jose Diaz-Balart Reports,” Bexar County, TX Sheriff Javier Salazar (D) stated that in his talks with other law enforcement leaders in Texas, “the perception is that there’s been a complete absence from Washington, DC” on immigration and the border and called for help from President Joe Biden and asked Biden to communicate with law enforcement in the state. Salazar said, “At present, we’ve got a governor that’s using this as a campaign stunt.” He added, “Mr. President, we need your help. With all due respect, the perception here, what I’ve seen in talking to other law enforcement leaders in my precious state of Texas
Exclusive: 1,700 Migrants Arrested in
Texas Border Town in One Day
Posted by Ribicon 7/2/2022 10:50:32 PM Post Reply
Eagle Pass, Texas—Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended 1,772 migrants after they crossed the Rio Grande in a single day in Eagle Pass. The steady stream of migrants apprehended after crossing the river included one group numbering more than 500. On Thursday, the number of apprehensions exceeded any other single day total for the city according to the source. A source operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection told Breitbart Texas that Del Rio Sector agents lead the nation of late in apprehensions. The source said the increase in apprehensions is forcing the agency to deal with constant overcrowding at processing facilities. More than 2,000 migrants
‘Burning America to the ground’: Liberals
can’t get over SCOTUS EPA decision
Posted by Imright 7/2/2022 10:34:58 PM Post Reply
Liberals lambasted the Supreme Court after the justices ruled the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) exceeded its authority Thursday. The high court issued a 6-3 decision in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency Thursday that limits the power of government agencies. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that the EPA exceeded its authority when it sought to impose caps on power plant emissions.“The decades-long fight to protect citizens from corporate polluters is being wiped out by these MAGA extremist justices,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer posted on Twitter. “Every Republican who helped seat these justices is complicit.”
How many Americans now want Biden to prioritize
tackling inflation over helping Ukraine
fight Russia?
Posted by Imright 7/2/2022 10:31:34 PM Post Reply
Americans are far more interested in inflation being tamed in the United States than helping Ukraine in its war with Russia and they are demanding that President Biden provide relief from the crushing burden of rising prices. For Biden’s part, he’s vowing that the nation will be making sacrifices “as long as it takes” for Ukraine. But a new poll shows that he is increasingly out of touch with the American public. A YouGov poll shows that a devastating 40 percent of Americans think we should be getting inflation under control rather than throwing billions at Ukraine in the war with Russia. Only 12 percent think the U.S. should be more involved
New York denies permit renewal for bitcoin
mining company, calling it threat to state's
climate goals
Posted by NorthernDog 7/2/2022 10:06:22 PM Post Reply
Albany, N.Y. — New York officials denied required air permit renewals Thursday to a bitcoin-mining power plant on the grounds that it was a threat to the state's climate goals. The permitting decision was another example of New York putting the brakes on a cryptocurrency bonanza that has alarmed environmentalists. It also comes at a time when cryptocurrency prices have plunged, wiping out fortunes, fueling skepticism and sparking calls for tighter scrutiny. The state's permitting decision involved Greenidge Generation, an old coal-fired plant by the shore of Seneca Lake that had once been shut down, but was converted from coal to
Exclusive: Missing Mar-a-Lago? Melania
Trump appears uncomfortable as she's heckled
while leaving Trump Tower in NYC after
changing permanent residence from Manhattan
skyscraper to Florida country club
Posted by Imright 7/2/2022 9:08:48 PM Post Reply
Former First Lady Melania Trump was snapped looking uncomfortable as she was heckled while leaving Trump Tower in Manhattan on Saturday. Melania, 52, was photographed leaving her husband's Fifth Avenue skyscraper as she headed back to the Trumps' Bedminster golf club in New Jersey, where the former first family spend their summers. Although inextricably-associated with his home city of New York, Donald Trump, Melania and the family's children largely-shun the famously-liberal Big Apple these days, in favor of the more socially-conservative climes of Florida. Melania could be seen in a maroon and white striped button down dress and brown shades
How California's legal cannabis dream
became a public health nightmare: It's
a class B drug in the UK - but in the
US state it has led to spiralling addiction,
psychotic illnesses and hospitals facing
a deluge of poisonings and drug-drive accidents
Posted by Imright 7/2/2022 8:59:34 PM Post Reply
A row of luxury 'healing' creams is guarded by a locked glass cabinet, gilded in gold trim. The packaging is stylishly minimal – clean and white with small black typeface – and beside the tubs sit decorative, artificial fruit and images of sprawling fields, with a small flyer to remind customers of the high-quality, organic nature of the products.(Snip) I'm in upmarket Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California, in one of the area's many so-called 'wellness' shops, just a stone's throw from designer boutiques such as Gucci and Saint Laurent.
David Axelrod Says the Really, Really
Scary Part Out Loud
Posted by Hazymac 7/2/2022 8:47:22 PM Post Reply
David Axelrod, the man who masterminded the winning presidential campaigns of Barack Obama, believes that no one is in charge in the White House. Discussing the filibuster “carve-out” for an abortion vote in the Senate that Biden has proposed, David Axelrod dismissed the idea, saying “I mean, this is the lot that Biden finds himself in. There is this sense that things are kind of out of control and he’s not in command. And this lends to that.” This from a Democrat? Axelrod isn’t saying there’s a “hidden hand” at work behind the throne. He’s not claiming Obama or anyone else is actually running the show. His point is even scarier:
Politico Hit Piece on Clarence Thomas
Goes Horribly Wrong
Posted by Hazymac 7/2/2022 8:31:01 PM Post Reply
Earlier this week, Politico made a horrible attempt to attack Justice Clarence Thomas in a hastily written “fact-check” that turned out to be false. According to Politico, Thomas claimed that COVID-19 vaccines were developed from cells from aborted children, a claim Politico insisted was false. “They object on religious grounds to all available COVID-19 vaccines because they were developed using cell lines derived from aborted children,” Thomas said in a quote cited by Politico. In response to this claim, Politico insisted, “None of the Covid-19 vaccines in the United States contain the cells of aborted fetuses.” There were, however, two problems with this so-called fact check. First, Thomas didn’t actually make the statement.
New York Democrats Ignore Supreme Court
Ruling and Ban Guns Just About Everywhere
Posted by Hazymac 7/2/2022 8:24:51 PM Post Reply
New York Democrats in the state legislature were called into special session by Gov. Kathy Hochul in order to deal with an emergency situation. The U.S. Supreme Court had thrown out New York’s restrictive gun licensing law that made it nearly impossible for a citizen to carry a weapon for self-defense, and Democrats were experiencing near-apoplexy. Their paradise was about to be invaded by a bunch of gun-toting, whiskey-swilling, cowboy-hat-wearing yahoos. (That’s their vision of anyone wanting a concealed carry permit, anyway). They solved their problem by passing another gun law. This one will also almost
Neil Oliver Will Not Eat the Bugs replies
Posted by earlybird 7/2/2022 8:23:49 PM Post Reply
This week Neil Oliver talks about the new Utopia we are being instructed to accept. A world in which there are no rights, only permissions. Everything including the modification of diets and the eating of bugs and fake meat; to the type of carbon footprint home we are permitted, to the energy we may use or the acceptable car we must drive; permissions, assuming of course, our social media profile and accompanying score is in line with regulatory inspection. Nope. Not happening. There are more of us than them. We will not eat the bugs. WATCH:
Green-Haired, Morbidly Obese Leftist Women
Call for Sex Strike Over Abortion Ruling
Posted by Hazymac 7/2/2022 6:57:40 PM Post Reply
It’s an idea as old as Aristophanes’ Lysistrata (that’s a play from the 5th century BC, kids): women who haven’t gotten their way have decided to withhold sex from their men until the frustrated lugs comply with their wishes. In New York City’s Union Square on Saturday, a pro-abortion protester named Caroline Healey declared: “I think it’s absolutely valid for us to be withholding the Holy Grail that men seem to think is important.” Judging from the many videos that have surfaced over the last few days of green-haired, slovenly dressed, morbidly obese, body-painted pro-abortion protesters, there is only one response: Your terms are acceptable.
N.J. pharmacist charged with selling fake
COVID vaccine cards for $250 to undercover cops
Posted by Ribicon 7/2/2022 6:49:09 PM Post Reply
A pharmacist from Bayonne was arrested after she allegedly sold COVID-19 vaccine records cards to undercover investigators on three occasions for $250 each without giving them the shot, authorities said Friday. Christina Bekhit, a licensed pharmacist who runs AllCare Pharmacy on Avenue C, was arrested June 22, according to the Office of the New Jersey General. She was charged with second-degree computer criminal activity, third-degree tampering with public information and fourth-degree destruction, falsification or alteration of medical care records.(Snip)If convicted, Bekhit faces a little over 16 years in prison and $170,000 in fines, officials said.
The Great Crackup Continues replies
Posted by Hazymac 7/2/2022 6:27:10 PM Post Reply
Is America in the process of breaking up? I don’t know. It might be. These poll data from the University of Chicago Institute of Politics are sobering, to say the least. Start with this: "…28 percent of voters, including 37 percent who have guns in their homes, agree that 'it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government.' That view is held by one in three Republicans, including 45 percent of self-identified strong Republicans. Roughly one in three (35 percent) Independent voters and one in five Democrats agreed." People don’t always mean what they say to pollsters. Sometimes they are sticking up for their party
3 Children and a Mother Found Dead After
Being Pulled from a Minnesota Lake: 'a
Tragic Event'
Posted by NorthernDog 7/2/2022 6:16:16 PM Post Reply
Four bodies were discovered in Minnesota's Vadnais Lake after search and rescue efforts began in the area to investigate multiple homicide cases, according to CBS News. The body of one child was discovered on Friday, while the mother and two other kids were found Saturday. All three children — two boys and one girl — involved in the incident are under the age of 6, per the outlet. NBC News reported that the killings could potentially be related to a suicide case that took place in the nearby Maplewood area. There, first responders found a man deceased at a home around 10
Google will soon delete location data
for abortion clinic visits in response
to overturning of Roe
Posted by Ribicon 7/2/2022 5:34:02 PM Post Reply
Google said Friday that the company will soon scrub the location data of anyone who visits an abortion clinic—among other health-related facilities—shortly after they visit. Jen Fitzpatrick, the senior vice president of core systems and experiences at Google, announced the news in a blog post, which comes a week after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. Other places that Ms. Fitzpatrick said Google will start deleting include counseling centers, domestic violence shelters, fertility centers, addiction treatment facilities, weight loss clinics and cosmetic surgery clinics.(Snip)The data stored on Android, Fitbit, Search and Google Maps
Supreme Court marshal asks police to enforce
laws banning picketing outside justices’ homes
Posted by NorthernDog 7/2/2022 5:22:53 PM Post Reply
WASHINGTON — The Marshal of the U.S. Supreme Court has asked Maryland officials to step up the enforcement of laws she says prohibit picketing outside the homes of the justices who live in the state. “For weeks on end, large groups of protesters chanting slogans, using bullhorns, and banging drums have picketed Justices’ homes,” Marshal Gail Curley wrote in the letters to GOP Gov. Larry Hogan and Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich, which were dated Friday. Curley wrote that both Maryland and Montgomery County laws “squarely prohibit picketing” at the justices’ homes, and she asked the officials to direct police
Massive Implications, Saudi Arabia in
Discussion to Join BRICS Coalition –
The Outcome Would be Global Energy and
Economic Cleaving
Posted by Kate318 7/2/2022 5:21:45 PM Post Reply
It is very curious timing in this article from Newsweek, containing massive geopolitical implications, using identified Saudi Arabia sources, would come in advance of Joe Biden’s visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Is this strategic geopolitical pressure from Saudi leader Mohamed Bin Salman (MbS) ahead of the meeting with Biden; or is this a genuine possibility that looms as likely?
600 flights are cancelled and 2,800 are
delayed as July Fourth weekend 'Airmageddon'
begins: Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg
'gives up' and tells passengers to claim
compensation from airlines
Posted by Ribicon 7/2/2022 4:57:55 PM Post Reply
Airlines have cancelled and delayed hundreds of flights in the U.S. sparking travel chaos during the busiest Fourth of July weekend since the pandemic, which has been dubbed 'Airmageddon.' Around 48 million people are expected to travel this weekend with AAA estimating 3.5million would take to the air. But the actual number of passengers flying may be dramatically higher as, the Transportation Security Administration screened more than 2.4 million travelers at airports on Thursday alone—up 17 percent from the Fourth of July Friday in 2019.(Snip)'Airlines offer miles as compensation for some travel issues, and you can often negotiate on this,' tweeted Buttigieg, who said he got back $112.07
Hunter Biden’s laptop had contacts for
Google execs, US officials for China policy
Posted by Ribicon 7/2/2022 4:42:47 PM Post Reply
Hunter Biden’s hard drive contained an enviable lineup of contacts for top US officials tasked with overseeing the US-China relationship, and at least 10 senior Google executives—raising new questions about the extent to which Joe Biden’s well-connected son could have leveraged his connections for personal profit, The Post has learned. Many of the top-level government officials would have been in position to help Hunter Biden’s business aspirations in China during father’s term as vice president from 2008 to 2016. Throughout that period, he infamously looked to capitalize from his family name and connections—often while his father conducted sensitive state business. As for the Google braintrust,
Biden’s Supply Chain Failures Are Impacting
America’s Pets
Posted by pros7767 7/2/2022 4:24:53 PM Post Reply
The impact of a stressed economy, rising fuel prices, supply chain struggles, and the strain on America’s farms is beginning to have a direct effect on the food supply in the country, not just for humans but for the animals we love as well. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have experienced cycles of supply shortages. Those earlier items that impacted consumers were toilet paper, Clorox cleaning supplies, and 91% rubbing alcohol. But, as the ripple effect of a once shuttered economy continues to make waves, the food supply for all living creatures is at risk of a coming Tsunami.
White House calls for lawsuits against
Florida’s new law barring gender-identity
schooling for kids
Posted by Ribicon 7/2/2022 4:21:14 PM Post Reply
The White House is prodding Florida students and parents to file federal anti-discrimination lawsuits over the state’s new law that bars schools from teaching sexual orientation and sexual identity before fourth grade. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the law, which took effect Friday, was “shameful.” “Today, some of Florida’s most vulnerable students and families are more fearful and less free. As the state’s shameful “Don’t Say Gay” law takes effect, state officials who claim to champion liberty are limiting the freedom of their fellow Americans simply to be themselves,” she said in a statement. Critics dubbed the law “Don’t Say Gay,” claiming it was an LGBTQ gag
President Biden Threatens ‘Extremist’
Supreme Court & Red States That Change
State Abortion Laws
Posted by Imright 7/2/2022 3:38:06 PM Post Reply
President Biden has issued one of the most dangerously unpresidential statements in history on the U.S. Supreme Court. He recently made his remarks in a virtual address with governors on so-called “reproductive rights.” Watch: (Video) “I’m joined by a group of Democratic governors as we work closely to protect women’s rights after this tragic reversal of Roe v. Wade — a terrible, extreme decision, in my view, upending the lives and impacting on the health and safety of millions of women,” Biden said
100 Year-Old Decorated Veteran Breaks
Down Crying: “This Is Not The Country
We Fought For” (VIDEO)
Posted by pros7767 7/2/2022 3:16:20 PM Post Reply
100-year-old World War Two veteran Carl Spurlin Dekel broke down into tears describing the state of America. He said the United States is “just not the same” and that the country “is going to hell in a handbasket.” “I’ve lived a good life. I’ve had a lot of love and happiness. Smiling, telling everybody that everything was beautiful every day. If I went into my church and didn’t think everything was beautiful they would think that I was sick. I’m not that way. I sincerely believe in this whole world that everything is beautiful.
As abortion rights collapse, Black and
Brown women will suffer most
Posted by Beardo 7/2/2022 3:10:32 PM Post Reply
The women’s Bible group leader leaned close to me. She lowered her voice. “You know, abortion was intended to be a form of genocide against Black people and Brown people.” The implication was that she, as a Latina woman, and I had a special duty to our races — that fighting abortion was a form of fighting racism. “Did you know that Margaret Sanger wanted to exterminate us?” It was 2010, I was 22 and this was evening ladies’ Bible study at the evangelical church I attended in a Dallas suburb. The women were planning a pilgrimage to an antiabortion march.
MSNBC: 1/6 Hearings About Same Dark Forces
that Tempted Adam & Eve
Posted by Imright 7/2/2022 2:43:15 PM Post Reply
Going into the Fourth of July weekend on Friday, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough ended the 8 O’clock hour with an interview with presidential historian Jon Meacham where the duo went on to pompously and hypocritically wax poetic about the state of the country and how we should reflect on the situation we’re in regarding the January 6 hearings. And according to these two, we’re facing down the same dark forces that got humanity expelled from the Garden of Eden. Teeing up Meacham to tell a story about “what being a patriot is really all about,” Scarborough cited how “A lot of people talking,
‘There Is No Act Too Small’: AOC Does
Her Nails As Act Of ‘Resistance’
Posted by Imright 7/2/2022 2:31:43 PM Post Reply
Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York took to Instagram Friday to tell followers that she will be getting a manicure as a form of “resistance” in the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade. Representative Ocasio-Cortez explained that “personal acts of reclamation” can serve as personal forms of political protest even though people may feel powerless in light of the recent ruling, according to a tweet that reposted the New York congresswoman’s story: (Tweet/Video)
GOP Rep. Garbarino: Biden Has No Plan
for War He Says Gas Prices Will Remain
High for Duration of
Posted by Imright 7/2/2022 2:28:58 PM Post Reply
On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Rep. Andrew Garbarino (R-NY) reacted to President Joe Biden’s declaration that gas prices will remain high for “as long as it takes” to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by stating that the administration hasn’t given any sort of a plan for how to end the invasion. Garbarino stated, “I don’t think there is a plan. I don’t think the administration has a plan. We — it hasn’t been shared with us in Congress, and there should be — those discussions should be happening, but they’re not. But I love the fact that he’s blaming gas prices only on this war.
White House Report Card: Zogby says Biden
‘in real trouble’
Posted by NorthernDog 7/2/2022 2:20:23 PM Post Reply
This week’s White House Report Card finds President Joe Biden ending another horror week, whipped repeatedly by the Supreme Court and approval polls and facing a growing fall election disaster if he doesn’t pull up soon. Democratic pollster and grader John Zogby, who likes the president, gave another subpar grade to Biden and warned of rocky shores ahead. “The president is in real trouble,” Zogby said in grading a “D.” And, he added that approval polls of Biden and his handling of the economy are “showing real dangers for him among Democratic bastions as well as independents.” Separately, Zogby's polling
State Dept. Offering $10 Million ‘for
Information on Foreign Interference in
U.S. Elections’
Posted by Harlowe 7/2/2022 2:05:52 PM Post Reply
The midterms happen in November. People expect a huge red wave. So weird that the State Department has offered up to $10 million for any information on foreign interference in our elections: The reward offer seeks information leading to the identification or location of any foreign person or entity who knowingly engaged or is engaging in foreign election interference. The reward offer also seeks information leading to the prevention, frustration, or favorable resolution of an act of foreign election interference, including by dismantling, in whole or significant part, an organization engaged in such activity.(Snip) applies to all elections in the country:
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Early COVID Therapeutics
Innovator, Dies at 48
Posted by earlybird 7/2/2022 1:49:51 PM Post Reply
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a Nobel prize-nominated physician who famously discovered and used an early treatment for COVID, dubbed the “Zelenko Protocol,” passed on June 30, 2022, at the age of 48 after a long battle with pulmonary artery sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. (snip) He had been practicing in Monroe, New York, in 2020 during the outbreak of COVID-19, and is credited with having treated about 7,500 patients with his method. The doctor, who could not sit back and wait for politicians and health officials to agree on prescribed treatments, came up with the “Zelenko Protocol”—a combination of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), zinc, azithromycin, and other drugs, including steroids.
Texas Supreme Court Blocks Order That
Allowed Abortions to Resume
Posted by Dreadnought 7/2/2022 12:58:04 PM Post Reply
The Texas Supreme Court on Friday blocked a lower court order that had allowed abortionists in the state to continue seeing patients. Texas has had an abortion ban in place that was unenforceable during the 50 years that Roe v. Wade legalized abortion. After the Supreme Court overturned Roe last week, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton warned that “abortion providers could be criminally liable for providing abortions starting today” because of Texas’s “abortion prohibitions predating Roe.” A Houston judge issued a ruling earlier this week allowing clinics to temporarily resume abortions up to six weeks into pregnancy.
‘I will be taking a trip to DC soon’:
Meghan Markle cracks door on presidential
run while talking Roe
Posted by earlybird 7/2/2022 12:49:16 PM Post Reply
Despite our fondest hopes, Meghan Markle just won’t go away. She’s like a bad penny and keeps turning up in the strangest of places. For instance, we are now given to understand that Markle is furious over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and that her husband — who apparently was once an individual of some importance, and was even in line for the British throne — is a “feminist.” (snip) one gets a distinct feeling that Markle’s husband is whatever Markle wants him to be. In any case, the Duchess of Sussex is reportedly (snip) even contemplating entering US politics
AOC gets nails done as a ‘personal act
of reclamation’ in ‘resistance’
to SCOTUS. Yes, really.
Posted by Beardo 7/2/2022 12:33:53 PM Post Reply
Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s fiery rhetoric over the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade has given way to her tendency to make everything about herself and her “personal act of reclamation” to protest the historic ruling was to have her nails done. On Friday, the socialist diva took to Instagram to share a video with her avid fans claiming that even something as mundane as getting a manicure could be an act of resistance, quite possibly her most loopy statement yet but one which will serve to inspire her demoralized followers and satisfy her narcissistic craving for constant attention.
Catch of a lifetime: 15-year-old boy hooks
a rare all-white catfish with stunning
pink and purple highlights while fishing
in Tennessee
Posted by Imright 7/2/2022 12:00:21 PM Post Reply
Catfish are generally brown with dark spots, but a 15-year-old boy fishing in Tennessee had a catch of a lifetime when he hooked one that is all-white. Edwards Tarumianz reeled in a giant fish on the morning of June 28, but he and the rest of the crew were more impressed by the catfish's stunning hue rather than its monstrous size, as first reported on by Field and Stream. The blue catfish was completely white with bright pink and purples coloring around its fins and face, which could be a result of either albinism or leucism.
New Hope and Cope Drops After Trump Announcement
Is Teased
Posted by Imright 7/2/2022 11:19:30 AM Post Reply
On Thursday and Friday, several new polls were released showing the tenuous position of the Democrat Party heading into November’s elections. Far from seeing a game-changing rebound due to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, that status quo appears to have been preserved, with Republicans holding a modest lead on the generic ballot in each of the last three surveys. Biden’s approval numbers are even worse news for Democrats, with the president falling below 30 percent in key states like Nevada. Historically, a second-year president this down in the dumps is a huge drag on their party for the first midterm,
Biden: 'I Don't Count Drunk Driving as
a Felony' for Illegal Immigrants
Posted by Imright 7/2/2022 11:17:21 AM Post Reply
A recently rediscovered video shows Joe Biden as a 2020 presidential candidate inexplicably declaring, “I don’t count drunk driving as a felony,” to the astonishment of his stunned interviewers. To put his statement in context, Biden’s baffling declaration of the insignificance of DUI for illegal immigrants came during a VICE news town hall on minority issues. He was asked about his stance on illegal immigration and deportation of immigrants who have been convicted or charged with felony law-breaking while in the United States. The Democratic candidate promised listeners that if he was elected to the White House in 2020, he would waste no time issuing an executive order
Lance Storz arrested after three cops,
K9 killed in Kentucky shootout
Posted by Imright 7/2/2022 11:12:00 AM Post Reply
Three Kentucky police officers and a police canine were killed and at least four other officers were hurt in a shootout at a home of what cops called a “terrorist on a mission.” Lance Storz, 49, was taken into custody after an almost five hour standoff with officers who had showed up at his door in rural Prestonburg with a warrant for his arrest in a domestic violence incident, according to reports. Storz, who was armed with a rifle, opened fire and hit two officers in the Thursday evening incident, Kentucky State Police said. Prestonburg Police Capt. Ralph Frasure and Deputy William Petry were killed, along with
CNN Weekends Dipped to a Low Not Seen
Since 1993, Despite Some Hosts Besting
CNN Prime Time
Posted by NorthernDog 7/2/2022 11:07:52 AM Post Reply
CNN and MSNBC’s weekend struggles continued throughout June as both networks lagged far behind Fox News in total day averages for Saturday and Sunday. MSNBC landed in third place among the networks in June with an average of 367,000 total viewers for Saturday and Sunday in June. In the demo, the network cratered with an average of 42,000 demo viewers. CNN came in second place with an average of 423,000 total viewers for Saturday and Sunday in June and 78,000 demo viewers. Fox News led in the ratings with an average of 963,000 total viewers for Saturday and Sunday and
Will Dobbs energize Dems? Primary turnout
in key blue state indicates weak response
to SCOTUS' abortion ruling
Posted by NorthernDog 7/2/2022 10:49:01 AM Post Reply
In the first elections since the Supreme Court's consequential ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, Democratic participation in the primaries in Illinois, New York and elsewhere Tuesday was lower than previous midterm cycles — and pollsters say that's a bad sign for Democrats' chances in November. Compared to the 2018 midterms, where Democrats swept the House in a blue wave reaction to former President Donald Trump, the 2022 primary season has seen anemic participation from Democratic voters. That didn't change after the Supreme Court's decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization Friday, which reversed 50 years of precedent recognizing a constitutional
Fascist officials of Aspen threaten to
cancel a newspaper because its new owners
are unwoke
Posted by Big Bopper 7/2/2022 10:40:10 AM Post Reply
The Aspen Times months ago published a thinly supported story suggesting that one of the local billionaires was in league with Vladimir Putin. The billionaire filed suit against the newspaper for defamation. The newspaper wanted to settle the case. Meanwhile, the newspaper was recently bought by a family-owned group of several dozen small newspapers. Much of the family are Republicans, which may be the determinative fact in this story. The new owners asked that the newspaper staff refrain from commenting on the pending litigation while settlement talks were ongoing. That’s standard and prudent in legal proceedings.
'F-- the Fourth': Democrats hurl their
America-hate in our faces
Posted by PageTurner 7/2/2022 10:30:29 AM Post Reply
'Don't you dare question our patriotism,' Democrats used to huff. This, despite a massive body of evidence that loyalty to the U.S. and its Constitution is not their thing. Well, they've dropped that act for now and are putting out tweets like this: (Snip for tweet.) It's as if the holiday has no meaning for them. Hating on the Fourth is now the hip and 'in' thing for cutting-edge Democrats. And someone out there among the Pima County Democrats organization, a spokesperson for the party with enough clout to have control over the Twitter account, put that crap out, with the Democrats' name on it.
Russian Trial Of America-Hating Brittney
Griner Begins… And Her Prospects Look
Increasingly Bleak
Posted by Happy Place USA 7/2/2022 9:46:55 AM Post Reply
The plight of female basketball star Brittney Griner relating to her arrest on drug charges in Russia earlier this year is even more uncertain than ever. Yesterday in a court near Moscow, the legal prosecution of Ms. Griner finally began, with her trial kicking off in an abbreviated session. Prosecutors had intended to call on four witnesses, but only two showed up to give testimony. Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom, but footage of Griner entering the proceedings showed her sporting a white and black Jimi Hendrix t-shirt. Media reports after the court had adjourned explained that during her time in the courtroom,
The Mighty Gorsuch vs. the Administrative
State: Quotes from West Virginia vs. EPA
Posted by Judy W. 7/2/2022 9:00:56 AM Post Reply
The power of the administrative state to destroy liberty and property – to blast through legislation, science, and judicial oversight – was never more on display than in the last two and a half years. One would hope that the deep bureaucracies would have learned their lessons on how not to respond to a new pathogen. There is no evidence they have. Regardless, the real problem is much deeper. It has to do with the status of the administrative state as the effective governing apparatus of the US. It’s not Congress and not the President. It’s the vast and permanent bureaucracy of 432 agencies and 2.9M bureaucrats who are unreachable
Knucklehead Of The Week: Californians
Are Fleeing In Record Numbers, But Gavin
Newsom Has This Solution
Posted by Lets Go Brandon 7/2/2022 7:58:30 AM Post Reply
The similarities between California Governor Gavin “Gruesome” Newsom and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are quite remarkable. They both spend far too much time focusing on their hair and looking in the mirror. They’re both entirely self-absorbed and are thoroughly impressed with themselves. And they’re both completely incompetent, far-left clowns with virtually no morals. Newsom and Trudeau are truly despicable human beings. They also appear to be in a competition to see who’s the biggest knucklehead. For the time being, Mr. Newsom takes that honor by breaking a tie between himself and Trudeau, as Newsom makes his second appearance in our weekly tribute to stupidity.
Former Top Obama Advisor David Axelrod
Shreds Biden, Says He's 'Not in Command'
Posted by AmericaFirstAlways 7/2/2022 7:48:20 AM Post Reply
The man who masterminded both successful presidential campaigns for former President Obama, strategist David Axelrod, has harsh words for the current Commander-in-Chief saying, “There is this sense that things are kind of out of control and he’s not in command.” Appearing on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” Thursday, he added, “so, you know, this is a very, very fraught environment for him right now.” The first question that pops into my mind is, does this have Obama’s blessing? It’s hard to imagine that Axelrod, now a CNN commentator, would criticize the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer without running it first by his former boss.
What The Washington Post Didn’t Tell
You About The Teenage Mom Who Decided
Not To Abort Her Twins
Posted by PeterWolosin 7/2/2022 7:42:43 AM Post Reply
When The Washington Post reached out to Jana Pinson, she believed it would be a good opportunity to share the work pro-life groups in Texas are doing to help women who are unable to access abortion due to the state’s strict regulations. She knew acquiescence was a gamble, but she had previously interviewed with the same reporter, Caroline Kitchener, and felt she would be treated fairly. Jana was asked if she knew any pregnancy center clients who might be interested in speaking about their experiences. When she asked her team of volunteers, they knew just who to recommend, excitedly exclaiming, “You have to introduce her to Brooke.”
Biden’s student loan forgiveness rhetoric
has lured many into borrowing
Posted by DW626 7/2/2022 6:55:22 AM Post Reply
As The College Fix dramatically headlines, “Nearly 9 in 10 recent student loan borrowers bet on Biden bailing them out.” Without actually promising or committing anything, Joe Biden has led many young people to believe that the federal government will cancel the loans they take out to finance a college education. A new survey indicates that the lure of borrowing without having to pay back has enticed many youngsters take on debt that they otherwise would not have committed themselves to.
New York Moves to Nullify Supreme Court
Decision Upholding Gun Rights
Posted by DW626 7/2/2022 6:42:31 AM Post Reply
In an act of breathtaking defiance and spitefulness not seen since Southern states engaged in "massive resistance" to the Supreme Court's 1954 Brown v. Board decision, the New York State Legislature gave a middle finger to the Supreme Court and voted Friday to effectively nullify the Court's decision last week in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen. After an extraordinary session for the explicit purpose of defying the Court, Senate Bill S51001 was rammed through on a party-line vote by the Democratic supermajority, passed the Assembly, and received the signature of Gov. Kathleen Hochul.
Virginia Parents Sue School Board Groomers replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/2/2022 4:16:57 AM Post Reply
If an adult pulled up to a public playground in a white van and started engaging random children in conversations about sexual behaviors or asking them about their gender identity, it would be a matter for law enforcement, right? Imagine if that same creepy adult assured the children that their secrets about their inner, nascent sexual feelings would be kept secret "just between them," and he assured the children that their parents would never know about their special conversations. This would escalate the already troubling situation, wouldn't it? What if this adult also encouraged the children to use the potty together?
WH Has Meltdown as Florida’s Parental
Rights Bill Takes Effect
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/2/2022 4:14:27 AM Post Reply
Gov. Ron DeSantis' "Parental Rights in Education" law will officially take effect on Friday, sparking backlash from the liberal left. Dubbed by critics as the "Don't Say Gay" law, several Florida schools have already issued new policies that ban any kind of inappropriate sexual talk in the classroom. The Biden administration made a statement expressing how distraught it is over the law going into place. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that Florida's students are now "more fearful and less free," calling it "shameful" that schools are not allowed to teach minors about explicit sex and groom them to think they are a different gender from how they were born.
The Global Warming Narrative Just Hit
a Literal Iceberg
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/2/2022 3:44:24 AM Post Reply
Global warming is not a serious topic. No one cares, but the left wants us all to suffer in order to drop the Earth's temperature by less than a degree or whatever. Let's cannibalize future economic growth, curb population growth while we're at it, and declare war on burgers. These are the most miserable people on Earth. The problem is fighting back against their climate lies is hard when you have the shield of Big Tech there to flag and censor stories that shred their narrative. Before that crackdown, we used to torch the climate change crew. I'll do so again.
We Need More Trump Republicans Who Will
Fight Like Hell & Get the Answers America Deserves
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/2/2022 3:36:36 AM Post Reply
When Republicans retake the majority this fall, some Washington Republicans will no doubt insist we forget the damage done to our country over the last two years and move on. That would be unacceptable. As Missouri’s next U.S. Senator, I’ll take the same fighting spirit I’ve had as attorney general and be a disrupter, a Trump Republican willing to take on the tough fights and hold the Democrats accountable. Instead of focusing on real scandals and government malpractice, the Democrat-controlled Congress, their Leftist allies and their enablers in the mainstream media would rather hold joke hearings about January 6 to cover up Joe Biden’s failings.
Super-Majority Don't Want Joe Biden to
Stick Around, but His Numbers in Nevada
Might Be Even Worse News
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/2/2022 2:17:24 AM Post Reply
If Democrats were hoping for a game-changing bump following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, they’ve been disappointed by the last several polls. As RedState reported, Republicans continue to enjoy a modest lead in the generic ballot, and Joe Biden’s numbers show zero sign of rebounding. Given the historical connection between a president’s approval and the first mid-term, that’s nothing but bad news if you are on the left. Biden’s unpopularity has descended so far into the depths that 71 percent now don’t want him to run for re-election. I can’t be certain, but I’d strongly suspect that’s the lowest number ever for a first-term president in just his second year.
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