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Biden tells Puerto Rico 'all of America
is with you' after Hurricane Fiona: President
says 'I was sort of raised in the Puerto
Rican community at home' because of Delaware's
large minority population - and warns
'climate crisis' means 'extreme weather'
will continue
Posted by Imright 10/3/2022 8:56:51 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden assured the people of Puerto Rico on Monday that 'all of America is with you' as the island struggles to cope with the damage from Hurricane Fiona. 'We came here in person to show that we're with you. All of America is with you as you receive and recover and rebuild,' he said during a visit to Ponce, Puerto Rico, with first lady Jill Biden and FEMA administrator Deanne Criswell. Biden vowed to deliver quick assistance to the island, where tens of thousands of people still don't have power after Fiona struck the island on Sept. 18. 'We work together to help rebuild Puerto Rico and I mean,
Yuck. Jill Biden Dons Hideous Tablecloth
with Bright Orange Espadrilles During
Visit to Puerto Rico (Video)
Posted by Imright 10/3/2022 8:46:19 PM Post Reply
Yuck. Jill Biden Dons Hideous Tablecloth with Bright Orange Espadrilles During Visit to Puerto Rico (VIDEO) By Cristina Laila Published October 3, 2022 at 4:00pm 625 Comments Share Tweet Gab Share TelegramTelegram Gettr Gettr Joe Biden on Monday traveled to Port of Ponce, Puerto Rico to deliver remarks on his administration’s pledge to support the hurricane-hit region. Dr. Jill joined her invalid husband and arrived to Puerto Rico wearing a hideous, tacky tablecloth and bright orange espadrilles. Yuck. WATCH: (Tweet/Video) Dr. Jill and her tablecloth helped pack bags of groceries and toiletries in the gym of a local school.
Report: ‘Election Integrity’ Project
Worked with Feds to Censor News Sites
in 2020
Posted by Imright 10/3/2022 8:33:59 PM Post Reply
A coalition of globalist nonprofits, academic institutions, and one private company reportedly worked with arms of the federal government and Democrat activist organizations to censor news websites in the runup to the 2020 election, and plans to do so again in 2022. The consortium, called the Election Integrity Partnership, is made up of four organizations: the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO), the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, and Graphika, a social media analytics company. In the runup to the 2020 election, the consortium created a system whereby state actors
“The Big Lie that They Constantly Refer
to is Actually “The Big Lie” in Reverse”
– President Trump Releases Statement
on CNN Lawsuit and More to Come
Posted by Imright 10/3/2022 8:19:19 PM Post Reply
(Photo) (The above sign was shared at Mar-a-Lago the night that the President’s epic home was raided by the FBI.)This afternoon it was announced that President Trump was suing CNN for $475 million in damages for the manner that they reported on President Trump and his followers, the largest political base in US history. (Snip) This evening, President Trump released a statement where he shared why he was suing CNN and why other entities and the Jan 6 Commission may be next. [emphasis added]
Joe Biden Compares Himself to the Devil replies
Posted by Imright 10/3/2022 8:13:57 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden has been incessantly bringing up abortion, in hopes that the issue will save the Democrats from losing their narrow majorities in the House and Senate in the upcoming November midterm elections. On Sunday night, Biden's tactic got even more desperate, and bizarre, as he appeared to compare himself to the Devil. (Tweet) Biden's tweet mentions how his father told him "don't compare me to the Almighty," but "to the alternative," presumably the Devil. The president then goes on to tweet a seemingly unrelated point claiming
‘That Was Not A Fat Suit’: Whoopi
Goldberg’s Admission Leads To One Of
The Funniest Corrections We’ve Ever Read
Posted by Imright 10/3/2022 7:36:53 PM Post Reply
“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg clarified Monday she was not wearing a fat suit in a new movie, forcing The Daily Beast to issue a hilarious correction about Goldberg’s weight. The Daily Beast’s Kyndall Cunningham wrote a review about the upcoming film, “Till,” which details the gruesome murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till in 1955. Goldberg plays Alma Carthan, Till’s grandmother and the mother of Mamie. “Mamie’s journey leading up the trial is structured by conversations between her and her family members – including Whoopi Goldberg as her mother, Alma Carthan, in a distracting fat suit,” the original review read. Goldberg addressed the criticism Monday, saying she was not
This is Not America: Political Censorship
Campaign Unconstitutionally Targeted Millions
of Americans
Posted by Imright 10/3/2022 7:22:44 PM Post Reply
The United States government is unconstitutionally targeting millions of Americans for their political speech by directly contracting with private ‘third parties’ that flag their viewpoints for alleged ‘misinformation.’ The federal government has contracted with at least five private companies or public non-profits to ‘flag’ Americans’ views on everything from Covid-19 to the 2020 election. In an editorial at Just the News, John Solomon and Greg Piper reported on four of these groups, but the report suggests that the radical left’s operation to chill free speech is just the tip of the iceberg. “A consortium of four private groups worked with the departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and State
Exclusive: El Paso's 'hypocritical' Democrats
are working with the White House to quietly
bus THOUSANDS of migrants north using
federal money – but unlike Govs. Abbott,
Ducey and DeSantis they tout it as a 'humanitarian' mission
Posted by Imright 10/3/2022 7:18:52 PM Post Reply
The Democrat-led border city of El Paso, Texas, has been quietly working with the Biden administration to spend millions of dollars of federal money busing thousands of migrants to northern sanctuary cities, including New York and Chicago, can reveal. While the Republican governors of Texas and Arizona – Greg Abbott and Doug Ducey – have made headlines sending migrants to liberal northern cities to spotlight the crisis on the southern frontier, El Paso is doing much the same, just without the fanfare. For some, El Paso's migrant-busing policy showcases how Democrat-led administrations are downplaying the crisis on America's border, speedily processing thousands of arrivals each day
Kanye West shocks in 'White Lives Matter'
T-shirt during surprise Yeezy fashion
show and is joined by Candace Owens who
recently called his ex Kim Kardashian
a 'prostitute'
Posted by Imright 10/3/2022 6:25:30 PM Post Reply
Kanye West made a statement at his surprise Yeezy fashion show on Monday, wearing a black sweatshirt with the slogan 'White Lives Matter' written across it. Fashion models in the rapper’s show also wore clothing with the message written across it, a response to the Black Lives Matter movement that was founded in 2013 following the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. Also posing with West, 43, was the right-wing commentator Candace Owens, who beamed while wearing a complementary version of the 'White Lives Matter' shirt, and Kanye's daughter North West, nine, was even roped into the event.
Donald Trump sues CNN claiming defamation,
seeks $475M
Posted by Imright 10/3/2022 5:38:25 PM Post Reply
Former president Donald Trump sued CNN for defamation on Monday, seeking $475 million in punitive damages and claiming that the network had carried out a “campaign of libel and slander” against him. Trump claims in his lawsuit, filed in US District Court in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., that the network had used its influence as a leading news organization to defeat him politically. CNN declined to comment on the case. Trump claims in the lawsuit that CNN has used such defamatory labels against him as “racist,” “Russian lackey,” “insurrectionist” and “Hitler.”
Biden Suggests Republicans Are On The
Side Of Evil
Posted by Imright 10/3/2022 5:35:45 PM Post Reply
I don’t know how many times I have written some iteration of the theme that Joe Biden is a miserable lying dog-faced pony soldier, but he is, and he’s at it again. On Monday Joe Biden tweeted more lies to compound his previous lies about abortion and morality. Monday’s fib is slightly nuanced about abortion. His characterization of Republicans being in league with the Devil, is not. Biden has characterized Republicans in general, and Trump supporters in particular. as threats to democracy and vote suppressors. And now today, he claims that Republicans are just plain evil (because they don’t want babies murdered).
Joe Biden Speaks Gibberish in Puerto Rico:
“New York Sent Not Only a Congresswoman,
One of the Most Congresswoman in Congress” (Video)
Posted by Imright 10/3/2022 4:54:53 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden on Monday traveled to Port of Ponce, Puerto Rico to deliver remarks on his administration’s pledge to support the hurricane-hit region. Biden took a swipe at Trump as he departed the White House. Joe Biden said he’s going to Puerto Rico “Because they haven’t been taken very good care of.” “I’m heading to Puerto Rico because they haven’t been taken very good care of. And they’re trying like hell to catch up from the last hurricane, I want to see the state of affairs today and make sure we push everything we can,”