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Joe Biden, while trying to be hip, struggles
to connect with young voters
Posted by Imright 11/30/2023 6:51:16 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden confusing Taylor Swift and Britney Spears may have been funny, but a continued inability to connect with young people, especially young Democrats, will not be a laughing matter for his reelection campaign next year. With hypothetical head-to-head polling indicating a close race between Biden and likely 2024 Republican nominee former President Donald Trump, every vote will count in 12 months. Biden's support of Israel amid its war against Hamas has strained the president's relationship with young people, including Democrats, who are more open to criticizing Israel than their older counterparts
Biden Says That Prices Are Still Too High
so Companies Should Just Lower Them
Posted by Imright 11/30/2023 6:43:15 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden has apparently noticed that the price of everything is much higher on his watch than a few years ago. He is now asking sellers to just lower their prices. As a viral commercial once said. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. Companies don’t lower prices just because inflation is politically inconvenient for the president and his party. (X) From the New York Post: Biden admits prices ‘too high’ but blames sellers for 18% inflation President Biden acknowledged Monday that prices are still “too high” and argued that companies should lower them after an 18% jump in consumer costs since he took office.
Home Depot Billionaire to Support Donald
Trump Even If Convicted: ‘It’s All
Trumped Up’
Posted by Imright 11/30/2023 6:32:14 AM Post Reply
Home Depot Billionaire and GOP mega-donor Bernie Marcus said he would continue to financially back former President Donald Trump even if he is convicted of wrongdoing in the mermaid of legal cases that Marcus called “all trumped up.” Marcus’ loyalty to the former president suggests Trump’s longtime allies are likely to remain by his side as he seeks reelection to dismantle the administrative state. Marcus told Reuters he believed Trump could fix President Joe Biden’s sluggish economy and repair America’s foreign policy, the outlet reported:Asked in an interview with Reuters whether he would still support Trump if he were convicted, Marcus replied,
Man who broke into RFK Jr's home TWICE
and sent him 430 'harassing emails' agrees
to five-year restraining order - as Biden
refuses Secret Service protection for
the presidential hopeful
Posted by Imright 11/30/2023 6:18:25 AM Post Reply
Robert F Kennedy Jr has struck a private deal with an ‘obsessed stalker’ after the Biden administration refused repeated demands to provide security for the independent presidential candidate. Jonathan Macht, a realtor from Pacific Palisades has agreed to stay at least 100 yards away from the head of the Kennedy dynasty after breaking into his California home twice on the same day, and sending him hundreds of emails. Kennedy, 69, the son of his assassinated namesake, was at the home in Brentwood with his wife Cheryl Hines at the time of the break-ins on October 25, and was due to seek a restraining order in court today.
7 Questions for Hunter Biden’s House
Testimony (Plus 2 Big Lies at the Heart
of His Defense)
Posted by Imright 11/30/2023 5:48:17 AM Post Reply
As Israel exchanges Palestinian criminals and terrorists for innocent Israelis taken captive by Hamas during the 10/7 massacres, we learned that at least one American was among the freed hostages – a four-year-old little girl named Abigail Edan. Abigail’s parents were murdered by Hamas during the attack. This is welcome news, of course, and President Joe Biden took some personal credit for her release, but there’s an interesting coincidence that The Drill Down’s hosts Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers can’t ignore: Abigail’s great aunt is Elizabeth (Liz) Naftali, a wealthy real estate investor in Los Angeles’s fashion district and a large contributor to the Democratic Party and to the Biden family.
Incredible moment 'hero' Israeli hostage
stares down masked Hamas terrorist after
she is finally released following 53 days
in captivity in war-torn Gaza
Posted by Imright 11/30/2023 5:39:11 AM Post Reply
This is the incredible moment a 'hero' Israeli hostage stared down a masked Hamas terrorist as she was finally released following 53 days in captivity. Rimon Kirsht, 36, was part of the fifth group of Israeli and foreign hostages who were handed back over to Israel on Tuesday as part of a fragile ceasefire deal which is currently set to end tomorrow morning. International mediators are working to extend the truce in Gaza, encouraging Hamas terrorists to keep freeing hostages in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners and further relief from Israel's air and ground offensive.
Schiff: Hundreds of Republican Cowards
Enable Trump Attacks on Democracy
Posted by Imright 11/29/2023 11:55:45 PM Post Reply
Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that he believed there were hundreds of “cowards” in the Republicans Party who enable former President Donald Trump to tear down of our institutions. Schiff said, “Donald Trump could not have done any of the damage that he inflicted, the tearing down of our institutions, the causing Americans to distrust our election process, weakening the foundation of our system, and that is voting, but for the willing enablement of so many of her colleagues in Congress. One of the terrible realizations of these years is how many enablers there were and how few people of courage and conviction there were also.
Dem AG Unveils Indictment Against Republican
Election Officials Who Pushed For Hand-Counting Ballots
Posted by Imright 11/29/2023 11:22:26 PM Post Reply
Arizona’s Democratic attorney general announced today that a grand jury has decided to indict two election officials for conspiring to delay the certification of votes in their county over their desire to hand-count all election day and early ballots. Peggy Judd and Terry Crosby, Republican county supervisors from Cochise County, were indicted by the state of Arizona on Nov. 29 on counts of conspiracy and interference with an election. Judd and Crosby wanted to hand count ballots in their county, citing their distrust of voting machines, and delayed the certification of their county’s election results over those concerns. “The repeated attempts to undermine our democracy are unacceptable,”
How the college degree lost its value:
Nearly half of US companies plan to ax
Bachelor's degree requirements - after
Walmart, Accenture and IBM led the charge
Posted by Imright 11/29/2023 11:16:24 PM Post Reply
Nearly half of US companies intend to eliminate Bachelor's degree requirements for some job positions next year, a new survey has revealed. And 55 percent said they'd already eliminated degree requirements this year, according to an survey of 800 US employers, carried out in November. It comes after Walmart, IBM, Accenture, Bank of America and Google announced similar plans. The survey found that the same employers that have already eliminated Bachelor's degree requirements were far more likely to continue doing so.
Car Dealers Warn Biden: ‘Unrealistic’
Green Agenda Must Be Abandoned, Americans
Not Buying Electric Cars
Posted by Imright 11/29/2023 11:01:05 PM Post Reply
Car dealers across the United States are warning President Joe Biden that his “unrealistic” green energy agenda must be abandoned, mainly because Americans are not buying Electric Vehicles (EVs) as the administration expected. Executives with car dealerships from Massachusetts to Alabama to Wyoming sent a letter to Biden this week, urging his administration to drop EV mandates and green energy requirements on the auto industry, citing a lack of interest among American consumers in EVs. “… we are asking you to slow down your proposed regulations mandating battery electric vehicle (BEV) production and distribution,” the car dealers tell Biden: Your administration has proposed regulations that would
American hostage Liat Beinin is FREED
by Hamas after seven weeks in captivity
- only the second US national to be released
since horrific October 7 attack on Israel
Posted by Imright 11/29/2023 10:25:41 PM Post Reply
Israeli-American dual citizen Liat Beinin has been freed by Hamas and is reportedly in the hands of the Red Cross after seven weeks in captivity. Beinin, 49, is an American-born Israeli who was kidnapped by the terrorist organization along with her husband, Aviv Atzili, from Kibbutz Nir Or on the morning of October 7. During the horrific attack, the couple's house was burned down. The next day, Aviv's phone was geo-located to Gaza. His mother, 78-year-old Telma Atzili, hid for 10 hours during the attack and has been in Eilat with her grandchildren.
Hunter Biden appearing before Congress
about his family’s influence-peddling
business is just another ruse
Posted by Imright 11/29/2023 10:22:46 PM Post Reply
It was an alluring idea at first. Hunter Biden would appear in public before Congress on Dec. 13 to answer questions about his family’s influence-peddling business. But of course, it was just another ruse by his high-priced lawyers to avoid accountability and stage a pity party. Everyone else subpoenaed in James Comer’s House Oversight investigation of the Bidens has to first sit for a transcribed interview under oath. In Hunter’s case, the committee has hundreds of bank documents, and other evidence to put before him relating to millions of dollars he and other Biden family members raked in from America’s foreign adversaries during his father’s vice presidency.