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Jackson Lee: Arms Dealer Freed in Griner
Swap ‘Has Not Killed Americans’ —
‘His Weapons Might Have Been Used to
Kill Americans’
Posted by Imright 12/10/2022 1:41:54 AM Post Reply
On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) stated that Viktor Bout, the arms dealer who was serving time in prison for agreeing to supply weapons to U.S. agents posing as Colombian terrorists to kill Americans, freed by the Biden administration in the prisoner swap to secure the release of Brittney Griner from Russia, is “a nasty, bad” person, but “He has not killed Americans.” Although, Jackson Lee noted that Bout’s “weapons might have been used to kill Americans.” Jackson Lee stated, “Let me say this, no one knows the story of Paul — of the weapons dealer, if you will.
Federal Court Blocks Biden Rule That Forces
Christian Doctors To Perform Sex Change Surgeries
Posted by Imright 12/10/2022 1:30:20 AM Post Reply
A federal appeals court has permanently blocked a rule coming from the Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) which demanded that religious doctors perform sex change surgeries in violation of their beliefs. The eighth circuit’s decision comes months after the fifth circuit issued an opinion in August 2022 in Texas that struck down a reading of the Affordable Care Act which would require every doctor to provide sex change surgeries regardless of religious conviction. Friday’s decision affirmed this August opinion.
Judge Denies Department of Justice Request
to Hold Donald Trump in Contempt
Posted by Imright 12/10/2022 1:17:32 AM Post Reply
A federal judge on Friday denied the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) request to hold former President Donald Trump in contempt for allegedly failing to comply with a grand jury subpoena. (Tweet) DOJ attorneys urged chief U.S. judge for the District of Columbia Beryl Howell to hold Trump in contempt for his alleged failure to comply with a subpoena issued in May that demanded Trump’s custodian of records turn over any documents marked classified that the former president had in his possession.
Top Democrat Senator Blasts Biden Over
Releasing Terrorist For Griner: ‘Deeply Disturbing Decision’
Posted by Imright 12/10/2022 1:14:10 AM Post Reply
Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, slammed President Joe Biden Thursday for releasing notorious terrorist Viktor Bout in exchange for Brittney Griner. Griner, who has a criminal record in the U.S. stemming from a domestic violence incident several years ago, was arrested in Russia back in February on drug charges, charges to which she pled guilty. In exchange for Griner, Biden released Bout, a Russian weapons trafficker who was convicted on terrorism charges back in 2011 for trying to sell tens of millions of dollars worth of missiles to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) for the purpose of shooting down U.S. Military helicopters.
50 shell-shocked teachers, staff flee
chaotic Florida school district
Posted by Imright 12/10/2022 1:10:34 AM Post Reply
Violent and disrespectful classroom behavior has led to a staggering 50 teachers and bus drivers to quit a Florida school district in the last two years. Brevard County School District, the state’s 10th-largest, held a heated meeting Thursday that offered an unvarnished and often disturbing glimpse into the state of its classrooms. “On an everyday basis I am deflecting being attacked, scratched, headbutted, pushed, hit,” teacher Alicia Kelderhouse said as her voice choked with emotion. “I’ve had my hair pulled, and pulled down to the ground. I’ve had my throat gone for on multiple occasions. It’s on an everyday basis right now.”
Twitter Files: Executives Were Looking
for Any Excuse to Ban President Donald Trump
Posted by Imright 12/10/2022 1:03:38 AM Post Reply
Elon Musk’s Twitter released another batch of internal discussions on Friday night, which revealed that executives at the social media company had established the “framework” for banning Donald Trump’s account before the events of January 6, and used the Capitol riots as their excuse to finally blacklist the President. The goal of the left-wing executives is clear in statements such as, “the narrative that Trump and his friends have pursued over the course of this election and frankly the last 4+ years must be taken into account.”
So now we know: Twitter secretly erased
conservative voices - and let terrorists
and vile vermin tweet freely. It's savage
proof the left fears ideas more than actual killers
Posted by Imright 12/10/2022 1:01:45 AM Post Reply
If free speech is a pillar of democracy, then Twitter should be charged with sabotage, because they've taken sledgehammer to it. And every American has the right to be absolutely outraged. The latest 'Twitter Files' drop on Thursday night revealed that partisan extremists at one of America's most influential social media platforms wrapped a torniquet around the vein of free thought and wrenched it tight. And to add insult to injury, the whole time, Twitter was lying about it. Then-CEO Jack Dorsey told Congress that he had no idea why conservatives were moaning about being silenced – a.k.a. 'shadow banned.' Well, guess what? Conservatives were right.
New Twitter files dump reveal frenzied
conversations before Trump was banned
after the Capitol riot, how head of safety
Yoel Roth met WEEKLY with FBI - and agency
flagged election-related content for moderation
Posted by Imright 12/10/2022 12:48:32 AM Post Reply
Newly released internal documents suggest that Twitter's former head of safety Yoel Roth was meeting weekly with the FBI and show instances of the FBI flagging tweets related to the 2020 election for deletion.   Journalist Matt Taibbi shared the claims in a new Twitter thread on Friday night, one week after sharing the first tranche of so-called 'Twitter Files' turned over by the company's new owner Elon Musk. The new thread covered the months and weeks leading up to then-President Donald Trump's ban from Twitter following the Capitol riot, shedding light on the increasingly frenzied internal efforts within the social media site to moderate his baseless claims of election fraud.
‘I’m going to the back!’ Jean-Pierre
abruptly cuts off Doocy grilling on Biden-Twitter link
Posted by Imright 12/9/2022 10:29:32 AM Post Reply
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had a rough go at it Thursday, eventually storming out of the day’s press briefing after being confronted by relentless Today News Africa reporter Simon Ateba for not taking his questions. The president’s spokesperson, who checks multiple diversity boxes, would also go at it with regular antagonist, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy. The reporter not only grilled Jean-Pierre on why Russia got a better deal in trading a professional athlete in Brittany Griner for a notorious arms dealer, but also pressed her for refusing to comment on the Biden campaign collaborating with Twitter on suppressing damaging content on the platform, as was revealed
'A Royal pity party': US media slam Harry
and Meghan's $100M 'snoozefest' Netflix
docuseries as 'a hypocritical attention
grab' in which the Sussexes show 'just
how pinched and unimaginative their presence
on the world stage has become'
Posted by Imright 12/9/2022 10:25:19 AM Post Reply
The reviews are in for Harry and Meghan's hotly-anticipated, $100m Netflix tell-all - and US critics are less than impressed. Descriptions range from 'A Royal Pity Party' to a 'Dull Diary Entry'. One summary is less diplomatic: 'A hypocritical attention grab'. The reception is a hammer blow to the couple, who presumably imagined the world would be enchanted by the inside story of their departure from Britain's royal family. Viewers at home have also written off the series in no uncertain terms. Rotten Tomatoes showed a measly audience score of just 15 percent on Friday morning after nearly 1,000 reviews - most of them one star.
Donald Trump Calls Joe Biden’s Prisoner
Swap for Brittney Griner a ‘Stupid and
Unpatriotic Embarrassment’
Posted by Imright 12/9/2022 7:51:48 AM Post Reply
Former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden’s Brittney Griner prisoner swap as “stupid” and “unpatriotic embarrassment.” Issuing the statement on Truth Social, Trump said the swap was a bad deal because Biden traded an ex-WNBA basketball star for notorious Russian arms dealers Viktor Bout, “one of the biggest arms dealers anywhere in the world.” Trump said the trade was especially grievous because Griner has been “openly” hateful towards her own nation.(Photo) “What kind of a deal is it to swap Brittney Griner, a basketball player who openly hates our Country, for the man known as ‘The Merchant of Death,’ who is one of the biggest arms dealers anywhere in the World,
Latest ‘Twitter Files’ reveal secret
suppression of right-wing commentators
Posted by Imright 12/9/2022 7:48:50 AM Post Reply
The second installment of Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” dropped Thursday night and reveals how the social media giant was secretly “blacklisting” conservative tweets and users. Independent journalist Bari Weiss detailed in a series of posts how Twitter used so-called “shadow banning” to limit the visibility of tweets coming from far-right users. Conservative talk show host Dan Bongino, Stanford University’s anti-COVID lockdown advocate Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, and right-wing activist Charlie Kirk were among the users targeted for suppression by Twitter, according to Weiss.