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Trump’s Heartwarming Gesture Goes Viral
After Woman Asks To Pray With Him
Posted by Imright 1/29/2023 12:42:48 AM Post Reply
On Saturday evening, the internet exploded after a viral moment showed President Trump praying with a South Carolina fast food worker who asked to pray with him. Trump approached the window and a woman holding her phone asked him to join her in a word of prayer. Trump immediately oblidged and put his hand on her shoulder to pray with her. WATCH: (Tweet/Video) The internet exploded with reaction: (Tweets/Videos)
Hunter Biden reportedly converted dad’s
Delaware residence containing classified
docs into home office
Posted by Imright 1/29/2023 12:08:51 AM Post Reply
Hunter Biden allegedly transformed his father’s Wilmington, Delaware home, where classified documents have been found, into a home office that was central to his overseas business dealings, according to experts and leaked cellphone texts. This comes as allegations swirl that Hunter Biden used classified materials to profit off business deals involving energy and Ukraine, according to Fox Business. He reportedly emailed his partner in 2014 before Vice President Joe Biden flew to Ukraine. The president’s son reportedly listed the Wilmington home as his address in the wake of his 2017 divorce from ex-wife Kathleen Buhle. Hunter Biden went so far as to claim that he owned the lakefront mansion
Weaponization Committee Republicans Lay
Groundwork for Investigations
Posted by Imright 1/29/2023 12:01:26 AM Post Reply
Republicans on the newly created Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government met for the first time Friday to begin mapping out their investigative pursuits. The closed-door meeting included all of the subcommittee’s GOP members, aside from Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL), who was home recovering from a serious accident, according to a source present at the meeting. “There’s a lot for us to do. That’s really clear, and that’s just in the course of the discussion we had,” Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) said as he emerged from the meeting room. The subcommittee was established via a resolution this month along partisan lines and was given sweeping authority
Whale meat vending machine business continues
boom in Japan
Posted by Imright 1/28/2023 6:58:09 PM Post Reply
A new set of whale meat vending machines debuted in Japan this week. Kyodo Senpaku Co., a Japanese whaling operator, unveiled them in the port town of Yokohama, approximately 20 miles from its capital city of Tokyo. This is the third vending machine outlet the company has installed in an effort to promote sales after years of struggling to promote its products due to whale conservationists’ protests. (Photos) In 2018, Japan put an end to the hunting of the animal in the Antarctic and resumed commercial whaling off its coasts. That moved halted the protesters, but the groups still oppose the new machines.
On this day in history, Jan. 28, 1986,
space shuttle Challenger explodes, shocking
the nation
Posted by Imright 1/28/2023 6:15:43 PM Post Reply
On this day in history, Jan. 28, 1986, the space shuttle Challenger — scheduled for a routine launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida — exploded after just 73 seconds in flight, killing all seven Americans on board. The disaster shocked the nation — and led to an immediate pause in the space shuttle program. The cause of the disaster was found to be the failure of the primary and secondary redundant O-ring seals in a joint in the shuttle's right solid rocket booster (SRB). While the mission on that fateful day in 1986 was supposed to be like any other routine mission,
Pelosi Attacker David DePape's Chilling
Call to Local CA News Station
Posted by Imright 1/28/2023 3:32:41 PM Post Reply
I think it’s safe to say that David DePape, Paul Pelosi’s alleged attacker, has more than a few issues. We saw the harrowing body cam video where he attacked Pelosi with the hammer, as well as the Capitol Police surveillance video showing how he broke into the Pelosi home. Capitol Police were not monitoring the video at the time because Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was out of town. We also heard the troubling call Paul Pelosi made to a 911 operator. But DePape also made a wild call to KTVU, a local California news station on Friday, to deliver an “important message.”
Lie-peddling Dem Rep. Adam Schiff endlessly
lectures about 'democracy' – but he's
been exposed as one of its greatest threats...
now Republicans must reveal how deep the
rot goes
Posted by Imright 1/28/2023 3:25:21 PM Post Reply
Steve Hilton is host of The Steve Hilton Show and served as director of strategy for the British Prime Minister David Cameron. Republican Congressman George Santos is rightly in the middle of a media and political storm over his astonishing series of lies about everything from his career experience to his family history. It surely can’t be long before this ludicrous fabulist is booted out of public life for good. But there’s another congressional fabulist whose lies are far more serious and who isn’t facing nearly the same level of scrutiny: Adam Schiff. Schiff is the Santos of the Democratic Party - only much more dangerous. His deceptions are part of
'I'm more angry now and I'm more committed
now than I ever was': Trump denounces
claims he's 'not campaigning' in first
high-profile 2024 speech and said every
day is April Fools with Biden in the White House
Posted by Imright 1/28/2023 3:15:34 PM Post Reply
Donald Trump's first high-profile 2024 campaign event had him sounding more like a politician than he did during any of his 2016 or 2020 rallies – showing the ex-president may be ready to 'play ball' in his third presidential campaign. He also said that Joe Biden running the country makes every day feel like April Fools Day. While Trump did resurrect some of his greatest hits during remarks at the New Hampshire Republican Party's annual meeting on Saturday afternoon, he mostly stuck to the script. He did, however, make sure to reassure voters that he is still 'angry' and still invested in winning and promised the rallies are coming 'soon.'
Live-Stream Video: President Trump to
Deliver Much-Anticipated Speech on Ukrainian
War – Today at New Hampshire GOP Convention
– Noon ET
Posted by Imright 1/28/2023 11:54:58 AM Post Reply
President Donald Trump is the only Western leader who has consistently calling for a de-escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian War. In early September Trump warned the Russia-Ukraine War could lead to World War III and could lead to a nuclear war. Later that month, President offered to step in and mediate a peace deal between Russia, Ukraine, and the US. Earlier this week President Trump posted this on Truth Social.On Saturday President Trump will speak at the New Hampshire GOP Convention. Trumps spokeswoman Liz Harrington teased Trump’s speech on Friday. The 45th President will focus on the war in Ukraine.
Protester stomps on NYPD cruiser as Tyre
Nichols beating demonstrations turn violent
Posted by Imright 1/28/2023 3:31:25 AM Post Reply
Protests over the police beating death of Tyre Nichols turned violent in Times Square Friday night as several arrests were made, including of a man who stomped on the windshield of an NYPD police cruiser.  At least three people were handcuffed in the Crossroads of the World after getting into some sort of confrontation with police in the street.  In another chaotic scene, one of the protesters hopped on the hood of a police car and cracked the windshield with his foot. Several police officers quickly moved in to grab the man and then they led him through the crowd into a police precinct, footage shows.
Report: Director Of George Soros Organization
Has Visited Biden White House Over A Dozen Times
Posted by Imright 1/28/2023 3:25:24 AM Post Reply
The Biden administration is apparently even more friendly to left wing billionaire George Soros than the Obama administration was. A director at the Soros Open Society Foundation has visited the Biden White House over a dozen times. What do you suppose was discussed? FOX News reports: Top George Soros director has frequent Biden White House access, records show A high-level director at George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) who is tied to a group bankrolled by the billionaire and quietly working with President Biden’s administration on policy has close access to the White House, records show.
Fentanyl's deathly grip on America: Cheap
synthetic opioid flooding US street drug
supply is dragging down life expectancy,
turning our cities into Zombielands and
killing 1,500 people a WEEK
Posted by Imright 1/28/2023 3:17:54 AM Post Reply
The US is in the midst of a catastrophic fentanyl epidemic that is causing an eye-watering number of deaths and tearing the fabric of American society apart. The ultra-strong opioid being cut with virtually every street drug in the country killed a record 75,000 Americans in 2021, the equivalent of 1,500 lives lost every week.  Fentanyl - which is 100 times more potent than morphine - started off as a cheap and potent alternative to heroin and was used by only the most hardcore drug addicts in the US, who mainly injected it or smoked it through a pipe. But its cheap manufacturing costs and potency have made it the go-to cutting agent