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Sick: Actor Jack Black’s Bandmate Says
“Don’t Miss Trump Next Time” on
Stage (Video)
Posted by DW626 7/15/2024 2:38:26 PM Post Reply
Actor and Comedian Jack Black is facing major backlash after his bandmate said, “Don’t miss Trump next time” while on stage at a concert in Sydney, Australia. Black’s bandmate made the sickening comment just hours after the attempted assassination of President Donald Trump at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. In a video of the concert, Black is seen giving his Tenacious D band member Kyle Gass a birthday cake during their concert at the ICC Sydney Theatre. Black tells Gass to “make a wish.”
First Episode of 'The View' After Trump
Assassination Attempt Was Something Else
Posted by DW626 7/15/2024 2:09:36 PM Post Reply
On Monday's installment of "The View," the ill-adjusted cohosts said that they would "try to heed" President Joe Biden's quite hypocritical admonition to "tamp down the rhetoric" and "turn down the temperature" following the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump. Predictably, they failed to control their normal divisiveness. Within a few sentences of saying she wanted to reflect and seek unity, Ana Navarro and Joy Behar immediately dove into an identity-obsessed discussion of the would-be assassin:
Watch: George Stephanopoulos Blames Trump
and Trump Supporters’ “Violent Rhetoric”
for Shooting
Posted by DW626 7/15/2024 7:13:22 AM Post Reply
George Stephanopoulos on Sunday reacted to the news that President Trump was shot in a failed assassination attempt, ignoring the divisiveness and violent rhetoric from the left and claiming, “President Trump and his supporters have contributed to this violent rhetoric as well.” Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz, in the clip below, discussed the attempted assassination with Stephanopoulos and said that no matter what, “you are going to hear conspiracy theories going forward.” Just like we did after the JFK assassination, right?
Local Police Officer Confronted Would-Be
Trump Assassin on Roof But Then Retreated
– Shooter Proceeded to Try to Kill Trump
Posted by DW626 7/15/2024 6:45:05 AM Post Reply
As The Gateway Pundit reported, President Trump was nearly assassinated last night during a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, by a 20-year-old Democrat donor named Thomas Matthew Crooks. Trump immediately grabbed his neck after being shot while bleeding profusely from his ear. Video recordings of the scene also show Trump ducking down immediately after the initial gunshots were heard. Secret Service agents promptly shielded Trump and guided him away from further harm. Despite being injured, a defiant Trump raised his fist and yelled “Fight!” multiple times toward the crowd.
Secret Service failure replies
Posted by DW626 7/15/2024 6:29:22 AM Post Reply
Some thoughts on the attempted assassination of former president Donald Trump. First, regarding the Secret Service. It is all well and good that the agents at the scene reacted as trained and instantly covered and shielded the former president with their bodies, willingly accepting the possibility of being mortally wounded in the interest of protecting Donald Trump. However, that type of response indicates an abject failure of the protective mission. It seems that only a providential head turn to the right saved Donald Trump’s life.
Hey, Clooney! Meet Bidenfreude replies
Posted by DW626 7/13/2024 8:23:28 AM Post Reply
Ages ago—that would be May in the year of our Lord 2024—George Clooney contacted Poseur Joe Biden on behalf of Amal Clooney, George’s spouse: George Clooney contacted a top White House official last month to complain after President Biden criticized the International Criminal Court’s decision to seek a warrant against top Israeli officials over the war in Gaza, a case the actor’s wife had worked on, according to two people familiar with the situation. [snip] Mr. Clooney is scheduled to appear at a high-dollar June 15 fund-raiser for Mr. Biden in Los Angeles, with former President Barack Obama in attendance.
Victor Davis Hanson on the Illusion of Invincibility replies
Posted by DW626 7/12/2024 6:56:55 AM Post Reply
Victor Davis Hanson’s latest book is a macabre warning to an aging America as it closes in on its 250th birthday. The warning comes in the form of a graphic depiction of the hideousness of war and the terrifying state of those who suffer ignominious defeat. However different the four societies described in the book were, be they Thebans, Carthaginians, Byzantines, or Aztecs, each was blinded by the illusion of invincibility. Hanson shows that such an illusion is so persistent that even as the conquered were being slaughtered, they continued to think: “It cannot happen here.”
Can They Cheat a Dementia Sufferer Back
into the White House?
Posted by DW626 7/12/2024 6:53:07 AM Post Reply
We’re learning something valuable. Censorship works better than gaslighting, but even that fails. Joe Biden’s “cognitive decline” has been ongoing since at least 2019. If you didn’t understand why Biden ran his 2020 campaign from his Wilmington rec room, now you know. COVID precaution was a convenient excuse. Biden wasn’t ever going to draw a crowd like Trump, so masking up and hanging out in front of his big screen was an easy dodge. But it was his deteriorating brain that kept him off the campaign trail. Dementia sufferers are easily confused and frustrated. They don’t handle crowds and noise well. Biden’s handlers
Dems in Chaos: Joe Biden's Campaign Is
Poll-Testing a Harris v. Trump Matchup
Posted by DW626 7/11/2024 2:33:05 PM Post Reply
Democrats are the most disarrayed they've been in recent memory after President Joe Biden's botched debate performance against former President Donald Trump set off a firestorm of internal chaos over a path forward for their party ahead of November's elections. After the mainstream media feigned sudden surprise that Biden has trouble demonstrating fitness to be commander-in-chief and Democrats called for their party's leader to withdraw from the race, now even the Biden campaign is "quietly" testing Vice President Kamala Harris' strength against Trump, according to The New York Times.
The Silence of the Bells replies
Posted by DW626 7/10/2024 7:35:51 AM Post Reply
Long ago, they were dystopian fantasies. To imagine a world with the night sky lit up by burning cathedrals. A world of Christians fleeing for their lives in plundered, smoking landscapes. A broken Europe suffering the same fate as Constantinople in 1453: Destruction, carnage, and enslavement. The Muslim invasion of Europe has already taken place. Not that the Christian heartland (i.e. unlike exposed places such as Cyprus in 1974) has been taken by military force as when Moorish and Ottoman armies advanced from opposite corners of the world, West and East, respectively.
The government’s Epstein problem replies
Posted by DW626 7/9/2024 12:08:50 PM Post Reply
I’m not going to rehash the details surrounding the Epstein … thing, because I don’t have any. Nobody seems to. And what details we do know make absolutely no sense whatsoever. The official story sounds like a Millennial giving his boss an excuse for why he was late for work; complete horse manure. It was described by American media as “the most prolific pedophile ring in American history”… yet only one person went to jail … and that person is, a British woman. (One person does not a “ring” make … nor two, for that matter.)
How do you solve a problem like Kamala? replies
Posted by DW626 7/8/2024 6:52:42 AM Post Reply
The cackling diversity hire of a vice president is a disaster, not just for Democrat election prospects, but for the nation and the world. Let us review her portfolio. She entered the 2019 presidential primary, but dropped out of the race early, after being crushed in the debate by Tulsi Gabbard. Her one shining debate moment was when she accurately condemned Biden for working with segregationists, stopping just short of calling him a racist. She earned zero delegates in the primary. She was bested by the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, “Mini Mike” Bloomberg, “Pothole” Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar (who?).