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Target marketing VP holds senior position
at org pushing secretive transgender policies
in K-12 schools
Posted by Beardo 5/29/2023 2:47:21 PM Post Reply
A Target Corporation senior executive in the marketing department maintains a position with a controversial K-12 advocacy organization called GLSEN – Target's Pride Month partner – which is focused on integrating gender ideology at all levels of K-12 schools, from curriculum to district policy. Carlos Saavedra is a vice president of brand marketing at Target and a treasurer at GLSEN. GLSEN focuses on getting districts to adopt policies that will keep parents in the dark on their child's in-school gender transition, providing sexually explicit books to schools for free, and integrating gender ideology at all levels of curriculum in public schools.
California Democrats Try, Fail to Restrict
Pregnancy Crisis Centers
Posted by Beardo 5/29/2023 12:42:14 PM Post Reply
California Democrats, ostensibly “pro-choice,” want to restrict the choices provided by anti-abortion pregnancy crisis centers but have not succeeded in regulating them out of existence, despite many efforts to do so. (snip) Some of California’s past attempts to regulate pregnancy crisis centers have been ruled unconstitutional. In the case of National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra in 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a California law requiring the pregnancy centers to post information about where to obtain abortions. The Court, in a 5-4 decision, found the law violated the First Amendment by compelling speech.
Feminism Overshot the Goal replies
Posted by Beardo 5/29/2023 12:35:56 PM Post Reply
Feminists fought for decades to help girls succeed, but they overshot the goal. They crossed the finish line and then hit the gas and drove the car right off the cliff. (snip) Somehow, along the way to making our lives easier, feminists made them harder. They set out to allow women to have more fulfilling lives, but our lives became less fulfilling. We were supposed to be happier with all these "freedoms," and yet, rates of depression and suicide among young women have never been higher.
California Blames ‘Climate Change’
For Major Insurer’s Decision To Stop
Covering New Homes
Posted by Beardo 5/29/2023 12:19:07 PM Post Reply
State Farm will no longer take new homeowner insurance applications in California, a move the state government is blaming on climate change. The insurance company cited the high cost of construction in the state and the growing threat of catastrophes including wildfires in its Friday announcement. The California Department of Insurance (CDI) told Axios climate change was driving the issue, making it beyond the state’s control.
Lawyer In New York Uses ChatGPT For Court
Filing. It Does Not Go Well.
Posted by Beardo 5/29/2023 12:16:11 PM Post Reply
A lawyer representing a man suing Avianca airlines for negligence admitted to briefly using ChatGPT to produce evidence that turned out to be fake, according to CNN. Robert Mata sued Avianca for injuries allegedly sustained from an airline serving cart in 2019, according to the CNN report. Steven Schwartz, an experienced lawyer with New York law firm Levidow, Levidow and Oberman, represented Mata. At least six cases that Schwartz submitted as research for a brief, however, “appear[ed] to be bogus judicial decisions with bogus quotes and bogus internal citations,” Judge Kevin Castel of the Southern District of New York said in a May 4 order, per CNN.
Professor fails student for refusing to
condemn her Christian faith
Posted by Beardo 5/29/2023 12:05:54 PM Post Reply
A professor at Polk State College has allegedly failed a humanities student after she refused to concede that Jesus is a “myth” or that Christianity oppresses women during a series of mandatory assignments at the Florida college. According to a press release from the Liberty Counsel, a non-profit public interest law firm, Humanities Professor Lance "Lj" Russum gave a student a “zero” on four separate papers because the 16-year-old did not “conform to his personal worldviews of Marxism, Atheism, Feminism, and homosexuality.” The law firm has called for a full, private investigation of the professor and the course curriculum.
Bud Light 24-Packs Drop to $3.49 as Mulvaney
Boycott Tanks Sales
Posted by Beardo 5/28/2023 9:51:44 PM Post Reply
Bud Light sales fell for the sixth consecutive week as the nationwide boycott continued over the beer company’s partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. One store, according to the New York Post, is charging $3.49 for a 24-pack — about $0.15 for one can — to get rid of unwanted beer. Bud Light volumes for the week ending May 13 fell 28.4 percent, following a 27.7 percent drop the prior week, the report said, citing Beer Business Daily. (snip) Since then, sales have tanked and Anheuser-Busch has so far lost nearly $19 billion, with shares down 14 percent. Some stores are effectively giving the beer away for free.
Jordan Neely’s family to file wrongful
death lawsuit against ‘subway vigilante’
Daniel Penny
Posted by Beardo 5/27/2023 10:28:26 PM Post Reply
The family of the homeless man put in a fatal chokehold on the F train by straphanger Daniel Penny plans to file a wrongful-death lawsuit against the former Marine, The Post has learned. (snip) Now Neely’s aunt, Carolyn Neely, who represents Jordan’s estate, has hired the Manhattan law firm of Mills & Edwards to file a civil action against Penny, according to a letter obtained by The Post. “Please be advised that this office has been retained . . . to pursue a claim for personal injuries and wrongful death. . . . Your action resulted in the death of Jordan Neely,” reads the missive sent to Penny’s attorneys this week.
Democrat Congresswoman Went to Jeffrey
Epstein’s Home
Posted by Beardo 5/27/2023 9:50:13 PM Post Reply
A U.S. congresswoman went to Jeffrey Epstein’s home in 2018, within a year of his being arrested on charges of child sex trafficking. Del. Stacey Plaskett (D-V.I.) went to Epstein’s townhouse in September 2018, she acknowledged during a deposition this month. (snip) Plaskett asked Epstein for the maximum donation an individual could give, about $30,000. (snip) Plaskett acknowledged being aware of Epstein’s criminal past but said she didn’t recall when she first learned of it. (snip) Plaskett’s campaign received more than $30,000 from Epstein and people linked to him, such as Darren Indyke, a lawyer for one of his Virgin Island-based businesses, and Groff. Epstein pushed associates to donate to Plaskett,
Tom Hanks laments truth 'no longer empirical'
in Harvard commencement speech
Posted by Beardo 5/27/2023 5:42:25 PM Post Reply
Actor Tom Hanks lectured new graduates on truth during his commencement speech at Harvard University Thursday. (snip) The actor attempted to motivate graduates to pursue "sacred" truth instead of the truth that has evolved from today's society. “For the truth to some is no longer empirical. It’s no longer based on data, nor common sense, nor even common decency,” Hanks said. (snip) Hanks acknowledged that an effort to pursue truth "is optional. But the truth, the truth is sacred. Unalterable. Chiseled into the stone and the foundation of our republic." All throughout the speech, the actor quoted from the Declaration of Independence and the Bible to get his point across,
CatholicVote calls Dodgers 'faith and
family' night a 'band-aid' amid anti-Catholic
group fallout
Posted by Beardo 5/27/2023 5:26:54 PM Post Reply
On Friday, nine-time MLB All-Star Clayton Kershaw announced a "relaunch" of another themed day at Dodger Stadium — Christian Faith and Family Day. (snip) One of the nation's largest Catholic advocacy organizations, CatholicVote, responded to the Dodgers most recent announcement, (snip) "The Dodgers' announcement today is the equivalent of putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound and in no way diminishes the harm and hurt caused by their plan to honor a vile anti-Catholic organization. (snip) It's hard to interpret this announcement as anything other than a public relations stunt (snip) The Dodgers have one path forward: apologize and stop honoring hateful anti-Catholic organizations."
CatholicVote launches $1M campaign calling
for LA Dodgers boycott over anti-Catholic
drag queens
Posted by Beardo 5/27/2023 5:10:57 PM Post Reply
One of the nation's largest Catholic advocacy organizations has issued a letter to the Los Angeles Dodgers announcing an upcoming ad campaign calling for a boycott of the baseball club. CatholicVote President Brian Burch addressed the letter to Dodgers principal owner Mark Walter and CEO Stan Kasten. "I represent the nation’s largest lay Catholic advocacy organization," Burch wrote. "We are supported by millions of devoted Catholics across America who believe that the time-honored values of life, family, and freedom — which the Dodgers used to celebrate — are demonstrably good for America, and worthy of respect, not ridicule."