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Top Biden Donor Reid Hoffman Day Before
Trump Rally Shooting: ‘I Wish I Had
Made’ Trump ‘An Actual Martyr’
Posted by Beardo 7/13/2024 9:57:35 PM Post Reply
Reid Hoffman,venture capitalist and co-founder of LinkedIn, made a despicable joke Friday about Donald Trump that history will judge harshly. In Sun Valley, Idaho, at the Allen & Co. conference – an invitation-only gathering called the “summer camp for billionaires” – (snip) Peter Thiel sarcastically thanked Reid Hoffman for funding lawsuits against Trump because they had turned him into “a martyr,” increasing his chances of re-election. From the stage, Hoffman shot back with his own sarcastic quip: “Yeah, I wish I had made him an actual martyr.”
House Oversight Chair James Comer on Possible
‘Shadow Government’: We’re Looking
into Who Is Really ‘Calling the Shots’
Under Biden
Posted by Beardo 7/13/2024 4:18:52 PM Post Reply
House Oversight Committee chair James Comer (R-KY) is investigating who is really “calling the shots” under President Joe Biden’s leadership, issuing subpoenas to three little-known White House staffers while trying to determine if there has been a “shadow government” this whole time. “We’re looking to see who is actually calling the shots for Joe Biden,” Comer said during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday. “I mean, I think it’s very evident that he isn’t able to serve as president, much less an additional four years, and we’ve all been asking the questions ‘Who is actually running the show? Who’s pulling the strings?'”
Ivy League Profs Claim Lincoln Was Gay
In New Documentary
Posted by Beardo 7/12/2024 4:36:01 PM Post Reply
A new documentary makes the case that President Abraham Lincoln was gay. Called “Lover of Men: The Untold History of Abraham Lincoln,” the film project claims to detail “Lincoln’s romantic relationships with men” by utilizing “preeminent Lincoln scholars and never before seen photographs and letters,” according to promotional copy obtained by the New York Post. “Lincoln probably slept in the same bed with more men than he did with women,” one expert in the film remarked, according to the Post. Many of the historians interviewed work at Ivy League and small liberal arts colleges, including Harvard, Columbia, Brown, and Wellesley.
Federal Judge Finds Americans Have Constitutional
Right To Distill Moonshine In Their Bathtub
Posted by Beardo 7/12/2024 2:10:32 PM Post Reply
A federal judge rejected a more than century-old ban on home distilling as unconstitutional Wednesday. Judge Mark Pittman, a Trump appointee, found that a federal law making it a felony to distill spirits at home exceeded Congress’ power, holding that neither Congress’ tax power nor its ability to regulate interstate commerce justify the ban. Pittman permanently blocked the government from enforcing the ban, which threatens violators with up to $10,000 in fines or 5 years in prison, against the plaintiffs it found to have standing. “Indeed, the Constitution is written to prevent societal amnesia of the defined limits it places on this government of and by the people,” Pittman wrote.
Georgia Board Notches Election Integrity
Win That Could Secure A Trump Victory
Posted by Beardo 7/11/2024 5:50:20 PM Post Reply
The Georgia State Election Board amended election rules to require a hand count to verify vote totals and an investigation into vote discrepancies. The new rule passed on a 3-1 vote put forward by Cobb County Republican Party Chairwoman Salleigh Grubbs, requires poll officers to hand count ballots on the precinct level each day of voting to ensure there isn’t a discrepancy between the machine totals and the number of votes cast. The poll manager and two poll officers as witnesses must verify the vote totals, signing a statement of their authenticity.
Two Tiers: Justice Comes for Boeing and
Trump in Very Different Ways
Posted by Beardo 7/10/2024 8:33:21 AM Post Reply
In January of 2021, The Boeing Company and the Department of Justice entered into a deferred prosecution agreement following deadly crashes in 2018 and 2019. (snip) I can’t help but contrast Boeing’s fine of $487.2 million with Donald Trump’s “fraud” conviction. The trial resulted in bank executives testifying that not only were the banks not harmed, they would do business with Trump again. (snip) Trump would have to pay $455 million for a victimless act. For a fraud that never happened. (snip) Boeing’s fine is about $1.4 million per dead victim. Trump’s fine (if upheld on appeal) is about $455 million per zero victim.
The Biden Family Tries the Ralph Northam Strategy replies
Posted by Beardo 7/9/2024 2:04:56 AM Post Reply
On the menu today: The American people don’t deserve to be in this mess. (snip) This is the Ralph Northam strategy. It’s a spectacularly selfish, reckless, risky, destructive, and legacy-ruining tactic: effectively declaring that the Bidens will only leave office kicking and screaming, their fingernails digging into the carpet of the Oval Office as they’re dragged out. (snip) Every now and then, some elected official gets caught in a serious scandal and then attempts to just wait out the storm. (snip) Think of Ted Kennedy, John Murtha, Barney Frank, David Vitter, or Charlie Rangel. Idaho GOP senator Larry Craig rescinded his resignation and finished out his term.
Joe Biden Is A Good Man? Please Don’t
Insult Our Intelligence
Posted by Beardo 7/8/2024 9:55:28 PM Post Reply
The talking points must have gone out within minutes of the end of President Joe Biden’s lame debate performance. Among the first to tell us just how fine a man Biden was Barack Obama, who called his former vice president “someone who has fought for ordinary folks his entire life.” It is, of course, a lie. Biden is not a good man, and the idea he’s “fought for ordinary folks” for even a single day of his “public service” is risible. Obama’s tweet also claimed that Biden is the candidate “who knows right from wrong and will give it to the American people straight.”
The Resilient Great Barrier Reef: Analyzing
the Surprising Recovery Amidst Climate Alarmism
Posted by Beardo 7/8/2024 10:11:53 AM Post Reply
For years, the Great Barrier Reef has been the poster child for environmentalists warning about the dire consequences of climate change. Predictions of its imminent demise have been frequent, with a focus on coral bleaching events, ocean acidification, and rising sea temperatures attributed to increasing CO2 emissions. However, recent reports indicate that the Great Barrier Reef has hit record coral cover for the third year in a row, challenging these prevailing narratives. Jo Nova, offers a critical examination of the factors contributing to the reef’s unexpected resilience.
VERY URGENT: A Parkinson's disease specialist
has visited the White House residence
medical clinic at least nine times since
July 2023
Posted by Beardo 7/7/2024 8:19:16 PM Post Reply
Dr. Kevin R. Cannard, a Parkinson’s disease specialist, has visited the White House at least nine times in the last year, official White House visitor logs show. The logs show Dr. Cannard traveled to the White House residence medical clinic each time. He met either with the president’s personal physician or the naval nurse who coordinates care for the president and other top officials, the logs show. Dr. Cannard’s spate of visits began on July 28, 2023 and continued at least through March 28, 2024. The most recently released logs end on April 1, so it is not clear if Dr. Cannard has been to the White House more recently.
Reporters Blame “Right-Wing Media”
for Their Failure to Disclose Biden’s Infirmity
Posted by Beardo 7/6/2024 11:54:57 PM Post Reply
The media is sorry . . . sort of. After the shocking appearance of President Joe Biden in the presidential debate, the public has turned its attention to the press which has, again, buried a major scandal for years. According to CNN, the reporters at the White House are really, really sorry but explained that it was the “right-wing media” that prompted them to avoid the story. (snip) So, as an embarrassed press struggled to explain the most recent belated disclosure, the reason is the “right-wing press” and the need to counter their narratives. (snip) They were countering conservatives and framing the news.
O’Keefe Disney Exposé: Exec Says ‘Bob
Iger Isn’t Axing LGBTQ Content at All,’
Drag Queens Inevitable at Parks
Posted by Beardo 7/5/2024 4:38:45 PM Post Reply
A new video from right-leaning reporter James O’Keefe appears to show a Disney executive saying he wants more LGBTQ content for kids and would like to see drag queens at Disneyland one day. Released Wednesday as part of an ongoing series, the video featured an undercover operative with O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) secretly recording Disney Creative Marketing Director Amit “Genie” Gurnani, an active drag queen. In the video, Gurnani appears to say that he would want more LGBTQ content for children and would want drag queens at Disneyland. (snip) Gurnani also appeared to debunk Disney CEO Bob Iger’s claim that the company will be rolling back LGBTQ content.