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Sirens Are Blaring and Red Warning Lights
Are Blinking at the CIA. Is the White
House Listening?
Posted by Dreadnought 6/20/2024 10:47:00 AM Post Reply
Every once in a while, history gives us a second chance. The multitude of errors and missed signals that led up to the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon taught us valuable lessons about the nature of the world we live in and how truly vulnerable we are in the United States to bad actors looking for blood. One of the most valuable lessons we learned from that terrible day is that complacency is a deadly disease that can result in tragedy too painful to bear. We had many warnings about Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda
Israel Insists on Goal of ‘Dismantling
Hamas’s Governmental and Military Capabilities’
Posted by Dreadnought 6/20/2024 10:41:20 AM Post Reply
Israel reiterated Thursday that its goals for the war in Gaza include the “dismantling of Hamas’s governmental and military capabilities,” after a controversy over a military spokesman’s comments. Israel Defense Forces spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said Wednesday that it would be impossible to destroy Hamas ideologically, and that pretending otherwise would be fooling the public. The Times of Israel reported: IDF Spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari on Wednesday cast Israel’s war aim of eradicating the Hamas terror group as unattainable,
Exclusive: Biden’s Green Energy Agenda
Would Make the U.S. Military Reliant on
China, Study Finds
Posted by Dreadnought 6/20/2024 10:35:09 AM Post Reply
The Biden administration’s aggressive push to transition to alternative green energy is leaving the U.S. military dependent on its top adversary, China, which would be disastrous in an event of a war with the country, according to a study by the Heritage Foundation publishing on Thursday and obtained first by Breitbart News. The study, entitled “Chinese Handcuffs: Don’t Allow the U.S. Military to Be Hooked on Green Energy from China,” is the second part in a series researching the perils of over reliance on Chinese renewable energy and a “misguided” environmental agenda. The top takeaways of the study, authored by Heritage Foundation Senior Research Fellow for Naval
Supreme Court upholds Trump-era tax on
foreign earnings
Posted by Dreadnought 6/20/2024 10:31:34 AM Post Reply
Washington — The Supreme Court on Thursday left intact an obscure tax enacted as part of Republicans' sweeping 2017 reform package that targets U.S. taxpayers with shares of certain foreign corporations. The court ruled 7-2 that the so-called mandatory repatriation tax is constitutional under Article I and the 16th Amendment. Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote the majority opinion. "[T]he precise and narrow question that the Court addresses today is whether Congress may attribute an entity's realized and undistributed income to the entity's shareholders or partners, and then tax the shareholders or partners on their portions of that income," Kavanaugh wrote. "This Court's longstanding precedents,
Senate Passes Legislation to Accelerate
Development of Nuclear Energy Power Plants
Posted by Dreadnought 6/20/2024 12:44:42 AM Post Reply
A bipartisan bill that will advance the development of nuclear energy power plants in the nation was passed by the United States Senate on Tuesday. In an 88-2 vote, the Senate voted to pass the Accelerating Deployment of Versatile, Advanced Nuclear for Clean Energy (ADVANCE) Act, which is part of the Fire Grants and Safety Act (S.8.70), according to a press release from the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW). The ADVANCE Act will now move forward to President Joe Biden’s desk to be signed. “Today, we sent the ADVANCE Act to the president’s desk because Congress worked together to recognize the importance of nuclear
The Warning Signs are Flashing Red replies
Posted by Dreadnought 6/20/2024 12:24:45 AM Post Reply
The intelligence community is telling Congress that the warning lights are flashing bright red. Is anyone paying attention? Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell is urging the Biden administration to 'do something.' Morell and Graham Allison, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy and Plans, wrote an op-ed for Foreign Affairs earlier this month. It's the open southern border, stupid. "Given the particular vulnerability of the southern border, Biden’s recent executive order to restrict asylum processing is a valuable step toward limiting entry to the United States," Morell and Graham Allison, former United States Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy and Plans,
Former Obama Mega Fundraiser Now Backs
Trump, Biden 'Has Been Asleep at the Wheel'
Posted by Dreadnought 6/20/2024 12:19:30 AM Post Reply
As our sister site Townhall reported, Silicon Valley progressive Allison Huynh, who co-created a robotics and AI company that was sold to Google, has decided to change her Obama-loving ways and back Donald Trump in the presidential election over failed incumbent Joe Biden. She believes that Democrats have lost their way, and no place is that more obvious than in the former jewel of California, San Francisco: “He’s allowed Big Tech as well as the looters to take over Silicon Valley,” she told “Fox & Friends First.” “San Francisco has been the science experiment that’s gone awry. I wake up in the morning, there’s no grocery stores
The Ten Commandments must be displayed
in Louisiana classrooms under requirement
signed into law
Posted by Dreadnought 6/19/2024 4:24:54 PM Post Reply
BATON ROUGE, La. — Louisiana has become the first state to require that the Ten Commandments be displayed in every public school classroom under a bill signed into law by Republican Gov. Jeff Landry on Wednesday. The GOP-drafted legislation mandates that a poster-sized display of the Ten Commandments in “large, easily readable font” be required in all public classrooms, from kindergarten to state-funded universities. Although the bill did not receive final approval from Landry, the time for gubernatorial action — to sign or veto the bill — has lapsed. Opponents question the law’s constitutionality, warning that lawsuits are likely to follow.
Climate Activists Vandalize Stonehenge
with Spray Paint
Posted by Dreadnought 6/19/2024 11:20:34 AM Post Reply
Supporters of the climate-activism organization Just Stop Oil sprayed paint on World Heritage Site Stonehenge and were arrested on Wednesday, just before thousands are expected to visit the historic structures for the summer solstice. “Today’s action has come days after the Labour party’s manifesto has recommitted them to stopping all future licences for new oil and gas, should they form the next government,” reads a statement by Just Stop Oil. The United Kingdom will hold a general election on July 4, 2024. Niamh Lynch, a 21-year-old undergraduate student at Oxford University, and Rajan Naidu, 73, began spraying orange powder paint on Stonehenge around noon,
I Don't Want to Get Anyone's Hopes Up,
But...There's Been Talk
Posted by Dreadnought 6/19/2024 1:28:24 AM Post Reply
So, this is all just kind of fun speculation, mind you. Brought on, of course, not by my twisted imagination - even I have my limits - but by a convergence of events and signs from the Heavens. First, what was that rumble from the turgid bowels of the WaPo? Was Taylor Lorenz hacking up another hairball? Gads, no. It's someone once mistaken for a respected columnist. And what she had to say was shocking in the extreme...but, oh, so tempting... Democrats are wrestling with an age-old problem Maybe Hillary Clinton could come to the rescue. DON'T PLAY WITH THEIR EMOTIONS THAT WAY And then she does, logically and coldly setting up the scenario
Trump-Backed GOP Senate Candidate Hung
Cao Wins Virginia Primary, Will Face Tim
Kaine in November
Posted by Dreadnought 6/19/2024 12:37:36 AM Post Reply
There were congressional primaries in Virginia and Oklahoma on Tuesday, along with runoff elections for several Georgia House seats. Results are still coming in for some of the Virginia House seats, but in the Senate, Republican Hung Cao has won the primary and will face off against incumbent Democrat Senator Tim Kaine in November. Former President Trump endorsed Cao last month, writing on Truth Social, "A Combat Veteran and Highly Decorated Special Operations Officer, Hung Cao will be a tireless fighter to stop inflation, grow our Economy, secure our Border, strong support our incredible Military/Vets, and defend our always under siege Second Amendment." "Hung Cao has my Complete
Apology Not Accepted - Within Hours of
Being Blasted Online, France Overturns
Israeli Ban at Defense Show
Posted by Dreadnought 6/19/2024 12:35:21 AM Post Reply
Mere hours after it went viral that French courts had banned Israelis from the defense show Eurosatory, they have rescinded the ban. It's understandable, considering the shameful information about the ban that surfaced, but it's somewhat surprising to see someone actually backtrack their antisemitism. Let's be clear, though — France is no hero. There are obvious benefits for them in rescinding the ban. It was hardly a show without the 74 Israeli companies or affiliates that had been disinvited. In fact, immediately after the ban garnered international attention, people started to call out the hypocrisy, considering Israeli technology was among some of the main attractions in the exhibition.