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COVID-19 Deaths Are a Tiny
Percentage of the Overall Mortality Rate
Posted by Harlowe 8/4/2020 2:14:09 AM Post Reply
RUSH: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. This is Missy. Missy, glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.(Snip) CALLER: So far up to date this year based on last year’s statistics, 1.6 million people have already died of things other than COVID. We’re destroying everyone’s livelihood and shut down the economy for 150,000 people over the course of three months. (Snip)There’s not a single federal worker that’s been fired. Not a single one. This is crucially important. The people that have not lost a paycheck are the ones telling you that you need to give up your livelihood, shut down your business, don’t go back to your job.
UNBELIEVABLE: In New Interview Bobby
Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make
Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine
and Owns Half the Patent
Posted by Harlowe 8/4/2020 1:57:47 AM Post Reply
In an earlier thread we reported on Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s comments about Big Pharma and the increase in vaccines in our culture back in April.(Snip)Kennedy says: The problem is Anthony Fauci put $500 million of our dollars into that vaccine. He owns half the patent. He and these five guys who are working for him were entitled to collect royalties from that. So you have a corrupt system and now they have a vaccine that is too big to fail. And instead of saying this was a terrible, terrible mistake, they are saying we are going to order 2 billion doses of this
These Two Charts Should
Land Dr. Fauci in Prison
Posted by Harlowe 8/4/2020 1:41:08 AM Post Reply
The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) is a leading non-partisan professional association of physicians across the United States. Today the AAPS filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to compel the release to the public of hydroxychloroquine by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). Here are two charts that show hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness in treating the coronavirus.(Snip)“Why does the government continue to withhold more than 60 million doses of HCQ from the public?” asks Jane Orient, M.D., the Executive Director of AAPS. “This potentially life-saving medication is wasting away in government warehouses while Americans are dying from COVID-19.”
Thousands protest in Berlin
against coronavirus restrictions
Posted by Harlowe 8/1/2020 6:22:32 PM Post Reply
BERLIN - Thousands protested Germany’s coronavirus restrictions Saturday in a Berlin demonstration marking what organizers called “the end of the pandemic”--a declaration that comes just as authorities are voicing increasing concerns about an uptick in new infections. With few masks in sight, a dense crowd marched through downtown Berlin from the Brandenburg Gate. Protesters who came from across the country held up homemade signs with slogans like “Corona, false alarm,” “We are being forced to wear a muzzle,” “Natural defense instead of vaccination” and “We are the second wave.”
Supreme Court denies request to halt
construction of the border wall
Posted by Harlowe 7/31/2020 6:19:30 PM Post Reply
The Supreme Court by a 5-4 vote has denied a request to halt construction of President Trump’s border wall over environmental concerns.(Snip)"The fight continues,” said Dror Ladin, a staff attorney with the ACLU’s National Security Project. “Every lower court to consider the question has ruled President Trump's border wall illegal, and the Supreme Court’s temporary order does not decide the case. We’ll be back before the Supreme Court soon to put a stop to Trump’s xenophobic border wall once and for all.”
4 LA men admit to Skid Row voter-
fraud scheme, DA announces
Posted by Harlowe 7/30/2020 6:33:38 PM Post Reply
Four men have admitted to offering homeless people in Los Angeles money and cigarettes in exchange for false and forged signatures on ballot petitions and voter registration forms, authorities said Wednesday.(Snip)Christopher Joseph Williams, 41, and Nickey Demelvin Huntley, 45, each pleaded no contest to one felony count of circulating an initiative or petition containing false, forged or fictitious names. Four defendants--one of whom is still being sought by authorities--have yet to be sentenced, the district attorney's office told Fox News.(Snip)An office spokesperson declined to specify what group or organization the defendants were working with when they committed the alleged fraud.
Trump raises idea of delaying election replies
Posted by Harlowe 7/30/2020 2:18:44 PM Post Reply
President Trump on Thursday suggested delaying the 2020 elections, something he does not have the power to do unilaterally, as he levied fresh attacks against mail-in voting. (Snip) "With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history," Trump tweeted. "It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???"
Ohio sees peak in coronavirus
hospitalizations, bans hydroxychloroquine
Posted by Harlowe 7/30/2020 12:59:41 PM Post Reply
The Ohio Department of Health reported 1,122 COVID-19 hospitalizations on Tuesday, which is the highest daily number seen in the state since the beginning of the pandemic, reports say.(Snip)The news comes after the Ohio Board of Pharmacy banned medical facilties from selling or dispensing malaria drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat or prevent COVID-19.(Snip)“We’re looking at the best science to determine what’s best for the patients of Ohio.” She said the decision has nothing to do with President Trump's public support for the treatment.
Federal agents to begin leaving Portland’s
downtown: DHS, Oregon governor
Posted by Harlowe 7/29/2020 2:38:31 PM Post Reply
The federal agents who have clashed with protesters in Portland will begin a “phased withdrawal” from the city's downtown area starting Thursday, Oregon's Democratic Gov. Kate Brown announced. Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf said in a statement that he and Brown have been in contact over the past 24 hours and reached a joint plan to end "the violent activity in Portland directed at federal properties and law enforcement officers.” “That plan includes the robust presence of Oregon State Police in downtown Portland,” Wolf said.
Unhinged Democrats Say Trump
Will Steal the Election
Posted by Harlowe 7/27/2020 5:50:58 PM Post Reply
RUSH: Audio sound bite roster time. This is just to illustrate the sourpuss attitude. The Democrat Party just can’t come to grips with the fact that they can’t beat Trump. They are destroying this country. They’re destroying the economy. They’re destroying everything, simply because they cannot accept that they lost. They cannot accept that they were rejected. And they are literally destroying everything they can to make you pay the price for rejecting them. So what we have here to start is we have a montage of the Democrats and the Drive-Bys talking about Trump preparing to steal the next election using federal troops.
The Campaign Against
Hydroxychloroquine Continues
Posted by Harlowe 7/27/2020 5:27:00 PM Post Reply
RUSH: This is Dennis, Dennis in Wayne, New Jersey. Welcome, sir. Great to have you with us. CALLER: Number one, Rush, many prayers. Number two, I’m an infectious disease specialist that believes we need to go on the offensive with the coronavirus epidemic. In a nutshell, we have antibody antigen and we have hydroxychloroquine.(Snip) You remember who the original advocate for hydroxychloroquine was? It was Trump. Trump was the original advocate, and that killed it. The Drive-Bys could not allow it. The Democrats could not allow for Trump’s chosen medicine to be effective.
Michigan county treasurer rebuked for
seizing retiree's home over $8 tax debt
Posted by Harlowe 7/27/2020 4:52:08 PM Post Reply
Officials in one Michigan county are demanding answers from their treasurer amid concerns that the county could be on the hook for millions of dollars in payments to former homeowners whose properties were seized under a tough forfeiture practice. Oakland County commissioners sent an angry letter last week to Treasurer Andrew Meisner after the Michigan Supreme Court rebuked the county’s decision to seize one homeowner’s house after he underpaid his taxes by $8.41.(Snip) The Michigan Supreme Court’s rebuke centers on the case of Uri Rafaeli, a retiree in his 80s whose 1,500-square-foot house