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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
pictured wearing ‘brownface’ at 2001 party
Posted by Ribicon 9/18/2019 10:07:26 PM Post Reply
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore “brownface” makeup and a turban to a costume party while teaching at a private school in 2001, according to a photo obtained by Time Magazine. Trudeau wore the skin-darkening makeup to an “Arabian Nights” gala hosted by the West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, according to the Time report. The photo shows a 29-year-old Trudeau, the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, wearing a white turban and white Arab-style robes while covered in the makeup. The photo became public one week after Trudeau launched his re-election campaign for Canada’s top government
NYC says 1.1M students can attend
climate strike protest without punishment
Posted by NorthernDog 9/18/2019 9:11:54 PM Post Reply
School districts across the country are debating whether to follow New York City’s lead after it allowed its students to participate in Friday’s global youth climate strikes without punishment. New York City’s Department of Education made the announcement last Thursday, saying that 1.1 million public school students could skip class to participate in the strike if they had parental consent. (Snip) “This is so cool! NYC Public Schools are letting students leave class to join the #ClimateStrike on September 20th,” wrote Jamie Henn, founder of the environmental organization “Also, holy smokes, this thing could get HUGE.” But some critics
Guns, gangs, teens … and
pizza deliveries from hell
Posted by snakeoil 9/18/2019 8:10:39 PM Post Reply
The video that was evidence in a Fulton County criminal case is disturbing in a world-gone-to-hell way. A slight, shirtless boy waves his seemingly massive handgun and enthusiastically recounts robbing and shooting a pizza delivery man in July 2017. De’Quandre Weaver, age 14 at the time and seemingly without a shred of remorse or even comprehension of his grave misdeed, gleefully narrates the details of his escapade to gales of off-screen laughter. Weaver uses sound effects to mimic the crack of the gun and the squeal of the tires, and he employs facial expressions to show his victim’s shock and terror as the man realized he’d been shot.
Protesters and Trump Supporters
Clash Outside of Trump Fundraiser
Posted by Imright 9/18/2019 7:54:32 PM Post Reply
Several fights broke out Tuesday evening between protesters and supporters of the president amid the arrival of President Donald Trump in Los Angeles for a fundraising event.According to CBS Los Angeles’s Chris Holmstrom, the fights began between several groups, including Antifa, out front of the Beverly Hills Hotel after an American flag was lit on fire.(Tweet/Video) Beverly Hills police were on the scene and had to respond to multiple fights, ultimately putting an end to the brawls and separating the groups. No arrests were made following the scuffles, although several people were detained.“All my years, I’ve never seen that,” said Gregg Donovan, a Trump supporter.
Trump arrives at border
after San Diego fundraiser
Posted by Imright 9/18/2019 7:29:08 PM Post Reply
SAN DIEGO —President Donald Trump arrived in San Diego today, kicking off an hours-long visit that began with a downtown fundraiser and will end with a quick tour of the border.The trip is his second to the city in 18 months and follows an April visit to the border city of Calexico. Air Force One touched down at 11:18 a.m. at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Lined up in a place of honor on the tarmac was Poway Mayor Steve Vaus, who greeted the president while wearing his signature cowboy hat, and Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, who offered an outstretched hand still bandaged from wounds suffered in an anti-Semitic attack
This is Trump's most lasting success
(and the left's greatest fear)
Posted by DanvilleBill 9/18/2019 7:22:26 PM Post Reply
Of all the planks of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign platform, none united conservatives, libertarians, Republicans, and independents like his pledge to nominate judges who respect the Constitution as it was originally interpreted. Of all the successes President Trump has achieved during his 32 months in office, none infuriates liberals and socialists quite the same way as his demonstrated ability to follow through on that promise — big league. Final confirmation votes for six more federal district court judges are expected as the Senate settles back into business, which will bring the total to 152 total judicial confirmations since Donald Trump took office
Writer Freaks Out Over People Eating
Delicious Chick-fil-A: 'They’re Eating
Fried Chicken SPITEFULLY!'
Posted by Hazymac 9/18/2019 7:19:58 PM Post Reply
A Canadian publication, The Star, has printed an unintentionally hilarious editorial by a very disgruntled LGBTQWTF writer, Andrew Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler is very upset. His outrage and dismay have been caused by your love of delicious chicken from Chick-fil-A. How dare you??? In an essay entitled “Chick-fil-A is ideologically opposed to my existence,” Wheeler rails against the insensitivity of people who love chicken and waffle fries because it hurts his feelings, or something. "This past weekend I saw something that made me unexpectedly queasy; a young woman slurping soda out of a fast food cup.It upset me because it was a Chick-fil-A cup.
CNN's Chris Cuomo: Christians
'Surrendered Character for the Courts'
Posted by Imright 9/18/2019 6:18:07 PM Post Reply
During a conversation on the Trump administration’s impact on the judicial branch Tuesday night, two CNN prime time hosts expressed disappointment about the administration’s progress in transforming the judiciary and slammed Christian conservatives for supporting President Trump in spite of his personal moral failings. At one point, he spewed, "They surrendered character for the courts. That’s what they did." The conversation on the judicial branch began during the final minute of Tuesday’s Cuomo Prime Time, where host Chris Cuomo pointed out that “the White House last week cheered as the number of confirmed judges on its watch crossed the 150 mark.” After complaining about the high number of
Trump forms taskforce, says California
cities ‘fed up’ over homelessness
Posted by Imright 9/18/2019 6:07:26 PM Post Reply
President Donald Trump vowed not to let Democratic-run California cities “destroy themselves” over the rampant homelessness that is plaguing them.The president suggested the creation of an “individual task force” to address the problem in California cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, speaking to reporters as he traveled to the Golden State for a series of fundraisers.“We can’t let Los Angeles, San Francisco, and numerous other cities destroy themselves by allowing what’s happening,” Trump told reporters Tuesday aboard Air Force One, Fox News reported.
Editorial in Official Iranian Fars News
Tacitly Admits Goal of Saudi Attack
was to Bring Down Donald Trump’s
2020 Presidency
Posted by Imright 9/18/2019 5:25:55 PM Post Reply
Iranian protesters torch an effigy of President Trump at a recent protest. (Fars) An editorial in the official Iranian Fars News today tacitly admits the goal of the Saudi attack this past weekend was to bring down Donald Trump’s 2020 Presidency.The title of the piece: The Iranian who Overthrew Carter Also Overthrows Trump Here is a translated version of the editorial from Fars News: Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, immediately accused Iran of seizing
Trump Victory Launches ‘Make Campus
Great Again’ Event, Democrats Pounce
Posted by Imright 9/18/2019 5:19:00 PM Post Reply
President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign launched a “Make Campus Great Again” program for the fall, and College Democrats aren’t happy about it.The program kicked off at the University of Akron on Monday, with more than 50 students from that school and Cleveland State University, Walsh University, and Kent State University gathered at an event to show support for Trump and get trained on registering voters for the 2020 election. The program is managed by Trump Victory, a joint fundraising entity between the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee, working with the Ohio Federation of College Republicans. The two groups teamed up to launch a Trump Victory Leadership Initiative throughout
ISIS video found on phone
of airline mechanic accused
of sabotaging airplane in Miami
Posted by Mushroom 9/18/2019 5:16:16 PM Post Reply
An American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging an airplane in Miami this July reportedly had Islamic State-sponsored video content on his personal phone. Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani was accused earlier this month of inserting an object into the navigational system of the airplane that would tamper with airspeed readings. The plane detected the mechanical error shortly before taking off from Miami to the Bahamas and was promptly taken out of service, forcing 150 passengers to deplane and seek out other methods of travel.
Fed cuts rates, cites weakening
exports and low inflation
Posted by Imright 9/18/2019 5:08:58 PM Post Reply
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday cut its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points, citing weakening exports and low inflation.The reduction, which lowered the federal funds rate to a range of 1.75 percent to 2 percent, was the central bank’s second in as many meetings. In July, the Fed lowered rates for the first time in more than a decade after hiking them nine times since December 2015."Job gains have been solid, on average, in recent months, and the unemployment rate has remained low," the central bank's monetary policy committee said in a statement. "Although household spending has been rising at a strong pace, business fixed investment and exports
California’s Fuel Mileage Standards, Revoked replies
Posted by DVC 9/18/2019 4:54:51 PM Post Reply
President Donald Trump says his administration is revoking California’s authority to set auto mileage standards stricter than those issued by federal regulators. In a tweet, Trump said his move would result in less expensive and safer cars. He insisted that new cars would be cleaner, even as they burn more gasoline than they would have under Obama-era fuel efficiency standards he wants to replace. California’s authority to set its own, tougher emissions standards goes back to a waiver issued by Congress during passage of the Clean Air Act in 1970.
Communist group torches US flag in
protest of Trump’s Los Angeles visit
Posted by Imright 9/18/2019 4:54:17 PM Post Reply
A self-described communist group burned an American flag outside a Los Angeles hotel Tuesday in protest of President Trump’s arrival in the city, sparking a series of fights with pro-Trump counter-protesters.“America was never great!” chanted a contingent from Revolution Club Los Angeles as they locked hands in a circle outside the Beverly Hills Hotel, a video of the act tweeted by the group shows.That refrain turned to “Humanity first!” as a rabble-rouser in the middle of the circle set Old Glory aflame.Toward the end of the clip, one counter-protester
University of Colorado study suggests Cannabis aids in surviving heart attack replies
Posted by BigAlPeoplesPal 9/18/2019 4:42:37 PM Post Reply
As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, researchers are constantly uncovering positive aspects of the plant. A study by the University of Colorado suggests that cannabis can be used to increase the survivability of a heart attack. The study collected over 1.2 million medical records of acute myocardial infarctions (AMI) and among those records, it was discovered that 3,854 of those patients were cannabis consumers. “Perhaps the most striking finding of our study is that marijuana use prior to AMI was associated with decreased in-hospital mortality post AMI,” writes the study authors
Joe Biden confuses Stop & Shop with Rite-Aid while recalling Boston visit replies
Posted by snapper451 9/18/2019 4:16:50 PM Post Reply
This won’t help the growing narrative that Joe Biden is prone to gaffes.The former vice president and frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary race spoke Tuesday at an AFL-CIO forum in Philadelphia to pitch union members on his candidacy and recalled a recent time he lent support to labor workers in Boston.
Pompeo says attack was 'act of war'
on Saudi Arabia, seeks coalition
Posted by LittleHoodedMonk 9/18/2019 3:33:42 PM Post Reply
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - The United States wants to build a coalition of European and Arab partners to deter Iran after an attack on Saudi Arabia that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described on Wednesday as “an act of war” against the world’s top oil exporter. “This is an attack of a scale we’ve just not seen before,” Pompeo told reporters traveling with him before landing in the Saudi city of Jeddah for talks with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. “The Saudis were the nation that were attacked. It was on their soil. It was an act of war against them directly.” (Snip) Riyadh has said Iranian weapons were used
Democrats, stuck in Watergate mode,
bungle Lewandowski testimony
Posted by earlybird 9/18/2019 2:47:12 PM Post Reply
Have Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee figured out what President Trump did to them? By the looks of their questioning of Corey Lewandowski on Tuesday, the answer is no. Democrats chose the former Trump campaign manager for their first hearing after declaring the committee is considering impeaching the president. They apparently thought Lewandowski would elaborate on his extensive testimony to special counsel Robert Mueller and also on his testimony from earlier investigations by other House and Senate committees. Instead, Lewandowski jerked Democrats around — and around and around. He delayed. He asked for specific citations when anyone referred to the Mueller report. He repeated, over and over, his instructions
Wrong Again: 50 Years of
Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions
Posted by clayusmcret 9/18/2019 1:57:48 PM Post Reply
Modern doomsayers have been predicting climate and environmental disaster since the 1960s. They continue to do so today. None of the apocalyptic predictions with due dates as of today have come true. What follows is a collection of notably wild predictions from notable people in government and science.
Donald Trump appoints hostage negotiator
who went to A$AP Rocky's trial and helped
release Otto Warmbier as new national
security adviser to succeed ousted John Bolton
Posted by Imright 9/18/2019 1:36:51 PM Post Reply
President Donald Trump said Wednesday he's naming hostage negotiator Robert O'Brien, who Trump had monitor the criminal case in Sweden against American rapper A$AP Rocky, as his new national security adviser.Trump tweeted the announcement from California, where he was opening the third and final day of a West Coast fundraising swing.'I am pleased to announce that I will name Robert C. O'Brien, currently serving as the very successful Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs at the State Department, as our new National Security Advisor,' Trump said. 'I have worked long & hard with Robert. He will do a great job!'
Roseanne Hammers Hollywood’s ‘Double
Standard’ on Trump, Talks Comedy Comeback
Posted by Imright 9/18/2019 1:23:30 PM Post Reply
While announcing a new comedy tour, Roseanne Barr recently hammered her former castmate Sara Gilbert, actress ledt-wing Debra Messing, and Hollywood’s hypocrisy over President Donald Trump. In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Barr announced her upcoming “Mr. &d Mrs. America” comedy tour with fellow comedian Andrew Dice Clay which is set to kick off on September 19 at the Paramount Theater in Long Island, New York. Opening up about being fired from her own creation, Barr insisted that it was Sara Gilbert’s tweet that was the catalyst for ABC’s decision to fire her.
Don't build that wall! Pentagon scales
back 20 miles of Donald Trump's border
barrier because anti-narcotics fund it
was moving the money from spent more than*
Posted by Ribicon 9/18/2019 12:17:18 PM Post Reply
The Justice Department said in a court filing the Pentagon would not pursue several border barrier replacement projects 'at this time' since there weren't enough funds in a counter-narcotics fund it planned to tap for them. The decision to pull back from three projects on the southern border–all part of a primary campaign promise demanded by President Trump–comes as the military has complied with other administration requests to scour the budget for bunds for border projects. The three delayed projects, consisting of about 20 miles of fencing to be replaced, were relying on $2.5 billion from counter-narcotics funding.
Rep. Speier Wants Lewandowski to
Be Fined for 'Inherent Contempt'
Posted by Imright 9/18/2019 12:13:53 PM Post Reply
Because former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski did not indulge the Democrats' "get Trump" efforts at Tuesday's House Judiciary hearing, some say he should be punished, even though Lewandowski complied with the committee's subpoena and did answer some, but not all of their questions about facts that already are known."I think you have to look at Mr. Lewandowski as an adverse witness," Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), a member of the House intelligence and Oversight Committees, told CNN on Tuesday. (Video)
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