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Air Force Major Allegedly Tried to Hide
Wife's Body With Remains of Dead Cow
Posted by earlybird 7/20/2019 12:14:32 PM Post Reply
A Texas Air Force major has been charged with the murder of his missing wife whose remains were found last week in a rural area in Bexar County. Bexar County Sheriff’s Office investigators allege Andre McDonald, 40, tried to hide Andreen McDonald’s body with the remains of a dead cow. “The human remains appeared to have been covered with wood and bones from a nearby deceased cow and set on fire,” according to a Bexar (Snip) At a news conference Saturday, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said Andreen’s eight-year-old autistic daughter may have witnessed her mother’s death.
Buzz Aldrin took Holy Communion, read
Bible verse on moon, says let’s
‘Keep America Great In Space!’
Posted by Imright 7/20/2019 11:47:50 AM Post Reply
As the United States of America celebrates the 50th anniversary of our historic moon landing, we are looking at the two men at the heart of that mission: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. While we know who took the first steps onto the lunar surface and who planted the flag, a little known fact is that Aldrin was the first man to celebrate religious sacrament while outside our planet’s atmosphere.An ordained Presbyterian elder, Aldrin believed that the space expedition transcended the contributions of man. Beyond the computers and numbers and rockets, the decision to explore space and land on the moon was also guided by a Holy hand.
Greece, Then and Now replies
Posted by earlybird 7/20/2019 11:19:21 AM Post Reply
ATHENS—Standing right below the Acropolis, where pure democracy began because public officials were elected by lot, I try to imagine if random political selection today would be a good thing. The answer is a resounding yes. Both Socrates and Aristotle questioned fundamental norms and values, and if they lived today they would certainly question the acceptance by us of career politicians who have never had any other profession. (Corbyn, Biden, I could go on.) Socrates was skeptical about many things, especially the arts, because he believed they led us away from the truth. Yet so-called “artists” today influence public opinion as never before.
Something Is Happening Across America
And It Spells Big Trouble For The Democrat Party…
Posted by earlybird 7/20/2019 11:09:31 AM Post Reply
Remember that whole “Silent Majority” movement that took place in 2016 that stunned the D.C. elites and made Donald Trump President of the United States? Well, it’s happening again as 2020 looms but this time it’s even bigger, not so silent, and quite possibly even more deadly—to the Democrat Party. The Great American Giant is truly awakening and it is preparing to deliver a rebuke of the far-left Democrats the likes of which the country hasn’t seen since the days of Ronald Reagan.(Tweet)A +15000 shift for Republicans in a single Florida county is an example of what is taking place in counties throughout the United States
Judge OKs Trump's reform of Obamacare replies
Posted by earlybird 7/20/2019 11:04:50 AM Post Reply
Obamacare is a disaster. Every Democrat presidential candidate not named Joe Biden wants to replace it and private health insurance with a national, government-run system. Late Friday, a federal judge allowed President Donald John Trump to reform Obamacare District Court Judge Richard J. Leon in Washington ruled that President Donald John Trump can allow companies to offer health insurance that does not meet Obamacare's guidelines. Well, why not?Obama used executive orders to grant waivers to requirements under Obamacare.
Flashback: Former Secretary of State
John Kerry Admits Giving Hostile Instructions
to Iran to Undermine U.S. Interests…
Posted by earlybird 7/20/2019 10:57:37 AM Post Reply
With Iran now openly engaged in hostile efforts against western maritime navigation, and hijacking western oil tankers, I find it remarkable -albeit predictable- how U.S. media refuse to reference Former Secretary of State John Kerry’s instructions to Iran just a few short months ago. [Reference Article late 2018] [Reference article early 2018] Reminder of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s anger: (Video)There is a direct line, a direct connection, between former President Obama and former Secretary Kerry’s engagement with Iran -and the advice presented therein- only a few months ago, and the current hostile conflict Iran is attempting. Yet despite the connection, U.S. media are silent on the association.
Go Figure – Bernie Sanders Refuses to
Pay His Campaign Workers $15/hr….
Posted by earlybird 7/20/2019 10:54:00 AM Post Reply
Bernie Sanders is upset that his campaign workers have gone to the media with their concerns about Bernie’s wage hypocrisy. “It does bother me that people are going outside of the process and going to the media,” he said. “That is really not acceptable. It is really not what labor negotiations are about, and it’s improper,” he grumbled. (Snip)The problem is that capitalist Bernie is in a fight with communist Bernie. As a capitalist Bernie wants to count all of the benefits (healthcare payments, reimbursement, etc) as well as a fixed salary as part of the collective pay package of $36k per year.
'I am not racist!' Trump-loving beauty
queen, 20, hits back after being stripped
of Miss Michigan title one DAY after she
was crowned over 'offensive' tweets about
hijabs and black-on-black gun violence
Posted by Ribicon 7/20/2019 10:34:38 AM Post Reply
A conservative Michigan woman claims she was dismissed from the Miss World America pageant because her tweets about black-on-black gun violence and refusing to try on a hijab were deemed 'offensive, insensitive and inappropriate.' Political commentator Kathy Zhu, 20, revealed Thursday that she had received an email from Miss World American pageant organizers informing her that she had been dumped from the contest, in which she had been crowned Miss Michigan, due to her social media content.(Snip) The first tweet that Zhu believes led to her being dropped from the pageant was from 2018, when she was a student
CNN Unveils Two Night Debate Line-up,
Twenty Candidates Qualify – July 30th and 31st…
Posted by earlybird 7/20/2019 10:34:17 AM Post Reply
CNN held a rather comical lotto-showcase to unveil the candidate line-up for their two night democrat candidate debate on Tuesday July 30th, and Wednesday July 31st. The debate line-up lotto was held one day after the DNC club announced the 20 presidential candidates who qualified the second debate. (Snip)The first night is the all white line-up: the Thriller in Vanilla; and will put Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on the stage along with Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke. It will be interesting watch how the communist and socialist differentiate themselves, the crowd is expecting a .
'I just made it up': Florida Dem admits
lying about treating Pulse shooting
victims after going on the record as
saying 'I personally removed 77 bullets
from 32 people. It was like an assembly line'
Posted by Ribicon 7/20/2019 10:28:27 AM Post Reply
A queer Democratic politician who claimed to have treated Pulse nightclub shooting victims admitted to Florida officials that she lied about her service. Elizabeth McCarthy told the Florida Department of Health that she had fabricated claims that she was a cardiologist who had treated victims of the mass shooting on the LGBT destination. 'I lied. It is a false statement. I just made it up,' McCarthy said, according to an affidavit released Wednesday by the Florida Department of Health and obtained by Florida Politics. The department charged her with violating state law under the unlicensed activity statutes.
Unfit To Print Episode 17: Pro-Trump
Women Punch Back At CNN’s Biased Questions
Posted by earlybird 7/20/2019 10:27:54 AM Post Reply
CNN tried to bait a group of Republican women into calling President Donald Trump racist, but it backfired when the women fought back. The video of these women calling out CNN’s Randi Kaye for her biased questioning is an all-time classic, and Daily Caller White House Correspondent Amber Athey shares all of the details on this week’s episode of “Unfit to Print.” (Video)Was the moon landing racist? How about sexist? The New York Times seems to think so, and they’re “celebrating” the 50th anniversary of the U.S. sending the first man to the moon by complaining about the sizing of women’s spacesuits.
The Supreme Court Might Overturn One
Of Justice Stevens’s Landmark Decisions
Posted by earlybird 7/20/2019 10:25:07 AM Post Reply
Late Justice John Paul Stevens left a far-reaching legal legacy in his 34 years on the Supreme Court, writing landmark decisions on presidential powers, property rights and the death penalty. Yet the endurance of his legacy might be an open question. The Supreme Court signaled weeks before Stevens died Tuesday it might overturn one of his most significant opinions, a 1984 decision called Chevron v. National Resources Defense Council. The Chevron case initially seemed like an arcane agency issue of little consequence. In the sweep of time, however, it became one of the most important precedents governing the power of federal agencies.
Key Mueller Witness Indicted On Child
Sex-Trafficking Charges
Posted by earlybird 7/20/2019 10:22:30 AM Post Reply
George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman who was a key witness in the special counsel’s probe, was charged earlier in July with transporting a 14-year-old European boy to the U.S. for sex, according to an indictment unsealed Friday. Nader was charged on three counts, including a charge for possessing child pornography and one for traveling with a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity. He is accused of transporting the teenage boy from Europe to his home in the U.S. in 2000.(Snip)Nader is mentioned approximately 120 times in the special counsel’s report, but there is no mention of his long history of alleged child sex crimes.
Iowa is small, white and Republican. Why is
it the epicenter of the 2020 Democratic race?
Posted by NorthernDog 7/20/2019 9:02:27 AM Post Reply
The corn here is as high as a candidate's eye — at least the shorter ones like Pete Buttigieg and Julian Castro — though the harvest is a bit late because of heavy spring rains. Weather hasn't affected presidential aspirants, however. Democrats have produced a bumper crop. While I can confirm that Iowa is a nice place to visit, I do wonder if it’s really the best place to conduct intense presidential politics for over a year. Is Iowa sufficiently reflective of America, or the Democratic Party, to wield such enormous power in the presidential process? According to research by
7 shot in separate lakefront
shootings on North, South sides
Posted by AltaD 7/20/2019 9:00:45 AM Post Reply
Two separate shootings happened early Saturday morning on Chicago's lakefront, injuring seven. Police say the first shooting injured six people on the North Side near Fullerton Avenue and Lake Shore Drive around 3:20 a.m. According to a police, a group of individuals were walking towards the lakefront and another group was leaving. Both groups got involved in a verbal altercation that escalated. It's unknown what the argument was about, but during the incident, individuals from both groups pulled out handguns and fired shots at each other. Six people were struck by the bullets and were transported to area hospitals, police say. Three were sent to Illinois Masonic Hospital and three were sent to
Dollar stores are everywhere. That's
a problem for poor Americans
Posted by NorthernDog 7/20/2019 8:53:27 AM Post Reply
As dollar stores sweep across America, they are facing growing scrutiny from opponents who argue that discount chains stifle local competition and limit poor communities' access to healthy food. Dollar stores have never been more popular. Yet a wave of cities and towns have passed laws curbing the expansion of Dollar General and Dollar Tree, which bought Family Dollar in 2015. The companies are the two largest dollar store operators in the country, combining for more than 30,000 stores throughout the United States, up from under 20,000 a decade ago. By comparison, Walmart, America's largest retailer, has 4,700 US stores.
Woman Asks Elizabeth Warren For ‘Honesty’
About Her Native American Ancestry Claims
Posted by Imright 7/20/2019 8:50:29 AM Post Reply
It looks like far-left 2020 hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) will not be coasting through the primary without being challenged for her previous false claim to Native American ancestry. (Video) According to Fox News, a woman at a town hall event in New Hampshire on Thursday dared to ask the Senator about her "honesty" regarding her ethnicity. "How do you overcome the bridge with voters like me who like you, who like your plans, who like what you have to say but I have concerns about your honesty?" the woman, Elizabeth Radecic, asked Warren.Being a mother of two black children, the woman
Immigration The Path To Power replies
Posted by Cavallodifiero 7/20/2019 8:43:25 AM Post Reply
Our nation is in a conflict unlike any other in our history. There are powerful Marxist forces from within and without teamed up to take us down under the age-old guise of making our lives better. They will say, promise, and do anything to win. After almost one-hundred years, they have too much invested to do otherwise. For those that see the final confrontation coming, no persuasion is necessary. For those who either don’t see it, aren’t looking, don’t understand, or choose to live in ignorance, no amount of persuasion will suffice. But, I will try anyway.
Nixon Had A Speech Prepared In
Case Apollo 11 Turned Deadly. Read
It Here
Posted by Imright 7/20/2019 8:33:15 AM Post Reply
The late President Richard Nixon had a speech written 50 years ago for the worst-case when the Apollo 11 team prepared to walk on the moon.Nixon asked speechwriter William Safire to have something ready if the Apollo 11 mission failed, which Safire brought up during a July 1999 interview with “Meet the Press,” Jalopnik reported.“‘You’re working on this moon-shot. You’ll want to consider a, uh, alternative posture for the president in the event of mishaps,'” Safire recalled being asked by astronaut liaison Frank Borman.
De Blasio used state account he
controls as campaign slush fund
Posted by FlyRight 7/20/2019 8:27:45 AM Post Reply
Strapped for cash, Mayor Bill de Blasio turned to a state political account he controls to buy plane tickets, pay rent and purchase digital advertisements for his nascent presidential campaign — potentially violating campaign finance regulations, campaign finance experts told The Post. De Blasio’s presidential campaign disclosed it owes his NY Fairness PAC $52,852 — a tally that includes purchases made after Hizzoner officially announced his run, his staff confirmed.
Video: Protesters Dump Buckets Of Fake
Blood At ICE Building in Portland
Posted by Imright 7/20/2019 8:20:02 AM Post Reply
The brave immigrants rights activists are back at it with yet another virtue signaling “protest” that resulted in, well, only them looking like complete idiots. Someone had the bright idea to pour buckets of fake blood on the street in front of the Portland (duh) ICE building, to represent, well, some sort of oppression, or something.(Photo) They’re also declaring “climate justice” to be “immigration justice” because reasons.(Photos/Video) The Oregonian adds: The protest, put together by Extinction Rebellion PDX, OccupyICEPDX, the Portland Sanctuary Coalition and the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, was named El Rio de Sangre, or the River of Blood
Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen
spotted at Joe’s 2020 fundraiser
Posted by Imright 7/20/2019 8:12:37 AM Post Reply
Newlywed Hunter Biden and his wife joined Joe Biden at a campaign fundraiser in California on Friday — weeks after the younger Biden’s turbulent personal life drew national attention and questions about whether it would jeopardize his father’s shot at the presidency.It was the first appearance the pair have made on the campaign trail with his father, campaign sources said.Hunter and his wife, Melissa Cohen, attended the afternoon fundraiser attended by dozens of donors at Pasadena city councilmember John J. Kennedy’s house
Trump’s ‘Accidental’ Win on the Citizenship Question replies
Posted by Imright 7/20/2019 8:05:24 AM Post Reply
Whether by accident or by design, President Trump has alighted upon the exact right solution for ascertaining the truest enumeration of American citizens. Not only that, but his workaround solution should have been done regardless of the recent opinion by the Supreme Court. That is, even if the Court had found that the administration could include the citizenship question in the census, Trump should still have directed his agencies, especially the Social Security Administration, to have their computer programmers write simple little programs to count up the people on their databases by citizen and all other categories.Americans who care about citizenship or just the corruption of our data should rejoice
Judge to Slash Planned Parenthood
Lawsuit Against Undercover
Baby Parts Videos
Posted by M2 7/20/2019 6:34:29 AM Post Reply
A federal judge said Wednesday he intends to decisively cut back a lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood against the undercover citizen journalists who documented the organization’s alleged sales of aborted baby body parts for profit. In what was a surprising victory for the First Amendment rights of the citizen journalists, Judge William Orrick III of U.S. District Court in San Francisco, delivered a tentative ruling, which Center for Medical Progress (CMP), the producer of the videos, said Orrick instructed should be treated as substantially final. (Tweet) In his ruling, Orrick wrote he was “inclined to exclude from the case all damages that stem from third parties’
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