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Kurtz: Bari Weiss' claim makes NY Times
look like 'wholly owned subsidiary' of Dems
Posted by Dreadnought 8/13/2022 2:02:41 PM Post Reply
During an interview Friday on "America Reports," "MediaBuzz" host Howard Kurtz reacted to former New York Times editor Bari Weiss' allegations that a Times colleague sought approval from Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., before running an op-ed by Republican Sen. Tim Scott. The New York Times has since denied Weiss' claim, but Kurtz said stories like this are "exhibit A, B, C, D and E" of why Republicans believe traditional media is biased against them. HOWARD KURTZ: Look, for Republicans and conservatives who think that media institutions like The New York Times are unfair to him, are unfair to them, this is exhibit A, B, C, D and E. I mean,
What is In Store for Russia? replies
Posted by DVC 8/13/2022 1:32:30 PM Post Reply
Russia's bloody and senseless war against Ukraine has been going on for almost six months. Instead of the original goal of quickly seizing Ukraine and turning it into a puppet state or a province (the name "Ukraine" is derived from the Russian word for “outskirts"), Russia has suddenly encountered an impenetrable wall of resistance. Two questions logically arise: 1) why did Russia attack Ukraine? and 2) how and when will the war end? Today's Russia is the heir to two political formations: feudal and then capitalist tsarist Russia, which died in 1917, and the communist Soviet Union, which lost the Cold War and disintegrated in 1991.
Growing up Trans in the 80s replies
Posted by DVC 8/13/2022 12:53:43 PM Post Reply
This is something I have never told anyone about. I don't know if this is the right platform for this, but I want people to know that it is possible to struggle with gender dysphoria as a child and become a healthy well-adjusted adult who conforms with your biological sex. I am glad I am not a child in this time. My life would have been ruined before adulthood. I was born into a well-off family with a strong Christian faith and strong Southern pride. I was sixth out of seven children, being born the younger child of a set of twins.
Robin Vos fires Michael Gableman, leaving
GOP election review in limbo
Posted by Beardo 8/13/2022 10:49:08 AM Post Reply
After 14 months, hundreds of headlines, more than $1 million in taxpayer dollars and a bitter, public feud, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on Friday fired Michael Gableman, the former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice he hired last summer to review Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential election. The speaker’s decision came just days after Gableman — and former President Donald Trump — endorsed Vos’ primary opponent, Adam Steen, whom the speaker narrowly defeated Tuesday. Speaking to reporters after unofficial results came in on election night, Vos called Gableman “an embarrassment to the state” and said he would speak with members of his caucus about the former justice’s future.
This Should Bring The Whole Case Down
– The Feds Involved In The Trump Raid
Allegedly Have Been Under Investigation
By Durham For Abuse Of Power
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 8/13/2022 10:45:12 AM Post Reply
Kash Patel, a former Federal Prosecutor and Department of Defense official under former President Donald Trump, has revealed a key flaw in the Biden Department of Justice’s claims following the FBI raid on Trump’s estate at Mar-a-Lago. Patel explained that reports of classified materials found at the Palm Beach property are misleading because the documents were already declassified. “Trump declassified whole sets of materials in anticipation of leaving government that he thought the American public should have the right to read themselves,” But it seems that team Trump has more information!
Just Doing Her Job… Female FBI Agent
Slept with Target Barry Croft in Hotel,
in Same Bed, During Training Weekend Paid
for by FBI and Smoked Pot with Him in
FBI-Hatched Whitmer Kidnapping Hoax
Posted by Ribicon 8/13/2022 10:45:09 AM Post Reply
In an October 2020 press conference, the FBI announced it had thwarted a plot by a so-called “right-wing militia” to kidnap and kill Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The Whitmer kidnapping plot was in the media 24/7 and used to bludgeon Trump with just a few weeks to go until Election Day. The FBI used at least 12 informants in the Michigan Whitmer kidnapping case. There were 6 defendants and 12 FBI informants identified as the case progressed.(Snip)Michael Hills, an attorney for Brandon Caserta, one of the six defendants, produced text messages showing an FBI field agent telling an informant to lie, frame an innocent man
Will Gun Haters Come After Knives Now
That NY is Seeing Unprecedented Number
of Stabbings?
Posted by Imright 8/13/2022 10:24:57 AM Post Reply
Fatal stabbings are rapidly increasing in New York as part of a citywide surge in violent crime. NYPD data released on Monday showed a 36 percent surge in major crime only this year. In addition, fatal stabbings have increased by a whopping 43 percent in August 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. Furthermore, the rate of grand theft in NYC is up 48.3 percent, auto theft by 42 percent, robbery by 39.8 percent, rapes increased by 10%, and felonious assaults by 19.5 percent.
Hillary Clinton tries to turn Trump’s
tweets against him in RICO lawsuit
Posted by Imright 8/13/2022 10:13:36 AM Post Reply
Hillary Clinton’s legal team appeared to be scrambling to find any technical grounds for the court to dismiss former President Donald Trump’s RICO lawsuit against her and her colleagues for allegedly conspiring against him and his 2016 presidential bid, and on Thursday that meant falling back on tweets. Since the president filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida in March, Clinton has been overtly dismissive of the premise of the suit while her legal team has seemingly spent more time refuting Trump’s standing to file suit so long after the alleged crime of spreading the “false narrative” that he had colluded with Russia.
What it’s like to have a sperm donor
dad — and meet your 35 siblings
Posted by Imright 8/13/2022 10:03:55 AM Post Reply
It was September 2007 when Chrysta Bilton first learned she had some step-siblings she didn’t know about. Bilton was 23, a recent graduate of Barnard College, and had just moved home to live with her mother, Debra, in Los Angeles. She’d barely unpacked when her mother sat her down with her younger sister Kaitlyn. “I found out that your father was secretly a sperm donor,” Debra explained. “You have a few biological brothers and sisters spread out across the United States.” “The way my mother had said ‘a few’ made it sound like there could be a whole lot more,” Bilton writes in her new memoir,
Pelosi-Biden’s Inflation Bill Passed
with 35 Percent of the House Voting Remotely
and the CBO Not Finished Scoring Its Impact
Posted by Imright 8/13/2022 9:56:55 AM Post Reply
It was a mad rush to pass Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” and now we know why. This act from the corrupt and now communist left is named like other bills they manufacture in that it is the opposite of what it claims. This bill will not reduce inflation and will likely add to it. The funding will occur by taxing Americans of all classes and increasing the US debt. These people are hellbent on destroying America. (Snip) They cheered when the bill passed – those Democrats that were there. According to Redstate around 35 percent of those voting, did so remotely. But the bill charged ahead.
Drone loaded with drugs, phones flown
into Fort Worth prison, investigators say
Posted by Hazymac 8/13/2022 9:30:47 AM Post Reply
FORT WORTH, Texas - A man accused of flying a drone filled with drugs, phones, and mp3 players into a Fort Worth prison was arrested on Thursday. Bryant LeRay Henderson, 42, was arrested at his home in Smithville and charged with one count of attempting to provide contraband in prison, one count of serving as an airman without an airman’s certificate, and one count of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, according to U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas Chad E. Meacham. According to court documents, Henderson flew a drone into a fenced-in section of FMC Fort Worth just before midnight on Wednesday, May 4.
The Destroyer of the Republic replies
Posted by Hazymac 8/13/2022 8:52:52 AM Post Reply
It strains credulity, but given Old Joe Biden’s deteriorating mental state, it doesn’t really strain credulity all that much: the Biden White House insists that it only found out about the twilight-of-the-republic raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home when the establishment media did, and not a moment before. So if the alleged president didn’t order this banana-republic raid, who did? On Thursday, Biden’s hyper-partisan Attorney General Merrick Garland, who has done so much to turn the Justice Department and the FBI into weapons of partisan politics, admitted that it was he who “personally approved” the raid, and as he surveys what he hath wrought,
Knucklehead Of The Week: After Mar-a-Lago
Raid, Entire GOP Has Trump’s Back, With
One Exception… Chris Christie
Posted by Lets Go Brandon 8/13/2022 8:46:21 AM Post Reply
One thing we must give Democrats credit for is their unity. Yes, certain members of the party such as Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) will occasionally diverge from the party line and oppose particularly radical pieces of legislation, but when it comes to big moments and key votes – on impeachment, for instance – Democrats circle the wagons. Contrarily, Republicans tend to fracture at the most inopportune moments, which is why it was refreshing to see virtual unanimity amongst the GOP after Monday’s outrageous raid on former President Donald Trump’s residence Mar-a-Lago. Almost all notable Republicans supported Trump after the ordeal; all except for one.
Tijuana goes into lockdown after cars
burned across city
Posted by PageTurner 8/13/2022 8:31:07 AM Post Reply
Many Tijuana residents took shelter Friday evening after burning vehicles appeared throughout the city in what is suspected to be a coordinated act of organized crime. At least 19 vehicles, including both privately-owned and public transport, were ignited in different cities in the state of Baja California, according to local authorities, and in some cases blocked the roadways. Similar vehicle fires were used earlier in the week in the states of Jalisco and Guanajuato to send a cartel message to the Mexican government after the detention of several cartel members in an operation by the Mexican military. It is not clear whether the acts of violence in Tijuana are related.
Go Woke, Go Broke: Fitness Company Peloton
Announces Massive Layoffs Amid Cratering
Stock Price
Posted by LoveYourCountry 8/13/2022 8:28:44 AM Post Reply
The story of Peloton Interactive, Inc is one that in normal circumstances Americans could be extremely proud of. The company was founded only ten short years ago in New York City, the brainchild of five ambitious and daring young entrepreneurs who were looking to reimagine ways for people to stay physically fit. They were a hybrid of traditional technology and a modern fitness company, and they jumped out to an exceptionally quick start. By the time the COVID pandemic took hold in March 2020 and changed the world forever, Peloton was poised to reap the rewards of a brilliant idea and impeccable timing.
Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada, Tecate, and
other Mexican border cities explode into
orgy of cartel violence
Posted by PageTurner 8/13/2022 8:26:32 AM Post Reply
Less than 20 miles away from where I'm writing this in San Diego, the next city over is exploding into some kind of Ukraine-like hellscape. According to local station CBS8: TIJUANA, Baja California — The United States Consulate General in Tijuana is instructing employees to shelter in place after unrest in the region began on Friday. The U.S. consulate is warning government employees near Tijuana, Mexicali, Rosarito, Ensenada, Tecate to shelter in place until further notice due to vehicle fires, roadblocks and heavy police activity. U.S. citizens are being told to avoid the area, seek secure shelter, and monitor local media for updates.
Florida To Stop Spending Taxpayer Medicaid
Money On Transgender Treatments
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 8/13/2022 7:00:44 AM Post Reply
The state of Florida will no longer cover “gender-affirming” care under Medicaid, the state’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) ruled Thursday. Doctors will no longer be able to bill the state’s Medicaid program for procedures and drugs including sex changes, puberty blockers and hormone therapies beginning Aug. 21. Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has taken an increasingly hostile stance toward these treatments for people suffering from gender dysphoria, particularly children, according to Politico.
Some guesses as to what the FBI Mar-a-Lago
raid was really about
Posted by DW626 8/13/2022 6:25:12 AM Post Reply
It is helpful to think of political developments as moves on the chessboard made to advance an objective. In chess, the objective is to win the game, chess being zero-sum. Politics is like that, too, though participants often claim it's not, that they're acting for the greater good, principles at the foundation of democracy, motherhood and apple pie and all that — which is true in some cases but never if Democrats are in the game. This brings me to Attorney General Garland's claim that the Mar-a-Lago home invasion wasn't a raid at all.
Abuse of the citizenry: Is it ending or expanding? replies
Posted by DW626 8/13/2022 5:53:43 AM Post Reply
The year 1865 marked the end of slavery. It was an inflection point in history. Until 1800, institutional slavery had always been the norm, unquestioned for thousands of years. Male and female, free and slave, these were almost universally accepted as being the major bifurcations of people. After the Civil War, tyrants often interrupted the decline of slavery, but 1865 marked the inflection point, the inevitability of its demise.
The Corruption of Medicine replies
Posted by Judy W. 8/13/2022 5:36:45 AM Post Reply
The post–George Floyd racial reckoning has hit the field of medicine like an earthquake. Medical education, medical research, and standards of competence have been upended by two related hypotheses: that systemic racism is responsible both for racial disparities in the demographics of the medical profession and for racial disparities in health outcomes. Questioning those hypotheses is professionally suicidal. Vast sums of public and private research funding are being redirected from basic science to political projects aimed at dismantling white supremacy. The result will be declining quality of medical care and a curtailment of scientific progress.
Analysis suggests Inflation Reduction
Act will reduce annual inflation by only
0.1 percentage points
Posted by Beardo 8/13/2022 2:18:26 AM Post Reply
The Senate-passed Inflation Reduction Act is expected to have almost zero impact on inflation, according to a new analysis. A University of Pennsylvania Penn Wharton analysis released Friday revealed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 would do little to reduce the annual rate of inflation in the midst of the economic recession. The bill would only reduce annual inflation by 0.1 percentage point over the next five years. The study estimated that the small inflation reduction would begin only "once major deficit-reducing provisions of the legislation are fully implemented, but the Act would have no measurable impact on inflation after 2028.
Judge Roy Moore Vindicated, Wins $8.2
Million Defamation Lawsuit
Posted by Beardo 8/13/2022 1:13:19 AM Post Reply
A federal jury awarded Republican Roy Moore $8.2 million in damages Friday after finding that a Democratic super PAC defamed him in an advertisement during the 2017 U.S. Senate race in Alabama. Conservative Roy Moore had won the Senate primary. Democrats then set out to destroy his candidacy. Judge Roy Moore Jurors found the Senate Majority PAC made false and defamatory statements against Moore in the ad that attempted to capitalize on a sexual misconduct accusation made against Moore during the 2017 race, Yahoo News reports.
Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei praises stabbing
of Salman Rushdie and says fatwa against
Satanic Verses author was 'fired like
a bullet that won't rest until it hits
its target' as Islamic hardliners celebrate
Posted by Imright 8/13/2022 12:56:41 AM Post Reply
Supporters of Iran have been celebrating the callous attack on Salman Rushdie, which saw the author stabbed up to 15 times – including once in the neck. Rushdie, 75, was attacked by Hadi Matar, 24, as he was being introduced to the stage for the CHQ 2022 event in Chautauqua, near Buffalo in upstate New York, on Friday morning. He was airlifted to hospital and undergoing surgery in Erie, Pennsylvania. He was issued a fatwa – a death sentence - in 1989 by Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini after his book, the Satanic Verses,
CBO: Democrat Deal Takes $20B from Working,
Middle Class Americans with New IRS Audits
Posted by Dreadnought 8/13/2022 12:55:12 AM Post Reply
The Democrats’ “Inflation Reduction Act” is set to squeeze $20 billion from working and middle class Americans with new funding for increased Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates. On Friday, House Democrats passed the Inflation Reduction Act after Senate Democrats passed the bill earlier this Hours before its passage in the House, lawmakers received the bill’s CBO score — revealing that billions will be taken from working and middle class Americans as a result of billions in new funding for IRS audits. Specifically, the CBO estimates that the Democrats’ $80 billion for new IRS audits will take at least $20 billion from working and middle class Americans earning less
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