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This Scientific Breakthrough Could Increase
the Odds that Hillary Clinton Runs
for President Again
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 8:17:18 PM Post Reply
A new scientific breakthrough could increase the odds that Hillary Clinton, 71, could enter the Democratic primary in an effort to unite the party behind a tried and tested (albeit twice-failed) candidate in 2020. Clinton, whose unsuccessful 2016 campaign was plagued by challenges related to likability, balance, mobility, health scares, corruption, incompetence, and hubris, will be thrilled to learn that researchers at Keio University in Japan have developed a piece of technology that could mitigate at least one of those factors in the event she decides to run again. The "Arque" is an "artificial biomimicry-inspired anthropomorphic tail"
Not Satire: Britain Prints Knife Crime
Warnings On Fried Chicken Boxes
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 7:34:12 PM Post Reply
Britain has now resorted to printing warnings about the dangers of knife crimes on takeout fried chicken boxes."Special chicken boxes warning about the dangers of carrying a knife are to be distributed to takeaways across England and Wales by the government," reports Sky News. "More than 320,000 of them — featuring the Home Office #knifefree campaign — will replace the standard packaging in 210 outlets." (Tweet/Photos) The boxes feature true stories of young people who either fell victim to knife crime or escaped it. The boxes will be distributed at partnering chicken shops Morley's, Chicken Cottage, and Dixy Chicken.
VIDEO: Homeless man violently attacks
woman outside San Francisco condo
Posted by poster 8/14/2019 7:30:21 PM Post Reply
Terrifying video shows a woman being violently attacked by a homeless man outside a luxury condominium complex in San Francisco. Paneez Kosarian was trying to get into her apartment building when she was assaulted by a man who was trying to keep her from going inside without him. According to police, the incident happened at around 1:40 a.m. Sunday at the Watermark, located near Beale and Bryant Streets just off the Embarcadero.
Meghan Markle 'flew to Ibiza on a
private jet' with Prince Harry and
their son Archie for a five-day break to
celebrate her birthday in early August
Posted by Ribicon 8/14/2019 6:53:43 PM Post Reply
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex enjoyed a secret trip to Ibiza to celebrate Meghan's birthday. Meghan, who turned 38 on August 4, is thought to have flown to the island with Harry, 34, on a private jet in what would have been three-month-old Archie's first holiday. The royal couple and Archie stayed in a secluded villa away from prying eyes, and travelled with security personnel for the 'six-day trip'. The holiday is thought to have come just days after Prince Harry attended Camp Google in Sicily on July 31 after the tech giant flew him out for its celebrity climate summit.
Epstein Had Portrait of Bill Clinton
Wearing Monica Lewinsky’s Blue Dress in
Oval Office Inside His Manhattan Mansion
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 6:30:25 PM Post Reply
Jeffrey Epstein had a portrait of former President Bill Clinton wearing Monica Lewinsky’s infamous blue dress while lounging in a chair in the Oval Office. Lewinsky was a very young White House intern in her early 20’s in the mid-90’s when then-President Bill Clinton, who was 50 years old, began to prey on her and used his position of power to carry out a years-long affair with her.During one of their trysts, Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress became stained with Bill Clinton’s
Suspect in Mackenzie Lueck Murder
Charged With 19 Counts of Sexual
Exploitation of Minors
Posted by earlybird 8/14/2019 6:20:06 PM Post Reply
The man accused of killing 23-year-old University of Utah student MacKenzie Lueck is facing more charges. PEOPLE confirms that Ayoola Ajayi, 31, faces 19 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor after police examined his computer and found pornographic images of children. Authorities had seized his computer as part of a search warrant for the investigation of Lueck’s disappearance. According to charging documents first obtained by the St. Louis Tribune, the forensic lab found multiple images of children engaged in sex acts. The images are unrelated to Lueck’s disappearance. Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill tells the Tribune that they are investigating where and when the images were made.
Multiple Philly police officers wounded in
active shootout near Temple University’s
health campus
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 5:48:26 PM Post Reply
At least five police officers were wounded in a shootout with possibly two gunmen Wednesday afternoon in the Tioga section of North Philadelphia.The first report of shots fired came at 4:30 p.m. in the 3700 block of North 15th Street, police said.Initially, police said there was one shooter inside a house on the block still firing shots shortly before 5 p.m. Later, police said they believed there were two shooters inside. One officer was struck in the head but was conscious and communicating, police said. The second officer was hit in one or both arms.
El Paso Gun Store’s Sales Double,
Concealed-Carry Class Attendance Skyrockets
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 5:41:44 PM Post Reply
Following the recent mass shooting at an El Paso, Texas Walmart, gun purchases doubled and the number of people seeking certification to carry a concealed weapon surged, the general manager of one of El Paso’s largest gun shops reports.The boom in business after a shooting is something new, Michael McIntyre told Reuters: Michael McIntyre, general manager of Gun Central, one of the largest gun shops in El Paso and the host of the class, on Friday said his store tallied double the usual number of sales in the week following the attack, something that did not happen after previous mass shootings in Texas.
School board has last-minute change of
heart over George Washington mural
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 5:32:25 PM Post Reply
The San Francisco school board voted this week to cover a George Washington mural at a local high school that depicts images of slavery and the death of a Native American. The 13-panel mural is called “Life of Washington” and though it will be preserved, it will be covered by panels that show “the heroism of people of color in America, how we have fought against, and continue to battle discrimination, racism, hatred, and poverty.” (Photo) The school board voted 4-3 on the issue and the board president suggested the new panels.
Drive-By Media Hell-Bent on
Talking Us Into a Recession
Posted by Harlowe 8/14/2019 5:28:38 PM Post Reply
RUSH: The Drive-Bys, they’re incorrigible. Now they are literally trying to once again talk the people of this country into a recession. Now they’re doing it with the inverted yield curve. And the whole problem here is the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is anti-Trump, is making a mess of the interest rate circumstance. So many people in that town want rid of Trump that they’re going to stop at nothing. It doesn’t matter what damage they do to the economy or the country. And it’s not unprecedented, folks. This has been done before.
Project Veritas: Leaked Google Documents
Prove Tech Giant is Censoring: Rush Limbaugh,
Gateway Pundit, Newsbusters, MRCTV,
Daily Caller, etc.
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 5:27:20 PM Post Reply
In November 2018 The Guardian reported on group of Google employees who published an open letter calling on their employer to cancel its plans to build a censored search engine for China. Google employees were very upset that Google’s Project Dragonfly would allow the Chinese government to blacklist certain search terms. But their blacklist operations were not just in China. It is obvious that Google, Facebook and Twitter are using their own political blacklists to censor and diminish traffic to prominent conservative publishers and their supporters. If you search Google for prominent conservative voices including:
CNN’s Rye to Evangelicals: ‘Nothing About
Christ’s Words’ Align With Trump
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 5:22:15 PM Post Reply
Wednesday on CNN’s “At This Hour,” CNN political commentator Angela Rye criticized evangelicals who support President Donald Trump. Rye was discussing acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli changing the words of the poem “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus at the base of the Statue of Liberty to, “Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge,” during an interview with NPR.
Eric Trump: "Sick" Media Ignoring Trump's
Victory In Iowa State Fair Corn
Kernel Poll
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 5:08:06 PM Post Reply
Presidential son Eric Trump talks with "FOX & Friends" about his father's victory in the Iowa State Fair's corn kernel poll and accuses the media of bias for only reporting about the Democrats. "Why does the media hide that?" Eric wondered. "They only show the Democrats. They won’t show Trump’s bowl, which is overflowing. It is sick that that has to be narrative in this country and no one can even talk about it unless somebody comes over with a phone and snaps a picture because they happen to be a supporter, and it ends up going viral."
Five men caught trespassing on roof of
Trump World Tower
Posted by ladydawgfan 8/14/2019 5:06:45 PM Post Reply
Five men were arrested after cops caught them on the roof of Trump World Tower in Midtown, police said Monday. The group was spotted on top of the 72-story residential building on United Nations Plaza just after 8:20 p.m. Sunday, cops said. The group was reportedly snapping photos while dangling their legs over the edge of the building, according to NBC New York. The five men — Justin Missner, 25, Samuel Burns, 20, Thomas Durante, 22, Cameron Varela, 19, and Alexander Scott Patterson-Jones, 21 — each face a charge of third-degree criminal trespassing, cops said.
TPUSA Activist Katie Moon: Joe Biden
Said ‘Don’t Play Games with Me, Kid’
Before Grabbing Arm
Posted by earlybird 8/14/2019 4:55:28 PM Post Reply
Turning Point USA (TPUSA) activist and student Katie Moon — who recently asked former vice president Joe Biden to list how many genders there are — told Breitbart News that Biden said to her, “don’t play games with me, kid,” moments before grabbing her arm to utter an additional, confusing statement. (Snip) The student had asked Biden how many genders there are, to he responded, “There are at least three.” But when Moon asked her follow-up question inquiring as to what the alleged three genders are, the former vice president reacted by stating, “Don’t play games with me, kid.”
Media Deliberately Spread Fake News
About Statue of Liberty Poem
Posted by earlybird 8/14/2019 4:46:25 PM Post Reply
The media are deliberately spreading fake news about what the Statue of Liberty poem really means. Like any sane person, President Trump thinks it’s a terrible idea to flood our country with immigrants who go on the welfare rolls, (Snip) Trump is going to finally enforce a Clinton-era law that puts an end to allowing people into our country who go on public assistance. (Snip) Because Democrats and their media minions want to replace Americans with those more likely to vote for Democrats, welfare use among non-citizens is now at a higher percentage than our own citizens. (Snip) the establishment media are deliberately lying to the public about
De Blasio gets 0 percent in Iowa State Fair
‘corn kernel’ poll
Posted by ladydawgfan 8/14/2019 4:45:33 PM Post Reply
There’s not even a kernel of hope for Mayor Bill de Blasio in this decidedly unscientific Iowa State Fair poll. Even after his food- and game-filled Sunday at the fair — where he gave a 20-minute pitch to voters at the famed Political Soapbox — the New York City mayor is registering at 0 percent in the fair’s corn kernel poll. Attendees at the fair over the age of 18 can place a kernel of corn into a jar to select their top caucus choice. Around 6 p.m. Sunday, after the mayor’s tour around the fairgrounds was wrapping up, The Post counted about 23 kernels in his jar.
8 Back-to-School Books To Protect
Students Against Leftist Brainwashing
Posted by earlybird 8/14/2019 4:36:59 PM Post Reply
Leftist bias in our education system has grown to alarming proportions. According to a large 2017 study of college professors, registered Democrats now outnumber registered Republicans by a margin of 10 to 1. Of the top 61 liberal arts colleges surveyed in the study, 39 percent had no Republicans on staff. Zero. Although it often begins as early as preschool, leftist indoctrination finally becomes very apparent by high school and happens right under our noses. (Snip) Learning more information from robust sources, however, can raise students’ chances of not getting sucked into false portrayals of American history, economics, and more.
Florida mom upset over rezoning threatens
to shoot up elementary school
Posted by ladydawgfan 8/14/2019 4:33:51 PM Post Reply
A Florida woman irked by her local school district rezoning was arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot up the elementary school her children were being moved to, according to a report. Miranda Perez, 28, is accused of making the threatening remarks aimed at Barton Elementary School in Lake Worth Beach, Fl., during a Facebook video chat with a friend about 8 a.m. Sunday, according to WPTV. “I’m thinking of doing a school shooting at Barton,” Perez wrote on a Facebook message after the video chat, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.
Trump: Shell’s new Pennsylvania plant will
restore ‘glory’ of US manufacturing
Posted by ladydawgfan 8/14/2019 4:30:45 PM Post Reply
President Trump on Tuesday visited a massive new plant in western Pennsylvania that converts the region’s huge natural gas deposits into plastics — saying, “This would have never happened without me.” Trump spoke at Shell’s nearly completed Petrochemicals Complex in Monaca, which will provide hundreds of jobs to the struggling region near the Ohio border. But critics claim it also will become the largest air polluter in that part of the Keystone State, an area hit hard by manufacturing job losses and hungry for investment.
How Trump Straws Illustrate A Key Point
About The Culture War
Posted by earlybird 8/14/2019 4:28:53 PM Post Reply
The brilliance of Trump Straws is obvious. What they represent in the culture war, where journalists often cast conservatives as pouncers and seizers, is less self-evident, but arguably more important. President Trump’s knack for picking the right fights, and then fighting the right way, is the best in modern politics, and that’s largely because his interests transcend conventional political boundaries, and his conduct flouts them. Let’s consider this in the context of straws. Step one is recognizing the national proliferation of paper straws as a nonpartisan and apolitical gripe over a partisan and political product.
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact:
A bad deal, 80 years ago
Posted by NorthernDog 8/14/2019 4:27:38 PM Post Reply
Some 80 years ago, on Aug. 23, 1939, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, formally known as the Treaty of non-aggression between Germany and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The world was shocked — and terrified — by the agreement. Western democracies of the 1930s had counted on the huge resources of Communist Russia, and its hostility to the Nazis, to serve as a brake on Adolf Hitler’s Western ambitions. Great Britain and the other Western European democracies had assumed that the Nazis would never invade them as long as a hostile Soviet Union threatened
Is it Too Late for Beto O'Rourke
to Get Back in the Race?
Posted by Hazymac 8/14/2019 4:11:54 PM Post Reply
NBC News is reporting that Democratic presidential candidate and former Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke is looking to "reset" his campaign as he attempts to revive his political fortunes. (Snip) O'Rourke received desperately needed national attention after the El Paso massacre by calling Trump a "white supremacist" and Trump voters "racists." His frantic efforts to get attention -- much like a two-year-old throwing a tantrum -- included the outrageous statement that Trump was "inciting violence." Of course, O'Rourke failed to clarify that idiotic statement because, well, he wouldn't be able to point to a single statement by the president that incited violence in any way, shape,
Of Course, There’s a White' Nationalist
Terrorist Threat'!
Posted by ladydawgfan 8/14/2019 4:09:41 PM Post Reply
Back on August 4, 2019 our editorial friends at the New York Times declared that “We Have a White Nationalist Terrorist Problem.” (H/T C.J. Hopkins) Of course they think that. Bless their hearts. Just imagine how things look from the New York Times building. Here they were, skimming along as unconcernedly as a seagull, basking in the sunset glow of the First Black President and finally, after 20,000 years of bigotry, gay marriage, and then the roof falls in. Some outer-borough yahoo gets elected President of the United States. What’s the first thing that the Good People would think? Exactly. It’s a conspiracy.
The World’s Tallest Waterslide
Was a Terrible, Tragic Idea
Posted by MissMolly 8/14/2019 4:03:40 PM Post Reply
At 169 feet tall, Verrückt was the tallest waterslide in the world. Riders plummeted down the nearly vertical 17-story chute—taller than Niagara Falls—at speeds up to 70 miles per hour. German for “insane,” Verrückt was designed to challenge the laws of physics. Visitors flocked to Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City, Kansas, to experience its thrill. That is, until August 7, 2016, when the raft that 10-year-old Caleb Schwab was riding went airborne and hit a metal pole supporting a safety net, resulting in his decapitation and instant death. Nathan Truesdell, a filmmaker from nearby Missouri, heard about the devastating incident on the news. “My first thought was that
'Racist!' The word that has been stripped of all
Posted by ladydawgfan 8/14/2019 4:01:17 PM Post Reply
It should be clear to all Americans by now that the word the left loves to spew indiscriminately -- racism -- often now means nothing, absolutely nothing. That word is meant to be an accusation of the worst order, an epithet that is supposed to destroy all those so charged. But now it's used so frequently, it has no meaning at all. It's like the f-word, overused and merely a sign of one's lack of a wider vocabulary. Like the overused f-word, calling someone a 'racist' is a sign of sloppy, uncritical thinking.
Joe Biden: The Ted Baxter of politics replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 8/14/2019 3:49:47 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden’s people say that Joe is “gaffe prone” and always has been, and shrug it off. That’s just who he is, no big deal. It’s perplexing how they casually dismiss Biden’s verbal miscues but adamantly insist on Donald Trump’s as revealing deep, dark, ugly things. Actually, Joe’s gaffes are more like lies than gaffes. They pop out of his mouth as gaffes, but when he hears them and realizes what he just said, he doubles down rather than laughing at himself and rephrasing on the spot. “Did I really just say that? That’s probably overstating. Let me try again.” Or smacking himself upside the head with a grimace.
Trump campaign's small-dollar donations
surge, marking major shift for GOP
Posted by ladydawgfan 8/14/2019 3:29:14 PM Post Reply
The Republican Party has long been panned by its detractors as the party of big money and big donors -- but donation patterns have changed measurably under President Trump, a Fox News analysis of campaign finance data shows. Sixty-one percent of money raised directly by the Trump campaign this election cycle came from small donors (donations under $200), according to Federal Election Commission figures. That is similar to the proportion Trump raised during the 2016 election cycle, when 65 percent of donations were under $200. And this is dramatically higher than previous Republican nominees. Mitt Romney raised 26 percent of his direct contributions from small donations in 2012,
Exclusive: Did Jeffrey Epstein have
painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue
dress and red heels and lounging in the
Oval Office inside his Manhattan mansion?
Visitor reveals bizarre image inside *
Posted by Ribicon 8/14/2019 3:19:08 PM Post Reply
Jeffrey Epstein had a bizarre portrait which appeared to be of Bill Clinton in a dress hanging in his Manhattan mansion, DailyMailTV can reveal. The picture depicting the former president apparently lounging on a chair in the Oval Office, wearing red heels and posing suggestively in a blue dress redolent of Monica Lewinsky was in a room off the stairway of the Upper East Side townhouse. The painting was secretly snapped inside the pedophile's lavish $56 million home in October 2012, four years after Epstein completed his sweetheart deal for prostitution of a minor and seven years before he was accused of running a sex trafficking ring
Shots fired into San Antonio ICE office
in latest attack on the agency
Posted by ladydawgfan 8/14/2019 3:15:52 PM Post Reply
Police in San Antonio arrested a man early Tuesday morning in connection with gunshots fired through the windows of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in the city, according to the agency. Local law enforcement responded around 3 a.m. CT Tuesday to shots fired at the ICE field office located north of Interstate 410 near Brookhaven Drive, the FBI confirmed in a statement provided to the Washington Examiner. "Shortly before or after, shots were also fired at a nearby building.
Fredo's lament: Like fake news, CNN's Chris Cuomo gets no respect replies
Posted by BigAlPeoplesPal 8/14/2019 2:08:06 PM Post Reply
For most, the restaurant bar is a buoyant gathering place to hoist a few adult beverages with friends after a long day at the office. For others, the venue provides a high, hard stool on which to perch. A high-proof reflecting pool within which to drown life’s many failures. For others, like Cuomo, it’s a chance to participate in a viral video. It seems members of the legacy media are prone to experience the latter. CNN personality Chris Cuomo, for one, couldn’t even drown his sorrows quietly before his reveries were interrupted by a man as unsettling as CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta.
US Attorney paralegal helped gangbanger
son go after ‘snitches’: feds
Posted by Ribicon 8/14/2019 2:01:40 PM Post Reply
A paralegal in the New Jersey US Attorney’s Office was busted for allegedly using her work equipment to help her gangbanger son and his Bronx crew expose members “snitching,” prosecutors announced Tuesday. Tawanna Hilliard—whose son Tyquan is part of the ruthless 5-9 Brims set of the Bloods street gang—in 2016 used her work computer to help a crew member find possible turncoats, as well as to obtain the personal information of a rival member she thought was “trying to jam my son up,” documents filed in Brooklyn federal court allege. The Department of Justice employee also allegedly meddled in a pending robbery case against her son in 2018.
Trump Is Making Xi’s Superpower 2050
Plan Tougher by the Day
Posted by earlybird 8/14/2019 1:48:29 PM Post Reply
Even before the trade war, Xi Jinping’s plan to turn China into one of the world’s most advanced economies by 2050 was ambitious. His grand vision is now looking more aspirational by the day. As mounting pressure from Donald Trump adds to a slew of structural challenges facing China’s $14 trillion economy -- including record debt levels, rampant pollution, and an aging population -- the risk is that the country gets stuck in a “middle-income trap,’’ stagnating before it reaches rich-world levels of development.Economists say Xi’s government can avoid that fate by boosting domestic consumption, liberalizing markets and increasing the country’s technological prowess. But it won’t be easy.
Attacking Trump still does not work replies
Posted by earlybird 8/14/2019 1:29:32 PM Post Reply
Hillary: "It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country." Trump: "Because you would be in jail." Nearly three years after that Burn of the Century, Annie Karni of the New York Times has figured out that attacking The Donald doesn't work. She should run the Times because no one in management seems to have figured that out. They keep attacking him as if he were subhuman. In a story today, Karni wrote that the two dozen or so Democrats running for president are all attacking President Trump.
'Not electable': Voters hesitant
to support Pete Buttigieg over
sexual orientation, youth
Posted by Ribicon 8/14/2019 12:12:57 PM Post Reply
Council Bluffs, Iowa—Democratic voters here love Mayor Pete, but they may be penalizing him because he’s gay. It’s not that they hold it against Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, but they fear the rest of the country may not be ready for a 37-year-old, married, openly gay man to sit in the White House, so they are reluctant to help him win the party’s presidential nomination. “Pete Buttigieg is interesting to me, but, honestly, he is probably not electable, and the last thing I want is Donald Trump in office,” said David Cline. “I do believe his sexuality is an issue for folks, which is too bad.
Don't Look To FBI For Truth Behind Epstein's
Mysterious Demise
Posted by Cavallodifiero 8/14/2019 12:04:36 PM Post Reply
For any still holding out hope that the FBI will unearth the truth about Jeff Epstein’s curious ‘suicide’ in the Manhattan Correctional Center’s prison: Don’t hold your breath. Media reports on Epstein’s prison death should be—but isn’t—officially categorized as “alleged suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein. How can we be so sure? As Canada Free Press commenter TJ Andersen posted in CFP’s Comment Section yesterday…“Support for 99.9% of FBI is old. Not one FBI agent has come out as a whistleblower over Russia hoax/coup. Not one.”
U.S. Delays and Modifies “Next Step”
Tariffs on Chinese Products…
Posted by earlybird 8/14/2019 12:01:06 PM Post Reply
Early on Tuesday United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer announced the modification of “next step” tariffs on Chinese products. [See Here] “Products in this group include, for example, cell phones, laptop computers, video game consoles, certain toys, computer monitors, and certain items of footwear and clothing.” (Tweets)President Trump responded to the delay/modification when questioned in New Jersey. (Snip) Q Would you consider moving the tariffs, even? Delaying them even further, past December 15? THE PRESIDENT: No, we’re doing this for Christmas season, just in case some of the tariffs would have an impact on U.S. customers, which, so far, they’ve had virtually none.
Over 90,000 Sign Petition To Rename
Street Outside Trump Tower After Obama
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 11:45:56 AM Post Reply
The street outside Trump Tower may be renamed “President Barack H. Obama Avenue,” at least if nearly 100,000 people get their way. As of Wednesday, 93,627 people have signed a petition from the left-wing site to rename the stretch of Fifth Avenue in New York City between 56th and 57th Avenue after the 44th president in order to spite President Donald Trump. (Photo) The woman behind the petition told Newsweek that she wants to honor Obama because Osama Bin Laden was killed by American forces during the Obama administration.
'Monstrous' girl gangster who became
one of the most vicious assassins on
the streets of Chicago is believed
to have murdered up to 20 people
before being gunned down at age 17
Posted by Ribicon 8/14/2019 11:38:40 AM Post Reply
By the age of just 17-years-old Gakirah Barnes had built up a feared reputation as one of the most vicious assassins on the streets of Chicago. The teenager, rumored to have committed her first murder at the age of 14, was reportedly involved in up to 20 gangland deaths, amassing thousands of followers on social media where she spoke about the deaths of friends and gang warfare. Barnes was known as a 'young killa' and went by the names 'Tyquanassassin' and 'Tookaville'kirah' to the gangs of the city's notorious South Side going on to become one of the most infamous
Judge rejects FBI plea to keep
Comey memos redacted
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 11:37:01 AM Post Reply
A federal judge ruled against the FBI’s efforts to keep some redacted documents related to former FBI Director James Comey’s memos hidden from the public.The ruling comes after the FBI asked Judge James Boasberg to reconsider a district court judge ruled earlier this year that CNN and other media organizations and watchdog groups were entitled to information related both to Comey's memos and to how those memos were used in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation, which concluded earlier this year. But the FBI battled against disclosure.The bureau was claiming it had “effectively asserted”
Xi Jinping may want to rule the world,
but he has problems at home, too
Posted by earlybird 8/14/2019 10:36:08 AM Post Reply
While the Hong Kong showdown continues to deteriorate in clouds of tear gas, hundreds of arrests and increasingly dark rhetoric out of Beijing, the Chinese Communist Party senior leadership has relocated to the seaside town of Beidaihe, 200 kilometres east of Beijing, for their summer retreat. (Snip) But things may not go as smoothly as in past retreats.(Snip) Now that China’s economy and foreign relations are in major turbulence, Mr. Xi is left holding the bag. Much of the problem stems from his attempts to turn back Deng Xiaoping’s legacy of politically accountable collective leadership and undo Mr. Deng’s program of openness to the outside world and market-based economic reform.
Did CNN, WaPo ignore evidence of The Hammer surveillance on Trump? replies
Posted by jeb184 8/14/2019 10:35:35 AM Post Reply
Left-leaning media, CNN, The Washington Post, and Vox all attacked President Trump on Sunday. Their uproar being over the President accusing President Obama of wiretapping him at Trump Tower. Moreover, for sharing a tweet that suggests the Clintons were behind Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘suicide.’ CNN dismissed President Trump’s wiretapping accusation and the President’s suspicion that Epstein’s death is the latest addition to the “Clinton Body Count” as “baseless” and “insane” “conspiracy theories.” President Trump tweeted on March 4, 2017, at 6:35 am, “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”
Democrats tagging Trump as white
supremacist a losing strategy
Posted by Garnet 8/14/2019 10:32:39 AM Post Reply
Desperate Democrats have apparently decided that the way to win in 2020 is to paint President Trump as a racist, perhaps even a hood-wearing, torch-carrying grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. The Democrats appeared ready to thunder to Election Day with a “Russia, Russia, Russia” war chant, but former special counsel Robert Mueller wee-weed all over that plan when he declared that neither Mr. Trump nor his campaign colluded with the Kremlin to alter the outcome of the 2016 election. Now they’re putting all their little white eggs in the big racist basket. “We have a president who actively demonizes racial and religious minorities,
Rot of journalism ethics at New
York Times has turned
into leftist plague
Posted by Garnet 8/14/2019 10:28:41 AM Post Reply
There’s not a single journalist, dead or alive, who hasn’t missed a story, made a mistake or mangled a quote. It comes with the territory of writing history’s first draft on deadline, with the consolation that there’s a new story and new chance tomorrow. But a certain editor at The New York Times cannot be consoled. His flub was no ordinary one, for he was insufficiently hostile to the president of the United States. When Donald Trump is the president, that is not a mere mistake at The New New York Times. It’s a sin, potentially a mortal one.
Brexit: The Million To One Shot replies
Posted by abuela10 8/14/2019 10:25:12 AM Post Reply
Not since Chicken Little has anyone — let alone a newspaper — gone into a panic such as has overcome the Financial Times at the prospect of Britain leaving Europe. Its latest geshrai is a call for the Mother of Parliaments to step in to delay the departure from Europe now set for October 31 and thus “save the UK” from Boris Johnson’s “no-deal Brexit folly.” What does one figure the EU Mandarins are going to say when they read the pink paper this morning? We figure they’re going to say, “Hmmm, we were thinking of giving ground on some of our most obnoxious points. If an institution lik
Gregg Popovich Praises Colin Kaepernick
for Doing 'A Very Patriotic Thing'
Posted by QuanahCliff 8/14/2019 10:05:38 AM Post Reply
Colin Kaepernick became a source of national controversy when he knelt during the national anthem before NFL games in protest against racial inequality and police brutality in the 2016 season. /snip/ "That was a very patriotic thing he did," Popovich told Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN. "He cared about his country enough to fix some things that were obvious, that everybody knows about but does nothing about."
Trump’s tariff pause shows he’s
got his eyes on the prize
Posted by Magnante 8/14/2019 9:50:08 AM Post Reply
President Trump’s delay on implementing announced tariff increases on Chinese goods that would be on many Christmas shopping lists sparked a stock market bump yesterday. But, while domestic considerations (i.e., his re-election) are important, the move must be seen in the broader context of a staredown with President Xi. Even though China is a dictatorship, XI’s hold on his job is not something he can take for granted. Xi has grabbed power, purging some of his enemies and ending limits on his tenure, which makes him personally responsible for the serious ill-effects of his tariff war with Trump and for the unrest in Hong Kong.
How The Federal Government
Nullified the Second Amendment
to 'Ban' Automatic firearms
Posted by Magnante 8/14/2019 9:47:55 AM Post Reply
There are two competing theories being debated today about American individuals’ “right” to gun ownership. (snip) The notion that the federal government could “ban” gun ownership was such an anathema to American sensibilities, and so clearly afoul of the Second Amendment’s intent as had been clearly understood up to that point, that the NFA could not be passed as an overt federal restriction upon individual ownership of firearms. The law was constructed and upheld upon the federal government’s presumed ability to tax, not upon its ability to restrict ownership of firearms.
California’s Proposed ‘Ethnic Studies’
Curriculum Lauds Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib
Posted by M2 8/14/2019 9:37:58 AM Post Reply
California’s proposed new model “ethnic studies’ curriculum for children in public high schools includes several controversial topics — including the study of Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) as important leaders. A section of the model curriculum proposes that students learn about “significant figures” in the Arab-American community, including Omar, Tlaib, and Palestinian-American radical Linda Sarsour — all of whom have been widely accused of antisemitism for the extreme rhetoric they use in criticizing Israel and those who support it. A section on “African American Studies” proposes learning about Mumia Abu-Jamal, who has been on death row for years after being convicted of the murder of Philadelphia police officer
CNN’s Don Lemon Sued for Alleged Assault replies
Posted by M2 8/14/2019 9:35:13 AM Post Reply
CNN’s Don Lemon is facing accusations of assault, according to a lawsuit filed in Suffolk County, New York, over the weekend. The plaintiff, a New York bartender named Dustin Hice, claims that Lemon assaulted him at Murf’s Backstreet Tavern in Sag Harbor last year, July 2018, according to a report from Mediate. Hice claims he recognized Lemon and tried to get his attention by offering him a drink, but the CNN anchor declined. “Being cordial, Plaintiff tried to get Mr. Lemon’s attention and offered to buy Mr. Lemon a drink, a ‘Lemon Drop,’ a vodka cocktail,” the suit states. “Mr. Lemon denied Plaintiff’s offer and responded that he was
Stacey Abrams: RNC Going to Send
Off-Duty Officers to Scare ‘Voters of Color’
Posted by M2 8/14/2019 9:31:08 AM Post Reply
Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams accused the Republican National Committee of planning to send off-duty law enforcement officers into minority neighborhoods to “scare voters, particularly voters of color.” Abrams said, “We know that we also face foreign influence that is being denied by the White House, by the would-be tinpot dictator of Donald Trump, but also that Moscow Mitch is stopping voter rights legislation and election security legislation. But we also know they just lifted a consent decree that’s kept Republicans and the RNC from going into local communities and intimidating voters by having off-duty
No, Really: Al Sharpton Considering
2020 Presidential Bid
Posted by Hazymac 8/14/2019 9:24:58 AM Post Reply
If you're still hoping for even more Democrats to join the already crowded clown car of 2020 candidates, you're in luck, because Rev. Al Sharpton might be thinking about entering the race. “I never rule anything out,” said Sharpton, adding that he isn’t currently exploring a run for the nomination. (Snip) I, for one, would welcome Al Sharpton's entrance to the 2020 Democratic primary. Sharpton's has made a career out of race-baiting, which has now become mainstream in the Democratic Party. If Joe Biden can be the frontrunner, despite his inappropriate behavior with women and young girls, Sharpton's controversial past is certainly not
Bernie Sanders threatens to ‘leverage’
US aid to combat Israel ‘racism’
Posted by M2 8/14/2019 9:14:26 AM Post Reply
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., threatened Tuesday to use billions of dollars in aid to Israel as “leverage” to combat what he called “racism” from the Jewish state’s government, while going so far as to compare America's Israel alliance to its relationship with Saudi Arabia. Sanders, one of the leading candidates in the Democratic presidential primary race and an increasingly vocal critic of the Netanyahu government, said during a New Hampshire town hall event that the U.S. should take a broader view of the Middle East – and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in particular – and not always side with Israel. “The United States government
Trump administration: Bibles printed in
China will be exempt from tariff hikes
Posted by M2 8/14/2019 9:01:53 AM Post Reply
The Trump administration's plan to hike tariffs on goods produced in China does not include Bibles, according to a report. The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative posted lists on Tuesday of items that will be subject to the upcoming tariff increases imposed by the U.S. on China as part of the ongoing trade war between the two nations. Two lists, one going into effect on September 1, the other on December 15, detail $300 billion worth of goods from China that will be subject to a 10% tariff as part of President Trump's plan to deal more harshly with the communist nation. Absent, however, from both lists are
Baltimore teachers call for donated
fans, district resists
Posted by M2 8/14/2019 8:58:54 AM Post Reply
Baltimore’s teacher union is calling for fans to be donated to schools as sweltering heat pushes classroom temperatures into the hundreds, but the district says electrical infrastructure may not be equipped to handle it. The Baltimore Sun reports the union hopes to hand out 500 fans in response to a lack of functional air-conditioning in city schools, some of which have none at all. But Baltimore Schools Chief Operations Officer Lynette Washington is warning against it, saying the buildings don’t have the electrical load to withstand it. The union is pushing back. President Diamonté Brown is quoted by the paper as responding: “If you’re so concerned about
Trump Delays Tariffs on Some
Chinese Goods Until December
Posted by M2 8/14/2019 8:55:26 AM Post Reply
Responding to pressure from businesses and growing fears that a trade war is threatening the U.S. economy, the Trump administration is delaying most of the import taxes it planned to impose on Chinese goods and is dropping others altogether. The announcement Tuesday from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative was greeted with relief on Wall Street and by retailers who have grown fearful that the new tariffs would wreck holiday sales. The administration says it still plans to proceed with 10% tariffs on about $300 billion in Chinese imports — extending its import taxes to just about everything China ships to the United
Republican Sen. Martha McSally wants to
make domestic terrorism a federal crime
Posted by M2 8/14/2019 8:49:14 AM Post Reply
Sen. Martha McSally wants to make domestic terrorism a punishable crime in the wake of two mass shootings potentially tied to ideologically motivated violence in California and Texas. McSally, R-Ariz., intends to introduce legislation when the Senate returns from the summer recess to create a law in the federal criminal code to address domestic terrorism. Federal authorities use other laws, such as weapons offenses and hate crimes, to charge such acts. McSally said in a written statement to The Arizona Republic that it is important to call domestic terrorism by its name — and to create laws to address it as such. Her legislation, which is still being drafted, would characterize
Facebook Has Been Paying Outside
Contractors to Listen to and Transcribe
Users’ Audio Messages
Posted by M2 8/14/2019 8:47:01 AM Post Reply
Facebook has been using outside contractors to listen to and transcribe users’ audio clips, again raising questions about the transparency of the company’s terms of service and its handling of sometimes-sensitive personal data. The latest disclosure came via a Bloomberg report that found the company has been using hundreds of outside contractors to provide text versions of audio messages sent through Facebook Messenger. The social media company confirmed to Bloomberg that it had been transcribing audio messages, saying that the transcription was limited to those who opted in to the text transcription service option on Facebook’s Messenger app. Facebook said the purpose of hiring
Two Illegal Immigrants Arrested for
Repeatedly Raping 11-Year-Old Girl
Posted by M2 8/14/2019 8:43:20 AM Post Reply
Two illegal immigrants residing in the Washington D.C. suburb and sanctuary county of Montgomery County, Maryland are accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl. Mauricio Barrera-Navidad, 29, of Damascus, and Carlos Palacios-Amaya, 28, of Gaithersburg, were arrested and each charged with second-degree rape. The two men knew the girl through a friendship with her older brother. The child reported the rapes to a social worker at her school. In September 2018, the victim was introduced to her older brother’s friend, Palacios-Amaya. Over the course of the next few months, the then 27-year-old man raped the middle schooler on multiple occasions, authorities allege. The victim recalled one instance where Palacios-Amaya
Trump winning trade war with
China even as White House blinks
Posted by M2 8/14/2019 8:41:29 AM Post Reply
Renewed telephone conversations between high-level American and Chinese trade negotiators have led the White House to postpone tariffs on some Chinese imports from September 1 to December 15, and to remove other items from the list altogether. Critics will say that President Trump blinked, buffeted by swooning stock markets and talk of a possible recession that could damage his reelection prospects. That may be true. But it is also true that much of what the trade battle was meant to achieve has already been accomplished. That’s called winning. Though elites continue to deplore Trump’s hawkish stance against China’s cheating, the confrontation has helped publicize Beijing’s corrupt and despotic regime.
From not having kids to battling
anxiety: Climate change is shaping life
choices and affecting mental health
Posted by NorthernDog 8/14/2019 8:29:07 AM Post Reply
Revelle Mast wanted to be an architect when she was a kid. She changed course in high school, deciding to pursue chemical engineering to address the threat of climate change. But, last year, she made another life decision: to go into politics. “I realized about a year ago that was not feasible on the time scale that climate change is happening,” Mast said. “Nine months ago, I quit my engineering job and went full time into political work.” As global warming – the gradual increase in temperature of the Earth's atmosphere –accelerates, people are grappling with the idea that disastrous
Stacey Abrams says she would be open
to VP consideration 'by any nominee'
Posted by NorthernDog 8/14/2019 8:21:42 AM Post Reply
Stacey Abrams, the former Democratic nominee for Georgia governor, said Tuesday she is open to becoming the running mate for “any” of the roughly two dozen White House candidates vying to take on President Donald Trump in 2020. “I would be honored to be considered by any nominee,” she said in an interview with The New York Times. Abrams announced Tuesday she would not enter the crowded Democratic presidential primary, and would instead focus her efforts in the year-and-a-half before Election Day on combating voter suppression and boosting participation in the 2020 census. “I’ve just come to the decision that
They're watching the Epstein case
from abroad, too
Posted by PageTurner 8/14/2019 8:15:40 AM Post Reply
Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the mishandling of the Jeffrey Epstein case is that the eyes of the world, including those of unfriendly powers, are watching. What would they make of a justice system that first goes for years allowing a well-connected pedophile to operate, and then when the law finally catches up to him, allows him to mysteriously die in prison, a claimed suicide. And to make us all believe the unbelievable, a new tale is now being spun about guard incompetence, mysteriously non-recording cameras, a few screams at dawn, a missing roommate, someone who wasn't a guard guarding, an irregularly placed bedsheet,
So Trump is the divisive one when
he brings up Democrat policies?
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 8:01:39 AM Post Reply
I find it tremendously humorous that people pretending to be journalists, as they campaign to elect Democrats and implement their policies, find it divisive if President Trump campaigns by pointing out Democrat policies. They say he's catering to his base. Trump must be the first person ever to cater to his base and bring up policy differences. I am shocked that he would be so divisive.We know that Democrats are never divisive and never cater to their base as they seek votes. They never bring up cultural issues.Here's one example, and there are many: Trump dials up culture wars in divisive play for 2020 votes
Judge Accused Of Helping
Immigrant Escape Ice Through
Court Back Door Sees Pay
and Benefits Restored
Posted by M2 8/14/2019 7:26:10 AM Post Reply
Massachusetts judge who was suspended in April over allegations she helped an immigrant escape immigration authorities by sneaking him out a courthouse back door is set to have her pay restored, as her own case continues to play out in court. On Tuesday, the Supreme Judicial Court said it had revised an April order stripping Newton District Court Judge Shelley Joseph of her pay and benefits, allowing the judge to return to the payroll while her case continues. The high court refused, however, to allow the judge to return to work on administrative duties. As Newsweek had reported in December, Newton District Court Judge Shelley Joseph
5 Biggest Misconceptions About The
Trump Administration’s Record
On LGBTQ Issues
Posted by M2 8/14/2019 7:19:12 AM Post Reply
Recently Ric Grenell, the openly gay U.S. ambassador to Germany, hosted a discussion in Berlin with international LGBTQ activists as part of the Trump administration’s efforts to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. More than 70 countries have laws against LGBTQ activities. Through economic influence, increasing education, and advocating policy changes, this important new global campaign hopes to change that. Activists from countries such as Lebanon, Georgia, and Botswana shared their experiences and discussed the harrowing conditions LGBTQ individuals face in their nations. Grenell gave activists from the most affected countries a forum to develop better strategies to fight for LGBTQ policies and made it clear the
Dems Now Threaten SCOTUS replies
Posted by Cavallodifiero 8/14/2019 7:11:55 AM Post Reply
Old Joe Stalin would probably think spending eternity in Hell is no small price to pay if it meant the Democrats in America were ready to impose his policies on hapless Americans. But those Crazy Dems just keep on pushing the envelope further and further. Now they’re threatening the Supreme Court. The way the Dems see it, if the Courts rule against their wishes then it stands to reason that there’s something wrong with the Court. Where I come from that’s referred to as “having chutzpah.” Imagine the likes of Cory Brooker,
Todd Chrisley indicted for tax
evasion as reality star
says he's been framed
Posted by tisHimself 8/14/2019 6:55:54 AM Post Reply
Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd and Julie Chrisley have been indicted on multiple counts of conspiracy, bank fraud, wire fraud and tax evasion, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Georgia announced Tuesday. A federal grand jury's decision comes one day after the reality television stars preemptively denied the charges, claiming they were being framed. "Todd and Julie Chrisley are charged not only with defrauding a number of banks by fraudulently obtaining millions of dollars in loans, but also with allegedly cheating taxpayers by actively evading paying federal taxes on the money they earned," said U.S. Attorney Byung J. Pak. "Celebrities face the same justice that everyone does.
Can the Democratic Party Govern America? replies
Posted by Magnante 8/14/2019 6:06:32 AM Post Reply
I recently had a lunch meeting with a client of 25 years who is a lifelong member and financial supporter of the Democratic Party. (snip) This same cabal that would be charged with governing the nation has, for the past three and a half years, marginalized, physically confronted and repeatedly accused 63 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump of being not only racists but fascists and white supremacists, as well as homophobic, xenophobic and among the most vile people on the face of the earth. What will be their intentions for these rightfully incensed citizens?
Open Borders Inc.: Who's
Funding the Wicked War on ICE?
Posted by Pluperfect 8/14/2019 5:39:10 AM Post Reply
All the gun control zealots out in full force last week have apparently gone to the beach. An alarming shooting took place at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices in San Antonio on Tuesday. Local media reported that "multiple shots were fired on two floors targeting ICE officials." But the Second Amendment saboteurs were AWOL. Hello? Hello? Anybody home? Federal government workers are under literal fire for enforcing our immigration laws and protecting America. But the left-wing Moms Demand Action ignored the story. So did the anti-gun Brady Campaign agitators. And the usual stampede of camera-hogging Democratic presidential candidates lost their unquenchable thirst
China Strikes Back—Sort Of replies
Posted by Pluperfect 8/14/2019 5:33:01 AM Post Reply
China has upped the ante in its trade dispute with the United States. By allowing the yuan to fall on foreign exchange markets, Beijing has shown how far it will go in response to existing U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods, as well as additional ones now threatened by President Trump. (Today, the White House announced that these new tariffs would go forward as expected on September 1 but delayed levies on certain products, including electronics, until December.) But China’s moves, bold and headline-grabbing as they are, also signal weakness: Beijing can no longer play the tit-for-tat tariff game with which it once engaged the Trump White House.
Millennials, Rappers, and Revolution:
Inside Bernie Sanders’s Playbook
for Winning the Black Vote
Posted by Pluperfect 8/14/2019 5:29:50 AM Post Reply
Two weeks before he would appear at the Iowa State Fair, surrounded by a sea of whiteness, Bernie Sanders was at the Italian restaurant Chi Spacca, in Hollywood, trying to shore up another key constituency. The presidential candidate, who remains a serious contender for the Democratic nomination despite having slipped in the polls, was having lunch with 25 or so creatives—writers, musicians, artists and social-media mavens, most of whom were African American or Latino. The topics of conversation were typically Sanders: Medicare for All, student debt relief, and criminal justice reform. But for keen political observers, the Chi Spacca strategy session—described by one attendee as closed-door
Abortion lobby takes
aim at parental rights
Posted by MissMolly 8/14/2019 5:26:41 AM Post Reply
Recently, a coalition of 75 organizations including Planned Parenthood, National LGBTQ Task Force, the ACLU, and the National Abortion Federation released a 116-page blueprint outlining a policy agenda aimed at advancing policies for women and children in the name of “sexual and reproductive health care, rights, and justice.” However, after reading over the policies, one quickly realizes that they would substantially harm American families without bringing forth "rights" or "justice." Parental rights, for example, are targeted for elimination. The coalition deemed parental consent for an abortion as detrimental to the empowerment of “girls and youth assigned female.” If the true goal of the coalition is to help empower young women,
The Promise and Pitfalls of
Universal Background Checks
Posted by MissMolly 8/14/2019 5:18:14 AM Post Reply
Much as we did after Sandy Hook, we find ourselves debating background checks in the wake of killings that would not have been prevented by one. More than 60,000 Americans died by gun homicide between 2013 and 2017, but our attention is drawn only to the rarest, most spectacular, and most unusual incidents, those where a half-day or so’s worth of fatalities happen all in one place — and in those, it is usually the case that the deranged killer bought his guns legally or took them from someone else who did. But then again, now is as good a time as any to talk about measures
Democrats: The Party of Dirty Language replies
Posted by MissMolly 8/14/2019 5:12:43 AM Post Reply
Washington- I was traveling with candidate Trump during the 2016 campaign, and we spent a night at the Trump National Doral Miami. I had to leave early to get back to Washington, and so I took a taxi the next morning from the hotel to the airport. In the course of that ride I answered a call from my colleague, Wlady Pleszczynski, who reported to me that Donald Trump was apparently braving charges from the Democrats that he was a racist. What did I think? I told Wlady that there was no evidence that Donald was a racist, and we hung up. But my confrontation over Donald’s alleged racism
Putin the Great replies
Posted by Pluperfect 8/14/2019 5:05:49 AM Post Reply
On January 27, 2018, Vladimir Putin became the longest-serving leader of Russia since Joseph Stalin. There were no parades or fireworks, no embarrassingly gilded statues unveiled or unseemly displays of nuclear missiles in Red Square. After all, Putin did not want to be compared with Leonid Brezhnev, the bushy-browed septuagenarian whose record in power he had just surpassed. Brezhnev, who ruled the Soviet Union from 1964 to 1982, was the leader of Putin’s gritty youth, of the long stagnation that preceded the empire’s collapse. By the end, he was the butt of a million jokes, the doddering grandfather of a doddering state, the conductor of a Russian train
China's assault on free speech
in Australia and New Zealand
Posted by Pluperfect 8/14/2019 5:00:19 AM Post Reply
Last year, we wrote about Confucius Institutes, Red China’s vehicle for conducting ideological warfare in the United States. Beginning in 2004, the Chinese government planted “Institutes” that offer Chinese language and culture courses at colleges and universities around the world, including more than 100 in the United States. As the National Association of Scholars (NAS) has documented, the Confucius Institutes avoid Chinese political history and human rights abuses, portray Taiwan and Tibet as undisputed territories of China, and educate a generation of American students to know nothing more of China than the regime’s official history. China induces colleges and universities to cooperate in its propaganda war —
Harris, Warren ignore DOJ report to
claim Michael Brown was ‘murdered’
Posted by Pluperfect 8/14/2019 4:49:37 AM Post Reply
“Michael Brown’s murder forever changed Ferguson and America. His tragic death sparked a desperately needed conversation and a nationwide movement. We must fight for stronger accountability and racial equity in our justice system.” — Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.), in a tweet, Aug. 9 “5 years ago Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Michael was unarmed yet he was shot 6 times. I stand with activists and organizers who continue the fight for justice for Michael. We must confront systemic racism and police violence head on.” — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), in a tweet, Aug. 9
What will it take for the Democratic
establishment to abandon Biden?
Posted by Pluperfect 8/14/2019 4:38:29 AM Post Reply
Being president of the United States is hard and requires an essentially heroic work ethic and the ability to think and speak clearly? What a lot of malarkey. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves and get down to work, the same way that Sen. Eastland and Barack and I used to do in the good old days. You need me. This is basically Joe Biden's pitch to the American people. It is how powerful men always talk when anyone dares to question their presumed right to rule. Cut it out with that tedious needling bullcrap about facts and timelines and whether my words make any sense —
Epstein guards suspected of falsifying logs
to show they were checking on him: report
Posted by Pluperfect 8/14/2019 4:30:45 AM Post Reply
Guards at the New York City jail facility where Jeffrey Epstein is said to have killed himself are suspected of falsifying log entries to show they were checking on the alleged sex trafficker and other inmates with greater regularity than was the case, according to a Tuesday report. Surveillance video reviewed after Epstein’s death shows guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center did not make some of the checks they claimed to have made in their logs, a source told the Associated Press. The New York Times reported, citing unnamed officials, that the guards fell asleep at some point and did not check on him for up to three hours.
Trump Campaign Store Now Selling
'Fredo Unhinged' T-Shirts
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 1:21:58 AM Post Reply
Just in time for back-to-school shopping, the Trump-Pence reelection campaign has added "Fredo Unhinged" t-shirts to its online store. The tees cost $34.00 and come in sizes small to 3x."CNN’s Chris Cuomo is Fredo!" The campaign ad says. "The truth hurts. He totally lost it. Help us annoy Chris Cuomo and buy your 'Fredo Unhinged Tee' now!"Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted that the campaign only has a limited supply of the tee, "which was inspired by the epic & historic viral video" of CNN host Chris Cuomo's meltdown.
Ocasio-Cortez’s Known Donors From Her
Own District Are Nearly Non-Existent
FEC Records Show
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 1:08:04 AM Post Reply
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has outraised all other freshmen representatives so far in 2019, but nearly all of her reported contributors to her reelection campaign live outside her congressional district, a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis of Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings found. Ocasio-Cortez’s reelection campaign has reported receiving contributions from just 10 individuals living within her district in the first half of 2019, according to its Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings. The FEC only requires that political campaigns disclose the names
NY Times demotes top DC
editor over ‘racist’ tweets
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 12:47:24 AM Post Reply
The New York Times said Tuesday that one of its top Washington, DC, editors was demoted after a pair of tweets critics called racist. Jonathan Weisman, the deputy Washington editor, was disciplined after a pair of incidents in which he sparked controversy on Twitter, demonstrating “lapses in judgment,” a spokeswoman for the paper said. “Jonathan Weisman met with [Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet] today and apologized for his recent serious lapses in judgment. As a consequence of his actions, he has been demoted and will no longer be overseeing the team that covers Congress or be active on social media,” the Times said in a statement.
Curt Schilling says he’s ‘absolutely considering’
a congressional run in AZ, gets
Trump’s stamp of approval
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 12:14:07 AM Post Reply
Former pitcher Curt Schilling confirmed that he is “absolutely considering” running for Congress to flip a seat held by a Democrat in Arizona. President Trump celebrated the idea, apparently reacting to a segment on “Fox & Friends” which mentioned the potential run by the former Arizona Diamondbacks and Boston Red Sox pitcher. Curt Schilling, a great pitcher and patriot, is considering a run for Congress in Arizona. Terrific! @foxandfriends
'I'm not a pedophile': Remorseless Jeffrey
Epstein says 'children he raped and
assaulted did not look underage, equates
his crimes to Robert Kraft spa scandal,
and claims HE is a victim' in
final interviews
Posted by Imright 8/14/2019 12:08:41 AM Post Reply
The curious circumstances surrounding the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein are beginning to look even more confounding as it is revealed the serial pedophile felt no remorse for his actions just months before his alleged suicide. In a series of interviews with Charlie Gasparino of Fox Business Network, Epstein showed no remorse and instead downplayed his crimes, over a decade after it was determined he had sexually assaulted at least 40 underage girls in southern Florida.He even compared himself to Robert Kraft at one point, who had a manual and oral act performed on him by massage workers who were well past the age
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