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Leaked HHS Memo Reveals Biden Admin Seeks
to Strip Americans of Religious Protections
Posted by envirodude 11/23/2021 10:07:00 PM Post Reply
A leaked memo from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reveals plans by the Biden administration to make changes to Americans' First Amendment rights and other religious liberty protections. The internal memo describes plans to "sign delegation of authority on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and religion clause of the First Amendment" to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). It's a move that Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford believes will undo religious liberty protections and disregard the First Amendment.
'There should be no bail': Fury at judge
for setting $5M bond for Xmas parade 'killer'
Darrell Brooks after he was charged with
five counts of murder for SUV rampage:
Defense attorney CONSOLES him as he weeps
on learning eight-year-old is sixth victim
Posted by Imright 11/23/2021 9:16:20 PM Post Reply
Anger mounted Tuesday after bail for a man accused of killing six and injuring 62 others by plowing his SUV into them at a Christmas parade in Wisconsin was set at $5 million - despite him having already been free on bail from a previous crime at the time of Sunday's carnage.Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, was free on a $1,000 bail when he careened into the parade crowd in Waukesha, Wisconsin.On Tuesday - as it was learned a sixth victim, 8-year-old Jackson Sparks, had died of his injuries - bail was once again set for Brooks. Judge Kevin Costello said the sum was 'extraordinarily high' for the 'indigent' Brooks, but
Tucker Carlson’s exclusive Rittenhouse
interview draws nearly 5 million viewers
to top CNN, MSNBC combine
Posted by NorthernDog 11/23/2021 8:45:07 PM Post Reply
Fox News Channel’s "Tucker Carlson Tonight" averaged nearly five million viewers on Monday during the news-making, exclusive first interview with Kyle Rittenhouse, dominating cable news and outdrawing CNN and MSNBC combined. "Tucker Carlson Tonight" averaged 4.9 million viewers from 8-9 p.m. ET, compared to only 1.2 million for MSNBC and a dismal 762,000 for struggling CNN during the same time period. It was the second-highest rated episode of "Tucker" this year and outdrew CNN by 549%. "Tucker" also crushed competitors among the advertiser-coveted demographic of adults age 25-54, averaging a staggering 891,000 demo viewers compared to 180,000 for CNN and
Biden channels Ron Burgundy reading 'end
of quote' off teleprompter
Posted by NorthernDog 11/23/2021 8:31:17 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden had an audible slip-up when he read off more than he should have during a speech. The moment, reminiscent of fictional TV newsman Ron Burgundy reading everything he sees on the teleprompter in the Will Ferrell movie Anchorman, happened during remarks Tuesday about the rising gas prices at the White House while explaining the state of the economy . "Because of the actions we've taken, things have begun to change. End of quote," Biden said without pause. Biden did not appear to notice the minor gaffe, continuing to elaborate on people's concerns regarding inflation and gas prices.
Iowa Medicaid must cover gender confirmation
surgery, judge rules
Posted by Ribicon 11/23/2021 6:54:44 PM Post Reply
Iowa’s Medicaid system must cover gender confirmation surgery, a judge ruled Friday. Polk County District Court Judge William P. Kelly ruled that a state law that blocked Medicaid from covering gender confirmation procedures violated the Iowa Civil Rights Act and the Iowa Constitution—allowing trans Iowans to receive coverage for medically necessary surgery to treat gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is defined as a “marked incongruence between their experienced or expressed gender and the one they were assigned at birth.” It is a serious medical condition that often begins in childhood, even though some people may not experience it until after puberty or even later, according to the American Psychiatric Association.
Dollar Tree hikes prices 25%. Most items
will cost $1.25
Posted by Ribicon 11/23/2021 6:38:57 PM Post Reply
New York—Dollar Tree will soon be $1.25 tree. The company—one of America's last remaining true dollar stores—said Tuesday it will raise prices from $1 to $1.25 on the majority of its products by the first quarter of 2022. The change is a sign of the pressures low-cost retailers face holding down prices during a period of rising inflation. Dollar Tree (DLTR) said in a quarterly earnings release Tuesday that its decision to raise prices to $1.25 permanently, however, was "not a reaction to short-term or transitory market conditions." Selling stuff strictly for $1 hampered Dollar Tree, the company said, and forced it stop selling some
Major study undercuts Biden explanation
for surge in illegal immigration
Posted by Ribicon 11/23/2021 6:19:33 PM Post Reply
Migrants from Central America are rushing to the U.S. illegally not because of violence or natural disasters in their home countries but because of jobs, a major new study found, challenging claims that they are asylum-seekers fleeing persecution. The study also calculated that migrants from the emigration hubs of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala pay smugglers $1.7 billion a year to be shepherded into the U.S. illegally. And a staggering 43% of Central Americans have a desire to leave their home countries, up from just 8% a couple of years ago.(Snip)Still, nearly 30% of households in the three key countries reported getting money sent back home
Exit stage left: Employees drop labor
complaint against Netflix, one resigns
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2021 6:11:38 PM Post Reply
The end of the road for two activist employees with labor complaints against Netflix came Monday. An announcement was made that the labor complaints have been dropped. One of the employees has resigned. This all has to do with an effort to cancel Dave Chappelle after his latest Netflix special, The Closer, began streaming on October 1. Much has been written about Chappelle, his brand of comedy, and cancel culture since the show’s release. Two Netflix employees filed labor complaints against the company with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). B. Pagels-Minor, a black non-binary program manager organized a walkout. Terra Field, a trans software engineer, was suspended, then brought back
The White House Manages to Double Down
on Joe Biden's Defamation of Kyle Rittenhouse
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2021 6:07:26 PM Post Reply
Following the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse last week, a Joe Biden campaign ad from 2020 remerged and began to make the rounds. In it, a picture of Rittenhouse is seen on the screen while soundbites in the background continually mention “white supremacy.” That has led many to wonder if the president himself could be one of the first targets of the defamation lawsuits that Rittenhouse and his lawyers are likely to unleash soon. Today, the White House was finally asked directly about their view of the matter. Fox News’ Peter Doocy (because no other “journalist” in the room would ever bring it up) asked Jen Psaki if Biden would consider apologizing
Reporter Asks *the* Question of the Day
at Conclusion of Joe Biden ‘Presser,’
Gets No Answer
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2021 6:05:22 PM Post Reply
President Biden held what we were told was a “press conference” today in which he gaslit the country once again by telling struggling Americans that everything was going to be okay, portraying himself as a hero for all, and not shouldering one iota of the blame for the rising cost of everything including the food items people are buying in order to prepare their Thanksgiving dinners. In addition to that was the usual generous helping of out and out incoherence, something that has become a staple at any public event where the current Oval Office occupant opens his mouth to speak. Though this was ostensibly billed as a “press conference,”
Shackled Waukesha Xmas parade 'killer'
Darrell Brooks appears in court charged
with multiple murders after he 'intentionally'
plowed his SUV into crowd and 'tried to
hit as many people as possible': Death
toll rises to SIX as child dies in hospital
Posted by Imright 11/23/2021 5:55:22 PM Post Reply
The man accused of killing six and injuring 62 when he drove his car into a Christmas parade in Wisconsin appeared before a judge on Tuesday, as the court was told of his lengthy criminal history - and a child was added to the list of victims. Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, made his first appearance in court on Tuesday as the death count rose. Brooks, dressed in a green sleeveless bulletproof vest, rocked back and forth in his chair during the hearing, staring at the floor throughout. Brooks has officially been charged with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide, according to the Waukesha County District Attorney's Office.
HORROR TOLL Waukesha parade death toll
hits SIX as child dies and cops say ’emotionless’Darrell
Brooks ‘zig-zagged’ through crowd
Posted by vrb8m 11/23/2021 5:45:36 PM Post Reply
AUTHORITIES have announced that a sixth person - a child - has died from injuries sustained at a Waukesha parade, as police documents say "emotionless" suspect "zig-zagged" through the crowd. Darrell Brooks was arrested on Sunday, just moments after the 39-year-old allegedly plowed through a busy Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring more than 60 others before fleeing the scene.
College Students Shocked by Thanksgiving
Inflation Admit Americans Were Better
Off Under Trump
Posted by Imright 11/23/2021 5:33:54 PM Post Reply
Students in Washington, DC were shocked to hear about this year’s Thanksgiving inflation, and said that Americans were better off under former President Donald Trump.Campus Reform‘s Addison Smith talked to students in Washington, DC about reports that 2021 could be the most costly Thanksgiving dinner in American history, amid skyrocketing inflation.When asked if the students have heard or thought about rising inflation ahead of this year’s Thanksgiving, many of them said they have not.
Best Buy Crashes As Margins Slide Due
To "Organized Retail Theft"
Posted by AltaD 11/23/2021 5:19:12 PM Post Reply
Liberal socialist utopias such as California are a blessing for deadbeat klepto hobos from around the world thanks to the state's lack of prosecution of shoplifting, but the same policies are becoming a major headache for nationwide retailers such as Best Buy which this morning reported that despite beating on the top and bottom line (revenues of $11.9 billion vs expectations of $11.7BN, EPS of $2.08, beating est of $1.96), its margins missed(Snip)“We are seeing more and more particularly organized retail crime,” Chief Executive Officer Corie Barry said on a conference call with analysts. “You can see that pressure in our financials, and more
NY Times: It's not hard to see why people
are moving to Texas
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2021 4:21:11 PM Post Reply
There’s an opinion piece in today’s NY Times titled “Everyone’s Moving to Texas. Here’s Why.” Author Farhad Manjoo lives in San Francisco with his family but admits that he often finds himself wondering why. I’ve lived in California nearly all my life, and it’s still more likely than not that I will remain here; reports of a sudden “exodus” from the state are frequently exaggerated. Still, there’s plenty going wrong — soaring housing costs, devastating poverty and inequality, and the cascading disasters brought about by a change in what was once our big selling point, the climate. Not a month goes by that I don’t wonder what I’m doing here.
Joe Biden Addresses High Gas Prices: Americans
Can Save Money if They Buy Electric Cars
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2021 4:15:26 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden promoted his efforts to lower gas prices on Tuesday, but he reminded Americans they would save more money on gas if they owned electric cars. “For the hundreds of thousands of folks who bought one of those electric cars, they’re going to save $800 to $1000 in fuel costs this year,” Biden said, referring to the $112,595 electric Hummer pickup he test drove at a General Motors factory in Detroit earlier this month. The president appeared frustrated that some Americans continue blaming his environmental agenda for higher gas prices, dismissing it as a “myth.” “My effort to combat climate change
Charlottesville jury awards over $24 million
in damages in ‘Unite the Right’ trial
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2021 4:06:55 PM Post Reply
Charlottesville, Va. — A jury found defendants in the federal lawsuit related to the Unite the Right rally in 2017 liable for four out of the six claims against them, but were unable to reach a verdict on the remaining two claims. The jury found all defendants liable for civil conspiracy and racial, religious or ethnic harassment. They also found James Alex Fields, Jr., the perpetrator of a deadly car attack, liable for assault and battery and infliction of emotional harm against several of the defendants, claims for which they were cumulatively awarded $12 million in punitive damages. The Jury failed to reach a verdict
Trump is now LEADING Biden in the five
swing states that flipped blue in the
2020 presidential election, another dire
poll for the president shows
Posted by Imright 11/23/2021 3:42:19 PM Post Reply
Donald Trump has all but formally announced his intentions to run for the presidency again in 2024, and his team is honing in on taking back five states Biden won in 2020 that he'd won in 2016. The former president's shadow campaign team polled Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, all of which were decided in favor of President Biden by 3 percentage points or less. The team found that in Georgia, Trump would be ahead by 3 points, 8 points in Arizona, 12 points in Michigan, 6 points in Pennsylvania and 10 points in Wisconsin, if the race were held today.Together, the states represent 73 electoral votes.
New York City Council Moves to Allow 800,000
Non-Citizens to Vote in Municipal Elections
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2021 3:01:43 PM Post Reply
The New York City Council will vote on December 9 on a law to allow green-card holders and residents with work permits to vote in municipal elections. Around 808,000 New York City residents who have work permits or are lawful permanent residents would be eligible to vote under the legislation, which has the support of 34 of 51 council members, a veto-proof majority. “It’s important for the Democratic Party to look at New York City and see that when voting rights are being attacked, we are expanding voter participation,” Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, a sponsor of the bill and Democrat who represents the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, told the New York Times.
The Democratic brand is broken. The infrastructure
bill isn’t fixing it.
Posted by Garnet 11/23/2021 2:44:10 PM Post Reply
In the days after the Democratic Party’s collapse in the Virginia governor’s race, party strategists descended on the commonwealth to figure out what went wrong and understand just how bad the national outlook might be next year. What they discovered, largely through focus groups and polling, was even worse than expected. The problems cut far deeper than the failings of their gubernatorial nominee, Terry McAuliffe, or President Joe Biden’s flagging approval ratings. Rather, the Democratic Party’s entire brand was a wreck.
Biden Hits the Panic Button As White House
Civil War Intensifies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2021 2:22:03 PM Post Reply
All last week the scuttlebutt in the media and in Washington was that President Biden was leaning toward appointing progressive favorite Leal Brainard to replace the “dangerous” (in Lizzie Warren’s words) Jerome Powell as chair of the Federal Reserve, because Brainard pledged to make the Fed a full partner in pushing the climate and “anti-racist” agenda by pressuring financial institutions not to make loans to any fossil fuel companies. Never mind that the legal authority for this kind of thumb-on-the-scale of capital allocation cannot be found in any statute governing the Fed, but who needs statutory authority when you have the Administrative State?
How many times must Facebook be caught
censoring the truth?
Posted by Beardo 11/23/2021 2:04:39 PM Post Reply
In 2019, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stood at Georgetown University and pledged to “fight to uphold as wide a definition of freedom of expression as possible,” promising in uncertainty to “err on the side of greater expression.” He went on, “I don’t think most people want to live in a world where you can only post things that tech companies judge to be 100 percent true.” Such declarations seem almost quaint now, if not outright lies.
Watch: Chilling Doorbell Camera Footage
Shows Where Darrell Brooks Went After
Plowing Into Parade
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2021 2:01:07 PM Post Reply
The story of Darrell Brooks, who rammed his SUV into a parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, two days ago, killing at least five people and injuries dozens of others, is beginning to recede. The media simply don’t find the story that interesting, because it checks none of their narrative boxes. Instead, they are falling back into breathless Kyle Rittenhouse “analysis,” seeking to stoke a racial narrative that simply doesn’t exist. By contrast, Brooks was a career criminal who was inexplicable let out of jail on just $1,000 bond days earlier. That decision was made by the office of Milwaukee DA John Chisholm, a radical
Lightfoot Says Rittenhouse Judge ‘Put
His Thumb on the Scale' During Murder Trial
Posted by AltaD 11/23/2021 1:19:47 PM Post Reply
While Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says that she respect’s the jury’s acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in his Wisconsin murder trial, she had some strong words for Judge Bruce Schroeder’s handling of the case, saying that the judge “put his thumb on the scale” with some of his actions during the trial. (Snip) “Why on Earth did that child have an AR-15, leave his home in Antioch, and think that he had the right to go up to another state to supposedly protect a city?” she said.(Snip)“He had no business being there. None,” she added.
Ex-Girlfriend Fled Suspected Waukesha
Driver ‘With No Shoes And A Black Eye’
Moments Before Tragedy: Report
Posted by Imright 11/23/2021 1:13:57 PM Post Reply
A neighbor of the man suspected of killing five people in a vehicular rampage on Sunday says that the man’s ex-girlfriend fled his home “with no shoes and a black eye” shortly before the tragedy.A neighbor, only identified as Ebony, spoke to The Sun at her home in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and said that the suspect and his ex-girlfriend had constant fights at his home. Often, the disputes would happen outside of the home and the neighbor would step in to break them up and threaten to call the police.
Democrats Make a Desperate, Insulting
Shift in Last Ditch Effort to Sell Joe
Biden's Agenda
Posted by Imright 11/23/2021 1:06:47 PM Post Reply
While Republicans rushed to help Biden pass his infrastructure bill, the rest of the president’s agenda remains in limbo. Nancy Pelosi forced the “Build Back Better” bill through the House last week, but it is essentially dead on arrival in the Senate. That didn’t stop Democrats from celebrating as if they’d just liberated Europe, but I digress.The problem for the White House remains. How do they get their massive spending bill through moderate holdouts like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema? And on the other side, you have Bernie Sanders, who is expressing disapproval of Pelosi’s inclusion of a massive tax cut for the wealthy
Breaking news: Biden administration files
emergency order to immediately reinstate
its sweeping vaccine mandate on private
companies after an appeals court knocked
it down and its enforcement was suspended
Posted by Ribicon 11/23/2021 12:46:45 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden filed an emergency lawsuit on Tuesday seeking to immediately reinstate its vaccine mandate for private employers with 100 or more workers after it faced a series of legal challenges. Earlier this month, the Fifth Circuit Court in New Orleans issued a preliminary pause on the order, which prevented the Occupational Safety and Health Administration from moving forward in implementing the employer rules. The Justice Department argues in its filing, according to The Wall Street Journal, that the rules reflect 'OSHA's judgment that these measures are necessary to mitigate Covid-19 transmission in the workplace, and the grievous harms the virus inflicts on workers.'
'You bet my bail reforms will kill people':
Shocking 2007 admission by woke Milwaukee
District Attorney John Chisolm who freed
Waukesha parade killer three weeks ago
on $1,000 bond
Posted by Ribicon 11/23/2021 12:43:51 PM Post Reply
The district attorney whose office let out Waukesha parade killer Darrell Brooks on a $1,000 bond three weeks ago previously admitted he knew his laxed bail policies would lead to killers being set free and murdering others, saying flippantly in a 2007 interview: 'You bet, it's guaranteed to happen.' John Chisolm was elected as Milwaukee County District Attorney in 2007 and he immediately started advocating for lower cash bonds for criminals, like Brooks— a felon with a history of domestic violence charges who was most recently locked up for running over the mother of his children.(Snip)Chisolm's premonition came true in 2013 when convicted drug dealer Jeremiah Schroeder
Ahmaud Arbery trial: Defense accused of
'racism and bigotry' for 'toenails' comment
in closing arguments
Posted by NorthernDog 11/23/2021 12:33:27 PM Post Reply
A lawyer for one of the three White men accused of the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery came under fire Monday for highlighting the slain man's "dirty toenails" in her closing argument. "Turning Ahmaud Arbery into a victim after the choices that he made does not reflect the reality of what brought Ahmaud Arbery to Satilla Shores in his khaki shorts with no socks to cover his long, dirty toenails," Lauren Hogue told the panel, referring to a description from the autopsy report. The comment prompted Arbery's mother Wanda Cooper-Jones to exclaim "Wow!" and exit the Glynn County courtroom in
Turns out There Was More Behind That 'Never
Trumpers Quit Fox Over Tucker' Story
Posted by Rush Was Right 11/23/2021 12:06:05 PM Post Reply
As we reported, Never Trump commentators Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg announced this week that they were leaving Fox as contributors because of Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 special. Many laughed at the pomposity of their announcement, with some noting they didn’t even know they still were working there. Who would really notice or care if they were gone? The two ran to the NY Times to make their announcement, which shows exactly where their minds are at and to whom they are trying to cater. Hint: it’s not Republicans or conservatives. The same people who fall for their nonsense were all agog over their announcement and ‘character.’
Russia warns it can destroy NATO satellites
- rendering missiles useless - as White
House says it has 'serious concerns' about
military build-up near Ukraine – but
Putin's spy agency dismisses US 'hysteria'
Posted by Ribicon 11/23/2021 11:42:23 AM Post Reply
Russia has warned it can obliterate Nato satellites with its new 'Star Warrior' technology to render the West's GPS-guided missiles useless in the latest provocation in its stand-off with Ukraine. State TV last night claimed Moscow's anti-satellite (ASAT) missiles could destroy 32 Nato satellites and 'blind all their missiles, planes and ships, not to mention the ground forces.' The ASAT technology was tested on a defunct Soviet satellite last week, sending shrapnel flying towards the International Space Station (ISS), and provoking outrage from NASA and Washington. This was a warning shot to the West, state TV claimed.(Snip)The White House on Monday said it had 'serious concerns'
Video: BLM Protesters Get Rammed By A
Black Sedan After Climbing On The Hood
– They Were Protesting The Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 11/23/2021 11:38:23 AM Post Reply
Customize In the wake of last year’s Black Lives Matter protests, Republican lawmakers are advancing a number of new anti-protest measures at the state level — including multiple bills that specifically make the drivers safer when a mob of protesters s trying to attack them. Republicans in at least 25 states are pushing anti-demonstration laws that aim to protect drivers who hit protesters and make it far more difficult for arrested participants to be released from jail. GOP lawmakers in Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, Utah and Florida have either introduced or already passed bills that increase penalties for protesters and provide legal protection for even potentially violent counter-protest measures.
Starbucks launches aggressive anti-union
effort as upstate New York stores organize
Posted by Ribicon 11/23/2021 11:33:46 AM Post Reply
Will Westlake, a Starbucks barista in Hamburg, New York, whose store recently filed for a union election, was told by a manager he could attend an earlier mandatory anti-union meeting on 8 November because he was scheduled to work early the next day. The meeting was in a nearby hotel and when Westlake arrived he found out he was the only worker in attendance, with six members of Starbucks management. The meeting lasted for about one hour.(Snip)Westlake’s experience is just one part of an aggressive anti-union campaign run by the giant coffee chain as six Starbucks stores in the Buffalo, New York, area have filed for union
Unvaccinated children had just a 3% higher
chance of catching Covid compared to double-jabbed
in Pfizer US trial — and none were seriously ill
Posted by Ribicon 11/23/2021 11:14:56 AM Post Reply
Unjabbed 12 to 15-year-olds are just three per cent more likely to catch Covid compared to fully vaccinated children, Pfizer's own study suggests. Just 30 of around 1,100 youngsters (2.7 per cent) tested positive for the virus in the four months of the clinical study in the US last winter. None of the children were hospitalised or died from the virus and they were either asymptomatic or had a very mild illness. In the group of around 1,100 youngsters that were given two doses of the vaccine, none tested positive for the virus.(Snip)The vaccine side effects recorded were similar to those seen in older
Watch: Jim Acosta Throws HISSY FIT During
Expletive-Filled Rant About Fox News
Posted by Imright 11/23/2021 10:56:51 AM Post Reply
During his poorly-rated weekend show on fake news CNN, anchor Jim Acosta repeatedly used the term “bulls***” when referring to Fox News and conservatives in general.Acosta’s rage comes after historic declines in ratings for the company.“It’s that time of the year, the days are getting shorter, it’s cold outside — it’s also when we start looking back at the past year,” Acosta began. “And what a year it was over on Fox — or, as I’ve described it this year, the bull**** factory. Just in the last week, they’ve churned out so much BS it’s hard to keep up.”After playing out-of-context clips from Laura Ingraham and Jesse Watters,
'It sounds like the revolution has started
in Wisconsin': Black Lives Matter activist
says Waukesha Christmas parade horror
that left five dead was linked to Rittenhouse verdict
Posted by zephyrgirl 11/23/2021 10:17:33 AM Post Reply
A Black Lives Matter activist has claimed the Waukesha Christmas parade attack which killed five people was linked to the acquittal of teenager Kyle Rittenhouse. Activist Vaun Mayes speculated that the attack which saw suspect Darrell Brooks Jr, 39, drive a car into a crowd of parade goers in Wisconsin on Sunday was the 'start of a revolution'. Mayes claimed that the horror that unfolded during the Christmas parade was linked to growing anger over the verdict in the Rittenhouse trial, which saw the teenager acquitted on charges stemming from killing two men and wounding another
You're Not Going to Believe the Latest
Biden Way of Evading Questions
Posted by AmericaFirstAlways 11/23/2021 9:51:09 AM Post Reply
We’ve seen all kinds of efforts on the part of the Biden team to cover up for Joe Biden’s issues and incoherence. They’ve done all they could to try to rush people out of the White House events, rudely yelling and basically pushing them out of the room, even cutting off UK PM Boris Johnson in the process. But it’s not as easy now that Biden is in the White House as it was during the campaign when they could hide him in the basement. As my colleague Sister Toldjah explained, they even scrapped the traditional “Three Amigos” press conference with Canadian and Mexican heads of state.
Council president blasts ‘lawlessness’
after chaotic car meetup in downtown Silver Spring
Posted by Amanoftwistsandturns 11/23/2021 9:40:53 AM Post Reply
A lawmaker in Montgomery County, Maryland, said Monday he’s outraged by what he says is increasing crime in Silver Spring, including a chaotic, hourslong car rally over the weekend that drew more than a hundred cars, blocking traffic and spinning out in the middle of intersections.
Fox News’ Brit Hume Doesn’t Think
Biden Will Serve Full Term in Office:
He’s ‘Clearly Deteriorating’ and ‘Senile’
Posted by NorthernDog 11/23/2021 9:33:10 AM Post Reply
Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume thinks there’s a significant chance President Joe Biden doesn’t run for reelection, even suggesting he doesn’t finish his current four-year term. On Special Report Monday night, Bret Baier asked Hume about the White House confirming President Biden intends to run for reelection in 2024. “I don’t think it’s at all clear that he intends to run again, but I do think as a political matter, you have to say that,” Hume remarked. The instant he makes that announcement, Hume argued, Biden becomes a lame duck — “and lame duck presidents don’t do well.”
Biden to release 50M barrels of oil from
Strategic Petroleum Reserve amid gas price spike
Posted by Imright 11/23/2021 9:06:42 AM Post Reply
President Biden said the Department of Energy will release 50 million barrels of oil held in the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, as Americans pay more for gas now than they have in years.China, India, Japan the Republic of Korea and the United Kingdom will likewise tap their reserves in a coordinated effort to drive down prices.Of the 50 million barrels, 32 million will be released but eventually returned to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in the next few years, the White House said. The remaining 18 million barrels are part of a sale that Congress has already authorized; the White House said it was accelerating the release of that sale.
Amid Unspeakable Horrors, Waukesha Teaches
All Of Us What It Means To Be A Community
Posted by PeterWolosin 11/23/2021 8:25:51 AM Post Reply
Guitar For Life Cafe was one of the only unlocked doors on West Main St. in downtown Waukesha on Monday morning, so I stepped inside to buy a cup of coffee. It quickly became clear the shop wasn’t actually open for business. The cafe was dark behind the front counter, with a handful of people scattered among the wooden hightops and stools, nursing paper cups of steaming coffee. It wasn’t immediately apparent when they were all doing there. A kind man pointed me in the direction of the complimentary dispenser: “Help yourself.”
Alex Jones, Roger Stone Among Those Subpoenaed
By Jan. 6 Committee
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 11/23/2021 6:35:06 AM Post Reply
Infowars founder and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone were among five individuals slapped with subpoenas Monday by the House select committee investigating the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the US Capitol. In letters to Jones and Stone, committee chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) called on them to produce relevant documents by Dec. 6.
When Will America Reach Peak Insanity? replies
Posted by RockyTCB 11/23/2021 5:27:09 AM Post Reply
It seems roughly half of the country is suffering from mass delusions. Either that or there is a willful effort to ignore the truth and spread lies for political reasons. Neither scenario bodes well for the country. Our American sensibilities are assaulted on a daily basis with claims that are widely accepted to be true and righteous even though they’re demonstrably false and malign. The falsehoods, exaggerations, and prevarications by omission are tearing at the fabric of the great American experiment in liberty. Which is exactly what they are designed to do. Consider the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, acquitted (justly)
The Disturbing And Shocking Plan To Replace
Kamala Harris
Posted by DW626 11/23/2021 5:01:36 AM Post Reply
Viewing America from outside the country adds a semi-neutral perspective on news and events. I’ve been told there’s value in hearing an outside viewpoint about people more intimately tied to the emotional maelstrom of unfolding events. Conversely, I find it helpful to receive information from people in the know, which adds to the volume and depth of my research. When it comes to Kamala Harris’s floundering, I’ve been hearing shocking gossip. I received this gossip directly from a Washington insider, It will be difficult to confirm until it happens, if it happens.
'This is insane': AOC sparks fury by demanding
reform of NYC's 'excessive' bail laws
- a day after Waukesha SUV driver out
on $1K bond killed five: Rep. Tlaib is
then forced to defend bill she endorsed
that would close ALL federal jails
Posted by Imright 11/23/2021 4:36:52 AM Post Reply
Two members of the Democratic Party ‘squad’ are touting their views in favor of abolishing federal prisons and quashing ‘excessive bail’ just a day after a convicted felon who was out on bail mowed down scores of people with his SUV in suburban Milwaukee, killing five. House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez provoked rage on social media on Monday for demanding answers on ‘excessive bail’ that is imposed by prosecutors in New York City on Monday. Meanwhile, fellow ‘squad’ member House Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the Democrat from Michigan, had trouble explaining her support for a law
Tucker Carlson’s interview with Kyle
Rittenhouse is fascinating
Posted by Magnante 11/23/2021 4:08:09 AM Post Reply
Tucker Carlson scored the first interview with Kyle Rittenhouse and I highly recommend it. Before the trial, Rittenhouse was a human Rorschach test: We all saw what we wanted to see. Tucker’s interview revealed a real person: articulate, intelligent, principled, nuanced in his opinions, and even-tempered. (snip) The real young man is...well, real. First, he speaks fluently, without the “like” and “you know” fillers that most young people use. I thought that his smooth, intelligent speech on the witness stand was because he was well-rehearsed (which is what all lawyers should do to prepare their clients for their testimony). It seems, though, that Rittenhouse really just speaks well.
Waukesha Suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. Made
Rap Songs Ranting About Trump, White Supremacy
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Darrell E. Brooks Jr., the suspect charged with five counts of homicide in Sunday’s Waukesha Christmas parade massacre, appears to have posted several politically charged songs online under the name “Mathboi Fly,” according to several reports.Multiple outlets, including the Sun and Heavy, have connected Brooks to Mathboi Fly music videos, matching his appearance to mugshots and other social media photos of the 39-year-old Milwaukee man. The YouTube channel hosting those videos has now been deleted. A Soundcloud profile under the same artist’s name is still accessible.
Ron DeSantis: Florida Legislature to Pursue
$1 Billion in Gas Tax Relief
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2021 12:17:26 AM Post Reply
The Florida legislature will pursue providing $1 billion in gas tax relief in the next session, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced on Monday. Speaking in Daytona, Florida, from the iconic convenience store Buc-ee’s, DeSantis laid out the negative economic state of affairs for the American people. “We’re happy to be here. We’re not as happy at seeing what’s happening with a lot of the inflation that is going on in the economy. If you look, for example, for Thanksgiving, the price of a Thanksgiving dinner is up over 20 percent just over last year,” he said, noting that — even with raises — people are losing ground
Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, accuses Biden 'defaming
him' by labeling him a 'white supremacist'
and says he's hired bodyguards in first
interview since acquittal: Tells Tucker
Carlson he wants to 'lay low' and could
become a lawyer
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Kyle Rittenhouse has accused Joe Biden of 'defamation' and 'malice' after the president last year labeled him a white supremacist, with the teenager confirming he was considering legal action. Rittenhouse, 18, spoke to Tucker Carlson for an interview broadcast on Monday night and told the Fox News host how, in the days since his acquittal on Friday, he has been forced to hire bodyguards.'I'm hoping I can live a quiet stress-free life, and be free of any intimidation or harassment and just go on with my life as a normal 18-year-old kid attending college,' said Rittenhouse, who is currently studying nursing at Arizona State, and hoping to be able to
Targeted by Georgia GOP, McBath switching
to safe Democratic district
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U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath will run for Congress in a neighboring suburban district after Republicans redrew her congressional seat to be a conservative bastion. The move sets up a showdown with another Democrat, U.S. Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux. McBath told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she’ll run in the 7th Congressional District, swing territory now held by Bourdeaux that Georgia’s Republican-controlled Legislature refashioned into a safe Democratic seat based in Gwinnett County.
Rittenhouse Hints Plans to Sue Media,
Biden for 'Defaming' Him
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2021 12:01:39 AM Post Reply
One of the big takeaways from Kyle Rittenhouse’s interview with Tucker Carlson, which aired Monday night, was that he and his lawyers were gearing up to stick it to the liberal media and the radical politicians with defamation lawsuits. He wouldn’t go into detail, but it was clear he was setting the groundwork for what many, included Nicholas Sandmann, were urging him to do. Along with calling the liberal media’s comments about him a “disgrace to this county,” Rittenhouse teased what his legal team was working on after Carlson asked him pointedly about the possibility of “holding some of these liars to account, do you plan to do that?”
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