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John Fetterman mocks Republicans 'losing
their minds' over him 'dressing like a
slob': Hoodie-wearing Democrat hits back
over dropping dress code - as GOP senator,
70, jokes she'll, start wearing a 'bikini'
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 11:54:13 PM Post Reply
John Fetterman is laughing off the blame he's taking for the new Senate dress code, chuckling over Republicans 'losing their minds' about the matter. 'I don't know why the right side seems to be losing their minds over it,' the Democratic senator from Pennsylvania told Fox News. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer decided to no longer enforce an official 'business' dress code for members of the Senate, which many saw as a concession to Fetterman, 54, who is often seen wearing shorts and a hoodie.
Breitbart’s Matt Boyle on Media Bias:
Establishment Should Be ‘More Open with
Their Audiences’
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 11:42:26 PM Post Reply
Breitbart News Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle discussed the role of the media and the reality of bias as one of three panel members at the annual Vegas Chamber of Commerce Conference in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, explaining that honesty goes a long way in reporting and “helps us build credibility with our audience.” When asked if the media are biased, Boyle explained it is based on the mere fact that it is comprised of people who have different experiences and backgrounds that shape who they are and the decisions they make. WATCH the full panel discussion below:
Migrant surge forces Biden administration
to Suspend entries as shelters reach capacity
with border crossers in the THOUSANDS
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 11:38:07 PM Post Reply
The El Paso port of entry with Mexico is shut down while personnel at that crossing point are diverted to assist with processing the massive surge of illegal migrants who arrived between entry ports in Texas. In a Friday statement, Custom and Border Protection (CBP) announced 'temporary suspension' at the busy Bridge of the Americas (BOTA) port shared between El Paso and Ciudad Juárez. There was no specification in the statement on when the port will return to normal operation, just a note that SBP would do so 'as quickly as feasible.'
Exclusive: American Citizen Journalist
Sitting in Ukraine Prison, State Dept.
Confirms, as Biden Begs for Billions More
to Protect Ukrainian ‘Freedom’
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 11:30:07 PM Post Reply
While lawmakers on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. debate sending billions more in military aid to Ukraine, an American citizen journalist, Gonzalo Lira, is languishing in a Ukrainian prison on allegations of spreading Russian propaganda, throwing into question the status of free speech in the supposed democracy the Biden administration argues is worthy of more taxpayer dollars. The Biden administration is asking Congress to approve another $24 billion for Ukraine for now through the end of this year, which would add to the $113 billion that Congress has committed to the country since its war with Russia began in February of last year. President Biden on Tuesday
Joe Biden to Announce Executive Level
Gun Control Office
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 11:26:07 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden will announce the Office of Gun Violence Prevention on Friday and the new office will be coordinated with Mike Bloomberg gun control proponents and others. According to the Washington Post, “The new office will report up through Stefanie Feldman, the White House staff secretary and a longtime Biden policy aide who has worked on the firearms issue for years.” Coordination in the office is expected between the “White House, the Community Justice Action Fund and Everytown for Gun Safety.”
Hooded slobs can now vote on the Senate
floor - as decrepit pols still cling to
power. But it's not ableist or ageist
to demand our leaders be fit to serve...
Have they NO decency?
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 11:05:47 PM Post Reply
Talk about dressing down. The United States Senate has lowered itself to the whims of one member, a so-called 'distinguished senator' from Pennsylvania who refuses to appear on the Hill or with the president of the United States in anything else but a grubby hoodie, billowing shorts, and drab sneakers. No one signals the death of American decorum like Democratic Senator John Fetterman. Except, perhaps, for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer — who rarely misses a Sunday morning in front of television cameras, but who, over the weekend, very quietly dropped the suit-and-tie requirement on the Senate floor.
5 Wrong Predictions Ruining Democrats’
Plan For 2024
Posted by Moritz55 9/19/2023 10:56:43 PM Post Reply
On Tuesday, The Washington Post’s David Ignatius called for pulling the plug on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. “I don’t think Biden and Vice President Harris should run for reelection,” said the man frequently considered the media’s mouthpiece for intelligence agencies. “If he and Harris campaign together in 2024, I think Biden risks undoing his greatest achievement — which was stopping Trump.” Just 10 months ago, Biden and the Democrats had a surprisingly good midterm election. So what has Ignatius — and the deep state apparatus he speaks for — so gloomy? Quite simply, 2023 has not gone according to plan. Democrats were never planning to run on Joe Biden’s accomplishments.
Embarrassing! Joe Biden Reads From Notecards
During Meeting with Central Asian Leaders (Video)
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 10:55:04 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden on Tuesday hosted a meeting with Central Asian leaders after he delivered remarks before the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Biden’s brain froze and he incoherently slurred his words during his speech. (Photo) After his speech before the UN General Assembly, Joe Biden participated in a greet with the UN General Assembly President Dennis Francis of Trinidad and Tobago. Why Shelf-Stable Beef Will Be an Extremely Valuable Commodity in the Near Future He then participated in a greet and guest book signing with United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres.
Mark Levin’s The Democrat Party Hates America replies
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 10:27:00 PM Post Reply
Once again, Mark Levin has done a great service to the Republic by writing a fully documented, highly pointed book on a topic of vital national interest. Published today by the Threshold Editions imprint of Simon & Schuster, The Democrat Party Hates America is required reading for anyone who follows politics in America. That most assuredly includes those who identify as Democrats, though most will shun the book because it is too much of a challenge to their sense of self-worth and virtue. For the few who have the courage to read it, the book will be a revelation.
Exclusive: Alan Dershowitz reveals why
he does NOT think Trump ruined his defense
by admitting it was 'his decision' to
try to overturn the election - despite
legal experts saying he 'threw his case
under a freight train'
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 10:22:39 PM Post Reply
Legal expert Alan Dershowitz said Donald Trump did not scuttle a potential legal defense when he declared on ‘Meet the Press’ that it was ‘my decision’ to push to overturn the 2020 election. Some other legal scholars said Trump let his ‘ego’ get in the way of a promising courtroom defense when he got grilled on NBC about his legal predicament, predicting his latest public comments would be used against him. It came just after special counsel Jack Smith asked a federal judge to issue a partial gag order to prevent Trump from potentially tainting the jury pool in his January 6 trial. New Sunday show moderator Kristen Welker repeatedly pressed Trump
Breaking Big: House Judiciary Committee
Republicans – FBI LOST COUNT of How
Many Paid Informants They Had in the Trump
Crowd on January 6!
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 10:17:47 PM Post Reply
The House Judiciary Republicans sent out an explosive email on Tuesday night that CHANGES EVERYTHING! The House Judiciary Republicans sent out a letter Tuesday that includes transcribed testimony from former Assistant Director-in-Charge of the Washington Field Office (WFO) Steven D’Antuono. D’Antuono testified that the FBI had numerous confidential human sources (CHS) in the Trump crowd on January 6. In fact, they had so many FBI operatives in the crowd they they had no idea how many were actually there that day!
Hunter Biden plans to plead NOT GUILTY
to charges he lied about being addicted
to drugs when he bought a gun
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 10:15:14 PM Post Reply
Hunter Biden plans to plead not guilty to federal gun charges according to a new court filing. The filing Tuesday also said the president's son is requesting to have his first appearance in court remote, conducted via video conference. Last week, Hunter was hit with three felony charges after allegedly lying about his crack cocaine addiction when buying a gun in 2018 and faces up to 25 years in prison. If the president's son does not strike a new plea deal with Special Counsel David Weiss' prosecutors he will face a jury trial, which would be a huge political liability for his father Joe Biden's 2024 reelection run.
PELOSI LIED! Former Capitol Police Chief
Sund Testifies He Had 3 Calls with Pelosi
on Jan. 6 – Pelosi Said They Never Spoke
– But Sund Says He Has the Receipts! (Video)
Posted by DW626 9/19/2023 9:13:02 PM Post Reply
On Tuesday, the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight held a hearing titled, “Oversight of United States Capitol Security: Assessing Security Failures on January 6, 2021.” Rep. Barry Loudermilk heads the subcommittee. Former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven A. Sund testified before the committee. Chief Steven Sund has been outspoken of Nancy Pelosi and her failures to secure the US Capitol that day. It has been widely reported that President Trump asked for the National Guard three days in advance of January 6. But Pelosi turned him down. She refused to call in the National Guard
Maybe This Latest Blatant Ballot Box Stuffing
Scandal Will Be the Last Straw
Posted by 4250Luis 9/19/2023 7:44:46 PM Post Reply
Whether it’s because they have no fear of consequence or because they really are that stupid, Democrat operatives regularly stuff ballot boxes in full view of cameras. The pattern is nauseatingly familiar at this point: First, Big Left’s candidate comes from behind to win an election with a handful of mail-in or absentee votes. Then, video, sworn testimony, and/or official complaints of ballot harvesting and ballot box stuffing emerge. The matter is referred to law enforcement, which opens an investigation.
Former WHO Directors Slam Organization’s
Harm Reduction Stance, And with Good Cause
Posted by FlyRight 9/19/2023 7:36:39 PM Post Reply
Two former Directors at the World Health Organization (WHO) have written a scorching article in The Lancet criticizing their former employer for its casual and damaging dismissal of tobacco harm reduction. They are quite right to do so, and it is regrettable that more academics are not doing likewise. Robert Beaglehole (chair of Action on Smoking and Health New Zealand), and Ruth Bonita (University of Auckland), both formerly Directors in the WHO’s efforts to tackle non-communicable diseases, take no prisoners in declaring that “tobacco control is not working for most of the world.”
FBI lost count of how many paid informants
were at Capitol on Jan. 6 — later performed
audit to figure out exact number: ex-official
Posted by FlyRight 9/19/2023 7:19:33 PM Post Reply
The FBI had so many paid informants at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, that they lost track of the number and had to perform a later audit to determine exactly how many “Confidential Human Sources” run by different FBI field offices were present that day, a former assistant director of the bureau has told lawmakers. At least one informant was communicating with his FBI handler as he entered the Capitol, according to Steven D’Antuono, formerly in charge of the bureau’s Washington field office.
Texas Serial Killer Who Murdered Dozens
of Elderly White Women Killed by Prison
Cellmate Weeks After DA Refused to Seek
Death Penalty
Posted by DW626 9/19/2023 7:15:51 PM Post Reply
Feel good story of the day. A Texas serial killer who murdered dozens of elderly white women was killed in prison by his cellmate on Tuesday morning. Billy Chemirmir murdered 23 elderly caucasian women in Dallas and Collin Counties, stole their jewelry, and sold it for cash. According to the Associated Press, the first trial of Chemirmir for the murder of Lu Thi Harris, 81, ended in a mistrial. A single juror refused to vote guilty despite overwhelming evidence. Chemirmir was later convicted of Harris’ killing and the slaying of Mary Sue Brooks, 87. Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis a few weeks ago said he would not be seeking the death penalty
New York City Considering Removing Statues
of George Washington, Others
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 6:29:39 PM Post Reply
New York City is considering a measure that would essentially remove statues of Founding Fathers such as George Washington, all while facing a migrant crisis costing taxpayers billions. According to a list found in New York City’s council agenda for Tuesday, September 19, officials will consider a bill that would: …require the Public Design Commission (PDC) to publish a plan to remove works of art on City property that depict a person who owned enslaved persons or directly benefitted economically from slavery, or who participated in systemic crimes against indigenous peoples or other crimes against humanity.
DOJ Broadens Probe Into Alleged Tesla-Funded
Glass House For Musk—Indicating Possible
Criminal Charges, Report Says
Posted by Dreadnought 9/19/2023 4:57:02 PM Post Reply
TOPLINE Federal prosecutors are probing whether Tesla’s company resources were used to supply personal benefits to CEO Elon Musk as early as 2017, farther back then previously known, according to people familiar with the investigation who also said prosecutors have made allusions to the involvement of a grand jury—indicating potential criminal charges, the Wall Street Journal reported. KEY FACTS Prosecutors have reportedly broadened their probe to include transactions between Tesla and other Musk-connected entities and whether any perks Musk received were properly reported according to SEC regulations.
Did Hunter Biden Lie to His Own Memoir? replies
Posted by Moritz55 9/19/2023 4:43:03 PM Post Reply
In a raft of glowing reviews, Hunter Biden’s 2019 memoir “Beautiful Things” was celebrated as an “unflinchingly honest” (Entertainment Weekly), “confession and an act of contrition” (Guardian), that was “candid” and “doesn’t hold back details” (New York Times) of his substance abuse and broken relationships. While describing the book as an “unvarnished confessional,” the Washington Post exalted it as a “harrowing, relentless and a determined exercise in trying to seize his own narrative from the clutches of the Republicans and the press. In the years since, testimony from a former business partner, Devon Archer, and newly disclosed emails indicate that the president’s son’s memoir was an exercise in spin
We Have Two Medias in This Country, and
They’re Going to Elect Donald Trump
Posted by rememberwhen 9/19/2023 4:06:52 PM Post Reply
It’s often asked in my circles: Why isn’t Joe Biden getting more credit for his accomplishments?... There is no one reason. But there is one overwhelming factor in play: the media. Or rather, the two medias... We reside in a media environment that promotes—whether it intends to or not—right-wing authoritarian spectacle. At the same time, as a culture, it’s consistently obsessed with who “won the day,” while placing far less value on the fact that the civic and democratic health of the country is nurtured through practices such as deliberation, compromise, and sober governance. The result is bad for Joe Biden. But it’s potentially tragic for democracy.
Fetterman is a slob, and Schumer is an embarrassment replies
Posted by NorthernDog 9/19/2023 3:54:24 PM Post Reply
It’s official: Democrats make everything worse. It was a sentiment long felt by many in the country, but after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) recent decision to nix the Senate’s dress code and, in turn, obliterate the regard, respect, and dignity of the office, Schumer and the Democrats erased any doubt about ushering in societal rot and the nation’s decline. It’s an embarrassment, and every Democratic politician should be ashamed. And that includes Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA), believed to be the impetus for Schumer’s decision to eliminate the dress code. But the prestige of the Senate shouldn’t be lowered
Mitt Romney's retirement reveals media's
real view of Republicans
Posted by Beardo 9/19/2023 2:57:03 PM Post Reply
Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney is retiring, and no one is more upset than the very press that savaged him when he ran for president in 2012. They attacked his religion, his wife’s multiple sclerosis, and accused him of hating dogs and being a gay basher in high school. (snip) Now, more than a decade later, they celebrate Romney. Politico warned that, "Romney’s exit threatens a collapse of Senate’s middle." (snip) Lefty journalists manipulate every Republican primary to get the farthest left candidate they can find, Arizona Sen. John McCain, who they called a "maverick," both Bush presidents and Romney.
Pennsylvania high school students organize
walkout to protest trans bathroom rule:
'Compromised' our rights
Posted by Beardo 9/19/2023 2:34:02 PM Post Reply
Hundreds of students from Pennsylvania's Perkiomen Valley School District walked out of class Friday after the local school board failed to enact a policy requiring transgender students to use the restroom corresponding with their biological sex. "Kids were upset. Girls… we wanted to protect them. They were upset. They didn't want men in their bathroom," John Ott, who organized the walkout, told FOX News on Monday. His mother Stephanie accused the district of only protecting transgender students and not looking at the "whole picture."
Ted Cruz predicts exactly who Dems will
‘parachute in’ to save the day when
they boot Biden
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 2:25:30 PM Post Reply
The ongoing struggles of President Joe Biden have led to much speculation that he won’t be running for reelection next year after all and Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) shared his theory on who could be tabbed as his replacement. With polls piling up showing that voters have serious questions about the geriatric career politician’s age and health issues, the Democratic Party is desperately in need of a savior if it becomes necessary to pull the plug on Biden. And there are few who have the star power to salvage control of the White House. One of them is, of course, former first lady Michelle Obama and the Texas Republican thinks that she
Biden warns of climate risks and Russia's
'naked aggression' in UN speech
Posted by Dreadnought 9/19/2023 2:22:53 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden warned of the risks of climate change and Russia's “naked aggression” in Ukraine as he addressed the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday. As the world faces myriad crises, Mr Biden sought to strike a unifying tone on key issues including creating consensus on tackling the climate crisis. “I understand the duty my country has to lead in this critical moment, to work with countries in every region,” Mr Biden said in his third address to the General Assembly since taking office in 2021.
Ray Epps Charged with a Misdemeanor over
Capitol Riot
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 2:17:05 PM Post Reply
Washington—Ray Epps, an Arizona man who became the center of a conspiracy theory about Jan. 6, 2021, has been charged with a misdemeanor offense in connection with the U.S. Capitol riot, according to court papers filed Tuesday. Epps, a former Marine who claimed in a lawsuit filed this year that Fox News Channel made him a scapegoat for the Capitol riot, is charged with a count of disorderly or disruptive conduct on restricted grounds, court records show. Messages seeking comment from an attorney representing Epps in his lawsuit against Fox were not immediately returned Tuesday. There was no attorney listed in the court docket in the criminal case
U.S. exploring security pact with Saudi
Arabia for normalization with Israel - report
Posted by Dreadnought 9/19/2023 2:09:29 PM Post Reply
The United States is reportedly exploring a security agreement resembling those with Asian allies as an incentive for Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel. According to The New York Times, Saudi and U.S. dignitaries are discussing terms of a mutual defense treaty that would resemble the robust military pacts that Washington has with its close allies Japan and South Korea – a central component in U.S. President Joe Biden’s high-stakes diplomacy to get Riyadh to normalize relations with Israel. Sourcing anonymous U.S. officials, the report said that under such an agreement, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia would pledge to provide military support if the other country is attacked
Zelensky watches Biden tell UN that if
Ukraine is 'carved up' by Russia then
no nation is safe: Tells world leaders
to stand up to Putin's 'naked aggression'
and vows to keep giving funds to Kyiv
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 2:07:27 PM Post Reply
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky watched President Joe Biden warn Tuesday that no nation is safe if Ukraine is 'carved up' by Russia. Biden was addressing the United Nations General Assembly, with both Zelensky - dressed in his traditional military fatigues - and Russian Amb. Vaisily Nebenzya in the audience. The U.S. president hammered Russia's 'naked agression' and vowed to keep funding Kyiv as he again called the present moment 'an inflection point in world history.'
Pennsylvania Rolls out Automatic Voter
Registration with Driver’s Licenses
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 2:01:28 PM Post Reply
Pennsylvania has become the latest state to roll out automatic voter registration when a citizen receives or renews their driver’s license. The move makes Pennsylvania the 24th state to implement automatic voter registration, NBC News reported. Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro (D) took to X to share the announcement. “By expanding voter registration at our DMVs, we’ll save taxpayers time and money, reduce the number of costly paper registrations and streamline voter registration for Pennsylvanians,” Shapiro said. Since 1993, Americans have been able to register to vote at a state motor vehicle agency.
Voter Registration Charities: A Massive,
Overlooked Scandal
Posted by Beardo 9/19/2023 1:28:02 PM Post Reply
“Nonprofit voter registration” doesn’t sound interesting. Yet nonprofit voter registration, or the use of tax-exempt charitable organizations to conduct and fund voter registration drives, is one of the most important and underreported political scandals of our time. (snip) Most of the largest grantors and grantees in this industry are left-leaning. Despite IRS rules prohibiting 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit groups from engaging in partisan electioneering, it has long been an open secret that the purpose of their work is to register voters from favorable demographics in order to help get Democrats elected. The voter registration industry has always retreated behind the fig-leaf of “nonpartisanship” when necessary,
‘Female Titans’ Debate The Sexual
Revolution: A Successful Movement That’s
Failed Women
Posted by Beardo 9/19/2023 1:08:19 PM Post Reply
Has the sexual revolution failed? That was the question posed to all in attendance of The Free Press’s first live debate held in downtown Los Angeles last Wednesday — one deemed “a clash of female titans.” (snip) Men are no longer required to cultivate masculine virtues. Commitment, self-control, and a duty to provide and protect are effectively discouraged by the proliferation of casual sex. In essence, we’re rewarding men with intimate access to our bodies and asking for nothing in return.
Mike Pence's Out-of-Touch And Risky Foreign
Policy Positions
Posted by Moritz55 9/19/2023 12:57:49 PM Post Reply
Appearing on Fox News with Shannon Bream two weekends ago, Mike Pence disqualified himself as a GOP candidate for the 2024 nomination by vowing to continue the failed policies of the Biden administration, which have brought America closer to a direct conflict with Russia. Three days ago, Pence repeated his desire for Ukraine to fight until all territory is recovered from Russia. Appearing before NewsNation, he emphasized support for emergency funding for Ukraine. "Give [Ukraine] the resources that they need to fight and to win and to drive that Russian military back... Because it's in our interests, and I think, ultimately, it's in the interests
The Fruits of Technocracy: Quantitative
Analysis Shows Google Steered 6 Million
Votes to Biden in 2020
Posted by Beardo 9/19/2023 12:41:46 PM Post Reply
Nothing is so sacred as our Democracy — so goes the corporate state media mantra, (snip) Robert Epstein (no relation to the child sex trafficker but perhaps just as likely to be suicided based on his work), director of the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT), has concluded through a quantitative analysis of Google search engine manipulation and subsequent extrapolation to the population level that the company — the unofficial motto of which was once “do no evil” and which was silently dropped in 2018 with no explanation — added six million votes to Joe Biden’s column in 2020.
Hackers who breached casino giants MGM,
Caesars also hit 3 other firms, Okta says
Posted by Dreadnought 9/19/2023 12:37:17 PM Post Reply
SAN FRANCISCO - Hackers who breached casino giants MGM Resorts International (MGM.N) and Caesars Entertainment (CZR.O) in recent weeks also broke into the systems of three other companies in the manufacturing, retail, and technology space, a security executive familiar with the matter said. David Bradbury, chief security officer of the identity management company Okta, said five of the company's clients, including MGM and Caesars, had fallen victim to hacking groups known as ALPHV and Scattered Spider since August. In an interview with Reuters, Bradbury didn't name the other companies, but said Okta was cooperating with official investigations into the breaches. The hacks have cast fresh spotlight on ransomware
Parents Appalled After Biological Male
Crowned Homecoming Queen at Missouri High School
Posted by mc squared 9/19/2023 12:36:47 PM Post Reply
The war on girls continues unabated. A biological male was crowned homecoming queen at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday. Tristan Young took the crown away from four biological females who were in the running. “thank you so much oak park. i am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude, and it is all your doing. i am forever thankful that you have chosen me to be your homecoming queen,” Tristan wrote on Instagram. “i have had a very difficult high school journey, but having the support of my friends, family and oak park has helped tremendously, i truly don’t know where i would be without it.”
Republicans set first Biden impeachment
probe hearing for next week
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 12:27:34 PM Post Reply
House Republicans will hold their first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry into President Biden Sept. 28, The Post has learned. A spokesperson for the House Oversight Committee said Tuesday the hearing would focus on “constitutional and legal questions surrounding the president’s involvement in corruption and abuse of public office.” Ahead of the hearing, the panel led by Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) plans to subpoena the bank records of first son Hunter Biden and first brother James Biden, whose overseas business interests are at the center of the impeachment inquiry announced by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) last week.
Ted Cruz Says Dems Will ‘Parachute’
In Michelle Obama, ‘Jettison’ Joe Biden
Posted by Garnet 9/19/2023 12:20:04 PM Post Reply
Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz predicted Monday that the Democratic Party will replace President Joe Biden with former First Lady Michelle Obama in the 2024 presidential election. “Here’s the scenario that I think is perhaps the most likely and most dangerous,” Cruz said on his “Verdict with Ted Cruz” podcast. “In August of 2024, the Democrat kingmakers jettison Joe Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama.”
Update: Democrat Mayoral Candidate John
Gomes Files Lawsuit to Block Certification
of Stolen Connecticut Primary Race That
Was Caught on Video
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 12:15:52 PM Post Reply
On Monday, Democrat Mayoral candidate John Gomes filed a lawsuit challenging the results of his party’s primary in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and requesting a new Democratic primary. This comes after a video surfaced showing a Democrat clerk inserting illegal ballots into a drop box, which prompted an investigation by the Bridgeport Police Department for “possible misconduct.” The Gateway Pundit reported that Gomes’ campaign released a damning video on Saturday showing evidence of election fraud in the recent Bridgeport Democratic primary. The video posted on Gomes campaign’s Facebook page shows a woman dropping stacks of ‘illegal’ ballots into an absentee ballot box
New York Times: Colombia to Send 1 Million
More Global Migrants in 2024
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 11:56:27 AM Post Reply
One million economic migrants from around the world will exit Columbia for the United States in 2024, says the leftist president of Columbia, Gustavo Petro. Colombia will not interfere with the huge flow out of Colombia, across Panama’s Darien Gap, through Mexico, and up to the U.S. border, Petro told the New York Times:The answer to this crisis, he said, was not to go “chasing migrants” at the border or to force them into “concentration camps” that blocked them from trying to reach the United States. “I would say yes, I’ll help, but not like you think,” Mr. Petro said of the agreement with the Biden administration, which was
Biden, 80, is worried he might die before
his son Hunter's legal issues are resolved
and think they will get worse, report claims
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 11:54:08 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden fears he may die before his son Hunter's legal issues are resolved as the family worries the situation may become worse before it gets better, a new report out on Tuesday revealed. Biden, 80, has spoken about his fear of death behind closed doors, sources close to the Bidens told NBC News. It's a contrast to Biden's public persona, where he has joked about being the oldest president in American history. At a fundraiser in New York on Monday night, Biden cast his age as experience.
Here Come the Teen Transgender Lawsuits replies
Posted by jimincalif 9/19/2023 11:40:24 AM Post Reply
An unnamed woman who once identified as transgender filed suit last week against the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Nebraska Medicine, and three doctors for “negligence and lack of informed consent” after she had a “gender-affirming” double mastectomy at the age of 16 in 2018. Now a young woman, the plaintiff will never nurse her children, assuming she is still able to bear them after four years of testosterone treatments that “caused significant mental and physical harm.”
White House, Hunter Biden’s team keep
shifting goalposts in denying Joe’s
involvement with businesses
Posted by Moritz55 9/19/2023 10:41:08 AM Post Reply
Hunter Biden’s lawyer declared last Thursday that the first son "did not share" his business or his profits with his father, marking another notable shift in the narrative responding to allegations linking President Biden to his son’s shady business dealings. Abbe Lowell, who has been aggressively defending Hunter, said he can "categorically" declare that Biden was not involved in Hunter's previous business dealings and did not profit from any of them. "I can tell you that Hunter did not share his business with his dad," Lowell told CNN on Thursday. "I can tell you that he did not share money from his businesses with his dad. And as the evidence
Pundits disappointed that COVID now indistinguishable
from colds and allergies
Posted by Dreadnought 9/19/2023 10:39:28 AM Post Reply
Getting a cold sucks. Sometimes you even think you are going to die. At least if you are a man. If you are a woman you soldier on as if nothing is wrong. At least that is what women tell me. Men are babies, women are tough as nails. Who am I to disagree (if I value my life)? As the CDC and the public health establishment keep pushing dire warnings out to the public and begging people to get vaccinated, the actual disease has done what almost all respiratory diseases do: become less dangerous. That’s not due to some version of compassion on the part of the virus.
Delaware Judge Greenlights Dominion's
Next Defamation Suit, This Time Against NewsMax
Posted by Dreadnought 9/19/2023 10:33:05 AM Post Reply
Dominion Voting Systems will return to court in September 2024, just weeks before a pivotal presidential election, with another defamation lawsuit. This time, the target is the conservative news network NewsMax. The television network reported on many of the claims of a stolen election in 2020 that came from outgoing president Donald Trump and his allies. The claims about Dominion's voting machines, like the ones that landed Fox News in hot water and led to a massive $787 million settlement, have never been fully proven and many have been outright disproven. Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric Davis, who also presided over the Fox defamation suit
How Biden Will Circle The Wagons replies
Posted by Moritz55 9/19/2023 10:30:06 AM Post Reply
The strategies of saving the Biden presidency from an impeachment and a Senate trial despite overwhelming evidence of his corruption are starting to emerge. The Family is confronted with damning evidence from the laptop, from the testimonies of Hunter’s business associates Bobulinksi and Archer, from Ukrainian oligarchs and Viktor Shokin, from IRS whistleblowers, from FBI writs, from a likely pseudonymous Biden trove of 4,000 emails to his son and associates, and from the absolute paranoia of a White House that must constantly change its narrative of denials to adjust to a growing portrait of utter corruption, bribery, and perhaps even the treason of warping U.S. policy to fit Biden family interests.
Oil spikes above $91 on supply concerns replies
Posted by NorthernDog 9/19/2023 10:16:06 AM Post Reply
The price of oil continues to rise as Wall Street traders eye a potential supply deficit after Saudi Arabia and Russia extended supply cuts. Brent and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude prices have climbed for three straight weeks to reach their highest peak since November and are now targeting their biggest quarterly jumps since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in the first quarter of 2022. That year, oil prices shot above $100 for the first time since 2014 amid the conflict as demand recovered from COVID-19 lockdowns. Meanwhile, the global benchmark Brent Crude ended 2022 near $86 a barrel on fears
Trump wrote to-do lists for assistant
on White House documents marked classified: Sources
Posted by Dreadnought 9/19/2023 10:02:03 AM Post Reply
One of former President Donald Trump's long-time assistants told federal investigators that Trump repeatedly wrote to-do lists for her on documents from the White House that were marked classified, according to sources familiar with her statements. As described to ABC News, the aide, Molly Michael, told investigators that -- more than once -- she received requests or taskings from Trump that were written on the back of notecards, and she later recognized those notecards as sensitive White House materials -- with visible classification markings -- used to brief Trump while he was still in office about phone calls with foreign leaders or other international-related matters.
Rumors Are Flying That Fetterman Has Been
Replaced With a Double – but They’re
Missing the Biggest Oddity
Posted by Hazymac 9/19/2023 9:15:07 AM Post Reply
Ever since video spread far and wide last week of Sen. John Fetterman (D-Uncle Fester) reacting with sarcastic derision to news that House Republicans were considering beginning a formal impeachment inquiry against Old Joe Biden, rumors have been flying that the guy in the video wasn’t Fetterman at all. Twitter/X is full of detailed comparisons of still photos from each, with the slovenly socialist’s supporters deriding doubters as crazed conspiracy theorists going nuts over photos taken with different lighting or from different angles.
How did it take the Pentagon 28 HOURS
to find missing F-35 that had crashed
in a field 80 miles from base? Mystery
surrounds loss of $80M stealth fighter
- as unearthed study raised fears jet
could be HACKED by enemy
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 9:09:20 AM Post Reply
The Pentagon is facing urgent questions over how it lost an $80million aircraft that was finally found crashed in a field just 80 miles from its base following a frantic 28-hour search. The Marine pilot of the F-35B Lightning II took off on Sunday from Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina - but an unexplained issue forced him to eject. The plane was flying in tandem with another jet, which returned to base after the mishap rather than following the pilot-less aircraft.
San Francisco Hits Record Overdose Deaths;
3 per Day from Fentanyl
Posted by Imright 9/19/2023 9:04:30 AM Post Reply
San Francisco recorded more overdose deaths in August 2023 than in any other month since records started being kept in 2020, a sign of the city’s continuing struggles with drug abuse and the opioid pandemic on its streets. The San Francisco Chronicle reported: The number of overdose deaths in San Francisco jumped up yet again in August — to 84 from 74 in July — tying January as the single deadliest month for overdoses since the city started tracking these deaths in the beginning of 2020. At the current pace, San Francisco is on track to see 845 overdose fatalities this year, topping 2020’s
RFK Jr says he would ban fracking in 10-point
plan to tackle plastics pollution
Posted by Skinnydip 9/19/2023 8:53:52 AM Post Reply
Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., while announcing his 10-point plan to end the plastics pollution crisis, said he would ban fracking. The process of fracking involves high pressure injections of liquid into underground rocks and layers to open fissures and extract oil or gas. The United Nations says each year, 19-23 million tons of plastic waste leaks into waterways, polluting rivers, seas, and lakes. [snip] The move would also drive the price of oil above $150 per barrel, while killing state budgets for energy producing states.
Blood On Whose Hands? replies
Posted by RockyTCB 9/19/2023 8:29:32 AM Post Reply
Remember when the media and their political masters couldn’t stop saying that red state governors had blood on their hands for opening their states while others were cowered by COVID? The data show it is those who kept their residents locked down and masked who cannot remove the Lady Macbeth-esque spot from their hands. When Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis decided early in the pandemic that liberty was more precious than any benefits that could come from dictatorial restrictions, the copycat media went to work. Associated Press reporter Ron Fournier tweeted
Here’s Why the Left Is So Determined
to Destroy the New College of Florida
Posted by Judy W. 9/19/2023 8:20:11 AM Post Reply
The Biden administration is attempting to crush a small Florida liberal arts school for not being left-wing. The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights recently announced that it would launch an investigation into the New College of Florida. The school, which previously had been known for its liberal politics, is being transformed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and a notable trustee, Christopher Rufo. (Snip) He said it began with a complaint from ACLU attorney Jennifer Granick. She said that the school’s board and trustees violated civil rights law by “removing ‘gender neutral’ signage from bathrooms, defunding the [diversity, equity, and inclusion] and gender studies programs, and ‘misgendering’
While Using Drag Queens for Recruitment,
Woke General Milley Hotly Denies That
Military Is Woke
Posted by DW626 9/19/2023 6:33:44 AM Post Reply
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark “Thoroughly Modern” Milley, who apparently wears a medal on his chest for every military disaster he’s overseen, bristles at claims that on his watch, the U.S. military has become woke, soft, and distracted from its actual purpose. The uber-woke general claims that he’s “not even sure what that word truly means” — that is, “woke” — and that the United States military is fearsome, powerful, and ready for anything. And it’s true, as long as the Chinese or Russians send an army of drag queens to confront us.
Progressives and Muslims went into the
Colosseum, but only one of the contenders
realized it
Posted by DW626 9/19/2023 6:30:13 AM Post Reply
Et tu, Brute? On Sunday, The Washington Post ran an editorial by Allan Lengel, detailing “accusations of betrayal” in a small Michigan community known as Hamtramck, after the city council enacted a ban... prohibiting the display of Pride flags on city property. Oh, was I absolutely tickled to read this. (For a couple of reasons, actually.) Everything about Pride flags on public property is a disgrace, so of course I welcome and applaud this civic act—but the real treat was in the minutiae, because I have a penchant for schadenfreude. Here’s a bit of backstory, from the article:
China's Communist Party Infiltrates American
K-12 Schools
Posted by FlyRight 9/19/2023 6:06:37 AM Post Reply
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has, or has had, ties to 143 school districts in the United States, including 20 near military bases, through its "Confucius Classrooms," according to a recent report, "Little Red Classrooms: China's Infiltration of American K-12 Schools" by Parents Defending Education (PDE), a grassroots organization. Attention to Confucius Institutes has mainly been centered around colleges and universities, but less so on K-12 education. This means that Chinese state propaganda is probably now pretty much all over American K-12 classrooms.
The Bay Area is still struggling to recover
from 'defund the police' (now they're
hoping Texas can help)
Posted by Dreadnought 9/19/2023 1:01:54 AM Post Reply
Three years after “defund the police” became a BLM rallying cry, San Francisco and other Bay Area cities are still trying to recover from the brief popularity that phrase once had with mayors and city councils. San Francisco is still down hundreds of police officers and has come up with a new plan to attract more recruits: Go to Texas. The San Francisco Police Department is visiting four Texas university campuses through September as part of new recruiting efforts to find candidates outside of California. For the first time, police officer candidates will be tested outside of California, with a written test, a physical ability test and an oral interview.
Biden trails Trump, Haley, Scott in 2024
race: poll
Posted by Dreadnought 9/19/2023 12:56:51 AM Post Reply
President Biden is trailing former President Trump, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) in several hypothetical 2024 match-ups in a new survey from Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll shared with The Hill. The poll found that 44 percent of respondents said they would vote for Trump when asked about a hypothetical match-up between him and Biden in 2024, while 40 percent said they would back the current president. A separate 15 percent said they were unsure or didn’t know. The polling is largely unchanged from a similar Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll conducted in July, which had Trump at 45 percent and Biden at 40 percent.
Border Patrol sticks it to the sanctuary cities replies
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The Border Patrol, which remains focused on its mission and is generally less corrupted than the rest of the federal workforce, has a little something to say to all the sanctuary cities out there: Sure, it was done by the Border Patrol union, and not the agency itself. But it pretty well indicates what the rank and file are thinking. That may be why we are seeing strange videos like these, this time in San Diego, which has become the latest dumping ground for Joe Biden's catch-and-release: It may be that the Border Patrol doesn't even care anymore. They've been demoralized and spat on by their ultimate commander
Stellantis tells UAW they'll reopen that
plant the union's so hep on
Posted by Dreadnought 9/19/2023 12:39:21 AM Post Reply
This may not be shaking out the way the United Auto Workers envisioned after all. Yeah, their president got to talk tough, and they walked out with a new strategy, striking all 3 major automakers at the same time, one facility at a time. Striking a blow for the little guy may wind up costing lots of little guys. Part of the union demands to carmaker Stellantis (Jeep and Chrysler among a myriad of other brands) pre-walkout included reopening the Belvidere, IL assembly plant. It closed down in February of this year as Jeep Cherokee sales dried up. The facility is massive. …Once home to as many as 5,000 production employees,
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