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How Biden Will Circle The Wagons

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Posted By: Moritz55, 9/19/2023 10:30:06 AM

The strategies of saving the Biden presidency from an impeachment and a Senate trial despite overwhelming evidence of his corruption are starting to emerge. The Family is confronted with damning evidence from the laptop, from the testimonies of Hunter’s business associates Bobulinksi and Archer, from Ukrainian oligarchs and Viktor Shokin, from IRS whistleblowers, from FBI writs, from a likely pseudonymous Biden trove of 4,000 emails to his son and associates, and from the absolute paranoia of a White House that must constantly change its narrative of denials to adjust to a growing portrait of utter corruption, bribery, and perhaps even the treason of warping U.S. policy to fit Biden family interests.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Pearson365 9/19/2023 10:59:17 AM (No. 1559184)
Excellent article. If impeachment and Senate conviction seem likely, I fully expect Biden to say “I didn’t take bribes but if you don’t remove me, I’m willing to give my share of the money back”. Sadly, tragically, nothing will happen to Joe and his crime family. He’ll also be re-elected with more fake ballots than he received in 2020. He’ll die in office and will be honored with an enormous state funeral benefiting a dictator.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 9/19/2023 11:17:56 AM (No. 1559205)
Regardless of the outcome, +80 million of us and many millions of others in the world know in our hearts that biden the cheater has been the most corrupt, evil, and dishonest fake president in America's history. And God knows. Boy, does He know.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: mifla 9/19/2023 11:54:58 AM (No. 1559233)
Find the offshore account with Joe's name on it and nail this guy.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: FJB 9/20/2023 2:17:08 AM (No. 1559689)
VDH always comes through. And all this while Hunter con-jobs enough dirty, largely tax-free loot worldwide to leave the Biden-Obama Crime Syndicate fat, dumb, immeasurably wealthy, and under well-armed protection. Anyone not frightened by, unaware of, or indifferent to the premeditated evils of these traitors--bankrupting our nation, willfully opening our southern border to hordes of illegals, terrorists included, fueling drug overdoses and a fentanyl crisis, while deliberately perverting our culture--plus the calculated theft of Constitutional freedoms Americans once took for granted--either have not been paying attention or else are girlishly averting their eyes while boning up on their Mandarin. MAGA Patriots
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Reply 5 - Posted by: bpl40 9/20/2023 8:12:21 AM (No. 1559821)
All 47 Democrat members of the Senate voted to convict Trump for Russia collusion - knowing fully well that it was a fraud and a lie. Do you think there is ANY possibility that this Senate will vote to convict? Then there are RINO traitors like Willard who now have nothing to lose.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Rinktum 9/20/2023 8:39:33 AM (No. 1559840)
Look what democrats have done to President Trump with made up charges. He is for all intents and purposes looking at jail time for nothing more than opposing the corrupt system that has control of our government. The very people going after him are totally corrupt and will suffer no consequences for it. This is the state of our government. Not hopeful Justice will ever be served in this country without a purge of these lawless democrats.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Hazymac 9/20/2023 8:41:00 AM (No. 1559842)
FTA: Remember, Hunter also knows his father all too well—Joe’s long resume of plagiarism, greed, arrogance, corruption, lying, and fantasies—and so rightly believes at some point Joe might easily shrug, and in one of his “senile” moments, utter, “Well, no Joke, man—it was all Hunter’s stuff, not mine.” Professor Hanson has been "onto" Joe Biden for a long time; his essays are damning; this one practically burns. The Resident can protest all he wants to, but who owns all that choice real estate where he spends so much time? Hunter? No? So it all comes down to a comprehensively crooked pol who was cheated into power. He should be despised because the damage he is doing is deliberate, and intended to be permanent. Instead, let the damage be to Joe and his crooked anti-American party.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: cny 9/20/2023 9:40:28 AM (No. 1559885)
If the money was spread out amongst the crime family, what happens to them after the Big Guy is dead? Are they prosecuted?
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Zigrid 9/20/2023 10:39:28 AM (No. 1559920)
I think the biden buddies are starting to realize that...he's how will they work harris into the Oval Office and make her stop laughing ....she's such a fool...but obama will continue to run things with Valerie Jarrett at his side...they have one year left...and they will make the most of it....and with biden out of the picture...crooked hillary will be assigned Vice President by harris to replace herself...hillary is coming me...that's why the pervert Podesta...her champaign manager was hired by biden...not that he knows about it....the hillary team is in the White House already....harris better watch her back...hillary is vicious.....
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Reply 10 - Posted by: nh23847 9/20/2023 11:51:13 AM (No. 1559981)
Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a “crooked President “ that would want to spare the country the turmoil of an (another) impeachment trial like Nixon did and just resign. Wow, if only….
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A Republican senator and Yale School of Public Health dean recently sparred on gun crime, and one expert told Fox News Digital it was an example of how the left frames data in a way that misleadingly makes it seem like Republican-controlled areas are most plagued by crime. "Why do you think that Chicago has become America's largest outdoor shooting range?" Louisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy asked Dr. Megan Ranney of the Yale School of Public Health at a hearing Monday. Ranney responded by comparing Chicago to three red states and claiming Mississippi, Louisiana and Missouri "actually have higher firearm death rates." "What about Chicago?" Kennedy asked.
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Trump’s MAGA means commonsense policies,
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Does MAGA equal extremism? The Bidenites want you to believe that; it’s the only strategic message likely to topple former President Donald Trump in 2024 if embraced by the broad electorate. So what’s the truth? I was there at the dawn of the modern Make America Great Again movement when Mr. Trump first laid down his MAGA principles during his 2016 campaign. At the top of his list was fair trade rather than simply free trade. Mr. Trump was the first president to expose massive unfair trade practices worldwide, not just those of China. He rightly called out the corrosive cheating of countries including Germany, India, Brazil and Vietnam.
Donald Trump: I Will Make America Great
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With less than one year to go until Election Day, the polls show that we are beating Joe Biden by wide margins both nationally and in the battleground states—and young people are a major part of the reason why. A recent NBC News poll found that we are leading Biden 46 percent to 42 percent nationally among voters ages 18 to 34—a clear sign that young Americans are rejecting Joe Biden's reign of failure, incompetence, and corruption.
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Former UFC champion Conor McGregor ripped the prime minister of Ireland for "downplaying" the kidnapping and eventual release of an Irish-Israeli child by Hamas terrorists on Saturday. McGregor called Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar a "disgrace" after he used the terms "lost" and "found" to describe the abduction and release of 9-year-old Emily Hand. "She was abducted by an evil terrorist organization," the UFC superstar wrote on X, formerly Twitter. "What is with you and your government and your paid for media affiliates constantly down playing / attempting to repress horrific acts that happen to children. You are a disgrace."
JFK assassination: 60 years later we know
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On Nov. 22, 1963, we lost not only a popular young president, but we also lost our national innocence. We lost our trust in government. Once lost, it has not returned and never will. The rifle shots fired at the president’s motorcade changed my own life as I watched TV coverage of my bloodied "friend" Lee Harvey Oswald dragged into the Dallas Police Station. When the Secret Service knocked on my door the morning after the assassination, they came for me as someone identified as a "known associate" of the presumed JFK assassin. My involvement with Lee and Marina Oswald began in June 1962.
United Nations chief slammed as Gaza death
comparison fact-checked by social media:
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Social media platform X hit United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres with a community note that countered a claim he made about the deaths in the Gaza Strip as Israel continues its offensive against Hamas. The official U.N. News account on X posted several quotes from Guterres’s press conference on Monday, when he insisted, "We are witnessing a killing of civilians that is unparalleled and unprecedented in any conflict since I have been Secretary-General." The post received a community note, which allows users to provide additional context for "posts that might be misleading," pointing to at least two conflicts with significant death tolls either equal to or above
Internal Senate memo highlights Biden
admin efforts to tie highway funding to
woke priorities
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Posted by Moritz55 11/21/2023 9:28:58 AM Post Reply
An internal memorandum circulated among lawmakers by Senate Commerce Committee Republicans highlights how the Biden administration is tying billions of dollars in taxpayer funds to "woke initiatives." The memo, first obtained by Fox News Digital, was sent late Monday evening and spearheaded by Commerce Committee Ranking Member Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who is planning to author legislation that would prohibit the Department of Transportation (DOT) from tying federal funds to left-wing priorities. It particularly targets DOT's management of three grant programs that serve as key vehicles to fund various types of surface transportation projects nationwide.
New film gives reel truth in the face
of George Floyd lies
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Posted by Moritz55 11/20/2023 9:02:17 PM Post Reply
It’s a self-protective aspect of human nature to put aside painful memories, and that’s what most of us have done about the murderous riots in the summer of 2020 that were sparked by George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. But for the people of that fallen city, and for all the cops across the nation who were abandoned and betrayed by their feckless political leaders, the pain still burns bright. It ought to burn for the rest of us, too, because we still are suffering the consequences, in the catastrophic breakdown of law and order nationwide. We will continue to do so while the lies about George Floyd’s death are left to fester.
Biden slammed for repeating claim of Naval
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Friendsgiving event
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President Biden was panned for repeating a claim about a Navy appointment and for singling out a young girl during a "Friendsgiving" meal for service members Sunday. "By the way, I’m all Navy. But I was appointed… I was gonna go play [football] at the Naval Academy until I found out the other guys in the backfield were a guy named Roger Staubach and Joe Bellino," Biden told military personnel and their families on Sunday at an early holiday meal dubbed "Friendsgiving" held in a hangar at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia. In June, Biden told Air Force graduates he applied to the Naval Academy
Biden Is a One-Term President 22 replies
Posted by Moritz55 11/20/2023 9:26:17 AM Post Reply
There are so many murmurs about replacing Joe Biden as the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee that a more central question can get sidelined: what are his chances of winning a second term if he is not removed from the ballot? Democrats are in a singularly unenviable position, eyeing a troubled nation led by a president in obvious decline, with no alternative nominee in sight. Everyone is free to mull some scheme featuring Gavin Newsom riding to the rescue, or the spectacle of Michelle Obama lowered from the rafters at the Chicago convention to accept the anointing of delegates filled with joyful relief.
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Blinken to Israelis: 'I Don't Think You
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Say what? As bad as we expected the Antony Blinken Lecture Tour in Jerusalem to be, even I wouldn’t have predicted that a US Secretary of State would have said this to a country victimized by a massive terror attack that killed 1400 people. That is, if Blinken actually told the Israelis that they don’t have enough “credit” to fight Hamas to the finish. The transcript comes from the Times of Israel, which translated it from a Hebrew transcript leaked to Israel’s Channel 12 News. Could something have gotten lost in translation? Perhaps, but it’s not the only eyebrow-raising part of the exchange, either. It begins with Blinken
Biden Says That Prices Are Still Too High
so Companies Should Just Lower Them
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Joe Biden has apparently noticed that the price of everything is much higher on his watch than a few years ago. He is now asking sellers to just lower their prices. As a viral commercial once said. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. Companies don’t lower prices just because inflation is politically inconvenient for the president and his party. (X) From the New York Post: Biden admits prices ‘too high’ but blames sellers for 18% inflation President Biden acknowledged Monday that prices are still “too high” and argued that companies should lower them after an 18% jump in consumer costs since he took office.
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MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that the reinstated gag order in the New York business fraud case was needed because President Donald Trump is a “thug” leading a violent cult. Reid said, “Donald Trump is a thug. I mean, that is just clear. He’s been a thug from the time he ran for office, getting his crowds to attack protesters inside of the actual, you know, events. He’s now unleashed these attacks on people who aren’t even connected to the case, just married at someone he’s mad at.”She continued, “His initial Truth Social post that prompted the gag order resulted in hundreds of threatening and harassing
George Santos Expelled from House, Teeing
Up Special Election in Toss-Up District
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Representative George Santos became the sixth congressman in U.S. history to be expelled from the House of Representatives after many of his GOP colleagues joined a united Democratic caucus on Friday in booting him from the lower chamber. The final whip count was 311 in favor and 114 against, with two members voting “present.” The indicted congressman’s ouster from the lower chamber will usher in an ultra-competitive special election in his Long Island and Queens district that the Cook Political Report has already rated a “tossup.” Once Democratic governor Kathy Hochul sets a date for a special election — likely early next year — local party officials
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The Princess of Wales brushed off the fallout from a race row this evening as she glistened in a show-stopping gown upon arrival at the Royal Variety Performance. Kate, 41, paired her stunning £1,288 Talina gown from Safiyaa with an equally dazzling smile as she stepped out in Kensington, showing no sign of anguish after a turbulent week for the royal family following the release of a bombshell book.(Snip)The pair identified in the book were named widely by media organisations around the world tonight, including the Guardian and the Times, as King Charles and Kate.
Can Tyranny Be Forgiven? 20 replies
Posted by Hazymac 12/1/2023 7:07:13 AM Post Reply
On a recent episode of HBO’s “Real Time” with Bill Maher, guest Scott Galloway sat across from Maher and the former Democrat governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and said, “I was on the board of my kids’ school during COVID. I wanted a harsher lockdown policy. In retrospect, I was wrong. The damage to children by keeping them out of school longer was greater than the risks. “But here’s the bottom line. Myself, the great people at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), I’d like to think the governor, (Cuomo nods) we were all operating with imperfect information, we were doing our best. Let’s learn from it.
American workers - are YOU happy to pay
$1,800 EACH to wipe the student debt of
the privileged elite who'll earn $52,000
a year? Because BRAD POLUMBO reveals that's
your bill for desperate Joe's naked bribe
for votes
20 replies
Posted by Imright 12/1/2023 12:54:58 AM Post Reply
'Congratulations! I erased your student loans. Now will you vote for me?' That's what President Biden should have said in an email to more than 800,000 student loan borrowers – because his latest scheme to 'forgive' some of their $1.78 trillion in outstanding debts is nothing more than a bribe. 'Your student loan has been forgiven because of actions my Administration took to make sure you receive the relief you earned and deserve,' read the White House message sent to in-boxes on Tuesday.
Millennial parents claim boomer generation
has ABANDONED them over childcare and
are 'too busy traveling' to help out -
as grandparents hit back and say 'we didn't
have a damn nanny'
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Boomers are spending far more money on travelling than their parents did - leaving their own millennial kids without childcare as they jet off on vacations. Psychologist and millennial mother Leslie Dobson, 40, said she wishes her dad Ted Dobson, 71, was around to spend more time with her sisters and his grandchildren. But Dobson's dad is busy enjoying retirement on his boat in Mexico, he said 'I haven't spent a nickel less on my kids. I just spent some on me.'
BREAKING: Senate Democrats Throw Out the
Rules to Launch Unprecedented Attack on
the Supreme Court
20 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/30/2023 2:05:16 PM Post Reply
Senate Democrats threw out the rules of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday in order to launch an unprecedented attack on the United States Supreme Court. More specifically, on conservative justices and their friends. For months Chairman Dick Durbin and Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse have been trying to issue subpoenas to longtime conservative activists Leonard Leo and billionaire Harlon Crow. Leo and Crow, both private individuals, are also friends to Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Earlier this month, Durbin briefly backed off his conquest to subpoena Leo and Crow. Today, he blatantly disregarded Senate process and voted to do just that.
Keith Olbermann Quits Twitter in a Rage
– Comes Back Less Than 24 Hours Later
19 replies
Posted by Hazymac 11/30/2023 8:08:13 AM Post Reply
Former MSNBC host and current deranged podcaster Keith Olbermann rage-quit Twitter this week and lasted less than 24 hours before coming back. This happens frequently on the left. Progressives can’t stand the fact that they no longer control Twitter, yet they can’t live without it. When Olbermann returned, he even insisted that he never quit. The Daily caller reports: "The Dark Lord Returns: Olbermann Back On Twitter 24 Hours After He Quit ‘Antisemitic’ Platform He’s back. In an incredible, wildly unpredictable event (kidding, I predicted it just this morning), Keith Olbermann has returned to Twitter after making a grand proclamation that he’d stop posting on the platform.
FBI special agent carjacked in Washington, D.C. 16 replies
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An FBI special agent was carjacked at gunpoint in Washington, D.C., Wednesday afternoon, according to multiple law enforcement sources. The incident occurred near the 1200 block of Constitution Ave., NE. The agent was driving a blue Chevy Malibu, which contained the agent’s body armor and radio when it was stolen, sources said. The agent was not harmed, sources told ABC News. The car was recovered a short time later, sources said. The DC Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the matter. The FBI Washington Field Office and the Metropolitan Police Department Carjacking Task Force are also investigating, according to an FBI
DeSantis and Newsom will face off in a
Fox News event featuring two governors
with White House hopes
16 replies
Posted by 4250Luis 11/30/2023 7:14:31 AM Post Reply
California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis are meeting in a nationally televised event on Thursday night that will feature two young, high-profile leaders with presidential aspirations who may have to wait for future cycles to realize them. Newsom, 56, has talked about eventually running for president but is backing President Joe Biden ‘s reelection in 2024. DeSantis, 45, entered the 2024 GOP presidential race six months ago as the perceived top challenger to Donald Trump, only to fail to dent the former president’s commanding early lead in the party’s primary.
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