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NY law graduate uses graduation speech
to claim laws are 'white supremacy' that
'oppress and suppress people' and to attack
'fascist' police and military
Posted by mc squared 5/29/2023 11:13:55 AM Post Reply
A NYC law graduate has used her commencement speech to claim that laws are 'white supremacy' as she attacked American institutions for being 'fascist.' Fatima Mousa Mohammed was chosen by City University of New York's law school to speak at the graduation ceremony on May 12 - but the controversial clip has inflamed people on social media after it was posted online. In her speech, Mohammed blasted the NYPD and the US military as 'fascists' and called on her peers to continue to 'revolution' against capitalism and racism across the country. The future lawyer claimed that black and brown prisoners are murdered daily in US jails
Lockdown's consequences: more serious
illness and deaths
Posted by mc squared 5/26/2023 1:59:33 PM Post Reply
Remember when lockdowns were justified by the stupid argument that they are worth it if they save “just one life?” Yeah, well. The consequences of the lockdown will, in the end, be the early deaths of millions of people, perhaps eclipsing those who died from COVID itself. If you have been following the story of excess deaths around the world–I have written about the story a few times–you will know that the West is suffering from a dramatic increase in the rate of deaths. Most of those excess deaths are not due to COVID, nor are they COVID-related. “Excess deaths” are the number of people who died compared to what would be expected
Pulse-pounding video shows Asiana flight’s
panic as passenger opens door while still
in the air
Posted by mc squared 5/26/2023 12:35:25 PM Post Reply
A passenger aboard a South Korean flight opened an emergency door moments before the plane landed — sparking caught-on-video chaos and panic among the 194 passengers in the wind-swept cabin. The Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 was about to land in Daegu after a flight from the southern island of Jeju on Friday when the passenger pulled the emergency exit handle at an altitude of about 700 feet, officials said. Some of the other passengers tried to prevent the person from reaching the door but it partially opened, sending air whipping throughout the cabin as terrified fliers gripped their armrests.
Professor Who Harassed Pro-Life Students
Surrenders to Police after Threatening
Reporter with Machete
Posted by mc squared 5/25/2023 1:38:23 PM Post Reply
SUNY Hunter College professor Shellyne Rodriguez surrendered to police Thursday morning after brandishing a machete at a New York Post reporter who came to her door seeking comment regarding a video in which she can be seen harassing pro-life students. Rodriguez, 45, turned herself into the 43rd Precinct in the Bronx after footage emerged on Tuesday showing her holding a machete to the throat of Post reporter Reuven Fenton. She has been charged with menacing and harassment, an NYPD spokesman told National Review. Fenton had visited Rodriguez’s apartment in the Bronx to ask her about a recent controversy on campus in which she destroyed a table display set up by pro-life students.
Footage shows overflowing Chicago police
precincts turned into migrant shelters
Posted by mc squared 5/24/2023 11:18:52 AM Post Reply
Footage is going viral showing police precincts across Chicago overflowing with illegal immigrants, with many having been transformed into makeshift shelters. Personal items, luggage, and plastic bags litter the precincts as illegal immigrants carve out areas with bedding in the precincts, according to a report citing videographer Rebecca Brannon. Brannon filmed the scenes on Sunday, and immigrants can be seen listening to music while children scurry around playing. Numerous Chicago police stations are serving as makeshift shelters for migrants and are dealing with bed bugs, illnesses, food and basic healthcare shortages," she tweeted.
'They need child-free sections on planes!'
Parents slammed for allowing their toddler
to 'run wild' and jump on her table during
long-haul flight
Posted by mc squared 5/21/2023 12:27:56 PM Post Reply
A set of parents have been slammed online after allowing their toddler to 'run wild' during an eight-hour flight. Earlier this year, a video of the anonymous child misbehaving was posted on the Reddit forum 'Public Freakout'. The nine-second clip shows the young child, thought to be from the US, standing on the table attached to the chair in front of them. While shouting at her parents, the toddler then proceeds to start jumping up and down on the tray. As a result, the chair belonging to the man in front of the toddler starts to shake while the table looks as though it might break under her weight.
Brawl breaks out at Disney World after
family refuses to move for photo op
Posted by mc squared 5/17/2023 12:42:49 PM Post Reply
So much for the happiest place on Earth. A brawl broke out at Walt Disney World on Monday after one family asked another to move over so they could take a photo in front of the park’s 100th anniversary sign. Shocking video from inside the park shows the group throwing punches at each other, with one man on the ground, in front of the sign as Disney employees call for backup. The families were yelling and cursing at each other before the workers and a security officer arrived to split them up, with the man who was on the ground having trouble getting up and opting to stay seated, the footage shows.
Sen. Rubio Releases Several Hundred Page
Report Detailing Origins of COVID, Revealing
Details on Wuhan Lab
Posted by mc squared 5/17/2023 11:07:57 AM Post Reply
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), the vice chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, compiled over the past several years and just released on Tuesday a several hundred page report detailing his investigative findings on the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. The report, which is available on Rubio’s Senate website, is more than 240 pages long, with another more than 80 pages containing the hundreds of citations made throughout it. The effort is the product of years of research by Rubio, his staff, and outside experts who helped compile the comprehensive investigation into the matter.
Biden pens oped calling for tighter gun
laws, ban on AR-15-style weapons
Posted by mc squared 5/16/2023 7:33:49 PM Post Reply
President Biden is taking his case for tougher gun limits directly to the American public, writing in an op-ed that his power is limited and Congress must “do more.” Mr. Biden, writing in USA Today, said last year’s bipartisan bill to expand background checks for young people and red flag laws that remove guns from those who are a danger to themselves or others was just a good start, and he is exploring executive action to rein in firearms. “My power is not absolute. Congress must act, including by banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, requiring gun owners to securely store their firearms, requiring background checks for all gun sales, and repealing
NEW: Key Witness in Biden Bribery Scheme
Missing, FBI Won’t Offer Assistance
Posted by mc squared 5/14/2023 5:36:46 PM Post Reply
As RedState previously reported, Rep. James Comer and other Republicans in both the House and Senate are currently in the midst of an investigation into an alleged bribery scheme involving the Biden family. Specifically, the FBI is in possession of a 1023 form that includes supposed evidence and witness testimony to that effect. But while the FBI has not denied that they have the form, they have attempted to stonewall, claiming confidentiality concerns. Now, another roadblock has appeared. According to Comer, some witnesses have gone missing while others are in jail, and the FBI is refusing to assist in locating them.
2 killed, 5 people injured people following
shooting in US-Mexico border city
Posted by mc squared 5/14/2023 1:45:31 PM Post Reply
Two young men were killed and five others seriously injured when gunfire broke out late Saturday at a gathering just north of the US-Mexico border in Arizona. All of the victims were men between the ages of 15 and 20, Fox 10 reported. The two men killed were ages 19 and 20 and died at the Yuma Regional Medical Center. A 16-year-old boy was flown to Phoenix in critical condition. The four other hurt males — ages 15, 16, 18 and 19 — are expected to survive. Police in Yuma received a call about an aggravated assault just before 11 p.m., ABC News reported.
Record-breaking 67,759 migrants apprehended
at US border this week
Posted by mc squared 5/12/2023 1:55:05 PM Post Reply
US border agents apprehended a record-breaking 67,759 illegal migrants in the past week alone — including sex offenders and gang members — as well as a massive stash of fentanyl, officials said Friday. Another 15,780 illegal migrants eluded capture, tweeted US Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz. Among those caught were five sex-offenders, four gang members and two felons, authorities said. Agents also seized 56 pounds of fentanyl, 179 pounds of methamphetamine, 34 pounds of cocaine, five pounds of heroin and seven firearms. Border officials have struggled to manage an overwhelming surge in illegal immigration after the expiration of the Title 42 public-health order, which allowed for expedited deportations during the coronavirus crisis.