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In Trump, I See a Combat Leader replies
Posted by 4250Luis 7/16/2024 6:55:58 AM Post Reply
When I led raids as a Marine Corps officer in Iraq and Afghanistan, I used to move around the objective with my hands in my pockets. I did this to show the Marines that I wasn’t afraid—even if I was. Acting calm in a firefight wasn’t always easy, but it’s what a combat leader does. Whatever you think of Trump, he proved himself to be a combat leader on Saturday. A bullet came an inch from blowing his brains out. He took cover. And when he stood, with blood splattered across the side of his face,
Model Amber Rose at RNC: ‘Media Has
Lied to Us About Donald Trump’
Posted by 4250Luis 7/16/2024 6:52:00 AM Post Reply
Democrats and left-wing media have lied to the American people about former President Donald Trump, model and actress Amber Rose proclaimed during her speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday night. Rose — known as a “Slutwalk” feminist activist (which she has since distanced herself from in a TMZ interview), pro-abortion advocate, and self-avowed atheist, who has had romantic relationships with various rap artists — shocked Hollywood and her followers when she endorsed Trump in May. Rose was subsequently tapped to speak at the RNC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to provide her unique perspective in a shifting political landscape where many feel abandoned by the Democrat Party.
Isn’t This What The Left Wanted? replies
Posted by 4250Luis 7/16/2024 6:50:07 AM Post Reply
Like Robert Redford’s character in “The Candidate” — who unexpectedly won a U.S. Senate race and then bewilderedly asked “What do we do now?” — the Democrats, the media, the Hollywood-celebrity industrial complex, and the leftist-dominated professoriate are in a similar position. They have to wonder what to do next after their wish that someone would take out Donald Trump was attempted and failed. In the hours after Trump was shot in a botched, but only by millimeters, assassination bid, the media scolds began to insist that we must “take down the temperature.”
The Republican Party Platform is Good replies
Posted by 4250Luis 7/16/2024 6:47:37 AM Post Reply
The Republican Party platform has been out for several days now. The platform lists the following 20 points and then provides a brief explanation of how some of them are to be accomplished: “1. Seal The Border, And Stop The Migrant Invasion 2. Carry Out The Largest Deportation Operation In American History 3. End Inflation, And Make America Affordable Again 4. Make America The Dominant Energy Producer In The World, By Far! 5. Stop Outsourcing, And Turn The United States Into A Manufacturing Superpower
Biden snaps repeatedly at Lester Holt
in combative NBC interview days after
Trump assassination attempt: ‘What’s
with you guys?’
Posted by 4250Luis 7/16/2024 6:45:46 AM Post Reply
President Biden repeatedly scolded NBC anchor Lester Holt in an interview Monday — exclaiming at one point, “What’s with you guys? Come on, man!” — as he defended his criticism of Donald Trump despite calling on Americans to “lower the temperature” after the assassination attempt on the former president Saturday. The 81-year-old president lashed out when Holt pressed him on his disastrous June 27 debate performance and bristled when the journalist asked him about former Trump’s running mate J.D. Vance. “Are you seeing what [viewers] saw, which was moments of frankly, that appeared to be — you appeared to be confused?” Holt asked the president.
Xi Jinping and China: Running Out of Time,
Ready to Strike
Posted by 4250Luis 7/16/2024 6:26:30 AM Post Reply
Why is Chinese President Xi Jinping moving so fast at this time to exert control over peripheral waters? Prominent China analyst Willy Lam wrote last October that China's leader perhaps sees a closing window of opportunity and therefore is in a hurry to annex territory. Whether he goes to war or not, he is getting ready to do so. Both the Financial Times and CNN have reported that businesses have been establishing military units inside their organizations. "Chinese Companies Are Raising Militias Like It's the 1970s," the cable network reported.