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Republican Business Interests
Separate From Sidney Powell…
Posted by FL_Absentee_Voter 11/22/2020 11:55:46 PM Post Reply
When it was clear that candidate Donald Trump would win the republican presidential nomination in March/April 2016 the RNC, specifically Reince Priebus, salivated at getting their hands on the Trump campaign donor files. [Snip] This is all about who is getting paid by the campaign and RNC. The Trump campaign isn’t going to reimburse Sidney Powell for any expenses, nor is she allowed to make offers of financial payment from the GOP or Trump campaign. The vultures assembling and protecting their paychecks do not want Powell getting paid, nor do they want any financial liability. That’s all this statement is.
Michael Flynn Jr. Releases More Information
on Trump Team’s Sidney Powell Statement —
And It’s NOT What You Think
Posted by Imright 11/22/2020 10:19:07 PM Post Reply
As we suspected, the news this evening about Sidney Powell not being on the Trump team is an act to protect Sidney and the Trump team and not a message of disappointment in her latest interviews and actions at all.The Trump campaign issued a statement Sunday night announcing Sidney Powell is not a member of President Trump’s legal team.The statement was posted online by campaign attorney Jenna Ellis on behalf of lead campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani.Powell had appeared at a campaign legal team press conference earlier this week alongside Giuliani and Ellis.
Bette Midler: Trump Will Execute Six More
People On Death Row Because 258,000
‘Isn’t Enough’
Posted by Imright 11/22/2020 10:02:30 PM Post Reply
Far-left actress and singer Bette Midler says President Donald Trump will execute six more people on death row before the end of his presidency insisting that the 258,000 people who’ve died from the coronavirus “isn’t enough” for a “sadist” like him. “The repulsive ugly vindictive nature of the most vomitous elected official in US history, #DonaldTrump continues his scorched earth policy: #undermininBiden [sic],” wrote Midler. “AND he’ll execute 6 people currently on #DeathRow; the sadist in him must be floating on air. 258,000 dead isn’t enough.” (Tweet)
‘Freedom Pass, Please’: Boris to Introduce
Covid Passports as More Lockdowns Loom
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/22/2020 7:53:41 PM Post Reply
The British government will reportedly introduce “freedom passes” and specialised passport certificates to people who have tested negative for the Chinese coronavirus, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce further regional lockdown restrictions following the end of the latest national lockdown in December. The British prime minister will outline his plans for further localised lockdown restrictions on Monday, as well as a plan to introduce mass testing, in what the government is describing as a roadmap to some sort of normality next year. The new normal that the British government is set to outline will reportedly include “freedom passes” for those who have two negative coronavirus tests per week.
Huge: Trump Campaign Disowns
Sidney Powell in Wild Statement
Posted by Dreadnought 11/22/2020 7:12:14 PM Post Reply
This is why you don’t swallow conspiracy theories whole-cloth without waiting for evidence to be presented. Amazingly, it appears that Trump’s own campaign is now disowning Sidney Powell’s fairly out there claims about German servers and millions of switched votes. And I don’t say that as someone who wouldn’t want to believe it if there was proof, but there was obviously no proof and plenty to the contrary. Here’s the Trump campaign today essentially telling Powell to go jump in a lake, which is probably the most surprising development of the last several months. Well, this is awkward.
Trump Legal Team Distances from Sidney Powell replies
Posted by ScarletPimpernel 11/22/2020 6:58:32 PM Post Reply
President Donald Trump’s legal team distanced themselves from attorney Sidney Powell on Sunday evening, noting that she did not represent the president, either as part of the team or in his personal capacity. In a statement attributed to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, and Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis, the team said: “Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.” A source who spoke to Breitbart News on background suggested that the team had hoped to work with her, but that Powell’s
Trump Campaign Appeals Dismissal of
Pennsylvania Lawsuit
Posted by earlybird 11/22/2020 6:42:40 PM Post Reply
President Donald Trump’s campaign on Sunday appealed the dismissal of its election lawsuit in Pennsylvania, according to a notice filed in federal court, bringing the campaign one step close to its stated goal of getting an election challenge to the Supreme Court. District Court Judge Matthew Brann dismissed the campaign’s lawsuit on Saturday, opining that the plaintiffs lacked standing to bring the claim, among other issues. The campaign said it has appealed the ruling to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.(Snip)Brann’s dismissal of the lawsuit came before the stage of the proceedings where the Trump campaign would be able to present evidence.
Backlash as Holocaust Museum Features
George Floyd Exhibit
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/22/2020 6:15:20 PM Post Reply
In a shocking parallel, a Florida-based Holocaust museum now features an exhibit commemorating George Floyd, a black man who died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers in May and whose death set off a series of violent riots throughout the US. In a tribute to Floyd, the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center introduced a new exhibit earlier this month titled “Uprooting Prejudice: Faces of Change.” The exhibit is intended to “showcase significant events in history and how they are relevant to us today.” “In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, we felt it was important to bring the meaning of the aftermath to our museum,” the museum’s site states.
Chris Christie says it's time for Trump
to concede as he calls the president's
legal team a 'national embarrassment'
and calls their conduct 'outrageous'
Posted by Ribicon 11/22/2020 5:39:35 PM Post Reply
Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a prominent ally of President Donald Trump, said Sunday it was time for him to concede the race to President-elect Joe Biden. 'Yes,' he told George Stephanopoulos on ABC's 'This Week' when asked if Trump should concede to Biden to enable the transition process to begin. 'And what's happened here is quite frankly, the conduct of the president's legal team has been a national embarrassment,' Christie said.(Snip) 'This is outrageous conduct by any lawyer and notice George, they won't go inside the courtroom. They allege fraud outside the courtroom but when they go inside the courtroom,
“KRAKEN” is a CIA Hacking Program replies
Posted by ramona 11/22/2020 4:50:45 PM Post Reply
Developing story.…..standby for updates. Kraken is a Department of Defense cyber warfare program that tracks and hacks other systems to acquire evidence of nefarious actions of other nations & enemies.(snip) Wikileaks has dumped 8,761 CIA Documents on Tuesday revealing CIA base in Frankfurt #Germany which was used to hack elections incl “malware, viruses, trojans, weaponized ‘zero day’ exploits, malware remote control systems and associated docs. The leaks purportedly revealed that a top secret CIA unit used the German city of Frankfurt as starting point for numerous hacking attacks on Europe, China & Middle East.
Russian leader Vladimir Putin says he's not
ready to recognize Joe Biden as the winner
of US presidential election because his
victory has not been acknowledged by
Posted by Imright 11/22/2020 4:35:51 PM Post Reply
Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed that he is not ready to recognize Joe Biden as the winner of the US presidential election because Donald Trump has not acknowledged the Democrat's victory. Biden was announced president-elect two weeks ago in the election against Trump, who has refused to concede. The president has alleged voter fraud and has ordered his team to contest the votes in key states that cost him reelection. Putin, who has yet to congratulate Biden on his victory, said Sunday on Russian state TV: 'We will work with anyone who has the confidence of the American people.'
Trump Didn’t Win the Latino Vote
in Texas. He Won the Tejano Vote.
Posted by StormCnter 11/22/2020 4:35:11 PM Post Reply
ZAPATA, Texas — Of all the results from the November 3 election, few drew as much attention from national political observers as what happened in a quiet county on the banks of the Rio Grande. Donald Trump became the first Republican presidential candidate to win Zapata County’s vote in a hundred years. But it wasn’t its turn from a deep-blue history that seemed to be the source of such fascination but rather that, according to the census, more than 94 percent of Zapata’s population is Hispanic or Latino. Zapata (population less than 15,000) was the only county in South Texas that flipped red,
Rudy and Sidney’s Krakentastic
Spectacle, and What It Could Mean
Posted by StormCnter 11/22/2020 4:18:19 PM Post Reply
It was an hour and 45 minutes of scintillating legal and political theater that emanated out of RNC headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. Led by Rudy Giuliani, who for brief moments rekindled his persona as the U.S. attorney who took down the mob in New York, and star D.C. lawyer Sidney Powell, Team Trump made its case for a stolen presidential election. It was a memorable bit of American history. And what a case! What Trump’s legal team, the players on which are some of the brighter stars in the legal profession, offered Thursday were allegations of the largest criminal conspiracy to corrupt the political system in world history.
Joe Biden: Iran's economic savior replies
Posted by StormCnter 11/22/2020 4:12:48 PM Post Reply
No nation will gain more from the apparent election victory of former Vice President Joe Biden than Iran. Its gloating response to that event sounds a lot like a gangster selling “protection.” In the great 1987 movie “The Untouchables,” there’s a scene where Eliot Ness is coming home one night. He doesn’t see Capone henchman Frank Nitti in a parked car across the street until Nitti yells, “nice house.” Nitti asks if Ness’ daughter is having a birthday party. Ness acknowledges that she is and then Nitti says, “Nice to have a family. Man should take care. See that nothing happens to them,” and drives away.
Trump Lawyer Says New Lawsuits Will Be
Filed in Georgia Soon: ‘Quite a Shock
Posted by earlybird 11/22/2020 4:10:44 PM Post Reply
President Donald Trump lawyer Jordan Sekulow said an election challenge that will be filed this week contains new allegations about irregularities. “We have got lawsuits likely to be filed in Georgia on either Monday or Tuesday; I can’t get into the details,” he said to Newsmax, without providing any examples. “I can’t tell you right now, but what’s coming in Georgia will be shocking, when we file this in federal court Monday or Tuesday,” he added. “It’s nothing that we have talked [about] before. It’s not what you heard in the press conference [on Thursday] either. (Snip)“something completely separate” from the allegations contained in the press conference held by lawyers
The Fight Ahead replies
Posted by StormCnter 11/22/2020 4:09:14 PM Post Reply
My mind is on the fight ahead. I’m more than willing to be astonished two weeks from now when Sidney Powell produces irrefutable proof in a court of law that a cabal of international leftists cyber-switched millions of votes from Trump to Biden. But no, I’m not expecting that to happen. It could happen. Of course, it could. I certainly think the Trump team has the right to try it if they think they’ve got the goods. I don’t think they’re obligated to show the evidence before that to the public or Tucker Carlson or anyone else.
President Trump delivers remarks
at close of G-20 Summit
Posted by Imright 11/22/2020 4:07:13 PM Post Reply
The President delivered remarks on the final day of the G-20 Summit event. (Tweet) Sunday marked the close of the 2020 summit. President Trump touted his administration’s move to pull out of the Paris Climate Accords and enter the Great American Outdoors Act.“Under my administration, environmental stewardship is a sacred obligation,” the President said. “Over the last four years, we have made incredible strides to ensure that the United States has among the cleanest air and cleanest water on the planet.”He addressed the issues surrounding the Paris Accords, which included the unfair strain on the U.S. while making everyday life harder on American workers.
Diverse Group of Incoming House
Republicans Form ‘Freedom Force’ to
Counter AOC’s Socialist ‘Squad’
Posted by Judy W. 11/22/2020 2:16:59 PM Post Reply
Not only did Republicans make big gains in the U.S. House on Election Day, but among those elected are men and women whose families fled communist and socialist countries and came to America to build better lives. Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11) is the daughter of Greek and Cuban immigrants. Maria Elvira Salazar’s (FL-27) parents were Cuban exiles. Carlos Gimenez (FL-26) was born in Cuba and his family emigrated to America in 1960 after the Cuban Revolution. Gimenez’s father Carlos Gimenez, Sr., who was 98, passed away just days after his son was elected. Victoria Spartz (IN-5) was born in what was at the time known as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.
Why the Status Quo Wants Trump Out replies
Posted by Judy W. 11/22/2020 2:02:15 PM Post Reply
I confess to having been utterly naïve. I had wondered why on Earth the business community would prefer a frail and corrupt president Biden over a pro-business president Trump. (Snip) But Wall Street, the tech industry, and many more backed Biden, while even many GOP congressmen seemed lukewarm to Trump. The choice for Trump seemed so obvious, what was I missing? The difference is the status quo. A lot of people make lots of money the way things are now. They constitute a powerful force that seeks to get rid of inconvenient obstacles — especially a serial disruptor like President Trump.
Harris worked with Soros front so
Californians could ‘vote safe’
Posted by TipperMart 11/22/2020 1:52:27 PM Post Reply
Two prominent California Democrats have ties with a George Soros funded election organization. Sen. Kamala Harris, presumptive Vice-President elect, is one. Several years ago, a top aide of hers laid the groundwork to giving the organization a foothold in the state. Another is Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who is in charge of California elections. He along with other state elections administrators have pledged to use guidelines established by the “Vote Safe” project, which George Soros paid for. Perhaps more troubling, the group may influence audits or recounts of votes in California and battleground states.
Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Promises
‘Biblical’ Lawsuit in Coming Days
Posted by Judy W. 11/22/2020 1:37:24 PM Post Reply
Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell on Saturday said that the president’s lawyers will file a lawsuit of “biblical” proportions, alleging that some elections officials were embroiled in a pay-to-play scheme with a prominent manufacturer of voting software. “We’ve got tons of evidence; it’s so much, it’s hard to pull it all together,” Powell told Newsmax. She didn’t provide or elaborate on the evidence. “Hopefully this week we will get it ready to file, and it will be biblical,” Powell asserted, adding that “it’s a massive project to pull this fraud claim together with the evidence that I want to put in.”
24 COVID-19 deaths at LaSalle vets’ home launches
first pandemic public oversight hearing in Illinois
Posted by AltaD 11/22/2020 1:28:02 PM Post Reply
The first public oversight hearing throughout the pandemic is set for Tuesday when members of the Illinois Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee will meet virtually to focus on a COVID-19 outbreak in LaSalle. (Snip) More than 150 positive COVID-19 cases have been reported at the LaSalle Veterans’ Home, the pair said in a joint statement. The Illinois Department of Public Health shows 187 reported cases at the home and 24 deaths. Schimpf said in the past eight months, it’s clear to him the focus of COVID-19 mitigation needs to be on congregate settings, not clamping down on economic activity through capacity restrictions at private businesses.
'A huge catastrophe': Democrats grapple
with congressional and state election losses
Posted by NorthernDog 11/22/2020 12:44:15 PM Post Reply
WASHINGTON — Heading into the election, Democrats dreamed it would go something like Star Wars, with rebel forces blowing up the Death Star and celebrating in the streets as a blue wave swept them into power in Washington and state capitals across the country. But President-Elect Joe Biden's victory ended up looking more like the horror movie Alien, with the last bedraggled survivor kicking the monster out the airlock and then drifting off to an uncertain fate in deep dark space. And wherever they ended up, there would probably be another alien. Yes, Biden soundly defeated President Donald Trump — and there
'Get out!': Gathering at Orchard Park gym
turns confrontational as health inspector arrives
Posted by NorthernDog 11/22/2020 12:26:21 PM Post Reply
A gathering of about 50 business owners and their supporters inside an Orchard Park gym shut down by Covid-19 restrictions turned into a confrontation with Erie County authorities Friday night. The owner of the gym, Athletes Unleashed on California Road, described the gathering as a protest of the state's "orange zone" regulations that have closed gyms, salons and other businesses deemed nonessential. (Snip) The confrontation showed frustrations bubbling as the Covid-19 pandemic stretches into a ninth month and new restrictions shut down schools and certain businesses in much of Erie County amid a second wave of coronavirus infections. Erie County
We Must Rely Upon State
Legislators In Vote-Contested States
To Choose Presidential Electors
Posted by RockyTCB 11/22/2020 11:21:49 AM Post Reply
Since November 3rd, each new day has uncovered ever more disturbing revelations of voter irregularities, improbable election processes, questionable official actions and statistical impossibilities all curiously confined to the six largest Democrat-controlled cities in the 5 most closely contested states. Legal challenges are awash in affidavits and sworn testimony from election officials, poll watchers and postal employees attesting to aberrant, even criminal, mishandling of voting practices and procedures. These eyewitness accounts are piling up fast and are damning. As Joseph Stalin once infamously quipped about Soviet elections, “It’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes”. Looking at
Unusual Pattern and Ratio Within Philadelphia
Ballot Data Indicates Dominion Software
Manipulation of Vote…
Posted by earlybird 11/22/2020 11:08:24 AM Post Reply
An interesting review of Philadelphia ballot uploading results indicates a pattern of manipulated results according to an independent researcher looking at raw data. The results are discussed within a video upload explaining how the data-sets were organized and manipulated in a series of timed events. (Image)(WATCH HERE) According to the analysis: “in this data, particular vote ratios are transferred between random sets of seized precincts throughout the day.” “The Dominion System isolated a “Flip Set” from the expected vote count and the expected percentage. It then splices the Flip Set into multiple “ratio sets” and assigns them to precincts throughout the day. Once a particular “ratio set” receives the votes it needed,
Trump Team Files for Fresh Recount
in Georgia’s Presidential Race
Posted by Imright 11/22/2020 10:43:44 AM Post Reply
President Donald Trump’s campaign on Saturday announced a request for a recount of votes in the Georgia presidential race, just 24-hours after local officials certified the election results showing Joe Biden with a lead in the Peach State. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) and Gov. Brian Kemp (R) certified Georgia’s election results on Friday, which found former Vice President Joe Biden ahead of Trump by 12,670 votes, or 0.26 percent, out of five million, following a week-long hand recount of all votes.
Dinesh D’Souza Asks Some Simple, Albeit
Brutally Obvious, Questions…
Posted by earlybird 11/22/2020 10:29:43 AM Post Reply
Dinesh D’Souza cuts through some of the chaff and countermeasures deployed by Tucker Carlson and asks a transparently obvious question: Are U.S. ballot counting machines capable of being manipulated? That baseline question is not dependent on any answer within a court or Trump campaign team filing. That question is simply a matter of investigative journalism finding out… but they are disinterested. If the U.S. uses election machinery that is capable of being manipulated, that alone should initiate a serious line of inquiry about why such a function would even be present. Why would any ballot counting machine even need to have a feature to shift votes or change outcomes?
Court issues new circuit assignments replies
Posted by DaddyO 11/22/2020 9:25:19 AM Post Reply

A little less than a month after the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the Supreme Court on Friday issued a new set of circuit justice assignments, which take effect immediately. Barrett was assigned to the 7th Circuit, where she served as a judge for three years before becoming a justice. (snip) However, justices can and often do refer significant emergency requests to the full court ---a role that has taken on increased importance in recent years with the sharp uptick in activity on the court’s “shadow docket.” A map of geographical regions covered by each circuit is available here.   Correction*

We learned who shot JR, but
will we ever learn who voted for Biden?
Posted by Garnet 11/22/2020 9:18:59 AM Post Reply
The Dallas TV series was a huge success in the 1970s, 1980s, and even 1990s. On March 13, 1980, the season ended with someone shooting J.R. Ewing, the Texas oilman everybody loved to hate. The show's fans spent most of the summer wondering, "Who shot J.R."? In fact, it was millions and around the world: Who shot J.R.? Some 83 million people in the country saw the show or an amazing 76% of all of the TVs in the U.S. As I recall, it was Kristin who shot him, and the mystery was over! Forty years later, many of us are asking a different question:
Patriotism means putting country first and
accepting the election results
Posted by OhioNick 11/22/2020 9:04:59 AM Post Reply
As former members of Congress from opposing political parties, we understand how high tensions can run around elections. But we also know that, regardless of whether we are pleased with electoral outcomes, we must accept the results. [SNIP] Remember that, above all, we are not Democrats and Republicans — we’re Americans. Now, it is time for us to act like it. It’s time to put our country first and listen to the will of the people. That’s how we ensure the integrity of our democratic processes for years to come.
Tibetan political leader makes visit to
White House for first time in six decades
Posted by StormCnter 11/22/2020 8:50:09 AM Post Reply
The leader of Tibet’s government in exile has visited the White House, the first head of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) to do so in six decades. The CTA announced in a Friday press release that the visit by President Lobsang Sangay followed an invite from the State Department last month to meet the newly appointed U.S. special coordinator for Tibetan issues, Robert Destro. “Today’s visit amounts to an acknowledgement of both the democratic system of the CTA and its political head,” the press release said.
Anti-lockdown protesters rally outside
Minnesota governor’s home
Posted by voxpopuli 11/22/2020 8:45:13 AM Post Reply
Demonstrators rallied outside the Minnesota Governor’s Residence in St. Paul on November 21, to protest measures enacted by Gov Tim Walz to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Organizers of the so-called ‘Stuff your mandate protest’ said they were “protesting the unconstitutional mandate” enforced on the state’s citizens. (snip) To the right of the gate, a man stands in black clothes with badges indicating support for the Three Percenters movement. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) describes Three Percenters as “anti-government extremists who are part of the militia movement.”
Jordan Sekulow on New Election Lawsuits:
“What’s Coming in Georgia Will Be Shocking”…
Posted by earlybird 11/22/2020 8:41:09 AM Post Reply
Jordan Sekulow appears with Tom Basile on NewsMax to discuss the current status of several election lawsuits. Within the interview Sekulow notes that despite the election certification, a new lawsuit will be filed on Monday in Georgia that “will be stunning“. The ACLJ lawyer states the lawsuit and attached evidence in the state of Georgia is unrelated to any currently known information, evidence or preceding lawsuits. The framework is entirely new. “Put-up or shut-up will be rolled out this week“… (Video)
Tesla Crash Rains Flaming Batteries
into Nearby Homes
Posted by kreeger 11/22/2020 7:33:53 AM Post Reply

The driver of a Tesla in Oregon collided with a power pole and multiple trees at 100 mph this week, sending burning batteries flying into nearby homes.(Snip)Police stated that the driver, identified as a man named Dylan Milota, was impaired by marijuana and was cited at the hospital for driving under the influence of intoxicants, hit and run, second-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving, and reckless endangering.  Corrections*

Regarding post-election fraud in Pennsylvania replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/22/2020 6:09:09 AM Post Reply
In retrospect, I should have realized something was up from the absence of Democrats at my polling place, aggressively waving campaign flyers urging voters to vote for their candidates. There weren't any. We Republican poll-watchers had the usual candidate visits and their volunteers stationed all day at the election districts. Now we understand their absence. They weren't needed. Two days after the election, the mail-in-ballots we never requested, as reported in my article "Stealing Pennsylvania," arrived — without postmarks! They arrived too late for us to withdraw the provisional ballots we were forced to cast.
Why is challenging suspicious election results
'a threat to our democracy'?
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/22/2020 5:52:15 AM Post Reply
On Thursday, President Trump's legal team presented many pieces of information about the election that deserve to be investigated. But the media have no interest in that. Instead, they essentially black out the news and ask Trump to concede so they can crown their chosen king. Worst of all, they continue to falsely claim there is no evidence of fraud. The New York Times and others have written about the potential fraud on universal mail-in ballots in the past, as have other outlets, but now they call Trump a liar. The media outlets know that rules were changed to make verification of mail-in ballots less verifiable, but they don't care.
Americans, like the famous downtrodden worm,
are starting to turn
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/22/2020 5:24:49 AM Post Reply
We’ve all noticed that, thanks to the Wuhan virus, the rich have gotten richer. By trapping people in their homes and destroying small business, Democrat governments have allowed oligarchs such as Bezos, Zuckerburg, and Gates, to increase their wealth by exponential amounts. What’s flown under the radar, though, is that for many months, government employees and politicians haven’t shared the people’s pain. In Buffalo, New York, beleaguered business owners finally had enough. Conservative publications have focused heavily on the fact that leftist cities used the overdose death of an ex-felon as an excuse to “reimagine” policing by destroying it. However, there doesn’t seem to have been the same fallout
Australian officials say massive COVID lockdown
was based on false claim from pizza worker
Posted by Pluperfect 11/22/2020 5:24:03 AM Post Reply
Officials in the Australian state of South Australia are claiming that the state's recent COVID-19 lockdown was precipitated by a false statement from a pizza worker. The state ordered its roughly 1.8 million residents to stay home and indoors after health authorities deduced that an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 had contracted the virus after a brief visit to a pizza restaurant. Officials were concerned that the strain of the virus was extremely contagious given the ease with which the subject reportedly caught it.
Black Female Police Chief in Virginia
Fired After Aggressively Investigating
and Prosecuting Mob Violence
Posted by Pluperfect 11/22/2020 5:14:51 AM Post Reply
This story out of Virginia is really quite something. If I'm understanding it correctly, it very much appears as though the city's (Black, female) police chief was placed on administrative leave and then fired as retaliation for her investigation and attempted prosecution of criminal activity related to "Black Lives Matter" protests in the wake of George Floyd's killing. The only attempt at a justification for the firing I've found is that perhaps she was overzealous in the charges she pursued, and even that critique is disputable. There is also "an unspecified conflict of interest" that has not been established or expounded upon. Her real supposed transgression,
The perfect test group for the COVID vaccine replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/22/2020 5:10:48 AM Post Reply
There has been a lot of talk about vaccines for COVID-19 lately, especially with Pfizer announcing big progress, which caused the stock market to really pop the Monday after the election. It looks as if there might be one or more options just around the corner. I personally find it odd and suspicious that Pfizer delayed the announcement on the results of key tests until the MSM called the election for JoeBiden. I also find it noteworthy that in the latter presidential debate, President Trump told us that a vaccine would be ready "in weeks," at which, right on queue, the MSM and the left smirked, sneered, and laughed.
Joe Biden: Why Are Reporters
Asking Me Questions?
Posted by Pluperfect 11/22/2020 5:10:03 AM Post Reply
Former Vice President Joe Biden isn’t used to getting real questions. On Friday, Biden appeared dumbfounded as to why a reporter was asking the projected Democratic presidential-elect a question as the press pool was being scurried away by staff. “Mr. Biden, the COVID task force said it’s safe for students to be in class. Are you going to encourage unions to cooperate more to bring kids back to classrooms, sir?” asked CBS reporter Bo Erickson. “Why are you the only guy that always shouts out questions?” Biden said.
FDA permits emergency use of
antibody drug Trump received
Posted by Pluperfect 11/22/2020 5:04:52 AM Post Reply
U.S. health officials Saturday agreed to allow emergency use of a second antibody drug to help the immune system fight COVID-19, an experimental medicine that President Donald Trump was given when he was sickened last month. The Food and Drug Administration authorized use of the Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. drug to try to prevent hospitalization and worsening disease from developing in patients with mild-to-moderate symptoms. The drug is given as a one-time treatment through an IV. The FDA allowed its use in adults and children 12 and over who weigh at least 88 pounds and who are at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19 because of age or certain other medical conditions.
'Without merit': Judge dismisses Trump
campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania
Posted by Pluperfect 11/22/2020 5:00:19 AM Post Reply
The Trump campaign’s lawsuit seeking to block the certification of Pennsylvania’s election was dismissed with prejudice by a federal court judge on Saturday. U.S. Middle District of Pennsylvania Judge Matthew Brann made the decision after days of motions filed on both sides and after hearing oral arguments on Tuesday from President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who took over the case last week. In a scathing critique of the legal basis for the case, Brann wrote that Trump’s lawyers “ask this Court to disenfranchise almost seven million voters” but “this Court has been unable to find any case in which a plaintiff has sought such a drastic
The Week in Pictures:
Colonialism Protest Meal Edition
Posted by MissMolly 11/22/2020 4:46:15 AM Post Reply
Look folks, there’s an easy way around the government ban on having a traditional Thanksgiving feast with friends and family. Hold a protest against colonialist oppression instead! As we know, protests are exempt from the rules, and are “scientifically” proven to pose lower risk of COVID spread than, say, a MAGA meetup or a motorcycle rally in Sturgis. It’s foolproof (necessary when dealing with government fools these days): just make up a sign that says, “This protest meal is 1619 Project compliant.” Who knew that the Ibram X. Kendi wing of the left is literally a turkey wing? Well it is now.
When is a perfect oval
evidence of vote fraud?
Posted by Magnante 11/22/2020 4:42:46 AM Post Reply
Having sworn off professional sporting events like many of you, I have made what feels like the moribund turn to other pursuits, such as watching a Dominion Voting System Presentation from 2017. I did this so you don’t have to (snip) In the video we have a team of sales and demo experts (Dr. Eric Coomer, Waldeep Singh, David Marino, CEO John Poulos and other support staff) “…to outline new voting equipment options in Chicago on April 13, 2017.” (snip) let me present some information that has been hiding in plain sight in what is otherwise an unremarkable video.
Trump Won the Battle
Against Coronavirus, Bigly
Posted by MissMolly 11/22/2020 4:39:24 AM Post Reply
Let’s face it: Joe Biden might be the next president of the United States. A man who rarely left his basement for weeks and repeatedly refused to take questions from the press, outside of the flavor of ice cream he purchased, could soon lead the free world. It’s tough to stomach, but when one considers that he won by claiming that Donald Trump failed to protect the country from COVID-19 it becomes downright infuriating. In his speech to accept the Democratic nomination, the former vice president laid his strategy bare by declaring, “Our current president has failed in his most basic duty to the nation.
Americans held hostage:
a challenge for Joe Biden
Posted by MissMolly 11/22/2020 4:36:00 AM Post Reply
Last month’s heroic rescue of a US hostage, Philip Walton, in Nigeria serves as a sharp reminder: Other Americans remain in captivity abroad unjustly, too, and the nation shouldn’t rest until every one of them is home. Walton’s rescue was absolutely spectacular: The elite SEAL team parachuted down a few miles from the target and killed a number of Walton’s captors, without suffering any US casualties. President Trump rightly praised “our country’s brave warriors” for the “daring nighttime rescue.” “The kidnappers wished they had never done it. We got our American citizen . . .  but the other side suffered gravely,” he said.
A Very Unsettling Thanksgiving replies
Posted by Judy W. 11/22/2020 4:35:07 AM Post Reply
For the first time in recent memory we will be unable to visit our son and his family in Hawaii for Thanksgiving. The quarantine requirements have been lifted if we take and get a negative result on a COVID test. (Something like 90% of the positive results on such tests are false positives.) But it’s a very long flight during which we’d have to be masked in flight and at the airports and it’s more than we can endure. (Even if we assumed the masks were efficacious, which I don’t think they are -- indeed, I think they are counterproductive -- we find them physically uncomfortable.)
It's the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims' arrival.
Why haven't we heard more about it?
Posted by MissMolly 11/22/2020 4:29:57 AM Post Reply
We are marking a great American anniversary this month. In November 1620 a battered old ship called the Mayflower arrived in the waters off Cape Cod in what is now the state of Massachusetts. The passengers aboard the Mayflower were our nation’s first founders — or, as Daniel Webster called them, “Our Pilgrim Fathers.” Webster delivered a speech to honor these Pilgrims on the 200th anniversary of the Mayflower’s arrival. Calvin Coolidge, then-governor of Massachusetts and president-elect, delivered an address on the 300th anniversary. Regrettably, we haven’t heard much about this year’s anniversary because the Pilgrims have fallen out of fashion in elite circles.
Panic buying of toilet paper
hits US stores again with
new pandemic restrictions
Posted by MissMolly 11/22/2020 4:26:51 AM Post Reply
LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK - Toilet paper aisles are emptying again as COVID-19 curfews and shutdowns in states from California to New York send pandemic-weary shoppers on a new scramble for essentials. Walmart on Friday said it was “seeing pockets of lower than normal availability” for toilet paper and cleaning supplies in some communities as infections rage virtually unchecked across most of the United States. As of Friday afternoon, 22 states have imposed restrictions aimed at decreasing spread of the virus - giving rise to a new round of panic buying from shoppers and purchase limits from retailers including Target and Kroger, the nation’s largest supermarket chain.
Official College Football {layoff Power Rankings Week 12 replies
Posted by devalicious 11/22/2020 3:58:57 AM Post Reply
In a year where nothing makes sense and anything goes, we’ve reached the time where we begin to sort out who will land in the College Football Playoff! Here’s our “Official” take… your Week 12 College Football Playoff Power Rankings!
GOP Woman Who Wants Certification Of Wayne
County Votes Rescinded Says MI Man Published
Her Home Address Online
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/22/2020 1:45:26 AM Post Reply
Monica Palmer, one of the two GOP members of the Wayne County Board Of Canvassers, said that her home address was published online after she first voted against certifying the vote total in Wayne County. Palmer appeared on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” on Thursday night alongside her fellow Republican board member William Hartman. Palmer told host Laura Ingraham that a Michigan businessman, Ned Staebler, published Palmer’s home address online and encouraged people to harass her at her house because of her vote. “He’s used his social media platform to repeatedly dox me, post my phone number, my home address, my email address,
Federal judge nixes Trump campaign
lawsuit in Pennsylvania
Posted by Imright 11/22/2020 1:41:52 AM Post Reply
A federal judge on Saturday nixed a lawsuit brought by President Trump’s campaign that sought to throw out millions of mail-in votes in Pennsylvania.Judge Matthew Brann handed down the ruling, describing the suit as marred by “strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations … unsupported by evidence.” (Snip) Giuliani and Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis in a statement welcomed the dismissal, saying it would allow them to get the case to the U.S. Supreme Court more quickly.
Ben Carson: Trump Saved My
Life After I Got COVID
Posted by Imright 11/22/2020 1:11:33 AM Post Reply
On Friday, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson issued a statement thanking President Trump for saving his life after Carson and his wife contracted the coronavirus, writing: “I became desperately ill. President Trump was following my condition and cleared me for the monoclonal antibody therapy that he had previously received, which I am convinced saved my life."Carson, a world-famous neurosurgeon, had tested positive for the coronavirus earlier in November. On Friday, he wrote on Facebook: Thank you everyone for your support and prayers as Candy and I battled COVID-19. I was extremely sick and initially took Oleander 4X with dramatic improvement
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