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Do Democrats Hear Echoes of 1972 Today? replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/12/2019 10:10:37 AM Post Reply
The scenario sounds familiar: Democrats, facing a Republican presidential candidate widely reviled among the party’s rank-and-file, nominate a seemingly safe establishment figure to keep their hold on the White House. To the party’s shock and horror, their establishment figure loses the general election. The reviled Republican becomes president. The party’s liberal activists seethe at the loss, arguing that their party’s establishment centrists stole the nomination at their convention and then failed to produce. In reaction, they push the party to the left and, four years later, propel a decidedly liberal candidate to the nomination.
There are just nine steps from freedom to socialism to societal breakdown replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/17/2019 10:51:25 AM Post Reply
Talk of socialism is suddenly everywhere. The journey from a free society to socialism, however, does not occur overnight. It’s a stepped process that begins slowly and ends with a rush. Here are those steps: Step 1. Massive Government Spending. Socialist states have government at the center of their economies and feature enormous spending programs. In early 1990s Sweden often cited as a socialist state, government spending exceeded 70 percent of its economy. Under President Jefferson, government spending was approximately 2 to 3 percent of the economy. Today, we are at 36 percent. Sweden, now walking away from socialism,
The Temptation of the Devils River replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/18/2019 1:22:59 PM Post Reply
It has long been a mystery how, exactly, the Devils River got its name—and what, exactly, happened to the apostrophe. But the leading theory will ring true to anyone who has attempted to navigate it. Though early Spanish explorers named the river after Saint Peter, it’s said that the settlers who followed in their footsteps regarded the waterway and its surrounding terrain as so forbidding that they thought it could have been carved by Lucifer himself. And so the gatekeeper to heaven gave way to the ruler of hell. Given that grim reputation, that off-putting name, and the river’s remote
The Jew Who Died for Ilhan Omar replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/19/2019 8:04:18 AM Post Reply
Rep. Ilhan Omar, a freshman Democrat from Minnesota, has become widely known for her attacks on supporters of Israel. Ms. Omar is a naturalized citizen whose Somali refugee family settled in the U.S. when she was a teenager. Tens of thousands of Somali refugees relocated to the U.S.—some 25,000 in the Minneapolis area—to escape the starvation, famine and civil war that turned Somalia into a lawless, failed state in the early 1990s. Another name is worth recognition and remembrance, especially among Somali refugees: Lawrence Freedman.
Trump gets a U.S. Supreme Court victory on immigration detention replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/19/2019 3:29:33 PM Post Reply
WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Tuesday endorsed the U.S. government’s authority to detain immigrants awaiting deportation anytime - potentially even years - after they have completed prison terms for criminal convictions, handing President Donald Trump a victory as he pursues hardline immigration policies. The court ruled 5-4 along ideological lines, with its conservative justices in the majority and its liberal justices dissenting, that federal authorities could pick up such immigrants and place them into indefinite detention anytime, not just immediately after they finish prison sentences.
California Has the Jobs but Not Enough Homes replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/20/2019 8:54:55 AM Post Reply
SAN FRANCISCO—California’s economy is adding jobs far faster than affordable places to live, forcing some employers to leave the state as they expand. Companies that move from California have historically left behind its diverse industries, renowned public universities and balmy climate for states with lower taxes and lighter regulation. But now home prices and rents, higher on average than anywhere else in the country, have surged to the top of concerns for businesses and workers. For employers, “we’re at a crisis stage,”
The $1 Million HOA Blowup: It Started With the Misplaced Flower Pots replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/20/2019 8:58:59 AM Post Reply
OLATHE, Kan.—Soon after Jim Hildenbrand arrived in Avignon Villa Homes, a community for older adults in a Kansas City suburb, the homeowner association disputed the placement of his satellite dish. It cited him for parking cars in his driveway overnight and placing a St. Francis statue in a flower bed. He was later written up for a dead cat in a window well—which Mr. Hildenbrand suspects was planted by a neighborhood enemy. Things went downhill from there. After he installed a decorative, shin-high wall around a plant bed on the side of his house,
The border that disappears for a day every year replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/20/2019 3:42:11 PM Post Reply
This binational celebration commemorates when Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa attacked the US in 1916. It starts as a two-week cavalcade in Mexico and riders are allowed into the US for the daily festivities.
With Personal Connection to Crash, Ralph Nader Takes on Boeing replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/21/2019 9:14:19 AM Post Reply
Ralph Nader’s latest and most unlikely anti-corporate campaign focuses on a crash site in Ethiopia. That’s where Samya Rose Stumo, a 24-year-old public-health researcher and the daughter of Mr. Nader’s niece, died along with 156 others when Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 went down. Her parents and a brother spent last week visiting the site, beseeching investigators, Red Cross workers and the carrier’s chief executive in an ultimately vain effort to retrieve any remains or belongings. Now Mr. Nader, the high-profile consumer crusader in the twilight of his career, is determined to translate his family’s anguish into action.
Robert Francis O’Rourke, Reloaded replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/21/2019 9:17:00 AM Post Reply
Human nature being what it is, many candidates run for office the same way they did the last time. Take the 15th Democratic presidential candidate, former Rep. Robert Francis O’Rourke. When Mr. O’Rourke ran for the U.S. Senate in Texas in 2018, he was an energetic, charismatic campaigner who visited all 254 counties in the state. He gave inspirational speeches to Democrats, heavy on appeals for unity and optimism but generally devoid of substance. He relied on breathlessly positive press coverage while adroitly using social media to establish a personal channel to supporters. He raised $80 million,
‘I’m a political prisoner’: Mouthy Martha Mitchell was the George Conway of the Nixon era replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/21/2019 5:57:00 PM Post Reply
In psychology circles, there’s an unofficial concept called “the Martha Mitchell effect.” It’s the tendency to diagnose someone as mentally ill simply because the story they tell is so bizarre, without checking whether the bizarre story is in fact true. That’s what happened to Martha Mitchell, the outspoken wife of President Richard M. Nixon’s attorney general, John Mitchell. She was dismissed as “crazy” for her wild claims about the Nixon administration and issued a public ultimatum to her husband to choose her or the president. This week, another marital spat gripped Washington as President Trump tweeted insults about George Conway,
FBI clashed with DOJ over potential ´bias´ of source for surveillance warrant: McCabe-Page texts replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/22/2019 2:43:41 PM Post Reply
Just nine days before the FBI applied for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to surveil a top Trump campaign aide, bureau officials were battling with a senior Justice Department official who had "continued concerns" about the "possible bias" of a source pivotal to the application, according to internal text messages obtained by Fox News. The 2016 messages, sent between former FBI lawyer Lisa Page and then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, also reveal that bureau brass circulated at least two anti-Trump blog articles, including a Lawfare blog post sent shortly after Election Day
The Romance of the Rail in West Texas replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/22/2019 2:49:08 PM Post Reply
It began this summer, when we slept with our windows open. The first time it happened, I awoke in the middle of the night not knowing what I’d heard. It sounded like loony laughter from a dozen different souls, some of them clapping weird noisemakers, before their demented hilarity abruptly ceased. Moonlight streamed into the room. The Catahoula at the foot of the bed listened too, eyes shining and ears pricked. The train’s horn blew from the tracks a mile away, a winsome four-blast call: “I’m here; I’m here; here, I’m here.”
The vast attempt to undo the 2016 election has failed replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/24/2019 2:44:39 PM Post Reply
Well, I am going to miss the full-bore SWAT-team raids at dawn against aging political factota like Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. It was really very courteous of CNN to have been parked outside the homes of those hapless victims so that television audiences all across the country could all be edified by these exhibitions of the coercive arm of state power in action. Mr Mueller could just have had one of his 17 Obama-and-Hillary supporting prosecutors ring up the latest mark and ask him to pop down to headquarters. But that would not have been as dramatic,
Mueller report summary released, showing no definitive proof Trump team conspired with Russia replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/24/2019 5:06:49 PM Post Reply
Attorney General William Barr on Sunday released the "principal conclusions" of Special Counsel Robert Mueller´s completed Russia probe in a bombshell four-page letter to Capitol Hill lawmakers, which stated definitively that Mueller did not establish evidence that President Trump´s team or any associates of the Trump campaign had conspired with Russia -- "despite multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign." Mueller´s team specifically looked into two Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 election -- first, the work by a Russian organization, the Internet Research Agency (IRA), to "conduct disinformation and social media operations"
How Robert Mueller Failed Us replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/25/2019 3:54:35 PM Post Reply
I have from the very beginning been skeptical of special counsel Robert Mueller’s approach of not directly providing accurate, real-time information to the American people about his investigatory progress and conclusions. Sunday’s events strongly confirm my views. Mueller’s nearly two-year news blackout, while inexplicably praised and admired by the news media, has severely harmed justice and democracy. It prevented all of us from knowing and deliberating and making judgments about the facts and circumstances as we considered vital matters that go to the very essence of our government, and invited both Republicans and Democrats to spin
Border Patrol Inland Checkpoints Shut Down So Agents Can Help Process Asylum Seekers replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/25/2019 5:30:15 PM Post Reply
The El Paso Border Patrol sector has temporarily closed its system of highway checkpoints as it struggles to cope with a record influx of families crossing the border and requesting asylum. The agents who usually staff the checkpoints will be redeployed to process and transport the asylum seekers, according to multiple sources who spoke to Texas Monthly on the condition they not be identified because they aren’t authorized to speak publicly about the change. “We were told to go ahead and close down all the checkpoints,” one official said Saturday morning.
Russiagate’s Damage To The Country Will Take Years To Realize replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/26/2019 10:32:03 AM Post Reply
The probe of Special Counsel Robert Mueller—appointed to investigate conspiracy theories that said President Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election—officially ended on Friday, March 22, 2019. “I don’t think it looks good… no further indictments,” said Bill Maher on his Saturday night HBO show. Maher tried to console himself. He repeated the brand-new incantation of the progressive faith: “I don’t need the Mueller report to know he’s a traitor, I have a T.V.” California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell quickly promised Maher that the Democrat chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Adam Schiff, would haul Mueller
The Sleaziest Things the Feds Say Avenatti Did replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/26/2019 10:42:07 AM Post Reply
On Monday, celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti was arrested and charged in two separate federal cases in New York and California. He was released on $300,000 bond later that day and reportedly vowed, “I will be fully exonerated and justice will be done.” (Snip)According to his personal bank account records, Avenatti received about $8.46 million from Avenatti & Associates and Eagan Avenatti between 2011 and 2017. Meanwhile, Avenatti never filed tax returns from 2011-2015; each year, he or his tax preparer would file an extension request for his individual tax return in which $0
A stolen Picasso vanished for 20 years. Then the art world’s ‘Indiana Jones’ took the case. replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/27/2019 7:49:09 AM Post Reply
The painting was the Saudi prince’s closely guarded secret. During the three months of the year when Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh cruised the sea aboard his 246-foot super yacht, the Coral Island, the canvas hung from a wall inside the luxury boat, wired to an alarm system, reportedly part of a floating museum of artwork worth hundreds of millions of dollars the deep-pocketed Saudi royal family member kept on board. But this particular piece — “Buste de Femme (Dora Maar),” a 1938 painting by Pablo Picasso — was not for show.“None of the owner’s friends,
Kim Foxx cleans Jussie Smollett up, the Chicago Way replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/27/2019 4:31:24 PM Post Reply
In some cities, people might be shocked if the mayor called out the prosecutor for running a crooked system that allowed a Hollywood star like the smarmy Jussie Smollett to walk away from charges he created a fake hate crime. But this is Chicago, and is there anything, really, that surprises Chicago anymore? No. Thanks to the office of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, Smollett gets to walk away from 16 felony counts of a grand jury indictment. Her office dropped all charges. Smollett blamed the alleged attack on mythical Trump supporters. According to his story, he apparently fought them off
Louisiana’s Disappearing Coast replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/28/2019 12:26:21 PM Post Reply
The New Orleans Lakefront Airport was built by the Louisiana governor Huey P. Long on a tongue of fill that sticks out into Lake Pontchartrain. Its terminal was designed by the same architect Long had used to build a new Louisiana state capitol and a new governor’s mansion, and it was originally named for one of Long’s cronies, Abraham Shushan. Within eighteen months of the airport’s opening, in 1934, Shushan had been indicted for money laundering and Long had been murdered. A few years later, the architect, too, went to prison. Today, Lakefront Airport is used
Why men pay for sex, and why they shouldn’t replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/28/2019 12:34:49 PM Post Reply
When Robert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots, was charged with two first-degree misdemeanor counts of soliciting a prostitute at the Orchids of Asia massage parlor, the question on many lips was, ‘Why would a wealthy, famous man risk his reputation to pay for sex?’ Jenni, who was sold for sex at Orchids in 2017, tells me that outside the massage parlor where Kraft was arrested, tourists have been spotted taking selfies, either oblivious or uncaring about the fact that inside the building, enslaved Chinese women were forced to perform sex acts on men for money –
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is investigating San Antonio for banning Chick-fil-A from its airport replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/29/2019 5:53:07 AM Post Reply
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is investigating the city of San Antonio for potential First Amendment violations after the City Council voted to prevent Chick-fil-A — a franchise known for opposing same-sex marriage — from opening a location in the city’s airport. “The Constitution’s protection of religious liberty is somehow even better than Chick-fil-A’s chicken,” Paxton, a Republican, wrote in a Thursday letter to San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the rest of the council. “Unfortunately, I have serious concerns that both are under assault at the San Antonio airport.” In a 6-4 vote, the council voted
Spring Is on the Way replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/29/2019 9:54:33 AM Post Reply
As the Northern Hemisphere begins to warm once more and the spring equinox has passed, flowers and trees finally appear to be in bloom—especially in California, blessed by a very wet winter. Gathered here today is a small collection of images from the past few weeks from North America, Asia, and Europe, of poppies, sunshine, and cherry blossoms—surely signs of warmer days to come.
College student accuses former Virginia governor L. Douglas Wilder of sexual harassment replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/29/2019 11:44:14 AM Post Reply
A student who worked with L. Douglas Wilder at the Virginia Commonwealth University school named for the former governor reported to the university and police that Wilder sexually harassed her by kissing her without consent. The woman, Sydney Black, 22, said Wilder, 88, also suggested she could live at his house and offered to take her on foreign trips and pay for her law school in 2017, while she still worked as an office assistant at the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs. VCU officials cited privacy concerns and declined to answer a series of detailed questions.
Federal Judges Side With Texas in Fight Over Native American Gambling replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/30/2019 11:03:50 AM Post Reply
Two Native American tribes find themselves increasingly desperate in their long-running efforts to legalize gambling on their Texas lands—a source of revenue they claim as vital to caring for their people. Courts continue to rule against them, and Congress has shown little interest in stepping into a decades-old conflict. A three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on March 14 upheld a trial court ruling that the Alabama-Coushatta tribe violated state law by offering bingo-based games in their Naskila Gaming facility near Livingston in East Texas. U.S. District Judge Philip Martinez issued an injunction on Thursday
The Day the Dinosaurs Died replies
Posted by StormCnter 3/31/2019 6:52:48 AM Post Reply
If, on a certain evening about sixty-­six million years ago, you had stood somewhere in North America and looked up at the sky, you would have soon made out what appeared to be a star. If you watched for an hour or two, the star would have seemed to grow in brightness, although it barely moved. That’s because it was not a star but an asteroid, and it was headed directly for Earth at about forty-five thousand miles an hour. Sixty hours later, the asteroid hit. The air in front was compressed and violently heated,
Tom Wolfe could have invented Jussie Smollett replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/1/2019 12:48:53 PM Post Reply
The case of Jussie Smollett is, among other things, an accidental tribute to the life and work of Tom Wolfe. Wolfe, who died last year, annoyed progressives with his portrayal of white guilt and black radicalism in Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers, and the contempt he expressed for identity politics and fashionable attitudes in other works. Wolfe, who coined the term the ‘Me Decade’, delighted in mocking cultural narcissism. He argued that America was full of ‘status spheres’ in which politicians, artists, activists and others jockeyed for cultural capital.
America would run out of avocados in three weeks if Trump shuts down the U.S.-Mexico border replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/1/2019 12:53:07 PM Post Reply
President Donald Trump´s threat to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border would hit American consumers — in the gut. From avocado toast to margaritas, the United States is heavily reliant on Mexican imports of fruit, vegetables and alcohol to meet consumer demand. Nearly half of all imported U.S. vegetables and 40 percent of imported fruit are grown in Mexico, according to the latest data from the United States Department of Agriculture. Americans would run out of avocados in three weeks if imports from Mexico were stopped, said Steve Barnard, president and chief executive
A Handy Guide to Hopping on the Texas Tech Basketball Bandwagon replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/2/2019 2:36:24 PM Post Reply
At the start of this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, the prognosticators at statistical analysis site FiveThirtyEight gave Texas Tech a 14 percent chance of making it to the Final Four. Instead of supporting the number three seed in the West portion of the bracket, the odds were stacked in favor of the top-ranked Gonzaga or maybe the two-seed Michigan. But as the tournament has unfolded, Tech consistently defied the odds. Buoyed by a stifling defense, the Red Raiders have not only made it to their first Final Four in school history, but ended a statewide drought that’s extended since
Top Marine General Let Emails Leak Amid Border Funding Fight So Service Families Would Not Be Forgotten: Sources replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/4/2019 11:25:35 AM Post Reply
The Marines’ top general allowed internal memos to leak out of the Pentagon to bring attention to service families living among hurricane-ravaged military installations as the Trump administration tries to bankroll the southwest border with defense funds at the expense of combat readiness. General Robert Neller, the commandant of the Marine Corps, let two internal Defense Department memorandums leak to The Los Angeles Times and NBC News in the past two weeks, two Pentagon sources, who asked not to be named due to U.S. military media regulations, told Newsweek. The letters underscore the fiscal challenges
They Had It Coming replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/4/2019 4:34:09 PM Post Reply
Sweet Christ, vindication! How long has it been? Years? No, decades. If hope is the thing with feathers, I was a plucked bird. Long ago, I surrendered myself to the fact that the horrible, horrible private-school parents of Los Angeles would get away with their nastiness forever. But even before the molting, never in my wildest imaginings had I dared to dream that the arc of the moral universe could describe a 90-degree angle and smite down mine enemies with such a hammer fist of fire and fury
Whataburger Sold Swag at the WhataGames and the Internet Freaked Out replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/4/2019 5:41:40 PM Post Reply
Few Texas brands elicit as much fanatical loyalty as the blazing orange-and-white Whataburger logo, so when there’s an opportunity to score some rare company swag, Texans tend to go a little nuts. Such was the case over the weekend on Houston’s Reddit page, which was home to not one but two popular posts about the pop-up Whataburger swag boutique at the WhataGames corporate shindig, held at the Bayou City’s George R. Brown Convention Center. Every two years, the WhataGames event pits the restaurant’s locations against one another in speed, accuracy, and efficiency.
Russian academic linked to Flynn denies being spy, says her past contact was ‘used’ to smear him replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/5/2019 1:41:22 PM Post Reply
A Russian-born academic who was at the center of attention in 2017 for past contact with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn told Fox News in an exclusive interview that she is not a spy for Moscow – and, to the contrary, believes she was “used” to smear Flynn. "I think there´s a high chance that it was coordinated, and I believe it needs to be properly investigated,” Svetlana Lokhova told Fox News. Lokhova entered the political firestorm in early 2017, as Flynn was forced out of the Trump administration over lying about his contact with Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.
Churchill, the Greatest Briton, Hated Gandhi, the Greatest Indian replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/6/2019 10:50:16 AM Post Reply
Within his homeland, Winston Churchill’s colossal contribution to saving his people from Hitler eclipses all else, and he is widely regarded as the greatest Briton of all time. So it came as something of a surprise when a senior Labour Party politician recently described him as a “villain” for having ordered troops to fire on striking workers in the Welsh town of Tonypandy in 1910. The claim provoked vigorous denunciations from prominent politicians, as well as more sober reflections in op-ed pages. When the dust settles, as it soon must, Churchill will revert to being the figure of sanctity
Amazon Aims to Discover Who in Hollywood Won´t Work With Woody Allen Anymore replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/6/2019 10:54:01 AM Post Reply
For years, Hollywood has marveled at Woody Allen´s ability to attract A-list talent to his films. Is that still the case? That´s a question that may now be probed in the filmmaker´s $68 million lawsuit against the company for terminating a multi-picture deal. Allen´s suit alleges "no legitimate ground" to cancel a deal based on an old allegation he sexually abused his daughter while Amazon responds that its decision was "justified," pointing to Allen´s comments about the rise of the #MeToo movement, saying these statements made it impossible to promote his films. On Friday, both sides outlined the case
Final Four: Texas Tech beats Michigan State to reach title game replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/7/2019 5:42:44 AM Post Reply
MINNEAPOLIS — For those who thought Texas Tech only plays defense, it´s time to meet Matt Mooney. While the Red Raiders were locking down Michigan State on one end, the graduate transfer shooting guard was raining in 3s on the other, lifting Tech one win away from the title Saturday night with a 61-51 victory over the Spartans in the Final Four. Mooney matched his season-high with 22 points, including three 3-pointers over the span of 3 minutes to give Texas Tech a 13-point lead midway through the second half that, under these circumstances, was too much to overcome.
Suspect held in shootout near US-Mexico border; Texas trooper ´fighting for his life´ replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/7/2019 5:45:24 AM Post Reply
A Texas state trooper was reportedly in grave condition early Sunday after being shot while approaching a driver who had fled from a crash scene not far from the U.S.-Mexico border, authorities said. The trooper was shot multiple times and rushed to an Edinburg hospital, where he was undergoing surgery and “fighting for his life,” Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra wrote on Twitter. Edinburg is about 64 miles northwest of Brownsville in the state´s border region.
Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don´t you want our evidence on Democrats? replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/7/2019 3:48:20 PM Post Reply
Ukrainian law enforcement officials believe they have evidence of wrongdoing by American Democrats and their allies in Kiev, ranging from 2016 election interference to obstructing criminal probes. But, they say, they’ve been thwarted in trying to get the Trump Justice Department to act. Kostiantyn Kulyk, deputy head of the Prosecutor General’s International Legal Cooperation Department, told me he and other senior law enforcement officials tried unsuccessfully since last year to get visas from the U.S. embassy in Kiev to deliver their evidence to Washington.
Venezuela: The Next Syria replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/8/2019 5:53:51 PM Post Reply
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently denied that Russia was trying to create “another Syria” in Venezuela. Given Lavrov’s track record, we have to conclude that is precisely what Russia is doing. We weren’t sufficiently paranoid about Syria. No one — myself included — foresaw that Russia and Iran would be able to use the cover of the Syrian civil war to establish permanent military presence in that country. We didn’t foresee Turkey’s perfidious alliance with Russia and Iran to keep Bashar Assad in power. Syria wasn’t very significant before the Russians and Iranians dominated that country. But because they have,
Let’s Not Mourn for Texas Tech replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/10/2019 11:10:14 AM Post Reply
It’s never fun to lose. That’s true if you’ve been bleeding red and black since childhood, suffering through the bad years, and enjoying every second of Texas Tech men’s basketball’s performance in this year’s NCAA tournament. And it’s true even if you just hopped on the bandwagon in the final week of the team’s improbable journey to the national championship game. By Monday, seemingly the entire state was on board—as far from Lubbock as San Antonio, highway signs were adorned with “Go Tech” messages, while in the city itself, scooter companies removed their devices from the streets,
The Fundamental Legitimacy of Donald Trump replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/11/2019 3:25:34 PM Post Reply
Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry into links between Russia and the president’s campaign could have turned out so much worse for Donald Trump. It almost seemed certain that it would. But it didn’t. The end of the Mueller investigation has now made hollow the maximalist charges of collusion against Trump and his team. The collusion claim was an indirect—or direct—way of saying that Donald Trump was illegitimately elected. For Mueller’s team to stop short of concluding that collusion had occurred, then, was the best possible result for American democracy.
Avenatti charged with embezzlement, fraud, cheating on taxes replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/11/2019 3:29:50 PM Post Reply
LOS ANGELES— Attorney Michael Avenatti has been charged in a 36-count federal indictment alleging he stole millions of dollars from clients, did not pay his taxes, committed bank fraud and lied in bankruptcy proceedings, federal prosecutors in California said Thursday. Avenatti, 48, was indicted late Wednesday by a Southern California grand jury on a raft of additional charges following his arrest last month in New York on two related counts and for allegedly trying to shake down Nike for up to $25 million. “These four areas of criminal conduct alleged in the indictment are all linked to one another because money
Truly Awful People replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/11/2019 3:38:18 PM Post Reply
There isn’t a week that goes by where liberals don’t find new ways to demonstrate just how awful they are and why they should not be anywhere near the levers of power. This week has been full of so many examples that it’s worth looking at a few. When Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen was fired the sharks immediately started swarming. Think what you will of how she did on the job, there was definitely a lot of room for improvement, she’s an American who served in government who deserves to return to private life just like anyone else.
The Big Texas Sendoff for Dirk Nowitzki replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/12/2019 10:01:07 AM Post Reply
Dirk Nowitzki’s preparations for the last home game of his 21-year NBA career involved more than the sprints and scrimmages and stretches on the trainer’s table that have been necessary all season to keep his forty-year-old, seven-foot frame ready to compete. To confront what promised to be Tuesday’s greatest challenge, the Dallas Mavericks legend practiced breathing. He hoped the right techniques might keep him from shedding tears as he said goodbye to the sold-out crowd at the American Airlines Center. Yes, the Phoenix Suns showed up for a basketball game, but the night
Christie Tells it Like It Is replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/14/2019 5:00:21 PM Post Reply
Chris Christie’s public career has had its ups and downs, but at his best he has brought clarity to a number of issues. On Fox Radio with Brian Kilmeade, he said what he thought about Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “As somebody who had my wife two blocks away from the World Trade Center that day, my brother on the floor of the New York Stock exchange, and a number of people in our local parish here who passed away, a murder occurred,” Christie said on the Brian Kilmeade Show on Fox News Radio. “Multiple murders occurred, 2,900 murders
Deconstructing Julian Assange replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/14/2019 5:12:10 PM Post Reply
He’s idolized by the extreme right and the extreme left. He’s been praised to the skies by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump. He’s beloved of a constellation of celebrities, from the 1960s’ era personalities Yoko Ono and Bianca Jagger to the counterculture documentarist Michael Moore and 1990s’ Baywatch pin-up Pamela Anderson. But none of that did Julian Assange any good, and the combined efforts of his weird cult following was completely useless to the bedraggled 47-year-old Wikileaks headman when the London Metropolitan Police dragged him kicking and shouting from the Ecuadoran embassy in Knightsbridge
Trump, Pompeo Win One for American GIs replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/14/2019 5:15:03 PM Post Reply
Congratulations are in order for President Trump — and Secretary of State Pompeo — in the wake of the latest news from the International Criminal Court. In a surprising, and all the more welcome, move, the Hague-based solons this morning unanimously rejected a bid by the court’s own chief prosecutor to open an investigation into whether our GIs and intelligence operators committed crimes in Afghanistan. When we say that’s surprising, it’s not to suggest that our forces in Afghanistan deserve an investigation by the ICC. They don’t. It is to suggest that a pro-American decision
The Images That Could Help Rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/16/2019 11:23:11 AM Post Reply
Before the tragedy seen all around the world, flames leaping from the top of Notre-Dame Cathedral, there was a smaller one, thousands of miles away in upstate New York. Andrew Tallon, a pioneering architectural historian and father of four, died on November 16, 2018, from brain cancer. He was 49. He had dedicated his life to the study of medieval architecture, its mysteries and resonances, blending in his interest in technology to create novel ways of studying centuries-old buildings. “When you’re working on medieval buildings, it’s difficult to have the impression you can say anything new.
The Rematch: Bernie Sanders vs. a Clinton Loyalist replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/16/2019 11:35:37 AM Post Reply
WASHINGTON — The bad blood started early. In 2008, Neera Tanden, then a top aide on Hillary Clinton’s first presidential campaign, accompanied Mrs. Clinton to what was expected to be an easy interview at the Center for American Progress, the influential group founded by top Clinton aides. But Faiz Shakir, the chief editor of the think tank’s ThinkProgress website, asked Mrs. Clinton a question about the Iraq war, an issue dogging her candidacy because she had supported it. Ms. Tanden responded by circling back to Mr. Shakir after the interview and, according to a person
With 10 months until Iowa, Castro sees "lower expectations" for him as an advantage replies
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DES MOINES, Iowa — On the surface, the only hitch in Democratic candidate Julián Castro´s most recent trip to the first-in-the-nation Democratic caucus state was a snowstorm that mucked up his travel schedule. Once he arrived here Sunday for a two-day swing, Iowa Democrats treated him to all the trappings of a serious presidential contender: He was a guest on a podcast taped before a standing-room-only crowd at the University of Iowa campus, he made the rounds of the state capital and his schedule was packed with events. Yet there was an underlying problem that emerged during the trip,
Redacted Mueller report released by Department of Justice replies
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The long-awaited Mueller Report was released for online download Thursday morning by the federal Department of Justice. A redacted version of the nearly 400-page recounting of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and suspected links to President Trump was pushed live shortly after a copy was delivered to Congress. Attorney General Bill Barr said in a press conference earlier Thursday that while Mueller confirmed that Russia tried to influence the hotly-contested race, his findings included no evidence that Trump or anyone in his orbit was complicit.
The Lesson of Mueller: An innocent man´s defense can look like a guilty man´s obstruction replies
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Thousands of interviews and hundreds of subpoenas later, special counsel Robert Mueller broke his two-year Wizard of Oz-like silence on Thursday in the form of a 448-page report that formally dropped the curtain on the bad political musical we’ve come to know as the Russian collusion scandal. (Snip)For the purpose of a court of law, Trump neither committed a Russia collusion crime that he needed to cover up nor took formal action that actually impeded the probe.And that left only a theoretical case for attempted obstruction.
Why the Media Dumped Beto for Mayor Pete replies
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Burning with the velocity of a prairie fire on a gusty Indiana day, Pete Buttigieg scorched the airwaves, seared the podcasts, and charred the press this week as he ignited his presidential campaign, temporarily torching his Democratic competition in the process. The secret to Buttigieg’s publicity run was no secret, wrote Matthew Yglesias in Vox. Like Molly Bloom in his favorite novel, Ulysses, he can’t stop saying “yes”—to media invitations.(Snip)Was it only weeks ago that the press began swooning for O’Rourke like a drunken conventioneer, writing about him with the same frequency it does for Buttigieg today?
Half of England Is Owned by Less Than 1% of Its Population, Researcher Says replies
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LONDON — Land ownership in England, a source of enormous wealth, is often shielded by a culture of secrecy harking back to the Middle Ages. But a researcher says that after years of digging, he has an answer: Less than 1 percent of the population — including aristocrats, royals and wealthy investors — owns about half of the land, according to “Who Owns England,” a book that is to be published in May. And many of them inherited the property as members of families that have held it for generations — even centuries.
The Church of Living Dangerously: How One of America’s Biggest Pastors Became a Drug Runner for a Mexican Cartel replies
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A little after five A.M. on December 11, 2017, a gray Volkswagen Passat inched through the darkness of Tijuana toward the brightly lit Customs and Border Protection port of entry at San Ysidro, California. It was in the SENTRI lane, the special passageway for pre-approved, low-risk travelers who have passed a stringent background check. The driver, a stocky 54-year-old man with shaggy blond hair and a goatee, seemed as low-risk as they come. John Lee Bishop had established himself as one of the most successful pastors in America. His mega-church, Living Hope, was one of the country’s fastest-growing congregations.
The Truth About Dentistry replies
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In the early 2000s Terry Mitchell’s dentist retired. For a while, Mitchell, an electrician in his 50s, stopped seeking dental care altogether. But when one of his wisdom teeth began to ache, he started looking for someone new. An acquaintance recommended John Roger Lund, whose practice was a convenient 10-minute walk from Mitchell’s home, in San Jose, California. Lund’s practice was situated in a one-story building with clay roof tiles that housed several dental offices. The interior was a little dated, but not dingy. The waiting room was small and the decor minimal: some plants and photos,
Islamic Terrorism Remains The World’s Greatest Threat To Peace replies
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After the horrific mass murder of 50 Muslim worshippers in Christchurch, New Zealand, there was widespread coverage and a torrent of mainstream news networks contemplating the threat of white supremacy. These conversations, completely reasonable and necessary in the face of violent attacks from a racist gunman, soon began deteriorating into politically motivated and specious claims contending that “white supremacy” had become the predominate terror threat in the world. Well, the coordinated bomb blasts aimed at Christian worshippers on Easter Sunday, which killed at least 290 people and injured hundreds more, demonstrates the kind of meticulous planning, funding, resources, and support
The dynasties that made Trump president replies
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“How did we put this man in the Oval Office?” Roger Cohen asked this last week after the Mueller report found President Trump innocent of collusion with Russia in the 2016 election. In the minds of many, he still has to be guilty of nearly everything else. Trump was a minority candidate and a minority president, never winning half of the vote in the Republican primaries. He has never enjoyed the approval of half of the country. Trump lost the popular vote by more than 2 million to Hillary Clinton, a woman as corrupt and dishonest as he is,
‘This is a war’: Meet the Texas ranchers forming their own border militia replies
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For Mike Vickers, not much has changed here since 1823, the year a group of frontier lawmen formed the Texas Rangers to protect settlers and their land. “We’re still dealing with the bad guys from Mexico,” Vickers, 69, told The Post, referring to smugglers who traffic in drugs and migrants. “This is a war.” Dressed in a cowboy hat, tan cargo pants and weathered boots, Vickers, a veterinarian, runs Las Palmas Animal Hospital, but he’s also chairman of the Texas Border Volunteers, a 300-strong militia helping thinly spread Customs and Border Patrol agents cover more than a million acres of private land
Flush With Cash, Senator John Cornyn Is Daring Democrats to Challenge Him replies
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Drawing a lesson from last year’s near loss by incumbent Senator Ted Cruz to Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke, Texas’s senior senator, John Cornyn, has declared several times that he will not underestimate any potential opponent to his re-election next year. He’s certainly been stocking his war chest like a candidate who expects a bruising fight. In the first quarter of 2019, Cornyn raised more than $2 million, giving him more than $7.5 million cash on hand—the most of any incumbent U.S. senator seeking re-election next year, a spokesman said. His campaign has hired John Jackson,
The Death of Humor replies
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Ron Chernow, the best-selling biographer and historian, has agreed to deliver the after-dinner speech at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, to be held Saturday night at the Washington Hilton. If we were to list the potential victims of our present era of post-humor comedy, his name would be near the top. The WHCD is the event the Washington press corps throws every year to celebrate the Washington press corps. (If we don’t do it, it won’t get done.) It is best understood as a provincial trade meeting—a few hundred people in the same line of work crowd together
Standing Up for Chick-fil-A replies
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San Antonio, a predominantly Hispanic city named for a Catholic saint, has persisted in its crusade against the popular fast-food chain Chick-fil-A. In reaction to the conservative religious beliefs of its owners, the city council has barred Chick-fil-A from operating at San Antonio’s airport. So far, advocates against the restaurant have the upper hand, though that could soon change. Voters will soon have an opportunity to weigh in on the controversy in a local election. Last month, the San Antonio City Council voted to exclude the privately owned company as a concessionaire
The Glorious Rarity of a No-Hitter replies
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Maybe you didn’t jump for joy when Mike Fiers of the Oakland Athletics pitched the 300th no-hitter in Major League Baseball history the other night. Nobody cheers when a freelance coder finishes her 300th gig; or when a pundit publishes his 300th column; or when a politician makes his 300th gaffe. (OK, maybe that last one some do.) Nevertheless, a no-hitter remains a rare and wonderful gem. As regular readers know, I consider baseball the finest and most pure of professional sports. But you needn’t agree, or even be a sports fan, to admire both the rarity
Jim Fowler, intrepid host of ´Wild Kingdom´ nature series, dies at 89 replies
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He was charged by a herd of 200 elephants, escaping only with the help of a flatbed truck, and was once knocked unconscious by a surly chimpanzee named Mr. Moke, who punched him “square between the eyes.” But neither incident compared to the time a 22-foot anaconda swallowed his arm, up to the shoulder. “Luckily,” said Jim Fowler, the longtime co-host of “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom,” “I knew what to do.” As the indigenous tribe gathered around him fled, Fowler remained calm, waiting for the anaconda to tire itself out before he wriggled out
Trump’s Allies Want to Clintonize Joe Biden replies
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Donald Trump is clearly spooked by Joe Biden—but some of the president’s supporters say there’s an easy solution: Make Biden out to be Hillary Clinton, just older and with a longer record of not getting things done in Washington. Go ahead and try, Biden and his advisers say, offering a list of reasons why they believe that strategy won’t work. Though an old white man is not a history-making candidate like Clinton, Biden’s advisers know their candidate benefits from not being a woman, which they think will save him from the sexism and misogyny that defined 2016.
The doggedness of William Barr replies
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I am embarrassed to admit that when William Barr became Donald Trump’s Attorney General a couple of months ago, I did not remember that he had been here, done that as George H. W. Bush’s Attorney General back in the previous century. They did have television back then, however, and students of history, as well as students of politics, can profit from watching Barr’s original confirmation hearings, presided over – drum roll, please – by a younger, much more acute Joe Biden, who, like the poor, we seem to have always with us. It’s a long clip, but very much worth
Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild replies
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Joe Exotic was done. For the previous two decades, 55-year-old Joe had been the heart, soul, and ubiquitous public face of a massive private zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, an hour north of the Texas line. He had boasted of owning the largest tiger collection in America. His sixteen-acre park was lined with metal cages, each filled with majestic tigers, lions, bears, alligators, and even tiger-lion hybrids called tiligers. His sun-leathered visage, horseshoe mustache, and blond mullet adorned signs all over the zoo and all along I-35 between Dallas and Oklahoma City. His image covered the side of a tour bus
De Blasio, Etc.: Why Are So Many Implausible Democrats Running? replies
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Okay, I was wrong. Earlier this year, I guessed repeatedly that the Democratic presidential field would get winnowed quite a bit at the formal announcement stage of the contest. I estimated that fewer than 15 major candidates would remain at this point. Instead, depending on how we count them, there’s more like 24. So what happened? Back in the winter, everything seemed to be going more or less as I expected. By my count, about 14 candidates had dropped out through the first week of March, a number that exceeded those who had formally announced. S
The Sad Tale of Charlie Movie Star replies
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In July 1985, Rock Hudson announced through a spokes- man that he had AIDS. He died two months later. In between, People published a cover story that acknowledged for the first time in print what had been known throughout the film industry for most of the 59-year-old actor’s adult life: “The stunning disclosure implied for Hudson’s public what for decades had been an open secret in Hollywood—his homosexuality.” Yet even on his deathbed, Hudson refused to admit that the six-foot-four matinée idol who had romanced Doris Day and Elizabeth Taylor on screen preferred to have sex with men.
Sorry, Rashida Tlaib: Israel was not a consolation prize for Jews after the Holocaust replies
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JERUSALEM — Recent assertions made by Rep. Rashida Tlaib regarding the Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel have no foundation in the historical record. In this imagined version of history, after the Holocaust, the Jews were awarded a consolation prize — the establishment of Israel — at the expense of those already living there. Asserting that Israel’s creation was a direct response to the Holocaust overlooks the ancient and ceaseless connection of the Jewish people to Israel, as well as the modern Zionist enterprise that returned an exiled and oppressed people to their ancestral home.
Around the world, backlash against
expensive climate-change policies
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From Alberta to Australia, from Finland to France, and beyond, voters are increasingly showing their displeasure with expensive energy policies imposed by politicians in an inane effort to purportedly fight human-caused climate change. Skepticism over whether humans are causing dangerous climate change has always been higher in America than in most industrialized countries. As a result, governments in Europe, Canada, and other developed areas are much farther along the energy rationing path, cutting carbon dioxide emissions as required. However, residents in these countries have begun to revolt against the higher energy costs they suffer under due to high taxes on fossil fuels and mandates to use expensive renewable energy.
How Animal Psychics Helped
Untangle a Mixed-up Horse
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I had a hint something was up when we retrieved our four-year-old mare from the trainer’s place. I don’t bounce well enough to saddle-break a horse, and our teenage son, Huck, needed more guidance to get the job done, so she’d been sent to the trainer. After a round of small talk, we asked him about Wichita’s sixty days of schooling under saddle. The trainer seemed to weigh how to say something diplomatically. “She’s a lot of horse,” he said. We watched as he put Wichita through her paces. He’s a kind, skilled man, and she’d learned quite a bit with him. She could lope circles under saddle;
‘Bombshell’ News for
Joe Biden From Australia
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Look at this, mates. From Down Under comes news that the incumbent prime minister of Australia has been returned to office in what the wires a calling a “sensational” result. The “bombshell triumph,” says a leading news site, comes after “repeated polls” placed the Australian Labor party ahead of the ruling conservatives, who Down Under are called the Liberal Party. No doubt it would be a mistake for us Yanks to make too much of this. Gravity pulls in the opposite direction on this side of the globe. Then again, too, to make too much from this. Then again, too, it might be a mistake to ignore this portent altogether,
John Paul Stevens Is Still Trying
To Defend the Kelo Debacle
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John Paul Stevens has had it rough. In 2005, Stevens, then an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, authored one of the worst SCOTUS decisions of the past 50 years. Kelo v. City of New London let a local government bulldoze a working-class neighborhood so that private developers would have a blank slate on which to build a luxury hotel, a conference center, and various other upscale amenities. The city's goal was to erase that existing community via eminent domain and replace it with a new commercial district that would (maybe? hopefully?) fill the local coffers with more abundant tax dollars. Stevens, the poor soul,
California homelessness is so out of control, people
are turning to boats – Dems are clueless
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California is the country’s wealthiest and most highly taxed state, but its politicians have utterly failed to tackle the state’s most basic problem: homelessness. Estimates place California's homeless population at close to 130,000. To grasp the magnitude of that figure, imagine the entire population of New Haven, Connecticut or Charleston, South Carolina living on the streets. Much has been written about the problems of feces on San Francisco’s streets and needles on the streets in downtown Los Angeles. But the problem has expanded far beyond those cities. It has now reached virtually all parts of the state, including, according to reports, the state’s water.
Matthew McConaughey receives
his high school diploma three
decades after graduating
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Maybe Matthew McConaughey was too dazed and confused all these years to pick up his high school diploma. The Oscar-winning actor finally took home his certificate of graduation from Longview High School in Texas on Friday. McConaughey graduated from the East Texas school in 1988. He was on hand at the Class of 2019’s graduation to deliver the commencement speech and share words of encouragement.
How San Francisco broke America’s heart replies
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SAN FRANCISCO — A Tuesday afternoon in the Mission District of America’s tech wonderland. Michael Feno stands outside Lucca Ravioli, his beloved pasta emporium on Valencia, a vestige of old San Francisco, puffing on a cigar while posing for pictures, his customers in tears. Living in this city’s radically shifting landscape, veterinarian Gina Henriksen found comfort by telling herself, “Thank God, Lucca is still here. If Lucca goes, I’m going to have to leave San Francisco. What do we have left?” Lucca is no longer here. After 94 years, doors shuttered on the last day of April. The parking lot sold for $3.5 million. A three-building parcel, including the store,
Comey vs. the world replies
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Eventually the “holier than thou” find themselves at loggerheads with the rest of the world. Call it the revenge of the “thous.” In James Comey’s mind, no one is as holy as he is. People he used to respect, like Rod Rosenstein and William Barr, certainly aren’t. President Trump ate their souls. Comey admits the same thing nearly happened to him, but he was holy enough to pull back from the brink. The fact that Trump fired him helped. Now, Comey finds himself at odds with former associates on the anti-Trump side of the divide. Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General under Obama, has testified that Comey mischaracterized her statements
Dressing Down Parents at Houston’s Madison High School replies
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Earlier this month, the principal of James Madison High School, in Houston, Carlotta Outley Brown, sent out a directive to parents. Any parent wearing revealing and/or slovenly attire would be banned from entering the school, and in some cases, prohibited from so much as setting foot on school premises. Items banned from the building include shower caps, hair rollers, bonnets, satin caps (a.k.a. “Do-rags,” or “durags,” in the parlance of Solange and the New York Times), house shoes, undershirts (for men), and pajamas, or anything that could be construed as such,
6 Pieces Of Evidence Anita Hill Was Lying replies
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Anita Hill made her claim to fame by accusing Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his confirmation hearing back in 1991. The Left painted Thomas as a misogynistic monster despite the glaring contradictions, lies and lack of evidence to support such a narrative. The U.S. House and Senate dismissed the baseless accusations presented by Hill, confirmed Thomas to the court, and the public largely viewed Hill as discredited. Despite all this, the Left, through HBO, continues to smear Thomas for the irredeemable sin of being conservative while being black. On April 16 a slanderous film called Confirmation,
The Best Thing in Texas: An Escaped Kangaroo Takes a Wimberley Walkabout replies
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WHO: A kangaroo who lives in Wimberley WHAT: This escaped fugitive remains at large in the Hill Country WHY IT’S SO GREAT: On Wednesday afternoon, consternation spread through Wimberley after a kangaroo went AWOL from Trails End Ranch, an exotic wildlife ranch on the town’s outskirts. At first the Hays County Constable’s Office struggled to determine whether the calls they were receiving about the creature were pranks. But after several reports from residents who’d spotted it in their yards, officials were forced to reckon with the truth: There was, indeed, a marsupial on the loose.
‘Very Fine People on Both Sides’ replies
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Willoughby Run is a stream too small to be called a creek. Trickling southward through the hills of Adams County, Pennsylvania, it runs between two low ridges and crosses U.S. Highway 30 east of what is now a golf course, but which on the morning of July 1, 1863, was farmland. On the ridge west of Willoughby Run was a tavern owned by Frederick Herr and on that ridge, two brigades of Confederate infantry assembled, having marched some seven miles from Cashtown that morning. These brigades belonged to a division
The Mexico Tragedy replies
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Will Mexico ever become a healthy democracy—more law-abiding and better governed, more prosperous and free? The question is as enduring as it is hard to answer. Few nations have inspired such a mixture of love, fear, and revulsion—a perennial sense that it has come so far, yet has so far to go. The world enjoys Mexico: the country welcomed nearly 40 million tourists in 2017, sixth most of any nation, surpassing Germany and the United Kingdom for the first time. Mexicans enjoy themselves: they love their fiestas, and surveys show them satisfied with their family lives.
Two days after synagogue shooting, Buttigieg kisses anti-Semite Al Sharpton’s ring replies
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., boasted this month that there is “no taint” of anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party. She may want to tell that to her colleagues, especially the 2020 presidential candidates, many of whom continue to kiss the ring worn by noted race hustler and anti-Semite, Al Sharpton. On Monday, just two days after a gunman opened fire at a San Diego synagogue, killing one and injuring three others, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg dined with Sharpton in New York. The two spoke at length about the upcoming presidential election and homophobia in churches and faith-based communities.
Why Activists Are Blasting Beto O’Rourke’s Climate Change Plan replies
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Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke unveiled his environmental agenda in California’s Yosemite Valley Monday, declaring it “the most ambitious climate plan in the history of the United States” — only to have the proposal immediately assailed by environmentalists who said it does not go far enough. Under the plan — which would includes $1.5 trillion investment intended to “mobilize” an additional $5 trillion over 10 years — O’Rourke says the United States can achieve net zero emissions by 2050. It includes broad promises to rejoin the Paris agreement, cut pollution, and protect communities impacted by fires, floods, droughts and hurricanes.
An Afternoon with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Texas Anti-Vaccine Movement replies
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Among a certain set, the Texas Legislature is known as the National Laboratory of Bad Ideas, a hothouse for legislative foolishness that often spreads across the country. But sometimes it works the other way around. Sometimes the bad ideas come here from elsewhere, and sometimes even Massachusetts. On Friday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the famed vaccine skeptic and son of the 1968 Democratic presidential candidate, spoke at a dimly-lit meeting hall deep in the Capitol extension at the invitation of Texans for Vaccine Choice, a right-leaning group that fights to loosen vaccine requirements
"This is Do-Or-Die": Joe Biden´s "Electability" Argument Is How Democrats Lose Elections replies
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Aside from his global fame and his love affair with soft-serve ice cream, Joe Biden’s biggest calling card at this budding stage of the presidential race is the mushy notion of “electability.” Biden, the former vice president, isn’t outright saying that he would be the best foil against Donald Trump next year, but he’s laying it on thick, mugging for the cameras in Iowa diners and bragging to a Teamsters union hall in Pittsburgh that the road back to the White House runs straight through working-class Pennsylvania. Biden’s home turf. “Shot-and-a-beer” territory, as Richard Ben Cramer called it.
A letter to William Barr replies
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Emmet T. Flood, special counsel to President Trump, has sent a letter to Attorney General Barr. Although Barr is the addressee, Robert Mueller is the main target. The letter is a blistering attack on Mueller’s report with a shot at James Comey thrown in. Flood gets right to the point: The [special counsel’s report] suffers from an extraordinary legal defect: It quite deliberately fails to comply with the requirements of governing law. Flood cites two major ways in which the Mueller report suffers from this defect. The first problem centers around its statement that the evidence
The Flight of the Texas Fireflies replies
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“Here come real stars to fill the upper skies, And here on earth come emulating flies, That though they never equal stars in size, (And they were never really stars at heart) Achieve at times a very star-like start. Only, of course, they can’t sustain the part.” ―Robert Frost In a state with more than its share of biting, stinging, and creeping and crawling insects and arachnids with little or no charm to any but their own species, fireflies (or lightning bugs as they are variously known here) have long enjoyed a special place in our hearts, that rarest of varmints—a charismatic insect. To those of us who grew up in suburbia or out in the country
Attorney General Barr puts
former intel bosses on notice
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Things seem to be moving quickly now. It has been a remarkable few weeks in American history. Momentum is building toward uncovering the distasteful possibility that the targeting of a U.S. presidential campaign was actually a political operation, fostered at the highest levels of government, masquerading as an FBI counterintelligence investigation. Attorney General William Barr has signaled that his interest in examining the origins of the investigation into the Trump campaign extends beyond whether the FBI operated “by the book,” as former FBI Director James Comey asserts. Barr also wants to understand the role that the larger intelligence community, or IC, may have played in all of this.
"I flew too close to the sun. No question.
Icarus" Inside the epic fall of Michael Avanettitti
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Michael Avenatti was looking at his phone, scrolling through his Twitter mentions, when it all came crashing down. Not long before noon on March 25, he was walking toward an escalator in the newly opened 720,000-square-foot shopping mall in the middle of Hudson Yards. It’s a city within a city, purpose-built for people who don’t much like Manhattan even if they want to live here, with restaurants run by Michelin-starred chefs, shiny new high-rise apartment buildings, and headquarters for companies like WarnerMedia and Related and, as it happened, the law offices of Boies Schiller Flexner—the white-shoe firm that represents Nike. Less than a week earlier, Avenatti had contacted the athletic-apparel giant
Dems Ignore the Voters on Impeachment replies
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Here’s a news flash for the leftwing politicians, pundits, and unbalanced billionaires who continue to push for the impeachment of President Trump: There is a large group of people living beyond the Beltway, collectively known as “the voters,” which doesn’t share your obsession with removing him from office. Countless polls confirm that the percentage of the electorate that supports impeachment is steadily dwindling. The vast majority of the people who will cast ballots in 2020 want you to stop indulging your nostalgia for Watergate and do something useful. The following passage from the latest Quinnipiac survey explains why: The nation’s economy is “excellent,”
Potential Clash Over Secrets Looms
Between Justice Dept. and C.I.A.
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WASHINGTON — President Trump’s order allowing Attorney General William P. Barr to declassify any intelligence that sparked the opening of the Russia investigation sets up a potential confrontation with the C.I.A., effectively stripping the agency of its most critical power: choosing which secrets it shares and which ones remain hidden. On Friday, Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, said the agencies under his purview would give the Justice Department “all of the appropriate information” for its review. But Mr. Coats, a seasoned politician, also included a not-so-subtle warning that his agency’s secrets must be protected.
The Daily Briefing: How a Must-See Show Went Dark replies
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It was a circus the last time Sarah Huckabee Sanders answered questions in the White House briefing room. Hands shot up. Voices were raised. A younger gentleman in a blue blazer hung from the lectern with one hand, clutched his credentials with the other, and literally whooped at the top of his lungs. If the uncivilized gaggle had any excuse, it was that most of the participants hadn’t yet graduated from elementary school. The press secretary was answering questions from kids, the children of members of the White House press corps. What kind of ice cream does President Trump like? (Chocolate and vanilla.) Does he have a favorite dinosaur?
The Worst Cover-Up of All Time replies
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President Donald Trump may be guilty of many things, but a cover-up in the Mueller probe isn’t one of them. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, attempting to appease forces in the Democratic party eager for impeachment, is accusing him of one, with all the familiar Watergate connotations. The charge is strange, not to say incomprehensible, in light of the fact that Congress is in possession of a 448-page report produced by the Trump Department of Justice cataloguing the alleged obstruction that Congress now wants to investigate. The report is so exhaustive that many members of Congress haven’t had the time to read it.
CNN now the 'hate Trump' network,
ex-contributors say: Network
'openly despises conservatives'
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Several conservative commentators who were previously employed by CNN are now speaking out against the network, claiming its current identity is "anti-Trump" instead of neutral, as it claims to be. One claims the network "openly despises conservatives." "Most of us got squeezed out involuntarily,” Jack Kingston, a former Georgia congressman who appeared on the network, told Mediaite. “I was there for two years and was certainly willing to continue. It was clear to me in the end that the Republicans they prefer are anti-Trump Republicans.” "Most of us got squeezed out involuntarily. I was there for two years and was certainly willing to continue. It was clear to me in the end
Check your credit card
statements for this scam charge
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Fraudsters are dipping their toes in the water by making mysterious — yet familiar — charges on users' credit and debit cards Opens a New Window. . Recently, more scammers Opens a New Window. have been using iTunes as a disguise to make fraudulent purchases. According to financial site MoneyTips Opens a New Window. , the charge looks something like this: "APL*ITUNES.CON/BILL 866-712-7753 CA." The majority of the charges start out small (so small, the cardholder likely won't notice them at first glance).
3 Times Media Falsely Claimed Russiagate
Transparency Would End The Republic
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On Thursday, President Donald Trump issued a memorandum directing the intelligence agency heads to comply and cooperate with “a review of intelligence activities relating to the campaigns in the 2016 Presidential election.” The memorandum also gave Attorney General William Barr the authority to declassify information pertaining to the investigation. For several years, government officials from the Obama administration had alleged in anonymous leaks to friendly reporters that Trump was a traitor who had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. After nearly a year of investigation at the FBI, which included the use of wiretaps, national security letters, and overseas intelligence assets deployed against the campaign,
America’s Best Defense Against Socialism replies
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The United States of America has flummoxed socialists since the nineteenth century. Marx himself couldn't quite understand why the most advanced economy in the world stubbornly refused to transition to socialism. Marxist theory predicts the immiseration of the proletariat and subsequent revolution from below. This never happened in America. Labor confronted capital throughout the late nineteenth century, often violently, but American democracy and constitutionalism withstood the clash. Socialist movements remained minority persuasions. When Eugene V. Debs ran for president in 1912, he topped out at 6 percent of the vote. Populist third-party candidates, from George Wallace in 1968 (14 percent)
How Does Obama Feel About Biden’s
Candidacy? It’s Complicated.
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Early on the April morning when Joe Biden announced his latest presidential run, Barack Obama’s spokeswoman issued a rare statement. The message praised the former vice-president’s “knowledge, insight, and judgment,” and highlighted the pair’s “special bond.” But it stopped short of endorsing Biden’s campaign. Just a few days earlier, Biden had responded to a reporter’s question about his ideology by categorizing himself as an “Obama-Biden Democrat, man,” and when he launched his campaign, his political team — having discussed the plan with Obama’s staff to lean on this message and imagery — posted a photo to Instagram of Biden laughing with Obama and plastered Facebook
A Few Other Ways Laredo
Is Better Than Los Angeles
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With approximately four thousand things happening every day that would, in previous eras, have dominated the news cycle for three months, it’s easy to lose track of events that might once have been considered headline news. For example: Did you remember that the U.S. is in the middle of a trade war with China? There are a lot of consequences to that—China no longer buys U.S. oil; the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development predicts a GDP drop of 0.7 percent by 2021 as global growth slows; consumer goods that are made in China are getting much more expensive—but in addition to the global economic implications, there’s one fact
Let’s call the Russian collusion
‘hoax’ what it really is
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During the Japanese bombardment of Shanghai in 1932, the Austrian essayist Karl Kraus was anguishing over the placement of commas in a column. It might seem futile at such a moment, he told a friend, but “if those who are obliged to look after commas had always made sure they were in the right place, then Shanghai would not be burning.” Hyperbolic? Perhaps. But the general point holds: words matter, as do the their appurtenances, punctuation. (After all, “Let’s eat Grandma” means something quite different from “Let’s eat, Grandma.”) George Orwell made a kindred observation about the importance of having the courage to call things by their real names. Euphemism,
Israel to hold fresh election as
Netanyahu fails to form coalition
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Israeli lawmakers have voted to dissolve parliament after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a coalition government. The decision triggers a fresh election, to be held in September. Mr Netanyahu was unable to reach a deal for a fresh right-wing coalition following last month's election. At the heart of the impasse was a military conscription bill governing exemptions for ultra-Orthodox Jewish seminary students.
Barr has not received 'satisfactory'
answers from intelligence community
in Russia probe origins review
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Attorney General Bill Barr said he has not received answers from the intelligence community that are “at all satisfactory” in the early stages of his review into the origins of the Russia investigation. Last month, Barr announced he had assembled a team to review the FBI’s original Russia probe which was opened in the summer of 2016. Barr appointed U.S. Attorney from Connecticut John Durham to lead the investigation which will focus on the use of FBI informants as well as alleged improper issuance of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrents. warrants.
The Mueller Investigation Was
.Always an Impeachment Probe
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Why mention the OLC guidance at all? That is the question for Bob Mueller, left hanging by the statement his office jointly issued with Justice Department flacks on Wednesday, clarifying (as it were) remarks he had made hours earlier at his parting-shot press conference. At issue is Mueller’s decision to punt on the question of whether President Trump should be indicted for obstruction of justice. In his startling remarks, Mueller sought to justify himself by citing instruction from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. The longstanding OLC opinion, an outgrowth of Nixon- and Clinton-era scandals, holds that a sitting president may not be indicted. The two press offices were struggling
Border Patrol Agents Apprehend Large
Group in Del Rio
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DEL RIO, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Del Rio Station apprehended a large group of 116 individuals Thursday. “Large groups present a unique challenge for the men and women of the Del Rio Sector,” said Chief Raul Ortiz. “This large group from Africa further demonstrates the complexity and severity of the border security and humanitarian crisis at our Southwest border.” Agents performing line watch operations apprehended the group after they illegally crossed the Rio Grande into the U.S. around 10:30 p.m. This is the first large group apprehended in the Del Rio Sector and the first large group of people from Africa –
Nothing Prepares You for
Visiting Omaha Beach
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COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France—The first thing you notice, at the end of the narrow roads that lead to this precipice, is how peaceful this place is. The cliffs are thick with rough green vegetation and drop down—sharply, then more gradually—to a Prussian-blue sea and a windswept beach. Omaha Beach. The morning I went, the sun was bright, and a few people were walking on the sand with a dog. I could see them from a lookout on the pathway to the Normandy American Cemetery here, where more than 9,300 servicemen and a few servicewomen are buried—neat rows of milk-white marble crosses, 150 Stars of David, and 307 graves
Red light cameras banned in Texas replies
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Drivers in the Lone Star State are about to be seeing less red. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Saturday evening he signed legislation that bans red light cameras across the state. House Bill 1361, authored by Republican state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, would prohibit the use of "photographic traffic signal enforcement systems." The Republican governor took to Twitter to give people a personal view of him signing House Bill 1631.
Photo gallery: D-Day, 75 years ago replies
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“As one officer said,” war correspondent Ernie Pyle wrote shortly after the invasion, “the only way to take a beach is to face it and keep going. It is costly at first but it’s the only way.” On June 6, 1944, Allied forces launched a massive invasion of the French coast at Normandy, opening a new front that helped defeat Nazi Germany and end the war in Europe within a year. “In the light of a couple of days of retrospection,” Pyle wrote from the front, “we sit and talk and call it a miracle that our men ever got on at all or were able to stay on.”
Bernie Sanders Wants to Change America.
But He May Have to Change Himself First.
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Bernie Sanders wants to make a joke. Pretty good joke, he thinks. He is slumped in a window seat in coach on a plane parked at Chicago O’Hare. He has about an hour in transit to get the joke into his next speech. Before deplaning, he pulls his hair forward, but only on the left, the side one may call Bernie, as opposed to the more combed right hemisphere—Senator Sanders. Off the plane. The selfie requests start. O.K., but quickly. O.K., why not, sure. Ooh, was that a Macaroni Grill? Anyone want to go in on a pizza with him? Sausage pizza, O.K. Then selfies with the kitchen staff.
24,000 pounds of trash — and 4
corpses — removed from Mount Everest
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It’s the world’s highest mountain — of trash. Crews removed more than 24,000 pounds of garbage, including four dead bodies, left behind on Mount Everest by adventure-seekers challenging the world’s tallest peak. Food wrappers, human excrement, camping gear and empty oxygen containers comprised much of the high-altitude litter, which was flown to Kathmandu and handed over to recyclers Wednesday. One corpse is believed to belong to a Russian mountaineer, while
Unhappy with HBO’s ‘Chernobyl,’ Russia is
planning its own series — blaming the CIA
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HBO’s recent miniseries “Chernobyl” has become another hit for the premium network, pulling in critical praise and triggering a global conversation about the dramatic 1986 nuclear disaster at a Soviet Union reactor in a region now recognized as Ukraine. The binge-worthy five-episode series recently jumped to the top of IMDb’s all-time rankings of television shows with a 9.7 average score out of 10, nudging aside longtime favorites like “Breaking Bad,” “Planet Earth” and “The Wire,” Variety reported on Wednesday. Despite the glowing international reception, there’s one place the series has not gone over well: Russia, specifically in the power corridors of the Kremlin.
Why The IG Report On FISA Abuse Will
Unleash Barr’s Investigation Of Spygate
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The forthcoming report from the Office of Inspector General on potential Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse will finally unleash Attorney General William Barr, and when it does, watch out. For the last month, conservative pundits have predicted the ever-imminent dropping of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on his investigation into the circumstances surrounding FISA surveillance of former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page. Horowitz’s report will likely provide new and damaging details surrounding the FBI’s use of the FISA court to spy on Page. More importantly, the conclusion of Horowitz’s probe frees Barr to conduct a broader and more exacting investigation into all aspects of the Russia collusion hoax.
The (New) Great American Road Trip:
Where Else to Stop in All 50 States
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Mount Rushmore. Joshua Tree. Wall Drug. When embarking on the star-spangled rite of passage that is the cross-country road trip, there are a few places you’re obligated to stop. But almost a century after Route 66 was established, you’ve probably seen all the classics (and the throngs of tourists that tend to come with them). So we took the Great American Road Trip itinerary and updated it with 100 new (but equally worthy) destinations. That’s two in each state — one for family-friendly trips, one for your friends — along with 50 standards, for a grand total of 150 stops.
A Republican Explains Why Clinton
Was Guilty and Trump Is Not
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When the House Judiciary Committee meets today for the start of hearings that could lead to the impeachment of President Donald Trump, two of the 17 Republicans on the dais will find themselves in a familiar position, having been deeply involved in the last formal attempt to remove a president from office. Representative Steve Chabot of Ohio, along with Representative James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, voted to impeach President Bill Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice. Both later played the role of prosecutors for Clinton’s trial in the Senate, where he was ultimately acquitted. “I do stand by it,” Chabot told me. “I think he did commit an impeachable offense—
Hightower Backs ‘Nature Rights’ replies
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The “It can’t happen here” crowd had better start paying more attention to the mainstreaming of the “nature rights” movement. Not only has Science — one of the world’s foremost science journals — published in its favor, but now former Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower, a very influential voice on the left, has endorsed the extreme ideological agenda. From his column: Well, what if we did give all wildlife a fighting chance against the destructive firepower of profiteers who so carelessly ravage their habitats and kill them off? Of course, we can’t arm nature with guns, but we could recognize that other species and ecosystems are living creatures
Even Democrats Aren’t Sure Whether
John Dean Did Them Any Good
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It was supposed to be a made-for-TV moment for House Democrats: former Richard Nixon counsel and Watergate icon John Dean testifying before lawmakers in the Judiciary Committee’s first hearing solely devoted to the substance of Robert Mueller’s findings on whether President Trump obstructed the Russia investigation. After the four-hour hearing wrapped on Monday, though, not all Democrats were reveling in the testimony of Watergate’s star witness. Some were even wondering if anyone had bothered to watch. “I don’t know if there were any blockbuster events today,” conceded Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), a Judiciary member. “It was kind of like a plotting exercise.”
What Jim Acosta is doing is exactly right replies
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Reading Jim Acosta's new book "Enemy of the People" is like watching a train wreck in progress, with passengers bracing for the inevitable crash. Friends and critics agree we have never seen a president like Donald J. Trump, whose disdain, even contempt and apparent hatred for many members of the press is almost daily on display. Acosta cites instance after instance when this President and many of his staff show that they are bent on interfering with the ability of reporters to bring the public an accurate account of the administration's stewardship.
Texas governor signs controversial
'Save Chick-fil-A' bill into law
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Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Monday signed the so-called “Save Chick-fil-A” bill into law, a new provision that supporters say defends the fast-food restaurant and protects religious freedoms. Opponents have argued it discriminates against the LGBT community. Abbott, a Republican, did not hold a public signing ceremony, but he had signaled his support through a tweet a few weeks ago, reported. On May 20, Abbott tweeted a picture of a Chick-fil-A soft drink in front of a laptop showing a news article with the headline “'Save Chick-fil-A' bill heads to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk” and wrote, “So. What are the odds
Why Gillibrand Is the Most
Vapid Clown in the Car
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She is so excruciatingly, insufferably, painfully stupid, shallow, pandering, desperate, and without ethics. Kirsten Gillibrand. United States Senator from New York. Candidate for 2020 Democrat Presidential nomination. Dolt. She was not initially on my radar. I follow the news like a hawk, but she always was so politically lightweight — make thatbantamweight — that she did notregister. Here in California, “register” is a term we often use for earthquakes. The Northridge shaker registered at 6.7. A solid 3.5, give or take, will wake you up. Gillibrand registers at 0.0, give or take a zero.
Here are 5 ways to show your
patriotism on Flag Day 2019
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There are three weeks until the Fourth of July, but if you can't wait til then to celebrate the Stars and Stripes, we have another patriotic holiday for you. Today is Flag Day, an annual celebration held on June 14 of America's flag. The holiday commemorates the adoption of the national flag in 1777 by the Continental Congress. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed June 14 as Flag Day, and in 1949, Congress passed legislation establishing it as day of observance. The day inspires parades, essay contests and other community events across the country to show support for America and its service members. Here are five ways
Whataburger’s Been Sold to the Yanks replies
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Just a few short weeks ago, we learned that Whataburger had retained the services of investment firm Morgan Stanley, in order to more fully explore the company’s options in the event of a possible sale. The company’s statement about the move was noncommittal, framed as part of the regular course of business—they often evaluate potential investors, and planned to continue to do so, and this was just more of that. Three weeks later, though, those options have been explored, and Whataburger is a Texas-owned chain no more. BDT Capital Partners, a Chicago-based investment firm, has acquired a majority stake in the company. While the current plans involve keeping the company’s headquarters
Remembering Bill Wittliff: ‘Lonesome Dove’
Screenwriter, Giant of Texas Culture
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For all the identifiers that obituary writers will reach for to describe Bill Wittliff—screenwriter, photographer, book publisher, novelist, sketch artist, archivist, preservationist, champion of the arts, man of letters—two things are important to remember. First off, Wittliff himself, constitutionally untucked and simple, could have shorthanded that list with one apt word: storyteller. But more to the point, as significant as his best-known achievements are—he wrote and co-produced the television version of Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove, the best Western ever filmed; he founded and guided, with his wife, Sally, the Wittliff Collections at Texas State University in San Marcos, the world’s finest repository of Southwestern writing, photography, and culture—
Does anyone deserve
to have a billion dollars?
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Most Democrats see economic inequality as a problem, but they don’t always agree about how extreme wealth should be treated. This question sharpened that debate: candidates like Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar said they did not object to people amassing vast fortunes, while others, like Bernie Sanders and Kirsten Gillibrand, called it offensive.
FBI, warned early and often
that Manafort file might
be fake, used it anyway
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When the final chapter of the Russia collusion caper is written, it is likely two seminal documents the FBI used to justify investigating Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign will turn out to be bunk. And the behavior of FBI agents and federal prosecutors who promoted that faulty evidence may disturb us more than we now know. The first, the Christopher Steele dossier, has received enormous attention. And the more scrutiny it receives, the more its truthfulness wanes. Its credibility has declined so much that many now openly question how the FBI used it to support a surveillance warrant against the Trump campaign in October 2016.
The Empty Radicalism of
the Climate Apocalypse
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“We must stop asking what the Earth can do for us,” newly elected President Jay Inslee concluded in his inaugural address, “and start considering what we must do for the Earth.” Inslee had launched his campaign two years earlier as a longshot, single-issue candidate. But events rapidly outpaced what had begun as a boutique candidacy intended to call attention to climate change. In the spring of 2020, another record Mississippi River flood, a brutal tornado season, drought in the Northwest, and a series of damaging thunderstorms in the Northeast brought battleground primary states into Inslee’s camp. As Democrats gathered for their convention in Milwaukee that July,