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Why the White Island Volcano
Eruption Was So Dangerous
Posted by StormCnter 12/12/2019 7:52:01 AM Post Reply
On Monday, December 9, New Zealand's White Island volcano erupted seemingly without warning. Within two minutes, a violent cloud of steam, ash, and rock—called a pyroclastic density current—tumbled down the volcano’s flank. A cloud of volcanic ash stretched thousands of feet into the sky. At the time the volcano erupted—just after 2:00 p.m. local time—47 tourists were scattered along the crater’s edge and down the volcano’s slopes. At press time, eight people have been confirmed dead, 28 are currently being treated, and nine are missing or presumed dead. "My God, White Island volcano in New Zealand erupted today for first time since 2001. My family and I had gotten off it
Joe Biden Still Can’t Answer Basic
Questions About Hunter and Burisma
Posted by StormCnter 12/12/2019 7:50:04 AM Post Reply
When Joe Biden was America’s point man for Ukraine policy, an allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, started paying his son Hunter $50,000 a month to sit on its board. By Hunter’s own account — and that of another board member — Hunter would never have been offered this lucrative gig had he not been the son of the U.S. vice-president. There is no evidence that Hunter ever lobbied his father on Burisma’s behalf, and the elder Biden reportedly made life harder for his son’s employer by helping to oust a Ukrainian prosecutor who’d taken a hands-off approach to corruption. But this much is beyond dispute:
William Barr is unfit to be attorney general replies
Posted by StormCnter 12/12/2019 4:50:11 AM Post Reply
As a former U.S. attorney general, I am reluctant to publicly criticize my successors. I respect the office and understand just how tough the job can be. But recently, Attorney General William P. Barr has made a series of public statements and taken actions that are so plainly ideological, so nakedly partisan and so deeply inappropriate for America’s chief law enforcement official that they demand a response from someone who held the same office. Last month, at a Federalist Society event, the attorney general delivered an ode to essentially unbridled executive power, dismissing the authority of the legislative and judicial branches — and the checks