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A Renowned Vaccinologist and the Placebo-Controlled
Clinical Trials That Weren’t

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Posted By: DVC, 8/26/2023 4:28:13 PM

What do you think of when you hear “placebo-controlled clinical trial?” Most people familiar with the term will understand it to be the standard way many drugs are tested in order to determine efficacy and safety before they are licensed and marketed to the general public. It’s usually understood to involve a pharmacologically inactive or inert pill with no active ingredient producing no medical effect as part of a control group used to draw a comparison between it and the experimental drug under inspection. But if you thought that this is what is used to test the safety of vaccines, you’d be wrong.


Uh, caught them again. A "safety test" which does NOT test safety. And they still call it a 'placebo controlled clinical trial'. But there was NO PLACEBO. More vaccine fraud, for many years.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: EJKrausJr 8/26/2023 4:33:34 PM (No. 1542979)
The clinical trials occur when the vaccines go live with the General Public. There are no clinincal trials.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: sw penn 8/26/2023 4:33:35 PM (No. 1542980)
You are the carbon they want to eliminate...
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DVC 8/26/2023 4:40:10 PM (No. 1542982)
Note that one approved vaccine for infants, Daptacel, had "one or more serious adverse events" in 3.9% of infants. Gee, what is a "serious adverse event"? Permanent paralysis, or a fever for 12 hours? Breathing problems, or a full body rash? Details of exactly WHAT 'serious adverse event' (maybe multiples) are important to understanding what the risk actually is. Daptacel is a vaccine for RSV, respiratory syncitial virus. According to "Healthline"....."RSV is a respiratory infection that is common and sometimes serious in babies." It also says "most babies recover from RSV without requiring hospitalization". So, what is the actual risk of RSV versus the actual risk of this vaccine? OK, how often is RSV serious? A lot more than 4%? This vaccine has about 4% "one or more serious adverse events".
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Reply 4 - Posted by: IowaDad 8/26/2023 5:13:19 PM (No. 1542991)
All the Covid vaccines were tested against inert placebo injections to prove their efficacy and to test their short-term( eg 6-month) safety. If you have a need to prove this, read the literature (eg the New England Journal of Medicine). That’s why you went to school.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: BirdsNest 8/26/2023 5:24:49 PM (No. 1542998)
^ He's baaack....
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Reply 6 - Posted by: DVC 8/26/2023 6:00:52 PM (No. 1543014)
The topic is NOT the modRNA non-vaccine shots.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: cor-vet 8/26/2023 7:26:38 PM (No. 1543054)
The test placebos were the shots that were given to Biden, Pelosi and the special people!
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A Renowned Vaccinologist and the Placebo-Controlled
Clinical Trials That Weren’t
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Posted by DVC 8/26/2023 4:28:13 PM Post Reply
What do you think of when you hear “placebo-controlled clinical trial?” Most people familiar with the term will understand it to be the standard way many drugs are tested in order to determine efficacy and safety before they are licensed and marketed to the general public. It’s usually understood to involve a pharmacologically inactive or inert pill with no active ingredient producing no medical effect as part of a control group used to draw a comparison between it and the experimental drug under inspection. But if you thought that this is what is used to test the safety of vaccines, you’d be wrong.
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The idea that carbon dioxide (CO2) drives global warming or “climate change” now enjoys unquestioned authority and near universal approval. As burgeoning public policy, nationally and in some states, it is seeping into what once were private matters of choice (e.g., light bulbs, kitchen cooktops). Many scientists, primarily physicists, consider the belief pure supposition, however, and colossally off track. John Stuart Mill observed in chapter six of his System of Logic, on ratiocination or logical thinking, that a doctrine may endure because inferences from it lead to ostensibly sound conclusions -- while belief in the doctrine’s truth may exist only by excluding evidence it is false.
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China is a problem. It’s an immediate problem for Taiwan, but it’s also a long-term problem for America, given that it’s our greatest geopolitical enemy (no matter what Democrats say about Russia! Russia! Russia!). However, Ben Shapiro has put together an excellent short video detailing the structural problems that bedevil China and that put it both at risk of implosion and explosion. Over the years, I’ve written often about China, both the threat it poses and the weaknesses it has. I’ve covered its demographic problems, the way it’s overreached itself with its belt-and-road policies, its shaky internal economy, and its showy but surprisingly weak military.
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My son came back from shopping today a little stunned, as though he had seen a ghost. He was shocked to see a person in the grocery store still wearing a COVID mask. He immediately leapt to an analogy that has kept me laughing all day. Long after World War II ended, Japanese soldiers remained hidden in the jungles and caves of the Pacific islands, either unaware or unwilling to accept that Japan had surrendered.[snip] The last known of these holdouts, Teruo Nakamura, surrendered in 1975, [snip] it is safe to assume many more never came out and died unknown in hiding...or who knows?
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New data shows temperatures above 86F
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Okay, so let me get this straight regarding the “quirks” of electric vehicles. If you’re fleeing a natural disaster, like a hurricane for instance, the nature of the design might impede efficient and safe evacuation; or they might simply explode, because exposure to salt water can link the positive and negative battery terminals, causing a short circuit. Well, if they’re just sitting there too I guess, there’s still a heightened risk of spontaneous explosion with a long-burning, extra-hot, inextinguishable fire. They don’t really work in “cold” weather, and now, according to new data, “excessive heat can greatly diminish electric vehicle range” too?
The Curious Effect of Insular Liberalism 4 replies
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The hard left actually believes it reflects the opinions of all Democrats and indeed all liberals. This is simply not true. The hard left is in conflict with the majority of Americans, left, right or center. Does Mayor Adams of NYC agree with the border policy of the present administration? Does anyone living in the areas distressed by their policies? The hard left is a tiny minority, yet it yields amazing power, in the media, government, the courts, business, bureaucracies, and politics. These self-proclaimed "elites" (hard left) are largely in control of what we see and hear. Yes, they even call themselves "elite."
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One of the things characterizing the Biden administration is incoherence. Biden is frequently completely unintelligible, mumbling sounds to himself and his audience. Kamala offers wordy, banal phrases that fail to hide that her premise, conclusion, and argument are all identical. And Karine Jean-Pierre, despite having her eyes glued to her notes most of the time, is the Sergeant Schultz of press secretaries, for she knows nothing most of the time. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, to learn that the Biden White House has purged over 30% of the people allowed press passes…none of whom belong to the major MSM outlets.
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The book, The Plague of Models: How Computer Modeling Corrupted Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulations by Kenneth Green, is banned by Amazon. [snip] The book is available at Barnes and Noble. The Plague of Models is a wide-ranging attack on a broad spectrum of government regulation and policy, including alleged cancer-causing substances, air pollution, and doomsday predictions like global warming, acid rain, and the ozone hole. [snip] Scientists want to generate important-sounding, even sensational results. They want to be famous and enjoy the benefits of higher social status. That desire leads to stretching or breaking the rules
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Pence warns Republicans against ‘siren
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Former Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday called on his party to turn away from what he described as a growing threat of populism led by his former White House boss Donald Trump and “his imitators.” In a speech delivered at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College, Pence said that “Republican voters face a choice” between conservative principles and the rising populist movement within the party. In his sharpest language to date against the Trump wing of the GOP, Pence said that the populists were substituting limited government and traditional values for “an agenda stitched together by little else than personal grievances and performative outrage.”
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A coalition of six Republican and unaffiliated Colorado voters, including former state and federal officials, filed a lawsuit Wednesday seeking to disqualify former President Donald Trump from appearing on the state’s 2024 presidential ballot. The plaintiffs are represented by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a nonprofit and “nonpartisan” watchdog organization, alongside law firms Tierney Lawrence Stiles LLC, KBN Law, LLC, and Olson Grimsley Kawanabe Hinchcliff & Murray LLC. The plaintiffs are Norma Anderson, Michelle Priola, Claudine Cmarada, Krista Kafer, Kathi Wright, and Christopher Castilian.
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Vice President Kamala Harris said during an interview Wednesday that she was ready to fulfill her constitutional duty to assume the presidency should President Biden be unable to govern as questions swirl around his health and age. Biden, who is 80 and is turning 81 in November, continues to be the oldest serving president in U.S. history. Should Democrats win again in 2024, he will be 82 before he is sworn into a potential second term and would be 86 at the end of it. Harris described the idea of possibly stepping into the role of president as "hypothetical" but
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Mayor Eric Adams issued his most dire warning yet about the consequences of the migrant crisis in the Big Apple on Wednesday, telling New Yorkers that the ongoing influx “will destroy New York City.” New York City has received more than 100,000 illegal immigrants since the spring, when border states began busing migrants to blue “sanctuary cities” which have committed to providing shelter and social services to all individuals regardless of immigration status. At a town hall meeting in Manhattan, Adams said New York City is receiving 10,000 migrants per month. “Let me tell you something, New Yorkers. Never in my life have I had a problem that I did
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If you needed another reason to hate Bud Light, here you go. Bill Gates is putting some serious chips on the beer making a comeback after he bought a whopping 1.7 million shares of the anti-American brand’s umbrella company. (snip) If you’re wanting to see an outright collapse of Bud Light like yours truly, you gotta be loving this, because this doesn’t do anything but inject more poison into a brand that’s crumbling more and more with each passing day. (snip) This is worse than Dylan Mulvaney from where I’m sitting.
A judge orders Texas to move a floating
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Austin, Texas— Texas must move a large floating barrier that Gov. Greg Abbott placed on the river between the U.S. and Mexico this summer as part of the Republican’s escalating attempts to stop migrants from crossing America’s southern border, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. U.S. District Judge David Ezra stopped short of ordering Texas to dismantle the wrecking-ball sized buoys on the Rio Grande but called them a threat to safety and relationships between the neighboring countries. His preliminary injunction instructs Texas, for now, to move the barrier out of the water and onto the riverbank by Sept. 15.
Trump suffers big loss in E. Jean Carroll
defamation case, judge says he's liable
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Posted by Dreadnought 9/6/2023 12:57:55 PM Post Reply
A federal judge on Wednesday ruled that Donald Trump is civilly liable for defamatory statements he made about writer E. Jean Carroll in 2019 when she went public with claims he had raped her decades earlier. Judge Lewis Kaplan, as part of that ruling, said the upcoming trial for Carroll's lawsuit against Trump will only deal with the question of how much the former president should pay her in monetary damages for defaming her. Normally, a jury would determine at trial whether a defendant is liable for civil damages claimed by a plaintiff. But Kaplan found that Carroll was entitled to a partial summary judgment
Biden wanders off during Medal of Honor ceremony 27 replies
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Is there anyone less fit to be around men of authentic valor than cowardly, self-dealing Joe Biden? Breaking all protocol as well as common decency, he wandered off the set during a Medal of Honor ceremony, leaving the honoree, Capt. Larry L. Taylor, awkwardly on the podium alone. Here's what he did: (Snip) Seriously, he wandered off, leaving Capt. Taylor, the White House's guest of honor, to fend for himself, well before the closing prayer and other protocol niceties. Why the hell did he do that? Your guess is as good as mine given that all the White House will give on such a matter is gaslightings. Here are a few possibilities: One, Biden
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Does Karine Jean-Pierre think you are stupid? It certainly seems that way after the White House press secretary delivered a laughable excuse for Joe Biden's early exit from a Medal of Honor ceremony on Tuesday. As RedState reported, the ceremony was being held to honor U.S. Army Cpt. Larry Taylor, who heroically served as a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. Everything started off normal enough, even if Biden's salute was a little clumsy. Attendees were left confused, though, after the president suddenly bolted from the stage (Snip) According to Jean-Pierre, that was "done on purpose." What was the reason? According to her, the president wanted to limit
Liberty Safe Confirms They Gave Feds Access
Code to Gun Safe During Raid on January
6 Protester
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Liberty Safe, "America's #1 heavy-duty home and gun safe manufacturer," according to their website, issued a statement late Tuesday night confirming that they'd given the FBI an access code to a customer's gun safe in response to a request on August 30, 2023. That request came during a raid on the home of a man who'd attended a protest on January 6. The statement reads: On August 30, 2023, Liberty Safe was contacted by the FBI requesting the access code to the safe of an individual for whom they had a warrant to search their property. Our company protocol is to provide access codes to law enforcement if a warrant
Karine Jean-Pierre reveals she has SPLIT
from her former CNN anchor partner Suzanne
Malveaux in Vogue interview about being
a 'single mom' and 'co-parent' to their
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Karine Jean-Pierre has separated from Suzanne Malveaux, her partner of more than 10 years, the White House press secretary revealed in an interview with Vogue. The two are sharing custody of their nine-year-old daughter Soleil. 'I'm a single mom who is co-parenting this amazing kid,' Jean-Pierre told the magazine. 'Our number-one priority is her privacy and to make sure we create an environment that's nurturing.' Vogue gave Jean-Pierre the profile treatment in its September issue, giving her a glowing write-up as it has for other administration figures,
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Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Weissmann said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that it was highly likely former President Donald Trump will get a “significant” jail sentence after Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was sentenced to 22 years for charges including seditious conspiracy. Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “Twenty-two years, the longest sentence so far in the Department’s January 6 prosecutions. Your reaction?” Weissman said, “Judge Kelly, in sentencing him, made various statements, clearly quite moved, saying that, ‘January 6, it can’t happen again,’ and repeated, ‘It can’t happen again,’
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