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The Liberals Who Can’t Quit Lockdown replies
Posted by DVC 5/11/2021 1:08:30 PM Post Reply
Lurking among the jubilant Americans venturing back out to bars and planning their summer-wedding travel is a different group: liberals who aren’t quite ready to let go of pandemic restrictions. For this subset, diligence against COVID-19 remains an expression of political identity—even when that means overestimating the disease’s risks or setting limits far more strict than what public-health guidelines permit. In surveys, Democrats express more worry about the pandemic than Republicans do. People who describe themselves as “very liberal” are distinctly anxious. This spring, after the vaccine rollout had started, a third of very liberal people were “very concerned” about becoming seriously ill
Kamala Harris Doesn’t Care About
Solving the Border Crisis
Posted by DVC 5/6/2021 4:23:04 PM Post Reply
With the exception of those who may have glanced at the February edition of Vogue magazine or recently browsed the New York Times style section, we have not seen or heard much from Kamala Harris since she was sworn in as the 49th vice president of the United States on January 20. We did, however, learn from the Washington Post that Harris likes to crochet and that she recently “learned about a special hand-dyed yarn” after visiting a knitting shop in Alexandria, Virginia. On March 24, the vice president’s low visibility seemed likely to change when President Biden tapped Harris to lead the ongoing border crisis that has spiraled out of control
Mask Rebellion at the Kentucky Derby replies
Posted by DVC 5/5/2021 1:39:32 PM Post Reply
The first Saturday in May has become a holiday of sorts to me. Every year, I make it a point to attend the running of the Kentucky Derby at beautiful Churchill Downs in Louisville. It’s a spectacle with all my favorite ingredients: family, friends, food, mint juleps, and classic Southern charm, all wrapped around the most exciting two minutes in sports. The people in the stands look gorgeous, dressed to the nines. The weather this year was 70 degrees and sunny. Right before the big race, the University of Louisville marching band played the time-honored classic “My Old Kentucky Home,” as they have since the 1920s.
The Democrats in the Era of Joe Crow replies
Posted by DVC 5/4/2021 9:26:19 PM Post Reply
The Democratic Party has always been a racist party. Any interested person who has studied the internal workings of this duplicitous faction is aware of its racist history, its elitist framework, its systemic arrogance, hypocrisy, and intellectual dishonesty -- and, more disturbingly, of its brightly lit scaffold of democratic pretensions. But the most disheartening effect of its propaganda is that millions are drawn to its superficial rhetoric of "social justice" in the hope of finding moral certainty in the sewers and waste pits of a despotic ideology of power. Racism is a structural injustice deeply embedded within the politics and language of the Democratic Party.
We’re Not the Crazy Ones replies
Posted by DVC 5/4/2021 6:43:36 PM Post Reply
Long gone are the days when “politics as usual” meant Democrats and Republicans quibbling over policy preferences. Today’s divide is more existential than political, between two sides -- left versus right, progressives versus conservatives, statists versus classical liberals, however you want to phrase it -- who see the world in fundamentally different terms, almost as if they live in two separate realities. Okay, never mind the “almost.” Since a good pocket definition of “insanity” is “out of touch with reality,” each side thus thinks the other is literally insane.
Is There Official Systemic Racism in the
U.S.A. Today?
Posted by DVC 5/4/2021 8:51:19 AM Post Reply
Those who feel that “systemic racism” still exists in the U.S.A. today cannot give convincing examples of it and completely ignore the undeniable success of the South’s black civil rights movement. This struggle can be traced back to December 1955 when Rosa Parks, a black woman member of the NAACP, sat down in the “For whites only” area of a segregated public bus and refused to give up her seat. This spontaneous act sparked the growth of a massive movement within the black Christian churches to eliminate all forms of racial segregation laws in America. In time, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a black Baptist minister
Elon Musk's racket replies
Posted by DVC 5/1/2021 11:39:51 PM Post Reply
The big automotive news is that Elon Musk's Tesla reported record earnings of $438 million for the past quarter. This translates to 93 cents per share on $10.39 billion in revenue. Tesla did this despite a semiconductor chip shortage that is hobbling other car companies like Ford, which had to slash vehicle production at seven plants in North America. Some see this as proving investors right to give Tesla stock a nosebleed price-to-earnings ratio of nearly 1,700, and thus making Musk the second richest person alive if not the richest. Our betters also preach that the stock market portends the future.
Do We Know Earth’s Global Temperature? replies
Posted by DVC 5/1/2021 11:11:23 PM Post Reply
The next target of mainstream media propaganda is to convince the public that human industry is causing climate change. CNN insiders boasted about that to James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas on hidden camera (after bragging about defeating Donald Trump’s re-election). Marjorie Taylor Greene is preparing to debate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. Some of us will worry whether the debate about the Green New Deal will focus on the most important points. There are a thousand issues and sub-issues. It is easy to get lost or sidetracked. I suggest laying the axe to the root: Humans have never actually measured the temperature of planet Earth.
Don’t Confuse an Accident with a Crime replies
Posted by DVC 5/1/2021 9:29:28 PM Post Reply
For those who think now-former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter should be charged with a crime – let alone murder – I have a simple question: if a surgeon accidentally nicks an artery and kills a patient when she mistakes the scalpel in her hand for a prober, should she be charged with murder, or even manslaughter? Answer: no. After all, the surgeon did this thing we all do: she made a mistake. She had no ill intent, let alone malice. Despite the best intentions and protocols, it sadly happens on occasion, and especially in the heat of the moment during a pressure filled situation like surgery.
Blue Bloods vs. Woke Culture replies
Posted by DVC 5/1/2021 11:35:12 AM Post Reply
Blue Bloods (BB) is a drama program on CBS that is in its 11th season and has been contracted to run for at least a 12th year. It is also doing very well in syndication. The star of BB is Tom Selleck, who plays New York City police commissioner Frank Reagan. The show centers on a family of New York City cops. But it is much more than just a multi-generational Irish family of cops saga. The BB faithful audience feels as if every BB show does not challenge their own beliefs, does not mock their values, and actually encourages and supports
Murder suspect who escaped Arizona
authorities at Atlanta airport is captured
Posted by DVC 4/30/2021 12:29:32 PM Post Reply
A murder suspect who was being extradited to Arizona from Georgia and escaped while handcuffed walking to a tram connecting to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has been captured, according to the Fulton County Sheriff's Office. Arizona murder suspect J'Saan Carlos Strover, 20, was taken into custody shortly before 11 p.m., after College Park Police received a tip that a man fitting Strover's description was seen walking down the street, barefoot with his hands behind his back, the sheriff's office said in a Facebook post. College Park Police used night vision technology to locate the fugitive after he ran into nearby woods when spotted by a responding patrol car, according to the post. CORRECTION*
Wokester apocalypse: Public school
enrollment plunges in California — and everywhere else
Posted by DVC 4/24/2021 8:00:56 PM Post Reply
Have the wokesters finally reached a tipping point? Leftists of multiple stripes have been making public schools horrible places, and now students are bolting. In California, that's making news. According to the Associated Press: SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California public schools have experienced a sharp decline in enrollment this year as the pandemic forced millions into online school, according to data made public Thursday. The drop came as the state's school districts dawdled in bringing children back to the classroom, making California one of the slowest in the country to reopen schools. The California Department of Education data shows that the number of students