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Arrest of Chicago ‘Peacekeeper’ police
substitute demonstrates the folly of ‘defund
the police’
Posted by DVC 5/29/2023 1:35:44 PM Post Reply
A man wearing the vest of the new “Peacekeeper” corps deployed over the Memorial Day weekend to stem the mayhem on a holiday weekend that has become an opportunity for murder tallies to soar, was arrested for a violent attack. [snip] A man in a neon “peacekeepers” vest beat up and robbed a man in Little Village on Friday night, police said, as dozens of violence prevention workers fanned out across Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend. Oscar Montes, 31, was in a group of seven or eight people that pulled a man from a car and punched and kicked him
The Nanny State Stains a Deck replies
Posted by DVC 5/29/2023 1:30:11 PM Post Reply
When candidates run for public office — local, state, or federal — they campaign on some careful blend of their résumés, their personalities, and their political issues. Thus it has always been, and thus it will always be, in a republic. "Vote for me because I have the experience to do it well," or "Vote for me because I'm so much like you, I'll represent your interests," or "Vote for me because we agree on these twenty or thirty specific issues." [snip] it's become blatant only for the past decade or so, and that's the growth of a regulatory state
‘Earth’s Holocaust,’ a Global Bonfire
to Reckon With
Posted by DVC 5/28/2023 12:53:38 PM Post Reply
“Earth’s Holocaust” is a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864) that delivers enough déjà vu to make one say loudly “what else is new”? This is not another “I told you so” tale but a deep look into the heart of human life. [snip] Russell Kirk’s The Conservative Mind contains a synopsis of “Earth’s Holocaust” that beats anything I may offer here, but I thought it would be a good idea to “dust off” this revealing story and summarize it
Target shows the blueprint to beat the left replies
Posted by DVC 5/28/2023 11:59:28 AM Post Reply
Something is happening right now that is scaring the Obama out of the fascist far left. Their power has always been an illusion, perpetuated by pop culture and the national socialist media, but now that is being shown to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Normal people in the pro-freedom majority are figuring that out. And now that it's being shown to be a cultural chimera, the anti-liberty authoritarianism of the fascist far left is finished. That is what truly scares leftists about the Bud Light and Target situations. [snip] But this time it's different. The resistance is widespread, persistent, and intensifying.
AOC’s call for trucker boycott of Florida
an embarrassing flop
Posted by DVC 5/19/2023 6:10:44 PM Post Reply
Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has humiliated herself, apparently in the false belief that truckers care what she thinks. She took to Twitter to call for a trucker boycott of shipments to Florida because of what she terms “anti-immigrant” policies of Governor Ron DeSantis, deliberately conflating legal with illegal immigration, the target of DeSantis’s recent bill. Anti-immigrant policies reap what they sow. DeSantis’ Florida is about to find that out. The US has such deep needs right now, particularly in labor. Yet policymakers (of ALL stripes) take our immigrant communities for granted. No más. Time to stop biting the hands that feed.
Caracas North: L.A. County sheriffs asked
to show inspectors their gang tats
Posted by DVC 5/19/2023 6:07:37 PM Post Reply
Amazing what happens when the police are demonized and nobody wants to be a cop. In Los Angeles County, they've got a real doozy of a problem -- gangs turning up on the police side of the glass, inside the department itself. According to the Los Angeles Times: Less than a week after the county watchdog ordered dozens of deputies to show their gang tattoos and answer questions about violent cliques within the department, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna on Thursday sent a department-wide email commanding his staff to comply with the inspector general’s request.
Daniel Cameron’s big moment replies
Posted by DVC 5/18/2023 4:20:27 PM Post Reply
Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron won an easy primary victory Tuesday to secure the GOP nomination for governor, beating out two impressive opponents -- Kelly Craft, the wealthy former UN ambassador in the Trump administration, and Ryan Quarles, the highly regarded two-term state agricultural commissioner. Cameron led throughout in the polls and the fall match-up with Democrat incumbent Andy Beshear will be the most watched and expensive race in 2023. As I wrote four years ago, when he won his first office, Cameron is a true political talent. What other candidate has both Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell fighting to be in his corner?
The Dawn of a U.S. Nuclear Renaissance replies
Posted by DVC 5/11/2023 3:56:16 PM Post Reply
There are geopolitical and energy realities coming to fruition that nuclear can solve. After more than sixty years, Germany closed all its nuclear power plants (NPPs) with Isar-2, Emsland, and Neckarwestheim-2 officially disconnected from the grid. Germany lost approximately 5% of its power generation. The German government went against science, reason, and grid reliability. Green hydrogen is the process of using renewables (wind and solar) for electricity to produce hydrogen. It is still in its development phase. However, to generate the amount of electricity required to unlock hydrogen from water BloombergNEF estimates: “would take more electricity than the world generates today from all sources combined
Report: Texas Mall Shooter Removed from
Army in 2008 over Mental Health Issues
Posted by DVC 5/8/2023 5:52:00 PM Post Reply
ABC News reported that 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, who allegedly opened fire at the Allen, Texas, outlet mall Saturday afternoon, was removed from the U.S. Army in 2008 “due to mental health concerns.” Breitbart News noted that eight people were killed and numerous others injured when the suspect opened fire at the outlet mall around 3:30 p.m. Saturday. The attack was stopped by a police officer who was at the mall on an unrelated call. The officer shot and killed Garcia. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) responded to the attack by explaining that the quick push for gun control ignores the mental health issues that have to be addressed, according to Breitbart News.
The Fantasy of AI Alignment replies
Posted by DVC 5/5/2023 6:03:07 PM Post Reply
In an age when the failures of America's political class — from COVID to inflation to the Mexican border to the war in Ukraine — are getting harder and harder to ignore, a lot of the wealthy, educated, tech-savvy people who consider themselves America's natural rulers have found a new candidate for the most important issue of our day: "A.I. Alignment." This is an especially big deal in the "effective altruism" movement, in which people who, for the most part, are also followers of an internet-born philosophy that calls itself "rationalism" (note the arrogance there — it implies that everyone else in the world has chosen to be an "irrationalist")
Bud Light sales decline is ‘staggering’
according to beer industry research firms
Posted by DVC 4/25/2023 3:14:08 PM Post Reply
AB-InBev, the corporate parent of Bud Light, is silent on the subject, but according to outside industry researchers, Bud Light’s sales collapse is “staggering” in the wake of protest over its engagement of Dylan Mulvaney as an “internet influencer.” Lisa Fickenscher writes in the New York Post: Bud Light has suffered a “staggering” sales hit following the beer brand’s controversial marketing tie-up with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney — with the latest data showing an alarming 17% drop, according to an industry research firm. The latest sales data [snip]shows that Bud Light sales fell 17% in dollars, while volume dropped a whopping 21%
Seething Rage in former Institutions of
Higher Learning
Posted by DVC 4/24/2023 3:35:39 PM Post Reply
"Their [the pro-life visitors at Yale] smug civility was infuriating; their invitations for debate [about foetal personhood and abortion ethics”] inflammatory. I could barely seethe out my opinion about the misogyny of holding such a debate at all - Bianca Nam [snip] Logical argument, especially “civil respectful debate,” is not, apparently, very welcome at Yale these days, and why should it be when the children who go there, to, so to speak, “study” already know everything? “Seething”, as opposed to thinking, the latter of which requires free and “logical respectful” debate, is, apparently, what “educators” at Yale convey to their pupils nowadays.