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Israel and Gun Control replies
Posted by DVC 11/27/2023 8:41:17 AM Post Reply
There are recent headlines and talk about Israel relaxing gun control laws and arming citizens since the Hamas terrorist attacks October 7th. But these narratives can be deceiving. One Israeli tactical expert, Yonatan Stern, has exposed some concerning actions on behalf of the Israeli government that tell a different story. Yonatan Stern was born in Israel in 1984, and joined the Israeli police at age 16, after growing up in Hebron, where he witnessed constant terror attacks. At age 18, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), where he served for three years. He then attended college, where he studied government and counter-terrorism operations before moving to America
From the Netherlands, Geert Wilders' win
draws a sour grapes response from the eurotrash
Posted by DVC 11/25/2023 11:17:11 AM Post Reply
After decades of wokedom, self-satisfied establishmentarians in European capitals found themselves 'shocked' that populist/conservative Geert Wilders ran away with a big victory in the Netherlands. Sour grapes is more like it. But to get even more specific, it was a wake-up call. According to the Associated Press: THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders said Thursday that he is ready to join the next Dutch coalition government after he surged to a huge election victory that marked a stunning lurch to the far right for a nation once famed as a beacon of tolerance.
Our forgotten first war against Islamic terrorists replies
Posted by DVC 11/22/2023 11:18:12 AM Post Reply
Most Americans seem to have forgotten our first war against Muslims. In the late 18th century, our objection to Islamist practice was their piracy and slaving against our ships and sailors in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1794, provoked by Algerian captures of American ships, our Congress authorized construction of the first six ships of the U.S. Navy, including the U.S.S. Constitution, still in commissioned service and now docked in Boston. In 1795, our diplomats negotiated treaties with the Muslim states of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli to pay them tribute for the privilege of free passage. But in 1801, the Pasha of Tripoli, citing late payments of tribute, demanded additional money
WEF ‘Great Reset’ forecast looks gloomy
as ‘demand for vegan food plunges’
Posted by DVC 11/21/2023 9:34:11 AM Post Reply
Animals products > plant products and chemicals....Who agrees? Vegans combing 5+ carcinogens and 10+ industrial chemicals to make "food" instead of just eating an egg. After what the global political class just did to us, it should come as no surprise that we don’t trust anything they have to say about health and safety, and there’s a silver lining to the systemic corruption that exploded into visibility once COVID hit the scenes; from a Telegraph article published Saturday: Beef burgers are back on the menu as demand for vegan food plunges.
NIGHTMARE: EV malfunctions, locks driver
inside, rolls backwards down a boat ramp…
and ignites
Posted by DVC 11/18/2023 12:02:58 AM Post Reply
Here’s a story that by my account, flew relatively under the radar—according to an October Facebook post by an organization of firefighters in Hollywood, Florida: On Sunday Oct 1st, a Tesla Model S [sic] was attempting to back a jet ski into the water at the Polk Street boat ramp, when it lost traction and slid into the inter-coastal [sic]. The salt water reacted with the the [sic] vehicle’s electronics causing them to short, sparking a fire that burned underwater for an extended period of time. The fire was allowed to burn underwater until it extinguished itself.
Islam is Not a Religion replies
Posted by DVC 11/12/2023 11:00:47 AM Post Reply
What is Islam? To answer that question, it’s more important to know what Islam isn’t. Islam is not a religion. It is an authoritarian, political ideology that forcibly imposes itself on all aspects of any society unfortunate enough to be under its yoke. Islam demands complete subjugation by its adherents. [snip] Islam allows no dissent. It is a complete and total way of life that glorifies oppression, slavery, and death. Islam has religious, legal, political, economic, cultural, and military components. The religious component is the veil that hides the dangers.
The Marvels’ May Be Disney’s Biggest
Box Office Flop Yet
Posted by DVC 11/11/2023 9:57:06 PM Post Reply
The Walt Disney Company just cannot do anything right these days. Earlier this week, Disney CEO Bob Iger admitted that the company “lost some focus” with their content decisions and execution. That was a significant understatement, and given the myriad of problems they’ve created for themselves, fixing it was already a monumental task. And that was before Disney got the first box office results from Marvel Studios’ latest signature release, The Marvels. Pre-release tracking had suggested that The Marvels could gross $75 million to $80 million in its opening weekend, which would have been a disastrous failure for a film with an estimated $270 million production budget.
Michelle Obama: The Black Face of White Flight replies
Posted by DVC 11/9/2023 3:22:53 PM Post Reply
Last weekend, former Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod kicked the Democrat barn doors open, suggesting on X that it may be time “to change horses.” If that horse just happens to be former first lady Michelle Obama, America will be in for one hell of a ride. Knowing her potential to spark turmoil within the party, Axelrod hedged his bets. “A lot will happen in the next year that no one can predict & Biden's team says his resolve to run is firm,” [snip] The “this” to which Axelrod referred was a poll showing Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by comfortable margins
A horror story for climate zealots replies
Posted by DVC 11/7/2023 6:21:02 PM Post Reply
John Carpenter was a pretty amazing filmmaker in his early years. He took three pumpkins, a bag of leaves, a poorly tuned piano, a half-in-the-bag lead actor, bad lighting, and an awful script and turned all that into a cinematic masterpiece. Halloween isn’t a cinematic masterpiece like Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Linden is...but for what John Carpenter was working with, he achieved an impressive financial and visual result. But as creepy as John Carpenter’s Halloween was, the story...was dumb. So much of the modern “horror” genre is dumb. Zombies and vampires and serial killers who don’t die — it’s all been done over and over again.
Prominent car rental company reneges on
promises of an EV fleet citing ‘twice’
the cost
Posted by DVC 11/3/2023 5:16:25 PM Post Reply
American Thinker is fortunate enough to have a number of friends around the world, and one of those friends, an Aussie, sent me a story with this lede from the JoNova blog: Hertz was aiming to make 25% of its fleet electric by 2024, but is finding 11% is too much. Given there are whole nations pushing for 100% EV by 2035 there seems to be a message here… The original item came from a car outlet, and reported that Hertz was dialing back on promises the company had made to transition [snip] to rechargeable ones, citing “higher than expected repair costs and price cuts.”
Sorry, Mom replies
Posted by DVC 10/26/2023 5:35:01 PM Post Reply
My mother, who passed away last year, was a Holocaust survivor. As is typical with Jewish mothers, she was proud that I went to law school and even more proud when I was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. She also detested arrogance, so she frequently responded to my comments and professional achievements with “my son, the Chacham.” [snip] My mother would say that there was no way the Jewish people could experience another Holocaust or other form of mass persecution, in large part because Israel exists and in larger part because the world had learned its lesson
Explosive Journal report reveals an arms-smuggling
route direct from Iran to ‘Palestinian’
terrorists… disguised as aid packages
Posted by DVC 10/26/2023 5:24:43 PM Post Reply
Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal published a bombshell report, identifying an arms-trafficking scheme in which “Iran and its allies” have been smuggling heavy weapons and small arms to the jihadi terrorists occupying certain areas of Israel; see the lede below: Long before Hamas militants burst out of their Gaza stronghold [snip] the arms flowing from the terrorist regimes to the smaller terrorist groups, often comes disguised as aid packages.[snip] after [an] earthquake in Turkey and Syria, Iran “began hauling large quantities of weapons to Syria” in shipments disguised as aid