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Gen. Milley says Biden ignored request
to keep some troops in Afghanistan, contradicting
earlier Biden claim

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Posted By: FlyRight, 9/28/2021 6:07:27 PM

Two of the U.S.’ top military commanders, and the nation’s top Pentagon official, affirmed on Capitol Hill Tuesday that President Biden was advised to leave at least 2,500 troops in Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban from overrunning the Afghan army — directly contradicting what Biden told ABC News in an interview after the pullout.During their testimony, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and Gen. Frank McKenzie were pressed on Biden’s decision to fully withdraw, and specifically asked if they recommended the president leave any troops in Afghanistan following Aug. 31.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Condor44 9/28/2021 6:24:23 PM (No. 929401)
Biden is a flat out lying sob. The truth is foreign to him.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: mc squared 9/28/2021 6:31:46 PM (No. 929413)
Milley trying to repair his reputation. He advised our enemies. Hang him.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: chance_232 9/28/2021 6:35:17 PM (No. 929415)
This is known as CYA. Covering your rear.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: halfnorsk 9/28/2021 6:40:41 PM (No. 929419)
Biden thrown under the bus. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: udanja99 9/28/2021 6:59:39 PM (No. 929440)
Every last one of them from Talibiden on down are lying.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: danu 9/28/2021 7:20:13 PM (No. 929462)
Remember Obozo and Slick prancing about on TV demanding banishment of opiates and their suppliers? Now we know where all drugs landed. Call the vaxx squad! in AUS!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Quigley 9/28/2021 7:40:45 PM (No. 929474)
“What we have here is a failure to communicate!” But the ccp wanted the airbase. How else was schmoe going to give it to them? And kill some children too. They gave him $15 MM so he had to perform.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: FL_Absentee_Voter 9/28/2021 7:44:29 PM (No. 929478)
In other words, the buck stopped at the Pentagon.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: NeverForget 9/28/2021 8:21:12 PM (No. 929511)
Tweedle Dumb didn't take advice from Tweedle Traitor.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: MDConservative 9/28/2021 8:39:29 PM (No. 929522)
Biden can't remember...and I wouldn't trust Gen. Benedict Milley or any of his fellow flag officers. No honor among that den of thieves. I cannot imagine Joe being left to make any decision, including his lunch order.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: LadyHen 9/28/2021 8:40:22 PM (No. 929524)
Throwing the Big Guy under the bus. No honor among criminals. Hang the whole traitorous lot and let God decide!
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Reply 12 - Posted by: formerNYer 9/28/2021 8:40:34 PM (No. 929525)
If I weren't such a gentleman I'd tell xiden a milley where to go.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: lakerman1 9/28/2021 8:46:40 PM (No. 929530)
For those of you who have dealt with dementia sufferers, you know the look of bewilderment/disconnection on the face of the sufferer that shows you that your message was missed. Dementia Jo's handlers surely know that look.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: pearlyjo 9/28/2021 8:49:35 PM (No. 929532)
So, I guess I am confused about Mr. Milley. He contacted the Chinese government, not exactly best friends of the US, to assure them that Trump would be kept under control and not do something unhinged against them the final days of his presidency, but when Biden, according to Milley, refuses to leave 2500 troops in Afghanistan as we exit, he stays silent. No running to Congress, the media, other high ranking military, nothing, he just let this debacle take place. Did he even warn our allies in Afghanistan? Did he give them that courtesy? The British seemed a bit stunned. Did he tell the Chinese? I bet he did. This guy is a liar and a political hack as well as a traitor. He needs to go and be given no retirement, no medals, nothing. Let him make a living off of flapping his lips to the media and writers. I'm sure he will be quite successful at it.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Rama41 9/28/2021 9:00:00 PM (No. 929536)
Biden employs the Hillary gambit. Of course, Biden is at least a bit more believable.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: texaspast 9/28/2021 11:10:15 PM (No. 929642)
"The wheels on the bus go bump bump bump!"
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Reply 17 - Posted by: mifla 9/29/2021 4:45:24 AM (No. 929731)
Biden won't even remember lying.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 9/29/2021 6:10:31 AM (No. 929753)
Nice try, Millie. But, the comparative photos of Ike and you on the home page of speaks for itself.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Krause 9/29/2021 6:22:01 AM (No. 929759)
So what is biden going to do with these 3 general? They exposed him as a liar, which of course is not hard to do. We have a nitwit for a president.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: mifla 9/29/2021 6:26:08 AM (No. 929763)
Some or all of these bozos are lying.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Rinktum 9/29/2021 7:12:15 AM (No. 929804)
#20, I’d say all these buffoons are lying. It is a requirement when you throw in with the democrat party, and cannot exist without lies to cover its anti-American tracks. What more does Milley have to admit to be court martialed, relieved of duty, drummed out of the military, or whatever is appropriate for this treasonous chairman of the JCOS and every officer that went along with him.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Otis Gill 9/29/2021 7:24:06 AM (No. 929814)
These hearing are a waste of time. What is the point? No one is Washington is ever held accountable. Our lame politicians should stop the juvenile finger pointing and concentrate on the fact that our fellow Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban. Have they already been forgotten? Doesn't the great Milley have a plan for rescuing them? Maybe they could promise him another medal.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Mekkkk 9/29/2021 7:27:08 AM (No. 929816)
Surprise surprise...
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Reply 24 - Posted by: homefry 9/29/2021 8:07:10 AM (No. 929837)
quid pro joe aint lying! To lie, IMO at least, a person has to know what he is saying isnt rue. joe dont know what day it is.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Analyn 9/29/2021 8:28:05 AM (No. 929853)
Two liars lying on each other.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Samsquanch 9/29/2021 8:47:41 AM (No. 929865)
This is just another on a long list of things Xiden will never accountable for.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: bigfatslob 9/29/2021 8:50:25 AM (No. 929872)
Here's the human vegetables chance to fire the bloated meat head general Milley while he tries to throw Biden under the bus like he tried with CIC President Trump. The fat whiz bang stolen valor PX warrior general thinks he's running the coup hang the traitor and be done with it in better times that's how it would be done.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: bpl40 9/29/2021 9:01:00 AM (No. 929885)
They are ALL lying, spineless nincompoops. Those promoted through corrupt political sycophancy led by a nitwit installed through thievery and fraud. Their words and statement have no value in an adult world.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Trapper 9/29/2021 9:02:58 AM (No. 929890)
So there is a factual dispute between Biden, Milley, and McKenzie? Here we are presented with the fairly common problem encountered by street cops and school teachers all the time: when you encounter a lying pack of lying liars, each one telling a different story, how do you tell which one is telling the truth, or even if ANY of them are? Cops just arrest them all and let the detectives sort it out. Teachers send them all to the dean and let the dean sort it out. What do we do? Vote for Trump and everyone he endorses. Takes a little longer, but we really have no other recourse.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Heil Liberals 9/29/2021 9:03:52 AM (No. 929893)
Here is a simple fact: the leadership of the United States military is on the threshold of subverting civilian control. It's no accident that these goons didn't resign in protest. They are manipulating the system to solidify their position as middle men with an ultimate design to be king makers. The ancient Praetorian Guard would be proud at their attempt to control the destiny of the empire.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: Trapper 9/29/2021 9:06:34 AM (No. 929897)
And just why in the world should we take Milley's word for anything?
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Reply 32 - Posted by: Venturer 9/29/2021 9:18:40 AM (No. 929918)
So: Which one of these lying sack of dog doo will we believe ? Milley or Biden. I personally would not trust either of them to walk my dog.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: red1066 9/29/2021 10:15:32 AM (No. 930006)
Biteme states he doesn't recall being advised to leave 2500 troops in Afghanistan to secure an exit. To a certain extent, I believe him. He probably dozed off during those meetings, or had pudding on his mind at that moment. If ever there was a time to go behind a president and do the right thing, leaving 2500 or so troops to secure a pullout, that was the time to do it. However, I don't think pulling out of Afghanistan in an orderly manner was the plan. I think the plan was to pull out just like it happened so that the reputation of the U.S. was damaged. It makes sense considering whose running the country behind the scenes. They clearly want to destroy the country, and it's reputation, and I think everyone of those higher ups had a hand in it.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: Zigrid 9/29/2021 10:28:50 AM (No. 930017)
On Greg Kelly last night he played the general milk toast comments...riddled with lies and political obfuscation...Greg hit a home run... it was out there for everyone to see...and NOW...afghanistan's terrorists must be wondering...when is President Trump coming back...that should keep them up at night...
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Reply 35 - Posted by: NotaBene 9/29/2021 11:52:45 AM (No. 930104)
The Generals are Yellowbellies.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 9/29/2021 4:10:31 PM (No. 930316)
He's got his retirement to worry about.... of course he's not going to resign. There's what's at the bottom of it.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: pensom2 9/29/2021 8:44:00 PM (No. 930543)
If Biden & son were on the take for $millions from the Chicoms, who's to say Milley wasn't also being compensated for his close relationships and telephone connections with the Chicoms? The Chicoms will be taking over Afghanistan in a big way soon, paying off the Taliban and commencing massive rare earth minerals mining, cornering the market on these minerals. The Taliban will receive mineral extraction royalties, and the Chicoms will have their own pre-built, Kabul airport along with a handy air force base from which to operate and exert pressure on the Middle East. Since the Chicoms don't care whether women are allowed to get an education or whether women and children are protected against rape and exploitation, they'll get along just fine with the Taliban and al Qaeda's bomb-building terrorist goons.
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Gen. Milley says Biden ignored request
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earlier Biden claim
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Two of the U.S.’ top military commanders, and the nation’s top Pentagon official, affirmed on Capitol Hill Tuesday that President Biden was advised to leave at least 2,500 troops in Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban from overrunning the Afghan army — directly contradicting what Biden told ABC News in an interview after the pullout.During their testimony, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and Gen. Frank McKenzie were pressed on Biden’s decision to fully withdraw, and specifically asked if they recommended the president leave any troops in Afghanistan following Aug. 31.
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DAN CRENSHAW: Leading up to this, we've tried everything we could. We tried to get the Biden administration to not engage in such a silly plan, right? We tried to prevent this from happening. That didn't work. As they followed through with it, we tried to get them to fix it. You know, Republicans were on the House floor yesterday asking for unanimous consent that we vote on a bill that would simply demand that the administration give us a plan for getting Americans out,
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The lightning advance of the Taliban in retaking the country has led Afghan Americans, former generals and leading statesmen to blame President Joe Biden for a hasty US withdrawal. But he appears to have the public on his side - for now. Hadia Essazada wept as she recounted the horror the Taliban visited on her household, first beating her father, and then killing her brother. The first time "they were beating my father with an iron rod because they were looking for my elder brother", who had fought to resist their rule in the 1990s, she told BBC Persian.
Afghanistan conflict: As Kabul falls,
Biden backlash grows
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The lightning advance of the Taliban in retaking the country has led Afghan Americans, former generals and leading statesmen to blame President Joe Biden for a hasty US withdrawal. But he appears to have the public on his side - for now. Hadia Essazada wept as she recounted the horror the Taliban visited on her household, first beating her father, and then killing her brother. The first time "they were beating my father with an iron rod because they were looking for my elder brother", who had fought to resist their rule in the 1990s, she told BBC Persian. They fled their house in the northern city of Mazar-I-Sharif,
Afghanistan Takeover by Taliban Worries
Governments in the Region, Europe
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The collapse of the Afghan government and takeover of the country by the Taliban is stirring concern in foreign capitals that chaos and instability engulfing the country could spill over to its neighbors and possibly drive a tide of refugees as far as Europe. There was also an undercurrent of criticism of the U.S. for the speed of its departure after nearly 20 years, colored by Washington’s failure to establish a stable government that could stand without American military support.
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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., on Sunday blamed Democrats – both in the House of Representatives and at the White House – for allowing the eviction moratorium to expire, as millions of American families are at risk of being kicked out of their homes. "The House and House leadership had the opportunity to vote to extend the moratorium, and there was frankly a handful of conservative Democrats in the House who threatened to get on planes rather than hold this vote," she said on CNN "State of the Union." "We have to really just call a spade a spade.
A Major Internet Outage Appears To
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A widespread internet outage caused several major websites to shut down Thursday afternoon, including Amazon, Delta, Capital One and Costco. It's still unclear what caused the outage, but Akamai, a content distribution network that helps with the spread of data around the internet, posted online there was an "emerging issue" with their Edge DNS service. A DNS, or domain name service, helps match a website's name to its IP address. If the DNS fails, it becomes impossible to search and connect to a website by name. By approximately 1:13pm ET, the site read "all systems operational."
Biden admin promotes radical group pushing critical race theory in schools 7 replies
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The Biden administration's guidance for school reopening promoted a radical activist group’s handbook that advocates for educators to "disrupt Whiteness and other forms of oppression." The Department of Education linked to the Abolitionist Teaching Network’s "Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning" in its handbook intended to help schools reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic and recommend how they should spend billions of dollars they collectively received through the American Rescue Plan.
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The Biden administration is poised to make its next unconstitutional power grab in the former of a ‘vaccine mandate’ for interstate travel within the United States, according to reports on Capitol Hill. Congressional Republican lawmakers are attempting to get ahead of the forthcoming expected decree by introducing legislation to block an executive order or directive.“In a Wednesday speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), joined by Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah), introduced legislation that would bar the Biden administration from implementing vaccine passports requirements for interstate travel,” the Epoch Times reported.
Pelosi's Bishop Calls For Massive 'Campaign
Of Prayer And Fasting' For 'Her Conversion
Of Heart' On Abortion
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 10/1/2021 5:42:32 AM Post Reply
The archbishop of San Francisco is calling for a "massive and visible campaign of prayer and fasting" for the conversion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's heart as she pursues what pro-lifers have called "radical" abortion legislation. "Witness the House of Representatives’ passage of HR 3755, which would impose abortion on demand nationwide at any stage of pregnancy," Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said of the California Democrat in a statement Wednesday. "A conversion of heart of the majority of our congressional representatives is needed on this issue, beginning with the leader of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Slower USPS mail service to begin Friday
as part of cost-cutting plan
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Post offices nationwide will begin to see some delays in mail service beginning on Friday as part of the postmaster general’s new plan to cut costs and save money. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced the 10-year plan in the spring, which outlined new investments in technology, training and fleets of delivery vehicles. The USPS will implement the new service standards Friday, which could lead to longer transit times for some long-distance first-class mail and first-class packages. Shorter post office hours will also affect delivery times(snip) The changes are not expected to affect better than 90% of periodicals and 60% of first-class mail, USPS spokesperson Kim Frum told NPR.
Chicago to mount bleeding control kits
throughout city to help adapt to new ‘environment’
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Posted by Imright 9/30/2021 7:37:30 PM Post Reply
Democrat-controlled Chicago has come up with at least a partial solution, albeit sad and weak, to the epidemic of deadly gun crime that turns almost every weekend into a municipal bloodbath.Officials are installing 400-plus, wall-mounted bleeding control kits in nearly 300 public buildings in the Windy City as well as at medical clinics, senior facilities, and possibly subway stations and parks. The kits are evidently meant to be used as a stopgap measure before EMTs arrive to render treatment to victims.“Each of the kits contain enough supplies to treat eight victims, with tourniquets, gauze, shears, gloves and an instruction manual,” NBC Chicago reported about the initiative.
DHS fears up to 400,000 migrants - or
DOUBLE the 21-year record set in July
- could cross the border in October when
COVID restrictions Trump used to stop
the surge from Mexico end, report claims
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Posted by Ribicon 9/30/2021 10:01:09 PM Post Reply
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas reportedly asked his officials whether the department was ready to handle the possibility of up to 400,000 migrants, nearly double the 21-year high seen in July, crossing the border in October.(Snip)Mayorkas asked on the call if the border was ready for a worst-case scenario of 350,000 to 400,000 migrants crossing the border next month, two DHS officials told NBC. Even the lower estimate would be record breaking, but 400,000 border crossings is nearly double the 21-year high hit in July of 210,000. August saw more than 208,000 encounters at the southwestern border.
Teachers call angry parents terrorists:
School officials beg Biden to send in
the FBI to protect them from 'extremist'
parents angry over vaccine and mask mandates
and say it should be treated as 'domestic terrorism'
31 replies
Posted by Imright 9/30/2021 6:05:14 PM Post Reply
An institution representing more than 90,000 school officials across the US begged Joe Biden Wednesday to send FBI and Secret Service agents to protect them from 'mobs' of angry parents irate over vaccine and mask mandates forced upon their children - asserting their protests should be treated as 'domestic terrorism' by 'extremist hate organizations.'In a letter penned to the president and published online, the National School Boards Association implored the US government to take a stand against these vexed parents, stating that teachers and other school staffers are under 'immediate threat' because of their burgeoning 'acts of malice, violence, and threats.'
California Governor Gavin Newsom hands
back LA beachfront land worth $72 million
to descendants of black family it was
seized from almost 100 years ago - and
they're now free to develop it as they wish
28 replies
Posted by Imright 10/1/2021 9:33:53 AM Post Reply
California Governor Gavin Newsom has returned prime beachfront land worth an estimated $72 million to the descendants of a black family it was seized from in 1924. Newsom signed a law transferring the ownership of Bruce's Beach, a small park now worth an estimated $72 million, back to the Bruce family. Original owners Willa and Charles Bruce's great-great-grandson Anthony Bruce was there for the signing ceremony. He will now take ownership of the plot, alongside his dad Derrick and brother Michael. The plot currently serves as a grassy park and lifeguard training facility.
36 members of Congress sign letter calling
for Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller's immediate
release from grim military brig after
he was detained for repeatedly criticizing
chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal
28 replies
Posted by Imright 9/30/2021 11:50:18 PM Post Reply
Dozens of congressmembers have demanded the immediate release of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller after he was jailed for defying orders to stop publicly criticizing the nation's Afghanistan withdrawal. Scheller, 40, was arrested and jailed at the Camp Lejeune brig Monday for allegedly breaking four military laws by refusing orders to stop posting critical videos on social media.He was scheduled to make his first court appearance in North Carolina today, but the public – including elected officials and the media – are prohibited from attending. The court hearing has been postponed until next week,
Rural Americans now dying of COVID-19
at twice the rate of those in urban environments: research
28 replies
Posted by earlybird 9/30/2021 5:28:29 PM Post Reply
A study released this month found that the rates of COVID-19 cases and deaths in rural areas have far surpassed those being observed in metropolitan communities, with rural mortality rates more than double that of urban ones. The study from the Rural Policy Research Institute's (RUPRI) Center for Rural Health Policy found that as the summer ended, the coronavirus infection and mortality rates of rural and urban communities began to diverge. RUPRI noted in its study that the initial surges of COVID-19 cases at the start of the pandemic were largely concentrated in urban areas. Subsequent surges saw increases in both urban and rural parts of the U.S.
Monica Lewinsky recalls being suicidal
during Clinton affair investigation and
asking Ken Starr what would happen if
she DIED - as she hits out at lawyers
for failing to get her psychological help:
'How was there not a protocol?'
28 replies
Posted by zephyrgirl 9/30/2021 2:33:50 PM Post Reply
Monica Lewinsky says that her thoughts of suicide during the Clinton investigation led her to ask independent counsel Ken Starr's legal team what would happen if she died — and now, years later, she is shocked that no one considered seemed concerned enough to do anything about it. The 48-year-old discussed the toll that the investigation and the subsequent public shaming took on her mental health in a new episode of David Axelrod's CNN podcast 'The Axe Files,' describing the aftermath of her affair with then-President Bill Clinton as a 'tumultuous' time that had her thinking about ending her life.
Soon-to-be divorced billionaire hedge
funder John Paulson, 65, whisks new Instagram
guru girlfriend, 33, away to Italy for
friend's wedding where they were 'inseparable
and canoodled all day and night'
26 replies
Posted by zephyrgirl 10/1/2021 10:55:01 AM Post Reply
Soon-to-be divorced hedge fund billionaire John Paulson has whisked away his new Instagram guru girlfriend to Italy for a friend's wedding. Paulson, 65, and Alina de Almeida, 33, were spotted attending the event on the shores of Lake Como days after the hedge funder announced his high-profile divorce from his wife Jenny, 50. The couple flew in for the nuptials of Blackstone executive Mark Moffat and Sarah Mintz in lakeside Villa d'Este on September 25 and were 'inseparable' and 'canoodled all day and night', Page Six reported.
Smith & Wesson to move headquarters from
Massachusetts to Tennessee
26 replies
Posted by Hazymac 9/30/2021 7:08:36 PM Post Reply
Smith & Wesson is moving its headquarters from Massachusetts to Tennessee, citing the southern state's "unwavering support of the Second Amendment" as well as its lower cost of living. The decision to depart New England was "an extremely difficult and emotional" one, Mark Smith, the gun-maker's president and CEO, said Thursday in a statement. The company, based in Springfield, Massachusetts, since 1852, will spend $125 million on the relocation, it said. As many as 750 jobs will move from Massachusetts, Connecticut and Missouri to Maryville, Tennessee, by the summer of 2023, according to Smith & Wesson.
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