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Premature Premonitions of Civil War?

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Posted By: Magnante, 10/9/2021 3:18:51 AM

Anyone paying attention knows that America is fast polarizing to become two distinct factions. (snip) Let’s first consider the political dynamics in 1860. America was similarly divided into two general factions, then defined as “free” and “slave” states. Then, there was no mass exodus occurring from the free states to the slave states. What doomed the Southern slave states, both economically and politically, was slavery itself. (snip) unlike the South in 1860, the dynamics driving the secessionist impulse of the red states are not due to their inability to compete in the economic and political landscape among free Americans in our constitutionally federalist system.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: stablemoney 10/9/2021 3:30:00 AM (No. 939626)
Forget about 1865. We are divided on capitalism, the constitution, federalism, personal freedom and responsibility. The left is using force to strip away people's freedom. That will never be accepted. And this is a warning, their freedom can be stripped away too. Tyranny is resented, and not soon forgotten. The left is afraid because of this, which is why they called out the national guard and the military to protect them from the people.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Right Republican 10/9/2021 5:52:04 AM (No. 939666)
Article summary: "Yes, yes, it all looks bad, but actually it's all sound and fury, signifying nothing. America will be all right. This is just another bump in the road to an empire's glory." Poster's response: "We're witnessing the dissolution of a once great nation right before our eyes. America's decline will end with disaster and disgrace."
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Reply 3 - Posted by: SweetPea3 10/9/2021 6:05:20 AM (No. 939675)
Once the food shortages set in and starvation rears its ugly head, watch the anarchy and riots emanate from the inner cities and spread to suburbia where fanily food stockpiles can be found. Civil War II will ensue, according to plan. Stalin knew, control the food, control the population.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: BarryNo 10/9/2021 7:18:52 AM (No. 939720)
Artivle barey brushed the fact, that with American fleeing Blue States, the Democrats are rushing in a new population to replace them - illegal immigrants and refugees. Interedtingly, they are pushing these into red states. In ancient seige warfare, a tactic, when besieging a fortress was to encourage the local populace to enter the castle, and use up their supplies, fsster. They would also slip in agitators to rile up mentioned citizenry to destro moral and create further problems for the beseiged. The Civil War is already underway.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: BarryNo 10/9/2021 7:26:55 AM (No. 939723)
BTW, The 'immigrants' who are turned away from the prosperous red states become the perfect shock troops for the blue. Resentful of being refused entry, and coming from a region where violence is casual, they can infiltrste a wreck havoc ahead of military action. We are at war, already.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Toby Ten Bears 10/9/2021 8:21:39 AM (No. 939761)
Thanks General Sullivan. As usual, Generals always fight the last war. This ain't your grandmas civil war General Bill.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: bigfatslob 10/9/2021 8:51:43 AM (No. 939797)
This isn't 1860 and it ain't 'Bull Run' dejavu. This war has started the shooting hasn't but it's coming. Seattle and Portland along with a few other hot beds can only be burned and looted just so many times before the protected Antifa and BLM look for new places to burn and loot. Look at parents at school board meetings concerned about what is taught to their children are labeled terrorist to be hunted down by the FBI. There is something seriously wrong with that. It's here just be prepared when it's time for action. FJB.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Strike3 10/9/2021 8:53:39 AM (No. 939800)
Not premature, overdue. History teaches us that the numbers on each side mean nothing. We hold the moral high ground and freedom trumps tyranny and dictatorship. The Roman Legions, the thousands of Persians under Xerxes, The hordes of Genghis Khan and Mohammed, the Spanish Conquistadors, the British, the Nazi war machine were all greedy, murderous, wrong-headed, enemies of freedom. We can no longer talk to our enemies in this country because they are brainwashed idiots, but we can shoot the hell out of them and take back what has been stolen from us.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: FormerDem 10/9/2021 9:23:14 AM (No. 939834)
The public square without God looks like this. How do you refer to shared values without reference to our one Creator, and how do you make the case for another person's dignity without reference to the directions to us all from our one Maker?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Urgent Fury 10/9/2021 9:38:23 AM (No. 939842)
God was here when Americans were butchering each other at Gettysburg and Spotsylvania. While I pray for His intervention, this all is part of the plan. I just don't know how it ends, or when. I found the article to be fascinating, but a previous poster was right: this ain't 1860.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 10/9/2021 10:55:04 AM (No. 939907)
Very different circumstances today. We are fighting people that want to take away our rights, freedoms, personal property, and our very lives. That's how criminals behave. It must be understood that our government is turning into nothing more than a criminal organization supported by criminals. If there is going to be a civil war, I prefer we win it without firing a single shot. Deny these people the use of your critical skills and abilities. Don't produce. Don't work. Minimize what you spend. These people cannot tax a business or individual with zero income. What is the point of confiscating a business that produces nothing? You cannot confiscate property from people that have nothing. These people will likely force us to work at the point of a gun. Fine. Dig a ditch or push a mop or broom. Just deny them your critical skills. Its a guarantee that these people will resort to violence. I am reminded of a quote "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent". Let them resort to violence. More people will see they are criminals. People don't follow criminals. Their violence will gain them nothing. We will survive. They will collapse. Its already happening. People have stopped working. Businesses cannot produce. Supply chains are breaking down. They wanted this, buy all means, grease the rails. They are going to regret doing this. Keep doing it until they step down. They won't step down? They can rule over a wasteland, and be mocked worldwide. And they will gain nothing.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Marzon 10/9/2021 11:34:45 AM (No. 939974)
Secession won't work as the problem does not really divide along geographic lines. Rather the division is very much between urban and rural. Even in the most blue states the vast majority of rural counties vote red and the cities, even in the red states, vote blue. In many states the populations of a few major cities outnumber that of the rural areas and the cities are controlled by and "vote" for democrats thus turning the state blue. Huge quantities of Illegals are being strategically settled in purple and red state cities to accelerate this process in anticipation of an amnesty. I don't see millions of urbanites in red states willing to go along with secession nor millions of rural red voters willing to live under permanent blue dictatorship. Let the cities burn. Maybe then the urbanites will finally wise up.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: DVC 10/9/2021 11:55:29 AM (No. 940008)
I don't want a civil war, but it is hard to see how there isn't one coming, whether we want it or not. An old military saying is, "The enemy gets a vote". And our enemies mostly domestic, but certainly with a lot of ChiCom assistance, are trying to destroy everything, all at once. And the pushback is likely to spill over more and more into Kyle Rittenhouse territory, it would seem. More people will try to defend themselves, and have to fight back with force. The enemy will have it no other way. I hope I am wrong and there is some better way out of this.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: DVC 10/9/2021 11:57:08 AM (No. 940012)
Re #12. Not too hard to stop the food from flowing into those cities.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: MDConservative 10/9/2021 12:41:34 PM (No. 940057)
#11 - What this country needs is a week-long general strike. Nobody go to work. Nobody produce a thing, not product nor service. Shut it all down. Those who work and provide could send the others a message they cannot deny. And what will the employers do? Fire the strikers? Sure, go ahead. See where that gets anyone.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: RuckusTom 10/9/2021 3:37:55 PM (No. 940218)
Just watch. We'll have another Covid lockdown before the mid terms requiring a mail-in ballot bomb with ballots being sent to every warm bodied adult in the US - legally here or not. The defecrats will win in a sweep (after all votes are counted 3 months after the election) and we'll be over as a nation.
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Anyone paying attention knows that America is fast polarizing to become two distinct factions. (snip) Let’s first consider the political dynamics in 1860. America was similarly divided into two general factions, then defined as “free” and “slave” states. Then, there was no mass exodus occurring from the free states to the slave states. What doomed the Southern slave states, both economically and politically, was slavery itself. (snip) unlike the South in 1860, the dynamics driving the secessionist impulse of the red states are not due to their inability to compete in the economic and political landscape among free Americans in our constitutionally federalist system.
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I'm going to try to explain what's going on in America right now by drawing a connection between two news stories. On the surface, they don't seem to have much to do with each other, but when you really think about them, it's obvious that there's a common thread. The first story comes from way back in November of 2018, when President Trump complained about an "Obama judge" on the Ninth Circuit ruling against his asylum policy. Trump's comments angered Chief Justice John Roberts (snip) Now for the second (snip) YouTube's decision, about a week ago, to ban all content questioning the efficacy of COVID vaccines.
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One of the more bizarre twists in the saga of the COVID pandemic has been doctors growing increasingly frustrated and even angry with patients asking for medical treatment rather than wholesale vaccination. (snip) Some patients take exception to this approach and ask for ivermectin, which is being used outside of the United States to treat early COVID. There is a significantly lower incidence of serious cases of COVID in countries that use ivermectin for early exposures. Doctors are not taking kindly to the suggestion that patients should have access to medication that can prevent serious illness. They are denouncing ivermectin as a veterinary drug
If America's going to split apart, here's
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When Abraham Lincoln spoke the prophetic words "a house divided against itself cannot stand" — in a speech before the Illinois Republican state convention in 1858 — he was a relatively unknown politician. He saw the obvious: North and South were hopelessly divided over the issue of slavery — or more fundamentally, states' rights — and a breakup was all but all but unavoidable. This came to pass in just a few years' time in the form of the Civil War. Is America nearing a similar point in 2021?
Biden is Brewing a National Crisis 34 replies
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Have we ever had a president who in mere months made so many dumb, intemperate decisions, thereby precipitating major crises? You’d think that the Afghanistan and border fiascos would suffice for one four-year term. But the smart money is that we haven’t seen the last of Biden-manufactured crises. Biden is a nightmare version of Pig-Pen of the Peanuts comic strip.. A perpetual cloud of incompetence, conceits, corruption, and shabby political motives swirls around him. (snip) As Niall Stanage of the Hill put it, “President Biden’s biggest vulnerability isn’t any single issue. It’s the risk that he could be seen as losing control of events.”
Decriminalizing gang bangers, Soros prosecutor
Kim Foxx declines to charge five arrested
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Chicago now is like Dodge City before Marshal Dillon arrived: a fatal shootout on its streets is no crime because both sides were shooting. (snip) An escalating number of shootouts is the inescapable implication of the decision of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office to release all five suspects arrested in a fatal shootout between rival gangs in the city’s Southside Austin neighborhood (snip) “Mutual combatants was cited as the reason for the rejection.” Mutual combat is a legal term used to define a fight or struggle that two parties willingly engage in.
Debunking the 1619 Project 7 replies
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Mary Grabar has authored a serious, mature book that should be in every American household and classroom. Its message is so critical to understand that it might usefully serve as required reading in a test and qualification for American citizenship. (snip) Ms. Grabar doesn’t merely "debunk” the 1619 Project, she devastates it, by a relentless, professional marshalling of facts and data, and with thoughtful argumentation, choice sourcing and careful footnotes. For its depth in historical research, the book reads very smoothly. I found it a “page-turner”
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Last weekend, I went to the theater to see the Sopranos prequel, The Many Saints of Newark. (snip) At the time of the 1967 Newark riot, the foundational event of the movie, I was a 19-year-old living in Newark (snip) My late father had been a Newark cop, and my Uncle Bob, also a cop, was in the thick of the riot (snip) My uncle would have been dismayed at just how much Chase gets wrong about Italian American life circa 1967. For starters, the gangsters would have long since left for the suburbs.
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McConnell warns Biden that Republicans
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One day after the Senate approved a temporary lift to the U.S. debt ceiling, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell wrote in a letter to President Joe Biden that he would not aid Democrats again in raising the debt limit.Following weeks of partisan fighting, the Senate approved the short-term fix that will allow the United States to avoid defaulting on its bills in a 50-48 vote on Thursday evening. The House will vote on the measure on Tuesday.Congress will need to find a longer-term solution in December. But McConnell has said the reprieve would give Democrats enough time to raise the debt ceiling through a procedural move known as reconciliation,
California Gov Gavin Newsom signs law
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California will soon ban the sale of new gas-powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers after Governor Gavin Newsom signed off on the new law on Saturday. The move is aimed at curbing emissions from a category of small engines on pace to produce more pollution each year than passenger vehicles. The gas-powered equipment to be banned uses small off-road engines, a broad category that includes generators, lawn equipment, pressure washers, chainsaws, weed trimmers and even golf carts. Under the new law these machines must be zero-emissions, meaning they'll have to be battery-powered or plug-in.(Snip)'This is a pretty modest approach to trying
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China is sending record numbers of military aircraft to threaten Taiwan, warning “war may be triggered at any time” and asking the island democracy’s allies if they want to “become cannon fodder.”Team Biden’s response: Happy talk of how China’s president-for-life promised a month ago to keep the peace and having the Pentagon shift from Trump-era “great power competition” to “strategic competition” that “does not, and should not, preclude working with China.”Ouch. Talk of “peace in our time” is exactly the wrong answer to China’s “We’re ready to rumble” message. Washington needs to act, and now, to get Beijing to back down.
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We’ve been talking about how bad the polling has been for Joe Biden, even in deep-blue states like Minnesota. How do you know when it’s getting really bad? When even CNN — usually all in to pimp for Biden — is acknowledging how underwater he is in job approval. He’s down even with Democrats, but what they say is really animating the poll is how much he has dropped with independents. As CNN’s John Berman and Harry Enten put it, the technical term is “not good.” He’s down 10 points among Democrats, 12 among Republicans, but among independents, he’s down 19 points.
Psaki blames COVID and unvaccinated Americans
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White House press secretary Jen Psaki pinned at least part of the blame for President Joe Biden's plummeting approval ratings on the pandemic and the 20 percent of unvaccinated Americans.Psaki's finger-pointing came as Biden's approval rating nosedived to 38 percent, with 53 percent saying they disapprove of how Biden has handled the presidency, according to a poll from Quinnipiac University on Friday. 'So what do you make of these really terrible polls? Are they that he's doing something wrong. Is it just the communication? Or is it that he's doing unpopular things that just have to be done?' a reporter asked
Teachers blast union for telling them
to upload vaccination status of student's
parents, their names and addresses to
app created by AOC's campaign team
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Posted by Imright 10/9/2021 12:55:39 AM Post Reply
A national teachers union training session that asks educators to log conversations with parents about the COVID-19 vaccine - into a campaign app built for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's campaign - was blasted as a 'blatant effort to coerce, manipulate, and even track information on students and their parents.' The recurring virtual training is hosted by vaccine equity group Made to Save and is sponsored by the National Educators Association (NEA), and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). 'Having the audacity to back this type of presentation shows that the NJEA, NEA, AFT, and any other organization involved clearly does not regard educators as professionals or critical thinkers,'
Biden Marks Indigenous Peoples’ Day
In Historic Proclamation
27 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 10/10/2021 12:51:01 PM Post Reply
President Biden issued a proclamation this week to mark Indigenous Peoples’ Day — the first time a US president had commemorated the holiday. “On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, our Nation celebrates the invaluable contributions and resilience of Indigenous peoples, recognizes their inherent sovereignty, and commits to honoring the Federal Government’s trust and treaty obligations to Tribal Nations,” Biden wrote in the proclamation made Friday. “Today, we recognize Indigenous peoples’ resilience and strength as well as the immeasurable positive impact that they have made on every aspect of American society.”
Watch: This Clip Of Kamala Harris Might
Be The Most Cringeworthy Thing You’ve
Ever Seen
27 replies
Posted by Imright 10/10/2021 10:57:58 AM Post Reply
We have finally gotten a glimpse of the new YouTube series starring Kamala Harris, and it’s just as cringeworthy as you could imagine. In fact, it might be the most cringeworthy thing she’s ever done (and that’s saying a lot).Harris is famously disingenuous , and this video does nothing to help that reputation. In the clip below, you see Kamala awkwardly using some sort of “Narrators voice” as she’s talking to the kids about space exploration.“I just love the idea of exploring the unknown,” Harris says in an awkward tone of voice. “And then, there’s other things that we just haven’t figured out or discovered yet.
Clinton, Bush, Obama, Biden Working Closely
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Posted by Imright 10/10/2021 10:46:00 AM Post Reply
A non-governmental organization (NGO) backed by former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, as well as first ladies Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama, is working closely with President Joe Biden to resettle tens of thousands of Afghans across the United States.The NGO, called Welcome.US, was launched by former Clinton, Bush, and Obama staffers with the former presidents’ serving as honorary chairs and receiving backing from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors which has ties to billionaire George Soros.Likewise, the NGO is working alongside multinational corporations like Airbnb, Walmart, Starbucks, Instacart, Facebook, Microsoft, and Chobani to provide newly arrived Afghans with financial assistance.
British Airways tells pilots and cabin
crew not to refer to passengers as 'ladies
and gentlemen' in favour of gender-neutral
terms to celebrate 'diversity and inclusion'
27 replies
Posted by Imright 10/10/2021 12:06:52 AM Post Reply
British Airways has instructed pilots and cabin crew not to refer to passengers as 'ladies and gentlemen' in an effort to celebrate 'diversity and inclusion'. Britain's flagship carrier has abandoned the greeting in favour of more gender-neutral terms, reportedly to respect wider social norms and make children feel included. Other major airlines, including Lufthansa, easyJet and Air Canada, have already adopted gender-neutral language.
Woman Gets Jail Time For Too-Close Grizzly
Bear Encounter At Yellowstone
27 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 10/9/2021 12:45:19 PM Post Reply
A “foolish” Illinois tourist who bucked Yellowstone National Park rules and approached a massive mama grizzly bear to snap a photo will spend four days in jail. Samantha R. Dehring, 25, of Carol Springs, was lucky to leave Roaring Mountain in Yellowstone without serious injury during the frightening May 10 encounter with the large wild animal, who was protecting her three cubs. In addition to four days in federal custody, Dehring — who pleaded guilty Wednesday to willfully remaining, approaching, and photographing wildlife within 100 yards — was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and make a $1,000 donation to a Yellowstone wildlife protection fund.
Pro-choice Nancy Pelosi, 81, greets the
Pope ,84, at the Vatican following US
appeal courts decision to REINSTATE Texas'
ban on abortions after six weeks
26 replies
Posted by Imright 10/9/2021 5:52:20 PM Post Reply
Pope Francis has met with U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic who has come under criticism from some bishops in the United States for her support for abortion rights.Their meeting took place in Vatican City on Saturday, several weeks before Joe Biden is expected to meet the Pope when the the president is in Rome for talks between leaders of the Group of 20 major economies.The Vatican announced Pelosi's audience with the Pope in its daily bulletin but gave no details. Biden, the second Catholic U.S. president, has said he is personally opposed to abortion but, as a politician, cannot impose his views.
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