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Representative Doug Collins Discusses What
to Expect From Mueller Testimony
Next Week…
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 11:53:22 PM Post Reply
Rep. Doug Collins appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the upcoming testimony of Robert Mueller and the status of multiple inquires into the DOJ and FBI activity in 2016.On the Horowitz report, remember to ignore all claims of upcoming release until we hear of the ‘Principal Notification’ for the final draft. We’ll know when the IG submits the draft review to principals because while they are bound by non-disclosure over content, they will be advocating their defense positions in the media on their overall interests.
Bette Midler to Jack Dorsey: Shut Down
Trump’s Twitter ‘Until the Next Election’
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 11:00:09 PM Post Reply
Left-wing actress Bette Midler called on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to ban President Donald Trump from the social media platform “until the next election” in order to “improve the course of history.” “Dear #JackDorsey, why don’t you help your country & the planet, by kicking #Trump off #Twitter? Or shutting down until the next election?” said Midler. “You’ve made more than enough money & Trump is strangling the free world w/his racist bile,” continued the actress in her tweet. “Be strong! You can improve the course of history!" (Tweet)
One tweet from Trump ‘punched a
hole in the reality of philanthropy,’
changed veteran’s life, CEO says
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 10:51:45 PM Post Reply
With a simple response to a tweet from Pulte Capital CEO Bill Pulte, earlier this month, President Trump is credited with inspiring donations totaling $30,000 for a combat vet with a disabling injury. As a result, Pulte told Fox News on Saturday that Trump transformed the face of philanthropy.“I’m not sure many other presidents would have done it, and literally with one tweet — he calls it his typewriter, I call it his magic typewriter — he literally punched a hole in the reality of philanthropy,” Pulte said.Pulte sent a tweet on July 10 to the President that read: “If @realDonaldTrump retweets this,
Horde of violent migrants storm Texas
bridge punching, kicking and rushing border
patrol officers
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 10:43:35 PM Post Reply
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents were punched and kicked by a violent horde of 50 illegal immigrants who tried to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas yesterday.A CBP official says the agents had to use tear gas and pepper spray to curb the mob rampage when gangs of illegals rushed the Rio Grande bridge in three separate waves at 4 a.m. local time.“Ignoring commands to stop, the group suddenly rushed the temporary barricades, bent metal poles and disabled the concertina wire affixed to the barrier,” the official told Fox News.The Border Patrol official added: “Several males in the group disregarded
Bizarre Status of Flynn Partner Trial –
FARA Prosecution in Tenuous Disposition…
Posted by earlybird 7/21/2019 10:20:53 PM Post Reply
The status of the Eastern District of Virginia case against former partner of Michael Flynn, Bijan Rafiekian is bizarre. Apparently U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr has not engaged into this case, and the current status is a mess. The head-scratching FARA case was tenuous from the outset as the prosecution was arguing a rather odd legal interpretation of FARA statutes; and now the DOJ could be handed a dismissal, even if the jury returns a guilty verdict. Yes, when you stretch legal interpretation beyond evidence, it’s a mess.
U.S. Envoy: Israel to Allow Omar,
Tlaib Entry ‘Out of Respect
for Congress’
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 10:19:46 PM Post Reply
TEL AVIV – Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer said Israel would allow BDS-supporting Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to visit “out of respect for Congress.” “Out of respect for the U.S. Congress and the great alliance between Israel and America, we would not deny entry to any member of Congress into Israel,” Dermer told the Haaretz daily on Friday. Earlier in the week, the same paper reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be tasked with deciding whether they would be let into the country, due to the sensitivity of the visit and its possible ramifications for Israeli-U.S. relations.
Important – Video Confirms Butowsky
Lawsuit Claim: Julian Assange Told
Ellen Ratner DNC Emails Received
From Seth Rich – Not a Russian Hack…
Posted by earlybird 7/21/2019 10:16:00 PM Post Reply
A lawsuit filed a week ago by Businessman Ed Butowsky, alleged that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told Fox News analyst Ellen Ratner the DNC leaked emails were received from Seth Rich and his brother Aaron. [Full Backstory Here] Due to the scale of ramification, there was some valid skepticism about the Butowsky assertion. However, recently unearthed footage from Ellen Ratner talking about her visit with Assange in November of 2016 seems to validate what the Butowsky’s lawsuit alleges. In the video [Full Video Here] taken during a November 9th, 2016, Embry Riddle University symposium, Fox News analyst Ellen Ratner, representing
Patriot: Navy SEAL Sees American Flag
Barely Hanging On Pole. Then He
Does This
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 10:11:09 PM Post Reply
At a time when the American flag is being continuously trashed by athletes, far-left protesters, and elected Democrats, Navy SEAL Dom Raso is stepping in to honor our flag.As first reported by ABC News 4, Raso stopped his morning run in Virginia Beach when he saw an American flag at the Navy SEAL monument barely hanging onto the pole. After three attempts climbing the pole, the SEAL made it to the top and fixed Old Glory. The amazing patriotic event was captured on video by a friend, posted to Facebook, and predictably went viral. “After a 3.5 mile run and [being] smoked from the previous attempts,
Man Denies Telling Georgia Lawmaker
Erica Thomas 'Go Back Where You Came
From' in #IStandWIthErica Incident
Posted by NorthernDog 7/21/2019 10:06:18 PM Post Reply
A Georgia state congresswoman ignited the #IStandWithErica trend on social media this weekend after she recorded an emotional video claiming a man told her to "go back to where she came from" at a grocery store — and now the man accused of the bigoted verbal attack has responded. State Representative Erica Thomas, an African American lawmaker in Georgia's 39th District, teared up in the video as she recounted a Friday incident at a Cobb County Publix grocery store, where she said Eric Sparkes verbally attacked her. But as Atlanta's WSB-TV prepared to interview her outside the Publix Saturday afternoon, Sparkes
Warren joins other 2020 candidates
by declaring her preferred pronouns
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 9:50:18 PM Post Reply
Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently became the latest 2020 presidential candidate to publicly list the pronouns by which she likes to be addressed. According to their Twitter bios, the Massachusetts Democrat joined both New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose preferred pronouns are "He/Him," and former Housing Secretary Julián Castro, whose pronouns of choice are also "He/Him," though he also gives "Él" for any Spanish-speaking followers. "Elizabeth is committed to running an inclusive campaign, and wants every person to know that they are welcome in this movement," a campaign spokesperson for Warren told NBC News.
Amazing! President Trump Crashes Wedding Party
at Bedminster – Crowd Chants, “USA! USA!
USA!…” (Video)
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 9:44:59 PM Post Reply
President Donald Trump crashed a wedding party at his Bedminster resort in New Jersey on Saturday night. (Tweet/Photos) The bride went up and gave the president a hug. And then the crowd started chanting, “USA! USA! USA!…” (Video/Tweets)
Bernie Sanders is called a hypocrite and
mercilessly mocked online after the
socialist firebrand admits he will have
to CUT the hours of staffers so that he
can pay them the $15 minimum wage he is *
Posted by Ribicon 7/21/2019 9:08:10 PM Post Reply
Bernie Sanders has been mocked online after admitting he plans to cut the hours of campaign staffers who are not getting the $15 minimum wage he campaigns for. Field organizers put in 60 hours a week, which makes their pay equivalent to $13 an hour, it was reported Thursday. The staffers, who are unionized, have asked campaign manager Faiz Shakir to boost their salaries to meet the level of the pay the senator has advocated for, The Washington Post reported. Following the news Sanders told The Des Moines Register his campaign now will limit the number of hours staffers work to 42 or 43 each week
Milk carton boat races move to land because
of poor water quality
Posted by voxpopuli 7/21/2019 9:06:08 PM Post Reply
A family favorite event had a different twist than usual at Thomas Beach on Sunday. Unlike past years, the annual Milk Carton Boat Races couldn't be held in the waters at Bde Maka Ska because of poor water quality. Instead of paddling, people carried their homemade ships on dry land. Organizers say they were disappointed to be out of the water, but safety comes first. (snip) The races have become a tradition that has been around the Twin Cities since 1971. Twin Cities Beach Blast said they rebranded the beloved event to Milk Carton Boat Portage Races.
Ghislaine Maxwell brought Bill
Clinton to Jeffrey Epstein: report
Posted by Ribicon 7/21/2019 9:01:17 PM Post Reply
Former President Bill Clinton’s connection to since-convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was established through British heiress and longtime Epstein pal Ghislaine Maxwell, who also became a friend of former first daughter Chelsea, according to a new report Sunday. Clinton’s family grew close with Maxwell after Clinton left office in early 2001, Politico reported.(Snip) “She ended up being close to the family because she and Chelsea ended up becoming close,” the source added. Maxwell, the daughter of late publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, vacationed on a yacht with Chelsea in 2009 and attended her wedding to Marc Mezvinsky the following year, Politico said.
Jewish fawning of Omar has made her
more aggressive
Posted by PageTurner 7/21/2019 6:53:53 PM Post Reply
Most of the Jewish community has feverishly and piously supported last week’s Democrat-sponsored Resolution condemning President Trump’s remarks against Ilhan Omar. Omar, of course, is a notorious, unrepentant anti-Semite and daily demonizer of Israel. But she has become, for many Jews, a heroine, a civil rights star, a noble cause. Enjoying such support, Omar rewarded the Jewish community by immediately announcing, after the Resolution’s passage, a piece of legislation demanding that Congress vote in favor of BDS against Israel and her Jewish inhabitants.
BBC surrenders to the Mullahs'
Posted by PageTurner 7/21/2019 6:04:30 PM Post Reply
See also: Chicoms 'persuade' Hollywood to censor 'Top Gun' to their liking The British Broadcasting Corporation has been living off its reputation, hard-won in World War II, for the better part of a century. While the government corporation is still able to produce compelling costume dramas and other fiction with good results, its news operations consistently are hostile to Israel, and soft on Muslims. The latest example is startling, and cimes from – of all places -- the Huffington Post and progressive Muslim writer Yashar Ali:
Pope Francis's 'reprehensible' failure
on Venezuela
Posted by PageTurner 7/21/2019 6:01:59 PM Post Reply
Miami Herald columnist Andres Oppenheimer, a liberal, has noticed something wimpy going on about Pope Francis and Venezuela: Venezuela’s Conference of Bishops has released a bombshell statement demanding an immediate end of dictator Nicolás Maduro’s “illegitimate and failed government.” So why isn’t Pope Francis saying anything even close to that? Venezuela's bishops put out a fiery statement blasting the brutal, illegitimate Maduro dictatorship, calling for its extinction. Oppenheimer then asks: So what did the pope say after the bishops’ statement? Instead of echoing their demand that Maduro leave office,
Top tier emerges in 2020 field
— CBS Battleground Tracker poll
Posted by NorthernDog 7/21/2019 5:49:34 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden continues to be the first choice among Democratic voters across the 2020 primary states holding contests through Super Tuesday. However, rivals Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are gaining on him and have seen increases in the number of voters at least considering them, suggesting they could have more room to gain going forward. (Snip) Respondents were given a list of candidate descriptions, and when asked to choose which candidate seemed the most "passionate," Warren and Sanders tested highest on this measure (28% each), followed by Harris (23%). Fewer Democratic voters put Biden at the top of the pack
Google finds cheap way out of
multibillion-dollar ‘wi-spy’ suit
Posted by Ribicon 7/21/2019 4:19:38 PM Post Reply
Google is poised to pay a modest $13 million to end a 2010 privacy lawsuit that was once called the biggest U.S. wiretap case ever and threatened the internet giant with billions of dollars in damages. The settlement would close the books on a scandal that was touched off by vehicles used by Google for its Street View mapping project. Cars and trucks scooped up emails, passwords and other personal information from unencrypted household Wi-Fi networks belonging to tens of millions of people all over the world.(Snip) The amount Google is offering is less than one sixth the net income
Iran eyes 'toll' on all ships
passing through Strait of Hormuz
Posted by Ribicon 7/21/2019 4:07:55 PM Post Reply
Iranian lawmakers on Sunday said they believe their country should impose a “toll” on all ships that pass through the vital Strait of Hormuz. The proposal comes just 48 hours after Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) seized a British oil tanker traveling through the Strait, a key shipping channel in the region. In a statement Sunday, a group of Iranian lawmakers praised the move and said Tehran should go even further in exercising control over the Strait. “We support the IRGC Navy’s proper and firm measure to seize an offending British oil tanker and ask the IRGC to continue its path firmly and powerfully,”
Betcha’ Didn’t Know: Firearm Homicides
Plummeted over Last 25 Years
Posted by mc squared 7/21/2019 1:46:03 PM Post Reply
Despite endless gun violence reports put forward by the establishment media, the dirty little secret is firearm homicides have plummeted over the past 25 years. Yet most Americans, particularly Democrats, believe firearm murders have risen period. Washington Post analysis shows Democrats, followed closely by independents, are more apt to believe firearm murders have increased. And this feeds the Democrat psyche which is already more prone to support an expansion of gun control laws. But the reality is that the high water mark for firearm murders was 1994 while 2017, the most recent year with complete data on incidents, shows a sharp drop. There were “16,136 [firearm murders]
Shane Lowry wins The Open to become
second Irishman to lift the Claret Jug
as he delights local fans on rain-*
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 1:33:55 PM Post Reply
Shane Lowry was crowned The Open champion as he finished 15 under par at the Royal Portrush on Sunday. Tommy Fleetwood was paired with the Irishman but ended up finishing six shots off the lead having gone three over par for the final round. Lowry was one over par for the day but that was enough to become the second Irishman to the lift the Claret Jug. (Photos) This was the 32-year-old's first major in his career with his previous best being a tied second at the US Open in 2016. Before this week, Lowry had missed four straight cuts
ESPN reasserts political talk
policy after attack on Trump
Posted by NorthernDog 7/21/2019 1:00:52 PM Post Reply
NEW YORK — ESPN is making sure that its employees know there is not change in the network's policy to avoid talking about politics unless it intersects with sports after radio talk show host Dan Le Batard criticized President Donald Trump and his recent racist comments and ESPN itself on the air this week. The reminder went out Friday to all employees, including Le Batard, according to an ESPN employee who spoke on condition of anonymity Saturday because the person was not authorized to speak publicly about personnel matters. ESPN has not spoken publicly about Le Batard's comments, including whether he
The Return of An Obama Presidency? replies
Posted by Cavallodifiero 7/21/2019 12:32:25 PM Post Reply
Desperado Democrats would have us believe that Michelle Obama is not only the “Forever First Lady” but also “The most admired woman in the world”.But are those diamonds or rhinestones flashing from Michelle’s tarnished crown? Former First Lady Michelle Obama: “Most Admired Woman in the World”. Michelle Obama’s memoir ‘Becoming’, “the world’s best-selling book of 2018”.Is the “Most Admired Woman in the world”, the author of the “World’s Best-Selling Book of 2018” running for
Baby killing in America: Planned Parenthood's Black Genocide replies
Posted by BigAlPeoplesPal 7/21/2019 12:19:31 PM Post Reply
Planned Parenthood has fired its director, former emergency room physician Dr. Leana Wen, after only eight months on the job. Wen wanted to make Planned Parenthood more about women’s health issues, its stated purpose, and less about abortion. The abortion body parts scandal under her disgraced predecessor, Cecile Richards, decimated fundraising. Planned Parenthood blamed Wen for attempting to make the organization more palatable to the public in the wake of widespread condemnation and disgust.
Wesley Pruden - Editor got start
at Gazette in ’50s
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 12:12:08 PM Post Reply
A "whale of a news man" who got his start in Arkansas died this week after more than 60 years as a journalist.Wesley Pruden, columnist and former editor for The Washington Times, was found dead in his residence Wednesday, the Times reported. He was 83."He was happily in charge of everything," said Griffin Smith, a longtime friend of Pruden's and the former executive editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. "He was a veteran conservative, and his columns stand the test of time. He was just an all-around fun guy and a true newspaperman."Pruden was born Dec. 18, 1935, in Jackson, Miss. His family moved to Little Rock,
Watch: Screaming Rashida Tlaib physically
removed from 2016 Trump event
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 12:00:44 PM Post Reply
A video resurfaced Saturday of Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib being forcibly removed from an Aug. 8, 2016 Trump campaign event in Detroit while screaming, "You guys are crazy!"Footage showed two security officials holding Tlaib by her arms and guiding her toward the exit while she screamed at the crowd gathered for Trump's speech. Tlaib was reportedly among at least 14 protesters removed from the event that evening. The event, which took place at the Cobo Center in Detroit and was hosted by the Detroit Economic Club, took place just ahead of 2016 presidential election. His speech that evening was reportedly focused on taxes,
Un-diverse US team
ties for first place at
International Math Olympiad
Posted by Magnante 7/21/2019 11:44:19 AM Post Reply
Quick! Call the diversity police! For the fourth time in five years the US team placed first in the International Mathematical Olympiad, this year tying for first place with China. The six U.S. team members also won gold medals for their individual high scores on the Olympiad, known as the world championship mathematics competition for high school students. However, this very dominating winning team does not look like America -- all members are males, 5 Asians and one Caucasian, judging by appearances. Race, gender, ethnicity, family income, sexual orientation or other identifiers do not factor in to qualifying for the team to attend the Olympiad.
Seventy-five years ago, a suitcase
bomb nearly killed Hitler
Posted by mc squared 7/21/2019 11:42:25 AM Post Reply
It’s been 75 years since Adolph Hitler sat down with his military officers at his top-secret, Wolfe’s Lair military compound in Prussia to discuss strategy for winning World War II. He had no clue that Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, one of his most trusted aides, had brought along a suitcase containing a bomb that he hoped would blow the Nazi dictator and his acolytes to smithereens. That would have cleared the way for Germany to make peace with the allies — and save many thousands of lives. But somebody had moved the suitcase close to a table. That deflected much of its explosive force. Hitler lived another year
Your Sunday schadenfreude replies
Posted by Magnante 7/21/2019 11:41:16 AM Post Reply
Senator Ted Cruz faced down and won re-election in a heated campaign against not just a fake Hispanic pretty boy named Robert Francis O’Rourke, he defeated an intense propaganda offensive undertaken by Texas and national media. That propaganda was not enough to convince Texas voters to hand a majority to O’Rourke, the already-wealthy populist who married an heiress to an estimated half billion-dollar fortune. But the propaganda campaign did convince O’Rourke that he had sufficient political assets to mount a presidential campaign. Poor Bobby has now discovered that it was all just a matter of the media’s hatred for Cruz. (snip) Ted took a well-deserved dose of schadenfreude.
Trump the time-traveler confronts
the Morlocks and the Eloi
Posted by Magnante 7/21/2019 11:35:48 AM Post Reply
H.G. Wells's novel The Time Machine seems an apt analogy for the political storms of the day. The Left, unmoored since the election of 2016, has become demented, furious that its confident assumption that Clinton would win was wrong. (snip) Chakrabarti and his cohorts are like Morlocks, the ape-like troglodytes of H.G. Wells's novel. Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow pretenders are the witless Eloi, childlike adults who lack curiosity or discipline and have no sense of the value of life.
Trump gains with Hispanic and Black voters: Democrats scream racism replies
Posted by jeb184 7/21/2019 11:28:17 AM Post Reply
The constant high pitched wailing you hear in the background is the ongoing Democrat smear campaign of calling Donald Trump a racist. After his tweets about the Jew-hating, anti-American “Squad” of freshman left-wing agitators in Congress last week, CNN and MSNBC called Trump a racist over 2000 times in one 48 hour period. It hides a deeper agenda and a growing fear that Trump support among blacks and Hispanics is rising, and growing, and becoming a threat to the future of the Democrat Party.
We Hear You: What American
Socialists Say They Want
Posted by M2 7/21/2019 11:13:40 AM Post Reply
Dear Daily Signal: Anyone who wants to understand why American political life is so debased should consider what socialist influences have done to our public schools; that’s my response to Jarrett Stepman’s commentary (“I Went to a Socialism Conference. Here Are My 6 Observations).” The promises are relentlessly upbeat and even humanistic. The reality is always more decay, more mediocrity, more people prevented from reaching their potential. My thesis is that public schools are the political reality served up billboard-size. Everyone can understand if they bother to look. For example, public schools claim to teach reading, but we have 50 million functional illiterates. That’s socialism in action, also known as liberalism,
The Coming Socialist-Libertarian Feudalism replies
Posted by earlybird 7/21/2019 11:12:13 AM Post Reply
Wishful thinking among many libertarian and socialist idealists is that an alliance might form between them. After all, members of both ideological camps believe that anything goes when it comes to sex and drugs, neither of them believe in national borders, and both are repelled by conservative ideologues. The problem with such an alliance of idealists, of course, is that at the core, the socialist believes in big government and the libertarian believes in no government. No matter how you further define those core beliefs, they are incompatible. But the powerful special interests behind the libertarian and progressive movements,
Elijah Cummings says his constituents
are "scared" of Trump
Posted by M2 7/21/2019 11:10:29 AM Post Reply
House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said on ABC's "This Week" that there's "no doubt" that President Trump is a racist, and that for the first time in his 37 years in public service, he has constituents telling him that they're "scared of their leader." CUMMINGS: "George, no matter where I go, what I'm hearing over and over again from my constituents is, "Please save our democracy. Please save our country." And you know something else they say, George? They say "I'm scared." I have never, in my total of 37 years in public service, ever heard a constituent say they were scared of their leader."
Booker says Trump uses
"race like a weapon"
to divide the country
Posted by M2 7/21/2019 11:08:38 AM Post Reply
New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, one of the two dozen Democrats competing for the party's presidential nomination, said President Trump is weaponizing racial animus to sow division in the country for his own political gain. "He is somebody that is using race like a weapon to divide our country against itself," Booker said on "Face the Nation" Sunday. "He's been using it since before he became president as a way to accelerate his gaining of political power." The New Jersey Democrat was referring to the president's recent attacks against four progressive lawmakers of color. Last week, Mr. Trump posted a series of racist tweets suggesting that Reps. Ilhan Omar of
Trump 'plans to make massive cuts to
federal spending in his second term' if
he is re-elected—creating confusion as
aides try to hammer out a spending deal
Posted by Ribicon 7/21/2019 11:00:27 AM Post Reply
President Donald Trump has instructed aides to prepare for steep budget cuts if he wins a second term in the White House, according to a new report. Trump and his advisers believe he will be better positioned to crack down on the federal deficit, which has swelled to a projected $1 trillion for the current fiscal year, five people briefed on the discussions told the Washington Post. Trump has reportedly not instructed aides as to how sweeping he wants future budget cuts in his second term to be, or exactly what would be cut. It's also not clear whether he would consider cutting Medicare,
'Garbage move': Team takes heat
for having Sean Spicer throw out
first pitch on pride night
Posted by Ribicon 7/21/2019 10:49:07 AM Post Reply
Pawtucket, R.I.—A decision to have President Trump’s former communications director Sean Spicer throw out the first pitch at a Rhode Island minor league baseball game on “Pride Night at the Ballpark” is getting pushback. Some fans said on Twitter they felt Spicer’s appearance Friday night at the Pawtucket Red Sox game was an insult to the LGBTQ community, given Trump’s policies. The decision was called “tone-deaf” and “a garbage move,” with some asking why someone from the LGBTQ community wasn’t chosen. A Rhode Island native, Spicer was joined by wounded veteran Carlos Lopes, who Spicer presented an all-terrain wheelchair
'I just made it up': Florida Dem admits lying
about treating Pulse shooting victims after
going on the record as saying 'I personally
removed 77 bullets from 32 people. It
was like an assembly line'
Posted by earlybird 7/21/2019 10:41:03 AM Post Reply
A queer Democratic politician who claimed to have treated Pulse nightclub shooting victims admitted to Florida officials that she lied about her service. Elizabeth McCarthy told the Florida Department of Health that she had fabricated claims that she was a cardiologist who had treated victims of the mass shooting on the LGBT destination. 'I lied. It is a false statement. I just made it up,' McCarthy said, according to an affidavit released Wednesday by the Florida Department of Health and obtained by Florida Politics.
Bernie Sanders Backs Scrapping
Electoral College after New Analysis
Finds Entrenched Advantage for Trump in 2020
Posted by NorthernDog 7/21/2019 10:12:17 AM Post Reply
Senator Bernie Sanders on Friday called for the abolition of the electoral college in response to a new analysis showing that President Donald Trump could win re-election in 2020 while still losing the popular vote by as many as five million ballots. Trump won the 2016 election despite coming up nearly three million ballots short of Hillary Clinton in the popular vote. His electoral college victory in that race was still comfortable, as analyst Dave Wasserman noted in a new projection of possible discrepancies between the electoral outcomes and popular support in 2020. Sanders has previously said that it's "hard
Republicans raise $20.7M in June --
more than double Dems' $8.5M haul
Posted by M2 7/21/2019 9:26:51 AM Post Reply
The Republican National Committee raised more than twice as much as the Democratic National Committee in June – $20.7 million compared to the DNC’s $8.5 million, according to Federal Election Commission filings, Politico reported. “Our record-smashing fundraising haul is a testament to the ongoing enthusiasm for President Trump and the pro-growth agenda that is delivering for every American across this country," GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement to Fox News last week. The RNC currently has $43.5 million, more than double the cash on hand as the DNC’s $9.3 million. The DNC spent heavily on events related to the debates and the presidential candidates last month,
Ted Cruz, progressive hero?
Texan defies hard-liner image with
AOC cooperation and more
Posted by M2 7/21/2019 9:23:09 AM Post Reply
Something's changed about Ted Cruz – and it’s not just the beard. First, there was the common ground with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Then, there was the push for people to donate supplies to detained migrants at the border. Then, Cruz called out Tennessee for honoring a Confederate Army general with an ugly past. Is the senator from Texas – the unapologetic conservative who ran for president in 2016 saying Republicans win by painting “in bold colors, not pale pastels”– making a conscious effort to expand his appeal beyond conservatives? “I do think it’s intentional,” said Brendan Steinhauser, a Republican consultant based in Austin who was active in the Tea Party movement. Steinhauser
Ocasio-Cortez: Trump is 'putting
millions of Americans in danger'
Posted by M2 7/21/2019 9:13:44 AM Post Reply
Democratic representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has reacted to President Trump's comments about her and three other congresswomen - in which he told them to 'go back' to 'the totally broken and crime infested placed from which they came.' Speaking at a town hall event in her own New York district, she said the remarks endangered millions of Americans.
Trump: ‘I Don’t Believe’ the ‘Squad’
Are ‘Capable of Loving Our Country’
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 9:06:09 AM Post Reply
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and the other three freshmen members of the so-called “Squad” have had their love of America called into question by Donald Trump. The president took to Twitter on Sunday morning to query their loyalty, saying they should apologize to the U.S. as well as Israel for their confrontational behaviour, adding America will not be destroyed by their invective.(Tweet) The so-called ‘Squad’ comprise Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) and are members of a group called the “Justice Democrats.”They have consistently opposed Trump at every turn
Nasty Washington Post Obit Hammers
‘Defiantly Abrasive’ Conservative Editor
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 8:50:34 AM Post Reply
The Washington Post on Friday couldn’t let old rivalries go, even in death. The paper’s obituary for long time Washington Times editor Wesley Pruden dripped with contempt for the “defiantly abrasive” conservative and his paper. In fact, the paper offered nicer coverage to Fidel Castro, hailing the dead dictator as a “romantic figure in olive-drab fatigues and combat boots.” Of course, the obituary had to warn readers of how dangerously conservative the Times is: Top editors, including Mr. Pruden, insisted that the paper’s ideological tilt was limited to the editorial and opinion pages. But the Times was widely viewed as a conservative newspaper,
‘Send Him Back’: Virginia House Democrats
vow to boycott event if President
Trump attends
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 8:39:41 AM Post Reply
Democrats in Virginia have declared they will snub the President of the United States if he attends a commemorative event scheduled for later this month. The White House has not made any official announcements about President Trump’s plans to attend the 400th anniversary of American democracy, to be held in Jamestown on July 30. But Virginia Democrats have not missed the opportunity to grandstand, defiantly announcing they will essentially put partisan politics ahead of America’s heritage.
Ocasio-Cortez says Trump's bid to
secure the border 'all about ethnicity
and racism'
Posted by Imright 7/21/2019 8:36:12 AM Post Reply
"All you need to do is hear what the President did this week to know this is not about immigration at all. Because once you start telling American citizens to quote 'go back to your own countries,' this tells you that this President's policies are not about immigration, it's about ethnicity and racism," Ocasio-Cortez said during a town hall on immigration held in her district in Queens, New York, in reference to Trump's tweeted racist attacks at her and three other minority congresswomen known as "The Squad." Her remarks are nonsense. Is she trying to tell us that were the border surgers pouring over the border without papers Caucasian,
Mogadishu Mon Amour replies
Posted by Judy W. 7/21/2019 7:45:08 AM Post Reply
The French movie Hiroshima Mon Amour is based on human memory and forgetfulness as recounted by two lovers. The tale of the congresswoman who calls herself Ilhan Omar is a tale of an anti-Semite bred-in-the-bone corruptocrat whose rise in political power rests very largely on complicity by the media’s airbrushing of her history because they thought this physically attractive African Moslem “refugee” was just the ticket to defeat Donald Trump. The media counts on our forgetfulness and ignorance.
Donald Trump Jr. Savages Michael Avenatti:
‘Really Enjoyed Meeting Your Ex-Wife
at My Speech’
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Donald Trump Jr. trolled Michael Avenatti on Saturday, sharing a photo on social media of himself with the befallen lawyer’s ex-wife at a recent event. “Hey Creepy Porn Lawyer, appreciate you flagging this,” Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter with a photo posing with Lisa Storie at a joint event for the Lincoln Club of Orange County and the New Majority. “By the way, really enjoyed meeting your ex wife at my speech last night. It was a packed house unlike your presser.” The event was in support of Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee for Donald J. Trump for President the Republican National Committee (RNC).
Let the Patient Beware replies
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About 15 years ago, I convinced one of my doctors to prescribe some generic Wellbutrin (bupropion XL ) for me. The product had been advertised as a game changer for depression. My doctor, at that time, was reluctant at first; but he eventually succumbed to my repeated requests and wrote the prescription.
Stephen King: Can’t Wait to Fire
This ‘Vile, Racist Bag of Guts’ in 2020
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Author Stephen King took to Twitter Friday to express his disdain for President Trump, telling his five million Twitter followers that he hopes to fire the “vile, racist, and incompetent bag of guts and waters” in 2020. “I think we all agree that Donald Trump is a vile, racist, and incompetent bag of guts and waters. How happy I would be to tell him ‘YOU’RE FIRED’ next November,” King tweeted. (Tweet) The Pet Sematary author has a history of lashing out against Trump and Republicans. Last May, he called the entire White House staff “bad tempered, arrogant, insensitive, and largely incompetent.” “What does that say about the boss?” he asked.
Mogadishu Mon Amour replies
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The French movie Hiroshima Mon Amour is based on human memory and forgetfulness as recounted by two lovers. The tale of the congresswoman who calls herself Ilhan Omar is a tale of an anti-Semite bred-in-the-bone corruptocrat whose rise in political power rests very largely on complicity by the media’s airbrushing of her history because they thought this physically attractive African Moslem “refugee” was just the ticket to defeat Donald Trump. The media counts on our forgetfulness and ignorance.
Everything I Don’t Like Is Racist replies
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There is a new trend in politics that’s a hit with all the kids. It’s been around for a while, but was never really as popular as it is right now. So, in the interest of science, I’ve decided to hop on “The Squad” train and try thinking like a progressive member of Congress. How hard could it be? I was driving to the grocery store the other day and the person in the left turn lane ahead of me did not turn when there was clearly enough room for him to go. I sat there, angry, and then I asked myself, “What would Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez do?”
Jews and Blacks for Trump replies
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"Blexit" and "Jexit" -- those are the movements by conservative activist Candace Owens and me, respectively, to get blacks and Jews to leave the Democratic Party and support President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, last week was another great week for President Trump. That must be why the Trump-hating national media have turned a Sunday tweet by the president into the biggest news headline in America. Trump's achievements were so fantastic in the past week that they had to once again use a tweet to try to destroy him. I'm betting you haven't heard a word about these Trump accomplishments in the mainstream news: -- The Dow crossed 27,000
Will We Ever Know How Many
Girls Jeffrey Epstein Abused?
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Since Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest last week, we’ve been inundated with disturbing revelations about how he allegedly abused underage girls for years in plain sight. The case is full of horrifying details, from Epstein’s elite social circle, to his private “Pedophile Island,” to his friendship with Donald Trump. But the part of the story that’s often missing is the voices of Epstein’s accusers. This is partly by design. Epstein and his lawyers have worked for years to keep his victims out of the press. According to the Miami Herald, Epstein’s accusers have already filed two-dozen lawsuits against him, some dating back at least as far as 2009.
The Electric Obamaphone replies
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Elon just admitted something that is getting very little coverage — and no explanation. He announced that Tesla will no longer be selling the “affordable” $35,000 Model 3 he promised would be Tesla’s first mass-market electric car. Like so many of Elon’s promises, that one’s out the window, too. The price of the least expensive Tesla just rose to $39,000. Well, technically $38,990 — to make it go down easier. That’s still a $4k decrease in “affordability” — and a reality check. Elon is admitting that electric cars aren’t mass-market cars.
Boris Johnson, Britain’s likely next
prime minister, is a hack—a journalist
who has reached the pinnacle of power
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LONDON — Boris Johnson, the far-ahead front-runner to become Britain’s prime minister this week, waved a vacuum-packed fish over his head and railed at the European Union. A kipper smoker on the Isle of Man, Johnson said Wednesday, “has had his costs massively increased by Brussels bureaucrats who have insisted that each herring fillet must be accompanied by” — he paused to reach for another prop — “a plastic ice pillow! Pointless, expensive, environmentally damaging, health and safety.” The audience roared. Johnson, populist charmer, always gets a laugh.
Race cards? Deal me out replies
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Just when you think our political culture can’t sink any lower, the race card gets tossed onto the table, as those who know how to play that game reach from the gutter to portray themselves as enlightened. It’s a tired old tactic, yet in the right hands it remains regrettably effective. More than 30 years ago, in one of his most inglorious moments, the late Ted Kennedy went onto the Senate floor, ostensibly to philosophically oppose Ronald Reagan’s nomination of Judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court. Fair enough. They surely had philosophical differences.
Trump campaign, RNC training army
of volunteers in key 2020 states
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The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) are mobilizing thousands of volunteers in more than a dozen battleground states, including a handful that President Trump lost in 2016, as they seek to expand the electoral map ahead of 2020. Trump Victory, a joint operation comprised of the Trump campaign, the RNC and state Republican parties, kicked off a “National Week of Training” on Friday in a bid to train more than 6,000 volunteers and register voters in 14 states that Republicans have set their sights on for 2020. At the same time, the committee is adding to its roster of state directors
In the #MeToo era, it’s time to
revisit Ted Kennedy’s legacy
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Three significant anniversaries passed this week. Only two have truly been noted. First, of course, is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on Saturday, July 20. The second was the 20th anniversary of the deaths of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife Carolyn Bessette and her sister Lauren Bessette in a small plane Kennedy was flying to Martha’s Vineyard. Only one of those deserves the hagiographic treatment both have been given, but I’ll get to that later. The third was also a 50th anniversary, one that passed just two days after JFK Jr.’s and was, in many ways, related.
Smollett Tries To Get Special Prosecutor
Dropped, Blames Brothers, Makes New Claim
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Former "Empire" star Jussie Smollett filed a motion Friday requesting that the court nullify an order last month assigning a special prosecutor to look into the handling of his case after its sudden dismissal by embattled State's Attorney Kim Foxx. "Jussie Smollett, by his attorneys, Geragos & Geragos, respectfully requests that this Court grant his Motion, vacate the June 21, 2019 Order, and deny the Petition to Appoint a Special Prosecutor," reads the filing submitted by his attorneys, Mark Geragos and Tina Glandian, as reported by Deadline Friday.
Warren compares herself,
'green manufacturing plan
to JFK and Apollo mission
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., suggested on Saturday that her presidential campaign plan to combat climate change was analogous to former President John F. Kennedy's efforts to put a man on the moon. "The Apollo 11 mission is a perfect reminder that if we dream big enough, fight hard enough, and invest in American ingenuity, we can accomplish incredible things," she tweeted after promoting her "Green Manufacturing Plan." "In fact, we can protect our planet for generations to come," Warren added. Her comments came on the 50th anniversary of the first time man walked on the moon. The Apollo 11 mission delivered on President Kennedy’s 1961 promise to land an American
Apollo 11 astronaut’s punch
almost ended in battery charges
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Buzz Aldrin may have been the second man to walk on the moon, but he was the first to knock a troll into outer space. The famed Apollo astronaut faced possible battery charges back in September 2002 after he was confronted by a moon-landing conspiracy theorist who claimed that his famous moonwalk with Neil Armstrong never happened. "Why don't you swear on the Bible that you walked on the moon?" Aldrin was asked incessantly by the heckler as he tried to go about his daily business.
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