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Muslim Death Threats to Teachers in Paris

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Posted By: OhioNick, 3/17/2024 11:07:23 PM

In Paris, 163 heads of schools have made a public protest about the threats to their safety made by “aggressive” Muslim parents. The heads of school, and their teachers, are terrified. They remember the decapitation of Samuel Paty, who had dared to show his pupils — though telling Muslim students they need not remain in the classroom while it was being shown — a single cartoon of Muhammad, as part of a discussion on free speech. Paty’s executioner was not even a parent, but just a Muslim who had heard about his supposed “blasphemy.”

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 3/18/2024 12:21:45 AM (No. 1679869)
"Islam in a man is like rabies in a dog." Sir Winston Churchill in the 1890s after fighting in Sudan with the British Army.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: seamusm 3/18/2024 4:09:14 AM (No. 1679917)
Our European forebears understood that Islam was a malevolent and extremely dangerous ideology, utterly incompatible with the Judeo-Christian values which are the foundation of Western culture. Many died to try to expel and contain Islam and contrary to George W. Bush's foolishness, the only peaceful Muslim is either dead or apostate. Like every other historical reality we have forgotten, we are now doomed to either fight the same fights of long ago - or die.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: chumley 3/18/2024 5:27:08 AM (No. 1679941)
Muslims and children dance around flailing their arms and making threats.It is the frustrated behavior of the powerless.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: plomke 3/18/2024 6:30:34 AM (No. 1679963)
Meanwhile, Macron and Co. arrest,prosecute and gaol farmers protesting EU regulations designed to impoverish and starve us all. No prosecutions for muslims desecrating churches. No arrests for beheading teachers,priests,or anyone else. See anything amiss here...
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Reply 5 - Posted by: 5 handicap 3/18/2024 6:55:15 AM (No. 1679980)
For every single threat from a Muslim no matter how minuscule ...Burn Down a Mosque! It's time to start fighting the DISEASE that has infected every society and is much worse than COVID could ever be.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: broken01 3/18/2024 9:46:20 AM (No. 1680090)
I don't care what religion you are. You endanger my child at school in any way you better be prepared to do either one of the following. Go out in an ambulance or the coroner's van. Maybe France might want to get in that mindset.
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Muslim Death Threats to Teachers in Paris 6 replies
Posted by OhioNick 3/17/2024 11:07:23 PM Post Reply
In Paris, 163 heads of schools have made a public protest about the threats to their safety made by “aggressive” Muslim parents. The heads of school, and their teachers, are terrified. They remember the decapitation of Samuel Paty, who had dared to show his pupils — though telling Muslim students they need not remain in the classroom while it was being shown — a single cartoon of Muhammad, as part of a discussion on free speech. Paty’s executioner was not even a parent, but just a Muslim who had heard about his supposed “blasphemy.”
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Kent State University is facing major backlash after a student-run organization announced it was inviting Kyle Rittenhouse to speak on campus. Rittenhouse was found not guilty of shooting and killing two men at a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020. He wounded one other person. At the time of the shooting, Rittenhouse was 17 years old. Turning Point USA is the organization that is hosting the event; it announced Rittenhouse as a speaker on an Instagram post.
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Leprosy is caused by two different but similar bacteria — Mycobacterium leprae and Mycobacterium lepromatosis — the latter having just been identified in 2008. Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, is avoidable. Transmission among the most vulnerable in society, including migrant and impoverished populations, remains a pressing issue. This age-old neglected tropical disease, which is still present in more than 120 countries, is now a growing challenge in parts of North America. Leprosy is beginning to occur regularly within parts of the southeastern United States. Most recently, Florida has seen a heightened incidence of leprosy, accounting for many of the newly diagnosed cases in the U.S.
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India has implemented a citizenship law that excludes migrants who are Muslims, a minority community whose concerns have heightened under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government. The rules for the law were announced Monday. It establishes a religious test for migrants from every major South Asian faith other than Islam. Critics argue that the law is further evidence that Modi’s government is trying to reshape the country into a Hindu state and marginalize Muslims.
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Toronto police sparked outrage after advising residents to leave their car keys at the front door and let thieves to take their vehicles. This shocking message comes as car thefts have soared by 150 percent over six years in Canada's largest city, forcing residents to hide their cars in secret locations and fortify them with round-the-clock security. [SNIP] Constable Marco Ricciardi addressed the issue and offered his controversial tip. 'To prevent the possibility of being attacked in your home, leave your fobs at your front door, because thieves are breaking into homes solely to steal cars. They don't want anything else,' said Ricciardi.
White House MOCKS flailing Republican
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to move on' as Speaker Mike Johnson grapples
with next step for the investigation that
could end up in another embarrassing failed
House floor vote
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Posted by OhioNick 3/15/2024 4:46:21 PM Post Reply
The White House on Friday demanded Speaker Mike Johnson end his impeachment crusade against President Joe Biden, saying 'enough is enough.' 'The investigation has continually turned up evidence that, in fact, the President did nothing wrong,' White House counsel Edward Siskel wrote in a letter to Johnson. 'It is obviously time to move on, Mr. Speaker. This impeachment is over.' The aggressive new tone from the White House comes as Republicans have essentially come to a standstill in their effort to impeach Biden. Johnson, who has a thin majority in the House, doesn't have the votes to impeach the president.
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Angry shoppers are boycotting Tyson Foods products as the $53-million meat firm shutters plants in Iowa and elsewhere while hiring thousands of asylum seekers at job fairs in New York. Campaigners are urging consumers to stop buying Tyson products amid its wave of closures of poultry- and meat-processing plants across Iowa, Virginia, Arkansas, Indiana, and Missouri. They point to Tyson's efforts to hire thousands of asylum seekers in New York, offering $16.50-an-hour wages and free immigration lawyers, accusing the firm of ditching US-born workers for cheaper migrant labor.
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Yemen's Houthis have vowed to expand their attacks on international shipping and have claimed to have new hypersonic missiles that could dodge the West's defence systems. The Houthis having hypersonic missiles, if true, could raise the stakes in the ongoing attacks by the terrorist group on shipping in the Red Sea and surrounding waterways in protest of Israel's war on Hamas in Gaza. The new weapons - which could potentially evade the West's defence system due to their speed and maneuverability - were reported by Russian state media, which cited an unnamed official, but provided no evidence for the Houthi claim.
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Report: Biden Is Losing It Over Reelection
Chances Against Trump, 'Seething' Behind
the Scenes
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Posted by 4250Luis 3/18/2024 4:20:03 AM Post Reply
There's new reporting about Joe Biden, and it's not looking good from inside the campaign. According to the report from NBC, Biden is "angry and anxious about his reelection effort." Nearly 20 lawmakers, present and past administration officials, and Biden allies, dished on his anger about Trump leading him in the polls. When he found out that his numbers were dropping, he was "seething." That's why he's now throwing Israel and Netanyahu under the bus, and doing all he can to try to appeal to the left to get them back into the fold. The polls have left him frustrated and questioning the travel and communication strategies.
Washington Supreme Court Rules Bar Exam
Negatively Impacts Minorities, Will No
Longer Require It For Lawyers
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The Washington State Supreme Court officially abolished the traditional bar exam requirement for aspiring lawyers Friday due to its perceived negative impact on minorities. The Supreme Court has announced that the bar exam is no longer a requirement for those who aspire to be practicing lawyers. The Bar Licensure Task Force claims that the exam is only minimally effective in measuring competency and noted its unfair barrier to marginalized communities aspiring to practice law, according to the Washington Administrative Office of the Courts. The Task Force on Bar Licensure found that the usual bar exam unfairly stops people from underrepresented groups from entering the legal profession.
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Biden privately in 'rivalry' with Obama,
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President Biden compares himself to former President Obama in private as part of a years-long "rivalry" between the two men, according to a recent report. "Obama would be jealous," Biden has reportedly said, "when speaking about a perceived accomplishment," according to two Biden aides who spoke with Axios. Other Biden aides have complained that "Obama and his team did not fully appreciate Biden's experience with foreign policy, Congress and grip-and-grin politicking — and were disrespectful," the outlet revealed. "The Obama people thought Biden would suck as president," one former Biden aide told Axios.
CDC Finally Releases 148 Page Study on
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Zachary Stieber, a reporter with the Epoch Times, released the CDC report on the frequency of myocarditis following the COVID vaccines. Zachary posted the FOIAed documents here. [Tweet] Every single page was redacted! EVERY SINGLE WORD! Every single word was redacted. Last September, nearly two years after the introduction of the COVID vaccine, Dr. Anthony Fauci finally admitted the vaccines cause myocarditis. So when did they learn this? And how severe were the results? Vigilant Fox added: “They’re is obviously something very wrong that they are trying to hide.
Biden admin set to finalize major gas
car crackdown over warnings from automakers,
energy industry
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Posted by Dreadnought 3/18/2024 3:40:27 PM Post Reply
The Biden administration is expected this week to finalize highly anticipated regulations targeting gas-powered vehicle tailpipe emissions, considered the tip of the spear in its efforts to electrify the transportation sector. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is slated to issue the final rulemaking — which officials have boasted will incentivize greater adoption of electric vehicles (EV), but which opponents have criticized as a de facto mandate — as soon as Wednesday, industry sources told Fox News Digital. The regulations, a key part of President Biden's climate agenda, would ultimately force automakers to more rapidly expand electric options in their fleets beginning in a matter of years.
Revenge of Poontronage 18 replies
Posted by Hazymac 3/18/2024 7:48:38 AM Post Reply
"The Kamala conundrum comes down to this: She was picked because she was Black and female, a combo tantamount to job security. Now that she has become a burden to the Democratic ticket, Biden can’t fire her. He can’t risk alienating his base. Full stop." That was Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker, in a March 15 piece headlined “For the Country’s Sake, Vice President Harris Should Step Aside,” a move proposed “with all due respect.” If readers wonder how much respect is due, a ballpark figure would be zero, and that was true from the start. Kamala Harris owes everything to poontronage from Willie Brown, a Democrat queenmaker 30 years her senior.
Stunning! There Is Some Very Good News
For Republicans
18 replies
Posted by 4250Luis 3/18/2024 4:57:03 AM Post Reply
There’s plenty of bad news about the Republican campaign in 2024, and I’ve covered it in detail, but objectivity requires that one correctly assess what is going right too, and there’s a lot going right for Republicans right now. First and foremost, there is the massive change at the Republican National Committee with the firing of the utterly useless Ronna McDaniel and the elevation of Michael Whatley and Lara Trump.Next, Donald Trump is in a position where it looks like he is likely to win the presidency if current trends continue…that’s one heck of an if. And, finally, we also seem to be doing pretty well in the Senate races.
‘Gloves Off’: Democrat Tennessee State
Senator Calls for Riots After Republican
Lawmakers Pass Pro-Police Bill (Video)
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A Democrat Tennesssee state senator has called for riots after Republican lawmakers passed a pro-police bill. State Sen. Charlane Oliver was responding to the passing of legislation that prevents cities from restricting police officers from making certain types of traffic stops. Speaking to the press on Friday, Oliver, co-founder of the social justice warrior activist group “the Equity Alliance,” vowed that “we’re gonna fight.” “So yeah, we’re gonna fight,” Oliver said. “Dr. King said the riots are the language of the unheard. You [sic] ain’t seen nothing yet. If you keep silencing us like this, what do you think our districts [sic] gonna do?”
Feeble Joe Biden Sporting ‘Boat Anchor’
Shoes for Maximum Stability
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Posted by Imright 3/18/2024 2:03:59 PM Post Reply
Feeble Joe Biden needs all the help he can get to stop from falling over. He can’t seem to navigate the stairs on Air Force One, has trouble with bikes, and can’t even manage to stay on his feet on stage. (Photo) His handlers are so worried about his ability to stay upright he is now sporting new “boat anchor” shoes for maximum stability. (X Video) The New York Post reports: Observers have likened the shoes to “boat anchors” and “piers,” but the “Inside Edition” report attached to the tweet revealed that the president’s new shoes are actually “lifestyle sneakers” that are made by the shoe brand Hoka.
Trump has been unable to get bond for
$464 million judgment, his lawyers say
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Posted by Dreadnought 3/18/2024 11:45:32 AM Post Reply
Former President Donald Trump has not been able to get a bond to secure the $464 million fraud judgment against him, his lawyers said in a court filing Monday. Trump and his company need to post a bond for the full amount by next week in order to stop New York Attorney General Letitia James from being able to collect while he appeals. They've asked an appeals court to step in in the meantime and said Monday that they have not had any success getting a bond. "Defendants’ ongoing diligent efforts have proven that a bond in the judgment’s full amount is 'a practical impossibility,'" the filing said. "These diligent efforts
Biden screamed and swore during private
meeting after being told he is losing
to Trump: Report
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President Joe Biden is anxious and angry about his reelection campaign as former President Donald Trump shows strength in swing states and nationally. Biden has been “second-guessing” travel and messaging for his bid for four more years amid other frustrations, according to a report from NBC News. The report cites several people familiar with the Biden campaign to illustrate the frustrations the president has as his 2020 opponent appears on track to beat him, according to most polls. Biden was reportedly “seething” after he was told his handling of the war in Gaza had caused
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