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The Invisible Power Controlling the US Government

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Posted By: Judy W., 6/30/2022 6:47:06 AM

I have written extensively on inverted totalitarianism, that being the once nascent, now entrenched form of government that truly controls the levers of federal power in the United States. This behemoth has turned the USA into a “managed democracy”; a bureaucracy which cannot be held accountable by the elected representatives of the people. (Snip) The Brownstone Institute’s Jeffery Tucker recently wrote an article about an executive order passed by Trump shortly before his departure, which would have enabled huge progress towards reigning in the power of the administrative state. The executive order would have allowed agencies to reclassify policy jobs under a new schedule,


Trump's executive order made it possible to fire high-level bureaucrats who are now protected and cannot be fired, even by the president. Like Fauci, for example. This order might have been the most significant thing Trump did, and I'm sure it set the bureaucrats' hair on fire and caused them to do anything they could to prevent his re-election. Read the whole thing; it's not very long and I had to leave out some good stuff.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: chumley 6/30/2022 7:04:05 AM (No. 1201499)
The federal government is a giant snowball rolling down the mountain. Its getting bigger and bigger and going faster and faster, destroying everything it rolls over. It cannot be stopped or diverted. When it finally hits the valley it and everything near will be obliterated.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: spacer 6/30/2022 7:37:17 AM (No. 1201524)
There are tiny steps being taken by everyday Americans that are turning the lights back on. It is going to take time. The Zimmerman jury, Brown jury and Rittenhouse jury. Moms and dads cleaning out school boards and city halls all across America. State Houses in Arizona and Florida standing up to the criminal NEA. And of course President Donald John Trumps SCOTUS . As a gallant warrior in history once said " we've just begun to fight".
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Reply 3 - Posted by: franq 6/30/2022 7:40:26 AM (No. 1201527)
Excellent article. Thanks for sharing.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Rinktum 6/30/2022 9:16:44 AM (No. 1201623)
The days of going through life unconcerned about how your government works is over. Americans have been rudely awakened these past few years to the reality of power hungry control freaks that want to tell us all how to live our lives. We have learned just how dangerous to freedom these people are. Thankfully, we are fully awake and ready to take on this bureaucratic nightmare. President Trump did us a huge favor when he decided to run for President. He was determined to rid the government of this managed tyranny and corruption. It appears that most people really can’t handle power. It ruins them and they become bullies and tyrants. This is an issue that the Congress should take up. Unelected bureaucrats need to be taken down a peg or two. The little thugs are power mad and have zero accountability or oversight.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: MDConservative 6/30/2022 9:55:07 AM (No. 1201686)
One of the problems PDT faced throughout his administration was an inability to find talent for major positions...Mad Dog, T-Rex and a host of others. What makes anyone think this Schedule F would improve the responsiveness of the bureaucracy? Just the threat of being fired? To be replaced by whom? The Trump Adminstration had no bench, from the very beginning. And then imagine what the Biden Administration could have done with this authority. Firing everyone is not a solution for the problem.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: uforabin 6/30/2022 10:05:17 AM (No. 1201699)
West Virginia vs the EPA is a case that was heard in the Supreme Court in February. The court will address whether the EPA can unilaterally issue rules to decarbonize certain sectors of the economy and reshape the country’s electricity grids or whether these rules are actually laws that should pass through legislation. A final decision is expected soon. With the rulings on the 2nd amendment, Roe, and WVA, we may have hit the trifecta. Thank you, Donald.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Gordon Mills 6/30/2022 10:17:55 AM (No. 1201724)
'If' the Republicans take control of both chambers don't expect them to do anything to reign in federal power over the lives of the citizens. 'Republican' Fred Upton ( and GWB ) is responsible for the 25 varieties of light bulbs you must decipher to purchase a device to allow you to read or see in your residence. Their most urgent task on day one is to begin feeding at the trough. Remember 'Repeal and Replace'?
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Geoman 6/30/2022 11:35:18 AM (No. 1201846)
The notion that Trump was prevented from firing Fauci or any other member of the Executive Branch by some extra-constitutional prohibition is blatantly false. He was never prevented from firing any person in his administration but he chose to keep in place some very bad actors, like Fauci, and actually added more bad actors starting with the poor personnel advice he received from within his own transition team at the start of his presidency. I left the federal Senior Executive Service in late 2008, before Obama was sworn in and began cleaning house to purge any sign of conservative leadership within his new administration. It’s not so much being able to fire as it is knowing whom to fire and following through.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: DVC 6/30/2022 2:44:19 PM (No. 1202070)
All good points, but the recent WVa v. EPA ruling will be pulling the rug out from under a LOT of these bureaucracies. It will take many more individual cases against BATF, HHS, FDA and a couple of dozen other alphabet bureaucracies, and even more specific cases against the EPA to unravel this python of bureaucracy from around our collective necks, but this is the fulcrum upon which all those others will be leveraged. Starting to reverse this. NOW.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: RWPollock 6/30/2022 4:38:48 PM (No. 1202213)
The invisible power is called Russian Socialism and Chinese Communism brought to you by 'bought politicians' and their families!
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