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Federal judges: NYC can impose vaccine
mandate on teachers

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Posted By: Beardo, 9/27/2021 11:08:39 PM

The nation’s largest school district can immediately impose a vaccine mandate on its teachers and other workers, after all, a federal appeals panel decided Monday, leading lawyers for teachers to say they’ll ask the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene. The three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan issued a brief order late in the day that lifted a block of the mandate that a single appeals judge had put in place on Friday.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: stablemoney 9/27/2021 11:43:33 PM (No. 928447)
The teachers are not going to win in the courts. They may be able to use union clout, except their unions are all communists. It looks like the teachers surrendered all our rights and liberties, now they have come for theirs.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Timber Queen 9/27/2021 11:59:39 PM (No. 928457)
I think the draconian vaccination mandates in private industry, military, health care, schools, police and civil service workers at all levels are designed to purge free-thinkers and/or patriots from the workforce. This must occur in order to bring about the next crisis; all our societal and cultural institutions imploding. They are manufacturing Part III of Atlas Shrugged. It all has to come down before they can "Build Back Better".
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Come And Take It 9/28/2021 12:17:50 AM (No. 928463)
No one pushes a vaccine this hard without there being an ulterior motive. You have to ask yourself, why?
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Reply 4 - Posted by: BGray2 9/28/2021 12:48:16 AM (No. 928478)
Maybe, but what NYC can't do is force teachers to remain teachers in NYC. The sooner people realize that there is nothing democratic about the democrats, the sooner we can kick that pack of facists to the curb and end our national nightmare.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: lazlototh 9/28/2021 1:09:30 AM (No. 928493)
Hard to care that the teachers lost, but the principle is still a huge problem. Hate to root for people I can't stand but in this case they should win and I'm pretty sure they won't.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: doctorfixit 9/28/2021 2:04:26 AM (No. 928525)
Get rid of the federal judiciary. It is forcing national suicide.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: singermom9 9/28/2021 2:08:13 AM (No. 928529)
Illegals first.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: singermom9 9/28/2021 5:40:07 AM (No. 928572)
See what you get teachers? Your union spends LOTS of dollars to support the dems and NOW they demand you take the poison too. I have zero sympathy for you. You want the children to take this poison but not you? You supported this demented fool. And you thought he would not come after you? You already gave him your money now he feels he owes you nothing. "How dumb can you be", as my father would say. You made a deal with the devil.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Heil Liberals 9/28/2021 9:19:18 AM (No. 928765)
No, they can't. The genetic therapy drugs currently available in the United States are not FDA approved. Therefore, by law and by treaty they are not eligible for any government mandate, period. Besides, where are they going to get their replacements when they fire them. Only politicians who have never created anything in their lives think that they can conjure up people to fill these positions out of thin air.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: skacmar 9/28/2021 3:38:03 PM (No. 929256)
Aren't Federal Judges federal employees? Wouldn't Federal Judges fall under Biden's Covid vaccine mandate for all federal employees? Lets see if their rulings start to change once the mandates apply to them. How many judges want to give up their cushy life long appointments?
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Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, the officer who went viral for blasting the military's leadership amid the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, has been sent to the brig, according to a report. "All our son did is ask the questions that everybody was asking themselves, but they were too scared to speak out loud," Scheller's father, Stu Scheller Sr., told Task & Purpose. "He was asking for accountability. In fact, I think he even asked for an apology that we made mistakes, but they couldn’t do that, which is mind-blowing."
Federal judges: NYC can impose vaccine
mandate on teachers
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Posted by Beardo 9/27/2021 11:08:39 PM Post Reply
The nation’s largest school district can immediately impose a vaccine mandate on its teachers and other workers, after all, a federal appeals panel decided Monday, leading lawyers for teachers to say they’ll ask the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene. The three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan issued a brief order late in the day that lifted a block of the mandate that a single appeals judge had put in place on Friday.
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A severe escalation of the war on a free internet and free discourse has taken place over the last twelve months. Numerous examples of brute and dangerous censorship have emerged: the destruction by Big Tech monopolies of Parler at the behest of Democratic politicians at the time that it was the most-downloaded app in the country; the banning of the sitting president from social media; and the increasingly explicit threats from elected officials in the majority party of legal and regulatory reprisals in the event that tech platforms do not censor more in accordance with their demands.
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The House voted 229-202 on Thursday to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress after refusing to comply with a subpoena to testify before the select committee probing the January 6 Capitol attack. Nine Republicans joined all 220 Democrats in the lower chamber to pass the measure, which was brought to the floor after the 1/6 commission and House Rules Committee voted earlier this week to bring the matter to the full body. Along with GOP panel members Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, the seven other Republicans who voted for the measure are
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Pfizer-BioNTech released data on Thursday showing a booster dose of their COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective against the virus, including the Delta variant. Initial results from a Phase III trial of more than 10,000 participants aged 16 and older showed booster efficacy of 95.6 percent. The study also found that the booster shot was found to be safe with no safety concerns or severe adverse events reported. Pfizer had said its two-shot vaccine's efficacy drops over time, citing a study that showed 84 percent effectiveness four months later after a peak of 96 percent-and said this is evidence that a booster is needed to sustain protection
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During a rambling speech in Scranton on Wednesday, Joe Biden accidentally said he was Vice President for 36 years. Not 8 years, but 36 years.“I’d ride every day, I commuted every day for 36 years as Vice President,” Biden said without noticing his error. Watch: (Tweet/Video) During the same speech, Biden also told a debunked story about an Amtrak worker, which he has repeated 4 different times during his presidency. Biden says the conversation took place “7 years into” his vice presidency, which would be 2015.The Amtrak worker retired in 1993 and passed away in 2014.Watch:
Mark Zuckerberg hasn't yet decided on
Facebook's new name despite a 'metaverse'
rebrand looming, a report says
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Posted by Dreadnought 10/21/2021 3:05:55 PM Post Reply
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg still hasn't settled on a new name for the company even though a rumored rebrand could arrive in a matter of days, tech newsletter Platformer reported. Citing two unnamed sources, journalist Casey Newton reported that the Facebook rebrand had been in the works for at least two months. A potential announcement could come as soon as Monday to coincide with Facebook's company earnings call, sources told Newton. The Verge reported Tuesday that Facebook was planning to change its name as part of its future plan to become a "metaverse" company. The main Facebook app will reportedly retain its name,
Garland Once Again Proves He Is the Sleaziest
of the Sleazy on Team Biden
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Posted by Imright 10/21/2021 4:29:23 PM Post Reply
As I begin this article, I find myself in the unique position of not only being repulsed by the Merrick Garland topic I’m about to write about but also by Biden’s Attorney General live — he is spewing his faux dramatic crap on the TV right next to me as I write. Bottom line: Merrick Garland has to look up at sleazy.Garland is testifying at a House Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday — again, as I write — dedicated to the oversight of the Justice Department at a time when the agency is in the middle of several high-profile cases and controversies, which is somewhat unique in the following respect:
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Representative Mike Johnson (R-LA) questioned U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland about his clear conflict of interest today surrounding the Attorney General’s instructions for FBI agents to investigate parents who question school board curriculum. Merrick Garland’s daughter is married to the co-founder of the Critical Race Theory educational material being purchased by the school boards. The exact CRT material being directly challenged by the parents Garland has instructed the FBI to investigate. In a clear conflict of interest Merrick Garland is using his office to protect the income and investments of his son-in-law’s business. However, when questioned about this conflict today, Merrick Garland says he will refuse to accept any
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Dems seek wake-up call as Virginia goes
to the wire
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A creeping sense of worry among Democrats about the Virginia governor's race spilled into the open on Wednesday, after the release of a new Monmouth University poll showing former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe deadlocked with Republican Glenn Youngkin less than two weeks before Election Day. And the panic may be a good thing, some of them say.The Monmouth poll was the latest in a series of data points to increase concern about McAuliffe's prospects. While other recent polls in Virginia have shown McAuliffe staked to narrow leads, President Joe Biden's national ratings have slid into majority disapproval
Report: Five Staff Advisers Abandon Kyrsten
Sinema for ‘Hanging’ Arizona ‘Constituents
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Five staff advisers have abandoned Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) for neglecting Arizona constituents over opposing President Biden’s $3.5 trillion reconciliation proposal. “You have become one of the principal obstacles to progress, answering to big donors rather than your own people,” the group of advisers publicly wrote to Sinema in the New York Times. “We shouldn’t have to buy representation from you, and your failure to stand by your people and see their urgent needs is alarming,” they added. The group is apparently angered by Sinema’s opposition to nuking the filibuster, raising taxes, and enacting massive welfare subsidies not seen since the 1960s
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