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Fulton County clerk who leaked Trump charges
says she accidentally hit 'send' instead
of 'save'

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Posted By: Skinnydip, 8/16/2023 1:00:21 PM

The Fulton County Clerk of Courts admitted to accidentally releasing the fourth indictment on former President Donald Trump. She said she pressed send instead of save on the document. "I am human," Ché Alexander told Channel 2's Tom Jones on Tuesday. She was apparently under a lot of pressure to make sure the process went smoothly and made the oncoming indictment public. Alexander told Jones that she wanted to get the indictment to the public as soon as possible. "And that's how the mishap happened," she said. "I have no dog in this fight," Alexander added.


And yet another excuse for what happened.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Troutgreen 8/16/2023 1:03:26 PM (No. 1535526)
Ok. So now....why was this form filled out before the Grand Jury voted?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Starboard_side 8/16/2023 1:03:53 PM (No. 1535527)
Democrats always have a rationalization, justification or excuse.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Hazymac 8/16/2023 1:05:40 PM (No. 1535529)
These people need to be INCARCERATED.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Northcross 8/16/2023 1:08:30 PM (No. 1535533)
That could have been an innocent mistake, but having the indictment already prepared before the grand jury even met or discussed the evidence is proof of corruption. Ham sandwiches galore.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Newtsche 8/16/2023 1:19:16 PM (No. 1535539)
Gotta believe Che, with that name you know she was raised well.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Jethro bo 8/16/2023 1:21:11 PM (No. 1535542)
Seems to e a lot of 'Oops, my mistake' with these Trump indictments. Like that Smith fella. 'Oops, sorry Judge, I accidentally used a Grand Jury over a thousand miles away from the alleged crime. '
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab 8/16/2023 1:25:11 PM (No. 1535546)
Che, Huh? Well, that explains a lot.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: snakeoil 8/16/2023 1:26:21 PM (No. 1535548)
Ché appears to not be skilled in the use of pcs. There are all those buttons. Fat Fanny Weasel needs to hire more competent lackies.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: singermom9 8/16/2023 1:37:07 PM (No. 1535558)
So when SHE does it it is an accident. When Trump makes a clerical error it is a felony. RIGHT. When does SHE get INDICTED? Repubs STOP being wusses. Do unto others as they do unto you. Start FIGHTING back.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Luandir 8/16/2023 1:41:29 PM (No. 1535563)
The credibility decreases as the square of the number of excuses.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: SALady 8/16/2023 1:44:38 PM (No. 1535567)
Yeah, I didn't intentionally run over that pregnant lady in the crosswalk. It was an accident, so you can take these handcuffs off and I'll be on my way!!! It's funny, but I always thought a crime was based on actions, not on intentions. But I forget we have a 2-tiered legal system in this country: One tier for Demon-Rats, atheists, Communists, and Lie-berals, where nothing they do is illegal, and another tier for Republicans, Christians, patriots, and conservatives, where everything they say and do is a felony and deserves the death penalty.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: cThree 8/16/2023 1:49:09 PM (No. 1535570)
Always blame someone way down the ladder.... And I don't believe it anyway. EVERYBODY KNOWS (so I thought) that when you're dealing with sensitive email you NEVER fill in a working address line until you're ready in fact to send it.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Birddog 8/16/2023 2:24:31 PM (No. 1535591)
In a grand jury filing charges 100% based upon "Intent", she demands a pass because she didn't "Intend" to do it. "These standards? They are for Thee....not We"
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Birddog 8/16/2023 2:28:15 PM (No. 1535594)
Under the charging rubric everyone she sent a copy to, that discussed what was on those pages, had any hand at all in writing those pages, even SAW those pages "shall be charged" with conspiring to create, further, and promote a false document, disrupt an official function, corrupt a public office, etc,etc...If ANT party outside of the State had a hand or took a look? Federal Crime/RICO.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Rumblehog 8/16/2023 2:28:45 PM (No. 1535595)
I want a Screenshot of the page she was at to see if it comports with her statement.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: itsonlyme 8/16/2023 2:41:09 PM (No. 1535600)
Y U duz doodat?
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Reply 17 - Posted by: MindMadeUp 8/16/2023 2:55:59 PM (No. 1535610)
Is she related to Rose Mary Woods?
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Reply 18 - Posted by: hershey 8/16/2023 3:05:26 PM (No. 1535618)
Yep, sure....I'm looking at my qwerty keyboard and those two are nowhere near each other...matter of fact on my email software I think you have to move a cursor to the right place ..I sense another dumbocrap lie here...
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Reply 19 - Posted by: cartcart 8/16/2023 3:15:24 PM (No. 1535622)
“I didn’t know the gun was loaded, it just went off right where I pointed it. Sure, I wanted Tump disqualified from public office, but I had no idea that what I did might be a problem.”
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Reply 20 - Posted by: john56 8/16/2023 3:41:59 PM (No. 1535640)
Okay, they found a flunky who would take the blame for "just following orders." I'm sure that person is going to be suspended with pay for a very, very, long time. And when they come back to work, they'll have a promotion and a big pay raise!
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Reply 21 - Posted by: WV.Hillbilly 8/16/2023 3:56:48 PM (No. 1535652)
Ché. The name says it all.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: udanja99 8/16/2023 6:39:06 PM (No. 1535755)
#19, the Alec Baldwin defense. It worked for him, a white guy, so you know it will work for Che.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: pixelero 8/16/2023 7:02:27 PM (No. 1535763)
Democrat administrative expertise in action
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Fulton County clerk who leaked Trump charges
says she accidentally hit 'send' instead
of 'save'
23 replies
Posted by Skinnydip 8/16/2023 1:00:21 PM Post Reply
The Fulton County Clerk of Courts admitted to accidentally releasing the fourth indictment on former President Donald Trump. She said she pressed send instead of save on the document. "I am human," Ché Alexander told Channel 2's Tom Jones on Tuesday. She was apparently under a lot of pressure to make sure the process went smoothly and made the oncoming indictment public. Alexander told Jones that she wanted to get the indictment to the public as soon as possible. "And that's how the mishap happened," she said. "I have no dog in this fight," Alexander added.
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During his arraignment on Thursday, Donald Trump was warned by Magistrate Judge Moxila A. Upadhyaya that he could be "held pending trial" if he violated the strict conditions of his release. The former president was allowed to return to his summer home in Bedminster, New Jersey, but only after agreeing to abide by the conditions agreed upon by prosecutors and the defense. Trump "must not violate federal or state laws; he must appear in court as required; he must sign an appearance bond; and he must not communicate about the facts of the case with anyone Trump knows to be a witness, except through counsel or in presence of counsel."
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Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson said Friday the Capitol Police chief told him the Jan. 6 riot crowd was “filled” with federal agents. Carlson obtained more than 40,000 hours of video footage from the riot after Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy handed it over in February. Carlson began airing portions of the footage while he was still anchoring at Fox News. Carlson sat down with actor Russell Brand on Friday and said he was “appalled” by the violence and vandalism seen on Jan. 6.
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The Fox News producer thought to have been responsible for running a provocative banner headline about Joe Biden during Donald Trump’s response to his criminal indictment on Tuesday has left the network, according to reports. Alexander McCaskill, former managing editor of Tucker Carlson Tonight, resigned following the banner, or chyron, that read “wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested”, according to the Daily Beast.
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The FBI again refused to comply Monday with House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer’s subpoena for a document that allegedly details a pay-to-play scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden. The bureau’s latest refusal to turn over the unclassified FD-1023 document detailing an informant’s criminal allegations against Biden, 80, came during a briefing between the Oversight Committee and FBI staff. Comer (R-Ky.) is expected to reveal the panel’s next steps in the quest for the document sometime this week.
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United States Army Sergeant Daniel Perry was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Wednesday for the fatal shooting 28-year-old Air Force veteran Garrett Foster in 2020. In 2020, according to Perry’s defense, Foster had approached Perry’s car with a rifle during Black Lives Matter protest. Perry said he then shot Foster in self-defense when the man had pointed his rifle at him. The Army Sergeant said that he was working as a ride-share driver at the time, and had just dropped off a client, unaware that protests were taking place. According to Perry’s attorneys, he kept a weapon in his vehicle for personal protection.
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Dr. Rachel Levine is assistant secretary for health in the Department of Health and Human Services. Levine was previously Pennsylvania’s secretary of health. Levine is the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the Senate. In Joe Biden’s administration of identity box checkers, Levine is at the top. Levine visited the Identity Alaska on August 6 but is just now being reported. Levine praised the clinic’s ‘tireless’ efforts to provide ‘lifesaving medical care.’ Levine praised the gender-affirming care clinic that wants to eliminate the word ‘mother’ and replace it with a phase like ‘egg producer.” It is just the latest example of transgender activists not respecting women,
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What's a political prosecution without a little humilation and torture on the side? Every left-wing dictator knows this, and so does the far-left political prosecution team in Fulton County, Georgia, where yes, they plan to shove President Trump and his 18 co-defendants into a bona fide human rights-violating dump of a prison. According to the Washington Examiner: When former President Donald Trump and his 18 co-defendants in the Georgia election case turn themselves in, they will be booked at the notorious Fulton County Jail, a consistently overcrowded, bedbug- and fire ant-ridden detention center
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On Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN This Morning,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that she thinks President Joe Biden’s poll numbers will turn around because “Americans are going to start to see” the impacts of President Joe Biden’s economic policies, although she argued there has been positive economic news due to his policies already, and stated that polling doesn’t tell the whole story. Co-host Phil Mattingly asked, “The thing that I think — and this has been an issue for you guys for the last two-plus years, connecting [legislation passed under Biden] to how the public feels or what the public knows, if you look at
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Trump Is About to Drop Something Soon
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Former President Donald Trump is dropping a new report on the reported election fraud during the 2020 election. It’ll be around 100 pages, released next Monday morning in Bedminster, New Jersey. Trump described the findings as “conclusive” and “irrefutable.” It doesn’t matter because the Left is going to go apoplectic, especially given the recent indictments against the former president (via NYT): Hours after former President Donald J. Trump was indicted in Georgia on charges accusing him of a conspiracy to subvert the 2020 election, his aides and allies awoke to a social-media post from the Republican front-runner inviting people to a news conference on Monday.
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Horrific images captured the final moments of five young friends murdered by a Mexican cartel - including one man forced to behead his childhood friend before he was himself killed. Video footage released by the cartel members Tuesday shows childhood friends Roberto Olmeda, 20; Diego Lara, 20; Uriel Galván, 19; Dante Cedillo, 22; and Jaime Martínez, 21, kneeling next to each other in order. The victims all have their faces bruised with tape over their mouths and their hands tied behind their backs. It is unclear what, if anything, they had done to get on the wrong side of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.
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Once the death toll is finally tallied and the extent of the damages is assessed, there will be investigations into the Maui wildfires. At least, there should be, due to the revelations that the bureaucrats tasked with managing disasters were absolute garbage at their jobs. The island suffered massive brushfires that killed at least 100 people last week. Over 1,000 people are still missing, and whole communities have been destroyed. The damage currently stands at $6 billion, but that’s subject to change, making this one of the deadliest wildfires in over a century.
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