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Blaming Trump for the Midterms

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Posted By: GustoGrabber, 11/19/2022 7:25:33 AM

In the days following the 2022 midterms, some self-anointed conservative thought leaders, who were never all that pro-Trump to begin with, have officially thrown the 45th President under the bus. These spineless conservatives have frolicked over to the DeSantis camp in a way that almost seems as if it was choreographed. Just like that, Trump is yesterday’s news -- he is to be discarded and forgotten about. ‘We need to move on from Trump!’ they’ll sheepishly exclaim. To that I say: pathetic… absolutely pathetic. This kind of thinking, to put it euphemistically, is unsound and illogical. While it’s hard to put a positive spin on the mediocre midterm results,

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Rich323 11/19/2022 7:34:17 AM (No. 1337431)
They dissed his MAGA candidates and McConnell, McCarthy and McDaniel gave the MAGA candidates campaign money to pet RINOs. In addition, Ronna Romney sat on her ass for two years and did nothing about voter fraud or adapting to new Democrat campaign tactics. The RNC and the three Mc’s own this.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: lakerman1 11/19/2022 7:48:14 AM (No. 1337441)
My 2nd son, age 51, is a far left liberal, but is also capable of rational analysis. He pinted out that the under 30 population voted at higher rates, and said the motivating factor was abortion. Had the Hobbs decisin not been made before the election, there would have been a red wave. I would add that the false promise by Dementia Jo on student loans, turned into some votes. And specific to Pennsylvania, the republican nominee for governor was a train wreck, and that helped Fetterman defeat Oz. In 2024, 23 dimocrats will be defending their senate seats, and jst 10 republicans will be defending. Let's see if the RNC can come up with good candidates.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: spacer 11/19/2022 7:49:28 AM (No. 1337442)
The two shock jocks that are in Rush's time slot fit the mold. These two clowns came up with a real conspiracy of how the dark dem money actually threw tons of bucks to Trump people to help them win the primaries because the dems knew they were too radical and connected to President Trump THEN lose to the dem in the election. And by Gum it worked. Yeah that's the ticket. Trumps fault.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: ARKfamily 11/19/2022 8:01:33 AM (No. 1337455)
#2, look at who made the Hobbs decision. They wouldn't even review any of the 2020 election fraud but seemed to regain a conscious and decided on Roe vs Wade. Tragically, we have a Supreme Court that is no longer a justice system and now just a political system. That decision benefitted Joe Biden, Democrats and liberals and they knew it. Somehow we will never know where the leak originated. The only thing I blame Donald Trump for is that he is too visible. He lets the enemy know what he is doing.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: chumley 11/19/2022 8:42:41 AM (No. 1337481)
I'm seeing it too. As recently as a few weeks ago I had good feelings about DeSantis and could have supported him. After seeing the dirty tricks his people are doing against Trump, those good feelings are waning fast. It appears he may be no different from any other swamp creature. It is looking like it is a mistake to support any politician.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Muguy 11/19/2022 8:45:45 AM (No. 1337486)
Benedict Turtle McConnell pulled $$$$ from those who Trump had endorsed so they lost, even though the demonrat socialist Marxists OUTSPENT them for 4 or 5 to 1. RNC Chairwoman was ineffective and its time for Miiten's niece to go! Pray that Lee Zeldin will take a shot at it-- his campaign fell a bit short of victory, but he brought many others to victory on his coat tails! The BASE no longer falls for the gaslighting that everything the Vegetable does is perfect and we rubes and "smelly Walmart people" are misguided if we don't go along...
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Reply 7 - Posted by: MDConservative 11/19/2022 8:54:30 AM (No. 1337501)
Voters don’t care much for zealotry.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Califedup 11/19/2022 9:17:56 AM (No. 1337524)
And now reports are starting to surface that McCarthy who is vying to be the next Speaker, took cash from the FTX thieves and set up a secret PAC to funnel the cash to stop any MAGA candidates from winning. We no longer have a two party system merely a system that is totally corrupt, traitorous, and dedicated to enslaving us. Do not get fooled by all these republicans in the House announcing all the investigations they will be conducting because it is all BS and they are as corrupt as the Communist Death Democrats. It is all just BS.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: bad-hair 11/19/2022 9:21:09 AM (No. 1337526)
Trump will be a guaranteed one-term 80 year old president that I voted for twice. Move-on. DeSANTIS
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Reply 10 - Posted by: felixcat 11/19/2022 9:23:38 AM (No. 1337528)
Gov DeSantis has done a great job in Florida. And I think the Trump model was his encouragement to buck the establishment with respect to covid, Disney, etc. He's only 44 so has a couple of decades ahead of him. He ran for a second term as Governor. Be nice if her serve all four years... And yes, if it wasn't for Trump's support, it would have been Gov Gillum. As for Rove and Co., they are so 2000ish. It's no longer the Bush Republican party. And so far, it certainly is not the DeSantis, Youngkin or Winsome Sears (Lt GOv - VA) Republican party. But Trump needs to come out and say that until we elect enough strong Republicans to governorships and state legislatures where they can restore normal voting laws, we have to vote by the same laws that the Dems do. Early voting, mail in ballots, etc. We cannot fight the Left with both hands tied behind our backs.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: spacer 11/19/2022 9:25:11 AM (No. 1337530)
To paraphrase a great American ....zealotry in the defense of liberty is no vice.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 11/19/2022 9:27:42 AM (No. 1337532)
I am not leaving Trump, and I AM leaving anyone who leaves Trump. "If we do not hang together then we shall surely hang separately." 'Nuf said?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: paral04 11/19/2022 9:51:58 AM (No. 1337556)
The losses had nothing to do with Donald Trump. McConnell deliberately sabotaged the midterms as he didn't want to lose power in the Senate. He also tried to ensure that the House Republicans were RINO's. This and the rampant cheating in Democrat districts did not help the Red Wave either.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: judy 11/19/2022 9:59:03 AM (No. 1337568)
Fox started the's Trump fault...with Ryan, Cavuto, Varney...Cavuto's daily guest was a Trump hater. I never trusted Fox after their super early call on 2020 election results. I also noticed DeSantis, Youngkin & Pence campaigned together & purposely left Trump out...none of their candidates won! Mitch blaming Trump is a joke ...he never campaigned , he pulled $$$ from senate races, trashed the candidates & placed $$ where it was not Alaska. This race proved Mitch is a corrupt politician & his fake republican followers are more fake. Mitch thinks people like Haley, Hutchison, Pence can win!
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Reply 15 - Posted by: DVC 11/19/2022 10:00:10 AM (No. 1337574)
I blame Ronna Romney and McConnell.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: PCMM 11/19/2022 10:04:59 AM (No. 1337585)
Again, everyone stuck in the narrative. Vote FRAUD is the REAL REASON for the election results and any fool who gets sidetracked by the political bickering is nothing more than a dog chasing its tail.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: ToryWhite 11/19/2022 10:15:27 AM (No. 1337605)
Oh well, nothing new really Rove, a Bush boy, hates Trump. Along with his buddy-in-arms Peggy Noonan, his columns are pathetically transparent, clunkily written, and smug. They both want, along with the rest of the swamp media, for Trump to die or go away, probably in that order. Fact is, 2022 changes nothing about Trump and 2024. His base is going nowhere, and hasn't since the mid-terms. Two more years of the Dems, and his base will only grow, a lot. DeSantis is currently lucky and out of his league, if he tries to grab the golden ring. I for one am sick and tired of this recent B.S., so familiar and so weak.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: moebellini3 11/19/2022 10:59:32 AM (No. 1337663)
Every analysis given never takes into account that democrats just keep finding and counting ballots until they win. It's why Florida had the red wave. Their elections are under control and their mail in ballots are regulated. Nobody is dropping off thousands of fraudulent ballots in the middle of the night. In Florida, by midnight, election they know who the winners were. Some states are still counting. A freakin disgrace.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Californian 11/19/2022 11:09:59 AM (No. 1337674)
The only analysis necessary: it was vote fraud. Again. Any article or opinion piece that doesn't put vote fraud right at the top as the core or only reason for a red puddle is garbage. Florida tossed out all the vote fraud options. Result? Florida is now 100% red. Other states enhanced vote fraud such as California, New York, Arizona. Result? Red wave turned to red puddle. Does anyone seriously think with cpi at 8% and real inflation much higher that people voted for more of that because they don't like Trump's tweets? Wildly ridiculous and instantly dismissible.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: RockiesFan 11/19/2022 1:58:37 PM (No. 1337804)
Trump had three tremendous years as president. He broke the old Bush GOP and helped make the party more blue collar friendly. He blew COVID and bought us Fauci (why he doesn’t get more blowback from that is a mystery) and he extended the lockdowns. MAGA needs to come to terms with the fact that just as Hillary brings out red voters, Trump will never win back the independents and moderates. They hate him. He’s his own worst enemy and he is a bad judge of character. I suspect he elevates people who flatter him not if they are competent.
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Is Peggy Noonan back in the driver’s seat? The title and argument of her Wall Street Journal column Thursday made me wonder. “Maybe Republicans Will Finally Learn,” she intoned, explaining in a subhead, “If they aren’t serious about policy, they’ll nominate Trump in 2024 and lose a fourth straight election.” By “Peggy Noonan,” I do not just mean that particular columnist. I mean the generators of The Narrative tout court. As a paid-up member of the establishment, Noonan has long been a Trump opponent. If you have your finger in the air, you know that that’s the way the wind is blowing. It happened in a nonce.
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A top House Republican suggested House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) might not be automatically be voted in as House speaker if Republicans recapture the House of Representatives. Rep. Andy Biggs ( R-Ariz.), the highly influential member of the House Freedom Caucus, argued that the GOP conference in the House needs to have a “serious discussion” about their leadership after Republicans gained fewer seats than they expected. “I would say maybe not so fast” about McCarthy’s speaker bid, Biggs told the streaming program “The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson,”
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Now that the initial shock of the red wave that wasn’t has worn off and the anger over dramatic Republican underperformance in what should have been a massive year has somewhat subsided, it may be possible to rationally analyze why the Wisconsin GOP failed to capture the governor’s mansion. By winning a second term, Democrat Governor Tony Evers became the first man to win a gubernatorial election when his party controlled the White House in more than 30 years.Making his victory even more improbable was the fact that Republican Senator Ron Johnson won reelection on the same night.
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) telling people to “stop” taking ivermectin for COVID-19 was informal and just a recommendation, government lawyers argued during a recent hearing. “The cited statements were not directives. They were not mandatory. They were recommendations. They said what parties should do. They said, for example, why you should not take ivermectin to treat COVID-19. They did not say you may not do it, you must not do it. They did not say it’s prohibited or it’s unlawful. They also did not say that doctors may not prescribe ivermectin,” Isaac Belfer, one of the lawyers, told the court during the Nov. 1 hearing in federal court
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Breaking: Ariz. AG Takes Action - Ballots
Reported in Black Duffle Bags - Officials
Broke Election Laws - State Demands Names
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Posted by FlyRight 11/20/2022 5:41:40 AM Post Reply
Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright — with the Elections Integrity Unit — wrote a letter to the Maricopa County officials Saturday demanding an accounting for the widespread ballot tabulation and ballot printer problems seen during the general election on Nov. 8. Among the most troubling issues raised in the letter directed to Thomas Liddy with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office was the apparent co-mingling of ballots in black duffle bags in at least one polling location, which were successfully run through the on-site tabulators with those put in “Door 3” to be sent to the Election Department’s downtown Phoenix tabulation center because they could not be read.
Biden’s bribe: Americans who receive
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In what looks like an act of sheer desperation, President Biden is offering Americans a $20 discount on groceries at CVS, Safeway, Winn-Dixie, or Rite Aid this winter if they will go out and get an Omicron-specific COVID booster. (Video) Biden received an updated booster shot for COVID three weeks ago and sent out a message beseeching Americans to do the same, according to the Daily Mail. Most of the country proceeded to ignore the warning, having moved past the pandemic and on to other more pressing emergencies such as roaring inflation.
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A 22-year-old man was taken into police custody early Sunday morning after two heroic clubgoers tackled him to the ground to stop him from firing more rounds at a gay nightclub. Five people died in the shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs Saturday night, and 18 others were injured. Authorities say Anderson Lee Aldrich entered the gay club just before midnight and fired an unknown number of bullets from his AR-15-style long rifle before he was stopped by at least two 'heroic' patrons. Early reports suggest the gunman was wearing bulletproof armor at the time.
McCarthy vows to remove Swalwell, Schiff,
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Posted by Moritz55 11/20/2022 12:40:13 PM Post Reply
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., on Sunday vowed to remove Democratic Reps. Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff and Ilhan Omar from their congressional committees when Republicans retake control in the new Congress. During an appearance on Fox News’ "Sunday Morning Futures," McCarthy told anchor Maria Bartiromo that he will keep the promise he made in January to remove Swalwell and Schiff from the House Intelligence Committee and Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. McCarthy said Swalwell's association with a Chinese spy, Schiff’s promotion of the Steele dossier and Omar’s criticism of Israel disqualify them from serving on their respective panels.
Breaking: A Shooting At An LGBTQ Club
In Colorado Springs Killed Five People
And Injured 18 Others Overnight - But
Here's Something That The MSM Is Trying
To Hide From You (Videos)
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 11/20/2022 7:49:33 AM Post Reply
In a shocking incident that took place in Colorado, 23 people were shot and 5 killed in a mass shooting at Colorado Springs gay club. According to reports, the incident took place after a gunman opened fire inside the gay nightclub on Saturday night. The suspect has been taken into custody and is being treated for injuries after the attack. The incident happened at Club Q, a famous gay nightclub in Colorado Springs.
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Off Their Heat as Prices Skyrocket, ‘Like
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Joe Biden’s America. People in the Northeast are turning off their heat because they cannot afford the skyrocketing energy prices. One resident is trying to stretch her oil ration by keeping the heat down in her home. “It’s miserable,” the woman told CNN. “It’s like living in an igloo.”Other residents in the Northeast say they have to choose between food and heating their homes. One elder, retired Philly resident said he will keep his house at 50 to 55 and won’t turn the heat on until his “teeth chatter” in an effort to ration his oil because filling his tank costs $1,500.
Kevin McCarthy says he will remove Rep.
Ilhan Omar from committee over ‘anti-Semitic’ remarks
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 11/20/2022 6:12:30 AM Post Reply
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said when he becomes Speaker of the House again he’ll boot “Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar from her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee over “anti-Semitic” remarks. “We watch anti-Semitism grow, not just on our campuses, but we watched it grow In the halls of Congress,” McCarthy said at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s 2022 leadership meeting in Las Vegas on Saturday, Fox News reported.
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