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As right-wing rhetoric escalates, so do
threats and violence

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Posted By: JackBurton, 8/16/2022 8:54:15 AM

The armed attack this past week on an FBI office in Ohio by a supporter of former President Donald Trump’s who was enraged by the bureau’s search of Trump’s private residence in Florida was one of the most disturbing episodes of right-wing political violence in recent months. But it was hardly the only one. In the year and a half since a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol, threats of political violence and actual attacks ..... CORRECTION*


This is the kind of drivel the left is consuming these days. Just saw a bit of TV coverage; they're quaking in their boots. Reminds me of the joke that (a certain group) is upset about the reaction to tomorrow's attack.

*Source corrected to site style.  Must include location if not obvious.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 8/16/2022 8:57:13 AM (No. 1249654)
Total BS from the Enemedia. When it is time, they'll know for sure. It's not time, yet.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Shells 8/16/2022 9:10:54 AM (No. 1249671)
How DARE you fight back while we’re destroying you!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: GoodDeal 8/16/2022 9:18:54 AM (No. 1249680)
The left is doing everything they can to provoke violence. Any violence that happens will be false flag and manufactured for publicity. Wait until they arrest Trump then the real thing happens.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: PChristopher 8/16/2022 9:26:16 AM (No. 1249690)
Nothing but a left-handed New York Times hit piece.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: chance_232 8/16/2022 9:29:23 AM (No. 1249696)
Right-wing rhetoric and an increase in threats are an entirely predictable reaction to increasing provocation. This isn't happening in a vaccume, its being provoked. You can't insult, silence, harass, punish and provoke half the population without eventual blowback. Especially when you destroy their belief in equality of justice, equality of treatment and in free and fair elections. When you destroy a peoples belief in or actually destroy their ability to get change thru the ballot box or thru the courts, what do you think their reaction will be? The last 6 years of liberals assaulting conservatives was brought about by said liberals inventing a story, whole cloth, that Trump stole the 2016 election, preceded by the false story that the SC selected Bush. Couple this with no one being punished for Occupy Wall Street and BLM riots. Current nationwide looting, rampant illegal immigration and letting men into little girls bathrooms, and one can guess where all of this is heading. Worse, one political party insists on feeding the fires.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Marzipan4 8/16/2022 9:29:26 AM (No. 1249697)
Ohhh puhleeeze stop. If the “Trump loving” cult members on January 6 behaved like Antifa in Portland the whole building would have been flattened and many LE blinded by laser lights and bludgeoned with frozen water bottle and multiple persons shot dead. Someone should hold the media accountable for spreading this drivel to sell their rags and incite violence. Grrrrrrrrrr.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: TLCary 8/16/2022 9:31:05 AM (No. 1249701)
No actual violence to report, just unsubstantiated 'threats'. Meanwhile, they are too busy reporting on this to tally up the actual violence done in the name of their Leftist agenda. So remember kids, never complain - no matter how partisan, oppressive, or abusive of their power the FBI and DOJ act. Because that could lead to other people saying mean things. And, we can't have that. In fact, we might need to bring in the FBI to shut you up.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 8/16/2022 9:51:52 AM (No. 1249722)
Washington and the left are counting on violence. They need it so they can crack down. In the long term it will be the only way they can hold onto power as they continue to lose support. People don't like tyrants, crooks, and incompetents telling them what to do. People don't like it when they see the government wrecking their lives and their country. The irony here is it doesn't really matter what the government does. The mess they have created will pull them down and choke the life out of them. There won't be any money to steal. They will be 'kings' and 'queens' over a wasteland. People won't do anything that may support the government in any way. Especially a productive lifestyle. Why produce when everything you create gets stolen? Our government officials will be objects of mockery and derision on a worldwide scale. Point and laugh, people!
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rama41 8/16/2022 9:52:24 AM (No. 1249725)
Apparently, Ron DeSantis is the only one with the agility to deal with the press and confront this garbage head on. Sadly, Trump can't and no one else will.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: bpl40 8/16/2022 10:08:31 AM (No. 1249741)
Such nonsensical articles and the drivel they put out are far more disturbing
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Reply 11 - Posted by: MDConservative 8/16/2022 10:16:30 AM (No. 1249755)
Political violence is nothing new. It's been around since forever. The Bible is full of political mayhem and bloody conflict. It serves a purpose. The United States is no exception. At the core of current American political turmoil is a break between government and the governed. Our authorities are tearing up our social contract embodied in our Constitution with no serious repercussions from any elected officials. That violative behavior has now been openly directed at the one politician who attempted to break the power monopoly invites violence. Meanwhile, regular America has no leadership to coordinate opposition. Regular Americans continue to believe in that "two-party system" and "It can't happen here." Rampant government lawlessness and apparent illegitimacy notwithstanding. Until a substantial portion of the American public decides to actually do something besides whine about the '20 election theft and the '22 "rigged elections", our political diminishment will continue to spiral. Rather than keeping our powder dry, there must either be a "velvet" response building civic awareness and support, or continue to be buffaloed to accept the inevitable future of liberty lost. Violence is not the solution, but peaceful public demonstrations of opposition are long overdue.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: columba 8/16/2022 10:24:37 AM (No. 1249761)
I am a deplorable. It seems most of what I do is "violence." EXAMPLE: Last night I prayed a Rosary. today I learned that such prayer is a weapon. Next I expect the FBI to knock on the door if I brush my teeth.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Kate318 8/16/2022 10:39:00 AM (No. 1249773)
These false flags are getting sillier and sillier. Anyone who actually believes that an armed “enraged” Trump supporter attempted to attack an FBI office after the MAL raid, please contact me. I have beachfront property in Antarctica for sale.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: BarryNo 8/16/2022 10:43:02 AM (No. 1249778)
Really? A 'supporter of Donald Trump's'? I call BS. More likely a false flag, or at beast a disturbed man who by chance is more fond of Trump than Biden. An AR15 and a Nail Gun? Really? And he shoots the nail gun and runs away? Look, folks. These people are morons, but they don't fear us, because we are not good neighbors, anymore. In Colonial times, Everyone knew everyone. They talked across fences, looked after each others kids, retrieves escaped farm animals and repaired each others homes. They knew when their neighbor don't the street was sick or injured and went to help. They met up in church, sang in the choirs, and if there was discord between members, other members would step in separate them and begin to counsel and help them. In the last forty years, the Left has destroyed that, but that doesn't mean we can't get it back. The Left counts on us being little islands who won't help one another when trouble comes to their door. Those 87,000 new IRS agents? They will be trained to think of themselves as 'US' and everyone else is 'Them' and in any conflict they will treat one another as a neighbor. It's basic military training, these days. And they WILL win, if we don't wise up. They will pick us off one at a time. If we aren't organized and alert. Reform communities. Be aware of who your neighbors are. Be aware of what their jobs are. We are in the Soviet Union, now. When I visited Romania, before the fall of Communism, it was really weird. People, when they spoke, did so quietly, from inches away while looking over the shoulders of their companion to watch for spies and betrayers. They formed family and neighborhood groups and even then, were sometimes taken by the secret police under spurious charges. The government has never been our friend, and now they are becoming threatening. Form militias. Don't call them militias - call them social clubs. but get together with people you trust and form bonds. be prepared to defend one another with your very lives. Form networks of friends form them like chain letters. Your freedom will depend on how strong you form those bonds. Franklin commented near the country's founding, "We must all hang together, or we shall surely 'hang' separately." A cohesive team will beat a team of individuals every time. Stay strong. Reach out, intelligently. Beware of strangers, but lean who they are observe them, and make them friends. Hell is coming.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: MickTurn 8/16/2022 11:19:45 AM (No. 1249813)
Mess with America, you get what you get. We have the RIGHT to protect our Country no matter what the Communist in our government say!
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Reply 16 - Posted by: cold porridge 8/16/2022 11:34:45 AM (No. 1249844)
I am totally ashamed of my once hometown paper (Spokesman-Review) of copying this NY Times BS article into their paper. Sadly, the liberalism of the west side of the state has creeped into pollute Spokane, causing rising crime and homelessness and libtards just like Seattle has. Disgusting.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 8/16/2022 11:56:10 AM (No. 1249866)
And do the media ever use the term "left-wing rhetoric"? Of course not.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: BarryNo 8/16/2022 11:56:28 AM (No. 1249867)
Right wing rhetoric is escalating because Left wing fraud, abuse and treason are becoming more obvious. The second Amendment is there for a reason. The Left is providing the excuse.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: DogFacedPonySoldier 8/16/2022 12:04:32 PM (No. 1249877)
I'd say breaking down the doors at Mar e lago is pretty violent.. And totally uncalled for in a civil society. The FBI has declared war on Constitutional rights. And Merrick Garland.. a nominee for the Supreme Court.. approved the attack. Democrats are pure evil !
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Geoman 8/16/2022 12:15:49 PM (No. 1249895)
Re: #14 - I applaud the effort to outline concrete steps that can be taken to slow or halt the downward spiral of traditional American values and freedoms. You've articulated practical actions besides praising Trump for fighting in our stead, bemoaning the cowardice of RINOs, or issuing vague threats of future magically organized kinetic action by normal citizens, sentiments that are most popular on this site by a wide margin. I'm sorry that your effort isn't catching fire and being further expounded upon as easily as should. Keep pushing, as you're on to something.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: udanja99 8/16/2022 12:43:47 PM (No. 1249919)
And right across the state, when left wing thugs were setting fire to federal court houses, Alan and his pals cheered them on.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Right Time 8/16/2022 1:21:49 PM (No. 1249955)
Wah, Wah, Wah! So a nutcase attacked an FBI office in Ohio. So what? How many innocent people did BLM/Antifa/the Left attack in 2020? And how many were killed? SHADDUP, Leftist
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Reply 23 - Posted by: bad-hair 8/16/2022 1:23:22 PM (No. 1249957)
Have we burned down any black neighborhoods yet ?? Any rich white ones ??? Try again next week.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: judy 8/16/2022 1:33:08 PM (No. 1249965)
The left wants to silences you! No prosecutions for a year of burning & looting… 900 arrested for J6…54 million $$$$ Mueller mess, 2 impeachments, Russia Russia Russia for 2 years, now Mar-la gate…nothing new.. Whitewater, Benghazi, Fast & Furious….one sided JD
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Reply 25 - Posted by: bigfatslob 8/16/2022 1:49:36 PM (No. 1249979)
All enemies foreign and domestic this means the left democrats accusing patriots of the lawlessness they perpetrate.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: skacmar 8/16/2022 3:39:34 PM (No. 1250064)
Give me a break. Select one off Right Wing acts of violence are amplified and shouted far and wide across the nation by the media and liberals while the wholesale rioting and destruction of cities, deaths, violence, and threats of more of the same were carried out by left wing activists across the nation for years, specifically the summer of 2020, and the media never made a negative comment. They were "mostly peaceful protesters" as entire city blocks were burned to the ground and block after block of stores were looted in the name of "justice". They never said justice for what. The media and Democrats have a warped view of the world that makes anything they do not bad, but if someone else does the exact same thing as them, they are satan reincarnated.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Heraclitus 8/16/2022 4:28:53 PM (No. 1250120)
I bet they're just as concerned about violence from the Left!!!!!!!!!!! After all, a Leftist Dem acolyte traveled clear across the US to torture and kill Justice Kavanaugh (and his family it is believed), and the Bernie supporter who could have slaughtered the Republican baseball team if Scalise hadn't had security due to his Leadership status. And while we're thinking about these two ugly examples, just where ARE Antifa and BLM? On vacation? Waiting for the call? Sharpening up their skills for the next riots and rampages? Still selling off all the loot and booty from the years of pillaging?
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Reply 28 - Posted by: bighambone 8/16/2022 6:11:11 PM (No. 1250214)
There are over 325 million humans now in the USA and one nut job goes on a suicide by cop mission and the fake media is blaming Trump and his 75 million supporters by calling them prone to political violence. Please!
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Defeated Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney confirmed Wednesday that she is “thinking about” running for the White House to keep her nemesis, former President Donald Trump, “out of the Oval Office.” “It is something that I am thinking about and I’ll make a decision in the coming months,” the 56-year-old daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney told NBC News’ “Today” show. “I will be doing whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.” Cheney insisted the Republican party “has really become a cult of personality” under Trump — who “continues to pose a very grave threat and risk to our republic.” “I think it’s certainly the most important
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As U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney fights for her congressional career in Wyoming on Tuesday, Texas donors including George W. Bush and Karl Rove are trying to come to her aid. The two-term congresswoman and one of former President Donald Trump’s biggest critics within the GOP has raised nearly $1 million from Texas donors—far more than she’s raised from Wyoming residents or from any other state except California, where she has raised $1.4 million.(Snip)The list of donors also includes oil and gas industry executives such as S. Javaid Anwar, president of Midland Energy, and Ray Hunt, executive chairman of Hunt Consolidated in Dallas.
Ex-VP Pence shuns far-right calls to defund
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Former Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday came out against calls within the GOP to defund the FBI following the raid of former President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago. Mr. Pence also left the door open to testifying before the House Jan. 6 committee, saying he “would have to reflect on that.”(Snip)Mr. Pence made it clear where he stood in the debate. “Calls to defund the FBI are just as wrong as calls to defund the police,” Mr. Pence said in response to a question at a “Politics and Eggs” breakfast at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at St. Anselm College, according to CBS.
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A letter circulating on social media shows members of the Fargo, North Dakota, public school system recruiting Florida teachers who object to a recently-passed parental rights bill in the state. "You don’t know us, so we’ll start with this important statement: we are way OK with saying gay or straight, or LGBT," the letter addressed to "Florida educators" from the Fargo School District and posted by North Dakota Republican State House Candidate Ethan Harsell begins. The letter states that its purpose is "twofold": it is intended to "demonstrate support" for Florida’s LGBTQ community and to "share an opportunity to be embraced, welcomed, and celebrated here in Fargo."
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First lady Jill Biden tested positive for COVID-19 after President Joe Biden's long battle with the virus. "After testing negative for COVID-19 on Monday during her regular testing cadence, the First Lady began to develop cold-like symptoms late in the evening," Elizabeth Alexander, the first lady’s communications director, wrote in a Tuesday statement. Alexander added: "She tested negative again on a rapid antigen test, but a PCR test came back positive." "After testing negative for COVID-19 on Monday during her regular testing cadence, the First Lady began to develop cold-like symptoms late in the evening," Elizabeth Alexander, the first lady’s communications directo
From Rio Grande to The Row Hotel! Migrants
bussed in from Texas will be housed in
$400-a-night luxury NYC hotel within a
MONTH - as Eric Adams struggles with influx
of 600 families
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Posted by Imright 8/16/2022 12:55:05 AM Post Reply
A luxury hotel in the center of Manhattan is set to become a hub for housing asylum-seeking migrants who have been bussed in from Texas. The Row, which is based near tourist-packed Times Square, will become a shelter for as many as 600 migrant families in news that first reported by the New York Post. Sources claim that they are going to place families and single people who have traveled from Texas after Gov George Abbott unveiled his plan to start transporting people from his southern state. The plush hotel is understood to be working with Mayor Adams to convert part of the hotel, where rooms can cost more than $400-a-night,
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