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The 1/6 Select Committee Witch Hunt replies
Posted by JackBurton 1/23/2022 6:55:35 AM Post Reply
For quite some time, Congress has ceded its constitutional power to legislate to the unelected administrative state -- at least when Democrats are both the congressional majority and hold the White House. Now, having ignored its true function, it seeks to expand its mandate to judicial powers. The Select Committee set up by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to investigate the January 6 riot has obviously determined that its mandate does not require a legislative purpose: It will act as a judicial branch, ...
Posted by JackBurton 1/20/2022 10:32:12 AM Post Reply
Jessica Rose didn’t ask for any of this. She started to analyze data on adverse reactions after COVID-19 vaccines simply as an exercise to master a new piece of software. But she couldn’t ignore what she saw and decided to publish the results of her analysis. The next thing she knew, she was in a “bizzarro world,” she told The Epoch Times.A paper she co-authored based on her analysis was withdrawn by the academic journal Elsevier under circumstances..
The Dangerous Push to Give Boosters to Teens replies
Posted by JackBurton 12/22/2021 1:53:16 PM Post Reply
The U.S. government is pushing Covid-19 vaccine boosters for 16- and 17-year-olds without supporting clinical data. A large Israeli population study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine earlier this month, found that the risk of Covid death in people under 30 with two vaccine shots was zero. Booster mandates for healthy young people, which some colleges are imposing, will cause medical harm for the sake of transient reductions in mild and asymptomatic infections.
US producer prices jump an unprecedented
8.3% in August
Posted by JackBurton 9/10/2021 3:03:32 PM Post Reply
WASHINGTON -- Inflation at the wholesale level climbed 8.3% last month from August 2020, the biggest annual gain since the Labor Department started calculating the 12-month number in 2010. The Labor Department reported Friday that its producer price index — which measures inflationary pressures before they reach consumers — rose 0.7% last month from July after increasing 1% in both June and July.
Trump Blasts Cuba's Communist
Government: I Back the People 100 Percent
in Their Fight for Freedom
Posted by JackBurton 7/13/2021 10:24:50 AM Post Reply
Former President Donald Trump is standing behind Cuban protestors in their quest for freedom from Castro's communist regime. "Big demonstrations are breaking out in Cuba and Miami in protest of the Communist Cuban Government (although, today there are zero protesters in Cuba—you know what that means!). Don’t forget that Biden and the Democrats campaigned on reversing my very tough stance on ....
Ilhan Omar Blames GOP for 'False
Narratives' Surrounding Critical Race
Theory, Denies its Existence in Schools
Posted by JackBurton 6/20/2021 1:26:00 PM Post Reply
As Republicans across the country look to ban critical race theory, a controversial doctrine that highlights systemic racism as defining framework of U.S. history, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) rejected the idea that it is even being taught to public school students.Omar’s comments on Saturday follows Wisconsin Rep. Glenn Grothman (R) introducing legislation that would prevent public schools in Washington, D.C.
Johns Hopkins Doctor Dismisses
Walensky Fear-Mongering: 'Most Of The
Country Is At Herd Immunity'
Posted by JackBurton 5/7/2021 8:49:52 AM Post Reply
Dr. Marty Makary, a surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital, disputed CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky's contention that COVID-19 variants could set back the march to herd immunity from COVID-19 during a Thursday afternoon appearance on Fox News' "The Story."Walensky on Wednesday called the various COVID-19 scariants, er, variants a "wild card" that could "reverse" the progress made so far.
Student responsible for racist graffiti
that was found in Albion College
dorm, officials say
Posted by JackBurton 4/9/2021 8:12:23 AM Post Reply
ALBION, MI — Albion College and the Albion Department of Public Safety say a student is responsible for racist graffiti found in a dorm last weekend. Albion police brought the 21-year-old Black male in for questioning on April 6, according to Chief Scott Kipp. The student admitted to creating most of the graffiti, and video evidence from Albion’s Campus Safety Department confirms the statements made
How safe are the COVID vaccines? (updated) replies
Posted by JackBurton 3/12/2021 4:10:58 PM Post Reply
I'll bet you haven't heard this: more congenital anomalies/birth defects and emergency room visits were reported after getting a COVID vaccine in the U.S. than after any of the other 93 vaccine types in the CDC's VAERS database. And more deaths than 92 other vaccine types. Here is how COVID vaccines rank among 94 vaccine types in terms of reported post-vaccine adverse effects.
Violence at Trump MAGA march: At
least four protesters are stabbed during
battles between BLM activists and
the defeated President's supporters
in Washington DC
Posted by JackBurton 12/13/2020 10:57:04 AM Post Reply
At least four protesters have been stabbed after violence erupted between the Proud Boys and Black Lives Matter counter-protesters following the second Million MAGA March in Washington D.C. on Saturday. The 15,000-strong crowd chanted ‘destroy the GOP’ as they listened to speakers such as conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and Rudy Giuliani’s star fraud witness Melissa Carona, who claimed Trump is the ‘best president we’ve ever had’.
The Democrats Are in Bed with
China, Literally
Posted by JackBurton 12/10/2020 8:04:06 AM Post Reply
The most shocking thing about the recent news story that flatulent Russiagate hoaxer and American-nuking enthusiast Rep. Eric Swalwell was caught intertwined with a Chinese honey pot is...well, actually nothing about it is shocking. This is totally on-brand for the Dems and especially this particular clown. It’s not clear how far he got with this Democrat-diddling doxie, but the best case for Swalwell is that he was a fool who ...c
Thousands of Baby Chicks Have
Been Dying in the U.S. Mail
Posted by JackBurton 8/21/2020 12:49:13 PM Post Reply
Thousands of baby chicks shipped to New England farmers have arrived dead since the U.S. Postal Service cut operations in recent months, adding to concerns about mail-delivery disruptions under investigation in Congress. Haden Gooch, 29, who raises broiler chickens on a farm in Monmouth, Maine, said he’s received 500 dead chicks over his last two shipments, ...