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Hopelessness is all the Democrats have left

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Posted By: DW626, 7/12/2022 7:31:20 AM

It looks like President Gremlin may be done. The Dems are starting to turn on him. Both the New York Times and The Atlantic have run stories that Democrat party leaders are questioning old Joe’s ability to do the job. Duh! In fact, according to the Daily Mail, one anonymous Democrat lawmaker called the Biden administration, “rudderless, aimless, and hopeless.” And that was from somebody on his own team – ouch. But I have to disagree with whoever coined that term. They’re more wrong than right. There has been nothing aimless or rudderless about anything Biden has done.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: FJB 2022 23 24 7/12/2022 7:55:02 AM (No. 1213672)
He is an iept fool, always has been, always will be. He has a vision that is unrealistic to start with, and the measures he has taken from day one to accomplish his foolish, rediculous ideas has been a scourge on this country, he has tried to destroy our greatness, but the day is coming that we will overcome this piece of crap called president and his party of American hating Dems. MAGA and FJB
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Reply 2 - Posted by: FleetUSA 7/12/2022 8:10:01 AM (No. 1213681)
He has always been a bully but I fear he has more dirty tricks in his bag before November.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Bur Oak 7/12/2022 8:18:52 AM (No. 1213691)
I agree that what is being done to the country is being done on purpose. Biden isn't in control. He's a puppet being controlled by others and will remain on the job until his masters decide his usefulness is over. The country is being run by unidentified unelected wicked people.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 7/12/2022 8:37:16 AM (No. 1213711)
Oh, come on, dims and msm. You need to prop up biden the cheater at least for another three and a half months to ensure the pubbie landslide in November and the end of the dims' party.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Kate318 7/12/2022 8:40:52 AM (No. 1213717)
It was never about Joe being able to do the job. It was always about an avatar holding Obama’s place. But now, the avatar has declined to the point of deep state discovery. And that, the left simply cannot have. At least, not until they’re ready.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: smak90 7/12/2022 8:42:04 AM (No. 1213723)
He's not done. He has a long way to go.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: red1066 7/12/2022 9:34:55 AM (No. 1213821)
Biteme has always been too mentally weak to resist those around him. He's a follower. Not a leader. Those running the show saw an opportunity to advance their socialist agenda at breakneck speed with a weak follower at the helm and went for it.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: JimBob 7/12/2022 9:56:13 AM (No. 1213859)
Now, now, let's not bee too hard on ol' Joe. After all, he HAS United the Country. Everyone, even if they will not admit it, agrees. Ol' Joe is the Worst. President. Ever.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: bpl40 7/12/2022 10:24:15 AM (No. 1213903)
Joe was never the sharpest knife in the drawer. He made up for it through dishonesty, hypocrisy and corruptness to keep his career going. Now, age, senility and dementia has made the already rotten fruit more putrid. Suited 0bama's immediate purpose. But like Heels Up Harris, the experiment is turning out to be too clever by half.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: MDConservative 7/12/2022 10:34:43 AM (No. 1213923)
Short of dying, Biden will complete his term. He is the placekeeper keeping the most radical elements from the White House. The Dem alternatives in '20 were Warren and Bernie, both good UNIPARTY soldiers but deep into radicalism, or Buttigieg, another step too far for the UNIPARTY pros as an open homosexual with virtually no big-time experience. Harris was another winner-turned-loser, and she's now jammed the line of succession. If Joe goes, she goes first. Until then, hand him the papers to sign with a promise of ice cream later.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: bigfatslob 7/12/2022 10:40:01 AM (No. 1213935)
Joe Biden has always been a low IQ idiot the liberals picked him to lead after stealing the election. The liberals are now in panic mode because the demented vegetable, Biden, is leading them to communism faster than expected. I don't think while the left was riding the crest of the wave to utopia than it might crash on the beach. Joe Biden gave the liberals what they wanted at warp speed now are they regretting it when they should celebrate it every day. FJB the leader of everything commie and stupid like climate change should be their hero.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Scribelus 7/12/2022 10:47:33 AM (No. 1213943)
As yet another controversial Democrat president would put it, Biden heads an administration “… which will live in infamy”.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Ditto1958 7/12/2022 10:56:35 AM (No. 1213958)
If one person out there who voted for Biden because he was “nicer” than Trump reads this piece and thinks about what he or she has helped cause, the author has succeeded.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: DogFacedPonySoldier 7/12/2022 12:40:43 PM (No. 1214125)
The have "division" too.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: DogFacedPonySoldier 7/12/2022 12:41:45 PM (No. 1214128)
#3. They are led by Satan!
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Reply 16 - Posted by: mc squared 7/12/2022 12:43:53 PM (No. 1214133)
The Commiecrats will fail, but if they continue to control elections and the media we could be in for a long haul. They certainly don't seem to be worried about 2022 or 2024. Why not?
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Reply 17 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 7/12/2022 1:10:53 PM (No. 1214174)
Excellent article. Biden's actions are deliberate. He made promises in his campaign. He carried them out. He doesn't care about the pain and suffering he is causing. He is an authoritarian and wants us to shut up and get with the program. He has said that to the media several times. Fundamentally, Joe, like many liberals, is a stupid person. They think that government can act however it choses to and the outcomes will be as they demand. They completely ignore and deny natural laws of human nature, economics, and scientific fact that doom many of their plans to failure and ruin before they even get started. When they start to encounter turbulence, their response is to "message" the trouble away, even if the messages are blatant lies. One of BO's strengths was to lie convincingly as his programs collapsed into ruin. Biden, being fundamentally stupid, jumped into all the progressive programs without caution and without considering the combined impact of all the bad ideas he was unleashing. The result is worse that anything that has happened in over 50 years and is far to much to explain away. It has shocked the amazingly blasé American public into awareness, not only of the immediate failures but of the whole dem/progressive approach to government. Biden has uncaringly inflicted a lot of pain on Americans. We are about to return the favor to him and the dems.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: mifla 7/13/2022 7:03:08 AM (No. 1214826)
On the contrary, they have Soros backed DAs, activist judges, Hollyweird, and an adoring MSM.
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Hopelessness is all the Democrats have left 18 replies
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It looks like President Gremlin may be done. The Dems are starting to turn on him. Both the New York Times and The Atlantic have run stories that Democrat party leaders are questioning old Joe’s ability to do the job. Duh! In fact, according to the Daily Mail, one anonymous Democrat lawmaker called the Biden administration, “rudderless, aimless, and hopeless.” And that was from somebody on his own team – ouch. But I have to disagree with whoever coined that term. They’re more wrong than right. There has been nothing aimless or rudderless about anything Biden has done.
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There is an expression, “The perfect is the enemy of the good” which encapsulates the danger of overreaching. We can fiddle with things incessantly, trying to move from a good outcome to a perfect one, and in the process destroy what we are trying to fix or create. Sometimes taking a par, rather than trying for birdie and ending up in the water, is the best course of action, on the golf course, and in life.
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Many years ago, when Roger Ebert reported John Wayne’s comment about the great movie “High Noon,” I was surprised. “What a piece of you-know-what that was,” Wayne said. “Here’s a town full of people who have ridden in covered wagons all the way across the plains, fightin’ off Indians and drought and wild animals in order to settle down and make themselves a homestead. And then when three no-good bad guys walk into town and the marshal asks for a little help, everybody in town gets shy. If I’d been the marshal, I would have been so goddamned disgusted with those chicken-livered yellow sons
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Last week at American Thinker, in discussing the Dobbs case, I prophesied, “and if your media sources resemble those I’ve seen, the moral angle will be played to the hilt with stories of exceptional cases being treated as the rule.” How right I was, as the story of a 10-year-old who was raped and had to travel to Indiana from Ohio to get an abortion was highlighted in multiple media everywhere and used to discredit the Supreme Court justices who decided Dobbs and pro-life politicians.
Houston Man Charged For Making Terroristic
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A Houston man who was charged for making a terrorist threat against GOP Senator Ted Cruz in a cryptic phone call is still at large. 22-year-old Isaac A. Nformangum of Richmond, Texas called Ted Cruz’s office on June 26 and left a threatening voicemail. Nformangum was angry about Cruz’s plans to ‘repeal’ the voting rights act (more lies from the media) and said every single Republican who supported his plan deserves to be found and killed. “Every last one of your republican colleagues to have signed off on that platform is to be found, and is to be found and killed, be it by a bullet to the face
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The Democrat Party’s October Surprise
Is the Arrest of President Donald Trump (VIDEO)
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Investigative reporter Julie Kelly from American Greatness joined author Lee Smith on to discuss the ongoing persecution of the January 6 political prisoners and the Democrat Party’s ultimate plan to arrest President Donald Trump. During their one hour discussion Julie Kelly emphasized the need to expose the top Democrat Party operatives who are behind the physical and mental torture of Trump supporters who have been targeted in the January 6 witch hunt. US Attorney Matthew Graves is running the January 6 protest investigations. Graves is the man behind the inhumane treatment of Trump supporters who were arrested following the January 6 protests
President Biden and His Admiral Have Boarded
a Sinking Ship
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Posted by DW626 7/9/2022 6:54:24 AM Post Reply
Admiral (not a Navy admiral) "Rachel" Levine is a so-called transgender woman, a pediatrician, and now a U.S. asst. secretary for health. Levine has joined President Biden and many others in the LGBT campaign to promote "gender-affirming care" for youths. "There is no argument among medical professionals — pediatricians, pediatric endocrinologists, adolescent medicine physicians, adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. — about the value and the importance of gender-affirming care[.]" Levine's "no argument" assertions are hogwash for many obvious reasons. Here are three.
Two more reasons to be mad as hell at
Joe Biden
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Posted by DW626 7/8/2022 8:55:56 AM Post Reply
Recently, I detailed five reasons to impeach Joe Biden. Here are two more. 1. Biden is selling our petroleum reserves to China. Biden is selling off 180 million barrels (one third of the total) from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The stated goal: softening the pain on American citizens from higher gas prices. Releasing the oil should have reduced the price at the pump. Why isn't that happening? Because the oil being released is going to Europe, India, and China. "The Biden administration is selling off our emergency oil reserves to China," said Tucker Carlson on Fox's Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Will we ever know the identity of the
Supreme Court leaker?
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There is growing concern that we may never learn the identity of the person who for the first time in history leaked a draft of a pending decision. It’s been nine and a half weeks since the draft opinion on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health was published by Politico on May 2. Although this is the biggest breach in Supreme Court security in history, we have had no indication that the culprit has been identified. This is strange, given the very small pool – fewer than 100 clerks, justices and support staff
NEW: Derek Chauvin Sentenced to 20 Years,
5 Months For Violating George Floyd’s
Civil Rights
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Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on Thursday was sentenced to 20 years and 5 months for violating George Floyd’s civil rights. George Floyd died in spring 2020 after Chauvin knelt on his neck for 8 minutes during an arrest. According the medical examiner, Floyd had a “fatal level” of fentanyl in his system at the time of his death. Chauvin was charged with second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter Chauvin was found guilty on all counts in April 2021. Chauvin is already serving a 22.5 year sentence for the federal charges. The sentences will be served concurrently, NBC News reported.
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The US has inflicted more than $1.9tn in damage to other countries from the effects of its greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new analysis that has provided the first measurement of nations’ liability in stoking the climate crisis. The huge volume of planet-heating gases pumped out by the US, the largest historical emitter, has caused such harm to other, mostly poor, countries through heatwaves, crop failures and other consequences that the US is responsible for $1.91tn in lost global income since 1990, the study found. This puts the US ahead of China, currently the world’s leading emitter, Russian, India and Brazil as the next largest contributors to global
The video Uvalde cops didn't want you
to see: 17 officers RAN AWAY from gunman
as he sprayed 100 rounds into two classrooms
full of kids - and they spent 77 minutes
doing nothing while 19 children and two
teachers were killed
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Posted by Ribicon 7/12/2022 5:17:13 PM Post Reply
Leaked footage shows how cops in Uvalde, Texas ran away from the gunfire at Robb Elementary School as he fired more than 100 rounds at children in two classrooms. Video obtained by The Austin-American Statesman documents the police officers' failed response to the shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 24, in which 19 students and two teachers were killed.(Snip)A teacher could be heard telling 911: 'The kids are running. Oh my God.'(Snip)But Ramos calmly saunters into the building and walks through the hallways carrying his AR-15. He stops briefly to comb his hair before continuing to classrooms 111 and 112, where the massacre unfolded.
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CNN contributor and Republican consultant Scott Jennings predicts that former President Donald Trump will announce an early Presidential bid to prevent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis from running in 2024. Jennings observed that given DeSantis’ popularity, specifically with conservatives across the country, he is a Trump-like figure without the baggage. Jennings said: “I definitely think there are a lot of Republicans out there who voted for Donald Trump twice, maybe gave him money, wanted to see him succeed who know we cannot drag the country and the party through this again in 2024, that he’s the least likely Republican to have a chance to win the White House …
Do You Miss America Yet? What Life Behind
Bars In Russia Is Like For America-Hating
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The Brittney Griner story has been one which tears at us from two sides. When we hear about an American being detained in a foreign country for offenses which are considered minor here in the U.S., we often become sympathetic, depending on the infraction, of course. And when we learn that the country holding that prisoner is an archrival or enemy such as China, Iran, North Korea, or Russia, our sympathies become that much stronger. In the case of Brittney Griner, however, things aren’t that simple. Griner, who has been detained in a Russian prison since her arrest at a Moscow airport for possession of cannabis oil
Majority of Democrats and young voters
want to see the Supreme Court abolished,
poll finds
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Posted by ladydawgfan 7/13/2022 2:55:27 AM Post Reply
A majority of Democrat voters say the Supreme Court should be abolished for its racist and misogynistic practices, according to a recent poll commissioned by the Heartland Institute. In addition, 54 percent of young people aged 19 to 39 concur, regardless of their political association. The survey of 1,025 U.S. voters was divided among party lines, with 53 percent of Democrats in favor of abolishing the current Supreme Court and replacing it with a “new, democratically elected . . . court with justices chosen by the American people directly,” and 33 percent “strongly” in favor. Only 21 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of independents favored the ill-advised proposition.
Elizabeth Warren Calls to Shut Down Crisis
Pregnancy Centers 'All Around the Country'
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Posted by Dreadnought 7/13/2022 12:14:18 AM Post Reply
Pro-abortion fanatic Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has called to shut down crisis pregnancy centers “all around the country” for their work in helping women seek alternatives to abortion. Speaking with reporters, a visibly upset Warren falsely accused crisis pregnancy centers of fooling women out of getting an abortion: In Massachusetts, right now, those ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ that are there to fool people who are looking for pregnancy termination help outnumber true abortion clinics by 3-t0-1. We need to shut them down here in Massachusetts and we need to shut them down all around the country.
Democrats Prepare a Mid-Term October Surprise
to Influence the Election
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Posted by Imright 7/13/2022 2:10:50 AM Post Reply
Democrats are facing their worst political environment in over a decade heading into November’s mid-term elections. Republicans lead the generic ballot and hold a solid structural advantage in competing for the House of Representatives. And despite concerns about candidate quality, the GOP is also favored to take control of the Senate. The correlation between presidential approval and their party’s mid-term prospects also can’t be ignored. Joe Biden has hit the lowest poll numbers of his term, with a recent Times/Siena poll showing him at just 33 percent approval with only 13 percent believing the country is on the right track. In response,
Child hits and swears at cop in ‘heartbreaking’
video from Minnesota
38 replies
Posted by AltaD 7/12/2022 8:28:20 AM Post Reply
Shocking video footage has emerged of a young child repeatedly hitting a Minnesota cop who was there to arrest a murder suspect — calling the officer a “b—h” and telling his colleague to “shut the f–k up!” The clip released by Alpha News was filmed last week in St. Paul, a city that saw widespread rioting after the nearby police murder of George of Floyd and manslaughter of motorist Daunte Wright. “Shut up, b—h!” screamed the young child, who appeared to be only a few years old and wearing just underwear while standing in the street, with an even younger child in a diaper just behind him.
Woke Berkeley law professor brands Senator
Josh Hawley 'transphobic' for saying only
women can get pregnant and claims he's
encouraging violence against trans people
in fiery exchange on abortion rights
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Posted by Imright 7/12/2022 7:35:39 PM Post Reply
Berkeley Law Professor Khiara Bridges accused Sen. Josh Hawley of 'opening up trans people to violence' after the Missouri Republican pressed her to say that only women could get pregnant in a heated squabble during a Senate committee hearing Tuesday. 'You've used a phrase I want to make sure I understand what you mean by it. You've referred to 'people with a capacity for pregnancy.' Would that be women?' Hawley asked during a Senate Judiciary Committee on abortion rights. 'Many women, cis women, have the capacity for pregnancy.
White House pleads with Americans over
50 to get fresh vaccine shot: ‘It could
save your life’
33 replies
Posted by Ribicon 7/12/2022 3:15:07 PM Post Reply
With the blazingly contagious BA.5 coronavirus variant blitzing communities across the nation, the White House on Tuesday pleaded with middle-aged and elderly Americans to get a fresh vaccine if they have not. “For people who are 50 years of age or older, my message is simple,” Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House COVID coordinator, said at a virtual news briefing. “If you have not gotten a vaccine shot in the year 2022—if you have not gotten one this year—please go get another vaccine shot.” Jha said summer shots will not prevent Americans from getting a strain-specific jab in the fall. “It could save your life,”
Elon Musk says Donald Trump ‘too old’
to run in 2024
33 replies
Posted by Lets Go Brandon 7/12/2022 8:36:09 AM Post Reply
Elon Musk said former President Donald Trump should not run for a second term, arguing that he’s too old and “too much drama.” The Tesla CEO, who had vowed to reinstate Trump’s Twitter account before he moved to terminate the $44 billion acquisition of the social media giant, responded late Monday to a Twitter post from Breitbart News that included a clip of Trump slamming the tech mogul as “another bullsh-t artist.” “I don’t hate the man, but it’s time for Trump to hang up his hat & sail into the sunset,” the world’s richest person tweeted in response to Trump’s comments.
Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Allegedly
Raping Ten-Year-Old Ohio Girl at Center
of Viral Abortion Story
32 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 7/13/2022 1:44:53 PM Post Reply
Police arrested a man, who is believed to be an illegal immigrant, on Tuesday after he allegedly raped and impregnated a ten-year-old girl who reportedly traveled from Ohio to Indiana for an abortion, according to the Columbus Dispatch. The outlet reported that 27-year-old Gershon Fuentes confessed to raping the ten-year-old child on at least two occasions. The child became the subject of national media attention after the Indianapolis Star reported earlier this month that an Indianapolis-based obstetrician-gynecologist named Caitlin Bernard was asked by a child-abuse doctor in Ohio to help the young girl get an abortion
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