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Canadian Multinational Executive Outlines
Tech Initiative to Create Consumer Carbon
Footprint Tracker

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Posted By: earlybird, 5/24/2022 1:43:39 PM

It is important to remember the ultimate goal of the ‘climate change’ promotors (World Economic Forum) is not an energy system that changes the global climate. The goal of the ‘climate change’ group is to create a carbon trading system; a new financial mechanism (a global tax program) to control human activity on a world-wide basis. (snip) You cannot tax, or trade, things you cannot track. As a result, there was always going to be a need for an individual tracking and monitoring system that would connect to the global digital identity(snip) Alibaba Group president J. Michael Evans boasts at the 2022 World Economic Forum about the development of


In other words, an individual tracker ccould already be here.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 5/24/2022 1:51:49 PM (No. 1164909)
OK, will it be a contest, with prizes for the biggest carbon footprint?? Sounds like fun. If they want to somehow control us....then they can go straight to Hades, and perhaps we can arrange for an express ticket.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: WhamDBambam 5/24/2022 1:57:47 PM (No. 1164916)
Funny how so many social engineers end up...disappearing.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Starboard_side 5/24/2022 3:48:23 PM (No. 1165006)
If you think this tax will replace other taxes, you are sadly mistaken, it will be used to build massive government programs that require large numbers of gov't workers. But, it you think this won't become the new government ID that will control what you do, how you do things, whether you can simply go somewhere, etc... you are also mistaken. Combine this with EV's and auto driving vehicles, then you have the means to dictate whether you'd like to take a drive down to the lake or beach since you'll essentially need permission to do so because the gov't will control the means of access.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Hermoine 5/24/2022 4:52:04 PM (No. 1165071)
"Individual carbon footprint tracker...stay tuned, we don't have it operational yet but this is something that we're working on." The lack of self-awareness of these people is astounding. He has no idea how he sounds but he sure knows what's best for us.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: padiva 5/24/2022 5:56:03 PM (No. 1165140)
It won't be long...... for the mark of the beast.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: JimBob 5/25/2022 2:20:26 AM (No. 1165438)
They can start by tracking AlGore's massive 'Carbon Footprint'!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: privateer 5/25/2022 3:04:14 PM (No. 1166043)
How i miss the good old days of investigative reporters like Jack Anderson, Walter Winchell and Dorothy Kilgallen. Her end may be part of the cause of the paucity. Let's have an article that tells in detail the number and dollar amount of carbon credits each 'Davos Spring Break' partier bought to offset the pollution caused by their private airplane, or commercial flight. HMMM?
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Two Years In, Black Lives Matter Has Prompted
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Today marks two years since the killing of George Floyd, and one thing can be said with certainty: the committed Marxists who created Black Lives Matter and orchestrated the violent disorders that upended our cities in 2020 have been incredibly successful at deeply altering life in this country. And not for the better. (snip)BLM doesn’t need to riot anymore. In fact, to do so would be counterproductive. BLM is now inside the door not just with culture-making industries such as the media, Hollywood, and the Academy. BLM now has access to the top reaches of government.
Defending Sovereignty: The Fight of our Lifetime 4 replies
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A gradual and silent encroachment of our freedom and Federal, States’ and individual sovereignty by a globalist financial corporate cartel continues to proceed. One key aspect of our current political reality in the US is that many of our laws at the Federal level have been placed there by corporate stakeholders. Corporate lobbyists work tirelessly and relentlessly to insert legislation that benefits their industries and increases the wealth of their corporate clients and associated “stakeholders” into our federal laws and regulations, and to twist existing legislation so that it becomes a more perfect tool of their clients’ corporate interests. In parallel, within the many branches of the US Federal bureaucracy,
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FANNETTSBURG, Pennsylvania—The first time I accidentally stumbled onto the cracked Back Road street sign in this Franklin County unincorporated town years ago, while covering the 2012 presidential race between then-President Barack Obama and Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah), I knew I had to turn onto it even though I had no idea where it led. It was impulsive but proved helpful in taking my reporting in a different direction to understand what voters were thinking. It helped me understand, with all of the potential of flipping this state red, why voters were using their energy and dissatisfaction with Obama to decide to sit that race out, but not to vote for his
Race-Based Illness at the Best of the Best 1 reply
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It looks like the long persecution of Professor Joshua Katz by his employer Princeton University has come to an end. (snip) the school president “passed his recommendation that Katz be stripped of his tenure and fired to the university board of trustees,” and the board rubber-stamped it Monday. The whole episode nicely exemplifies the cowardice and incompetence of the liberals who run elite institutions in the United States today. The ostensible cause of the termination is a relationship Katz had with a student many years ago, an impropriety that was handled and closed long before the current controversy began. (snip) Katz’s current sin originates far from the Princeton campus,
FBI Leaders, Including Comey, Were ‘Fired
Up’ About Trump–Alfa Bank Claims: Agent
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Then-FBI Director James Comey and other bureau leaders were “fired up” in 2016 about allegations that Donald Trump’s business was secretly communicating with a Russian bank, according to internal FBI messages revealed in court on May 23. “People on the 7th floor to include director are fired up about this server,” Joseph Pientka, an agent based in Washington, told Curtis Heide, a colleague working from the bureau’s Chicago office, in a message dated Sept. 21, 2016. “Reachout [sic] and put tools on,” Pientka added. “Its [sic] not an option—we must do it.” The message was sent just days after Michael Sussmann, a lawyer representing the campaign of Hillary Clinton(snip)met with
Canadian Multinational Executive Outlines
Tech Initiative to Create Consumer Carbon
Footprint Tracker
7 replies
Posted by earlybird 5/24/2022 1:43:39 PM Post Reply
It is important to remember the ultimate goal of the ‘climate change’ promotors (World Economic Forum) is not an energy system that changes the global climate. The goal of the ‘climate change’ group is to create a carbon trading system; a new financial mechanism (a global tax program) to control human activity on a world-wide basis. (snip) You cannot tax, or trade, things you cannot track. As a result, there was always going to be a need for an individual tracking and monitoring system that would connect to the global digital identity(snip) Alibaba Group president J. Michael Evans boasts at the 2022 World Economic Forum about the development of
Trump Clout Versus Bush Dynasty Plays
Out in Texas AG Primary Runoff
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Posted by earlybird 5/24/2022 11:32:16 AM Post Reply
The headline race in Texas’s primary runoffs on May 24 is the Ken Paxton versus George P. Bush showdown for Republican attorney general candidate. For Texas Republicans, it’s representative of a Trump versus Bush dynasty duel. “It’s a very interesting state of affairs, and I think it indicative of a sea change that’s occurring in Texas politics and politics generally,” Kenneth Grasso, professor of political science at Texas State University, told The Epoch Times. “There’s historically been tension, you might say, in the Republican Party in Texas, between the more social conservative/populist wing, and the more mainstream business Republicans, that predates, I think, Donald Trump, but … the ascendancy of Trump certainly has
Musk Suggests Slashing Twitter Takeover
Offer Based on Bot Numbers
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Posted by earlybird 5/23/2022 3:52:50 PM Post Reply
Elon Musk has suggested he wants to slash his initial $44 billion takeover bid for social media platform Twitter after accounting for the proportion of bots present on the microblogging site. “I’m worried that Twitter has a disincentive to reduce spam, as it reduces perceived daily users,” Musk said in a series of tweets on May 21. “They still refuse to explain how they calculate that 5% of daily users are fake/spam! Very suspicious.” When someone on Twitter pointed out that if 25 percent of users on Twitter are bots, then the acquisition deal should cost 25 percent less, Musk responded, “Absolutely.”
More Evidence for Early Treatment 5 replies
Posted by earlybird 5/23/2022 2:35:30 PM Post Reply
Trial Site News knocked it out of the park with their May 22, 2022 article entitled: “Opinion: What have We Learned about Early Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic?” I strongly encourage people to read the full article, but the quoted sections of the article below highlight key points.(snip) The article starts with Early calls for use of repurposed drugs that appeared to work—at least according to preliminary studies and hundreds to thousands of doctors on the front lines of the pandemic—were mostly ignored by organized medicine. The article starts with Early calls for use of repurposed drugs that appeared to work—at least according to preliminary studies (snip)—were mostly ignored by organized medicine.
Failed Ex-Fox Reporter Carl Cameron Wants
to Put Fox People in Jail
8 replies
Posted by earlybird 5/23/2022 1:53:25 PM Post Reply
Carl Cameron, the once inept reporter on Fox News, wants to put his former Fox colleagues — Tucker too — in jail. He’s on MSNBC now blathering some very poisonous and dishonest rhetoric. The failed reporter is also on other progressive sites because he has a message – every Republican is a Nazi. It’s dark and not true. Imagine thinking half the country is a Nazi? Or does he think it? Joe Biden should be “taking some names and putting people in jail” over the right-wing’s great replacement theory, says Cameron.
Georgia’s Record-Breaking Early Voting
Turnout Defies ‘Voter Suppression’ Accusations
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Posted by earlybird 5/22/2022 10:42:57 AM Post Reply
Early voting in Georgia broke records this week despite last year’s adoption of election integrity measures that critics derided as “voter suppression” and President Joe Biden called a “blatant attack” on the Constitution and compared to a Jim Crow-era relic. More than 710,000 people had voted early in Georgia’s primary election as of May 19, according to the secretary of state’s office, which is 149 percent higher than at the same point in 2020, when elections officials encouraged vote-by-mail and early voting to reduce crowding at polling stations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
W*F, WEF? 5 replies
Posted by earlybird 5/21/2022 9:17:25 PM Post Reply
Alexandra rang me from London to inquire about a man by the name of Klaus Schwab: “He sounds like the greatest threat of our time, should I be worried?” Nah, I answered, he’s just another smooth-talking wallet lifter, a typical smarmy Davos man. “That’s what scares me,” (snip) For the very few of you who have not heard of Klausie baby, he is the chairman of the World Economic Forum, or WEF, a grandiose title and well deserved to be sure, although it once published a think piece with its since-deleted slogan that said “You will own nothing, and you’ll be happy.” (snip). I think it’s a networking scam,
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Trump shouldn't run 62 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 5/25/2022 4:37:44 AM Post Reply
Donald J. Trump was the best POTUS in my very long lifetime. His policies were effective, making America prosperous, energy independent, and lowering minority unemployment to record low levels. Everything he did, with the possible exception of the COVID lockdown, was quintessentially Trump; competent, encouraging, and salutary for America and her people. We were blessed to have him in the White House. Although many Americans cringed, we nonetheless put up with Trump’s coarseness and his inflated ego because he gave America back to the people.
Nancy Pelosi slams San Francisco Archbishop
for banning her from communion over abortion
while still giving sacrament to politicians
who back the death penalty, and being
'vehemently' against LGBTQ rights
50 replies
Posted by zephyrgirl 5/24/2022 3:40:15 PM Post Reply
House speaker Nancy Pelosi questioned whether Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone was holding a double standard for banning her from Communion for her position on abortion while keeping quiet about Republicans who support the death penalty. 'I wonder about the death penalty, which I am opposed to. So is the church but they take no action against people who may not share their view,' the California Democrat said Tuesday on MSNBC's Morning Joe.
How Stupid Is Whoopi Goldberg, Really? 49 replies
Posted by DW626 5/24/2022 7:14:22 AM Post Reply
That’s not a rhetorical question, by the way. Seriously, it’s hard not to wonder how it’s possible that Whoopi Goldberg fancies herself to be an authoritative voice on current events. Quite frankly, I can’t understand how that happened. She says a lot of dumb things. Like on Monday, she went into hysterics about the archbishop of San Francisco banning Nancy Pelosi from Holy Communion in his diocese over her pro-abortion views. “The archbishop of San Francisco is calling for speaker Nancy Pelosi to be denied receiving Communion because of her pro-choice stance,” Goldberg noted. “This is not your job, dude.
Rob Reiner: Blood of Every Child that
Dies of Gun Violence Is on the Hands of Republicans
43 replies
Posted by Imright 5/24/2022 9:19:01 PM Post Reply
Director and actor Rob Reiner issued an extreme statement in response to the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, blaming Republicans for the horrific act that left 18 students and three adults dead. “The blood of every child that dies of gun violence in this country is on the hands of the Republican Party,” the All in the Family star exclaimed on Tuesday. (Tweet) Reiner also retweeted a statement from his daughter, Romy Reiner, who said in all-caps: “YOU CAN KILL CHILDREN IN SCHOOL IN TEXAS BUT CAN’T GET AN ABORTION.”
Walmart pulls Juneteenth ice cream after
backlash: ‘We sincerely apologize’
38 replies
Posted by Ribicon 5/24/2022 10:58:38 AM Post Reply
Fayetteville, Ark.—Walmart will remove its ice cream, commemorating Juneteenth amid growing backlash. Photos of the product recently surfaced on social media. "Share and celebrate African-American culture, emancipation and enduring hope," the label read. The ice cream consisted of a swirl of red velvet and cheesecake flavors. "Juneteenth holiday marks a celebration of freedom and independence," the company said in a statement to FOX Television Stations. "However, we received feedback that a few items caused concern for some of our customers and we sincerely apologize. We are reviewing our assortment and will remove items as appropriate." Juneteenth commemorates June 19, 1865, when Union soldiers
Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos was
bullied at school because of the clothes
he wore and because his family was poor,
former classmate says
36 replies
Posted by Imright 5/25/2022 4:21:00 AM Post Reply
Warped mass murderer Salvador Ramos was a failing high school loner with an 'aggressive streak', who was bullied for being poor and mocked for wearing eyeliner.That is how former classmates and colleagues have described the killer, 18, who slaughtered at least 19 innocent children in the second deadliest school shooting in American history in Uvdale, Texas on Tuesday, before being shot dead in a shootout with a border patrol officer. Described by one pupil as an 'emo', his lisp also made him a target, according to the Washington Post, with classmates claiming he endured gay slurs. Another said he was mocked for his clothing.
Border Patrol agent killed Uvalde shooter,
but special unit has recent history of
excessive force
35 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 5/25/2022 2:02:23 PM Post Reply
Multiple outlets are reporting that a Border Patrol agent part of a special unit rushed in to Robb Elementary School on Tuesday, May 24, to shoot and kill the 18-year-old shooter that killed 19 children and two teachers. That same special unit has recently been accused of using violent tactics and committing human rights violations. The Border Patrol agent reportedly entered the school without waiting for backup and shot and killed the gunman, Salvador Ramos, AP reported, and he was injured in the process. U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz confirmed that agents in the area responded to the shooting on Twitter.
Tesla Bursts Into Flames at Stoplight,
Driver Forced to Kick Out Window to Escape
Electric Car Fire
33 replies
Posted by DVC 5/24/2022 4:47:16 PM Post Reply
One minute, Jamil Jutha was driving his 2021 Tesla Model Y through North Vancouver. The next, he was battling to escape its smoke-filled interior. The incident took place Friday when the eight-month-old vehicle suddenly shut down, cutting power to all of its electronic parts, according to CTV News. “The doors wouldn’t open. The windows wouldn’t go down,” Jutha said. Smoke began to fill the interior. Although Teslas have a mechanical release for emergencies, Jutha said it was not easy to use, particularly amid the panic of a potentially life-threatening incident.
Texas gunman, 18, shoots dead 14 elementary
schoolkids, one teacher, and seriously
injures 13 - including his grandmother:
Worst elementary school massacre since
Sandy Hook in 2012
31 replies
Posted by Imright 5/24/2022 5:54:48 PM Post Reply
Fourteen children and a teacher have been killed at a Texas elementary school by an 18-year-old gunman who was then shot dead by police. Governor Greg Abbott named 18-year-old Salvador Roma, a student at Uvalde High School, as the gunman who shot and killed 14 Robb elementary school students and one teacher on Tuesday afternoon.The name was later clarified to Salvador Ramos. 'He shot and killed horrifically and incomprehensibly 14 students and killed a teacher,' Abbott said at a press briefing.
Beto O’Rourke interrupts Texas governor's
news conference on school shooting
30 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 5/25/2022 2:18:07 PM Post Reply
Beto O’Rourke, a democratic candidate for Texas governor, approached the stage during Gov. Greg Abbott’s news conference Wednesday, confronting him over the Robb Elementary School shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead. O’Rourke told Abbott the shooting was “totally predictable” and that he was “doing nothing.” O’Rourke was shouted down by several of the officials on stage with one calling him a "sick son of a B----" as he was escorted out by police.
Biden Admin: K-12 Schools Must Put Boys
In Girls’ Bathrooms To Get Federal Lunch Money
30 replies
Posted by PeterWolosin 5/25/2022 9:13:05 AM Post Reply
K-12 schools must allow boys into girls’ private areas to obtain federal funds for lunches, breakfasts, and snacks, the Biden administration announced this month. A U.S. Department of Education spokesman told The Federalist the Biden administration’s press releases from several agencies announcing this policy will be followed by formal rulemaking in June. “It seems to be playing politics with feeding poor kids, which is really unfortunate,” John Elcesser, executive director of the Indiana Non-Public Education Association, said via phone amid weeks of attempting to sort out these new demands with government officials on behalf of private schools in his state.
Kamala does it again! 30 replies
Posted by DW626 5/24/2022 6:16:44 AM Post Reply
Is Kamal Harris trying to sound stupid? I suppose the theory would be that she is trying to get people to underestimate her. But I have a different theory: that she is really stupid, and having grown up as a hot chick, she suffers from hot chick syndrome. That is, she’s just not received an adequate level of negative feedback from male authority figures necessary to correct her behavior. I think that she doesn’t think in complete sentences, and when she begins a sentence during a speech or interview That would account for this level of ungrammatical inanity: “You know, when we talk about our children, I know for this group
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