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Secret commandos with the authority to
'shoot-to-kill' were at the Capitol on
January 6 under Trump's orders over fears
of a terrorist attack or a plot to attack
Pence or a member of Congress, report claims

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Posted By: Ribicon, 1/3/2022 6:15:09 PM

Elite commando teams with the authority to shoot-to-kill were deployed in Washington, DC on January 6th last year to protect ex-Vice President Mike Pence and members of Congress gathering to certify the 2020 election results, a new report claimed on Monday. A year ago today, senior leaders of multiple federal special forces teams met to discuss contingency plans and possible threats ahead of the Joint Session of Congress where President Joe Biden's electoral victory was sealed, Newsweek reported.(Snip)Agents from the FBI's Baltimore, Maryland Field Office, the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team, an FBI nuclear explosives rapid response team known as 'Render Safe,' as well as


It makes sense that they'd be on hand for the event they planned, lest the crowd they fomented became more enthusiastic than anticipated.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Rich323 1/3/2022 6:19:46 PM (No. 1027253)
So President Trump put high level security in place to protect Pence and Congress. Why would he do that if he intended to inflict harm on the same people by another means. This puts a new spin on Pelosi’s fake committee.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Come And Take It 1/3/2022 6:25:52 PM (No. 1027255)
If true, and this would have had to have been done by WRITTEN authority, this 100% nukes the J6 committee.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: JackBurton 1/3/2022 6:27:08 PM (No. 1027257)
I guess we're lucky that more people weren't murdered by the cops. Although, actually, these were Trump supporters... and not BLM or Anti F.A. Nothing to shoot here.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: qr4j 1/3/2022 6:29:39 PM (No. 1027260)
So Mr. Trump did not leave our so-called "leaders" without protection. He sent in the best. San Fran Nan brought on the Keystone Cops with Officer Barbrady and Barney Fife as backup.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: earlybird 1/3/2022 6:39:42 PM (No. 1027272)
A year ago today, senior leaders of multiple federal special forces teams met to discuss contingency plans and possible threats ahead of the Joint Session of Congress where President Joe Biden's electoral victory was sealed, Newsweek reported. Ex-Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, who ran Donald Trump's Justice Department at the time of the Capitol riot, reportedly acted alone in deciding to activate the elite units. Neither the contingency plans nor their resulting actions that day were public knowledge before Monday. Under a plan previously approved by Trump, law enforcement agents that make up 'catastrophic response units' were given sweeping authorities to do whatever necessary in officials' defense, even if it meant taking a life. I don’t believe it. In order to believe this, you have to believe that Trump knew ahead of time that his “supporters” could become violent toward Pence and his family. I am not about to go down that road with Rosen, Newsweek, and those who somehow find this comforting. Not a peep about this until this week, just before Nancy’s J6 committee puts on its production? Nope.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Californian 1/3/2022 6:46:19 PM (No. 1027277)
Next we'll be told Ashley was really a terrorist and she murdered by Trump's personal order by name. "Twice impeached Trump personally signed the murder of Ashley Babbit to Melania's control who then had her executed by her elite personal guard". -- MSNBC/CNN/NYT/CST/LAT/VOX/WAPO/etc
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Come And Take It 1/3/2022 6:50:16 PM (No. 1027281)
#5 - That's why I brought up that this would have to have been done in writing. Trump supposedly signed off on the use of HRT for this purpose. That portion should be easy to verify. Rosen would also have had to signed an order authorizing activation of these assets. There has to be a paper trail. Proof of authorization cuts the legs out of the entire contention that Trump sat around and did nothing while the 'insurrection' took place. I suspect that while Trump probably had use of HRT against Antifa and BLM thugs in mind when the order was signed, he know all along that contingency planning was in place regardless of who was attacking to safeguard both the Capitol and the people within. The entire premise of the J6 committee was that Trump foment insurrection and urged his followers to capture and kill members of Congress and Pence. That is so farcical that it wouldn't even make a good read in a Tom Clancy thriller. Items like this one should be easy to verify, and they totally destroy Nanzi's J6 bull dink. If the J6 rummies want to convince me otherwise, bring forth Ray Epps and have him explain why there is video of him actually encouraging people to storm the capitol and get inside by any means. The people there at the time start shouting NO! and FED! because they saw him exactly for what he was trying to do.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: thomthomp 1/3/2022 6:52:10 PM (No. 1027282)
The Daily Mail based on a Newsleak report. Why believe a word of it.?
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rich323 1/3/2022 7:06:55 PM (No. 1027292)
So what happens if President Trump requests they testify about the events of Jan 6th. If they are truthful they could blow the lid off the insurrection meme and reveal who really caused the commotion. Maybe President Trump had intel of a plot to attack the VP or members of Congress and blame him for that event. Lots of questions now!
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Luke21 1/3/2022 7:07:59 PM (No. 1027295)
They waited a long time to tell us this from the hideous liars at Newsweek. Just another coordinated hit job from the commies celebrating their January 6th festival.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Omen55 1/3/2022 7:14:53 PM (No. 1027298)
No wonder this took a year to come out as it makes dem look even more stupid.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: dman 1/3/2022 7:20:22 PM (No. 1027303)
Dunno about this one. "Newsweak"? Really?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Birddog 1/3/2022 7:28:46 PM (No. 1027306)
Ask that "Joint Force" team what their threat focus was...I'm betting it was violence by/from BLM/Antifa, which had been attacking Trump folks everywhere they gathered, including in DC on Jan 5th.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 1/3/2022 7:34:12 PM (No. 1027309)
BS article! Pure tripe! Don’t believe any of the members of the press! Right wing or left. They all have agendas and no longer just report news!
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Lawsy0 1/3/2022 7:45:42 PM (No. 1027312)
What if this is all just a load of succotash! It is so far fetched that only a card-carrying Democrat operative could have dreamed it up. It would take a Pelosi, a Clinton or an Obama to pull this off. Or those nasty little fat Army Colonels from Russia someplace.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: SALady 1/3/2022 8:35:34 PM (No. 1027337)
When I read these totally ridiculous and bogus headlines, they are almost always from the same source: The Daily Mail!!! That is a British rag sheet about 50 steps below The National Enquirer for journalistic integrity. They hate President Trump, and have posted more bogus stories about him that are always BS and never pan out. They almost always attribute the stories to "unnamed sources". Always consider the source when judging any article posted on this site. And be assured that The Daily Mail will always be so full of BS that all you should be doing is laughing at their pathetic attempts at political hit pieces!!!
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Rich323 1/3/2022 8:53:28 PM (No. 1027350)
I just remembered one item. Did someone say after the Jan 6th event there was a team of good guys that somehow got Pelosi’s laptop? I know the FBI tried to arrest a lady somewhere for the same thing, but never heard the final outcome. It may have been the AF three star that claimed he had seen Pelosi’s laptop. It may all have been a bunch of BS. Who knows at this point.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Ribicon 1/3/2022 8:57:02 PM (No. 1027353)
Gateway Pundit is reporting the same thing, also based on the Newsweak piece.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: stablemoney 1/3/2022 10:00:52 PM (No. 1027373)
I thought this was a rally of Trump supporters and a chance to see the Capitol and DC. The people had no idea what they were getting into.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: DVC 1/3/2022 10:10:10 PM (No. 1027376)
Don't believe ANYTHING that the Enemedia reports abiut Jan 6. All lies.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Strike3 1/4/2022 12:55:17 AM (No. 1027462)
Don't be so dramatic, the Secret Service has that authority and capability at all times. This info may put a little damper on the insurrection party that Pelosi has planned for the 6th.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Trigger2 1/4/2022 4:07:33 AM (No. 1027492)
Leave it to demonrats to come up with the biggest lie of all time to nail lily white Trump.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Trigger2 1/4/2022 4:10:10 AM (No. 1027493)
Piglousi gerrymandered to whole thing and she's the one who screwed it up.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Rinktum 1/4/2022 5:16:01 AM (No. 1027514)
FTA: “ Ex-Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, who ran Donald Trump's Justice Department at the time of the Capitol riot, reportedly acted alone in deciding to activate the elite units.” I am confused. Does this mean Rosen did not consult President Trump at all or had he received approval from the President before the rally should anything go amiss? Whatever happened that day behind the scenes is of upmost importance. Nasty Nan’s dereliction of duty should be questioned and this, if true, seems to absolve President Trump of having anything to do with the Democrat’s “insurrection”. Why can we not have any real investigation into this matter if it was so heinous? Let’s put it all out there and let the American people decide just who was behind the whole thing. No more selective evidence and biased committees. These star chamber fiascos are there to create a the narrative that democrats want or need. They will never agree to a real investigation because they are guilty of setting up this whole thing because they did not want the evidence they had accumulated to be presented before Congress. That presentation in itself would have given gravitas to the evidence. The only way to prevent that from happening was to shut it down. Democrats chose to create the narrative they are still clinging to today of an insurrection. The democrat party is guilty of high crimes when they put into place the theft of the election in those five counties. They were arrogant and sloppy and got caught and have been doing everything in their power to hide the theft of a Presidential election from the American people. They had orchestrated a coup d’etat under the guise of a federal election and the truth was about to be revealed. They would have done anything to stop it. So desperate were they that an unarmed woman was shot in cold blood in order to give weight to their Big Lie.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Otis Gill 1/4/2022 6:59:02 AM (No. 1027553)
I am skeptical of any media report about what happened on Jan 6th. Plus, the Dems have been lying about everything since day one. But the only evidence of a "shoot to kill" order points to Pelosi and her jackbooted security man who shot an unarmed citizen.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: GoodDeal 1/4/2022 8:25:32 AM (No. 1027620)
The J6 Show should be on Broadway. A line of dancing Congress persons high kicking and doing the splits and singing about how Trump voters almost killed them in this horrific armed violent bloody insurrection.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: bigfatslob 1/4/2022 9:19:11 AM (No. 1027669)
Daily Mail reporting on a Newsweek story, Meah! I'm taking a walk on this one.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Rumblehog 1/4/2022 9:21:26 AM (No. 1027671)
I would believe the Trump White House had credible evidence the Antifa scurn would be present to inflict damage and harm, although "Kill Teams" are a bit over the top. Perhaps police SWAT and FBI snipers. Was Lt. Michael Byrd part of the "Shoot to Kill" team, or did he just want to join 'in the worst way'?
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Zigrid 1/4/2022 10:32:51 AM (No. 1027760)
I wonder if Greg Kelly at Newsman is aware of the commandos involved on jan6...President Trump...trumped nervous nancy again...pardon the pun...he's wonder the establishment is so frightened of him...he's got their number...
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Lazyman 1/4/2022 10:43:22 AM (No. 1027776)
There was only one man there with a license to kill and he did it.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: NotaBene 1/4/2022 11:48:38 AM (No. 1027870)
J6 was an FBI operation using their Antifa shock troops (eg, John Sullivan). Patriots have been political prisoners in the D.C. without trial for one year already. This American Gulag brings shame to our Nation.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: asparagus 1/4/2022 12:16:54 PM (No. 1027906)
This was a special operations team. It is extraordinary to deploy troops (not National Guard) on US soil. Was Secret Service even aware? Was FBI? This no doubt was fully legally vetted, and had to be approved by the President. Rosen might have been the only one in DoJ that knew about it. Less than one week after Nov 3 2020, Trump appointed Chris Miller, a former special operations officer as acting secretary of defense, and Ezra Cohen, a former NSC official and former special operations soldier, and Kash Patel, a lawyer formerly on Devin Nunes' staff, reporting to Miller. The Newsweek author, William A. Arkin, wrote two other Newsweek articles that might be relevant. One, Mar 18 2020 on the super-secret plans if coronavirus cripples the government, and one on May 17, 2021, on special operations, calling it the military's secret undercover army.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: Geoman 1/4/2022 12:52:24 PM (No. 1027957)
If the article is even mostly true, which I seriously doubt, then Trump should never again be trusted with even a tiny lever of power. I suspect that it is not true, especially the bit about issuing HRT "shoot to kill orders." If the elements of an offense are met, no LEO, not even a rookie beat cop, needs specific orders to legally take deadly force actions. Conversely, federal officers cannot legally be ordered to shoot a group of individuals unless they are acting to prevent their own death or serious bodily injury or that of a third party. Presidents cannot suspend the Constitution or the U.S. Code and issue blanket "shoot to kill" orders, like something out of Hollywood or a 007 movie. For those thinking that is a good thing, please consider that HRT has developed a deserved reputation among other LEOs as democrat enforcers - murderers who have a legacy of shooting to kill, although without the standards of conduct to which they hypocritically hold state and local peace officers their is sent to investigate. You could send HRT to a Boy Scout picnic and they'd arrive ready to shoot to kill. They are the tactical unit, trusted by no real po-lice in the country, of the federal agency that tried to have the president removed from office due to the leftist ideology of its leadership and filtered down into its rank-and-file. I could see the president authorizing the swearing-in as deputy U.S. Marshalls, a squadron of Delta Force operators, as was done to end the Atlanta prison riots, as even Army commandos (fed LEOs are certainly not commandos) seem to know more about civilian law enforcement do's and don'ts than HRT or any of the federal nuclear response teams. Even Mafia hitmen have been known to use more discretion than those units that authors claim were officially sanctioned by Trump to kill. Did the authors forget that VP Pence had Secret Service protection? They have a lot of resources and are not beholden to random goon squads of other federal agencies.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: Muguy 1/4/2022 2:05:11 PM (No. 1028041)
So many "leaks", fake stories, plants, misinformation, disinformation, lies, damned lies, and variations of fake planted stories and more lies to cover up the other lies, makes this newest story dubious and curious to say the least. CONFUSION as to just WHAT IS the truth makes one wonder if this story just came out so that someone could "fess up" before the REAL poop hits the fan and its all shown to be one BIG LIE to try to take down the created "big lie"---- What is with the cover up of Ashli's murder-- whether by accidential homicide or not-- Mr. Byrd is STILL responsible----
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Posted by IowaDad 1/3/2022 11:58:53 AM Post Reply
WASHINGTON — Days before the anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the Senate will vote on filibuster rules changes to advance stalled voting legislation that Democrats say is needed to protect democracy. In a letter Monday to colleagues, Schumer, D-N.Y., said the Senate “must evolve” and will “debate and consider” the rules changes by Jan. 17, on or before Martin Luther King Jr. Day, as the Democrats seek to overcome Republican opposition to their elections law package. “Let me be clear: January 6th was a symptom of a broader illness — an effort to delegitimize our election process,”
Nancy Pelosi expected to 'step down next
year': Democrats prepare for civil war
between factions with Rep. Hakeem Jeffries
the favorite to become the new leader
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to step down at the end of this Congress after nearly two decades in Democratic leadership, and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is the new favorite to lead the party. While Jeffries, N.Y., chair of the House Democratic Caucus, is the favorite, the debate over who will succeed Pelosi, Calif., could lay to bare the deep divide between progressives and moderates. Future leaders of the party could differ in their ideas for how to counter the GOP, as they brace for the possibility of serious losses in the midterm elections.
'19 hours later, I'm still not near the
Capitol': Senator Tim Kaine vents along
with hundreds of other frozen drivers
who've spent the night on I-95 in Virginia
after pile-up involving six tractor-trailers
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Furious drivers stranded on I-95 in Virginia for more than 19 hours without gas, food and water are demanding that Governor Ralph Northam speed up rescue efforts. Virginia State Senator Tim Kaine is one of the hundreds of travelers stuck along a 50-mile stretch of Interstate 95 - between Dumfries Road, which is nearly an hour to Washington, DC, and Carmel Church, only 8mi from the Capitol - after a snowstorm dumped at least 11 inches of snow on the road and a crash involving six tractor-trailers.Kaine revealed that he is one of the people stuck in the snowy pile-up in a tweet early Tuesday
Manhattan DA dropped COVID nursing home
probe of Cuomo: lawyer
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The Manhattan district attorney’s office has dropped a probe into Andrew Cuomo over allegations he mishandled nursing homes during the initial coronavirus outbreak, the ex-governor’s lawyer said Monday. Cuomo’s spokesman forwarded a statement from Elkan Abramowitz, an attorney who had repped the governor’s office under Cuomo. “I was contacted today by the head of the Elder Care Unit from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office who informed me they have closed its investigation involving the Executive Chamber and nursing homes,” Abramowitz said. “I was told that after a thorough investigation—as we have said all along—there was no evidence to suggest that any laws were broken.”
Secret commandos with the authority to
'shoot-to-kill' were at the Capitol on
January 6 under Trump's orders over fears
of a terrorist attack or a plot to attack
Pence or a member of Congress, report claims
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Elite commando teams with the authority to shoot-to-kill were deployed in Washington, DC on January 6th last year to protect ex-Vice President Mike Pence and members of Congress gathering to certify the 2020 election results, a new report claimed on Monday. A year ago today, senior leaders of multiple federal special forces teams met to discuss contingency plans and possible threats ahead of the Joint Session of Congress where President Joe Biden's electoral victory was sealed, Newsweek reported.(Snip)Agents from the FBI's Baltimore, Maryland Field Office, the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team, an FBI nuclear explosives rapid response team known as 'Render Safe,' as well as
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