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Gavin Newsom's Situation Gets Worse After
the 9th Circuit Slaps Him Down

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Posted By: Dreadnought, 7/25/2021 1:10:09 AM

One of Trump’s biggest achievements was shifting the balance of the formerly ultra-liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. That’s paying dividends in regards to a ruling against California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is facing a recall effort and has seen his star dim over the last month. The court slapped down Newsom’s discriminatory and arbitrary shuttering of private schools, something he ostensibly did in response to the COVID pandemic. Oddly enough, rights don’t cease to exist just because politicians say so. This is a good ruling, in my view. No governor should have the right to shut down private schools, especially when the shuttering of those schools appears arbitrary

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Californian 7/25/2021 2:15:26 AM (No. 856067)
He will be out very soon.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DVC 7/25/2021 2:45:36 AM (No. 856077)
Best wishes to Californians on getting rid of Gov Slick. The California "Assault Weapons Ban" was found unconstitutional recently, too, with some superb and extremely well documented legal reasoning written up by the judge. The great thing is that he built directly on two SCOTUS cases, Heller (recent) and Miller from the 1930s, to absolutely disintegrate the legal case for the law. And crime data.....showing that there was no legitimate reason for the ban. IIRC, a person is 7 times as likely to be stabbed to death in California than shot with ANY KIND of rifle, let alone the small subset of those rifles that are these banned types. And, again IIRC, 3 times as likely to be beaten to death with NO weapon (hands, feet and such) than to be murdered with any kind of rifle, of which the banned ones are a small subset. So - get rid of Slick, replace him with Larry Elder, and get rid of the "Assault Weapons Ban" law, that would make a huge change for the better for California.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DCGIRL 7/25/2021 7:14:28 AM (No. 856168)
I wish Larry Elder all the luck in the world. I would like to see each state with Dem governors flip to republican. States like Virginia and Pennsylvania need to find a good republican candidate.....none so far.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Strike3 7/25/2021 8:50:14 AM (No. 856271)
"rights don’t cease to exist just because politicians say so." This article doesn't say much but this is the best quote I've seen all day. It covers nearly everything done since the bat flu got loose and even some long term democrat wet dreams like the assault on the First and Second Amendments. The forced early indoctrination of our children is Step One in the campaign to create a Marxist America and if the government loses control of that, many more young people will escape the early stages of government-controlled brainwashing. Newsom has been a complete idiot during the virus but knows enough how to pick and choose his outrageous rules and lockdowns. He is of the caliber of Tom Wolf, Gretchen Whitmer, Andrew and Fredo Cuomo, Ralph Northam, JB Pritzker and all of the other petty tyrants that have made life in their states extra miserable by adding to the misery of the flu. Any one of these clowns who have presidential aspirations can only get there the same way that Dementia Joe did.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: MickTurn 7/25/2021 10:38:14 AM (No. 856408)
Too bad the Court didn't put him in PRISON...he wouldn't last 5 minutes with all the inmates waiting their 'turn'!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: local500 7/25/2021 1:06:21 PM (No. 856569)
Unfortunately he will survive the recall. Republicans in California are almost non-existent. Tried watching TV during prime time to see if they are even running ads. Saw at least a dozen or so ads for Newsome slamming Republicans with lies, inserting the January 6 Capitol riot in it, and only one ad from John Cox that you could not even understand what he is trying to say. Unless something change from now till recall election day, pathological liar, corrupt to the bone Newsom would survive the election. We need a divine intervention in this, given how Republicans abandoned California.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: doctorfixit 7/25/2021 7:13:27 PM (No. 856861)
Newsom is evil in a metrosexual hair slick way. He just doesn't have the macho mafia viciousness of a Cuomo.
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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s mask mandate surrender represents the latest instance of Biden’s “worst start of any administration in history.” Jordan, the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee and House Freedom Caucus cofounder, spoke to Breitbart News after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that they will recommend Americans, even fully vaccinated people, should wear masks indoors again in places with high coronavirus infection rates. This stands as a stark reversal of the CDC’s decision to lift the national mask mandates in May, in which Biden declared that his administration had made substantial progress
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended Tuesday that all students in kindergarten through 12th grade should wear masks when they return to classrooms for the new school year. The newly issued CDC guideline includes youngsters who have already been vaccinated. CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky urged all schools reopen to in-person learning in the fall, but with proper safety protocols — and that now includes masks. "CDC recommends that everyone in K-12 schools wear a mask indoors, including teachers, staff, students and visitors regardless of vaccination status,"
Chaos: Team Biden Struggles to Explain CDC Call
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The White House on Tuesday struggled to explain why the Centers for Disease Control would announce new masking policies across the country, despite ongoing faith in the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines. “I know this is slightly awkward timing,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged at the beginning of the daily press briefing. The CDC scheduled a briefing on their new mask guidance for later in the afternoon. Throughout the briefing, Psaki repeated that the administration was still battling the coronavirus, despite weeks of sunny rhetoric celebrating President Joe Biden’s success in handling the pandemic.
Frank Luntz to CNN: I am begging you to
stop putting Anthony Fauci on television
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Posted by Dreadnought 7/27/2021 5:43:31 PM Post Reply
“Every time he speaks, he actually turns off people,” he says to Anderson Cooper of Fauci in the clip below. Luntz’s Republican focus groups have been telling him that for months, before the partisan gap on vaccinations began to widen and long before Fauci came under scrutiny for his agency’s role in funding bat research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He’s almost uniquely incapable of persuading reluctant Republicans, a key demographic, to get their shots at this point. So why are the White House and cable news networks still running him out there as the face of the national vaccination effort? On the other hand,
Shock poll: Newsom might lose the recall
after all
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Posted by Dreadnought 7/27/2021 5:39:12 PM Post Reply
I want to believe. The Los Angeles Times and a new poll from UC Berkeley (!) have me questioning my skepticism over the potential for success in November’s recall of Gavin Newsom. In a reversal of Newsom’s previous momentum, California voters split into a virtual tie on jettisoning their governor (via Twitchy): Californians who say they expect to vote in the September recall election are almost evenly divided over whether to remove Gov. Gavin Newsom from office, evidence of how pivotal voter turnout will be in deciding the governor’s political fate, according to a new UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times.
History Will Condemn Bigots Using Coronavirus
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The fascist left obviously learned nothing from the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, where the healthy were persecuted as walking biohazards simply because they were gay. Today, the healthy being persecuted as biohazards are the unvaccinated. Those who choose not to get vaccinated are almost no threat to those of us who are vaccinated, and yet they are the ongoing targets of the left’s rising bigotry, hate, and social exclusion. This is reprehensible behavior, straight-up bigotry, and like all acts of bigotry, history will not be kind to the bigots. There is, though, one vital difference between AIDS and the coronavirus. Thirty-five years ago, the fatality rate for AIDS was 100 percent.
Biden team weighs return to mask mandates
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Top Biden administration officials are weighing whether to recommend that states and communities with low vaccination rates reimpose mask mandates, particularly indoors, as part of discussions on how the administration can do more to slow the spread of the Delta variant. White House and health agency officials debated the option at a Sunday meeting that took place amid a surge of Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations in the South and Midwest, according to four individuals with knowledge of the matter, and that reflected an increasing sense of urgency inside the White House and across health agencies about the more contagious variant and its ability to alter the course of the pandemic.
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Former US Senator Barbara Boxer was assaulted and robbed of her cellphone on Monday in Oakland, California. The assailant, who fled the scene in a waiting vehicle, pushed 80-year-old Boxer in the back and stole her phone, her son, attorney Douglas Boxer, confirmed.A tweet published on Boxer's verified account said 'she is thankful that she was not seriously injured'. Oakland police said a robbery occurred around 1.15pm local time in the Jack London Square neighborhood
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Barack Obama plans to ring in his 60th birthday hosting a party at his Martha's Vineyard mansion with a star-studded guest list who've all been COVID tested. It has been reported that big names such as Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney have already scored an invite to join the former president.The party will take place at Obama's his $11.75 million 30-acre oceanside getaway on the exclusive Massachusetts island as he hits the big birthday on August 4. All guests have been asked to provide a negative COVID-19 test ahead of the bash, it has been claimed, as virus cases in the US begin to spike once again.
Missouri doctor says patients are having
to SECRETLY get vaccinated out of fear
their anti-vaxx families or friends
will turn on them as state COVID-19
cases surge by 77% in two weeks
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Posted by Ribicon 7/27/2021 5:53:22 PM Post Reply
Missouri residents are allegedly wearing disguises and getting COVID-19 vaccines in secret in fear of blowback from members of their communities. Dr Priscilla Frase, who works at Ozarks Healthcare, a hospital in West Plains—200 miles southwest of St Louis—told ABC News that many patients do not want their family and friends to know they got the shots.(Snip) Frase, who works in the Internal Medicine department at Ozarks, told ABC News that she has seen multiple people in disguise. 'I've had several people come in to get vaccinated who have sort of tried to disguise their appearance and even went so far as to say
'Racism, even in geography, cannot be
tolerated': Dems crusade to rename
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Democratic lawmakers and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland want to change the names of more than 1,000 rivers, mountains and other places because they consider the names to be racist. A Democratic bill introduced last week in both chambers—one by Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and the other by Rep. Al Green of Texas—would also eliminate the names of places that are named after people who “held racially repugnant views” or “carried out injustices against racial minorities,” according to the legislation. “Racism, even in geography, cannot be tolerated in a country that strives for liberty and justice for all,” Mr. Green said. The lawmakers refused to provide
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Mayor Bill de Blasio rolled out the lineup for the end-of-summer Central Park show celebrating New York City’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, comparing the internationally broadcast “concert of a lifetime” to Woodstock.The mostly free Aug. 21 “homecoming concert” — produced by Clive Davis and featuring Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, Jennifer Hudson and Paul Simon — will also star Carlos Santana with Rob Thomas, Elvis Costello, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Killers, LL Cool J, Journey, Kane Brown, and Wyclef Jean, among others, de Blasio announced Tuesday. Jon Batiste, Andrea Bocelli, Barry Manillow, The New York Philharmonic, Polo G, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds
Simone Biles pulled from Olympics
finals: Aly Raisman responds to
Team USA gymnast leaving event due
to reported mental health issue
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Needham, Massachusetts, native and two-time Olympian Aly Raisman said she’s concerned for Simone Biles’ mental health after the gymnast was pulled from the U.S. team gymnastics finals in Tokyo due to a medical issue. “I’m just thinking about the mental impact this has to have on Simone. It’s just so much pressure,” Raisman told TODAY. “It’s just devastating. I feel horrible.” Biles could be seen walking off the floor with her bag and a trainer after her first rotation on vault, NBCreported. “We’ve just been told that, with regards to Simone withdrawing, it is not injury-related. It is a mental
NBC has 33-year low viewership for
Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony:
‘Not a happy’ benchmark
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Posted by formerNYer 7/27/2021 12:42:50 PM Post Reply
The Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony, delayed a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, drew 16.7 million viewers for NBC on Friday, the smallest audience for the network broadcast in the past 33 years, according to data from the Comcast-owned NBCUniversal on Saturday.
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Surfing as an Olympic sport was made possible by centuries of American imperialism as the United States used surfing as a tool to expand its powers abroad, according to a recent Washington Post op-ed that warned the sport’s history would continue to be on display during the current 2021 Tokyo Games. The piece, published on Sunday by Thomas Blake Earle, a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Presidential History at Southern Methodist University, attempts to depict the water sport’s history as one filled with American imperialism.
Sen. Lindsey Graham predicts midterms will
be ‘1994 all over again’
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Posted by Dreadnought 7/27/2021 11:58:49 AM Post Reply
Next year’s midterm elections will be as good to Republicans as the seminal 1994 vote, which gave the GOP unified control of Congress for the first time in more than 40 years, Sen. Lindsey Graham predicted Monday night. “I think there’s a tidal wave brewing,” Graham (R-SC) told Fox News’ “Hannity.” “I think this is going to be 1994 all over again. When you look at rampant inflation, out-of-control crime and a broken border and just [a] general lack of knowing what you’re doing, lack of competency … the Republican Party’s going to have a great comeback if we recruit the right people.”
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