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Dr. Joseph Mercola provides a case
study in how censorship works in America

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Posted By: Maryland_Patriot, 5/6/2021 11:46:39 AM

Another chapter is being written in the book known as “I don’t recognize my country anymore.” The latest entry is the leftist jihad waged against Dr. Joseph Mercola for daring to contradict the left’s agreed-upon narrative about preventing and treating COVID. Up until COVID hit, Dr. Joseph Mercola was a well-respected osteopathic physician and best-selling author whose specialty was natural health – that is, maintaining good health through smart nutrition and healthy living. Since the left was long about natural health, he was even featured in such leftist media outlets as Time, Forbes, and CNN.


Whether you agree with Dr. Mercola or not is not the issue. The issue is that his voice is being censored. Along with other doctors such as Andrew Kaufman and Tom Cowan, Dr. Mercola adds a voice to the spectrum of viewpoints that is being suppressed. This suppression needs to stop.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 5/6/2021 12:06:17 PM (No. 777106)
Truth is absolutely forbidden! Well, since I have never had any presence on any "social media", I won't give a rat's hind end what these fascists think. Hard fact: there are real reasons to distrust the people pushing this vaccine. Hard fact: The chances of a non-obese, healthy person who takes Vitamin D of dying from Wuhan flu are very low. Of 600,000 people in my county, the inflated 'government' death toll is 650, about 1 person in 1,000. About 85% were over age 70. Hard fact: there has never before been a mRNA 'vaccine' used successfully on animals or people. Three previous attempts all ended with 100% dead lab animals. Person opinion: The more frantic they become to make people take this "vaccine" the more certain I become that there is something nefarious going on. They have never had my best interests at heart in any other issue, EVER. Why would I imagine that they have my best interests at heart when they get so totally crazy that I won't take their damned shot? Question: Why do they want young people, at exceptionally low risk, to take their shot? Perhaps the nefarious reasons require young people to be affected? Sterilized? I don't trust these people at all.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Quigley 5/6/2021 12:34:34 PM (No. 777138)
Dissent is absolutely forbidden. They camouflage that by calling dissent as untruth. Worse, they label dissent as “hate” (in earlier times the word would have been evil) in order to justify any legal or extralegal tactic. “We hate dissent” has been upended to be “people who dissent are haters.” This is really turning into a thugocracy masquerading as a new age theocracy. Right is on their side they assert. That allows any means for any purpose.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: mathman 5/6/2021 12:42:09 PM (No. 777145)
Dr Mercola is engaging in forbidden thought. Forbidden thought is not allowed. One must only think what one is told to think: masks forever, vaccine, no Zinc, young people are dying, and so on. If you think things which are not allowed, you will be reprogrammed (see dystopian fiction). A chip will be implanted in your brain to make you think correctly. You will be denied free speech. Free speech is only allowed if the speech is approved by Dr Fauci. Two masks are better than one. And don't you dare to even think about hydroxychloroquine. It is forbidden.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: padiva 5/6/2021 1:02:05 PM (No. 777161)
Where can I get me some HCQ?
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Reply 5 - Posted by: stablemoney 5/6/2021 1:08:47 PM (No. 777166)
Notice to the censors: I don't watch or listen to you, and never have. Your censorship power is powerless. You must find this very deflating.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Maryland_Patriot 5/6/2021 1:13:01 PM (No. 777170)
#4 Some states allow HCQ purchase. See here: Also Ivermectin is widely used prophylactically similarly to HCQ. See here: Good luck.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: LanceLink1 5/6/2021 2:30:17 PM (No. 777251)
Sue the bejesus out of their billions for violating his freedom of speech. Just like "Rolling Thunder" should sue Biden for violating their freedom to assemble.
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Dr. Joseph Mercola provides a case
study in how censorship works in America
7 replies
Posted by Maryland_Patriot 5/6/2021 11:46:39 AM Post Reply
Another chapter is being written in the book known as “I don’t recognize my country anymore.” The latest entry is the leftist jihad waged against Dr. Joseph Mercola for daring to contradict the left’s agreed-upon narrative about preventing and treating COVID. Up until COVID hit, Dr. Joseph Mercola was a well-respected osteopathic physician and best-selling author whose specialty was natural health – that is, maintaining good health through smart nutrition and healthy living. Since the left was long about natural health, he was even featured in such leftist media outlets as Time, Forbes, and CNN.
CEO takes back control 13 replies
Posted by Maryland_Patriot 5/3/2021 3:33:08 PM Post Reply
Once upon a time, IBM required its male workers to wear white shirts (and of course ties) and sport no facial hair because the company did not wish to offend any customers. (snip) Instead of focusing on work, employees were arguing over politics. The company decided to change all that. But while its ban on talking politics in the office drew the attention from political blogs (duh), the ending of committees and the conversion of paternalistic benefits into cash are the real sea-change in the corporation.
A software company comes up with
a brilliant corporate speech policy
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Basecamp is remote work software that provides a single online environment in which workers on a single project can consolidate everything they do on that project. No matter where you are, there's a virtual meeting space in cyberspace. That's pretty cool. What's really cool about Basecamp, though, is its CEO's new rule: people may not discuss politics at work. With that single announcement, a third of the workforce quit. Other American corporations should follow suit.
Minnesota Gats 4 replies
Posted by Maryland_Patriot 4/19/2021 5:11:42 PM Post Reply
One of the stranger things to happen in what is a very strange age is that the great state of Minnesota has become the focus of race relations in America. Most people think of the state as being one of the whitest in the country, so it is odd that it would be a microcosm for what is going on in the country as a whole. We are regularly told by our betters that new America is diverse and vibrant, not bland and white. (snip) This is the reality of Jim Snow America. Whites, especially white males, will get the harshest treatment from the law.
G. Gordon Liddy, Watergate mastermind,
dead at 90
16 replies
Posted by Maryland_Patriot 3/31/2021 8:44:10 AM Post Reply
Washington — G. Gordon Liddy, a mastermind of the Watergate burglary and a radio talk show host after emerging from prison, died Tuesday at age 90 at his daughter’s home in Virginia. His son, Thomas Liddy, confirmed the death but did not reveal the cause, other than to say it was not related to COVID-19. Liddy, a former FBI agent and Army veteran, was convicted of conspiracy, burglary and illegal wiretapping for his role in the Watergate burglary, which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. He spent four years and four months in prison, including more than 100 days in solitary confinement.
Beverly Cleary, author of children’s book
‘Henry Huggins,’ dead at 104
9 replies
Posted by Maryland_Patriot 3/27/2021 11:48:45 PM Post Reply
Beverly Cleary, the beloved children’s books author famous for “Henry Huggins,” “Ribsy” and “Ramona Quimby,” has died. She was 104. (snip) “We are saddened by the passing of Beverly Cleary, one of the most beloved children’s authors of all time,” the publisher said in a statement. “Looking back, she’d often say, ‘I’ve had a lucky life,’ and generations of children count themselves lucky too — lucky to have the very real characters Beverly Cleary created, including Henry Huggins, Ramona and Beezus Quimby, and Ralph S. Mouse, as true friends who helped shape their growing-up years.
Understand That Some People Love
the Pandemic
13 replies
Posted by Maryland_Patriot 3/22/2021 11:18:50 AM Post Reply
It might not occur to you, because you are not a bizarre wierdo, but a lot of people really love the pandemic. Not just the little fascist gnome who changes his #science advice more often than a Wellesley girl changes her preferences during her sophomore year experimental phase, and not just the fascist pols who get off on exploiting their emergency powers to boss people around, but even some regular people. The masks, the paranoia, the constant talk about vaccines – some people love this stuff. This is their Woodstock. And they never want it to end.
Bill Maher sounds alarm on China's
dominance over US: 'They're eating
our lunch'
28 replies
Posted by Maryland_Patriot 3/13/2021 9:42:40 PM Post Reply
"Real Time" host Bill Maher closed his show Friday night by sounding the alarm on China's growing dominance over the United States. "You're not going to win the battle for the 21st century if you are a silly people. And Americans are a silly people," Maher began the monologue, alluding to a "Lawrence of Arabia" quote. "Do you know who doesn't care that there's a stereotype of a Chinese man in a Dr. Seuss book? China," he said. "All 1.4 billion of them couldn't give a crouching tiger flying f--- because they're not a silly people. If anything, they are as serious as a prison fight."
Cuomo Was Warned His COVID Group
Home Policies Would Kill
8 replies
Posted by Maryland_Patriot 3/13/2021 9:39:00 PM Post Reply
A New York State whistleblower says that another wrongheaded policy has cost lives to the state’s most vulnerable, and he blames Governor Andrew Cuomo. In 2011, Jeff Monsour won a landmark federal jury trial for whistleblower retaliation after he disclosed abuses in New York state’s group homes. He told The American Conservative that he and Mike Carey, whose son died in a group home over fourteen years ago, have been warning everyone—including Gov. Cuomo—of the so-called floating policy and its deleterious effects on COVID spread in group homes. “You must immediately STOP all floating of caregivers throughout your entire mental health system. This is extremely dangerous and deadly,”
Vindicating Trump, Biden’s FCC
Designates Chinese Tech Firms
‘National Security Threats’
3 replies
Posted by Maryland_Patriot 3/13/2021 9:32:39 PM Post Reply
The Federal Communications Commission designated five Chinese Communist Party-linked tech firms as “national security threats.” Among the companies targeted by the ban are Huawei, ZTE, Hytera Communications Corp, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology, and Dahua Technology Co. “Such designations, which will extend to subsidiaries and affiliates of the targeted entities, are required under the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act of 2019,” South China Morning Post notes. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) highlighted how telecommunications products from and services provided by the aforementioned companies posed “an unacceptable risk to US national security or the security and safety of US persons.”
Thousands of Bikers Arrive in Daytona
Beach, Florida in Defiance of
COVID Mandates
10 replies
Posted by Maryland_Patriot 3/13/2021 9:24:43 PM Post Reply
Tens of thousands of motorcyclists arrived in Daytona, Florida earlier this week, present to celebrate the city’s yearly Bike Week tradition. This year’s Bike Week is the 80th occurrence of the tradition, with some estimates of up to 300,000 attending the event. (snip) The yearly event started as a meeting of rival motorcycle gangs, evolving to a national motorcyclist meetup. The bikers were largely welcomed in the city, with the Chamber of Commerce and city governments displaying materials welcoming them. “I refuse to mask. Joe Biden ain’t gonna tell me what to do. I have a constitutional right to do whatever the hell I want,” biker John Saxon,
Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal Should
Have Already Done Him In
10 replies
Posted by Maryland_Patriot 3/13/2021 9:20:34 PM Post Reply
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s reputation as the tough-love COVID savior of New York, promoted by the liberal media, is utterly collapsing. (snip) It’s truly unfortunate that it took this second scandal of sexual harassment to turn the tide against Cuomo. His first major scandal, forcing COVID-positive patients into the worst possible environment for the disease’s deadly spread — nursing homes — and then fudging the numbers to cover up virus deaths in those facilities, should have been more than enough for Democrats to call for his resignation.
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What's Behind Vaccine Hysteria? 49 replies
Posted by Magnante 5/7/2021 4:05:21 AM Post Reply
If you are reluctant to get the COVID vaccine and beginning to feel overrun by forces pressuring you to get vaccinated, you aren’t alone and you aren’t crazy. There’s a reason you feel the way you do. You are being manipulated. We are being bombarded with commercials pushing us to be socially responsible. Medical professionals, celebrities, and folks in our communities admonish us not to shirk our civic duty. Suddenly, the vaccine is the only way to normalcy. Friends and family openly brag about their vaccinations and gasp in astonishment when they find out you haven’t decided or, worse, that you will not get it.
Dr. Fauci is Funding Gruesome University of
Pittsburgh Study Skinning Scalps off of
Aborted Babies and Growing them on Lab
Rats (VIDEO)
41 replies
Posted by Harlowe 5/7/2021 1:02:03 AM Post Reply
The University of Pittsburgh is growing scalps from aborted babies on lab rodents. This is straight from a horror movie.(Snip)A new video from the Center for Medical Progress exposes a gristly experiment at the University of Pittsburgh that involved scalping five-month aborted babies and implanting their scalps onto rodents.(Snip)… a number of the experiments using aborted baby body parts at the university are funded by U.S. taxpayers through the National Institutes of Health and, in particular, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases office, CMP found in its investigation.
Michelle Obama: Black Lives
Matter 'taking to the streets
because they have to'
36 replies
Posted by Ribicon 5/7/2021 3:07:31 PM Post Reply
Michelle Obama said in a new interview that Black people live with a constant fear of discrimination and injustice and that Black Lives Matter activists are “taking to the streets” not because they want to, but “because they have to.” In an interview with “CBS This Morning” that will air Monday, the former first lady said there’s still a long road ahead after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted last month in the murder of George Floyd.(Snip) I know that people in the Black community don’t feel that way because many of us still live in fear as we go to the
Biden's proclamation declaring National
Day of Prayer omits the word 'God' --
prompting Franklin Graham to say
'there's no one else to pray to'
36 replies
Posted by OhioNick 5/7/2021 3:29:25 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden's proclamation of the annual National Day of Prayer failed to include the word 'God', an omission that is drawing criticism from some religious leaders. Biden, a devout Catholic, typically ends his public remarks with the phrase 'May God bless you all, and God protect our troops' - but his proclamation for Thursday's Day of Prayer contained no such acknowledgement of a higher power. 'Prayer has nourished countless souls and powered moral movements — including essential fights against racial injustice, child labor, and infringement on the rights of disabled Americans,' the proclamation read in part.
Videos: Heavily Armed Antifa Militia
In Portland Stop Traffic, Assault Driver
At Gunpoint While He Attempts To Defend Himself
35 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 5/7/2021 7:43:59 AM Post Reply
A heavily armed anarchist militia in Portland stopped traffic and assaulted a driver at gunpoint while he attempted to defend himself. A video from Portland, Oregon, posted on Twitter Thursday showed armed Antifa activists assaulting a driver after threatening him with firearms in broad daylight while blocking traffic. At two separate points, multiple participants pulled AR-15s, AK-47s, pistols, and possibly a shotgun and/or Keltec Sub 2000 on motorists who happened to be driving along.
Michelle Obama says she fears for her
daughters when they drive amid police
34 replies
Posted by Imright 5/7/2021 8:33:34 PM Post Reply
Former first lady Michelle Obama fears for her daughters when they get behind the wheel of a car amid police use-of-force incidents, she said.Obama is "breathing a sigh of relief" after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd, though she said there's "still work to be done."“Many of us [black people] still live in fear as we go to the grocery store or walking our dogs or allowing our children to get a license. I mean, just imagine — [my daughters] are driving, but every time they get in a car by themselves,
WATCH: Hysterical Man Harasses Pregnant Women
In Grocery Store For No Mask, Scolds Her For ‘So
Much Privilege’
34 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 5/7/2021 11:19:33 AM Post Reply
A man videotaped and taunted a young pregnant woman who wasn’t wearing a mask in a grocery store and put the video online, which has amassed more than 400,000 views as of Friday. “Right there, right there, no mask,” the man said, zooming over to the pregnant woman as she checks out with her groceries. The woman calmly waves, only irritating the already emotional man. “You’re on candid camera. Here we go. I want you to know that your insensitivity is ridiculous,” he scolded her. He then equated her massless face with the deaths of his grandparents.
Another Massive Brawl Breaks Out at Miami
International Airport–Weaves Go Flying,
Woman Dragged Across the Floor! (Video)
34 replies
Posted by Ribicon 5/7/2021 2:22:52 AM Post Reply
Another massive brawl broke out at Miami International Airport on Wednesday just one week after passengers were seen beating each other at the D gates. The fight this week began when two women started yelling at each other on the plane. One woman is heard screaming, “I’m not even in my regular seat, so I don’t give a [expletive]!” The passengers were kicked off the plane and a brawl erupted in the boarding area. A very large man in a yellow sweatshirt is seen grabbing a man by his neck, throwing him to the ground and dragging him. A woman with a blonde weave got taken down
Caitlyn Jenner’s punchy anti-Newsom ad is
a preview of a big challenge for Dems
28 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 5/7/2021 12:27:40 AM Post Reply
In the California governor’s race, candidate Caitlyn (née Bruce) Jenner has landed the first blow, and it’s a telling one. This week, the former Kardashian paterfamilias’ campaign released a three-minute ad that might as well have been titled “Make California Great Again.” It’s a killer ad because every Californian knows that under one-party Democratic rule, the Golden State isn’t so golden anymore. Jenner’s ad juxtaposes the California of an earlier era, intercut with footage of Bruce at the Olympics, and sharply contrasts those evocations of sun, fun and vitality with images from today, featuring homeless encampments, discarded hypodermic needles and shuttered businesses.
Automakers Cave To Biden’s
Electric Car Dreams, And Ignore
Their Own Customers
25 replies
Posted by RockyTCB 5/7/2021 5:42:52 AM Post Reply
When President Joe Biden declared that he wants all cars sold to be “zero-emission” by 2035, carmakers didn’t raise a peep of protest. Worse, they are starting to fall in line with promises to go all-electric, even though the vast majority of consumers don’t want these cars. General Motors made a big splash earlier this year when it promised to sell only electric cars by 2035. “General Motors is joining governments and companies around the globe working to establish a safer, greener and better world,” CEO Mary Barra said days after Biden was sworn in. “We encourage others to follow
BLM Releases New List of 7 Extremist
Demands; Two Target Donald Trump
24 replies
Posted by Imright 5/7/2021 4:07:38 PM Post Reply
Black Lives Matter, a political outfit masquerading as a social justice group, has issued a new list of 7 “demands.” As if there were any doubt, BLM has made it clear that it is a radical arm of the Democratic Party. These demands follow bellow: 1. Convict and ban Trump from future political office:We are joining Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rep. Cori Bush, Rep. Jamaal Bowman, and others who are demanding Trump be immediately convicted in the United States Senate. Trump must also be banned from holding elected office in the future. Call your members of Congress and demand they support conviction by dialing (202) 224-3121.
Swiss Diplomat Who Represented Biden
Admin Interests in Iran Is Found Dead After
Falling from 17th Floor Balcony in Tehran
23 replies
Posted by Imright 5/7/2021 2:41:26 PM Post Reply
Swiss diplomat Sylvie Brunner was found dead this week after falling from her 17th-floor apartment balcony in Tehran. She was the first secretary of the Swiss delegation and worked in the US Interests Section.Neighbors heard a loud explosion late at night before her death. (Snip)According to reports, Sylvie Brunner was called to Iran to testify about her knowledge of the details of the American accounts who pocketed billions of dollars due to the bribes to lift sanctions against Iran. We cannot verify that report at this time.
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