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BREAKING: In Chilling Video, Antifa Doxes,
Threatens to KILL Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

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Posted By: Skinnydip, 4/29/2021 4:45:36 PM

Late last week Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler took to video to plea for the community’s help to “unmask” antifa. The violence-prone anarchist-fascist group has terrorized Portland with months of violent and destructive insurrectionist riots despite Joe Biden merely calling antifa an “idea.” Someone purporting to represent antifa has responded to Wheeler with a new video. In this video, the masked individual pushes anti-American themes and publishes Wheeler’s home address. The individual finishes the disturbing presentation with a veiled threat to kill Mayor Wheeler.


The"idea" comes to life.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: RobertJ984 4/29/2021 4:47:44 PM (No. 770923)
Have no fear Mayor. Remember what the liberal left said...Antifa isn't a real thing
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Sardonic 4/29/2021 4:56:22 PM (No. 770926)
No sympathy, he's been a closet supporter of their activities for over a year.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Cindiana 4/29/2021 4:57:46 PM (No. 770927)
Oh, geez. What happened?? He was so down for the schtruggle not that long ago.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: SALady 4/29/2021 4:59:53 PM (No. 770929)
Yet, according to so many DC Demon-Rats, it's "white supremists" that are the major risk of domestic terrorism in this country!!! But, of course, they can't find a single example of real "white supremists" terrorist acts in this country. But they sure make for a good boogey-man to their brain-dead lie-beral voting base!!!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Ribicon 4/29/2021 5:00:20 PM (No. 770930)
Better run this by crackhead Humper Biden; this is fake news if ever there was. How can an idea attack a person? Then again, the person is wearing a white mask, so maybe this is the white supremacists finally rising to strike.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Italiano 4/29/2021 5:07:43 PM (No. 770936)
Part of me finds this mildly amusing. It couldn't happen to a more annoying leftist pussy.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: LanceLink1 4/29/2021 5:07:53 PM (No. 770937)
You only get more of what you subsidize.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Miester 4/29/2021 5:14:46 PM (No. 770940)
He is an antifa supporter, even went out during one of the riots and mingled, he's going to get his karma
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Reply 9 - Posted by: plaids 4/29/2021 5:16:33 PM (No. 770941)
How does that go? Something about the frog riding on the crocodile's back? Ha Ha
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Reply 10 - Posted by: lostinmassachusetts 4/29/2021 5:19:54 PM (No. 770943)
When faced with similar threats from foreign terrorists, the US military command responded with deadly force to annihilate the enemy. Why then do we do not do the same to these domestic terrorists?
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Reply 11 - Posted by: DVC 4/29/2021 5:22:54 PM (No. 770945)
At some point people will begin to actually kill antifa thugs, without any threats at all.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: padiva 4/29/2021 5:41:11 PM (No. 770957)
Is Teddy no longer a useful idiot?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: udanja99 4/29/2021 5:42:22 PM (No. 770958)
Guess he should have done something about them about a year ago. He deserves this. Now maybe he’ll actually get off his leftist arse and act.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: pros7767 4/29/2021 5:42:56 PM (No. 770959)
If you lie down with rats, you get fleas! Not going to insult wonderful dogs!
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Reply 15 - Posted by: bad-hair 4/29/2021 5:46:03 PM (No. 770962)
Analogy .... from an old song about gutters and snipes. You can tell a man who boozes By the company he chooses and the pig got up and slowly walked away. No Teddy Boy they won't eat you last. You're too easy.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: RuckusTom 4/29/2021 5:46:40 PM (No. 770963)
At least the person in the video was wearing a mask. You know? For Covid, I suppose. So, there's that.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: LeeBertie 4/29/2021 5:57:04 PM (No. 770971)
The eat-their-own stage of the revolution has officially started, 'bout time.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Omen55 4/29/2021 6:04:57 PM (No. 770977)
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Reply 19 - Posted by: czechlist 4/29/2021 6:19:19 PM (No. 770984)
Since Bidet told us antifa is only an "idea" this is obviously a KKK White Supremacist pretending to be a member of a nonexistent (bowel) movement.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: TCloud 4/29/2021 6:36:46 PM (No. 770998)
Take care of it Wheeler, it is your nickle!
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Reply 21 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 4/29/2021 6:53:44 PM (No. 771009)
Antifa is a hate group, and a terrorist group. It is way pass time that it be treated as such.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: columba 4/29/2021 7:19:29 PM (No. 771034)
The police should arrest everyone who matches the description and sort them out.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Toby Ten Bears 4/29/2021 8:17:13 PM (No. 771080)
Well... Good luck with that!
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Reply 24 - Posted by: deerejon 4/29/2021 8:23:21 PM (No. 771086)
Have at it antifa,no big loss.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 4/29/2021 8:35:06 PM (No. 771091)
How long before that Violent Black African Mob (VBAM) targets Obama?? Biden! Harris? Pelosi? Schumer? Durban? Newsom? Turns on their masters? How long? Come on man!
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Strike3 4/29/2021 10:37:01 PM (No. 771170)
The violent death of one prominent democrat enabler might just be the thing that wakes them all up. This reminds me of the story of the ship captain who wrecked his sailboat full of cats on an island. Once he ran out of his cans of tuna, he was the only food source left.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Father of Internet 4/30/2021 12:23:43 AM (No. 771210)
But, but, but... according to the mainstream media, Antifa doesn't exist, so how is this possible?
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Reply 28 - Posted by: OhioNick 4/30/2021 2:11:42 AM (No. 771271)
BLM already murdered five police officers in Dallas and there were no repercussions whatsoever for the group. And don't forget that the NFL banned the Dallas Cowboys players from wearing a decal on their helmets in tribute to the fallen officers. Yes, BLM and Antifa can get away with murder.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: mifla 4/30/2021 4:00:29 AM (No. 771298)
Hey Ted, call the FBI.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: anniebc 4/30/2021 3:15:53 PM (No. 771758)
Lie down, reap what you sow. . . Yeah, all that!
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BREAKING: In Chilling Video, Antifa Doxes,
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Late last week Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler took to video to plea for the community’s help to “unmask” antifa. The violence-prone anarchist-fascist group has terrorized Portland with months of violent and destructive insurrectionist riots despite Joe Biden merely calling antifa an “idea.” Someone purporting to represent antifa has responded to Wheeler with a new video. In this video, the masked individual pushes anti-American themes and publishes Wheeler’s home address. The individual finishes the disturbing presentation with a veiled threat to kill Mayor Wheeler.
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President Biden announced on Monday that the "vast majority" of Americans will be eligible to get their first COVID-19 vaccination shot by April 19. For the vast, vast, majority of adults, you won’t have to wait until May 1," the president emphasized. [snip] Biden noted that "cases [are] rising again, new variants are spreading, and sadly, some of the reckless behavior we've seen on television over the past few weeks means that more new cases are to come in the weeks ahead."
Virginia Beach shootings leave
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'very chaotic night': reports
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At least two shootings -- one of them involving a police officer -- near the Virginia Beach Oceanfront in southeastern Virginia left at least two dead and eight wounded on Friday night, according to police. One of the deceased was killed by police and the other, a woman, was killed in a separate shooting, according to a statement from the Virginia Beach Police Department. An officer was also hit by a car but was expected to survive, WVEC-TV Norfolk reporter Ali Weatherton reported.
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The suspect in the Colorado supermarket shootings bought a firearm at a local gun store after passing a background check, and he also had a second weapon with him that he didn’t use in the attack that killed 10 people this week, authorities and the gun store owner said Friday. [snip] John Mark Eagleton, owner of Eagles Nest Armory in the Denver suburb of Arvada, said in a statement that his store was cooperating with authorities as they investigate. The suspect passed a background check conducted by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation before purchasing a gun, Eagleton said.
BREAKING: Suspect in Boulder mass
shooting identified as Ahmad Alissa
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The suspect who has been detained in Monday's mass shooting in Boulder, Colo. has been identified as Ahmad Alissa. The 21-year-old suspect is alleged to have entered a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder and killed 10 people. Boulder Police Chief Maris Harold said that Alissa is from Arvada, which is 20 miles south of Boulder, according to the New York Post. "I want to say to the community, I am so sorry this incident happened," Harold said, "and we are going to do everything in our power to make sure this suspect has a thorough trial and we do a thorough investigation."
Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Outed as Source
of Fake Trump Quotes in Washington Post Story
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Back in January, the Washington Post reported that Trump told an official working in Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office to “find the fraud” in the state, telling them that they would be a national hero if she did. The call took place on December 23rd, and was just released, proving that Trump never said that. [snip] The recording was discovered in a then-unnamed official’s computer trash bin after they said they didn’t think a recording existed. Without their gross incompetence in what appears to be them trying to cover their tracks, this bogus reporting would’ve never been exposed.
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that she would “never forgive” former President Donald Trump and the rioters at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.Pelosi said, “I will never forgive those people and the president who instigated the insurrection for the trauma they caused to the workers in the Capitol, whether the young people who work in our offices, whether custodial staff who make the Capitol run, whether it was the Capitol Police. They messed up my office, broke mirrors and stole stuff, and the rest, who cares. But I do care that the impact, the negative impact, the fright they instilled in people
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Joe Biden’s administration, seeking deep cuts to planet-heating emissions, is facing pressure to take a previously unthinkable step: declare the end of the internal combustion engine in the US. Washington state has moved to call time on the age of gasoline and diesel cars, with the legislature passing a goal that new car sales be only zero-emission vehicles from 2030, including out of state purchases that are then imported. The legislation now awaits to signature of Governor Jay Inslee, a Democrat who previously ran for president on the climate crisis platform. While not a strict mandate, the Washington bill is
Biden: American People Aren’t Racist, But
‘After 400 Years,’ Black People ‘So Far
Behind the Eight Ball’ in Education, Health,
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During a portion of an interview with NBC aired on Thursday’s broadcast of “NBC Nightly News,” President Joe Biden responded to Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-SC) speech on Wednesday and stated that while he doesn’t think the American people are racist, “after 400 years, African Americans have been left in a position where they are so far behind the eight ball in terms of education and health, in terms of opportunity.”Host Craig Melvin asked, “He said among other things, America isn’t racist. Is it?”Biden responded, “No, I don’t think the American people are racist. But I think after 400 years, African Americans have been left in a position where they are
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I confess that like most Americans, I had no interest in watching Joe Biden’s non-State of the Union address to a mostly empty House chamber hosting a joint session of Congress. That’s why I missed a golden moment during the commentary afterward on Fox News Channel, one that surely stands as what the progressives like to call a “Profile in Courage.” (snip) Last week, the host of the program [Fox News Primetime] was Ben Domenech (snip) With a potential plum like that a possibility, Domenech deserves a lot of credit
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Many of us recently saw an online video of a young teenage girl brandishing a knife, large enough to be a deadly weapon, attempting to stab another young girl. Just in the nick of time, a police officer shot the attacker, who died. While this is the most extreme video I've seen, there are many other instances of similar behavior, mostly unrecorded by media. Somehow, we have become a nation in which literally thousands of young people are walking around, ready at a moment's notice to react with violence,
Behar Goes Full Racist, Says Black GOP
Sen. Tim Scott ‘Does Not Seem To
Understand’ Racism
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Posted by Imright 4/30/2021 5:37:40 PM Post Reply
There’s probably nothing more ironic than a white liberal telling an African-American man that he does not understand “racism.”During an off-the-rails segment on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Joy Behar said South Carolina Republican Sen. does not seem to understand the difference between racism and systemic racism.The conversation began when the panel spoke about Scott giving the State of the Union rebuttal to Joe Biden’s speech on Wednesday, during which Scott talked about race and said that the United States isn’t a racist country.
Biden Says Its A ‘Patriotic Responsibility For
God’s Sake’ For Two Vaccinated People To
Wear Masks While Talking Indoors
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Posted by Imright 4/30/2021 2:38:43 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden said that it is a “patriotic responsibility” for two vaccinated people to wear masks when they are talking indoors during an interview with “Today” on Friday. Host Craig Melvin asked Biden if he was going to stop wearing his mask outdoors given the new CDC guidance saying that vaccinated people can stop wearing masks outside. “Sure, I mean, but what I’m going to do though because the likelihood of my being able to be outside and people not come up to me is not very high so it’s like look, you and I took our masks off when I came in.
Poll: Nearly half of vaccine-hesitant Americans
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Posted by Dreadnought 4/30/2021 7:15:27 PM Post Reply
U.S. resistance to getting a COVID-19 vaccine is slowly diminishing, a new online survey finds, but it still exists and at especially high rates in some blue-collar jobs -- and nearly half of respondents are worried about side effects. For adults under age 65 who are hesitant, reluctance is mainly driven by concerns about safety, side effects and distrust in government, the poll found. It's also largely linked to people's line of work. The bottom line: "Vaccine hesitancy is emerging as a key barrier to ending the COVID-19 pandemic," said lead author Wendy King, associate professor of epidemiology in the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.
‘I’m in Trouble’ — Joe Biden Loses
Mask After Outdoor Campaign Speech
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Posted by Imright 4/30/2021 12:08:14 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden lost his mask during an outdoor drive-in car rally with supporters in Georgia on Thursday.Biden wore his mask up to the podium and kept it on throughout first lady Jill Biden’s introductory remarks.After hugging the first lady, the president removed his mask to deliver his remarks. He coughed and cleared his throat throughout his speech, which lasted about 20 minutes. At the end of his speech, Biden invited Democrat Sens. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, who were watching the speech in the back, to join him on stage.The first lady pointed at her mask and reminded the president to put on his own mask, but
Minnesota Man Fined $12 Million For
Police Station Fire At George Floyd Protest
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 4/30/2021 5:18:33 AM Post Reply
A Minnesota man has been fined $12 million for helping set fire to a police station during a protest last summer following the death of George Floyd. Dylan Shakespeare Robinson, 23, pleaded guilty in December to one count of conspiracy to commit arson. He was accused of lighting a Molotov cocktail that another person threw at the Third Precinct headquarters in Minneapolis. He now faces four years in prison and a whopping fine for the damages to the police station -- a penalty Robinson’s lawyer argues he will never be able to pay.
Amtrak Joe pushes billions in train investment
including a 'party' route from LA to Vegas
and a 220mph journey from Atlanta to Charlotte
in Philadelphia platform speech alongside his
granddaughters Finnegan and Maisy
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Posted by Imright 4/30/2021 4:37:05 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden took planes, automobiles - but not trains - to Philadelphia to mark Amtrak's 50th anniversary on Friday. The president, who earned the nickname 'Amtrak Joe' during his Senate career, stood in front of a new Acela train outside of 30th Street Station and gushed about his 'family' of train workers while warning cuts to the service 'would be a disaster for our environment and our economy.' 'I want to tell you these guys, women they work like the devil. They really, really, really do. And Amtrak wasn't just a way of getting home, it provided me - and I'm not joking -
TSA extends mask mandate for planes, public
transportation in U.S. until September
15 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 4/30/2021 7:05:07 PM Post Reply
The Transportation Security Administration announced Friday it will extend a federal mandate that requires people to wear masks in transportation settings, including at airports, on commercial aircraft and on commuter bus and rail systems, through Sept. 13. The initial requirement went into effect Feb. 1 and was set to expire May 11. “The federal mask requirement throughout the transportation system seeks to minimize the spread of COVID-19 on public transportation,” Darby LaJoye, the senior official performing the duties of the TSA administrator, said in a statement. “About half of all adults have at least one vaccination shot and masks remain an important tool in defeating this pandemic.”
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