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Time for Rush Limbaugh's show
to look toward the future again

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Posted By: Harlowe, 3/11/2021 12:30:06 PM

I loved the Rush Limbaugh show.(Snip)The show serves a purpose--a purpose that we need fulfilled more now than ever. Unfortunately, it is not serving that purpose fully now. Rather than building on his legacy, we are wallowing in the sadness of his loss.(Snip)The radio show was never about the past; it was about the urgency of the present and the future. The show is an enormous asset to its owners and to America.(Snip)Rush always said he didn't want it "to be all about him.”(Snip)The owners are frittering away the fruits of all his work.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Paintman 3/11/2021 12:33:15 PM (No. 720765)
In due time. I think this is more about getting the right successor than getting somebody on the job right away. Look at how Coast to Coast AM imploded after the Art Bell era. The show is saddled with a lemon.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DARling 3/11/2021 12:45:44 PM (No. 720778)
He was an institution. It is natural to have a grieving period. I don't listen very often, but when I do, I hear some Rush clip that is just as relevant today as it was many years ago. There are more than three decades worth of material to draw upon and it can be spliced into new programs until a new, dynamic host with a sense of humor can be found.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Jean123 3/11/2021 12:49:17 PM (No. 720781)
Candace Owens
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Harlowe 3/11/2021 12:53:51 PM (No. 720790)
This household appreciates the rotation of guest hosts and suspects that may be exactly what Rush wanted—to give a variety of conservative hosts the opportunity to keep Americans informed with the truth from a variety of conservative perspectives. Rush cannot be replaced and the guest hosts are well aware of and respect that reality; however, Rush’s compassionate, magnanimous, nurturing persona suggests that he would want these rotating conservative voices to be heard for their own observations and prognostications—a forward-thinking benefactor’s legacy to keep America strong and other conservative voices the means of fulfilling his lifetime’s ambition. Rush will not be forgotten and using clips of his “talent on loan from God” interspersed from time to time would be not only appropriate, but welcome.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Sully 3/11/2021 12:54:29 PM (No. 720791)
Please listen to this author! "Give us the Limbaugh Institute for the Advancement of Conservative Studies" already. We want Styne and we want Mrs L to be in charge of publishing: the Limbaugh Letter and kids' book franchise. Let Rush's influence animate the conservative base, which HE defined and built, deal with saving our country going forward.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: FL_Absentee_Voter 3/11/2021 12:55:34 PM (No. 720792)
I agree 100%. The only upside is that I no longer arrange my daily schedule around that 3-hour bloc every morning. Quit listening because I wasn't learning anything. Nothing fresh. No more keen insight or prescience.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Speedy2 3/11/2021 12:57:24 PM (No. 720793)
Listened to Rush. Listen only fpr a few minutes now. Will be big shoes to fill.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: PostAway 3/11/2021 1:05:43 PM (No. 720800)
Rush understood liberals dead to rights, backwards and forwards and every which way. His good humor didn’t allow him to be as blunt as he could have been but nothing they did surprised him. He was not, however, prone to sharing prescriptions about what to do about them apart from political processes. Some things he said towards the end of his life led me to think that he recognized this fact and was concerned that more had not been accomplished to rout them out of public life. A reasonable replacement for Rush’s time slot would be someone, another man, who will be sensible but fearless in leading a way out of the morass we are in. We need a plan and a road map. Someone formidable like Donald Trump but less bumptious. Some names that immediately come to mind for whom God could loan to loan talent: David Webb, Allen West, Mark Steyn and James Woods. There are probably more. No one will ever take Rush Limbaugh’s place but maybe now we need a change of focus on the movement which that great, brilliant, engaging and fearless man began.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Luandir 3/11/2021 1:11:36 PM (No. 720809)
I agree completely. EIB has become Eulogy In Broadcasting. The rotation of guest hosts should be dealing with current issues head on, not with a shrink-to-fit connection to Rush. It's time to gently and respectfully let go, and focus on the future.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: earlybird 3/11/2021 1:24:53 PM (No. 720832)
A big resounding YES!!! We tried to listen the other morning. Rush was always right on point. Current. These replays sound like a lazy way to keep the show itself going until they come up with another idea. Rush is up there saying “get on with it!!!!"
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Reply 11 - Posted by: jollytroll 3/11/2021 1:38:57 PM (No. 720845)
I was feeling guilty for thinking the same thing, guess I'm not alone. Also no longer make sure to have radio access 12-3. Where has Steyn been? He was filling in all the time, but not so much lately.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Smart11344 3/11/2021 1:47:46 PM (No. 720856)
There probably will never be another Limbaugh. He was an all time favorite. Coming in 2nd was Paul Harvey with his unique News and comments. Mr. Harvey was also an icon in his own right. The Armed Force radio network carried his show, I listened to him when I vacation in Europe in the early 70's
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Reply 13 - Posted by: WesternTradition 3/11/2021 1:54:18 PM (No. 720861)
To me, the only replacement that would keep me listening daily is Mark Steyn. The other ones are ok, but only Steyn would have me looking forward to listening. I loved Rush Limbaugh and his death was a great blow to me, but I agree with Leann Horrocks' article.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Sanddollar 3/11/2021 1:57:59 PM (No. 720865)
I quit listening too as I find it too hard to listen to shows of the past. We need to be rallying the Rush supporters for the present and the future.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: reefdiver 3/11/2021 1:58:41 PM (No. 720866)
Mark Steyn is great. I think he has been offered a show of his own before but I'm guessing he did not want to be tied to that fixed schedule. He would probably be the best replacement on the EIB network, but no one will match Rush.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Amanoftwistsandturns 3/11/2021 3:14:53 PM (No. 720915)
It’s a little tacky to still air commercials that Rush recorded.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Clinger 3/11/2021 3:22:25 PM (No. 720925)
I find it difficult to listen to as well. I'd love for Mark Steyn to carry the torch. I think after a year or so it would be cool to hear a bit of our old Rush but as it is it seems a form of denial.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: RuckusTom 3/11/2021 3:26:29 PM (No. 720933)
All part of the plan to knock off another conservative viewpoint.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: john56 3/11/2021 4:17:38 PM (No. 720984)
Give the folks there a break. Rush's body hasn't spent much time at room (or ground) temperature. Making decisions in haste will spell a quick ruin for what is a very profitable venture for the Limbaugh family and its partners (be they staff, syndicators, local affiliates, advertisers, etc.). Some day, the memories of Rush will fade and we'll live with an occasional rememberance of his wit and wisdom. But time is needed to determine who is the best fit for the 12-3 time slot and the continued success of that franchise. It might be Todd Herman, he's been spending a bunch of time behind the EIB Golden Microphone. I tend to like Mark Steyn, but as another poster said, does Mark have the interest in being tied down to a regular schedule. Look to how Jeopardy is dealing with the loss of Alex Tribec, not a perfect comparison, but it's one that they are taking their time. Those that Rush left behind to continue the program would be wise to follow that lead.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Paintman 3/11/2021 4:39:23 PM (No. 721000)
I have a feeling that Rush has already chosen who he wishes to be his successor.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: 3XALADY 3/11/2021 4:46:50 PM (No. 721012)
I, too, do not listen to Rush's show any more. He is gone. I loved him while he was here.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: MDConservative 3/11/2021 5:45:00 PM (No. 721064)
When the star dies, the show goes, too. Paul Harvey presents a good example. So do Lawrence Welk and Ed Sullivan...both of whom are available for nostalgia seekers on obscure channels. Rush gave his all. And now there is a three hour block of radio programming to fill. It won't be by Rush, nor will it be the Rush Limbaugh Show.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: TaxGuru 3/11/2021 6:22:00 PM (No. 721107)
I find it hard to believe that, with full knowledge of his fate, Rush and his team didn't develop a plan to keep his show moving forward. On today's live Q&A show, Mark Steyn stated that his show with Kathryn was the last time he will be hosting Rush's show. He said his connection was with Rush personally and he can't feel comfortable with the corporate entity that controls EIB, especially after the disaster he experienced with the CRTV venture.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: padiva 3/11/2021 6:56:26 PM (No. 721139)
I cherish the 2 days that I am able to listen to the radio show. The audios of liberal hypocrisy serve a purpose. Also, newer listeners can get up to speed with some of the past issues. The show will evolve. I'm staying the course.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: udanja99 3/11/2021 7:06:36 PM (No. 721147)
I agree. I haven’t listened much because it catches me off guard and for a second or two I forget that he’s gone. Then it hurts all over again. I think it’s time to let him go.
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Brearley is a private all-girls school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. Tuition costs $54,000 a year and prospective families apparently have to take an “anti-racism pledge” to be considered for admission. However, one family has had enough of the indoctrination machine and penned an eloquent letter explaining their reason for removing their daughter.(Snip). In short, we no longer believe that Brearley’s administration and Board of Trustees have any of our children’s best interests at heart.(Snip) It cannot be stated strongly enough that Brearley’s obsession with race must stop.
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Hundreds of thousands of families who've lost someone to COVID-19 are eligible for some financial relief for funeral expenses. Starting Monday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will open applications for COVID-19-related funeral assistance. Eligible people can apply to recover up to $9,000 of qualifying funeral or burial expenses incurred after Jan. 20, 2020. Families with multiple deaths can recoup up to $35,000. The program is part of the latest COVID-19 relief bill.(Snip)”The COVID-19 pandemic has caused immense grief for so many people. Although we cannot change what has happened, we affirm our commitment to help with funeral and burial expenses that many families did not anticipate."
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More than 150 Republicans have signed on to a letter calling for people to 'reimagine a party dedicated to our founding ideals or else hasten the creation of such an alternative.' The letter, organized by former 'Anonymous' op-ed author Miles Taylor and former CIA officer Evan McMullin, mentions the ouster Wednesday of former GOP conference chair Rep. Liz Cheney. It raises the possibility of a complete break with the GOP and the creation of a third party in the face of what the signers term 'despotism.'
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Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick is one the finest books ever written for many reasons, but the main theme is obsession. The captain of the whale ship Pequod is obsessed with hunting down and killing the white whale, the giant mammal that cost the captain his leg. Despite his having lost the last battle with the whale, Ahab is filled with a terrible resolve that is frustrated by his megalomania, his hubris and overconfidence. (snip) Doesn’t that character description sound exactly like Liz Cheney, just-ousted from her House GOP Caucus leadership slot? She is obsessed, overconfident and hubristic to the point of insanity.
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The Prince Harry saga has now gone from reality show to Game of Thrones.The renegade duke took his war with his family to a new level Thursday — as he claimed in a new interview that Prince Charles handed down a “cycle” of “genetic pain and suffering” to him, which he and wife Meghan Markle moved to Los Angeles to break.“He treated me the way he was treated,” the 36-year-old said on Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast.The Duke of Sussex said that he debated leaving royal life since his “early 20s” because of “what it did to my mum,”
Cheney Teases White House Bid After
Being Stripped Of Leadership Spot
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Posted by Imright 5/13/2021 5:31:31 PM Post Reply
On the day after House Republicans voted overwhelmingly to remove her from a leadership position, Liz Cheney made it clear that she isn’t going anywhere and could mount a 2024 White House run.The embittered Wyoming congresswoman (who is the toast of the town in the D.C. swamp) embarked on a string of media appearances to spew venom against former President Donald J. Trump and his supporters.Cheney appeared on NBC flagship the TODAY show where she dug in as the last line of defense by the Bush-McCain-Romney establishment. The same warmongers that have failed to regain control of the GOP from Trump,
Colonial Pipeline Paid Hackers $5 Million
Ransom: Report
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Posted by Dreadnought 5/13/2021 11:17:51 AM Post Reply
Colonial Pipeline Co. paid the group that hacked its pipeline a nearly $5 million ransom in untraceable cryptocurrency within hours of the cyberattack, two people familiar with the payment told Bloomberg on Thursday. The report contradicts Colonial’s public assertion that it did not pay the hacking group Darkside ransom following the cyberattack. A third person familiar with the ransom said the U.S. government is aware Colonial paid Darkside. Colonial declined Bloomberg‘s request for comment. The attack forced Colonial to temporarily shut down much of its services, causing gas shortages and rising prices across the east coast.
House Republicans Defy the
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It’s about time.U.S. Representative Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.) prompted outrage this week following his remarks during a congressional hearing on the events of January 6, 2021. Clyde, along with several Republican House members, is finally pushing back on the Democrats’ allegedly unassailable narrative about what happened that day. The roughly four-hour disturbance at the Capitol, as I’ve covered for months, is being weaponized not only against Donald Trump but also hundreds of nonviolent Americans who traveled to their nation’s capital to protest the final certification of a fraudulent presidential election. Big Tech used the so-called “attack” on the Capitol as an excuse to achieve its long-sought-after goal to deplatform the former president;
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Erase the Terms 'Junior' and
'Senior', Calling Them 'Male-Centric'
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Last month, the faculty senate at Pennsylvania State University passed a resolution urging the school to erase certain words from its lexicon, due to the supposedly problematic legacy of the “typically male-centered world” out of which the terms grew. The resolution aims at gendered pronouns such as “he/him/his” and “she/her/hers,” but it also demonizes the four iconic terms for a person’s years in college (and, often, high school): “freshman,” “sophomore,” “junior,” and “senior.” “The University, as with most all academic institutions world-wide, has grown out of a typically male-centered world. As such, many terms in our lexicon carry a strong, male-centric,
'We feel naked!' Jill reacts to new CDC
guidance telling fully vaccinated people
they can ditch their masks indoors as
she and Jennifer Garner tour West
Virginia school
31 replies
Posted by Imright 5/13/2021 3:27:01 PM Post Reply
Actress Jennifer Garner greeted Jill Biden when the first lady landed in West Virginia on Thursday to visit a vaccination clinic for students. Biden, in accordance with new CDC guidelines, exited the plane without a face mask. She wore a white dress with a soft pink blazer over it. And she wore a pink face mask when she departed Washington D.C. earlier in the day. Jennifer Garner, wearing a black dress, had a face mask on but took hers off when she saw the situation. 'We feel naked,' the first lady said about not wearing a mask. Then she paused. 'I didn't mean it that way!'
Sanders pitches free
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Sen. Bernard Sanders wants more free lunches in the massive infrastructure plan Congress is writing—and this time he means it literally. Mr. Sanders’ plan would continue to give free meals to all schoolchildren, as the federal government has been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic, even if their parents are wealthy enough to pay for the meals. “In the richest country in the world, it is an outrage that millions of children struggle with hunger every day,” said Mr. Sanders, a democratic socialist from Vermont who is chairman of the Senate Budget Committee.(Snip)The federal government spent $18.7 billion on school meals in 2019,
Pelosi on Catholic bishop's comments
about receiving Communion: 'I can use
my own judgment on that'
27 replies
Posted by bamapreacher 5/13/2021 6:47:14 PM Post Reply
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed Catholic bishops who do not believe she should receive Communion due to her views on abortion. "I think I can use my own judgment on that but I'm pleased with what the Vatican put out on that subject. Did you read that?" Pelosi, D-Calif., told a reporter at her weekly press conference. "It basically says don't be divisive on the subject. Thank you," Pelosi said before exiting the conference. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops will convene for a national meeting next month, with plans to vote on drafting guidelines for Communion.
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