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What the heck is going on in this country?

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Posted By: Magnante, 8/5/2021 3:27:36 AM

As the Biden administration continues to peel away the accomplishments of his predecessor, what I hear most from family, friends, and social media posters is a fear that Democrats have become power-mad with their recent ascendancy to a majority position in the House and Senate. They wonder if the current crop of radical officials is hell-bent on weakening, and ultimately destroying, the country that gave them those positions. Beginning with reversing President Trump's southern border policies, which has led to an invasion of illegal aliens unprecedented in our history, to the shutdown of the Keystone pipeline

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Timber Queen 8/5/2021 3:57:03 AM (No. 868558)
We must return to One Nation Under God. Its past time for another American Great Awakening. The last one presaged the Civil War when righteousness could no longer live beside slavery. The communists have leveraged Cloward-Piven beyond their own wildest dreams. The USA has never been so bankrupt or her people more demoralized. Yet, Americans fight on through President Trump and the brave MAGA reps, through every patriot that freely shows their face and conducts their business without fear. Sundance posts a sign, "You cannot comply your way out of tyranny." I have a corollary: "You can pray your way out of tyranny." People of faith do not just "believe" God is in charge, they know God is in charge through - as the libs say - lived experience. There is no new human behavior under the sun, and our Holy Scriptures give vivid accounts of all of mankind's sins and transgressions against each other. But, Scripture also tells us about God, His Love and His Power. God is the Creator who set all this in motion; from the farthest reaches of the Universe to your family eating dinner together. His Plan for humanity, for life, cannot be changed. Satan and all his evil spirits will prowl the world searching for weak souls to consume, but he cannot consume the Flock of The Shepherd. I heard an interview done a few years ago with the, now deceased, head exorcist at the Vatican. After decades of first-hand experience with many forms of evil he stated emphatically, "The Devil may win some battles, even important ones. But, remember, he will never win the war." Pray my fellow patriots. God is our strength and our salvation. MAGA - One Nation Under God through prayer, patience and strength of will.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: watashiyo 8/5/2021 3:57:19 AM (No. 868559)
It all started from STUPID MORONs of America, casting their sympathy votes for Doorknob Hussein. The Fraud-in-Chief only knew how to play the Race Card and to squander America's wealth.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: stablemoney 8/5/2021 4:59:18 AM (No. 868578)
You know what is going on in this country. The country has been taken over by a collusion of the CCP and the Democrat communists. The only way we get this country back is by armed force.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: LaVallette 8/5/2021 5:39:12 AM (No. 868592)
The coming to maturity of the Italian Communist philosopher , Antonio Gramsci's long term plane for the peaceful take over of the Western democracies, with the US as the leading target, by the Communists through the slow infiltration and take over of all the instruments of education and formation of the young and in a similar fashion, all the organs in the society influencing political, cultural, scientific and social opinion and practices, with the main objective of bringing down and destroying all the moral influence of the Christian Western Civilization by destroying the certainties of the society's moral standards of the past 2 millennia. The growth of compromise with the profane and the loss of public courage within the Christian churches in preaching the Christiain Gospels being the dominant feature.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Rinktum 8/5/2021 6:16:57 AM (No. 868608)
FTA: “ It's clear that we're not being governed according to constitutional principles; we're being ruled by a despotic gang of venal socialist thugs who plan to hold onto their power in perpetuity, even if it means using the increasingly left-wing-indoctrinated military to accomplish their nefarious goals.” This sentence is powerfully truthful, however, the last few words I have not seen in print before and they are chilling. Why else would democrats push so hard for all the politically correct indoctrination into our military if the goal was not to weed out all the Patriots who take their oath to the United States Constitution very seriously. The horrific democrat doctrine that permeates every aspect of our society is at war with our founding principles and more pointedly those in the country who believe in God. Democrats know they can wear a population who does not have a strong belief in the God of the universe down through their actions. They can put enough pressure on good people to make them submit because their sense of self-preservation will kick in and they will rather submit than be assaulted by a government that can make their lives miserable. However, those of us with strong faith in God will not so quickly submit to these godless tyrants. We are the problem and democrats see President Trump as our leader. Therefore, in their minds, we both must go whatever the cost. They will do anything to destroy us. As I have said before we battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, rulers in dark places that have had their eyes on this country for decades and now believe they have the opportunity through this lawless power driven cabal to achieve their ultimate goal of destroying the one country that was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. They really do hate anyone who clings to their guns, country and religion and for good reason. This is the group that threatens them most. #1, Timber Queen said it best. We must return to one nation under God. As much as we believe that our fight must never end against these godless radicals, it must begin and end with the power of God behind us. Look around, folks, this is not normal. Our enemies are determined to totally transform this country. The only thing that could possibly mean is turning away from our founding in every aspect especially the foundation of a strong belief in God. This is their goal. They want us worshipping at the feet of the godless government they have created alone. Pray for a Great Awakening in this country. I do believe God is in control of our destiny and He hears our prayers. Now is the time to humble ourselves, get on our knees and pray for the salvation of our country. We are facing an enemy that has gained control of every aspect of our lives and we need divine intervention to defeat them.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: joew9 8/5/2021 6:37:48 AM (No. 868613)
They are power mad because they know there are no longer any limits. The elections are not a hinderance for them anymore. The Repubs will not will anything in 2022. The Dems will cheat again. The news media will cover for them.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: PostAway 8/5/2021 6:54:43 AM (No. 868620)
Communists, Socialists, Globalists or whatever the current Leftists call themselves, are ultimately led by criminals. Not idealists or humanists or anything else that sounds noble but bloodsucking, hate-filled monsters. They have worked their way to unlimited power over us and will now take whatever they can get their hands on including our homes and other personal possessions and then our lives. At the same time they build castles for themselves in Napa or Martha’s Vineyard or the Hamptons or Westchester and ignore our suffering. After all, their hero Saul Alinsky learned the principals he preached from Al Capone and Antonio Gramsci’s thoughts are kept alive in English thanks to Pete Buttigieg’s father.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: The Remnants 8/5/2021 6:58:55 AM (No. 868623)
Too many people in power who believe Americanism and Patriotism are dirty words.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: skacmar 8/5/2021 6:59:12 AM (No. 868624)
Criminal gangs terrorize cities with crime and Democrats blame whites and conservative policies (even though the cities have been run solely by Democrats for decades). They have set up racial divisions and strife like we have never seen before. People are given free housing, health care, food, and discourage work. Democrats are quickly destroying us from within and transforming us from a prosperous nation into a debt ridden socialist nation.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: PostAway 8/5/2021 7:10:27 AM (No. 868628)
Sorry for the second post but we must refuse to help the devils who are destroying the country in every way we can; homeschool, buy nothing from China unless absolutely necessary, learn to shoot, refuse to pay taxes, etc. We need to come up with our own list of rules.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Bur Oak 8/5/2021 7:22:36 AM (No. 868636)
Applying the wisdom of Occam's Razor one comes to the conclusion that the Democrats hate the country and intend to destroy it.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Strike3 8/5/2021 7:29:59 AM (No. 868643)
The resistance will begin in some little town where the people get together and decide that they have had enough. The criminal government will begin shooting and the peoplle will shoot back. We need to be ready to support them. At the moment, people still believe in law and order though I have no idea why. The government was the first to abandon the Constitution and the law. As #2 stated, Hussein started all of this and he is still the Narcissist in the woodpile driving the destruction.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: wilarrbie 8/5/2021 7:36:42 AM (No. 868654)
There is no going back. No return to what once was. We are changed. What matters is how we respond to what will be ever increasing encroachments on our freedoms. But it will creep up, incrementally, as it has to get us to where we are now - we frogs barely noticed the as the water comes to a simmer.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: starbaby 8/5/2021 7:50:54 AM (No. 868669)
"This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer and fasting." Mark 9:29
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Reply 15 - Posted by: LLAMA 8/5/2021 8:10:43 AM (No. 868684)
It's obvious "what's going on in this country." The Marxists in this country and out of it believe that in order to achieve their goal of world government, they must first destroy the American Constitutional Republic. They know that their goal can't be successful by attack from outside, so they have gone about a takeover of American Institutions: media (all kinds), academia, history and culture, and the traditional Demcratic Party, which is now in the hands of the Democratic Socialist party. Their next step must be to eviscerate the Constitution, which protects individual liberty and prioritizes it over collective welfare. In order to accomplish it, they must first ignore it...a step that is already in practice as evidenced by the Biden administration actions.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Highlander 8/5/2021 8:11:12 AM (No. 868685)
As I read the article and posts, I recalled James 1:8 which refers to a double-minded man, who is unsteady in ALL his ways. People who embrace all manifestations of anti-godliness have no capacity for rational thought. It is like a fever in the brain; all ability to function normally is greatly diminished. This is why we’re witnessing the mass delusion of the left, moving towards self-destruction and ours along with it. Man, on his own, without divine guidance, cannot survive long.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: homefry 8/5/2021 8:28:54 AM (No. 868700)
You can predict by the elections how the country will be doing soon. dim-0s gain power, things get worse. Republicans gain power, things get better. Think not? Lets look. 1989, dim-0s gain power, in a matter of speaking, by replacing Reagan with GHW Bush. What happened? 1991. dim-0s took over both houses and klinton went into the WH. On their 1st day, that economy was growing at better than 4%. Look it up! By time 2 years passed and the miod terms came, that number was beat down to barely 2%. THEN Mr Newt and co. took over the entire congress, both houses and in the immortal words of my old departed and liberal as they came, at the time, Tommy Allen of Peachland NC, Republicans have taken congress and hog tied klinton? What happened then? With klinton "hog tied" and the media still cheer leading for him, the economy ROARED!! Then came the GREAT STOCK MARKET ROBBERY OF THE LATE 90s....Featuring ken lay and bill klinton golfing together and doing sleep overs in the Lincoln bedroom, and we slid into recession in klintons last quarter. THEN came GW Bush with a Republican congress, recession was snuffed out, and the good times rolled UNTIL, dim-0s once again took over congress in jan 07. Within a year we went from better than 4% growth and mid 4% unemployment, to the GREAT RECESSION!! Then obama! 8 "summers of recovery later", there were more people out of work even though the lying dogs claimed that obama had cut unemployment in half... TRUMP in 2016, and we soon were into the undisputed BEST ECONOMY in history! dim-0s took over the house in 2016 and WHAT????dim-0 gubners worked within peelosis plan to kill the economy. And NOW.... dim-0s own the congress and the WH thru cheating.. Gasoline is up what, 50%? Lumber, 400% Have yall ran out of toilet paper yet?
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Yuban 8/5/2021 8:36:13 AM (No. 868705)
There are numerous stories in the Good Book showing what is needed to prevail in this world. Just about every one involves The Lord Almighty blessing his "soldiers" to arm themselves and fight for the one true God. The walls of Jericho didn't come down by prayer only. They came down with prayer and marching against the enemy. God can, and will, fix things but we must do our part as well.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: udanja99 8/5/2021 8:40:40 AM (No. 868713)
#1, as usual, you nail it and I completely agree with you. However, I’m not holding out much hope. I thought that September 11, 2001 would result in a Great American Awakening but the opposite happened. The self-absorbed social justice nitwits saw fit to elect a Muslim to the presidency 8 years later and let him run roughshod over everything that is good about this country for no other reason than the melanin content of his skin. And now they have fraudulently allowed his third term to help him finish what he started. I greatly fear exactly what it would take to turn this country around if prayer can’t do it. I pray that you’re right.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: EJKrausJr 8/5/2021 8:49:59 AM (No. 868721)
Biden's puppet master Barack vowed to change America. And Barack is doing it through Joe. Hundreds of Thousands of southern border crossers are being bused and flown to all parts of America. Do you think that they will immediately be paid $15/hr for any work they perform? Don't think so. By the end of Biden's term, there will be an additional 10 Million future Democrat voters. A sad state of affairs.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 8/5/2021 8:55:41 AM (No. 868727)
What is going on? TQ and Rinktum describe very clearly what has gone wrong and what it will take to resurrect America. Belief in the Creator was replaced with obeyance to the State when Obie took over. The secularization of America followed. Trump was just one guy and had his hands full with very evil dims, msm, deep state, and globalists. Amerika is circling the drain now. God help us all. we must pray for salvation. Can we be saved? Absolutely yes. But, it is up to us. Whatever it takes. Let's roll.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: bpl40 8/5/2021 9:04:55 AM (No. 868739)
Agree with#1. But first let's get one nation under Trump!
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Reply 23 - Posted by: ARKfamily 8/5/2021 9:06:22 AM (No. 868743)
#10, "refuse to pay taxes" goes against what is said in the Bible. You might want to take a look at it. . .
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Reply 24 - Posted by: ARKfamily 8/5/2021 9:07:04 AM (No. 868746)
#10, poor advice on that one. . .
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Reply 25 - Posted by: 49 Ford 8/5/2021 9:07:10 AM (No. 868747)
While there is much truth in posts # 1 & 5, we must remember that God has given men Free Will. All of our wounds are self-inflicted, through decades of mass indifference, complacency, cowardice and ignorance. Can a people who have effectively forgotten or scuttled America's Judeo-Christian foundation pray its way out of tyranny? I think not. Honest prayer is very powerful on a personal level, to be sure, but on a national level our time may very well be past.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: felixcat 8/5/2021 9:11:02 AM (No. 868757)
Once "we" did not substantially challenge the true birth status/citizenship of Barack Hussein Obama, and he assumed the Presidency illegitimately, the stone was cast. We have become too fat, had it too easy in this country and we will drown in our own complacency.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Zigrid 8/5/2021 9:18:57 AM (No. 868768)
It is difficult to watch as the democrats destroy our country...but... there is a plan in place and WE must be strong in our resolve that God is in charge... the tyranny of Washington is well noted and God has a plan... what it is... We mortals can only guess... our place in this drama is to never give our lives according to God's word and trust that the people in Washington will wake up to the coup in place.... millions of Americans are suffering under the DC boot on our necks... but... WE are strong and will win in the end...
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Laotzu 8/5/2021 9:20:43 AM (No. 868771)
It appears many boiling frogs are just catching on. It took a lot of self delusion to avoid this conclusion when enemedia was cheering the burning of American cities.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 8/5/2021 9:25:56 AM (No. 868774)
My wife and I are in our mid 60's and I'm retired. I feel really bad for people in their 20's and 30's! They have no idea what is coming. $20.00 per gallon gas for one... We no longer need to commute and can stay home. Our trips to the store are 2 mile each way. We both have social security and pension plans from our companies. Both of which will be gone in 40 years for current young people! But...hey...keep being woke! That will cover for all the unimportant "financial" stuff, comrades!
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Reply 30 - Posted by: red1066 8/5/2021 9:29:52 AM (No. 868784)
I came to that conclusion the democratic party hated America decades ago #11. They, like so many other leftist organizations, use the democratic name as a disguise. They hide behind a democratic name while all the while advocating and supporting communist policies. Trump exposed their policies, and they feel free now to just be as socialist and communist as they want without any pushback while still claiming to be democratic. Rush use to get calls all the time from parents with stories of what their kids were being taught in school as early as 1990. It's why he came out with his books about the true story of Thanksgiving and then early American history. He felt it wasn't being taught in school.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: MindMadeUp 8/5/2021 9:32:41 AM (No. 868787)
One of the many powerful factions controlling the Democrat Party's sociopathic elite is the Chinese government which has bought and paid for the Biden administration, and, yes, they do want to destroy the country.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: Trump'sCousin 8/5/2021 9:56:30 AM (No. 868811)
Luke 11:21 Use it or loose it. Time to defend our homeland. 2A is useless unless we exercise our rights. For all the bellowing about it and the purchasing thereof, we may,as well be brandishing feather dusters.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: bighambone 8/5/2021 10:01:43 AM (No. 868817)
Biden and the leftist and socialist Democrats are humming along using a massive amount of US taxpayers money to buy votes in the next election and creating millions of future foreign born socialist oriented future Democrat voters through their “open borders” and “catch and release” policies and programs that ignore the intent of the immigration laws and are being administered and designed to flood the USA with as many illegal aliens as possible, along with the coming series of Democrat designed “path to citizenship” amnesty and legalization programs that are certain to be supported by the covert Democrats who sit in the Congress characterized as RINOS. Unfortunately at the moment it does not appear that most Americans know or care that their country is being transformed into some form of yet defined socialist utopia.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: Kate318 8/5/2021 10:52:05 AM (No. 868873)
I find I can no longer tolerate gloom and doom. I’m not in denial. I know we are living in very dark times, and I am afraid. But, I have a choice to succumb to the “all is lost” perspective, or as #1 so eloquently reminded us, to pray fervently and constantly for the salvation of our beloved country. I’ve joined local groups that have been founded by some very determined patriots, and attended the events they have sponsored. There is fellowship out there, and there is support. Yes, it seems overwhelming. The enemy is powerful and relentless. But, I’ve come to terms with my possible future under this tyranny, and come to the conclusion that I have no other choice. I will not submit.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: LadyVet 8/5/2021 11:00:50 AM (No. 868885)
Birthright citizenship rules need to change. If you are born here and a parent is a citizen who lived here or are part married to a US citizen foe X years, you get US citizenship. If a Chinese woman comes here to give birth and leave, no US citizenship for baby. If she has a baby with some insemination program using sperm of US donor, no citizenship. China probably has a long term plan to put anchor babies in control of US assets and the government. They can see how beholden Obama was to the Muslims and can take lessons on his upbringing in Indonesia and outside the continental USA (don't even need to get into whether Obama had citzenship, just assume that he did) to establish a CCP program to infiltrate our government. Fang Fang and Bang Bang can be US citizens if the CCP raises a few success stories on the CCP anchor baby farm.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: formerNYer 8/5/2021 11:17:12 AM (No. 868893)
This isn't a voted majority, the Senate seats in Michigan, Georgia & Arizona were stolen. That a 4 seat Republican majority STOLEN!!! Xiden and the people running him will make a huge mistake because they have no idea about the will of the people and the stuff will hit the fan.. It's coming folks be ready keep your powder dry.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: your other brother 8/5/2021 11:39:56 AM (No. 868914)
I doubt God put us here on earth to pester Him day and night with a million problems we could fix ourselves. He put us here and gave us everything we would need to make it work and saw that it was good and took a break to see what we would do with it. It is up to us to make it work. We are the miracle so many are praying for.
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Reply 38 - Posted by: PrayerWarrior 8/5/2021 11:53:25 AM (No. 868925)
An example of Obama/Biden regime being totally lawless and ignoring even a Supreme Court Ruling is the moratorium on landlords and renters with the pandemic. The moratorium has expired and landlords can now demand their rent. Landlords never had the opportunity not to pay their mortgages when the government told them they couldn't collect rent on their property. So now CDC/Biden regime says in opposition/rebellion to the Supreme Court ruling that landlords still can't collect rent due to the crisis. Landlord owners of property are looking at bankruptcy from lack of income from rental units. Why is Biden/others doing this? Pressure from left. What will be the result of this action? The middle class of mom and pop businesses going away and the government/big banks taking over properties. Demonic! Will someone in Congress who cares for the middle class stand up and fight for rule of law and the middle class???
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Reply 39 - Posted by: NotaBene 8/5/2021 12:05:42 PM (No. 868934)
The pessimism of this thread is justified, but we se in a stronger position than you might think. Most of US have worked during the peace and prosperity of the Trump years. Our retirements hold millions of dollars that represent real power. Do not invest in any foreign stocks for the money funds Communist China. Give generously to America First pro-Trump candidates. Communists fear US because we all know Biden&Ho are illegitimate. We have heroes like MTG, Bannon, Navarro, Hoft, and Lindell on our side uncovering the big steal. The FBI, DoJ, CIA, NIH and Military are consumed by a witch-hunt on high heels. WE should concentrate on recalling California now - - and on keeping Save America - - fully funded. The Husseinites will lose the House in 2022, that is the reason for their demented attacks on God, Nation, Flag, statues, and private property.
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Reply 40 - Posted by: ARKfamily 8/5/2021 12:15:40 PM (No. 868942)
#25, God has given us free choice. Free will? Nope, it is always God's will - Thy will be done. . .
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Reply 41 - Posted by: Strike3 8/5/2021 12:46:02 PM (No. 868973)
If only Lee Harvey Oswald had been born forty years later.
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Reply 42 - Posted by: Muguy 8/5/2021 12:52:48 PM (No. 868977)
WWhat happened? the Great Depression/World War II generation has left this mortal coil and we have lost our moral conscience of right and wrong. We have sold our inheritance for a mess of pottage and easy living. We have allowed corrupt persons to stay in office too long and get rich from political favors. We have allowed fear and persecution by media (or if you are a demonrat socialist, you get a permanent pass) to take down the honest to control us through the constant repetition of television news 'curated' to indoctrinate us AWAY from what we know from common sense is right. It started after Ronald Reagan left office, and those who would challenge the RINOs get compromised and over run and join the corrupt-- they DARE people to throw them out-- like Cuomo trying to ride it out like BJ Clinton We are being sold out, and attempts to "clean out the stables" is such a Herculean effort that those who attempt are ruined..... Impeach 46! Lord, help us!
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Reply 43 - Posted by: Krause 8/5/2021 1:00:14 PM (No. 868984)
Telling the left that we need to come together is hopeless. They are too far gone. They don’t like the Constitution and the idea of a government of and by the people. They want it to be of and by the democrats. They bastardized the word democrat. They are a deceitful party and terrible for this country. And stupid.
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Reply 44 - Posted by: Harlowe 8/5/2021 1:24:40 PM (No. 869003)
#1,#5~ As usual, superb, commendable compositions and sincerely appreciated by people of faith and patriotism. Two ladies with whom it would be a pleasure to “do lunch.” Blessings! #25~ Prayer: “... but on a national level our time may very well be past.” / Respectfully disagree as it is written in Scripture: “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, THEN I WILL HEAR FROM HEAVEN AND WILL FORGIVE THEIR SIN AND HEAL THEIR LAND.” (2 Chronicles 7:14) #40~ “God has given us free choice. Free will? Nope, it is always God's will - Thy will be done.” / After the fall, mortal man “... continues to be a responsible moral agent, who in earthly matters, to some extent, may exercise freedom of will ... (however) natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God, ... neither can he know them ...” (1 Corinthians 2:14) Indeed, “it is always God’s will.” May His will be done.
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Reply 45 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 8/5/2021 1:29:23 PM (No. 869008)
Who is running our country? Who is in charge? Certainly not the vegetable that sits in the White House.
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Reply 46 - Posted by: jasmine 8/5/2021 2:06:50 PM (No. 869045)
It's not rocket science. Our representative form of government was intentionally suspended from the inside, with the help of corrupt politicians, agencies, and an equally corrupt MSM. While we went through the motions of a 2020 presidential election, today we see neither conscience nor loyalty as foundational to the new leadership. What is it about the current administration that causes it to consistently take actions harmful to Americans, with no regard for future accountability? Under a system with free and fair elections, elected officials answer to the people. The current behavior of Democrats suggests they aren't worried about that.
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Reply 47 - Posted by: Arrowhead 8/5/2021 2:36:44 PM (No. 869076)
You'll be moved and touched by The Babylon Bee's latest music video, with a rewritten version of John Lennon's "Imagine" with a much more, shall we say, accurate description of what a communist utopia would be like. Has to be on of their best!!!
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Reply 48 - Posted by: 49 Ford 8/5/2021 2:54:59 PM (No. 869090)
With respect # 40, I think you are making a distinction without a difference. # 44, that is the biggest "IF" in the history of mankind. Yes, God freely offers us the gift of salvation through repentance, but I don't see much repentin' goin' on, do you? Lots of grumbling, confusion and ennui out there - but not much more, IMHO.
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Reply 49 - Posted by: gto1344 8/5/2021 3:31:19 PM (No. 869131)
We're being led by an illegitimate administration.
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Reply 50 - Posted by: mamabear 8/5/2021 4:51:49 PM (No. 869221)
Amen! to so many of the comments above. "Democrats can look us in the face and say things are getting better" because it IS getting better for them (or so they think.) For you? Not so much. No one should be surprised by what we are seeing. The Biden campaign theme was "Build Back Better" and a little second level thinking is helpful here. One cannot build a structure "back" until the original has been destroyed. They are closer to achieving their goal than ever before. That is what's going on in this country. This has been in the works since the late 1960's. While we were minding our business and living our lives, the american marxists were completing their long march through the institutions, conquering all except local law enforcement, the church and the body of Christ. Now, they are also under attack. I too pray God's will be done with the understanding that God works through people. NOTHING happens on this earth apart from the choices and associated actions of human beings - be it for good or for evil. In the end, it is up to us to pray and act. We can't just say God is in control then go back to sleep. The currently powerful lied, cheated and stole their way to power, our resources and wealth. That is their Achilles heel. Pray our Heavenly Father will have mercy on this nation, save us from our national sin as we apply His blood-bought redemption to our personal sins; to raise up and protect the leaders and truth speakers needed now to dismantle their satanic constructs and help us help ourselves - before it is really too late. The clock is ticking and we truly need a last minute reprieve from THE governor. :-)
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Reply 51 - Posted by: legalart 8/5/2021 6:02:52 PM (No. 869279)
What's wrong? What's not to like? Abortion on demand (check); Christianity removed from schools and public places (check); men are women and vice versa (check); all cultures are equal in value (check) and if you disagree you are a hate monger (check); your moral values are your business, we don't wanna hear it (check); blacks (and minorities, by extension) are still victimized (check) and can't do things by themselves (check); illegal immigrants are more virtuous than US citizens (check) and have every right to be here in any way they want (check); elites with Ivy degrees are our betters -- they should rule (check); if you are a "blue collar" or flyover worker, you're an ignorant redneck slob -- you shouldn't be allowed to talk or even vote (check); that old outdated parchment in the National Archives should be shredded, or better, brought back to "life" and get with the times - let's call it a living constitution (check). Actually, all of the above boils down to this: most living Americans haven't had to fight for anything in decades and have grown fat, complacent, and apathetic since there is no absolute truth and they don't have to pay any price for believing otherwise. Oh..... and God, too. He's out of style, we don't need his help for our next meal.
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Reply 52 - Posted by: 4Justice 8/5/2021 7:10:23 PM (No. 869354)
I agree #1, but so many of our younger generations have been horribly corrupted.
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Reply 53 - Posted by: 4Justice 8/5/2021 7:28:25 PM (No. 869379)
#13, NOTHING is irreversible if enough people have the courage and resolve to fight for what is right! If everybody on this forum took action and got others to join in and take action we could start a sea change movement to wipe out the criminal elements and turn our country around. But we ALL must participate in one way or another. Sitting on the couch complaining to the choir gets nothing accomplished. We need to stand up! Speak the TRUTH! Damn the consequences! Get like-minded people together. Organize. Create communications. Motivate others to get involved. Plan and strategize our actions. Execute plans with vigor, confidence and courage. Be creative and wise. Don't ever get discouraged. NEVER surrender! Stay strong in the face of fear. This is YOUR LIFE! FIGHT FOR IT! Tyrants, bullies and thugs will only win if you LET them. We can do it! All of us have a role in God's plan to restore His greatest glory in self-governance in this temporal world. Let's not disappoint Him. Stand strong in righteousness!!
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Reply 54 - Posted by: Scout Finch 8/5/2021 10:55:07 PM (No. 869573)
#1–Bless you dear girl
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J'accuse! How Derek Chauvin became America's Dreyfus 8 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/7/2021 3:51:39 AM Post Reply
"How flimsy it is!" wrote Emile Zola in his public letter to French president Félix Faure. "The fact that someone could have been convicted on this charge is the ultimate iniquity. I defy decent men to read it without a stir of indignation in their hearts and a cry of revulsion, at the thought of the undeserved punishment being meted out." (snip) Upon Derek Chauvin's conviction for the murder of George Floyd, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris unwittingly laid bare the equally racist mania sweeping America. (snip) If Dreyfus's real crime was being Jewish, Chauvin's was being white and a cop.
The 'Centers for Disease Control' is
No Such Thing
10 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/7/2021 3:46:49 AM Post Reply
You read that right. That's the name on the sign in front of the building. It's the advertising when one of its higher level bureaucrats testifies before Congress. And it's the bludgeon used to corral all dissenters into one place where individual choice is extinguished. Beyond all that, it's a lie. The COVID-19 pandemic is a classic example of how futile man's attempts to "control disease" are. (snip) "Everyone should wear a mask, even if you're vaccinated." The CDC doesn't care that there are no data to support its advice. It proposes that a study rejected by pro-mask peer reviewers is enough justification
Stunning! New Floyd Case Exhibit
Confirms Witness Coercion
10 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/6/2021 7:47:28 AM Post Reply
On July 29, District Court Judge Peter Cahill, the presiding judge in the trials of the four Minneapolis police officers indicted for the death of George Floyd, ordered the release of an exhibit memorandum that reveals a miscarriage of justice and criminal coercion of a witness. Dr. Roger Mitchell, the former deputy mayor and medical examiner of the District of Columbia and now the Chief of Pathology at Howard University Medical School, a traditional Black medical school, boldly intimidated and coerced Hennepin County Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker into changing critical conclusory language in his autopsy report on the death of George Floyd.
Is it possible that Biden’s
not as stupid as he appears?
42 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/6/2021 3:33:48 AM Post Reply
It’s cheap, easy, and lots of fun to highlight Joe Biden’s incoherence and creepiness. Heck, he displays it constantly. Just yesterday, he sniffed a little girl’s hair and made an utterly incomprehensible speech likening police to brawling high school athletes. However, Don Surber, one of the most acute political observers suggests that Biden may be hiding a still-sharp brain behind that decrepit, incoherent exterior. I put it to you, the readers, to make the call. On Thursday, Twitter wasn’t able to stop “Creepy Joe” from trending. The reason was that he was once again caught snuffling at a little girl under the pretext of whispering something to her:
A grandiose Rep. Cori Bush
says the quiet part out loud
17 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/6/2021 3:31:53 AM Post Reply
Rep. Cori Bush (D. Wokeistan) is an honest politician. She’s also narcissistic, histrionic, manic, intellectually corrupt, and has delusions of grandeur but, darn, if she isn’t honest. And the great thing about her honesty is that, when it comes to every Democrat, Progressive, and leftist politician, she says the quiet part out loud. We’ve all known about this quiet part: It’s the one that says that high-level leftists, the ones who want to take our cars, air conditioners, heating, health care, travel rights, and money, do not have to abide by their own rules. (snip) Bush is happy to explain why she’s special.
How To Argue Leftists Into A Corner 17 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/6/2021 3:29:31 AM Post Reply
The Culture War is hot, and it continues. The furor over Critical Race Theory seems to have died down a bit (perhaps on purpose?), but don’t think we have won. This is likely to continue for quite some time and we know for sure that the leftists will not quit, and neither should we. (snip) Expect this. Leftists cannot tolerate any dissenting points of view and will resort to personal attacks, claim they are victims of our “angry” or “unhinged” comments and contrary opinions, and will bully us to stifle meaningful conversation. Enter their camp anyway and leave all the nuggets of truth you can.
What the heck is going on in this country? 54 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/5/2021 3:27:36 AM Post Reply
As the Biden administration continues to peel away the accomplishments of his predecessor, what I hear most from family, friends, and social media posters is a fear that Democrats have become power-mad with their recent ascendancy to a majority position in the House and Senate. They wonder if the current crop of radical officials is hell-bent on weakening, and ultimately destroying, the country that gave them those positions. Beginning with reversing President Trump's southern border policies, which has led to an invasion of illegal aliens unprecedented in our history, to the shutdown of the Keystone pipeline
The DC Insurrection of 1932 5 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/5/2021 3:25:42 AM Post Reply
Given Santayana's warning to those who forget the past, there yet remains the problem of what to remember. Events during the summer of 1932 have frequently been remembered to promote some political cause. What follows is an outline of the incontrovertible facts that create their own perspective. (snip) In May of 1932, about 300 veterans, led by Walter W. Waters, entered the yard of the Union Pacific Railroad in Portland, Oregon; refused to leave until they were allowed to ride in empty boxcars; and started on their way to Washington, D.C. to "lobby" for the immediate payment of their "bonuses."
Why I Refuse to Be Vaccinated 56 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/4/2021 3:22:33 AM Post Reply
I have been vilified for refusing to be jabbed with an experimental vaccine. I have been told that I am among the worst people on the face of the earth as that refusal is putting an inordinate number of people at risk of near certain death. That it is my civic duty and obligation to be swept up in the hysteria and march meekly in lockstep with whatever the omniscient government bureaucrats tell us to do. That I must sacrifice personal choices and freedom for the benefit of the collective.
Obama Birthday Bash to Smash
All Known Woke Values
9 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/4/2021 3:19:46 AM Post Reply
Forget about the violation of Covid protocols — those are a passing fancy on the left. Barack Obama's sixtieth birthday bash this coming weekend threatens to violate just about every progressive virtue the Obamas and their woke pals have ever signaled. Officially, Obama's birthday falls on August 4. As I will explain, that may not be the real date, but the "optics" problem facing Barry and his bourgeois buddies is a more pressing one. As planned, some 475 invited guests and at least 200 worker bees will swarm the Obamas' waterfront estate on Martha's Vineyard, a tony little island off the coast of Massachusetts.
Soon, no one in California will
be able to bring home the bacon
21 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/2/2021 3:08:37 AM Post Reply
In just five months, California may well be the first state in America that effectively bans any pork products. This is because, back in 2018, voters approved an animal welfare proposition setting out space requirements standards for those who breed pigs, egg-laying chickens, and veal calves. While chicken farmers and veal producers across America have mostly met those standards, it seems the hog farmers have had a harder time. This is an interesting story because it touches upon the laws of unintended consequences and the effect a state like California has on the rest of America.
Do the COVID Vaccines Work or Not? 19 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/2/2021 3:06:07 AM Post Reply
We are a year and half into the world’s nightmare of COVID-19, also known as the Chinese coronavirus, based on where this demon virus originated and spread from, either intentionally or inadvertently. (snip) Do the vaccines work or not? Depending on the day and pronouncement, it is hard to know. First, the COVID “vaccines” are not true vaccines based on the definitions of vaccine. Rather than the “vaccine” containing attenuated virus, it is a strand of messenger RNA, based on genetic code provided by China and serving as the basis for these novel “vaccines” which cause the body to create spike protein which in turn supposedly generates an immune response
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You Were Warned: Automakers
Team Up With Biden To Force
Electric Cars On Consumers
44 replies
Posted by RockyTCB 8/6/2021 6:11:11 AM Post Reply
In eight years, half of American car buyers will be forced to purchase overpriced, underperforming electric cars they don’t want, courtesy of the federal government and a compliant auto industry. That, at least, is what President Joe Biden announced at the White House on Thursday, and it’s just as we predicted in this space three months ago. With a wave of his pen, Biden ordered that 50% of new cars and trucks sold by 2030 are to be electric. Since the auto companies already have their 2022 model year cars in production, that means they have less than eight years
Is it possible that Biden’s
not as stupid as he appears?
42 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/6/2021 3:33:48 AM Post Reply
It’s cheap, easy, and lots of fun to highlight Joe Biden’s incoherence and creepiness. Heck, he displays it constantly. Just yesterday, he sniffed a little girl’s hair and made an utterly incomprehensible speech likening police to brawling high school athletes. However, Don Surber, one of the most acute political observers suggests that Biden may be hiding a still-sharp brain behind that decrepit, incoherent exterior. I put it to you, the readers, to make the call. On Thursday, Twitter wasn’t able to stop “Creepy Joe” from trending. The reason was that he was once again caught snuffling at a little girl under the pretext of whispering something to her:
TRIGGERED: Political Journo Says Shooting AR-15 For The First Time ‘Felt Like A Meteor’ 36 replies
Posted by PeterWolosin 8/6/2021 9:54:56 AM Post Reply
A political journalist in Vermont unironically penned a column this week explaining how his experience shooting an AR-15 in an indoor range for the first time “rattled” him. “It is difficult to describe the impact — physical and personal — of that first shot. It felt like a meteor had struck the earth in front of me,” Kevin McCallum, a political reporter for Seven Days, wrote unashamedly.The journo started off by admitting he’s not “a gun guy” and hasn’t shot anything other than a .22 rifle at a camp more than three decades ago.
Who Are These People? Dirtbag Mitch
McConnell Threatens to Defy Trump
and Pick His Own Candidate to
to Run Against Herschel Walker
in GA Senate Race
35 replies
Posted by Imright 8/6/2021 8:30:41 PM Post Reply
Seriously, who are these people? Who are these people who continually ignore and abuse Trump supporters? Are they really Republicans? Or did the Democrats take over the GOP apparatus? They think they are leading when no one is following.Mitch McConnell threatened to defy Trump and pick his own candidate to run against Herschel Walker in the Georgia Senate primary race in 2022 against Marxist Democrat Raphael Warnock.
University of Wisconsin moves rock seen
as symbol of racism
35 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 8/6/2021 7:19:39 PM Post Reply
MADISON, Wis. — The University of Wisconsin removed a large boulder from its Madison campus on Friday at the request of minority students who view the rock as a symbol of racism. Chamberlin Rock, on the top of Observatory Hill, is named after Thomas Crowder Chamberlin, a geologist and former university president. Students of color on campus say the rock represents a history of discrimination. The boulder was referred to as a derogatory name for Black people in a Wisconsin State Journal story in 1925. (Snip) The boulder is a rare, large example of a pre-Cambrian era glacial erratic that experts
Subway franchisees are fed up with Megan
Rapinoe’s TV ads
31 replies
Posted by Ribicon 8/6/2021 11:09:39 PM Post Reply
Megan Rapinoe kicked up another round of controversy at the Tokyo Olympics—and now a group of Subway franchisees are pressuring the fast-food giant to give her the boot. The 36-year-old, purple-haired soccer star—who kneeled during the National Anthem to kick off the Tokyo Olympics before leading the United States to a bronze medal this week—began a stint as a pitchwoman for the fast-food giant this spring.(Snip)Now, many store operators—particularly those in red states—say they’re facing a harsh backlash from the parent company’s decisions. Last week, reps from the NAASF told members the group had already taken grievances
Senate GOP poised to give
Biden huge political victory
31 replies
Posted by Imright 8/6/2021 12:31:26 PM Post Reply
Senate Republicans are about to hand President Biden a huge political victory by voting for a historic $1 trillion infrastructure package that the president can then tout as fulfilling a campaign pledge to restore bipartisanship in Washington.GOP senators and aides predict as many as 20 Republicans — twice the number needed to avoid a filibuster — could vote for the legislation, which would provide the most funding in decades for roads, airports, railroads, drinking water and other priorities.
Disturbing video shows woman
casually shoot victim dead on
crowded NYC street
31 replies
Posted by mc squared 8/6/2021 8:57:10 AM Post Reply
Shocking video obtained by The Post shows the moment a woman with a gun walked up to another woman and shot her dead on a crowded Prospect Heights street Tuesday – before casually strolling away. The video shows a shooter wearing a purse walk up to 42-year-old Delia Johnson and shoot the unsuspecting victim in the head while she was having a conversation with some people sitting on the stoop of a building on Franklin Avenue near Prospect Place. The shooting happened at about 9:40 p.m., police sources said. After the victim drops to the ground, the shooter fires off several more shots,
Apple Will Scan iPhones for Illegal
Child Abuse Images, Sparking Privacy
29 replies
Posted by earlybird 8/6/2021 2:24:30 PM Post Reply
Apple announced Thursday is it planning to scan all iPhones in the United States for child abuse imagery, raising alarm among security experts who said the plan could allow the firm to surveil tens of millions of personal devices for unrelated reasons. (snip) the company confirmed reports saying that new scanning technology is part of a suite of child protection programs that would “evolve and expand.” It will be rolled out as part of iOS 15, which is scheduled for release sometime in August. (snip) appeared to try and preempt privacy concerns by saying that the software will enhance those protections by avoiding the need to carry out widespread image
Women’s Soccer: Only One Player Stands
Before Olympic Game For Bronze, Others
Take Knee
28 replies
Posted by Imright 8/6/2021 1:04:15 PM Post Reply
The U.S. women’s soccer team took a knee ostensibly in solidarity with the radical Black Lives Matter movement before the team’s game for bronze on Thursday — save for one player, Carli Lloyd.Photos from the field show Lloyd stayed on her feet while all other 10 players on the field took a knee to protest alleged systemic racism in the U.S. against black people. Fox News on Friday highlighted the following tweets: (Tweets) The women’s team went on to win the game 4-3 against Australia. Lloyd and teammate Megan Rapinoe split the four goals with two apiece. As noted by Fox News, Lloyd’s performance was record-setting; with 10 Olympic goals,
Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard BirthdayBash
To Feature Meat-Free Menu
27 replies
Posted by Imright 8/7/2021 10:43:34 AM Post Reply
Former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party in Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday will reportedly feature a meatless menu.The party is set to deliver coveted endorsements to plant-based food brands like Impossible Foods Inc. and Eat Just Inc., reported Bloomberg News, which viewed menu plans for the celebration.The menu was curated by musician Questlove, who promotes and invests in meat-free foods.The menu will offer dishes such as Spam Musubi, which includes faux-beef and faux-pork from Impossible Foods as well as plant-based eggs from Eat Just.
Biden Spots A Little Girl Out Of
The Crowd, Calls Her Over To Sit
In His Lap, Whispers In Her Ear
And Tries To Sniff Her (Video)
26 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 8/6/2021 8:07:25 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden on Thursday signed into law a bill to award four Congressional Gold Medals — the highest civilian honor given by Congress — to United States Capitol Police and other law enforcement personnel who were working during the January 6th. Biden was briefly upstaged Thursday by the 7-year-old daughter of a US Capitol Police officer who died in April after he was struck by a car at a barricade.
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