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As Russia makes gains, Ukraine needs more
soldiers. But expanding the draft is controversial

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Posted By: NorthernDog, 2/21/2024 10:14:16 AM

Kyiv, Ukraine — The small group of women thought about canceling their protest when the sirens went off. But even though Kyiv was under missile attack again, it went ahead anyway. Antonina brought along her 3-year-old son Sasha. (Snip) Mobilization periods are currently open-ended, with no statutory cut-off. Antonina’s husband volunteered two years ago, just after Russia’s full-scale invasion. Now aged 43, he has served long enough, she told CNN. “It is hard for my husband to endure this length of time on the ground, avoiding all the shells and doing everything he needs to do at the front line,”


*Daria Tarasova-Markina and Victoria Butenko
Ukraine has a dearth of men under age 25. And they have been slow to enforce existing mobilization rules.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Quigley 2/21/2024 10:35:41 AM (No. 1662270)
Can’t we just air freight our citizens over there to fight? That will speed up replacing all the old voters with new voters too; the kind that just hand over the signed mail in ballot to the party representative sent to collect them.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: tootall 2/21/2024 10:53:41 AM (No. 1662286)
Why not just round up our illegals and send them over there? A little bit of a twist on what Dick Durbin wants to do. And if they serve valiantly, give them a path to Ukrainian citizenship! This could catch on!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: weejun 2/21/2024 11:56:56 AM (No. 1662343)
Since the start of this war, I have been amazed at how those in favor of giving the Ukrainians "whatever is necessary to win" conveniently ignore basic military facts. The type of war being waged here is massive force against massive force - not massive force against hit and run guerrillas and small units ala Afghanistan and Iraq post OIF. Accordingly, boots on the ground will be a key factor for victory. Russia has a population of 143 million: Ukraine, about 41 million. Given the ongoing slugfest and its personnel attrition, guess who runs out of soldiers first? And no amount of firepower/weapons/ammo/advanced military systems short of nuclear weapons can fix this asymmetry.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: smokincol 2/21/2024 12:15:15 PM (No. 1662356)
what they really want in Ukraine is for American boots on the ground
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Venturer 2/21/2024 2:51:40 PM (No. 1662439)
From the beginning this war was lost in spite of us sending them $ billions. Their only hope is NATO soldiers and a third world war. NATO countries who refuse to pay their fair share aren't about to send their youth to die in Ukraine. If we send our we are truly insane.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: SALady 2/21/2024 3:34:16 PM (No. 1662460)
When the west got involved and started funding Ukraine, Russia knew this would be a war of attrition. And they were fine with that, considering they have about 6 times the population of Ukraine. If the Ukrainian officials truly cared about the Ukrainian people, they would have allowed the western nations to barter a peace accord very early on -- saving countless lives and infrastructure. But they were too busy lining their pockets with all the untraceable $$$'s from the west to care about the Ukrainian peasants, and their homes, businesses, roads, churches, and lives.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: chumley 2/21/2024 3:34:28 PM (No. 1662461)
Beth sides in this war are reprehensible and I dont really care who wins or loses. The Russians are flat out evil and the Ukrainians are completely corrupt and hosted bio-weapon labs of ours that would be illegal here. Neither side is worth one penny of US money or one drop of US blood.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: kono 2/21/2024 6:59:54 PM (No. 1662584)
Ah, #1 gave me an idea. Couldn't Governor Abbott shift from sending busloads of "immigrants" to New York, to sending planeloads of them to Kiev?
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Reply 9 - Posted by: NeonVortex 2/21/2024 7:32:34 PM (No. 1662604)
Why don't you volunteer, Andy?
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As Russia makes gains, Ukraine needs more
soldiers. But expanding the draft is controversial
9 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 2/21/2024 10:14:16 AM Post Reply
Kyiv, Ukraine — The small group of women thought about canceling their protest when the sirens went off. But even though Kyiv was under missile attack again, it went ahead anyway. Antonina brought along her 3-year-old son Sasha. (Snip) Mobilization periods are currently open-ended, with no statutory cut-off. Antonina’s husband volunteered two years ago, just after Russia’s full-scale invasion. Now aged 43, he has served long enough, she told CNN. “It is hard for my husband to endure this length of time on the ground, avoiding all the shells and doing everything he needs to do at the front line,”
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DEARBORN, Mich. – Mohammad Enayah was asleep when his pinging cell phone alerted him to the message from Gaza. It was 2 a.m. “I hate to tell you this news,” his cousin wrote. Thirty-seven members of his extended family had been killed in an Israeli air strike on a Palestinian refugee camp. Enayah read the first name on the list of victims, his father’s cousin. He scrolled further, then put the phone aside. He couldn’t read on. It would take a week before he would finally make it through the list of those who had died. Enayah would eventually learn
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SAN DIEGO — The migrant community in shelters in Tijuana is worried over the possibility that Donald Trump could win the presidential election in November, according to José María García Lara, director of the Juventud 2000 shelter. García Lara says asylum seekers fear that migrating to the U.S. will become almost impossible with Trump in the White House. “The community thinks the moment he wins the presidency, the doors will close,” he said. García Lara recalls a time in 2018 when Trump took measures to return Central American migrants to their respective countries to keep them from coming to the
Minimum wage could rise to $50 an hour,
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A California lawmaker has proposed an ambitious plan to raise the minimum wage to $50 per hour. Democratic Representative Barbara Lee argued that, due to the affordability crisis in the San Francisco Bay Area, a family of four needs at least $127,000 to survive. Lee's proposal means that minimum wage workers would earn more than $100,000 per year. She made these comments while debating with Reps Adam Schiff (D-CA), Katie Porter (D-CA) and Republican Steve Garvey. Schiff and Porter have both called for the minimum wage to be increased to at least $20 an hour. However, Garvey has resisted raising
Inflation ran hotter than expected in
January, complicating the Fed's rate decision
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Inflation ran hotter in January than had been forecast by economists, signaling that higher prices remain sticky and complicating the Federal Reserve's decision about when to begin cutting its benchmark rate. As with inflation last month, higher housing and food prices were the big drivers. Consumer prices rose 3.1% in January from a year earlier, the government said on Tuesday. Economists had expected January prices to rise at a 2.9% pace from a year ago, according to FactSet. Even so, the pace reflected an improvement from December, when inflation rose at an annual rate of 3.4%. The January inflation data
Denver woman unsure of risk after selling
car to undocumented migrant
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DENVER — A Denver woman said she has been left with an unexpected mess after she sold her van to an undocumented migrant. She learned the new owner of her vehicle can’t register the van or insure it in his name. Kamelah Miller was looking to do some renovations on her home. So, her friend recommended someone who could do the work at a reasonable price. “Shortly after that, he was telling me he was looking to buy a car and I was looking to sell mine,” Miller said. Miller gave him a price on her Volkswagen Routan and he
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin hospitalized
with "emergent bladder issue," Pentagon say
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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was transported to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Sunday afternoon following symptoms of an "emergent bladder issue," according to the Pentagon. "Today, at approximately 2:20 pm, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III was transported by his security detail to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to be seen for symptoms suggesting an emergent bladder issue," Pentagon Press Secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said in a statement Sunday afternoon. The statement said that the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, White House, and Congress have been notified. Austin is retaining his duties
James Carville slams Biden decision to
skip Super Bowl interview
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Posted by NorthernDog 2/11/2024 10:49:00 AM Post Reply
Democratic strategist James Carville slammed President Joe Biden‘s decision not to sit down for an interview prior to the Super Bowl, saying it shows a lack of confidence to perform well. Carville noted the massive television audience of the Super Bowl, which has regularly exceeded 100 million viewers several times in recent years, and questioned why the White House turned down the opportunity, while speaking on CNN on Saturday. “It’s the biggest television audience — not even close — and you get a chance to do a 20, 25-minute interview on that day,” Carville said. “And you don’t do it?
Spooked Dems push for makeup, lighting
fixes for Biden’s age as prez rails
against Merrick Garland
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Posted by NorthernDog 2/10/2024 1:53:40 PM Post Reply
Panicked Democrats are wringing their hands in the wake of the damning special counsel’s report that accused President Biden of being too senile to be blamed for mishandling classified documents — with insiders even pushing for better makeup to hide the commander-in-chief’s advanced age as his re-election campaign grinds on despite his cognitive decline. “The cake is already baked,” a despondent former Biden White House aide told The Post. “Most Democrats feel that way about the president already. They think he’s effective and a good person, but nobody really wants him to run. ..and Democrats don’t have the guts to
Hospitals’ uncompensated care for migrants
in Colorado ‘is not sustainable,’
UCHealth warns
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Posted by NorthernDog 2/10/2024 1:39:51 PM Post Reply
UCHealth needs more money and support to keep responding to the surge in migrants arriving in metro Denver, the health system’s leaders are warning after University of Colorado Hospital provided $10 million in uncompensated care in just three months. Health care workers want to help, but hospitals can’t keep providing this level of uncompensated care, let alone meet migrant patients’ full needs, said Dr. Richard Zane, an emergency medicine physician and UCHealth’s chief innovation officer. UCHealth needs to receive reimbursement and to have somewhere to refer patients for housing and other supports, he said. “It is not sustainable,” Zane said.
Trump finds unlikely ally on 14th Amendment
disqualification in Ketanji Brown Jackson
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Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson emerged as an unlikely ally of former President Trump on Thursday when the Supreme Court heard arguments over an effort to block Trump from Colorado’s Republican primary ballot via the 14th Amendment’s Insurrection Clause. Jackson, a liberal justice and the most junior on the high court’s bench, seemed sympathetic to one of the offramps that would keep the former president on the ballot, as proposed by some of Trump’s backers and hinted at by Trump’s own lawyer. The Civil War-era provision was originally designed to prevent ex-Confederates from returning to power, and Jackson, the first Black
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Biden gives away Commander after dog drew
blood with attacks on Secret Service at
White House, vacation home: documents
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 2/22/2024 6:45:06 AM Post Reply
WASHINGTON — President Biden has given first dog Commander to relatives, the White House said Wednesday following revelations of more brutal attacks on Secret Service employees — including a case in which White House tours were suspended to mop up blood from the floor of the East Wing and another attack where an agent suffered a “severe deep open wound” at Biden’s Delaware vacation home.
Illegal Alien Accused of Causing Sgt.
Michael Kunovich’s Death Files Civil
Rights Lawsuit Claiming Limited English
Skills Make Him Disabled
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Posted by mc squared 2/22/2024 10:11:20 AM Post Reply
An illegal alien, accused of causing St. Johns County, Florida, sheriff’s office Sgt. Michael Kunovich’s death, has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit claiming his limited English-speaking skills make him disabled. As Breitbart News reported, 19-year-old illegal alien Virgilio Aguilar-Mendez of Guatemala was arrested in May 2023 and has been charged with resisting an officer with violence and manslaughter in connection with Kunovich’s death. This week, Aguilar-Mendez’s defense attorneys filed a federal civil rights lawsuit [snip] claiming that their client is disabled because he does not speak English or Spanish
Biden 'is plotting tough new immigration
crackdown almost identical to one Dems
previously blasted Trump for: Border will
CLOSE if more than 8,500 try to cross
in a day'
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Posted by Imright 2/22/2024 1:12:29 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden is considering an immigration crackdown that closes the border if more than 8,500 try to cross in one day, a law repeatedly used by former President Donald Trump. The law would, if the migrant crisis reached those numbers per day, unilaterally enact a sweeping ban at the southern border, according to three people familiar with the deliberations. The administration, stymied by lawmakers who rejected a negotiated border bill earlier this month, has been exploring options that Biden could deploy on his own without congressional approval.
Great News: Joe Biden Is Working on a
Final Solution for Israel
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/22/2024 10:47:45 AM Post Reply
I know what you're thinking. The headline has to be some sort of clickbait, right? Actually, no. The Biden administration is working on a final solution for Israel. It's been a hell of a week for the Joe Biden foreign policy shop at Foggy Bottom, and that has now extended to Turtle Bay. The two-state solution that Joe Biden wants to impose on the two parties currently at war in the Middle East, a solution neither side will ever accept in the near future, is a myth that's also threatening to collapse the Democratic Party from within. If Joe Biden supports Israel, he loses the Arab-American voting bloc in Michigan,
AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile Customers Hit
by Cell Network Outages Throughout Country
20 replies
Posted by Imright 2/22/2024 1:36:08 PM Post Reply
A massive AT&T network outage left many thousands of customers across the U.S. without cell service or internet access Thursday morning. Lesser outages in the Verizon and T-Mobile cell networks have also been widely reported. NBC News reports that widespread cell service outages impacted AT&T customers across the United States Thursday morning. The outages left thousands unable to make calls, access the internet, or reach 911 emergency services.The issues began around 4:00 a.m. ET and surged just before 8:00 a.m., with over 71,000 reported outages, according to Downdetector.
Wyoming's Rare Earth Breaks China Dependency 20 replies
Posted by Moritz55 2/22/2024 12:39:50 PM Post Reply
There is excellent news for the American industry, economy, and international trade sectors. The discovery of colossal rare earth deposits in Wyoming could essentially restructure the global supply chain of these crucial elements in the near future. A discovery of 2.34 billion metric tons of rare earth elements (REEs) in a mine outside of Sheridan, Wyoming, has generated great excitement across industries stateside. For one, the reserves are estimated to be bigger than China’s current reserves, implying that this single find could end America’s reliance on Chinese exports if exploited judiciously.
We Don’t Need a New G.O.P. We Need the
Old One
20 replies
Posted by FlyRight 2/22/2024 4:59:08 AM Post Reply
Although I was born into a typical Democrat New York City family, I registered as a Republican as soon as I was old enough to vote. Why? Just to be different but at heart, I was as enamored of John F. Kennedy as the nuns at my high school. My first vote was for Democrat Hubert Humphrey, and I worked for Robert F. Kennedy’s senatorial campaign. But I was never really a Republican at heart until Ronald Reagan ran for president in 1976. Before that epiphany, I was as clueless as the rest of America, and when a German coworker asked me the difference between the two major parties,
Claire McCaskill Comes Unglued – Demands
Nation’s Newspapers Ease Up on Joe Biden
and Fact-Check Trump EVERY MORNING on
their Front Page
19 replies
Posted by Imright 2/22/2024 1:44:57 PM Post Reply
Do people still read newspapers? Former Senator Claire McCaskill went on a rampage against President Trump on MSNBC Wednesday morning demanding that US newspapers ease up on Old Joe Biden and fact-check Donald Trump every morning on their front page. OK, boomer. Claire made the statement after she claimed the entire world is worried about Trump winning in 2024. The entire world is PRAYING Trump will take over in 2024. Claire McCaskill: Can I make a suggestion? I move that every newspaper in America quits doing any fact-checks on Joe Biden until they fact-check Donald Trump every morning
A Most Rank Presidential Ranking: Biden
Is The 14th Best? Trump Last?
19 replies
Posted by RockyTCB 2/22/2024 5:27:33 AM Post Reply
Earlier this week a couple of propagandists, also identified as scholars, released a ranking of U.S. presidents. It has about as much credibility as the Clinton Russia hoax. But it does reinforce the gaslighting narrative that so many of our institutions are engaged in. The list, part of a Presidential Greatness Project compiled by a pair of university professors, ranks Joe Biden as the 14th best president. Ever. We’re talking the Joe Biden who is in office today. There has been no other president from an earlier era named Joe Biden to be confused with. The academic malpractice doesn’t end there.
E. Jean Carroll May Sue Trump Again, and
the Reason Is Absurd
18 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 2/22/2024 2:40:21 PM Post Reply
On Monday night, Shawn Crowley, one of the attorneys representing E. Jean Carroll, suggested that Carroll is considering yet another lawsuit against Donald Trump because he insists on defending himself by denying any wrongdoing. At issue were Trump's statements over the weekend at a rally in Michigan, where he criticized Carroll's lawsuits and called them unfair. Crowley indicated that they're keeping tabs on Trump's public statements, waiting to pounce. “We certainly watch them. It’s hard not to,” Crowley told MSNBC's Jen Psaki. “Every time Donald Trump speaks, you know, I think as we said at trial many times, he has the biggest megaphone in the world, and so everyone hears them,
Watch: Insane Amount of Edits in Pre-Recorded
Joe Biden Video Raises Eyebrows - and Questions
18 replies
Posted by Imright 2/22/2024 1:34:05 AM Post Reply
Though judging by the polling it has been obvious for years to many Americans that President Joe Biden's age and fitness to lead are cause for concern, the release of the Hur report was sort of an "elephant in the room roars to life" moment for Biden's 2024 reelection campaign as they seek (in vain) to disprove his critics' longstanding observations about his memory issues.A video shared Tuesday to the official "POTUS" account on the Twitter machine won't help matters. In the pre-recorded two-minute clip, we see Biden yada yadaing and gesturing
Who Had 'Scientists Suggest We Rethink
Cannibalism' on Their 2024 Bingo Card?
17 replies
Posted by Hazymac 2/22/2024 10:26:11 AM Post Reply
It's a tricky decision, whether or not to eat other people, and one that should be considered carefully, even though, "ethically, cannibalism poses fewer issues than you might imagine," according to an unsigned, subscriber-only piece in New Scientist. Nobody wanted to put their name on that or leave it outside the paywall? Never fear, I provided New Scientist with my credit card number — and, to my mild distress, with my home address — so I could read the excuse for cannibalism so powerful that its author must remain a mystery. "If a body can be bequeathed with consent to medical science,
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