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UKRAINE carried out Nord Stream pipe blast,
German police suspect - despite suspicious
Russian naval activity in the area

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Posted By: Harlowe, 5/22/2023 11:09:07 PM

German investigators are pursuing leads which could implicate Ukraine in carrying out the mysterious Nord Stream pipeline blasts last September, according to a new report.[Snip]The Times reports that the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA) is now investigating new leads that could implicate Ukraine and clear Russia of any wrongdoing.[Snip]The complex trail is said to lead to a shell company, a travel bureau, which was created by two Ukrainians in Warsaw. The report also suggests German authorities have singled out two other Ukrainians, from near Kyiv and Odesa, as other members on board the yacht. One, a 26-year-old man, is alleged to have previously served in Ukraine's army.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: SALady 5/22/2023 11:20:26 PM (No. 1475452)
But the Ukrainians used US tax dollars to fund the terrorist action, so ultimately somehow this is Donald Trump's fault... Sorry, I was just practicing trying to think like a lie-beral. But being that illogical just really hurts!!!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DVC 5/22/2023 11:56:07 PM (No. 1475461)
Russian naval activity in the area....but they couldn't possibly have blown up their own pipeline.....right? I have always thought that either Russian incompetence in operation or Russians did this one.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Vitaman 5/23/2023 7:37:56 AM (No. 1475563)
CIA shadow op by proxy
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Roscoelewis 5/23/2023 8:13:00 AM (No. 1475586)
Blowing four holes in two huge pipes under 100+ feet of water took a LOT of doing. I suspect the actors had a LOT of support from some BIG entity. I'm looking forward to finding out how the job was actually done. (If we ever find out)
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Reply 5 - Posted by: cold porridge 5/23/2023 12:05:48 PM (No. 1475777)
This is just spin to take the heat off the proof that it was organized and carried out by Biden and his regime. Do some research.
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UKRAINE carried out Nord Stream pipe blast,
German police suspect - despite suspicious
Russian naval activity in the area
5 replies
Posted by Harlowe 5/22/2023 11:09:07 PM Post Reply
German investigators are pursuing leads which could implicate Ukraine in carrying out the mysterious Nord Stream pipeline blasts last September, according to a new report.[Snip]The Times reports that the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA) is now investigating new leads that could implicate Ukraine and clear Russia of any wrongdoing.[Snip]The complex trail is said to lead to a shell company, a travel bureau, which was created by two Ukrainians in Warsaw. The report also suggests German authorities have singled out two other Ukrainians, from near Kyiv and Odesa, as other members on board the yacht. One, a 26-year-old man, is alleged to have previously served in Ukraine's army.
Justice Gorsuch slams COVID restrictions
as “the greatest intrusions on civil
liberties in the peacetime history of
this country”
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Posted by Harlowe 5/22/2023 1:54:59 PM Post Reply
On Thursday, the United States Supreme Court issued a brief Order in “the Title 42 Cases” vacating an Order of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, which will be explained in more detail below. But what is interesting is a very unusual “Statement” authored by Justice Neil Gorsuch, alone, appended to that Order.[Snip] March 2020, we may have experienced the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country. Executive officials across the country issued emergency decrees on a breathtaking scale.
Downton Abbey could be set for shock return
as TV bosses try to lure back big names
for a seventh series of the prestige drama
as fans clamour to be reunited with the
Crawley family
15 replies
Posted by Harlowe 5/21/2023 12:08:20 AM Post Reply
Its crisp plotlines and sharply drawn characters proved so compelling that it generated six seasons on TV and two movie spin-offs. Now, The Mail on Sunday can reveal the hugely popular Downton Abbey, with the wealthy Crawley family at its heart, is to make its television comeback.[Snip]Yesterday, Downton's executive producer Gareth Neame, who is also the executive chairman of Carnival Films, which makes the show, declined to comment when asked if he was intending to bring it back. ITV also did not want to comment.[Snip]Downton has also had huge success in the US, where each episode was watched by 26 million people on average.
Harry and Meghan demand US picture agency
involved in 'near catastrophic car chase'
in New York hand over images of them
29 replies
Posted by Harlowe 5/19/2023 12:07:46 PM Post Reply
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been knocked back after demanding the picture agency involved in a 'near catastrophic car chase' give them its pictures. Backgrid has rejected the couple's demands after the incident in New York on Tuesday night, telling them that Americans 'long ago rejected royal prerogative'. The letter, which the agency said it got from the pair's legal team on Thursday, reportedly said: 'We hereby demand that Backgrid immediately provide us with copies of all photos, videos, and/or films taken last night by the freelance photographers after the couple left their event and over the next several hours.'
GOP's Luna unveils resolution to expel
Adam Schiff from Congress
9 replies
Posted by Harlowe 5/17/2023 11:58:56 PM Post Reply
Florida Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna on Wednesday unveiled a resolution to remove California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff from Congress.[Snip]"Knowingly using your position on House Intel to push a lie that ripped apart our country, cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and authorized spying on a US President and then proceeding to double down on the lie within days of the Durham report coming out makes you unfit for office. Ethics should investigate," she insisted.[Snip]House Speaker Kevin McCarthy refused to allow Schiff to sit on the Intelligence Committee earlier this year, insisting that he "has lied too many times to the American public."
Megyn Kelly slams Prince Harry, Meghan
Markle ‘bulls–t’ claim of ‘near-fatal’
paparazzi chase: ‘Stinks to high heaven’
22 replies
Posted by Harlowe 5/17/2023 4:33:30 PM Post Reply
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were traveling along with Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, 66, in Manhattan after leaving the Ziegfeld Theater on Tuesday night when they were followed by around a dozen photographers[Snip]“I lived in Manhattan for 17 yrs & it is not possible to have a 2hr ‘car chase’ there,” Kelly tweeted in response to the Page Six story. “Too many street lights/stop signs, too much foot/car traffic & hundreds of places you could safely pull over to protect yourself.”[Snip]“Also if they really want to avoid the paparazzi perhaps the Duchess should stop using them so obviously when she wants to see herself in the paper.”
The Left’s Three-Part Strategy Targeting
The Supreme Court
1 reply
Posted by Harlowe 5/11/2023 12:15:57 AM Post Reply
I appeared earlier this week on the Jesse Kelly show on First TV to talk about The Left Targets The Supreme Court: Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson says the Democrats are increasing the pressure on the U.S. Supreme Court Justices.[Snip] Yes. Well, the US Supreme Court is really the one institution that has not been completely captured by the left. Congress goes back and forth, but certainly the Supreme Court conservative majority is going to be there for a long time, and it is driving them absolutely crazy that they can’t control absolutely everything.
Ex-Pfizer VP: COVID vax push a ‘supranational
operation’ intended to ‘maim and kill deliberately’
21 replies
Posted by Harlowe 5/9/2023 10:45:26 PM Post Reply
Dr. Michael Yeadon, who formerly served as Pfizer’s vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory, explained how he knew the COVID virus, with its subsequent “vaccine” campaign, was a “supranational operation” designed “to injure people, to maim and kill deliberately.” Yeadon, who spent 32 years working mostly for large pharmaceutical companies, spoke to a reporter from Children’s Health Defense in March while attending a Truth be Told Rally in London.[Snip]“And when I saw not only my country locking down, but dozens of countries locking down at the same time … that was proof, and is still proof, of a supranational operation,” he said.
Radical Leftists Protest At SCOTUS Justices’
Homes. Again.
5 replies
Posted by Harlowe 5/7/2023 12:58:00 AM Post Reply
As we’ve been covering here at LI, the radical left has declared war on one of the three branches of our government. They are on the warpath because it’s the one branch of government over which they (now) have no control.[Snip]Protests are picking up steam again outside the private homes of conservative Supreme Court justices.[Snip]Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has opened an investigation into the DOJ order to U.S. Marshals not to arrest illegal protesters outside justices’ homes.[Snip]It seems quite clear that the radical left won’t rest until they can appoint more leftist justices to the Court...
Liberal SCOTUS Justice Caught in Scandal
That Blows Up Recent Left-Wing Attacks
28 replies
Posted by Harlowe 5/3/2023 11:34:38 PM Post Reply
There’s one certainty in politics. If a Democrat is accusing a Republican of doing something, it is the Democrat who is inevitably actually doing it. That dynamic played out again Wednesday after a major revelation about Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor called into question all the recent left-wing attacks on Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch.(Snip)Well, they are going to have to call another hearing because it’s been revealed that Sotomayor took $3.6 million from a book company that did have business before the court at the time(Snip)The publishing company in question actually stood to lose money depending on how the court ruled,
“A full-blown Color Revolution-style
attack on the US Supreme Court as an institution
is now in its early stages”
10 replies
Posted by Harlowe 4/29/2023 12:49:18 AM Post Reply
“Color Revolution” is a term that has been around for a while and doesn’t have a single clear definition. But the term most famously was used as to the “Orange” Ukraine 2004 civil unrest(Snip)A color revolution then, is a form of manipulated mass civil disobediance meant to accomplish regime change. We saw it used against Trump after the 2016 election, where manipulated and hysterical claims of Russia collusion were used to attempt to paralyze the Trump administration(Snip)It all was highly organized and manipulated.(Snip)There also is a type of color revolution being waged against the Supreme Court now that it has a conservative majority.
Donald Trump Jr. calls for end to Bud
Light boycott
48 replies
Posted by Harlowe 4/15/2023 4:04:46 PM Post Reply
Donald Trump Jr. says boycotts of Bud Light should end, telling his fans on Rumble the company’s conservative credentials are solid and the outrage over its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney was unjustified. (Snip) “We looked into the political giving and lobbying history of Anheuser-Busch. And guess what? They actually support Republicans,” said the former first son on Rumble. (Snip) Nobody at the senior level of the company had been aware of the marketing campaign, Trump Jr. said, touting their support for recent high profile GOP candidates like Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.
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Missouri teenager Sai Varshith Kandula,
19, told FBI he wanted to kill Biden and
'take over' after crashing U-Haul truck
into White House security gates while
carrying swastika flag
36 replies
Posted by Imright 5/23/2023 12:17:20 PM Post Reply
The Missouri teenager who crashed a U-Haul truck into the White House's security barriers last night has been charged with trying to kill, kidnap or harm the president, vice president or a family member. Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, from Chesterfield, Missouri, was arrested at the scene after plowing the vehicle into security barriers at around 10pm. After crashing the vehicle, he jumped out of the van and started waving a Nazi flag. Once in custody, Kandula told the FBI he wanted to overthrow the government, kill President Biden and take over himself. He is now being held in custody.
Hillary Clinton says Biden's age is a
legitimate issue: 'People have every right
to consider it'
27 replies
Posted by Hazymac 5/23/2023 7:16:18 AM Post Reply
Hillary Clinton weighed in on concerns surrounding President Biden's age, saying it's a legitimate issue and "people have every right to consider it." Clinton made the under-the-radar comments on Saturday at the Financial Times Weekend Festival in Washington, D.C., when questioned about Biden stumbling at the G7 Summit in Japan. "There was that heart-stopping moment when he almost fell over coming down the stairs a day or two ago," Financial Times editor Edward Luce said. "He didn't use a railing, and Jill wasn't there with him. "Every time that happens, your heart is in your mouth because these things could be consequential. Is that a concern?" he asked.
Up to 80,000 migrants are coming to New
York. State leaders ask Biden to waive
work restrictions
24 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 5/23/2023 8:42:53 AM Post Reply
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams, faced with an influx of up to 80,000 migrants, are asking President Joe Biden to waive a rule that says they have to wait six months before they can apply for and get a job. Hochul says all of the migrants are following the legal process of seeking asylum, and they are eager to work. She says farms across upstate New York are facing a shortage of 5,000 workers as the growing season gets underway. And the restaurant industry has cut hours and service due to a severe
North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper declares
'state of emergency' over school choice bill
24 replies
Posted by Moritz55 5/23/2023 7:12:31 AM Post Reply
Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper declared a "state of emergency" on Monday in an attempt to stop a school choice bill from passing the state legislature. Cooper released a video announcement where he declared a state of emergency, arguing that the state of public education is "no less important" than other emergencies. "It’s time to declare a State of Emergency for public education in North Carolina. There’s no Executive Order like with a hurricane or the pandemic, but it’s no less important," Cooper stated.
Judge Hands Kari Lake Another Loss in Arizona 24 replies
Posted by Beardo 5/23/2023 12:29:47 AM Post Reply
A Maricopa County judge on Monday night handed former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake another loss in her latest election lawsuit. (snip) She faced her latest courtroom loss after Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson rejected her claims that Maricopa election officials improperly verified the signatures on thousands of ballots, tilting the outcome in the state's largest county that is home to Phoenix against her.
Hillary Gives Us Another Hint That Her
Pointy Black Hat Is In the Ring for 2024
23 replies
Posted by Hazymac 5/23/2023 3:31:03 PM Post Reply
Hillary Clinton has said that she is not going to be a candidate for president in 2024, but with Hillary Clinton, you never know. She has been dropping hints along the way that she has the perfect person in mind to step in and be the Democrats’ 2024 nominee if Old Joe’s incoherence and Kamala Harris’ incapacity become too obvious: a certain former First Lady, secretary of state, senator, and twice-failed presidential candidate. Hey, the third time could be a charm. Hillary gave us her latest hint that she may end up throwing her broomstick into the ring when she appeared at the Financial Times Weekend Festival in Washington.
Target holds 'emergency' meeting over
LGBTQ merchandise in some stores to avoid
‘Bud Light situation’
22 replies
Posted by Beardo 5/23/2023 6:54:09 PM Post Reply
Some southern Target stores were forced by the corporation to move LGBTQ Pride merchandise away from the front of their locations after customer "outrage" to avoid a "Bud Light situation." (snip) A Target insider said there were "emergency" calls on Friday and that some managers and district senior directors were told to tamp down the Pride sections immediately. "We were given 36 hours, told to take all of our Pride stuff, the entire section, and move it into a section that’s a third the size. From the front of the store to the back of the store, you can’t have anything on mannequins and no large signage," the Target insider said.
Jordan Neely's uncle who called for no
plea deal for Daniel Penny over subway
chokehold death is ARRESTED in NYC 'after
being caught with knife and several stolen
credit cards'
18 replies
Posted by Beardo 5/23/2023 7:08:43 PM Post Reply
Jordan Neely's uncle fled police and then was arrested Monday after being caught with several allegedly stolen credit cards, a day after he urged no plea deal for the ex-Marine accused of placing his nephew in a fatal chokehold, can exclusively reveal. Christopher Neely was arrested late Monday night after running away from a police pickpocket team that confronted him at the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan, police sources said. He was wanted for a string of larcenies in Manhattan when he was approached.
The Anti-Christian Los Angeles Dodgers
Deserve The Bud Light Treatment
18 replies
Posted by earlybird 5/23/2023 3:40:22 PM Post Reply
In a predictable act of cowardice, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced on Monday they are reinviting a radical, anti-Catholic LGBT group to the organization’s “Pride Night” next month. Originally, the Dodgers invited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence — a radical LBGT organization whose drag members mock Catholicism by dressing up as so-called “queer and trans nuns” — to its June 16 “Pride Night” game. The MLB team was slated to present the group with a “Community Hero Award.” After receiving much-deserved backlash from fans, Catholic groups, and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., the Dodgers announced last week the Sisters would no longer be honored at this year’s “pride” celebration
FBI again refuses to comply with subpoena,
declines to give House report on Biden
bribery allegation
17 replies
Posted by Skinnydip 5/23/2023 11:34:13 AM Post Reply
The FBI again refused to comply Monday with House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer’s subpoena for a document that allegedly details a pay-to-play scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden. The bureau’s latest refusal to turn over the unclassified FD-1023 document detailing an informant’s criminal allegations against Biden, 80, came during a briefing between the Oversight Committee and FBI staff. Comer (R-Ky.) is expected to reveal the panel’s next steps in the quest for the document sometime this week.
Watch: Georgia Democrat Slams Party for
Favoring Migrants over Americans
16 replies
Posted by Imright 5/23/2023 8:40:41 AM Post Reply
The Democratic Party’s enthusiasm for new immigrants is pushing their African-American supporters out the back door, according to a Democratic African-American legislator in the Georgia House of Representatives. “Every election year I hear ‘Black Lives Matter!” State Rep. Mesha Mainor (D-56) said in a tweet outlining her displeasure: But do they? I see every other minority being prioritized except black children living in poverty that can’t read. We’ll send a million dollars to the border for immigrant services. But black communities? Not even a shout-out. I’m sorry, I don’t agree with this. I’m not backing down. I’m actually just getting started.
Shocking moment woke NYC college professor
hurls foul-mouthed abuse at students over
pro-life stand and accuses them of 'triggering'
others, before angrily Destroying their display
16 replies
Posted by Imright 5/23/2023 12:02:08 AM Post Reply
A professor at a New York City art college has drawn the ire of social media after a video showed her hurling obscenities at pro life students over a display at their school that she eventually destroyed. Shellyne Rodriguez, 46, is an adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts and Hunter College in the Big Apple. She's also an artist and activist who claims her work 'utilizes text, drawing, painting, collage and sculpture to depict spaces and subjects engaged in strategies of survival against erasure and subjugation,' according to her bio.
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