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Americans Living under Communism

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Posted By: Dodge Boy, 11/24/2022 9:29:11 AM

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live under communism? Well, now you know. The last two years have seen a parade of dumb and dumber policies, the kind you expect in totalitarian dictatorships. The distinguishing traits are as follows: rulers show contempt for their serfs; policy wonks concoct endless stream of counterproductive ideas; and casual cruelty hurts everyone, day after day. Here are a dozen examples.


It is 1935 all over again but this time right here in good old America. Several of my schoolteachers in the Lake County, Illinois schools including our high school principal were veterans from WWII. They constantly warned us students about what would soon happen to America unless we stood up in defiance.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: planetgeo 11/24/2022 9:43:49 AM (No. 1341375)
Take it from those of us who have lived under communism (when they actually called themselves "communists"). You ARE living under communism right now...even though they now call themselves "Democrats." Don't think so? Mandates. Lockdowns. Redistribution of your income. Government controlled media. False imprisonments (J6) and show trials. Fake elections where they count the votes and keep counting until they win. Shortages of previously abundant goods. Speech controls. Subjugation of religion. Sound familiar, comrade?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: bigfatslob 11/24/2022 10:28:39 AM (No. 1341407)
We might have communism now, but it's run by fraud clowns real hard-core communist go one step further they kill/murder their opposition. Fraud Biden is not there 'yet', or could he be there is something that stops the communist, our second Amendment it's fear that keeps the left at bay. Fraud Biden doesn't care about the Constitution but there are checks there that make us correct to oppose this fraud regime.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: The Remnants 11/24/2022 10:45:01 AM (No. 1341424)
#1 - Great list. I'd add one more - corruption of the education system. Isn't Critical Thinking and Writing taught anymore in schools? Or a love of truth? Had a service man come to my home other day and we talked about mid-terms and he said that just because Fetterman had a debilitating stroke, it does not mean his thought processes are effected, and just because Dr. Oz is a cardiovascular surgeon. it does not mean that he is smart! Oh, well. I guess we can always focus on what is going on in the Kardashian family if we want something to talk about at dinner.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 11/24/2022 10:46:53 AM (No. 1341426)
Fake government A government that doesn't really govern. A two party system that isn't really two parties. One party rules instead of governs. The other party defers to the first party when they should be putting out an alternative. A government that is 30 trillion in debt and a country that is 90 trillion in debt. A government that steals elections and has legalized voter fraud. A government-controlled media that controls what people see. A dumbed down populace that does not know what is important. A populace that elected a senile corrupt incompetent politician as President and supports the status quo. A populace that does not vote their pocketbook because they either don't have one or are not feeling the pinch. A populace that survives on government handouts even though that government is essentially bankrupt. A population looking for bread and circuses. A population that turns on law enforcement because they have become accustomed to crime. A population that has a high criminal element and can be bought off. Don't really care what it's called. It's not working.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: pros7767 11/24/2022 10:50:13 AM (No. 1341429)
The really sad part is that so many Americans don't see what's coming and what is already here.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: MDConservative 11/24/2022 10:59:05 AM (No. 1341435)
Americans showed their stripes in the aftermath of 9/11 when they couldn't trade liberty for security fast enough, creating the two headed monster that essentially combined intelligence and law enforcement communities - accepting the idea that the special courts would "protect" citizens from abuse while chasing down the bad guys. In 1992 Americans chose for their President a grifter and his wife. They changed American politics and set the stage for a rapacious UNIPARTY government that saw the profitability of government at the expense of the public while creating Potemkin prosperity for all. Good times that now bring us to crooked falderol like Ukraine money laudering and crypto bank collapses, not to mention open borders, "wokeism" in public institutions, and a series of falderol now accepted as "normal" by the public. The coup d'grace was COVID, brought to us by "unknown" means, but which enabled government from top to bottom to redirect our lives with hardly a whimper. PDT and Congress appropriated $14 TRILLION, adding 50 percent to our burgeoning national debt to maintain "normalcy", giving shtuff away to create the illusion that prosperity would maintain itself through the crisis that never ended. To top it off come the silver bullets of vaccines that didn't work very well, even killed people, and have long-term effects that are unknown to the public. Now we have gross inflation, which some prefer to blame entirely on incompetent Biden. We are today a people of "brave" scardycats. Where once we were told all we had to fear was fear itself, today we are in the midst of a never ending torrent of fear porn driven by "experts" and "concerned" TV personalities. We are too shallow and weak to bother to peek behind the curtains. We are divided in the face of what should be mutually angering as free people.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Sanchin 11/24/2022 11:13:29 AM (No. 1341452)
Communism and/or Facism, Americans have a very poor understanding of each of these ideaologies. In addition nearly all Americans are under the mistaken belief that this is a capitalist economy. Nothing could be further from the truth and this lie has been going on since FDR. It’s a combination of very poor education that is tightly controlled and the weaponization of the media which is again anything but free and truthful.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: The Remnants 11/24/2022 11:19:02 AM (No. 1341463)
Forgive second post, but this subject is so serious and so timely and I don't want to attribute words to the wrong person because they are life-saving. I think I heard them from the young man who reports so accurately about the situation on our southern border on Real America Voice News, but he said our order of concern should be:- First, God, Then Family, and Then Country, and then we will survive (or a combination of the three -my words)
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Safari Man 11/24/2022 11:50:52 AM (No. 1341489)
What sets us apart is that we have the right to bear arms. But our communists are doing everything they can to abolish that, one way or another. In every other way, we are living under communist rule, to one degree or another. The single most discouraging attribute of totalitarian rule we now suffer is the fake elections. Without the ability to choose our government, we are completely lost, they can do anything they want to us and we have no recourse.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: coyote 11/24/2022 11:54:23 AM (No. 1341491)
Toting my M1 not far from the Wall and traveling through iron-curtain countries, i saw what it was like living under communism. Fight against this false system.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Geoman 11/24/2022 2:41:50 PM (No. 1341557)
The presence or absence of communism as a form of government in the U. S. is strictly on us, We the People. Forget the so-called Uniparty and RINOs as a cause or Trump as the sole savior. If modern day Americans aren't willing to fight savagely, not just politically or rhetorically, then we may fall under Iron Curtain II. Communism as a force, has never been pushed back or defeated without barrels of blood being shed. Communist movements, often cloaked as hyper populist (e.g., The Peoples Republic or Democrat Republic of Name-Your-Lost-Country) do not ever reflect the popular will, nor to they respect debate or compromise but they do respect certain death.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Muguy 11/25/2022 8:17:28 AM (No. 1341876)
This article is outstanding in its listing of many items we faced and allowed to happen without calling it out. The decay is getting worse, and the lack of a a 'wave' election AGAINST the corruption only makes things seem more dire, and WTP get sold out to forces who are helbent on taking U.S. over and subjugating us from exceptionalism to conformity. There were several other factors that Mr. Price could have mentioned as contributing factors to our decline, but the ones mentioned are bad enough.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: udanja99 11/25/2022 2:31:48 PM (No. 1342123)
I’ve lived under communism. Believe me, we are not nearly there yet. When we are, there will not be a few empty shelves in the supermarket; the entire building will be empty. There will not be high gas prices; there will be no gas or you will sit in a gas line for 2 days to get the amount which has been rationed to you. (If you still are allowed to own a car.). There will not be high heating fuel prices; you will sit in your home and freeze because the heating fuel has been given to the elites or sold to China. (In our apartment in Bucharest in 1983, it was warmer inside the refrigerator than it was in the apartment.) You will not want to get anywhere near a hospital of medical facility because they will be filthy and filled with incompetent bureaucrats and ancient malfunctioning medical machines. You will not have a home of your own but will be told where to live and what job you are allowed to work. All internet and phone access will be taken away because the regime will not want you talking to each other. You will be followed, watched and recorded every step of your life. People you know will begin to disappear or they will turn you in for some minor infraction just to get another ration of food or medicine. There will be elections, but in each one there will only be one candidate who will “win” 100% of the vote. I could go on and on but you get the idea. The only people who can prevent this is us.
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Americans Living under Communism 13 replies
Posted by Dodge Boy 11/24/2022 9:29:11 AM Post Reply
Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live under communism? Well, now you know. The last two years have seen a parade of dumb and dumber policies, the kind you expect in totalitarian dictatorships. The distinguishing traits are as follows: rulers show contempt for their serfs; policy wonks concoct endless stream of counterproductive ideas; and casual cruelty hurts everyone, day after day. Here are a dozen examples.
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Seven state voter integrity teams called us after reading an article about Democrats employing a massive tech weapon for the upcoming elections. They were terrified their efforts to clean up voter rolls were for naught. We were on a road trip crunching Nevada voter data and watching amazing results, real time, in the car. Sleep well. Nobody ever changed the game in any industry, or election, by applying demonstrably obsolete technology,. The future of computing, and election computing, is not size and scale, it is blinding speed, across trillions of records, from hundreds to thousands of databases, using daily or hourly snapshot analysis, delivered to your cell phone or tablet...
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Vladimir Putin is a bad guy. Vladimir Putin is a megalomaniac. Vladimir Putin is a criminal. All those things are true. Similarly, Adolf Hitler was a bad guy, a megalomaniac, and a criminal. But Vladimir Putin is not Adolf Hitler and Russia in 2022 is not Germany in 1938/39. But in both cases, the future of the world hung on / hangs in the balance. But maybe not in the way you think.... Much of the western world was already engaged in war in December 1941 when the United States joined the fight. Most of Europe and much of North Africa were under the boot of the Nazis.
This Is How Government Breeds Mistrust 5 replies
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Keeping faith with others is basic to civilization. A government filled with suspicion does not earn the goodwill and affection of its people. Rather, it becomes an enemy in their eyes. The people’s disaffection increases the leader’s own mistrust. And so it goes, around and around, mistrust deepening at every turn of the circuit. A good example is taxation. The American income tax system has depended to a large degree on the willingness of people to fund their own government. Compare this to Italy in the ’80s, where distrust brought a very large percentage of the economy underground and off the books.
Nichelle Nichols, Lt. Uhura on 'Star Trek,'
Dies at 89
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Nichelle Nichols, who played Lt. Nyota Uhura on the original "Star Trek," has died at the age of 89, her son Kyle Johnson announced on her official Facebook page. "Last night, my mother, Nichelle Nichols, succumbed to natural causes and passed away," Johnson's statement read. "Her light however, like the ancient galaxies now being seen for the first time, will remain for us and future generations to enjoy, learn from, and draw inspiration. Hers was a life well lived and as such a model for us all."
Putin's disinformation is so effective
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A few days after Russia invaded her home city of Kyiv, Kristina Nikolayeva's grandmother received a call from a family member in Russia. It was her son, Nikolayeva's uncle, who said he was going to join the Russian army, the same force engaged in invading their home country. It is a startling example of how effectively authorities in Russia have presented its attack on Ukraine as a just and humane war, in which Russian soldiers are liberating grateful Ukrainians from their Nazi oppressors.
The Rise of Blockchain Republics 5 replies
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When Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced an end to some medical mandates and virus-related restrictions in the United Kingdom, I thought: "This is a victory for nation-states over unitary global government." The reason the prime minister turned a 180 on his country's COVID-1984 tyranny seems to be intricately linked to his own personal scandals involving the breaking of various lockdown, masking, and social gathering rules that form the crux of the U.K.'s totalitarian health regime. If Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, or Anthony Fauci had complete control over the queen's realm, you can bet that the mandates would never go away.
The 9/11 Attacks Ultimately Proved A Lesser
Threat To America Than The
Totalitarian Left
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Posted by Dodge Boy 9/10/2021 7:39:50 PM Post Reply
I was in college when the planes hit the towers, studying that Tuesday morning before class in the student union. The woman who ran the student snack bar and I were the only people there that morning, and together we watched the second plane hit on live TV. At that moment, my stomach dropped. After the first plane hit, no one really knew what was going on, whether a small aircraft had accidentally crashed into the tower or if it had been an explosion or something else. But when that second plane hit, we knew. This wasn’t an accident. Someone had planned this. It was an attack.
U.S. Capitol officer cleared in fatal
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The U.S. Capitol Police officer who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6 during the insurrection was cleared Monday after an internal review concluded the action may have spared the lives of lawmakers and staffers who had barricaded themselves inside the building. "The officer’s actions were consistent with the officer’s training and (U.S. Capitol Police) policies," the agency's inquiry found. The agency declined to identify the officer. Federal prosecutors decided in April not to pursue criminal charges in the case. Some who supported the Capitol siege by rioters angry about the outcome of the presidential election cast Babbitt as a martyr to the conservative cause.
Biden's appalling speech on Afghanistan
merits a 25th Amendment discussion
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After nearly a week of radio silence while the Taliban were undoing 20 years of American investment in Afghanistan, Joe Biden returned to the White House to read from a teleprompter for under 20 minutes. Given the predictable straw man he presented of an all-or-nothing binary choice between "forever war" and immediate abandonment, it was par for the course to see Biden try to blame his predecessor. Biden's tactless defense consisted of impugning Afghans. It was followed by his hasty departure without taking a single question from a group of reporters he hand-picked under the guise of "social distancing." (Washington, D.C.'s total COVID-19 death toll this month: one.)
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Chris Christie is making his move for
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A year ago, Chris Christie wouldn’t even call former President Donald Trump out by name when he warned an audience at the Ronald Regan Library not to let “a few zealots” control the Republican Party. Now, there’s no holding back for the former New Jersey governor with eyes on the White House. “This guy is a loser,” Christie told NJ Advance Media in a recent interview. “He can’t win. He’s won once and everything he’s done since then is lose.”
Daylight Saving Time sheds light on lack
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As the United States rolled back the clocks one hour this month to observe the end of Daylight Saving Time, many people got a bit more sleep than usual – but some not as much as others. Growing evidence shows that lack of sleep and sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, remain more prevalent in Black, Asian, and Hispanic or Latino communities, and these inequities can have long-term detrimental implications for physical health, even raising the risk of certain chronic diseases. Meanwhile, Daylight Saving Time itself – enacted in the US to reduce electricity usage by extending daylight hours – has long
‘An explosion’: what is behind the
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Earlier this year, a team of NHS researchers was asked to investigate why there has been such a huge rise in the number of adolescent biological girls seeking referrals to gender clinics. (Snip) Last year, there were more than 5,000, which was twice the number in the previous year. And the largest group, about two-thirds, now consisted of “birth-registered females first presenting in adolescence with gender-related distress”, the report said. The review team is looking into the causes behind “the considerable increase in the number of referrals” and the changing case mix, but is not expected to publish any findings
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Representative John Garamendi (D-CA said Friday on CNN’s “The Lead” that President Joe Biden was correct in advocating for an assault weapon ban. Garamendi said, “What we have to do is continue put the votes up in committee and on the floor, basically challenging all 435 members of Congress and 100 senators, saying are you going to step aside and allow these horrible incidents day after day to continue or are you willing to put your own career on the line and save Americans with sensible gun legislation? The president is absolutely correct, no assault weapons.” He added, “Back in 1989, I was a state senator in California, the very first school
Attorney Who Requested to Represent President
Trump But Was Denied by New York Court,
Died Suddenly Last Week at 48
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Posted by Imright 11/25/2022 10:59:43 AM Post Reply
Attorney John Meringolo died suddenly last week. He represented We Build the Wall leader Tim Shea. Attorney Meringolo also recently asked the courts to represent President Trump as well. Now he’s dead.  (Snip) Meringolo was successful in defending individuals in multiple cases against the state. Meringolo became a thorn in the side of federal prosecutors after winning streaks defending notorious clients in several prominent mafia, RICO, and large-scale narcotics cases. We reported earlier this week, that super-successful attorney John Meringolo was suddenly dead at the age of 48. Meringolo recently represented We Build the Wall leader Tim Shea.
A Day After Antifa Promised Violent Consequences
For Elon Musk The Attacks Have Started
And Here’s The First “Target” They
Tried To Burn Down (Video)
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 11/26/2022 7:00:47 AM Post Reply
Elon Musk called a report on Antifa wanting to burn down Tesla “concerning.” The Tesla CEO responded to a Rebel News report on screenshots of calls to action. Andy Ngô, editor-at-large for the ThePost Millenial, shared screenshots of the calls to action by the now-suspended Twitter account @AshRedacted. The account posted links to Tesla locations and encouraged followers to add their own. “Tonight in Portland! Every city, every town! Show up at your local Tesla dealerships in protest of Elon Musk!” one screenshot read with a photo of a burning Tesla.
Surprised by the Midterm Election Results?
Take a Look at the Data
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Posted by DW626 11/25/2022 1:35:22 PM Post Reply
For many Republicans, the final midterm election results were surprising— especially in the states of Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. Based on polling, it looked likely that Kari Lake, Adam Laxalt, and Mehmet Oz would win their contests. I believe that there are only three likely explanations for the unexpected results: late campaign surges, polling error, or aggressive ballot-harvesting. A late surge? Some Republicans are falling for an illogical narrative put forth by Democrats and the mainstream media.
President Newsom? God Help The United
States Of America
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Posted by Imright 11/25/2022 7:23:48 PM Post Reply
Not a week had gone by after the midterm elections before California governor Gavin Newsom’s presidential possibilities were being talked up. A Republican consultant even suggested Joe Biden ask for Kamala Harris’ resignation and appoint Newsom as his vice-president. Biden could then either resign himself, leaving Newsom president, or position him to run as semi-incumbent in 2024. No matter what turns the journey takes, there will be a train wreck at the station. Don’t be fooled by the governor’s margin of victory this year (59-41) and in 2018 (62-38). He has done nothing in his public life that recommends him for the presidency. Popular, yes, competent, no.
Twitter explodes after MSNBC health columnist
calls to cancel Thanksgiving, postpone Christmas
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Posted by NorthernDog 11/25/2022 4:28:50 PM Post Reply
Prominent Twitter users erupted into a series of arguments after an MSNBC health columnist floated the idea of canceling Thanksgiving and moving winter holidays to prevent illness. On Wednesday, Dr. Esther Choo, a professor of emergency medicine at Oregon Health and Science University, gave her thoughts on how to prevent respiratory illnesses, such as COVID-19 and RSV, during the holiday season. She tweeted that "for so many reasons" Thanksgiving should be canceled, winter holidays should be moved to the summer, and winter holidays should be more "hygge," or cozy. Additionally, Choo touted several benefits of such a move, including a
Disney's Big Gay, Green 'Strange World'
Crashes at Box Office
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Posted by Dreadnought 11/25/2022 11:18:21 AM Post Reply
Disney’s latest animated feature, the gay, green Strange World, just tanked at the box office. Gee, what a shock. You mean no one wants to waste their Thanksgiving weekend having their children prematurely sexualized by groomers with a side order of enviro-guilt? This should do wonders for Disney’s already cratered stock price. Strange World cost anywhere from $150 million to $180 million to produce. Add at least another $50 to $100 million to promote, and what you have here is a straight-up catastrophe, a quarter of a billion — with a “B” — write-off.
San Francisco Hotels Demand City Compensate
for Damage by Homeless
25 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 11/26/2022 5:01:34 AM Post Reply
San Francisco hotels are demanding millions of dollars from the city to compensate them for damage incurred while housing the homeless under a municipal government program launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the program, known as “Shelter-in-Place” (SIP), hotels were used to move homeless people off the streets for fear of spreading the coronavirus in tent cities. Ironically, as COVID became better understood, officials began recommending against clearing homeless encampments, because the virus spread less easily outdoors.
Over 70 Per Cent of Children Aged 7-12
Now Afraid of Climate Change – Survey
25 replies
Posted by Imright 11/25/2022 5:42:27 PM Post Reply
More than 70 per cent of children aged 7-12 are now afraid of climate change according to the results of a survey. More than seven in ten children aged 7-12 are now worried about climate change, research conducted by a UK-based start-up has reportedly found. It comes amid reports from various experts that children and teenagers of various demographics are experiencing high rates of mental health difficulties, with one school councillor earlier this year saying that anxiety rates have hit an all-time high post-lockdown. According to a report by Euronews, the survey — which polled 1,000 children born between 2010 and 2015 on their views regarding the environment — found
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