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DeSantis: MAGA Understudy or Saboteur?

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Posted By: DW626, 9/29/2022 6:21:11 AM

Since my foray into politics, I have come to understand that our system comprises insiders and outsiders and that Donald Trump was the consummate outsider. He was opposed by the system on both sides of the political aisle. Admittedly, I counted myself amongst the opposition. It was only when faced with a choice of yet another Clinton, whom we were told held a 95% chance of victory, that I felt a throw-away vote for Trump was in order. To my surprise, the b@st@rd actually won. He wasn’t supposed to win.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: PCMM 9/29/2022 6:27:12 AM (No. 1290727)
DeSantis is a traitor? Really? All Hail the Lord God Donald Trump? Are you COMPLETELY NUTS? The party of stupid is alive and well.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: WhamDBambam 9/29/2022 6:32:06 AM (No. 1290729)
All the anti-Americans are doing is trying to sow division amongst the rest of us.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 9/29/2022 7:29:53 AM (No. 1290753)
Brian Parsons is the traitor if he characterized his Trump vote as throw-away. No balls.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: MOBeef4u 9/29/2022 7:38:39 AM (No. 1290761)
I would encourage everyone to read the entire article. There is definitely food for thought here, and if Parsons' claims are true, things to keep in mind about DeSantis going forward. Unsettling to say the least.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Rich323 9/29/2022 7:38:49 AM (No. 1290762)
Lots of rumor sources floating in the bowl lately. Trump should do a joint event with DeSantis for Governor and slay the rumors.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: spacer 9/29/2022 7:46:16 AM (No. 1290765)
I see no duplicitous by design deceit of Gov. De Santis service either on the G H W Bush baseball field or the Tallahassee Mansion. Merely a record of excellence, honor and decency . But I am not now nor have I ever been a Ron Paul libertarian where conspiracies percolate.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: judy 9/29/2022 7:47:18 AM (No. 1290766)
Is Brain related to McConnell??????
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Reply 8 - Posted by: TJ54 9/29/2022 7:52:01 AM (No. 1290769)
I stopped reading the American Thinkless long ago
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Reply 9 - Posted by: NancyD 9/29/2022 8:02:58 AM (No. 1290775)
I'm tired of the demonetization of DeSantis. He's a good guy. Why the find the need to pit 2 good guys against each other is beyond me. The GOP has several Good leaders, the Dems have ZERO I consider us Lucky.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Strike3 9/29/2022 8:53:42 AM (No. 1290809)
DeSantis and Trump are two different people but they are both good people. People need to put aside the theatrics, the personalities and look strictly at records of accomplishment. DeSantis has done a great job for Florida and Trump has done a great job for America. I would vote for either one in 2024 with Trump getting the edge because he has already done it on the national level and done it well. MAGA - FJB.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Trump'sCousin 9/29/2022 8:59:03 AM (No. 1290813)
It is my firm belief that President Trump and Governor DeSantis, along with other America First Patriots are working together and have a steel tight plan and playbook. These people are patriots. They love their country, their fellow Americans and freedom. They know what they are doing and NOTHING will stop them. The "unstoppable" force - demoncraps have met the "unmoveable" object - MAGA Listen for the SPLAT! of the demoncraps. They can't win anything. Their platform sucks. They have to lie, steal, cheat, kill and DIVIDE DIVIDE DIVIDE to get anything. Remember this always and STAND UNDIVIDED WITH YOUR EYES ON THE FLAG AND PRAYER ON YOUR LIPS.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: red1066 9/29/2022 9:17:19 AM (No. 1290830)
I think this is BS. If DeSantis is a Rino, then he sure hasn't acted like one for quite some time. A real Rino would on occasion shows his or her real stripes. DeSantis hasn't done that as far as I know. He says something, then carries it out without too much delay.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Moritz55 9/29/2022 9:17:28 AM (No. 1290831)
In addition to Never-Trumpers we now have Only-Trumpers.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: TexaTucky 9/29/2022 9:23:50 AM (No. 1290839)
To some, even Jesus would raise red flags. Either Trump or DeSantis for me. Just hoping they arrive at a mutual decision that doesn't cause internal divisions within the MAGA movement.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: vhs68 9/29/2022 9:25:51 AM (No. 1290845)
I suspect that Brian is good friends with Sundance over at the conservative treehouse. There is a lot of thoughtful information in this article. Time will shortly tell. Do not ever trust the MS media; they are always leading you to where THEY WANT you to go.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Rinktum 9/29/2022 9:31:47 AM (No. 1290849)
DeSantis looks good, there is no doubt about it. I like him. However, I think pitting him against Trump is not a good idea. Why don’t we just let this play out and see who decides to run. Having said that, I do not put anything past establishment Republicans because they are as committed to getting rid of Trump as are democrats. You can bet McConnell and his establishment groupies are doing everything in their power to prevent Trump from running. DeSantis has to be smart and should be very careful who he listened to because the establishment Republicans are nothing but a pit of vipers.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Lawsy0 9/29/2022 9:35:54 AM (No. 1290863)
True confession is good for the soul, they say, but I am sick and tired of people confessing their political sins by way of Faint Praise to good leadership. DeSantis is a great leader, Florida is blessed to have him. Same goes for President Trump, for those golden days we enjoyed his leadership. Ditto, Bill Lee in Tennessee.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: ARKfamily 9/29/2022 9:44:27 AM (No. 1290876)
I did read this article from beginning to end and I am not impressed. From the article: To my surprise, the b@st@rd actually won. Not impressed with the reference. I am so sick of the name calling and character attacks. Just like the title of this article - divisive. In 2016, I wasn't onboard with Donald Trump but after winning, I appreciated all of his efforts. He has his faults and I was hoping for some kind of stability than the previous administration. I would have to say that the previous administration would not let him in anyway have stability. It became one thing after another. America deserves fair elections. Elections need to have standard practices, policies, and procedures. Democrats just voted on a bill that would prevent a president from questioning the election. Where do the American people get to go when justice isn't being served? In any capacity?
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Reply 19 - Posted by: cgood 9/29/2022 9:55:54 AM (No. 1290896)
I would like to understand what DeSantis has actually done to support the climate change agenda. The references to “resiliency” don’t offer any detail and certainly don’t make the case that DeSantis is some sort of undercover leftist.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Pluperfect 9/29/2022 10:03:47 AM (No. 1290905)
We have a deep bench of good candidates for the White House. DeSantis is certainly at the top, but there are others. It is my sincere hope that President Trump will stand aside, offer support and let others lead. And that he makes that clear in time for good candidates to mount their campaigns.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Italiano 9/29/2022 10:10:51 AM (No. 1290913)
I don't think so, and I hope not, but let's face it. He wouldn't be the first.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Solid_Oak 9/29/2022 10:13:32 AM (No. 1290918)
A number of nut jobs reside at the American Thinker. Brian Parsons is one of them.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Red Ghost 9/29/2022 10:15:43 AM (No. 1290920)
I like Governor DeSantis a lot. He is proving himself to be a great manager and leader. And his performance in this hurricane disaster is giving him a good chance to test and show his mettle. He is a good man and he will make a terrific president. But, he is not Donald J. Trump and those of us who like him should never expect him to be Trump. Trump is a guy that comes a long once in a very, very long time. In our country's short history there has never been anyone like him. When we speak of whether DeSantis can carry the MAGA mantle, I think he can carry the MAGA philosophy, God, Family, Country. But has he the fortitude, persona, balls to muscle through this period of "transition" as Obama's sock puppet, Biden says. I don't think so. What we are fighting now is no mere battle between two political parties with differing philosophies. We are at a global precipice of totalitarian rule with the main battle being waged in the United States. The things that people hate about Trump, his co-called egotism and narcissism, his brutal take no prisoners attitude, are the things that make him the man that can put a severe dent into the totalitarian plans of the global deep state. He was making enormous progress not only in the US, but around the world. And we see the fruits of that progress in the recent elections in England, Sweden and, that glorious victory in Italy and small victories elsewhere. People around the globe are mounting a fight and the only person strong enough to lead our country and the world back from the clutches of this evil group that has taken over, is Donald J. Trump. It is why his 2020 election had to be destroyed. It is why this assault against him and his family continues. Had he rightly taken office on January 20, 2021, these four years would have sent the US and global totalitarians spinning into space. It is why he must run in 2024 should we still have a functioning electoral system. These 2022 elections are a huge test. If we see some move toward legitimacy of our electoral system then there is a chance. If once again they are stolen or rigged, it won't matter who runs in 2024. In 2028, if with God's help, our Republic is on a more even keel, Ron DeSantis will be a fantastic president and the man to guide our country and the globe when he runs and wins.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: avital2 9/29/2022 10:27:10 AM (No. 1290933)
R's - circular firing squad. geesh. we have run for more than one competent leader.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: avital2 9/29/2022 10:29:16 AM (No. 1290938)
#24 'run' shoul be 'room.'
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Reply 26 - Posted by: LissaMD 9/29/2022 10:36:20 AM (No. 1290946)
#4 Thanks for the encouragement to read. I am a DeSantis-loving Floridian and the points are well-taken. None of us really knows how this unfolds....but to be enlightened to as many angles as possible, allows us to control the narrative.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: clayusmcret 9/29/2022 10:38:21 AM (No. 1290950)
The republican circular firing squad continues while socialist democrats argue privately but coalesce publicly.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: CajunGOP 9/29/2022 10:43:58 AM (No. 1290957)
Good grief! DeSantis is no Mitt or Hillary! He's got a solid record of leadership. That said, I hope he doesn't run for President. We still need him in Florida.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Stencil 9/29/2022 11:00:57 AM (No. 1290982)
To #8's remark, I'll add: Gateway Pundit (particularly if a half is in the byline) Frontpage Mag Defiant America USA Supreme These are is noxious to me as their counterparts on the left. Too many there to list ...
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Reply 30 - Posted by: earlybird 9/29/2022 11:05:50 AM (No. 1290990)
This guy was with Ron Paul far too long. Windbag. No real substance. Hardly the political pro he thinks he is. Pass.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: mc squared 9/29/2022 11:10:16 AM (No. 1290997)
Don't dismiss columnists or publication you don't agree with. There are far more opinions out there than we generally have here on They vote too.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: MDConservative 9/29/2022 11:13:19 AM (No. 1291007)
Never fall in love with a politician. They will always eventually disappoint you. Yes, there are insiders and outsiders, and those outsiders elected to office either become insiders or they become "former incumbents". Politics is a go along to get along game. Others control your destiny, such as office space, committee assignments, and even the chair you occupy on the chamber floor. Your bills go nowhere without the right nod. And as a can only go up or out. Trump was overthrown because he would not become part of that cozy UNIPARTY club. His game is over. Given the right circumstances, GOPe would even find a way to impeach PDT again...and this time it would stick. Mitch has made clear he's not saving him again. Toss in the Deep State and NY legal issues, and the message is clear. I don't think FPDT will run in '24. But trash DeSantis and who's his MAGA successor? #13 has it about right.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: Geoman 9/29/2022 11:23:19 AM (No. 1291027)
Remember when GHW Bush ran against Reagan for the GOP nomination leading up to the 1980 presidential election? When Reagan became the nominee he didn't trash GHW Bush for running when it wasn't his "turn." After the votes were counted, he offered GHW the VP spot on his ticket. I don't see Trump following that lead; it appears that if you run against him, you must be crushed.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: Stencil 9/29/2022 12:02:18 PM (No. 1291069)
Apologies for the re-post and the garbled remark at 29 - darned speech-to-text (half = Hoft, etc.) Following on 31 and 32, I read widely but have seen enough of certain publications to develop a jaundiced eye toward them. For example, I rarely follow a link to MSNBC, HuffPost, or The NYTimes any more than I do to ones I listed. And the advice re: falling in love with a politician was come by with much heartbreak. I once was an ardent supporter of GW Bush and D Cheney but the scales have fallen from my eyes.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: Daisymay 9/29/2022 12:09:27 PM (No. 1291075)
Maybe Brian should ask some of us who actually live in Florida how we feel about Governor DeSantis. I have lived in Florida for 20 Years. Ron DeSantis has the best of all the Governors before him (since I arrived here). Most of us in Florida think our Governor walks on water! He works hard, he has common sense and he is Fearless. He will be a great President if he should chose to run. I personally don't think he will if Trump runs, but then who knows. Maybe Trump would ask him to be his VP. That would assure many years of Republican rule. It's going to take that long to put this Country back on track after all the damage Biden has done to it!
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Reply 36 - Posted by: DVC 9/29/2022 1:01:51 PM (No. 1291141)
It is always a question worth asking. At one time Dole, and McCain and Romney, each being sold as the conservative savior, and then it was Dubya. Pay close attention here. I LIKE DeSantis. But is is NOT an outsider. His choice of a WEF and CFR member for the Climate board in Florida is a HUGE red flag. A serious warning, IMO.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 9/29/2022 1:08:28 PM (No. 1291152)
Parsons, I stopped reading your piece when you referred to President Trump as a "b@st@rd". Next time clean up your act.
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Reply 38 - Posted by: little guy 9/29/2022 1:31:33 PM (No. 1291180)
This writer is a moron. Anyone who took that windbag Ron Paul (Ross Perot's light understudy) seriously is a damn fool and not to be listened to under any circumstances. Like a Zircon expert giving advice on how to buy a diamond or someone with 3 ex-wives handing out marriage advice. Thirty days is a lifetime in politics ... let alone 25 months from now. A lot can and will happen. I'll keep my powder dry and see how 2022 falls out. Someone not even on the horizon might make it all the way!
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Reply 39 - Posted by: T&L 9/29/2022 4:03:50 PM (No. 1291328)
As a congressman, DeSantis voted to extend trade negotiation authority to promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty, a globalist objective that would have created supra-national appointed adjudication boards determining immigration, tarriff, and local content; whose decisions would supersede any actions by the US government.
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Reply 40 - Posted by: NYbob 9/29/2022 5:05:55 PM (No. 1291383)
Was Brian too tired or too afraid to write about just ONE of the hundreds of rat traitors and their blatant crimes? Shutup about the only Republicans who fought back against the hyperleft. Maybe educate the morons who thing CNN, etc. are real news and expose the rat crimes of payoffs and dangerous illegal fascist moves like putting people they don't like in jail with no court date, legal representation or even outside inspections to assure they aren't being treated worse than POWs of WWII. Instead we are supposed to debate stupid ideas like this. Pathetic.
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Since my foray into politics, I have come to understand that our system comprises insiders and outsiders and that Donald Trump was the consummate outsider. He was opposed by the system on both sides of the political aisle. Admittedly, I counted myself amongst the opposition. It was only when faced with a choice of yet another Clinton, whom we were told held a 95% chance of victory, that I felt a throw-away vote for Trump was in order. To my surprise, the b@st@rd actually won. He wasn’t supposed to win.
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33 replies
Posted by WhamDBambam 9/29/2022 11:44:36 AM Post Reply
If Democrats could pull off an upset in Utah, it would have profound consequences for the control of the Senate — and the rest of the country. Republican senators are growing concerned by colleague Mitt Romney’s refusal to help fellow Utah Republican Mike Lee decisively win his re-election campaign — a posture that could potentially keep their party from gaining a majority in the November elections. Unlike every other Republican senator, the 2012 failed Republican presidential candidate is declining to express a preference in Republican Lee’s re-election effort against Democrat-endorsed Evan McMullin.
Berkeley is slammed for being anti-Semitic
after NINE student groups create 'Jewish-free
zones' so that no speakers who support
Israel or Zionism will be invited to campus
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Several student groups at the University of California, Berkeley, law school have adopted a bylaw prohibiting pro-Israel speakers at events. Written by Berkeley Law Students for Justice in Palestine (LSJP), the bylaw is meant to ensure 'the safety and welfare of Palestinian students on campus.' It added that the organization will hold 'Palestine 101' training courses. At least nine groups have adopted the rule so far, including the Berkeley Law Muslim Student Association, Middle Eastern and North African Law Students Association, Womxn of Color Collective, Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, Queer Caucus, Community Defense Project, Women of Berkeley Law and Law Students of African Descent. Erwin Chemerinsky,
PBS Suggests DeSantis, Republicans To
Blame For Hurricanes
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As Hurricane Ian devastates Florida, PBS’s Christiane Amanpour used Thursday’s Amanpour and Company to welcome environmental politics professor Leah Stokes to suggest that Gov. Ron DeSantis and other Republicans are responsible for the storm. Amanpour led Stokes by wondering where Florida goes from here, “And as you say, it is becoming a recurring pattern. And as the president said, it is still moving across the state and perhaps to other areas. Which means that flooding is going to continue and it is continuing apace
King's College in London doing study on
menopause in "trans-women"
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Not to put too fine a point on it, but men pretending to be women do not get menopause. That isn’t an obstacle to the researchers at Kings College in London. Apparently they got some money to research the non-existent phenomenon. No, I am not kidding. Why would you think that? If scientists can study the effects of cow farts on the climate, why not spend a few dollars to find out how menopause effects trans-women?
Electric vehicles and the evacuation of Florida 31 replies
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Large swaths of Florida’s heavily populated Gulf Coast have been ordered evacuated. (snip) It is fortunate that as of the current moment, electric vehicles constitute only about 100,000, out of nearly 8 million vehicles registered to drive on Florida’s roads. What if they all were electric? (snip) cars from southern Florida would start running out of juice after 100 – 250 miles. They would then have to spend hours at recharging stations, which would rapidly be clogged with other cars and trucks waiting their turn (snip) Cars waiting to be charged would spill onto the highways (snip) Those cars that ran out of juice on the highway would block traffic.
Mayor Adams close to deal for Norwegian
Cruise ship to house migrants in NYC waters
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Mayor Eric Adams is finalizing a deal with the Norwegian Cruise Line to house migrants on one of its massive cruise ships and dock it at Staten Island’s Homeport, The Post has learned. Adams wants to lease the luxury liner for at least six months and use it to house and process migrants before they enter the city’s shelter system, a source familiar with the matter said. The migrants would be allowed to come and go while staying on the ship, the source said. Preliminary estimates show the plan will be “cheaper” than erecting another tent city similar to the one the city plans to open in the Bronx
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