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Amazon's 'Lord of the Rings' prequel faces
'tornadoes' despite record Prime debut

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Posted By: voxpopuli, 9/6/2022 10:55:45 PM

Amazon's (AMZN) new "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" series has a bit of a PR problem. Despite nabbing more than 25 million viewers in its first day on Amazon Prime Video — the best performance for an Amazon original ever, according to the company — the eight-episode season has been hit with a slew of negative reviews, including a much-talked about jab from Elon Musk.(snip) Musk's tweets come as Amazon suspended user reviews for a reported 72 hours amid supposed "review-bombing," a practice where online users purposely hammer a show with negative reviews, largely due to cultural or political issues rather than actual quality.


bezos must have used his 2020 election stealing as practice for phonying up his ratings on this bomb

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Bmoc 9/6/2022 11:12:32 PM (No. 1270483)
I'm an author with a lot of books on Amazon and 26 Audible books. I made the mistake of making a political comment on a tweet that was running hot against a leftist using my author Twitter account, and within three days, my stories were being inundated with one star reviews that obviously were not verified purchases. They posted no words, only the one star review. I'm slowly getting them removed, but my sales definitely dropped. Whether you like something or you don't you should be required to have bought the item to review it.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Sully 9/6/2022 11:22:29 PM (No. 1270486)
Unwatchable. Within 16 minutes I was rooting for the troll vs the she elf. Whatever else it is it is not Tolkien.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: kono 9/7/2022 12:02:10 AM (No. 1270507)
This seems to imply that political and cultural issues aren't legitimately part of "actual quality". A movie having brilliant performance but unnecessarily offensive religious or cultural content is one I might consider unwatchable.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: anniebc 9/7/2022 1:01:37 AM (No. 1270524)
Leftists put their dirty hands on everything just so they can destroy it. I knew I wouldn't be watching it when I saw the adverts with a, play on words, girl trolling the elves. She elf = back on the shelf where she belongs. Good grief! Disney just released a new version of Pinocchio; parental guidance is advised. Whyyyyy?
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Reply 5 - Posted by: SRhea 9/7/2022 5:38:20 AM (No. 1270602)
I am not sure what the hub bub is about? I watched the two shows. I liked them. I liked the Hobbit series, the LOTR series. What I saw was a prequel to those movies. Terms that came out in the new shows were similar to those in the movies series, so unless there was some conspiracy in those, then the same holds true here. No Tolkien did not write the outline for the new series, but he has long gone to the west havens. So what is to compare it to? The movies were not true to Tolkien's writings either, there was a lot of editing and story change, but no one complained. I look forward to seeing more of this series shows. Unless Galadrial gets and abortion, and starts talking about her pronouns and climate change....
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Msquared112 9/7/2022 6:41:18 AM (No. 1270624)
One Yahoo story said the following: “ ….hammer a show with negative reviews, largely due to cultural or political issues rather than actual quality.” Well, the problem with that analysis is that the “actual quality” of this Amazon dog is awful. I gave the show a fair half-hour to speak to me. All it said was, “I’m totally confused as to what this story is about”. It’s so woke, it’s ridiculous. The heroine, Galadriel, is ordinary, she’s bland but since she’s got elfin strength and agility, she is supposed to be the Rescuer. It flops there as well. The wokeness is bad enough, but the story is fragmented, impossibly dull, and not the least bit engaging, unless special effects and disheveled mixed race BIPOC are enough to engage your interests for you. The actor who plays Arondir, Ismael Cruz Cordova, is as dull as dishwater, expressionless, without any personality. What a pity. Tolkien, it isn’t, and I image he is turning in his grave.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Aubreyesque 9/7/2022 6:53:29 AM (No. 1270631)
Fat black elves and woke agendas, plus hobbits in an era where there were less than present? Jar Jars acolytes spread their poison well and Less Than Fans of Tolkien flock like the frigging lemmings they are because they want more of [spit] Martin’s kind of fantasy,
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Reply 8 - Posted by: MSUDoc 9/7/2022 6:56:19 AM (No. 1270634)
Don’t believe a thing these creeps say. There may be a bunch of illegitimate 1-star reviews, but there are also an ocean of illegitimate 10-star reviews, likely from Amazon or other like-minded interested parties. They have purged countless low reviews that were indeed real, thus falsely raising the audience ratings. And on review sites, such as IMDB, where people actually write out their thoughts on a movie or television show, you are unable to even read a review that is less than 6 stars. They are erased. IMDB is owned by…..Amazon. It’s shockingly dishonest. So as usual, don’t believe anything you hear in the media, particularly Hollywood. And the show? Complete woke garbage, insultingly unfaithful to JRR Tolkien. Girl power, evil or pathetic men, and of course, unnecessary “diversity and inclusion.” Absolute crap, which can be used as a shield to label critics “racists, bigots, and misogynists.”
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Sully 9/7/2022 7:57:52 AM (No. 1270681)
Tolkien is in Heaven in untouchable peace and joy and cares nothing about what they do to the literature he authored. But I imagine The Inklings are roaring with laughter around a roaring fire as they contemplate the invasion of Middle Earth by woke studio execs who would pee themselves if they were ever in a real forest and heard a twig snap. :-)
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Reply 10 - Posted by: udanja99 9/7/2022 8:35:43 AM (No. 1270710)
I watched the first episode and found it both boring and woke. I tried to watch the 2nd episode and gave up about 5 minutes in. Someone on Truth Social referred to it as “Elves standing around talking” and that’s a pretty accurate summary. I also didn’t like Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy. He should have stuck to the book and made one movie. Dragging it out into three and adding in all kinds of characters and events which weren’t in the book (The white orc, Legolas and the female Elf who falls in love with a dwarf, etc) did it no favors.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: udanja99 9/7/2022 8:36:27 AM (No. 1270712)
BTW, I’d love to know who #1 is or at least the title of one of his/her books.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Strike3 9/7/2022 9:26:12 AM (No. 1270773)
Amazon books are also treated with positive "review-bombing" to give poor to mediocre books five-star ratings to promote sales. I have read or at least started to read some real stinkers that had obviously false glowing reviews. I suspect there are organized efforts out there to cheat one way or the other.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Peaches 9/7/2022 10:02:41 AM (No. 1270818)
As a reader and studier of Tolkien's works for 49 years and counting, I wouldn't watch this woke garbage if you paid me the billion dollars it cost to make it. BARF.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: RayLRiv 9/7/2022 10:56:36 AM (No. 1270880)
Too heady for me. I've read the book at least twice, watched the trilogy movies (still have them on DVD for my kids), watched the late 1970s animated LOTRs and moved on to something less controversial on Prime Video. Watching Thunderbirds Are Go! mid-1960s episodes (in Supermarionation!)
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Reply 15 - Posted by: danu 9/7/2022 2:56:57 PM (No. 1271047)
we're not certain it's completely accurate to say shutting down comments was caused by negative mail bombing. pre-quels, shilling, and all manner of build-ups were splashed about on y-tube etc for months. the jrrt brit-fans also came out in droves; all the stalwarts of 'the one ring' let it be known months ago that their hopes of greatness and glory were crushed in wokeness and agenda-driven c-r-i-n-g-e. there has been a protracted period of wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding crass cultural appropriation of the lands and races of middle earth. personally, it was enough to hurt my teeth. frankly, bad reviews from the rest of amazonia ....or fangorn or imladris ....should come as no surprise..
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Amazon's (AMZN) new "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" series has a bit of a PR problem. Despite nabbing more than 25 million viewers in its first day on Amazon Prime Video — the best performance for an Amazon original ever, according to the company — the eight-episode season has been hit with a slew of negative reviews, including a much-talked about jab from Elon Musk.(snip) Musk's tweets come as Amazon suspended user reviews for a reported 72 hours amid supposed "review-bombing," a practice where online users purposely hammer a show with negative reviews, largely due to cultural or political issues rather than actual quality.
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Michelle Obama took a veiled swipe at former President Donald Trump by talking about the 'peaceful transition of power' and democracy being stronger than our 'divisions' as she returned to the White House for the first time since her husband Barack's term ended to unveil their official portraits. The former first lady was on the verge of tears as she said 'a girl like me—she was never supposed to be up there next to Jacqueline Kennedy and Dolly Madison' in the ceremony Wednesday with President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden. While the former president joked about how artist Sharon Sprung made his wife look 'fine,'
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Former Attorney General William Barr during an interview on Fox News last week said that if Trump did indeed have a standing order to declassify all documents that he took with him as he left the White House, that would amount to a worse abuse than actually taking the documents. (snip) Barr called the order to appoint a special master a “deeply flawed” decision. (snip) Now, Barr is urging the Department of Justice to appeal Judge Cannon’s “deeply flawed” ruling. For the media this is the gold they dream of, a former Trump cabinet member attacking him. They carried on with glee.
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Applications for West Point, Annapolis
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Even the elite aren’t immune to the challenges of a pandemic and a red-hot job market. The numbers of applications to freshmen classes at West Point and Annapolis were down sharply this year as the prestigious service academies struggle with the same recruiting crisis hobbling the rest of the U.S. military. The Air Force Academy said it received 8,393 applications for the class of 2026, down from 11,599 for the class of 2025. Officials blame decisions made during the COVID-19 pandemic as the main culprit for the 28% drop.
GOP to Unveil New 'Commitment to America' 24 replies
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Republicans in the House are preparing to roll out their midterm agenda, which they hope will give voters a reason to vote for them and not just against Democrats. The brainchild of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the “Commitment to America” will have four parts dealing with the economy, security, education/health care, and government accountability. McCarthy’s office has indicated the Commitment to America will debut in Pittsburgh on September 19. It’s loosely based on the “Contract with American” concept created for the 1994 midterm election that was credited with helping the GOP take over both the House and Senate.
‘I Hope She Doesn’t Remember’: Hillary
Clinton Admits She Accidentally Left Chelsea
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Many parents can remember a time that they left a child behind somewhere — at the library or at Grandma’s house — but former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton topped them all when she admitted on live television that she once left a young Chelsea Clinton behind at the Kremlin. The former first lady and her daughter made a joint appearance Tuesday on “The Tonight Show” with host Jimmy Fallon — and Clinton let that tidbit slip during a mother-daughter challenge game designed to see just how well the pair knew each other.
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Americans fervently believe in equal justice for all, not just under law but within public institutions such as the media as well, polls have shown. And yet, one recent poll leads to a disturbing conclusion: That America is increasingly turning into a two-tiered system of justice based on politics and beliefs. The Golden/TIPP Poll (TIPP is also Issues & Insights’ polling partner) asked 1,310 voters online this summer the following question: “Generally speaking, do you agree or disagree with the statement: “There is a two-tiered system of justice in America depending on your political affiliation and ideology?” The results of the poll,
Elected officials, police chiefs on leaked
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The names of hundreds of U.S. law enforcement officers, elected officials and military members appear on the leaked membership rolls of a far-right extremist group that’s accused of playing a key role in the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, according to a report released Wednesday. The Anti-Defamation League Center on Extremism pored over more than 38,000 names on leaked Oath Keepers membership lists and identified more than 370 people it believes currently work in law enforcement agencies—including as police chiefs and sheriffs—and more than 100 people who are currently members of the military. It also identified more than 80 people who were running for
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