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Former Corinthian students get federal
student debt erased

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Posted By: Imright, 6/1/2022 7:22:32 PM

WASHINGTON—Hundreds of thousands of students who attended the for-profit Corinthian Colleges chain will automatically get their federal student loans canceled, the Biden administration announced Wednesday, a move that aims to bring closure to one of the most notorious cases of fraud in American higher education.Under the new action, anyone who attended the now-defunct chain from its founding in 1995 to its collapse in 2015 will get their federal student debt wiped clean. It will erase $5.8 billion in debt borrowers, loan discharge in Education Department history, “As of today, every student deceived, defrauded and driven into debt by Corinthian Colleges can rest assured that the Biden-Harris Administration has their back


.....Hundreds of thousands....????

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 6/1/2022 7:29:19 PM (No. 1172914)
Horrible, rotten, crooked, corrupt vote buying.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Rich323 6/1/2022 7:33:53 PM (No. 1172923)
Do I get my investment money back from failed companies subsidized by the government?
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 6/1/2022 8:08:50 PM (No. 1172947)
Is he saying the money is not owed or that the government (the populace) will pay?
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Venturer 6/1/2022 8:12:23 PM (No. 1172952)
Is it OK if I ask how many of those responsible at this college are in jail?
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Reply 5 - Posted by: The Remnants 6/1/2022 8:25:10 PM (No. 1172965)
I don't mean to be rude, but the people in charge in our government are dumb as posts and they think we are as well. Saw a mam on street today who was wearing a tee-shirt that read, "Sick of It All". My sentiments exactly.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: whyyeseyec 6/1/2022 9:08:34 PM (No. 1173006)
This is precisely why the govt should not be involved in paying for anyone's college tuition. The Feds took over the Student Loan Program by including it in Obamacare in 2010. We taxpayers are now on the hook for a trillion dollars by those 'students' who can't pay back their useless Nothing Studies degrees.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: slipstik 6/1/2022 9:10:52 PM (No. 1173007)
We the people get to pick up the 6 billion dollar redemption of these loans. The story says "Biden-Harris administration..." but that is a lie. We pick up that tab. Us, the taxpayers, not the deadbeats who signed up with an OBVIOUS sham organization who sold them a free lunch. Turns out, the lunch is free to them because WE are going to pay the bill for their stupidity. Lucky us.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Birddog 6/1/2022 9:15:30 PM (No. 1173012)
"Those who have a remaining balance on their Corinthian debt will also get refunds on payments they have already made, Education Department officials said. BUT the action does not apply to loans that have already been paid off in full."
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Reply 9 - Posted by: mifla 6/2/2022 5:24:35 AM (No. 1173257)
You want your money back, then sue the college. Don't hand me the bill.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: tootall 6/2/2022 7:23:50 AM (No. 1173350)
This is total bs. And will there be taxes due on these forgiven loans? Slick Willy was at one point involved with one of these schemes. It is still in business and called Laureate University. It is slightly more legitimate in that the majority of its activities are overseas, where pay to learn orgs are more common. I believe they do 16% of their business outside the USA. To be fair, Trump University has taken a bunch of criticism as well ... and rightfully so. Misnamed, it had no accreditation, Federal funding or loan guarantees. It was a high pressure, expensive seminar designed to teach people the secrets of being successful in real estate investing. I learned about that business other ways, but did buy a property management system which was helpful to a degree and probably saved me time.
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The US intelligence community believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health is suffering and that he’s being treated for cancer, according to a new report.The assessment, attributed by Newsweek to high-ranking officials at three separate intelligence agencies, comes after months of speculation that the Russian strongman is suffering from terminal ailments.“Putin is definitely sick,” an official from the office of the Director of National Intelligence told the outlet, while noting, “whether he’s going to die soon is mere speculation.”Two other officials — one from the Defense Intelligence Agency and one retired Air Force officer — also claimed to have access to a comprehensive intelligence assessment of Putin’s health,
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Bidenflation: Labor Costs Rise at Fastest
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The labor costs in the U.S. rose sharply in the first three months of the year, reflecting the highly inflationary environment and adding even more upward pressure on consumer prices. Unit labor costs jumped 12.6 percent in the first quarter, a big increase from the initial estimate of 11.6 percent, data from the Department of Labor showed Thursday. Economists had forecast no change from the initial estimate. Over the past year, labor costs are up 8.2 percent, the largest four-quarter gain since 1982.
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It’s 2022. Two years after one of the most hotly contested elections in U.S. history. And elections security “watchdog” the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, also known as CISA, is finally admitting what many have known all along: Dominion Voting Systems has serious election security vulnerabilities.The Associated Press reported on Wednesday about CISA issuing an alert about the Dominion voting machines. It is heavily weighted with verbiage meant to spurn anyone who might come to the conclusion that the 2020 election was “stolen.” It is worth citing the AP, nonetheless.“Electronic voting machines from a leading vendor used in at least 16 states have software vulnerabilities
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The Queen symbolically lit a chain of Platinum Jubilee beacons stretching around the world in her honour tonight in a touching ceremony at Windsor Castle.Putting her mobility issues to one side, the 96-year-old monarch made a third public appearance of the day to launch more than 3,500 flaming tributes to her 70-year reign by laying her hand on a specially created glittering Commonwealth of Nations globe.The event formed part of a special dual ceremony with her grandson the Duke of Cambridge, waiting 22 miles away at Buckingham Palace where the beacon centrepiece - a 21-metre living ‘Tree of Trees’ sculpture -
Donald Trump Makes Major Endorsement in
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Former President Donald Trump has endorsed businessman Blake Masters in his bid to represent Arizona in the United States Senate. “Despite having such an amazing business career and wonderful family, Blake has decided that he wants to make a difference for the people of our Country, and is therefore running for the United States Senate from the Great State of Arizona,” Trump said in a statement. Trump cited border security and Masters’ view on the 2020 election as reasons for giving his personal stamp of approval. He even directly criticized Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who’s also running, referring to him as a “disappointment.”
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True The Vote’s Gregg Phillips announced a new report that is “ten times bigger than Mules” after he and Catherine Engelbrecht presented in-depth evidence of 2020 election ballot trafficking in Yuma and Maricopa Counties on Tuesday afternoon. (snip) It’s a multinational deal and it involves billions of dollars. There’s irrefutable evidence. We’ve been involved in a major counterintelligence operation that’s very mature in this country involving federal agencies and us. (snip) it’s going to make everybody forget everything about the Mules and it’s going to bring into question everything we think we know about these elections, everything. I can say that with 100 percent certainty.
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Former President Donald Trump has signaled he will announce his presidential intentions after the November midterm elections. Yet his record of endorsements is quite mixed. By the sheer numbers of winning primary candidates his stamp of approval is impressive, but in a few of the most important races, not so much. The disaster that is the Biden Administration has been a godsend for Trump. Had President Joe Biden simply plagiarized the successful Trump agenda, there would have followed no border disaster, no energy crisis, no hyperinflation, and no disastrous flight from Afghanistan. Had Biden followed through on his "unity" rhetoric, he could have lorded over Trump's successful record as his own,
2 million new faces in 16 months: The
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In a new analysis for the Center for Immigration Studies, my colleague Karen Zeigler and I show that the total foreign-born or immigrant population reached 47 million in April 2022 — the highest number ever in American history, and an increase of 2 million in just the first 16 months of the Biden administration. These numbers are extraordinary, not only because they indicate that America has lost control of its borders, but also because they raise profound questions about how many people the country can successfully integrate.
Amber Heard's attorney reveals the actress
is 'absolutely not' able to pay $8m damages
to Johnny Depp and plans to appeal and
insists the jury was tainted by social
media during toxic six-week court battle
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Amber Heard's lead attorney has spoken out following her stunning civil suit loss and says the actress is unable to pay the $8.35 million in damages she owes Johnny Depp. Lawyer Elaine Charlson Bredhoft, who represented Heard at trial, appeared on the Today Show on Thursday and said that Heard has 'excellent grounds' to appeal the verdict and plans to do so. Asked if the Aquaman actress would be able to pay the damages she owes Depp after a jury vindicated his claims that she lied by accusing him of abuse during their marriage, Bredhoft replied: 'No, absolutely not.'
Unsafe At Any Speed? Electric Cars Keep
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In Vancouver, Canada, in late May, a Tesla Model Y burst into flames while the driver was waiting for a light at an intersection. He had to kick out a window to escape. Around the same time, a new Tesla burst into flames in Brooklyn, Illinois, and a week before that a Model 3 caught fire in California City, California, while it was parked in a driveway. In April, a deadly lithium-ion battery fire occurred in a Tesla car crash in Houston. Last year, a Tesla caught fire while charging overnight in a garage, which the Washington Post described as “one in a string of recent examples
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With Joe Biden's polling numbers in the tank and runaway inflation the number one issue on voters' minds, in steps Biden's Treasury Secretary, and former Chair of the Federal Reserve, to take one for the team. Washington (CNN) US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted Tuesday that she had failed to anticipate how long high inflation would continue to plague American consumers as the Biden administration works to contain a mounting political liability. "I think I was wrong then about the path that inflation would take," Yellen told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on "The Situation Room"
Another 11 people are diagnosed with monkeypox
in the UK bringing total to 207 - as health
chiefs reveal outbreak is being driven
by gay bars, saunas and dating apps
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Eleven more people in England have been diagnosed with monkeypox, bringing the cumulative number of UK cases to 207. Announcing the new patients today, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) reiterated that most cases have been in gay and bisexual men. Officials said it was 'particularly important' these men are aware of new lesions, rashes or scabs and get in contact with a sexual health clinic.(Snip)Officials said that contact tracing teams had linked the outbreak back to 'gay bars, saunas and the use of dating apps in the UK and abroad'. MailOnline revealed last week the world's biggest gay dating app Grindr had alerted to users of monkeypox symptoms.
Biden says Second Amendment is 'not absolute'
in call to reinstate assault weapons ban
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Posted by Dreadnought 6/2/2022 9:23:24 PM Post Reply
President Biden said the Second Amendment is "not absolute" in a speech Thursday following a wave of mass shootings across the nation, pleading with to Congress to pass what he called "commonsense" gun control legislation, including reinstating an assault weapons ban, requiring background checks, and limiting magazine capacity. The president, speaking from the Cross Hall of the White House, told Americans that the issue of restricting access to guns "is one of conscience and common sense." "For so many of you at home, I want to be very clear – this is not about taking away anyone's guns," the president said. "It is not about vilifying gun owners. In fact,
Breaking: DeSantis To Veto $35M Tampa
Bay Rays Facility Over Team’s Anti-Gun Statement
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Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) plans to veto tens of millions of dollars that were earmarked for the Tampa Bay Rays after the team released an anti-Second Amendment statement following a couple of recent tragedies. “DeSantis plans to veto a $35 million legislation for a Pasco County facility that’s earmarked for the Tampa Bay Rays’ spring training,” OutKick reported. “DeSantis’s decision is in response to the Rays politicizing recent shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde ahead of a matchup with the Yankees in May.”The decision comes after the Rays published a statement last week saying that the tragedies “have shaken us to the core.”
Tulsa gunman Michael Louis targeted doctor
who had operated on him: cops
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Posted by Ribicon 6/2/2022 12:41:49 PM Post Reply
A deranged gunman with a rifle and a handgun who killed four people at an Oklahoma medical building targeted a doctor who previously operated on him “and anyone who got in his way,” authorities said Thursday. The gunman, identified as Michael Louis, opened fire at about 5 p.m. Wednesday at an orthopedic office on the second floor of the Natalie Medical Building at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Police Chief Wendell Franklin told reporters at a press conference. Louis, of Muskogee, went to the hospital on May 19 for back surgery, which was performed by Dr. Preston Phillips. Louis was later released on May 24, Franklin said.
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