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Victor Davis Hanson’s Magnum Opus

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Posted By: DW626, 5/14/2022 7:30:53 AM

Victor Davis Hanson is one of the most respected historian/intellectuals of the conservative movement; I have been an enthusiast of his work going back to my first experience with his erudition and eloquence—The Western Way of War (1989, 2nd ed. 2000), an explanation of why citizen soldiers are so effective and why Western Armies have been so lethal. Now he is past 24 books and hundreds if not thousands of essays as well as appearances regularly on TV that all provide sober, thought-provoking and insightful political commentary. Any observer of VDH cannot help but be impressed with his solid and thoughtful analysis of political and social

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Reply 1 - Posted by: RCFLyer98 5/14/2022 8:10:34 AM (No. 1154948)
Truly a National Treasure is VDH . . . IMHO, of course!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: reefdiver 5/14/2022 9:00:40 AM (No. 1155001)
Agree with #1.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: MDConservative 5/14/2022 9:34:54 AM (No. 1155036)
Citizenship is commitment to a nation and fellows. Until recently in the human experience, civilizations were led by men claiming divine origins and rights. (The exceptions prove the rule.) Contrarily, the American culture was once centered on individual liberty with government a secondary presence in life. That culture is quickly dying. Government is recognized as the new core by a growing majority, controlling damn near every aspect of life by regulation or distribution, promoted/seen as the solution for every social and operational ill. Baby formula, for example, is today's "bread" - a good that humanity did not have for millennia and somehow survived. Today, it is apparently central to surviving childhood. This shortage is an effective club with which to smack the current administration. Apparently, no homebrew substitute is acceptable, and mothers, particularly working- and single-types, are modern-day goddesses featured in the media along with empty shelves. And why is there a shortage? Call it corporate irresponsibility or excessive government intervention. Save us, Joe! What's a good citizen to do? Now, in Ancient Athens...
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Reply 4 - Posted by: MickTurn 5/14/2022 10:24:00 AM (No. 1155091)
A voice in the political the politicians go about stealing and collecting huge bribes to sell us out!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Rumblehog 5/14/2022 10:35:11 AM (No. 1155113)
No liberal has ever said that VDH is full of crap, now have they? What they can't ridicule, they fear. VDH is like conservative "garlic" to leftist "vampires."
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Zigrid 5/14/2022 10:58:35 AM (No. 1155136)
Victor Davis Hanson is a treasure...his insights are amazingly spot on...and his calm and methodical manner keeps you riveted as he presents his theory ...always backed up with "facts" not opinions....
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Reply 7 - Posted by: privateer 5/14/2022 11:06:26 AM (No. 1155143)
Just as the useless masks were in effect our 'slave collars', a visible kowtow, the shortage of formula (which is like the proverbial daily 'rice bowl') serves as a harbinger of food shortages to come. This concocted shortage says: obey the State; otherwise, tomorrow your rice bowl may be empty. Funny, the more china takes over us, the more we become like them. UGH!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 5/14/2022 11:13:23 AM (No. 1155152)
Such an important and valuable thinker and American! If most constitutional conservatives homeschooled their kids with the classics America could do an ‘about face.’ Let’s pray and plan and renew our effort! Get involved locally… as so many parents now are. We can do this! Give me liberty or give me death. ~ Patrick Henry TBIYTC
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Reply 9 - Posted by: czechlist 5/14/2022 11:21:34 AM (No. 1155160)
With all respect to VDH, Walter Williams (RIP), Thomas Sowell, Rush (RIP) and so many others - what they do/did validates and documents what any one with knowledge of history, common sense and critical thinking skills know and the ability to present the facts.Unfortunately those in most need of the knowledge who do not possess such cognitive abilities are not likely to wish to be exposed and educated. I share Bonhoeffer's futility.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 5/14/2022 11:23:17 AM (No. 1155162)
Agree with what VDH says. Seriously doubt we will recognize this country in another generation given what's going on now. It's not just immigration either. Look at what is being taught to our children. Education has become woke. Look at our DEBT! The question ends up being who will fix it? It won't be the Democrats. They have caused most of the problems. It won't be Republicans. Look at their unwillingness to go out on a limb regarding the 2020 election. Look at their silence regarding the so-called January 6 'insurrection' and their complacency regarding the fake 'commission' to 'investigate' it. A person like Trump could fix things but Washington got the better of him in the end. His own party would not protect him. Sorry for the pessimism, but I don't see a good ending here.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: bad-hair 5/14/2022 11:39:21 AM (No. 1155180)
The truly sad part of all this is that BY FAR most American citizens don't know who VDH is. My kids do.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: The Remnants 5/14/2022 1:33:55 PM (No. 1155327)
Just returned Dr. Hanson's book to my library. As usual, VDH makes the complex simple. Never disappoints.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Dino Sayer 5/14/2022 2:06:19 PM (No. 1155350)
With reference to the mentions of the shortage if infant formula, here is an emergency recipe for home made infant formula: 13 ounces sweetened condensed milk. 20 ounces bottled water. 4 ounces karo corn syrup. Maybe x together and pour into clean, preferably sterilized baby bottles, 4 ounces to each bottle. Keep in refrigerator until used. Only use this as an emergency measure, go back to canned formula when available.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Maggie2u 5/14/2022 2:30:50 PM (No. 1155369)
Poster #13, sweetened condensed milk is not the correct milk to use. Use regular condensed milk. That's the recipe my mother was sent home with when my youngest brother was born in 1958. I was going through her things last month and she still had the recipe on a card the hospital sent her home with. And remember, never use honey, it's a raw agricultural product and is very dangerous to babies.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Enoch Powell 5/14/2022 3:23:24 PM (No. 1155406)
Rome’s fall was coincident with the allowing of citizenship for so-called barbarians, meaning at the time non-citizens under the auspices of the empire. Allowing in these hordes (oh you racist lol) does not benefit the nation yet here we are. Anyway I’ll make just one more comment, and that so-called globalization benefits globalist politicos of both parties… largely funded one way or the other by those who seek our downfall. Many lol have been simply bought out like the president.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Enoch Powell 5/14/2022 3:26:29 PM (No. 1155411)
#6 comment was eye opening… no. the left won’t get near VDH because they know he is correct and would eviscerate them.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 5/14/2022 11:23:44 PM (No. 1155695)
#13,14, may I respectfully suggest contacting the LaLeche League re feeding babies… or a Holistic Pediatrician. Babies not nursing do not need to be fed anything sweet, except maybe a mashed up organic banana or regular avocado with plain Greek yogurt, NO/Nothing with added sugar! This will help preclude numerous issues later in their precious lives! TBIYTC
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Victor Davis Hanson is one of the most respected historian/intellectuals of the conservative movement; I have been an enthusiast of his work going back to my first experience with his erudition and eloquence—The Western Way of War (1989, 2nd ed. 2000), an explanation of why citizen soldiers are so effective and why Western Armies have been so lethal. Now he is past 24 books and hundreds if not thousands of essays as well as appearances regularly on TV that all provide sober, thought-provoking and insightful political commentary. Any observer of VDH cannot help but be impressed with his solid and thoughtful analysis of political and social
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Chicago’s incompetent Mayor Lori Lightfoot, presiding over a city devolving into violent, bloody anarchy on the streets, is encouraging violent protests at the homes of Supreme Court justices believed to be supporting a draft decision by Justice Alito overturning Roe V. Wade. That is the logical interpretation if two tweets she issued that Twitter believes do not violate its “standards” that prohibit advocating violence:
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When Lufthansa, Germany’s flag carrier airline, left New York for Frankfurt, most, but by no means all, of its passengers were Jew, with about 80% of them being Hasidic Jews bound for Budapest. Because some of the Hasidic passengers apparently refused to wear their masks, once the plane arrived in Frankfurt, Lufthansa banned all but two Jews (men whose yarmelkes were hidden under baseball camps) from boarding their flight to Hungary. This openly antisemitic conduct was bad under any circumstances, but it was especially ugly coming from a German company. After all, in 1938, a year that was the prelude to the Holocaust
Anti-labor Amazon clinches a massive government
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Since its founding, Amazon has been accused of exploiting its workforce. Reports reveal that Amazon workers are injured on the job at a much higher rate than the average US worker. Amazon is notorious for imposing inhuman time schedules on their workers such that they aren't given sufficient time for bathroom breaks. Amazon also has a record of wrongfully terminating employees and incorrectly distributing benefits. Amazon has aggressively prevented its warehouse workers across the United States from unionizing. Last year, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) found that Amazon had violated labor laws in preventing its warehouse workers from unionizing in Bessemer, Alabama.
Obama and Michelle Call to Arms Over Roe
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On April 21, 2022, Barack Obama spoke at a cyber symposium hosted by Stanford University. During that address, the former president attempted to redefine the meaning of free speech. Obama argued that in order to safeguard America from opinions he considers dangerous, government regulation of the First Amendment, via constitutional modification, was more than justified. Fast forward two weeks, on May 3rd, after the news leaked that the U.S. Supreme Court is close to overturning the decision Justice Samuel Alito called “egregiously wrong from the start,” Barack, along with his wife Michelle, immediately responded by contradicting the argument he made at Stanford.
The Ministry of Truth Is Where the Rubber
Meets the Road
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Is this the hill that patriots will die on? Is this the moment when MAGA nation says, "Hell, no"? Is this the time when hardworking blue-collar Americans say with a unified voice: "We will not comply"? Is this the legal case where the Supreme Court acts as if it is ...the Supreme Court and declares Mr. Biden's newly created Bureau of Disinformation unconstitutional from its inception? Is this the final straw, where a clear plurality of Republicans "man up" and act as the opposition party should, and refuse to fund Mr. Biden's "Ministry of Truth"?
Did Sen. Mitch McConnell want a riot on
January 6?
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Posted by DW626 4/30/2022 7:29:14 AM Post Reply
It’s possible that, without Julie Kelly’s dogged journalistic efforts, almost no one would remember the January 6 martyrs, immured in dirty, cruelly-managed D.C. prisons for the sin of entering the Capitol last January. For 15 months, Kelly has lived and breathed the story, ferreting out every bit of information that the government isn’t hiding from defendants and journalists alike. That knowledge, combined with a book revealing Sen. Mitch McConnell’s feelings about Trump, lead her to suggest that McConnell encouraged the breakdown on January 6 to avoid protest votes against Biden’s assuming the presidency.
Senate Republicans Find the Worst Possible
Time to Restart Immigration Talks with Democrats
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What the hell is going on up on the Hill? What the hell are Republicans thinking with this move? We have every issue playing in our favor. The Left’s culture wars are turning off swaths of voters who are flocking to the GOP. We have the start of the Biden recession. We have high gas prices, inflation, and a southern border crisis—and what do Senate Republicans decide to do? Hold immigration reform talks with the Democrats.
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Kamala has COVID and it is, allegedly, a light, asymptomatic case. However, she’s being treated with heavy-duty medicine. The disconnect between these two facts makes it easy to come up with some cool conspiracy theories that will last as long as it takes Kamala to return to her office. On Tuesday, Kamala Harris put out a tweet announcing that she was COVID positive, along with the ritual thanks for the vaccine and booster, neither of which protected her from getting COVID:CORRECTION*
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To Work Together… We Will Work on This Together”
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Posted by Imright 5/15/2022 4:38:30 PM Post Reply
Elections have consequences.Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.Whoever writes the public statements for Kamala Harris must really hate her. Kamala never makes any sense. Maybe she’s been dipping into Pelosi’s booze stash.This latest remark was just jibberish. It’s like a comedy skit. The woman is out of her mind.KAMALA HARRIS: “We will work together, and continue to work together, to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together as we continue to work operating from the new norms, rules, and agreements, that we will convene to work together…We will work together”
Pelosi: Current Supreme Court ‘Dangerous’
to Families, to Freedom in Our Country
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Posted by Imright 5/15/2022 3:10:58 PM Post Reply
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the current Supreme Court was “dangerous” for families and freedom in America.When asked about Roe v Wade potentially being overturned by the Supreme Court, Pelosi said, “Who would have ever suspected that a creature like Donald Trump would become president of the United States by waving a list of judges he would appoint, therefore, getting the support of the far-right — and appointing those anti-freedom justices to the court. So, this is not about long game. We played a long game. We won Roe v. Wade a long time ago.
Watch: Pro-Abortion Protesters Call for
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ARLINGTON, Virginia — Pro-abortion protesters outside George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School Thursday afternoon called for “mandatory vasectomies” and claimed that “the Bible itself tells you how to perform abortions.” About 30 abortion advocates gathered outside the front entrance to the law school in Arlington, Virginia, to protest an address set to be given by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito at the school. The address was being given by Alito remotely from the court building while fallout from a draft opinion overturing infamous pro-abortion case Roe v. Wade — written by Alito — was leaked, leading leftists to gather outside justices homes to protest.
Biden calls Buffalo supermarket shooting
‘domestic terrorism’ as AG probes
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President Joe Biden called Saturday’s Buffalo supermarket attack “an act of domestic terrorism,” while the Department of Justice investigated the apparently racially motivated mass shooting as a hate crime. Biden said “hearts all across this country are with the people of Buffalo” in a statement released by the White House after a teenage gunman killed 10 people and injured three others at a Tops Friendly Market in a predominantly black neighborhood of the city. “We still need to learn more about the motivation for today’s shooting as law enforcement does its work, but we don’t need anything else to state a clear moral truth:
Parents find 15-yr-old abducted from Dallas
Maverick’s game through sex trafficking
site, demand answers
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Posted by ladydawgfan 5/15/2022 2:41:37 AM Post Reply
A 15-year-old teenager who went to a Dallas Mavericks game with her dad, became part of a living nightmare when she went to the restroom and never came back, only later to be found through nude advertisements for sex trafficking online in Oklahoma City by her terrified parents. The North Texas teenager disappeared on April 8th at the American Airlines Center. The girl was caught on surveillance video leaving with a man. She was missing for 11 days. On April 18, police found the girl in a room at the Extended Stay America hotel where she had been repeatedly sold and sexually abused.
Fauci Laughably Says if Trump Is Re-Elected,
He Won't Serve Again
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Posted by Dreadnought 5/16/2022 12:02:43 AM Post Reply
White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said on CNN Sunday that he would not serve in that capacity should Donald Trump regain the White House in 2024. Note to Dr. Fauci: Trump would not ask you to serve and would, in fact, probably kick you to the curb his first minute back in office. The top doc, interviewed by Trump-hater Jim Acosta, simply laughed and said, “well, no” when asked if he would work for the Don again. He added: “If you look at the history of what the response was during the administration, I think, you know, at best, you can say it wasn’t
Yale Students Call for ‘Unrelenting
Daily Confrontation' Against Roe Opponents
and Tossing the Constitution
23 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 5/15/2022 10:24:18 PM Post Reply
Some Yale law students are calling for the “unrelenting daily ostracization” of people who disagree with them on abortion — as if they don’t ostracize them already anyway. But in addition to giving conservative students migraines because of their constant caterwauling, the frothing radicals want to toss the Constitution tooThey don’t say what we should replace it with. Because that would require actual thought — something the radicals are unfamiliar with. They do a great job emoting and wailing and gnashing their teeth, but when it comes to thinking, it’s as mysterious as Oak Island.
Buttigieg says baby formula shortage is
not the Biden administration’s fault
23 replies
Posted by Ribicon 5/15/2022 9:39:28 PM Post Reply
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Sunday that the Biden administration is not to blame for baby formula shortages experienced by American families nationwide. “This is a capitalist country. The government does not make baby formula, nor should it,” Mr. Buttigieg said on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation.’ “Companies make formula. And one of those companies, a company which by the way seems to have 40% market share, messed up and is unable to confirm that a plant, a major plant, is safe and free of contamination.”(Snip)“Gas prices—highest-ever price in the country, [$4.45] a gallon national average. Are you asking Americans to drive less?” Ms. Brennan said.
Buffalo white supremacist, 18, threatened
a school graduation shooting last year
and was given psychiatric treatment -
but still legally bought three guns: Classmates
reveal he acted strangely, wore hazmat
suit to school for a week and scared them
with 'Hitler-esque' political views
22 replies
Posted by Imright 5/15/2022 2:57:56 AM Post Reply
A teenage white supremacist who murdered 10 people at a Buffalo, NY threatened to shoot a classmate at his high school graduation last year.Officials at the Susquehanna Valley High School brought in New York State Police to investigate Payton Gendron, 18, of Conklin, NY, in June of 2021 after he made statements that he would shoot fellow students.A year later he ended up shooting 13 people - 10 of them fatally - during an attack motivated by his hatred for black people at a Top Market supermarket in Buffalo. The two victims so-far named are retired cop turned store security guard Aaron Salter and shopper Ruth Whitfield,
The Queen, 96, walks to her seat at Platinum
Jubilee celebration and is all smiles
as the nation salutes her 70 years of
service joined by celebs including Tom
Cruise amid pageantry at Windsor Castle
21 replies
Posted by Imright 5/15/2022 4:58:13 PM Post Reply
The Queen tonight walked to her seat that the first of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations where an all-star lineup including Dame Helen Mirren, Tom Cruise and Katherine Jenkins performed alongside equestrian, military and musical talent from all over the world. Her Majesty, 96, was greeted with a standing ovation at Windsor Castle and was all smiles in the stands after taking her seat with the help of a walking stickThere was continued applause as the Queen made her way to her seat in the royal box, flanked by Simon Brooks-Ward, 45 - a Territorial Army officer and friend of the royals.
Barbaric: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Blasts
Pro-Lifers, Says Women Have Right to Abortion
Up to Day of Birth
21 replies
Posted by Imright 5/15/2022 11:29:14 AM Post Reply
Next to Communist China, the Democrat Party has the most barbaric policies on abortion in the world today.Western European countries have limits on abortions. Most do not allow abortion after the first trimester unless there is serious danger to the mother’s health. Democrats in the US demand abortion up to the moment of birth. And several Democrat leaders are in support of infanticide or murdering the baby after birth.
NYPD hunt a gang of scooter-riding thugs
racing up to pedestrians before ripping
thousands of dollars worth of gold chains
from their necks in spate of robberies
in New York City
20 replies
Posted by Ribicon 5/15/2022 5:26:54 PM Post Reply
The New York Police department is looking for a gang of thieves who have been tearing around the Bronx and Manhattan and snatching thousands of dollars in jewelry off of unsuspecting pedestrians. Five crimes fitting the same description occurred across the two boroughs in broad daylight between March 18 and April 17. The first crime happened on March 18 at 12:38pm in the afternoon. A pair of men on a black motor scooter rode up to a 47-year-old male on East Fordham Road in Fordham Heights in the Bronx. The thieves snagged an $8,000 gold chain from the victim's neck before riding off, according to police.
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