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Ousted Democratic county executive warns
her party faces 'bloodbath' in 2022, conveys 'weakness'

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Posted By: DVC, 1/2/2022 12:48:18 AM

Recently ousted Democratic Nassau County (N.Y.) Executive Laura Curran told "Watters' World" on Saturday that her party is conveying weakness and faces a "bloodbath" in the 2022 midterms if it doesn't step up. LAURA CURRAN: Unfortunately, my party, the Democratic Party, just conveys weakness right now. It almost feels like elder abuse with what's going on with President Biden. He has a hard time putting a sentence together. I think everyone gets nervous listening to him talk, he's going to mess up. What we need always, and especially now, is someone who exudes confidence and competence. Someone who sets a reassuring tone.


Amazing. A Dem who seems to be telling the truth! How strange it seems.
I agree, we need Donald Trump back.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: GoodDeal 1/2/2022 2:39:39 AM (No. 1025672)
They convey way more than weakness. Also on the list is Racism, anti Christian hostility, globalism, anti Americanism, unconstitutional conduct as the new normal, deceit, lawlessness, and the normalization of sexual perversion for starters.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: mifla 1/2/2022 4:39:28 AM (No. 1025678)
Donald Trump comes to mind, Laura. Spread his name around with your colleagues.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Trigger2 1/2/2022 5:34:21 AM (No. 1025694)
Bloodshed is the proper result from communist demonrat policies.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: KatieJo 1/2/2022 5:45:52 AM (No. 1025704)
We are never going to "elect" anyone who goes against the deep state--they simply will not allow it and they control all the levers. This is the mind game they play, they are trying to deceive us into thinking we can use the corrupt system to rectify the situation. This will not happen, the system is rigged and the people responsible for the fraud have not been held accountable. We have to rebuild the country from the local levels up and eventually tear down the corrupt institutions that control our lives and deliver injustice. I wish it were that simple. I wanted to believe it was possible for the longest time, I really did. Once you comprehend the depth of the rot and realize how much they hate us and America, you understand the sad truth. We continue with this delusion at our peril.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 1/2/2022 6:00:38 AM (No. 1025710)
She is a stalking horse for Hillary. It's a hustle.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: govlawyer 1/2/2022 6:59:14 AM (No. 1025736)
#4-I've reluctantly come to the same conclusion as well. So long as there's a Uniparty and people like the coked up turtle in control, it's merely an illusion of government by "We the People". Unfortunately, that leaves only one remedy, and that's a high colonic with the nozzle firmly embedded in DC and I don't see that happening with the crew that's there (aside from Trump and a few of his people--he was sabotaged from within, especially at Justice).
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Daisymay 1/2/2022 7:13:04 AM (No. 1025739)
In my opinion, if people in Our Party keep spreading the Doom and Gloom of "our Party will never win again" Mantra, soon you will depress those Voters who are anxious to go out and VOTE! Why do that? I don't see where it will get us if our Voters don't see any reason to to to the Polls on Election Day! I think we should ALL go and Vote. I know there was Fraud last time around and a lot of others know it too, but a lot of the States where it happened have already changed things so it won't happen again. All we can do is fight back! All we can do is back the Candidates with Money and our Vote. If we stay Home it's not going to do anyone any good!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: privateer 1/2/2022 7:15:06 AM (No. 1025740)
Sadly, I'm with 4. These kind of articles, which will become more numerous, complete with seemingly credible sources, are a means of gaslighting the electorate. The intention is to suppress the anti-Commiecrat vote, mostly Republicans, but many disenchanted dems as well. This must be done to insure that their vote fraud---which will be astronomical!---is sufficient to overcome mountainous resentment of the voters. And as we know, their motto: whatever it takes!
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Krause 1/2/2022 7:20:14 AM (No. 1025743)
How can this person even be a democrat? The whole federal democrat congress agree with what biden is doing, just about 100%. The border, Afghanistan, the ridiculous spending, undoing our energy independence, soft on crime, etc. 100%! Obama said...'don't underestimate biden's ability to f**k things up.' He's doing just that. And yet, democrats are all in on what's going on! The democrat party is a cancer, much worse than covid.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: homefry 1/2/2022 7:21:53 AM (No. 1025744)
We thought 2020 was bad and along came 2021 saying, HOLD MY BEER. Hope 2022 only says that to the dim-0 party. They caused every problem we have and deserve a bloodbath for it.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Patchy Groundfog 1/2/2022 7:22:34 AM (No. 1025745)
Marxism was introduced in 1846. About a century later crypto-Marxism was introduced in the US in the form of big government, alphabet agencies, bureaucracy as far as the eye can see. About a century after that, Marxists still have a stranglehold on the Democrat party. Their ideology is 200 years old. Their methodology is 100 years old. Note that nobody in the Democrats ever suggests for a minute that exorbitant taxes, red tape, censorship, deviancy and a bifurcated society are destructive. Instead, they quibble about who the best spokesman for this madness might be. And, as with Obama and now Biden, they regard the 'best' spokesman as the one who can do so under cover.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Califedup 1/2/2022 8:02:53 AM (No. 1025780)
Wounded animals are the most dangerous and will lash out in their dying throes. Beware the lead up to the election, the communist death democrats will try to cancel the elections, and if they fail at that will employ cheating on a scale hitherto never seen and they will be supported and protected by their most powerful allies the media, the Tech Giants and Big Pharma. Beware the evil monsters of the democrat communist party. They will stop at nothing to stay and increase their power over all of us.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Saryden 1/2/2022 8:04:16 AM (No. 1025781)
Sometimes I think our only hope is that this huge mess is a nightmare we will wake up from... how can there be such stupidity! How can so many Americans ascribe to Democrats/ globalism/ tearing down our nation "the light of the world?"
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Otis Gill 1/2/2022 8:41:08 AM (No. 1025806)
I would much rather be an optimist, but we have to acknowledge the problem and be aware of the enemy's tactics. # 4 makes some great points. We should be very leery of these stories about how the dems are going to get crushed, especially stories from the MSM. Nothing has been done about the massive voter fraud in 2020. No one from Dominion has been arrested. The Marxist operatives are sill out there warming up the printing presses and developing the software. When they steal it again, who will stop them?. The Supreme Court, the FBI. the republican legislatures? When they block the windows or eject the observers in Phila and Detroit, who will intervene in the name of justice? The Marxist mayors or Soros-controlled DAs?. The republicans need to have a plan to address this corruption before the election, not after. Sadly, they seem incapable and too cowardly.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Kafka2 1/2/2022 8:41:41 AM (No. 1025807)
The MSM and Democrats “exuded” confidence that Biden and Harris were the most qualified and competent candidates. At the same time they lied and slandered President Trump as an incompetent tyrant. Every day Joe and Kamala prove that the exact opposite is true. The fact that for the most part the Democrats and MSM have walked in lockstep backing the trail of disasters and destruction left by them demonstrates that the Democrat “Clown Show” is an existential threat to the survival of the country. Anybody voting for a Democrat needs their head examined.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Strike3 1/2/2022 8:57:24 AM (No. 1025830)
Weakness as well as craziness. Hussein still gets a turn at working Brandon's puppet strings with his little girlie fingers.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Heil Liberals 1/2/2022 9:15:49 AM (No. 1025839)
No wonder she was ousted. She is ever so slightly in touch with reality. They can’t have that in the Party.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: bpl40 1/2/2022 9:22:22 AM (No. 1025846)
She is still a Democrat and failed to state the real truth. Every time the truth is effectively presented to voters Democrats lose. So "step up" are code words to lie and suppress reality about the Party's true nature and that of their candidates.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: 24tea@Mag 1/2/2022 9:27:19 AM (No. 1025851)
Let’s hope the bloodbath is real and brings back America as it should be. Goodbye Dims!
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 1/2/2022 9:28:25 AM (No. 1025854)
Please allow me to summarize what Poster #1 wrote - - - The demonrats are a bunch of commies. Thank you.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: red1066 1/2/2022 9:30:04 AM (No. 1025856)
If it was only weakness being displayed by demosluts, the country might not be in as bad a shape as it is right now.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 1/2/2022 9:46:39 AM (No. 1025882)
The dims can't lead. Never could lead. But they are good at finding a news camera and spewing their political doubletalk while following the money. This party and those who claim to be dim need to be put out of their misery. However, what the dim party would be replaced with is even more alarming. As for the pubbies, it's easier to show them the door when they don't or won't meet expectations. As for real leadership, where? DJT knows.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Hermoine 1/2/2022 10:02:19 AM (No. 1025903)
FTA: What we need always, and especially now, is someone who exudes confidence and competence. Someone who sets a reassuring tone. What you need is a Conservative Republican...what you are looking for doesn't exist in the Democrat Party, and all too often doesn't exist in the Republican Party, but we've got a few.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: VietVet68 1/2/2022 10:04:06 AM (No. 1025906)
This seems to be one of those rare occasions where a democrat tells the truth about her own party. Don't think for a moment, given the opportunity, that she wouldn't go right along with the Democrat-Communist party and vote in lockstep for whatever the party wants. A democrat's first allegiance is to the party and power, not to the country or the people who elected her.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: little guy 1/2/2022 10:18:59 AM (No. 1025911)
Don't fall for it! She's all tarted up because she wants to become a commentator on Fox and this is her audition! Living on Long Island ... for now at least ... I'm familiar with Ms. Curran and the real reasons she got beat in Nassau county. First: She supported Andy Cuomo and was quiet when the feathers hit the fan, Second: She supported the "no cash bail" policy we are suffering under and the "no prosecutions for non-felonies", Third: She was weak on illegals and allowed MS-13 to get a strong foothold and Fourth: She bought into the BLM movement and 1619 and we all have to pay "our fair share" bull. The NYC cops who live in Nassau helped clean her clock.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: anniebc 1/2/2022 10:39:15 AM (No. 1025942)
Your party is full of evil people, lady. Thank God, many Americans are not having it. We're tired of all you politicians on both sides. The uniparty has to be dragged out of power; they won't go willingly or piecemeal.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Zigrid 1/2/2022 10:39:23 AM (No. 1025943)
What can you say...when the truth faces US every day...the democrats have made a mess of our country...and perhaps finally someone is telling US the facts....not that obama and soros give a flying doodle...but perhaps this democrat is not the only one getting a lesson on what's "really" happening to a wonderful country that President Trump resided's apparent that the democrats only care how the downturn will affect their lives for remaining in power...not how it is affecting real Americans...
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Red Ghost 1/2/2022 10:49:12 AM (No. 1025955)
Yeah, I saw this interview. Ms. Curran, all glammed up and speaking crisply and with authority was auditioning for a gig as the "democrat" counterpart on FOX. She needs a job and with her perfectly coiffed, beautifully streaked hair and perfect color dress, this was her chance. Heck, if she governed Nassau County as she spoke in that interview, she wouldn't have been ousted after just one term. Bruce Blakeman, a career candidate, but a fairly conservative Republican beat her by a few points. Now in NYS, when a Republican beats a democrat incumbent by a few points, that means in truth, it was a landslide. Not even the illegal absentee democrat votes could stem that tide. So good luck, Ms. Curran. I'm sure the execs at FOX will watch your tape and if you're very lucky you'll get a gig on The Five. As to believing a single thing you had to say, sorry babe, doesn't wash. Another fake, phony, broad (sorry only a sexist would say that), I meant fraud.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: mc squared 1/2/2022 11:00:02 AM (No. 1025967)
Maybe it's just me. When someone begins a statement with the phrase ' As ...a Democrat, a woman, an LGBQT, a muslim, a parent, a POC...blah, blah, I know what follows is pure horse hockey. As if other people aren't 'equal' enough to speak on the subject.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Are You Serious 1/2/2022 11:15:09 AM (No. 1025985)
The Dems are merely the American branch of the Chinese Communist Party. Only fools vote for Democrats.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab 1/2/2022 11:32:44 AM (No. 1026003)
How many states have gotten rid of their Dominion Voting Machines? How many precincts have gotten rid of their Democrat Operative vote processors and replaced them with honest people?? How many corrupt Democrat County Clerks have been gotten rid of? How many states have gotten rid of their Soros Owned Secretaries of State and Attorneys General?
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Reply 32 - Posted by: ChattyCatsSusan 1/2/2022 12:13:42 PM (No. 1026042)
Weakness is the last thing they convey. Desperation, corruption, no ethics, ignoring the constitution to suit themselves, but not weakness. Weakness is the GOP madam, not the democrats.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: Ashley Brenton 1/2/2022 12:15:25 PM (No. 1026048)
The conceit here is that the same policies, but put forth by a strong, confident leader, would resonate with the people. Your policies are the problem.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: Casper27 1/2/2022 4:15:27 PM (No. 1026242)
My dear friends, America cannot wait thirty days much less one year to oust this illegal admin,. People like Newsom, Schumer, McConnel, Pelosi, along with many republicans and democrats, must be locked up now through legal means. Texas, New Mexico and AZ must join to lock down the invasion of an army from the mideast to kill Americans and burn down our cities,. We are on the cusp of destruction. More fires, killings, beatings and destruction of our society. Our schools are gone, our stores are empty, our churches are shut down. It will get worse. WORSE,!!!
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Security video recorded a hail of gunfire outside a north St. Louis County home that left one woman dead. The woman was shot by the resident of a home police said she was trying to rob. Police said Shabria Furlow, 23, was one of several people “attempting to commit a robbery/home invasion” at a residence located in the 300 block of Lancashire Road at about 3:20 a.m. Tuesday. In the video, you can see someone turn around in a yard and start shooting at someone who then returns fire. Furlow was killed as bullets ripped through the home.
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26 replies
Posted by earlybird 1/15/2022 10:54:00 PM Post Reply
The founder of a national charter school network who once served as a White House adviser under President Barack Obama has pleaded guilty to a charge alleging he stole $218,000 from the network to get a lower interest rate on a multi-million-dollar Manhattan apartment. Seth Andrew, 42, a founder of Democracy Prep, entered the plea in Manhattan federal court to wire fraud, admitting that he moved money in 2019 from the charter schools network to other bank accounts without authorization. (snip)ndrew had also been charged last April with money laundering and making a false statement to a bank. He faces up to 20 years in prison at his scheduled
Chinese New Yorkers ‘disgusted’ by
surge in violence, empty Democrat promises
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Asian voters are rejecting the Democratic Party, angered by mounting violence targeting their communities and by other quality-of-life crises plaguing New York City. The latest outrage came Saturday when a deranged homeless man shoved an Asian woman to her death in front of an oncoming subway train in Times Square, according to police.“This is horrifying. It’s a horrible attack on yet another one of our citizens,” said Wai Wah Chin, charter president of the Chinese-American Citizen’s Alliance of Greater New York. “This has to stop.”“We’re disgusted, really disgusted,” said Lester Chang, 60, of Manhattan
New Year Brings a More Liberated Joe Biden 25 replies
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When President Biden pounded his hand on a podium this week and declared “I'm tired of being quiet!” when he talked about changing Senate rules to pass voters rights legislation, Democrats immediately noticed a shift. In five words, Biden — known for working across the aisle and his relationships with Republicans —was telegraphing that the new year was ushering in a more forceful and liberated version of himself. “It’s about damn time,” said one top Democratic strategist. “It’s like they kept him on a leash for far too long. No one elected restrained Joe Biden. We elected real Joe Biden.”
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