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Open-air heroin markets: De Blasio’s
most telling ‘gift’ to New York

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Posted By: Imright, 9/28/2021 12:53:00 AM

For a clear view of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s legacy, take a stroll around the Garment District and note the heroin addicts freely shooting up under the golden sun.The block bordered by 35th and 36th Streets and Seventh and Eighth Avenues is a certifiable den of iniquity — out-of-it addicts surrounded by used needles, broken glass crack pipes, trash, urine and feces.As The Post reported last week, a single walk around that block revealed three different people injecting into their wrists or fingers. Our team also spotted drug dealers patrolling the streets like they know they own the place.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: A.I. 9/28/2021 1:24:42 AM (No. 928508)
I heard he’s running for Governor. NYC is not big enough for him. He needed to make the heroin program statewide.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: thethirdruffian 9/28/2021 2:09:02 AM (No. 928530)
Just so long as they are properly vaccinated and wearing masks, it’s fine. /sarcasm
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Rinktum 9/28/2021 6:09:49 AM (No. 928582)
This is the legacy of every democrat who is elected to office in our big cities. Look at them. They are unmitigated disasters. Personally, if I resided in a city my number one reason to cast a vote would be for a law and order candidate who would bring security, safety, cleanliness and prosecution of criminals as his/her top priorities. Why people stand for living in these conditions is inexplicable. Can’t people see that democrats are turning this beautiful country into a lawless, filthy, drug infested, crime ridden place that is nothing like the country we remember or recognize. This is what happens when you have evil people who enable criminals, degenerates, drug addicts/dealers, thieves, and violent anarchists while at the same time calling any opposition to their destruction domestic terrorists. If there is a stronger word than evil, it applies. What we are up against is not politics as usual. It is a full out war against anything good and right. How relevant is this verse to our situation today? Ephesians 6:12 ~ For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: usmc0302 9/28/2021 7:01:43 AM (No. 928622)
I had to spend a night in NYC a few months ago and stayed at a hotel exactly where this narrative took place. What a damned eye opener. Druggies, drunks, prostitutes, pimps, piles of garbage ten feet high, and and atmosphere of desperation. No cops anywhere. The author is not exaggerating and I'm sorry to say all dem cities are the same way. .
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Otis Gill 9/28/2021 7:04:22 AM (No. 928625)
Someone is posting Youtube videos showing the results of liberal polices in the Kessington section of Philadelphia, blocks and blocks of zombies zonked out of their minds with opiates. It all starts with liberals running things and promulgating evil and lawlessness. . Endorsing drug addiction results in more death and suffering. Liberal Marxists hate human beings.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: F15 Gork 9/28/2021 7:29:28 AM (No. 928640)
Our betters will continue to tolerate this so long as it doesn’t effect them out on Martha’s Vineyard or the Hamptons....
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Reply 7 - Posted by: WimeTarmerFable 9/28/2021 7:59:24 AM (No. 928671)
It is very simple, really. The policy was implemented by Prince Andrew, his predecessors, and the Mayor of Gnu Yak Sitty: -#NewYorkStateofAnarchy.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Old Army Vet 9/28/2021 9:01:48 AM (No. 928742)
You get what you vote for. DeBlasio is a complete disaster. He couldn't run a hot dog stand in Times Square.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: bpl40 9/28/2021 9:13:26 AM (No. 928758)
If DeBlasio (or whatever his real name is) and New York were the only place where these problems and even more importantly their root causes exist, the problem would be a calamity. But it is a disaster that is (to use a popular phrase) systemic and pervasive. You don't need a lot of investigative intelligence to realize that it exists wherever Democrats rule. The garment District block of NYC is simply the symptom. The disease is everywhere. Only when you realize your school going teenager has been entrapped will it hit you in the face.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Paintman 9/28/2021 9:24:58 AM (No. 928775)
Chicago beat New York City to the punch several years ago. People were waiting in a long line to get drugs. Sad. This happened under Rahm Emanuel but Lori Lightfoot is no prize either. I went to the White Sox game last month and there were tall weeds growing up along the highway. For all his faults at least Mayor Daley had pride in the city.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: pensom2 9/28/2021 10:07:54 AM (No. 928844)
80% of heroin addicts on the street will never recover. They will die from overdosing or from being killed in the streets. Until they finally die, they are a drag on society: they can't hold a job for more than a week or two; they are not productive members of society; they commit crimes (burglary, robbery, shoplifting, male and female prostitution, etc.) in order to feed their addiction. Few dem politicians will admit it, but they welcome the deaths of these individuals because they are nothing but an expense to society. They contribute nothing of value. They pay no taxes; eventually, most of them become homeless. The sooner they die, the better for society. The logic of these dem leaders is akin to the logic behind their support of abortion: because the large majority of abortions are performed on irresponsible black unwed women who are on welfare and are a drag on society, it benefits society to prevent the births of babies born to such women, most of which will likewise become a net expense to society, producing little or nothing of value their entire lives. I'm not justifying it--I'm describing the heartless logic of democrat local and national leaders. They won't admit it, but that's their logic.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Zigrid 9/28/2021 10:36:33 AM (No. 928894)
So now WE know how deblasio got elected...he all democrats...perhaps now that WE the people are more aware of the corruption at mail in boxes..WE can stop the Mr. Magooo candidates from winning...makes me wonder how aoc got she gonna try it again?....or is she following in mexit's steps and running to hollyweird....poor Harry...I feel so sorry for him and his children...watched a documentary about the English Royalty this weekend...and it broke my heart when I saw the Queen without her Prince Philip...
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Reply 13 - Posted by: bigfatslob 9/28/2021 10:57:24 AM (No. 928915)
Vacationers come to wonderful New York City to see the sights we have it all. It's comin another photo op of De Blasio slow dancing with his wife in Time Square with a police guard while the streets are overrun with these real fine people. No one can turn NY around not even Giuliani the city is really destroyed or on the brink.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab 9/28/2021 11:10:44 AM (No. 928936)
Wilhelm doesn't care which poison you choose to die of. Heroin, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Astra Zeneca; It is all the same to him, as long as you die in the next couple of years, like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and his other buddies in the World Economic Forum want.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: GoodDeal 9/28/2021 3:07:36 PM (No. 929231)
All of this is done intentionally to drive out law abiding people who are usually conservative republicans. Leaving the poor uneducated class dependent on government and a lawless environment. End result is total democrat control.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Bazi 9/28/2021 5:54:47 PM (No. 929390)
Where are the junkies' VAXX Passports and why aren't they all dead from the Covid anyway?
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Reply 17 - Posted by: danu 9/28/2021 7:10:30 PM (No. 929452)
Varren von Bizmark's gift to the Rushin mob
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Joe Biden insists that his overstuffed, $3.5 trillion slop-pail of a spending package “costs zero dollars.” President Biden is, forgive us for noticing, completely crackers. There are a few ways of looking at the cost of a $3.5 trillion boondoggle. The obvious way is to take the price tag at its own word — that, all-in, this package will cost at least $3.5 trillion if Democrats get their way. And that is, of course, correct. Even advocates of the infrastructure plan, such as Ian Bremmer, acknowledge as much.President Biden and his congressional allies insist that the cost is zero because the spending is “paid for.”
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President Joe Biden has not apologized to border patrol officials after he accused them of hitting Haitian migrants with straps as they worked to secure the border while riding horses.“It was horrible to see what you saw, to see people treated like they did,” Biden said last week. “Horses running them over, people being strapped. It’s outrageous. I promise you those people will pay.” (Photo) Biden accused the agents of hitting migrants even though there was no available evidence to back up his statement. A photographer who took images even told Texas media that the images were “misconstrued” and that he never saw agents whip anyone.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin chose this bombshell brunette linguist as his interpreter during his 2019 meeting with then-President Donald Trump.Daria Boyarskaya, 36, has been revealed as the stunning translator who accompanied Putin to the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.The beautiful Russian Foreign Ministry specialist linguist was captured in photos from the meeting, sitting beside Putin in a flattering navy dress, with her dark, wavy locks down to her shoulders, according to East2West News.
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Katie Couric spares few from criticism in her new memoir, which she uses to settle scores from her four decades in TV, can reveal.Over 500 pages in length, Couric tears into ex-boyfriends, former colleagues at NBC and CBS and ridicules A-list celebrities including Prince Harry.In 'Going There', Couric admits that she gave Ashleigh Banfield the cold shoulder early in her career because helping her would have been 'self sabotage'.She rips into Deborah Norville, who she replaced on the TODAY Show, for having a 'relentless perfection' which turned off morning show viewers.
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Three California parents are suing to prevent the state's public school system from reciting prayers to Aztec deities that have been worshipped with human sacrifice – arguing that doing so violates the U.S. and state constitutions. The issue emerged earlier this year when researcher Chris Rufo reported on that particular aspect of the state's ethnic studies curriculum. As Fox News previously noted, the curriculum suggests chants that invoke the deity Tezkatlipoka. Tezkatlipoka is an Aztec god that was honored with human sacrifices. According to the World History Encyclopedia, an impersonator of Tezkatlipoka would be sacrificed with his heart removed to honor the deity.
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Two of the U.S.’ top military commanders, and the nation’s top Pentagon official, affirmed on Capitol Hill Tuesday that President Biden was advised to leave at least 2,500 troops in Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban from overrunning the Afghan army — directly contradicting what Biden told ABC News in an interview after the pullout.During their testimony, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and Gen. Frank McKenzie were pressed on Biden’s decision to fully withdraw, and specifically asked if they recommended the president leave any troops in Afghanistan following Aug. 31.
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As we previously reported, Joe Biden is going all-in with this ridiculous claim, suddenly, that his $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill costs “zero dollars.” He wasn’t alone in trying to push this claim. As we pointed out, he had Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) parroting the claim. Now, other Democrats have jumped aboard the narrative train including Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), the head of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA) signed on board as well. Here’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki trying to sell the same claim. But, of course, what would a Democratic agenda narrative be without help from their buddies
Exclusive: Katie Couric rips into former
TODAY Show colleagues, admits she froze
out female rivals to 'protect her turf,'
says her toyboy ex was a 'midlife crisis'
and takes potshots at Prince Harry who
stank of alcohol in her new memoir
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Posted by Imright 9/29/2021 5:18:20 PM Post Reply
Katie Couric spares few from criticism in her new memoir, which she uses to settle scores from her four decades in TV, can reveal.Over 500 pages in length, Couric tears into ex-boyfriends, former colleagues at NBC and CBS and ridicules A-list celebrities including Prince Harry.In 'Going There', Couric admits that she gave Ashleigh Banfield the cold shoulder early in her career because helping her would have been 'self sabotage'.She rips into Deborah Norville, who she replaced on the TODAY Show, for having a 'relentless perfection' which turned off morning show viewers.
Putin brought 'attractive' translator
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Russian President Vladimir Putin brought an 'attractive' translator with him to distract former President Donald Trump at their 2019 meeting - and Trump told Putin he would act tough in front of the cameras and then play nice privately, former White House official Stephanie Grisham reveals in her forthcoming tell-all. 'OK, I'm going to act a little tougher with you for a few minutes. But it's for the cameras, and after they leave, we'll talk. You understand,' Trump had told Putin when they met in June 2019 in Japan at the G20, Grisham recounted. Copies of Grisham's book -
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The Hill, which often serves as a mouthpiece for Democrat press releases, has written an article stating that “Democrats see Harris as a major player in midterms.” When it comes to Harris’s moribund reputation, Dems want us to think of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead but saving Harris is more like Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein and “Abby Normal’s brain.” Kamala’s lack of national viability made itself known during the Democrat primaries in 2019 when Harris dropped out without even breaking the 4% barrier in the polls and with zero delegates.
Washington university creates segregated
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A university in Washington has created segregated housing specifically for Black students. Western Washington University has designated the fourth floor of Alma Clark Glass Hall as housing reserved for its "Black Affinity Housing program," becoming the latest school to adopt such a program. "The program will explore and celebrate the diversity of Black and African American people and culture, with historical and contemporary context," the program website reads, also saying that all "Western students residing in the program help foster a warm and vibrant community supporting social, personal and academic success." "Black Affinity Housing residents, representing all diverse identities, pride themselves on fostering a sense of belonging
'I'm not going to resign, no way': Gen
Milley REJECTS Tom Cotton's suggestion
he should step down after Biden 'ignored'
his advice to keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan
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Posted by Imright 9/28/2021 9:52:14 PM Post Reply
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley got into a heated exchange with Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) over the advice he gave President Biden on troop levels in Afghanistan – with Milley rejecting the idea he should resign over policy differences. Milley, who holds degrees from Princeton, Columbia, and the Navy War College, and who commanded international forces in Afghanistan, bristled at the idea – even as he essentially confirmed he advised Biden against a withdrawal of all US troops from the country.'I understand that you're the principle military advisor. That you advise. You don't decide, the president decides.
The 'F*** Joe Biden' Chant Is EVERYWHERE 28 replies
Posted by Judy W. 9/28/2021 8:27:41 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden is the worst president we’ve had since the last worst president we had: Barack Obama, who was the worst president since Jimmy Carter. It has escaped no one’s notice. Covid lockdowns and mandates; the destructive, inhumane, callow, disgusting bug-out of Afghanistan; generational theft-level spending; and tyrannical diktats have touched everyone – except Hollywood and D.C., naturally. Turn that flag upside down, Australia here we come. Where people have been “allowed” to congregate they have made their disgust with Joe Biden well known in the coarsest and unsociable of ways – and they’ve been cheered for it! Nearly everywhere you look, people in large groups and small are chanting “F*** Joe Biden!”
Photos Appear To Show That Joe Biden Has
Grown A Lot Of “Man Fur” Since The
First Time He Got His Vaccine Shot Back
In January
27 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 9/29/2021 9:48:28 AM Post Reply
During his campaign for the Presidential Elections 2020 Joe Biden left some Twitter users queasy after a clip from the campaign trail showed him discussing children playing with his leg hair. During the campaign speech, Biden, 77, described how children used to play with his blond leg hairs in the swimming pool while telling a story about his time working as a lifeguard. Well, with that disgusting video we found out about Joe’s hairy legs but it seems that at least his hands appear to look less hairy back in January when he got his first vaccine shot.
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