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The ‘Science’ of Climate Change

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Posted By: Magnante, 9/25/2021 8:27:15 AM

The science surrounding COVID has been hijacked for political purposes. People recovered from the disease are pushed to get vaccinated, even though they have a natural immunity that is stronger than vaccine immunity. People are required to wear masks even though masks are essentially useless (snip) The “science” of climate change is also BS. That should be easier to accept after seeing what the government did to COVID science. Why do politicians want to hype a nonexistent climate crisis? In a word: power. By claiming that there is an urgent climate crisis the politicians can spend billions

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Muguy 9/25/2021 8:47:06 AM (No. 925913)
It would seem that "Science" (Latin root word scientia, meaning "to know") has been hijacked into meaning whatever SOCIALISTS deem it to be to support whatever hair brained counter cultural idea they float today to support something outlandish. It nothing more than just gaslighting to get us to REPUDIATE what we already KNOW, and that is natural immunity from antibodies must be SUPPRESED with another shot, which is proving to be the problem. In typical virology with flu shots, a dead or weakend virus is given in a vaccine for the body to create IT OWN antibodies to protect someone from getting the flu. In some cases, those with weakened immunity often get a mild case of the flu. For some reason, this shot is is giving those who have already HAD the shot or already had Covid-1984 a recurrance. EVEN WORSE, it appears that the very design of the virus was to continually mutate into variations of the original virus, and the VARIANTS appear to beat whatever the ORIGINAL preparations in the shot were meant to protect, so in effect, the detla, lambda, mu etc. need to have their own vaccines since the original one lacks efficacy to protect us. The UNvaccinated are not the spreaders, it is the VACCINATED. This is nothing short of a method of junk "science" masquerading as government CONTROL, and a means to PURPOSELY SHUT DOWN the economy and rights of citizens to free of government control. There have been some great immunology EXPERTS who have been documenting this on the New EIB team of Clay Travis and Buck Sexton. Check out their website at to see the the transcripts from the last two weeks and read for yourself what the EXPERTS think that this is nothing but a sham of Faucism being carried out as a means of massive GOVERNMENT OVER REACH against the individual citizen's rights
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Reply 2 - Posted by: VAPMAN 9/25/2021 8:59:33 AM (No. 925927)
It was a very dry spring this year for the northeast forest and there was a gypsy moth infestation which was attributed to climate change (man made global warming). The summer however, was much wetter then average which caused an infestation of mosquitoes which was attributed to climate change. Thus any significant deviation from “average “ is attributed to climate change requiring massive government spending which has no significant affect on the weather. How incredibly stupid can people be.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 9/25/2021 9:06:45 AM (No. 925942)
Basic fact - - it's impossible for statistically reliable climate data to exist - - ergo - - all climate data used in the "models" is utter garbage. In order to reliably project the future - - at least 1,000 years of pinpoint, scientifically-gathered data is required - - or at least 700 or 800 years worth. Since marginally accurate thermometers have been widely available only since the last half of the 19th century - - how could such data exist? Who was gathering reliable data in Mongolia, or Tierra del Fuego, or Cincinnati before then? Or on the 70% of the earth's surface which is covered with water? The entire Gullible Warming concept is a laughable scam. When will the Pubbies and RINOs - - our great allies - - ever ask one of these "climate scientists" to present scientifically-gathered and statistically-reliable data to back up their goofy theories? The scammers are never caught - - because the politicians are too dumb to catch them.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: sanspeur 9/25/2021 9:19:39 AM (No. 925957)
Remember the first “Earf Day “ h/t Rush , was for glo-bull cooling .An Ice Age is coming ..
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Maggie2u 9/25/2021 9:30:38 AM (No. 925968)
For 30 years I've been asking this question and have yet to receive an answer...What is the correct temperature for Earth and when did it happen?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 9/25/2021 9:37:31 AM (No. 925974)
"The science surrounding COVID has been hijacked for political purposes." Thanks, Captain Obvious!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: red1066 9/25/2021 9:55:36 AM (No. 925996)
The only science to climate change is that the climate changes.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: seamusm 9/25/2021 9:57:19 AM (No. 925999)
The lesson of this tale is that 'Scientists' become endangered not by endorsing Bull Hockey but by challenging popular myths. The modern equivalent to being sent to starve in a Russian gulag is losing one's academic job/career and ability to publish if caught challenging the 'truth'. I'm not sure any Junior Colleges (or even Walmart) would risk hiring such a loser.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: mathman 9/25/2021 11:02:38 AM (No. 926082)
The science of the Renaissance consisted of framing and testing hypotheses. That is how we got refrigerators, automobiles, airplanes, computers, antibiotics, and so on. Huge arguments typically take place when such hypotheses are evaluated. These make fascinating reading. Read, for instance, the story of the WAR between Newton and Hooke. The fact is that our source of energy is the Sun. We do not know enough about how the Sun functions, and the Sun is a variable star. It does not vary much, but enough so we can notice. And we lack the technical means to figure out what the Sun will do next. What governs the sunspot cycles? What happened during the Maunder minimum? We do not have satellite probes which will function even at 5,000 degrees Kelvin (the temperature of the photosphere). Such probes would vaporize. All we have are theories which we cannot test. It was only in about 1800 that we could quantify temperature. So no records exist. When someone says "trust the Science" they are really saying that they know the future. They do not. Most of it is snake oil. 90% of what you hear is just false.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Birddog 9/25/2021 11:10:48 AM (No. 926094)
"6,000 year old driftwood showing that northern Greenland was Ice free for at least part of the year..." Hmmm..what were other parts of the Globe like during that period? What is now the Sahara Desert was a humid, lush, green, forested, heavily populated region where the domestication of horses, cattle, chickens and farming was 1st invented. Maybee...IF things warmed up enough for Greenland to actually be Icefree for part of the year the "Great deserts" of the world would also return to verdant, habitable, prolific "Lungs of the Earth", scrubbing C)2 and producing Oxygen...after all they WERE before. Currently they are claiming the ONLY thing that would happen is the oceans would rise..when everyone in their own kitchens/bathooms can easily see that when warmer temp are induced, humidity(clouds) are formed from which water drops from the vapors. Vast sections of Russia, China, North Africa and south America, as well as Australia are toooo dry to support much life...what if they could? What if much of the more temperate parts of those areas were warm enough(only a few degrees needed) to produce two harvest per year instead of only One? Doubling the food supplies?
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Birddog 9/25/2021 11:16:22 AM (No. 926100)
People equate the term "Desert" with hot dry sand...when in fact the areas are defined by "Amount of Rainfall", the largest Deserts of the world are regions where it is too COLD for rain or even snow.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: czechlist 9/25/2021 1:09:48 PM (No. 926208)
How is it that when someone questions anthropogenic climate change we so often hear "but they're not a climate scientist!"; Yet, we are subjected to endless babble from non-climate scientists such as Gore and Greta and bidet... I'll include Griff - other climate website readers know her too well
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The science surrounding COVID has been hijacked for political purposes. People recovered from the disease are pushed to get vaccinated, even though they have a natural immunity that is stronger than vaccine immunity. People are required to wear masks even though masks are essentially useless (snip) The “science” of climate change is also BS. That should be easier to accept after seeing what the government did to COVID science. Why do politicians want to hype a nonexistent climate crisis? In a word: power. By claiming that there is an urgent climate crisis the politicians can spend billions
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The Democrats keep saying the quiet part out loud. During a Sunday morning interview with far-left Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, Biden DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the Biden administration opposes the border wall because it’s a “proud tradition” for the United States to let people in illegally through the southern border. “Why did you allow them in the country in the first place? Why didn’t you build – forgive me – a wall? Or a fence, from stopping this flood of people from coming across the dam. It looks like a highway when they cross the Rio Grande,” Wallace asked. The response from Mayorkas was simply mindblowing.
An ‘anti-vaxxer’ catches COVID 26 replies
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“If I catch COVID, there is zero chance I will die.” So I told my father a few weeks ago while discussing the never-ending government restrictions (snip) Then earlier this month I caught the trendy virus. Secretly, I had some angst that somehow karma would hit me and send me to the hospital, mostly dreading the “I told you so” scolding of the vaccine bullies. But just as I suspected, my sickness was easily managed (snip) when I went to the local COVID testing center to confirm my infection, the snotty man registering symptomatic arrivals asked if I also wanted to get vaccinated
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