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France erupts as Australia prepares to
ditch $90BILLION submarine plan
for a US nuclear powered fleet -
complaining they have been 'stabbed
in the back'

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Posted By: Imright, 9/16/2021 12:21:35 AM

France has been 'stabbed in the back' by the Australian nuclear submarine deal, a former top diplomatic official has said. 'The world is a jungle,' ex-ambassador to the US Gerard Araud tweeted on Thursday. 'France has just been reminded this bitter truth by the way the US and the UK have stabbed her in the back in Australia. C’est la vie.' Australia has for years been planning to build a fleet of 12 diesel-powered submarines in Adelaide via French company Naval Group, with a deal made in 2016 valued at $90billion.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Ribicon 9/16/2021 12:29:08 AM (No. 915956)
The United States, which views the bulk of its citizens as potential domestic violent extremists while rigging elections, packing the nation full of illegal aliens, stealing our wealth through ruinous taxation and inflation, forcing vaccinations on us, having generals and Agencies actively undermine our president, needs to help Australia, whose government forbids its citizens from leaving their homes without a good excuse, defend itself against foreign aggressors.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Omen55 9/16/2021 12:30:15 AM (No. 915958)
Our subs are better.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: coldoc 9/16/2021 12:48:45 AM (No. 915963)
My father had a citroen once. Trying to keep the old man on the road cured me of having anything to do with french construction. Like someone said. Ours are better.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: DVC 9/16/2021 1:11:50 AM (No. 915975)
My father had a Renault Dauphine in the late 50s, or maybe 1960. I clearly remember ripping off the door handle inside while trying to open the door as a child. That car was sold soon afterwards. If a child can accidentally rip off a door handle robust can any part of it be? I have rented current era Peugeot and Renault cars and driven them for weeks around France, and had no issues. But the Audis and Opels are better cars, IME.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: stablemoney 9/16/2021 1:17:43 AM (No. 915982)
Just to mention, the U.S. used to have its own uranium supplies, until Hillary and Obama sold it to Russia in return for bribery payments to the Clinton Foundation.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Laotzu 9/16/2021 1:37:51 AM (No. 915997)
"In Hell: the cooks are English, the policemen are German, the mechanics are French, the lovers are Swiss and the bankers are Italian."
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Reply 7 - Posted by: F15 Gork 9/16/2021 7:29:08 AM (No. 916113)
Diesel powered? Shouldn’t they be using wind and solar?
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Strike3 9/16/2021 7:57:00 AM (No. 916140)
Let's see, should I buy noisy diesels that must constantly stop to refuel or should I buy quiet nukes that stay underwater forever. Russian nuclear subs can go a bit deeper than ours but American-made are the best overall in the world - unless the Chinese have been given that technology too by O'Biden. The nukes are a no-brainer but be careful, the United States can not be trusted.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: bpl40 9/16/2021 8:06:21 AM (No. 916147)
Price, delivery schedule, technology transfer details are always suspect and dragged out when dealing with French companies. Dassault had an inside track for a Medium Multirole Fighters with the Indian Air Force .Numbers being talked about were 150+ and a worldwide service collaboration. The French diddled backtracked for ten years. Haggled on pricing after the fact. Add to that the world class corruption of Indian politicians and the deal is now at just 36 flyaway aircraft.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Heil Liberals 9/16/2021 8:43:59 AM (No. 916181)
I note the irony in #1s post and second it. Isn't it funny that the Aussies all of a sudden ditch the more reasonable plan for their small country in order to obtain vastly more expensive boats? Why? The totalitarian tendencies of the formerly free nation of Australia leads one to believe that the totalitarian tendencies of our current government approve, and wish to support the Aussies with the most powerful weapon on the seas. I do not believe it is fear of China. The Aussies do not stand a chance if the CCP wants their kangaroo herds. There's something afoot here that smells of the Global Order.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: red1066 9/16/2021 9:14:32 AM (No. 916218)
Aren't diesel powered subs noisy? Noisy subs seems to defeat the purpose of having submarines.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Zigrid 9/16/2021 9:24:59 AM (No. 916233)
I wonder who in the swamp got the kickback for this job....must have been a lot of money to someone who "influenced" the vote...looks like obama will have enough money for another mansion by the sea...I heard he's looking for a private island's the chicago community organizer doing with Chicago's run away killings...oops is that political speech?...obama walks on the backs of the black community he used as a stepping stone...and he LOVES the power and attention...he thinks he's a rock star...
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Speedypetey 9/16/2021 9:35:22 AM (No. 916254)
As cozy as the Australian Fascists are with the Chicoms do we really want their order and our nuclear sub design being transferred to the South China Sea covered over marine life estuary naval base?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: DVC 9/16/2021 12:07:01 PM (No. 916447)
Diesel subs are only able to run at high speeds and long distances on the surface with their main powerplants, the diesel engines, running, although many have snorkels to permit partial submergence with only the snorkel above water to pull in air and release exhaust to run the diesel engine. The snorkel is much less visible than the whole sub, but is far larger than the periscope and can be seen by a good radar from a patrol aircraft at quite a range, plus it leaves a pretty noticeable wake in the water. Submerged, diesel-electric subs use batteries and electric motors, and, if well designed, can be quite quiet in this electric mode.....but they have a VERY finite time submerged and quite limited speed and range when in this mode. Batteries for subs, like batteries for cars are short term, very limited power storage. And once a sub depletes it's batteries it is a sitting duck until it can surface and run the diesel for hours to recharge. And the diesel subs cannot make their own oxygen like a nuclear sub can by splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen. Back in WW2, in the early days, before widespread use of radar at sea, the cover of darkness permitted diesel subs to hide and travel on the surface while recharging batteries, and dive during the day when spotted. Even in daytime, they normally ran on the surface, ready to dive if a patrol aircraft was spotted. With radar.....this strategy is nearly dead, and whenever a diesel sub surfaces, any patrol aircraft or ship within radar range, day or night, will instantly know it. We had radar on our subs in the last couple of years of the war and the Japanese mostly did not, and our subs sank many of theirs by finding them running at night on the surface with our radars. Diesel subs can still be somewhat useful for close in coastal defensive use, can be quiet and wait for attacking ships to approach it. Ocean patrol and long range power projection......pretty useless against modern air/sea anti-submarine warfare capabilities.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Roark 9/16/2021 12:19:24 PM (No. 916459)
A solar and wind-powered submarine would be an engineering challenge the French are equipped to take on!
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Reply 16 - Posted by: bighambone 9/16/2021 12:24:00 PM (No. 916465)
The Australians are not French, they were historically part of the British Empire and are now a Commonwealth country with Queen Elizabeth as the Australian monarch, so when push comes to shove, who do you think Australia will line up with. The French know that!
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Reply 17 - Posted by: JHHolliday 9/16/2021 12:51:22 PM (No. 916496)
Re #4. I had a Renault Dauphin about the same time as your dad. I personally rebuilt the engine but it was still a cheap pos. The interior was mostly plastic and cheap plastic at that. It caught fire one day on our main downtown street and I happily watched it burn.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: FunOne 9/16/2021 2:56:33 PM (No. 916627)
The problem with the French submarine is that they automatically go to full reverse if they encounter what appears to be a hostile submarine.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Zumkopf 9/16/2021 3:06:26 PM (No. 916638)
$7.5 Billion per submarine (Diesel at that) seems rather pricey. I don't blame the Aussies for waltzing their Matildas elsewhere.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: joew9 9/16/2021 5:55:58 PM (No. 916778)
It's like all the Australian leaders are striving to be like Biden and AOC.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: MickTurn 9/16/2021 7:29:34 PM (No. 916850)
Hey Frogs, time to join the 20th century and stop making paddle wheel submarines...
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The Taliban owns Afghanistan where Americans are trapped, the U.S. debt is nearing catastrophic levels, COVID is on the rise even with large amounts of vaccinated Americans, the border is overrun by illegals and President Joe Biden thinks it is a perfect time to relax. According to the White House schedule, President Biden will be spending the long weekend at his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. (Snip) The president doesn’t seem to care about any of the pending crisis’ considering his vacation time and sleep seems to be what is most important to him. The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti reported today, Friday, that Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan.
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William F. Buckley’s desire to “stand athwart history and yell ‘Stop!’” described a personality type more than a political agenda. Conservatives, by well-earned reputation, tend to revere traditions and institutions, trust authority, and favor measured, incremental change. Dana Carvey’s impersonation of George H.W. Bush caricatured the type brilliantly: “Wouldn’t be prudent, wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture.” Without knocking prudence, however, shouting “Stop!” is only a smart strategy when you’re ahead. It doesn’t help when you’re losing. (snip)Stopping time now would enshrine the stupidity, cruelty, and moral bankruptcy of radical leftist wokeism.
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An 83-year old abortion provider in Texas described his experience performing 67 terminations as the clock ticked on the eve of the state’s ban on abortions after six weeks.Jasbir Ahluwalia, an ob-gyn at Whole Woman’s Health Clinic in Forth Worth, recalled the dramatic shift between working at breakneck speed to treat an influx of patients one night to coming back to see an empty office the next morning on September 1, when the law went into effect.‘Nobody cared for their own welfare,’ he said in an interview with Vice. ‘The workers—they want to take care of the patients.
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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) will reportedly still not support Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion reconciliation package for the time being, despite the president’s efforts to persuade him, according to Axios. On Wednesday, sources told Axios that President Joe Biden reportedly hosted Manchin for a meeting at the White House where he failed to persuade the senator into agreeing with the $3.5 trillion bill. Axios was told Biden explained to Manchin his opposition could imperil the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that’s already passed the Senate. Biden’s analysis did little to persuade Manchin to raise his top line. Manchin held his position and appears willing to let the bipartisan bill hang in the balance
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We’ve long been used to the fact that banks and credit unions must report to the federal government any transactions greater than $10,000. (snip) But how would you feel if the government requires banks to report to the government — i.e., the IRS — every transaction of $600 or more? Well, if Democrats pass their $3.5 trillion American Families Plan, that’s exactly what will happen. (snip) hen one considers that the Supreme Court’s entire Roe v. Wade justification for abortion was that the Constitution has an implicit guarantee of privacy
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When President Joe Biden visited Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, he promised a key form of federal aid to those dealing with the lingering effects of the storm, but weeks after landfall getting that financial help has been easier said than done. The money would go straight into survivors' bank accounts "so that they can deal immediately with emergencies," Biden said Sept. 3. (Snip) But weeks after the storm, getting access to those items is still a challenge, and has left some residents who say they have urgent needs confused about why they have not received the federal
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