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The embarrassment that is Joe Biden

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Posted By: Magnante, 8/17/2021 4:38:38 AM

Although the White House had intended to keep Biden under wraps for as long as possible, the demand that he say something – anything – about the unfolding debacle in Afghanistan forced him to leave Camp David for a 20-minute statement, after which he refused to take any questions. The important part of what he said boils down to one sentence: We had to leave and everything that went wrong was Trump’s or the Afghans' fault. Biden is a craven coward, a feckless fool, a dismal dummy, and a man who will soon have more blood on his hands than a thousand Lady Macbeths.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: PChristopher 8/17/2021 5:11:35 AM (No. 882057)
He desecrates the Office of the President with every minute he spends there.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: franq 8/17/2021 5:59:00 AM (No. 882066)
That's being kind. He is an abomination.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: minuteman 8/17/2021 6:17:39 AM (No. 882077)
Restore the rightful president and get this fraud off of the world stage.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: PostAway 8/17/2021 6:23:24 AM (No. 882085)
Joe Biden has a financial stake in China via his family. As this article states, China is poised to move into Afghanistan and take advantage of mineral deposits estimated to be worth ≈ $3T including iron ore, lithium, gold, uranium and rare earth. The Chinese have already gained access to copper deposits in Aybak worth $88B, according to the World Atlas website. I’m wondering if Biden’s sudden, chaotic and traumatic departure from Afghanistan, which necessarily benefits China, was done to enhance the Biden family’s wealth.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: SkeezerMcGee 8/17/2021 6:38:52 AM (No. 882093)
The United States are limping along with no President and a phony quasi-Vice President. This is a precarious situation. China is watching closely. Anything can happen. Our military so-called leadership is more concerned with woke BS than with our military preparedness. I've never seen anything close to the current dismal, feckless Generals. Trump should have fired at least 90 of them. These turds have floated to the top of the punch bowl. It's dangerous and getting worse.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: bpl40 8/17/2021 6:54:50 AM (No. 882109)
The 'embarr
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Rinktum 8/17/2021 6:55:04 AM (No. 882110)
Biden is an embarrassment. Remember when the media tried to label President Trump with that narrative? Not only is old Joe embarrassing himself and this country, he is evil. I cannot give him a pass because of his mental deficiencies. He was evil the whole of his political life. He is a corrupt debauched grifter who saw politics as his ticket to wealth and power and used the office he held to benefit himself in ways we could not even imagine. The embarrassment to me is every elected Republican who has attacked President Trump and held this depraved wicked old man up as a leader. He is not. He is illegitimate and they know it. When they could have stood for right, they stood instead with an anti-American ideologue so debauched no parent would want them near their children. They also knew he was corrupt and ignored it. They are the people who disgust me. They would not fight for President Trump and allowed evil men to assume leadership of this country. They betrayed us and they will continue to betray us because it is just who they are. Yes, Biden is an embarrassment but he is not alone. Many elected Republicans who could have made a difference chose not to and those are the people I loathe.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: bpl40 8/17/2021 6:56:18 AM (No. 882111)
Sorry. The embarrassment started at midnight 3rd November 2020.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: EJKrausJr 8/17/2021 6:58:59 AM (No. 882114)
Biden did what he does best, lies and shifts blame. The withdrawal mess is Biden's mess. The MIC failed him, but the way it was conducted is all on Biden.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: jinx 8/17/2021 7:31:09 AM (No. 882132)
Yes, Biden is an embarrassment but he shares the stage with the MSM who covered for him as they pushed him on the American voters. I remember reading The Hobbit. At the end when the war broke out, the mayor of the town ran because he was a coward. Biden is that mayor.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: F15 Gork 8/17/2021 7:35:49 AM (No. 882137)
The Four Horsemen of the apocalypse have added a new rider: Conquest, War, Famine, Death, and now Stupid....
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Bur Oak 8/17/2021 7:41:30 AM (No. 882142)
Another big embarrassment are the low information people that voted for Biden. It has been obvious what Biden was yet they still voted for him.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Lazyman 8/17/2021 7:44:14 AM (No. 882146)
He sure acts as if he is a man being blackmailed by China. What do they have on him?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Rama41 8/17/2021 7:48:40 AM (No. 882155)
Meanwhile, China starts Tuesday With military exercises off the coast of Taiwan.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Clinger 8/17/2021 8:03:11 AM (No. 882171)
There's plenty of embarrassment to go around. Why was Biden even nominated. Why did our government devolve from the peoples representatives serving our needs to a crooked cabal serving themselves and the highest bidder often foreign, that couldn't allow an outsider to commit the unforgiveable sin of putting America's interests first. I think we got a sense of having "arrived" as a nation after WWII and mistook the goal to be the destination when its really about the journey. Every generation needs to strive for freedom. No matter how much our founders and subsequent generations may have wished to hand us that as a gift it doesn't work that way.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Richard from Norwood 8/17/2021 8:16:04 AM (No. 882182)
With reference to No. 15; Probably because they knew the 11/03/20 vote was already in the bag. These so-called patriotic democrats are all in the bag for their own aggrandizement!!!
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 8/17/2021 8:17:20 AM (No. 882185)
Pierre Delecto, Lizzard Cheney, Marco Rubio, Chuck Hagel, Mike DeWine, Brian Kemp, Brad Raffensperger, Pat Tomey, Turtle McConnell, Tom Rice. Dan Newhouse, Anthony Gonzalez, Fred Upton, Jaime Herrera Beutler, Peter Meijer, John Katko, David Valadao, Richard Burr, Suzie Q Collins, John Cornyn, Lisa Murko, Ben Sasse, Adam Kinzinger, Paul Mitchell, Don Bacon, Tom Reed, Will Hurd, John Kurtis, Denver Riggleman, and Bill Cassidy, you rino never-trumpers all disgust me. And Jeff Flakie, you aren't off the hook by any means, pal. YOU and the MSM are the reasons why we have biden the cheater, the biggest embarrassment in our nation's history. I would also list the dims here, but, the list is too long.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: 24tea@Mag 8/17/2021 8:26:55 AM (No. 882203)
Joe Biden is more than an embarrassment. A liar, traitor, election fraud enabler, disgusting human being, and much more that can not be mention because it might cause hurt feelings of those idiots that support him. He is not my president!
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Are You Serious 8/17/2021 8:30:22 AM (No. 882209)
My apologies to the world for living in a sate that actually cast more votes for this brain dead fool than a real ,man. NJ is the butt of many jokes....and it is well deserved
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Richard from Norwood 8/17/2021 8:31:26 AM (No. 882214)
To No. 5; Re: "These turds have floated to the top of the punch bowl. It's dangerous and getting worse." Everyone above a lt.Col. should be retired post haste. They most likely are nothing but ASS KISSERS in their climb to higher office!!!
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Strike3 8/17/2021 8:39:21 AM (No. 882225)
#13, Ollie North hinted around yesterday that Biden is the target of Chinese blackmail. Biden's actions do not disprove that. The democrats had a long time to plan for the theft of the 2020 election, one might think they could have chosen a younger person with a brain but apparently the democrats have no such creature in their ranks. The good news is that soon he won't even be able to read the teleprompter and the real "wizard" behind the curtain will be forced to reveal himself.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Kitty Myers 8/17/2021 8:40:13 AM (No. 882226)
The Clintons, Obama, Biden.... Why do people keep voting for them?
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Sanchin 8/17/2021 8:49:35 AM (No. 882236)
Not only is he an embarrassment to this country and the office, but he is also a danger to our national safety and our freedoms (both financial and personal).
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Reply 24 - Posted by: GoodDeal 8/17/2021 8:52:07 AM (No. 882240)
Embarrassment? I can think of many more appropriate words to describe him. Luciferian demonic satanic are starters and we go in from there.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: lakerman1 8/17/2021 9:05:49 AM (No. 882263)
I would add, to #5's definitive post, the sad reminder about presidential succession. If Dementia Jo dies in office, The Cackling Canadian is next. Following the Cackling Canadian Kamala Sutra is Nasty Nancy Pelosi, then Putrid Patrick Leahy, then Bumbling Blinken. God is punishing us.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: MDConservative 8/17/2021 9:54:58 AM (No. 882328)
The Big Guy needs to serve every day of his term. Americans need to be reminded of their "choice", revel in it. Biden offers a Jimmy Carter opportunity for conservatives to clean house, break the UNIPARTY of Mitch, Chuck, Nancy and Kevin, and restore American culture while healing society. The question is who is the 21st Century Ronald Reagan? And how does one prevent another faux conservative George H. Bush from mucking it up for the next Bill Clinton to emerge?
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Reply 27 - Posted by: bigfatslob 8/17/2021 10:03:32 AM (No. 882337)
That speech was the old fraud Joe Biden's best of hits, "I don't work for you", "I'll take him behind the gym and punch him in the face", "you are a lying dog face pony soldier", "you look overweight I challenge you to pushups" but now he has the Taliban to challenge. What will the tough guy do? Fraud Biden had to play president and this was his best at it. His supporters and voters should be proud because this in 'vintage' Joe Biden the braggart who thinks he just scared off his detractors. Not so fast fraud Joe there are many deaths and carnage about to be unleashed which you can't blame on your 'predecessor' when it happens.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Maggie2u 8/17/2021 10:05:44 AM (No. 882341)
Poster #13, what does China have on him? They have Hunter Biden's three laptops. Enough on there to blackmail him and his whole family.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Lawsy0 8/17/2021 10:07:40 AM (No. 882343)
That is 20 minutes of my life I can never get back, not to mention the following 7 minutes of commercials that the stations played before resuming the ''regularly schedule broadcast.'' Thank heaven for the cartoon network. Make that, the OTHER cartoon network.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Zigrid 8/17/2021 10:43:10 AM (No. 882413)
America is a world market...and it upsets china because they want to be the big dude on the world stage...well it ain't gonna happen...Americans are questioning where their products come from...made in America is OUR rallying cry... and china can't survive without our dollars... let them try and manage the Taliban warriors all hopped up on poppy seed crap...and who will manage the mineral mines when the Taliban has killed off all the workers...ask Russia what happened to them...they left with their tails between their legs...taliban is not manageable...period!!
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Reply 31 - Posted by: DVC 8/17/2021 11:00:02 AM (No. 882441)
The Demonrat Party is a cancer upon the world, not just the USA. Traitor Joe is just the figurehead in the wheelhouse, randomly spinning the helm, but always going harder and harder to the left.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: NotaBene 8/17/2021 12:03:56 PM (No. 882515)
Bidet has enveloped this country in a malaise. People falling off airplanes are his signature. WE should not have permitted this illegitimate election to stand. The US Army was super cute fortifying the Congress, teaching Critical Race Theory, persecuting White Rage and financing soldier castrations. A D.C. Gulag of political prisoners in Solitary is fully operational. All to initiate and maintain a coup d’état to install an illegitimate senile retard. Thank you Generals, all of you, and Colonel Vindman too. Think of the bloodbath that you will have facilitated with your 20-year war. But the worst is that the Pentagon, CIA, FBI DoS, NIH, stole our democracy for the Globalist ideologues.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: spiderman 8/17/2021 12:11:32 PM (No. 882522)
Here is something that no one has thought of, with Afghanistan fallen we had better brace ourselves for another 9/11. It will only be a matter of time before the Taliban will figure out a way to attack us again. And the brain dead so called President we have will not have a clue it's coming much less how to stop it.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: Kafka2 8/17/2021 12:19:45 PM (No. 882529)
The reason a number of people gave me for voting for Biden was because Trump was rude and crude. It seems that they preferred somebody that would oh so sincerely and sweetly lie to your face instead of do a good job of running the country. Those who got Biden elected got what they deserve. It is a shame that those of us who did not vote for Biden are having to pay for it.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: antitox 8/17/2021 1:24:43 PM (No. 882600)
Prov 17:16 Why should a fool have a price in his hand to buy wisdom, when he has no mind?
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Reply 36 - Posted by: udanja99 8/17/2021 2:10:52 PM (No. 882658)
May I suggest another “E” word for what Xiden is? EVIL
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Reply 37 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 8/17/2021 3:22:48 PM (No. 882730)
The rats lie cheat steal fraud and ruin America and it’s time to stop them cold... All of them
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Reply 38 - Posted by: cor-vet 8/17/2021 5:37:22 PM (No. 882896)
From the greatest nation ever seen on the face of the world, too the laughing stock of the world.
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Joe Biden and his media acolytes call him Mr. Empathy and Mr. Compassion. His Afghanistan speech yesterday told a different story, and should end that phony spin forever. My takeaway was how cold, and hard, and compassionless Biden was as he sought to extricate himself from the catastrophe of his own making. He blamed everyone but himself for his failure, particularly the Afghan army. He smarmily assured terrified Afghanis left behind he'd now speak out for their human rights instead of actually protect them. He effectively told U.S. servicemembers their service was for nothing. It was appalling.
The embarrassment that is Joe Biden 38 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/17/2021 4:38:38 AM Post Reply
Although the White House had intended to keep Biden under wraps for as long as possible, the demand that he say something – anything – about the unfolding debacle in Afghanistan forced him to leave Camp David for a 20-minute statement, after which he refused to take any questions. The important part of what he said boils down to one sentence: We had to leave and everything that went wrong was Trump’s or the Afghans' fault. Biden is a craven coward, a feckless fool, a dismal dummy, and a man who will soon have more blood on his hands than a thousand Lady Macbeths.
Biden’s Cognitive Decline Is Dangerous 37 replies
Posted by Garnet 8/18/2021 3:07:47 AM Post Reply
In October of 2020, former White House physician Ronny Jackson raised a question that was on the minds of many voters: “I watch Joe Biden on the campaign trail and I am concerned that he does not have the cognitive ability to serve as our commander in chief and head of state.” Jackson, who had served under Presidents Obama and Trump, stressed that he was speaking as a “concerned citizen” rather than a physician. Inevitably, the media collectively descended on Jackson like so many flying monkeys, but he raised the issue again during Biden’s absence from the public eye last weekend as Afghanistan was being overrun by the Taliban.
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An Alabama doctor is tired of helping people who refuse to protect themselves and others—so he’s no longer taking appointments with anti-vaxxers. Mobile, Ala., physician Dr. Jason Valentine posted a photo on Facebook in which he’s seen standing in front of a sign that reads “Effective Oct. 1, 2021, Dr. Valentine will no longer see patients that are not vaccinated against COVID-19.”(Snip)“If they asked why, I told them covid is a miserable way to die and I can’t watch them die like that,” he wrote. Comments on Facebook were mostly supportive of the doctor, though not so much of the yokels who oppose vaccinations
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Posted by NorthernDog 8/17/2021 8:27:57 PM Post Reply
There is some speculation floating around social media (mostly, but not totally, from the right) that Democrats may try to pull the 25th Amendment card on Biden to push him aside and bring Kamala Harris forward in an effort to save face in this moment of geopolitical crisis. It is some of the same speculation you saw several times when the Left called for members of the Trump administration to turn on Trump and invoke the amendment. However, the Democrats have put themselves into such a terrible position that they absolutely cannot get rid of Biden through this means, or
Biden Admin Tells Americans Trapped In
Afghanistan It ‘Cannot Guarantee’
Their Safety To Airport
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Posted by Imright 8/17/2021 10:20:53 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden’s administration told American citizens trapped in Afghanistan that the administration cannot guarantee their safety if they travel to the airport in Kabul to be evacuated.The news comes as thousands of American citizens remained trapped as Taliban terrorists have now taken control of the country.The Biden administration sent the following message to Americans trapped in Afghanistan: To American Citizens, Thank you for registering your request to be evacuated from Afghanistan. The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan has confirmed that an undefined number of U.S. govern1nentprovided fligl1ts will begin soon. Please make your way
Photo ID and vaccine passport required
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Posted by Ida Lou Pino 8/17/2021 5:46:39 PM Post Reply
New Yorkers will now have to show photo IDs in order to engage in public life. Along with proof of vaccination, the mayor said "Whatever works, all you have to do is show that proof and have ID as well." "And it's easy, all you have to do is show proof of vaccination — that could be a CDC paper card, that could be an Excelsior Pass, an NYC COVID Safe app, whatever works," de Blasio said. "All you got to do is show that proof and have ID as well, and it’s straightforward."
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