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Merrick Garland calls gun violence
‘ongoing tragedy’ during Chicago visit

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Posted By: Imright, 7/22/2021 8:36:48 PM

The launch of a new federal effort to combat gun violence across the country brought Attorney General Merrick Garland back to his native Chicago, where he called gun violence an ongoing tragedy Thursday and said, “I feel it particularly in my home town.”Garland’s first official visit as attorney general to Chicago came in the wake of three mass shootings in a single day. One of them took place just down the street from St. Agatha Catholic Church, where Garland met with community members Thursday and talked briefly with reporters.Shortly before Garland arrived at the church, a police chase erupted outside.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: MickTurn 7/22/2021 8:40:36 PM (No. 854013)
Talk to the BWitch running the city and her backroom kickback deals with the Gangs...
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Reply 2 - Posted by: jalo1951 7/22/2021 8:44:00 PM (No. 854016)
We all know it is not the guns. It is the immoral evil person who is shooting the gun. And then you have the scum in the justice system who keeps letting the immoral evil people out of custody to do it all over again. It's not that hard to figure out.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: mizzmac 7/22/2021 8:49:59 PM (No. 854021)
Those darn guns--they're so violent. They fire themselves, you know.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Come And Take It 7/22/2021 9:08:24 PM (No. 854027)
The feebs don't have the balls to go after the gangbangers. More Kabuki theater for the ignorant masses.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 7/22/2021 9:14:30 PM (No. 854029)
Well, Judy, maybe you should think about enforcing EXISTING gun laws. While you're at it, look at the policies of the mayor of your "native Chicago." S***cago.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: panther361 7/22/2021 9:30:39 PM (No. 854040)
I've offered this before but if Mr. Garland believes what he speaks then lead by putting a sign in his yard declaring "there are no guns in this house".
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Reply 7 - Posted by: DVC 7/22/2021 10:33:14 PM (No. 854067)
No such a thing as "gun violence ". I have a substantial number of them, and they have never once done any violence. I've killed a number of animals with some of them, but they never did a thing on their own.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Luandir 7/22/2021 10:48:22 PM (No. 854084)
The ongoing tragedy is Democratic governance, and Garland knows it.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: local500 7/22/2021 11:25:57 PM (No. 854106)
The root cause is democrats, who encourage and allow lawlessness and not going after gangs because it considered "racial profiling" or other nonsense like that.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: bobn.t 7/22/2021 11:47:23 PM (No. 854118)
Democratic rule is an ongoing tragedy.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Nimby 7/23/2021 12:50:24 AM (No. 854142)
What a 🤡
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Reply 12 - Posted by: mifla 7/23/2021 4:57:42 AM (No. 854192)
Another Dem paradise.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: bigken2 7/23/2021 6:43:26 AM (No. 854237)
i know this is hard for dems but it is the criminals STUPID
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Reply 14 - Posted by: F15 Gork 7/23/2021 7:45:36 AM (No. 854278)
Yo, Merrick my man. Your problem is that most of the population of Chicago has gone feral...don’t know how you fix that.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Strike3 7/23/2021 8:30:59 AM (No. 854314)
How brave of Garland to visit Chicago. Even Smidgen didn't want to visit the old bathhouse scene where he built his reputation. He might have run into somebody that he once "knew" in the Biblical sense.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Cynical Backstory 7/23/2021 9:01:42 AM (No. 854353)
This urban crime wave is the direct result of the welfare lenience of the 70s and 80s. Remember the welfare queens and their multitude of profitable offspring? Those little children weren’t wanted by Anyone and raised themselves on the streets. Now they’re 30 and 40 year old men who were never wanted and still aren’t wanted and are to this day little boys acting out for attention and love. Except, they are in actuality grown feral thugs who are lost and dangerous and an absolute menace to society. Now, that’s enough psychoanalyzing on my part, I don’t have the education to do it anyway. Except I remember what my eyes have seen and the “have children for profit”was real no matter how much the activists hate the word “welfare queen”.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: ConradCA 7/23/2021 11:06:24 AM (No. 854527)
The problem isn’t gun violence, it’s criminals. These progressive fascists can’t address the real problem because they pander to blacks who commit the vast majority of these crimes.
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A Florida veterinarian faces up to 87 years in prison after pleading guilty to abusing dogs at his animal clinic and to possessing a trove of child porn in federal court Thursday. Prentiss Madden, 40, also pleaded guilty to one count of creation of 'crush videos', in which animals are trampled, stepped on or smashed to death for sexual gratification. Madden was the medical director at Caring Hands Animal Hospital in the Miami suburb of Aventura until he was fired two weeks before his arrest in March.
Watch: Biden’s Brain Completely Melts Down
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Joe Biden announced on Thursday that he would be signing legislation to award four Congressional Gold Medals over the Jan. 6 events at the Capitol building. The legislation passed the Senate by unanimous consent on Tuesday after it had passed the House. Four medals will be awarded, including one to the U.S. Capitol Police force and one to the Metropolitan Police Department. There will be a medal for the Smithsonian Institution to display, as well as one for the Architect of the Capitol, according to Politico.President Biden, flanked by Vice President Kamala Harris,
Joe Biden Laments: Confederates Did Not
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President Joe Biden suggested the violence of the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill was worse than the Civil War during a speech Thursday at the White House. “Not even during the Civil War did insurrectionists breach the Capitol of the United States of America, the citadel of our democracy,” Biden began. “Not even then. But on January the 6th, 2021, they did.” The president hosted a signing ceremony Thursday for a bill awarding Capitol Police officers a Congressional Gold Medal for their response to the January 6th riots, giving Biden an opportunity to excoriate supporters of the former president
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is absolutely right in calling out President Joe Biden’s COVID hypocrisy: The president is blaming the surge in cases partly on DeSantis and other GOP governors who resist tighter restrictions — even as Biden lets thousands of COVID-positive migrants flood the nation. Biden is “lecturing people about imposing COVID restrictions and lockdowns and not only doing nothing to stop the border surge but actually facilitating it,” notes the Floridian. He’s “bringing in people from over 100 different countries across the southern border.”
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Reuters reported on Monday that Anthony Fauci has made a declaration: Enough Americans have now been vaccinated to avoid lockdowns. Fauci made his pronouncement on ABC’s “This Week.”But who with even a modest faculty for critical thinking believes Anthony Fauci? That’s Anthony Fauci, MD, who famously told us that masks don’t work, and then told us, by God, wearing them is imperative. Fauci, a flip-flopper? Perish the thought. So, make no mistake, if Fauci, a decades-long D.C. player, says that lockdowns are off the table, they’re on the table -- at the White House and among congressional Democrats.
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As the Biden administration continues to peel away the accomplishments of his predecessor, what I hear most from family, friends, and social media posters is a fear that Democrats have become power-mad with their recent ascendancy to a majority position in the House and Senate. They wonder if the current crop of radical officials is hell-bent on weakening, and ultimately destroying, the country that gave them those positions. Beginning with reversing President Trump's southern border policies, which has led to an invasion of illegal aliens unprecedented in our history, to the shutdown of the Keystone pipeline
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Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney said that her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, is 'deeply troubled' by the current state of the GOP as she made her case for a riot commission to study Jan. 6. 'My dad is deeply troubled about where our party is, deeply troubled about where the country is,' Cheney said at an event hosted by the Aspen Institute. She called the President George W. Bush's second-in-command, now 80, a 'tremendous source of advice and guidance and wisdom for me.' Cheney said her father had taught her the importance of 'having the courage of my convictions.'
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It’s cheap, easy, and lots of fun to highlight Joe Biden’s incoherence and creepiness. Heck, he displays it constantly. Just yesterday, he sniffed a little girl’s hair and made an utterly incomprehensible speech likening police to brawling high school athletes. However, Don Surber, one of the most acute political observers suggests that Biden may be hiding a still-sharp brain behind that decrepit, incoherent exterior. I put it to you, the readers, to make the call. On Thursday, Twitter wasn’t able to stop “Creepy Joe” from trending. The reason was that he was once again caught snuffling at a little girl under the pretext of whispering something to her:
Mexico sues U.S. gun companies,
alleging ‘massive damage’
that is ‘destabilizing’ to society
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Posted by Hazymac 8/5/2021 8:15:22 AM Post Reply
The Mexican government on Wednesday sued several U.S. gun manufacturers, alleging that they contribute to illegal gun trafficking to Mexico. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. federal court in Boston. Among the defendants named in the suit are Smith & Wesson, Barrett Firearms, Beretta U.S.A. and Colt’s Manufacturing Company. The companies did not immediately respond to CNBC’s requests for comment. The gun manufacturers are accused of negligent business practices that facilitate smuggling guns to Mexico and cause “massive damage” to the country. The lawsuit alleges that they knowingly supply the criminal gun market in Mexico in particular, saying the companies’ military-style guns often
Biden Spots A Little Girl Out Of
The Crowd, Calls Her Over To Sit
In His Lap, Whispers In Her Ear
And Tries To Sniff Her (Video)
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Joe Biden on Thursday signed into law a bill to award four Congressional Gold Medals — the highest civilian honor given by Congress — to United States Capitol Police and other law enforcement personnel who were working during the January 6th. Biden was briefly upstaged Thursday by the 7-year-old daughter of a US Capitol Police officer who died in April after he was struck by a car at a barricade.
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Nearly Half A Million In Taxpayer
Dollars On Abusive Experiments On Dogs
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The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, spent $424,455 in taxpayer funds on experiments to infest beagles with parasite-carrying flies, even though the procedure had already been extensively tested on other animals. White Coat Waste Project, the government watchdog group that obtained the documents, found that about half of Fauci’s $6 billion budget was used for animal experimentation, including the abusive dog experiment. The funds were directed to the University of Georgia Research Foundation to conduct the experiment. “According to documents that we just obtained using the Freedom of Information Act, Fauci just spent $424,000 to commission a study in which healthy beagles are given an
Breaking news: AFL-CIO President Richard
Trumka dies of a heart attack at age 72:
Tearful Schumer pays tribute to 'fierce'
union leader and Biden ally on
the Senate floor
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Posted by Ribicon 8/5/2021 1:47:28 PM Post Reply
AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, one of the country's most powerful labor leaders, died on Thursday at the age of 72. He had headed the 12.5 million-member labor federation, representing more than 50 unions, since 2009, making him a leading voice in Washington policy debates, and was a close ally of the Biden White House.(Snip)His death comes at a critical point for millions of workers and a White House plotting a course out of the economic wreckage of the coronavirus pandemic. Trumka had proved himself an important ally as the Biden administration battled Republican governors, supporting vaccine mandates for workers, for example.
Revealed: Senate's $1trilllion
infrastructure bill would require
alcohol monitors in all cars to prevent
drunk driving and back seat alerts
to stop hot car child deaths
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With health and safety provisions like alcohol monitors and technology to curb hot car child deaths, the Senate's 2,700-page infrastructure bill details extensive reforms beyond repairs to the country's roads and bridges. The $1.2 trillion piece of legislation states that 'advanced drunk and impaired driving prevention technology must be standard equipment in all new passenger motor vehicles,' and that vehicles should be able to 'prevent or limit' operation if a driver is impaired.(Snip) Another section in the $1.2 trillion bill notes that women make up 47 per cent of the workforce, but just 6.6 per cent of truckers.
Biden zips around WH in hybrid Jeep
Wrangler (and demands to test the first
electric Corvette) as he pushes for HALF
of new cars to be emission-free by 2030
AND front-seat breathalyzers
25 replies
Posted by Imright 8/5/2021 5:52:34 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden took a hybrid Jeep Wrangler for a spin around the South Lawn of the White House – as he touted new battery technology going into the electric fleet. 'Have you guys driven an electric vehicle?' the president asked a group of reporters after he completed his circuit. 'You don’t hear a thing,' he said. Clearly in his element, Biden jumped out of the gray jeep and fielded several questions from the press.Asked by about language in the new infrastructure bipartisan bill about mandatory breathalyzer technology for cars, Biden backed the idea.
Biggest US Navy war games in 40 years
to prepare for WW3 across 17 times
zones amid tensions with Russia, China
and Iran
25 replies
Posted by GustoGrabber 8/5/2021 5:59:49 AM Post Reply
THOUSANDS of Marines and sailors are taking part in the US Navy's largest war games in 40 years as Washington "prepares" for a future world war amid rising tensions with Russia and China. Fleets began the Large Scale Exercise on Tuesday and the drills across 17 time zones will continue until August 16.    Forces will participate in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the exercises are designed to show the US' "readiness" for a potential global conflict.  Marines’ ability to conduct operations in difficult environments will be tested during the drills, according to
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