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NYPD releases footage of suspect
in fatal shooting of 15-year-old boy

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Posted By: mc squared, 6/4/2021 8:49:37 AM

The NYPD has released footage of a suspect wanted in the fatal shooting of a 15-year-old boy in East Harlem. The man, who was last seen with a cast on his right hand, is being sought in connection to the fatal shooting of Amir James. James was picking up food with his family when he was shot in the chest by a lone gunman at Lexington Avenue and East 123rd Street around 10:30 p.m Monday. The teen was pronounced dead at Harlem Hospital. By early Friday morning, it was still unclear if the teen was targeted or an innocent bystander, according to an NYPD spokesperson.


Presumably mom and dad were not available to speak to the press but grandma did.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 6/4/2021 9:42:05 AM (No. 805584)
Harlem, Thurgood Marshall Academy.....I'm sure that no white folks were involved. Violent inner city blacks, proving every single day that "black lives don't matter" to the "black leaders". They make no serious efforts to control these criminals, and in fact, their push for 'justice reform' means that these killers will be put out to repeat their deadly deeds sooner. It's difficult to work up a lot of sympathy when they insist that 'it's white supremacy' when it has absolutely nothing to do with it and just love their violent, anti-police, anti-education, drug infested 'inner city culture' which is at the root of the problem.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: coldborezero 6/4/2021 10:19:56 AM (No. 805626)
I am certain that this story is a complete fabrication. Firearms are strictly forbidden by law in New York City, thus making it utterly impossible for a citizen of New York to be a victim of gun violence. s/off
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Reply 3 - Posted by: bighambone 6/4/2021 11:07:45 AM (No. 805695)
Can’t pin this one on a so-called White Supremacist also known as a Republican, so Biden has not commented on that routine incident in Harlem.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: JimBob 6/5/2021 12:19:33 AM (No. 806263)
My, Obama sure has a lot of Sons. Here's another one of them in action.
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NYPD releases footage of suspect
in fatal shooting of 15-year-old boy
4 replies
Posted by mc squared 6/4/2021 8:49:37 AM Post Reply
The NYPD has released footage of a suspect wanted in the fatal shooting of a 15-year-old boy in East Harlem. The man, who was last seen with a cast on his right hand, is being sought in connection to the fatal shooting of Amir James. James was picking up food with his family when he was shot in the chest by a lone gunman at Lexington Avenue and East 123rd Street around 10:30 p.m Monday. The teen was pronounced dead at Harlem Hospital. By early Friday morning, it was still unclear if the teen was targeted or an innocent bystander, according to an NYPD spokesperson.
Miami shooting: Devastated father of
victim interrupts press conference,
'You all killed my kid'
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The distraught father of one of the victims in a deadly shooting outside a Miami banquet hall early Sunday interrupted a press conference on Monday hours before city police released new details about evidence. Clayton Dillard’s son, Clayton Dillard III, was one of the two individuals killed in the shooting that left 20 others injured. Investigators said the gunmen waited in their vehicle for 20 to 40 minutes for concertgoers to gather out front and that's when the gunmen ‘indiscriminately’ opened fire. Several people in the crowd who were armed returned fire, authorities said Monday. Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez was holding a press
MLB sued for moving All-Star game
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Major League Baseball is being sued over its move of next month’s All-Star game out of Atlanta. A 21-page lawsuit by conservative small-business advocacy organization Job Creators Network, filed Monday in federal court in New York, demands the immediate return of the game to Atlanta and $100 million in damages to local and state small businesses. The suit also seeks $1 billion in punitive damages. MLB, the MLB Players Association, Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred and MLBPA executive director Tony Clark are named as defendants in the suit. MLB announced April 2 that it would move the All-Star
Debunk This 3 replies
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Thank goodness we have licensed regime-approved journalists to tell us what is true and debunk what is not. Leveraging their extensive life experience as first college students, then grad students, then Vox interns, and finally NYT scribblers at age 27, these special, special people are uniquely suited to defining – for us – objective reality. And we miserable peasants are so ungrateful. On this Memorial Day, I ask: Where is their parade? Reporters are generally garbage and we should devote ourselves to destroying the mainstream media, just as we should commit ourselves to undermining and collapsing every other woke institution that dedicates itself to our
The Rise of ‘Blow Off Steam’ Policing 8 replies
Posted by mc squared 5/28/2021 9:39:21 PM Post Reply
Authorities frequently met last summer’s riots with a diffident response. National Guard troops remained in their barracks, and police often stood by as looting, arson, and property destruction took place in cities ranging from New York and Chicago to Seattle and Minneapolis. While political leaders deserve much of the blame, in some cases, the police themselves genuflected to left-wing protesters, endorsing their cause and reinforcing the protesters’ claimed moral superiority to the broader society. The New Way Such responses by police and authorities are rooted in the fear that a heavy-handed response will cause more violence. This might be called the “blow off steam” approach to controlling civil
EXCLUSIVE: Listen as Hunter Biden
bragged that he would regularly smoke
crack with late D.C. Mayor Marion Barry
at a Georgetown bar when he was a
student in recorded phone call with
a friend
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Posted by mc squared 5/28/2021 10:24:37 AM Post Reply
Hunter Biden smoked crack with late D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, he revealed to a friend in a recorded call obtained by In the January 2019 conversation, Hunter bragged: 'I actually smoked crack with Marion Barry I swear to f-ing god.' Hunter, 51, told his friend that he would regularly smoke with Barry in the restroom of a Georgetown bar while he was an undergraduate there. The stunning admission in the call, which was saved on Hunter's abandoned laptop, contradicts the president's son's claim in his memoir that his arrest as a teenager scared him off drugs until after college
Too Little Too Late, Whitmer Rescinds
Order She Got Caught Violating Last
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Posted by mc squared 5/25/2021 10:11:33 AM Post Reply
I am now 100% convinced that the 49th Governor of the state of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, is trolling the whole state and daring anyone to stop her. Really. If you are a political junkie it is amazing to watch how this lady rolls. As I wrote about here at RedState yesterday, Whitmer held an event just a day after issuing an apology for breaking her own COVID rules. Michigan Governor Channels Her Inner Gavin Newsom, Breaks Her Own COVID Rules at a Bar With Friends. This event at a furniture manufacturer gave the press the first chance to ask her why she
Close Encounters of the Mask Kind™
—My Personal Adventure in the CDC's
Brave New World
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Posted by mc squared 5/17/2021 8:43:30 AM Post Reply
Show of hands: Just a week ago today, who among us would have guessed that within just three days, the CDC would do a 180-degree flip-flop on par with the 1989 announcement that the Berlin Wall was coming down, and suddenly announce it was now safe for “fully vaccinated adults” to “resume most activities, indoors or out, in groups or individually, mask-free and without social distancing”? I am among those who did not raise a hand. However, what I did do, was make an announcement of my own — posthaste. I announced that henceforth, I self-identify as stick-a-fork-in-me DONE with the ridiculous draconian mask mandate, in
Bill de Blasio stuffs his face in
show & tell presser: ‘I have never
been so repulsed’
14 replies
Posted by mc squared 5/14/2021 11:33:54 AM Post Reply
In an attempt to convince New York City residents to obtain the coronavirus vaccine, Mayor Bill de Blasio stuffed his mouth full of fast food during a briefing Thursday morning. The “repulsive” performance was part of a joint promotion between the city and the fast food restaurant Shake Shack. “I got vaccinated. You’re saying I could get this? These delicious fries?” the mayor said during the briefing as he pulled out some Shake Shack fries and began eating them while speaking. “Wait a minute — but there’s also a burger element to this? Let me check with Bill Neidhardt. Is it too early in
No, Really, Why Is Joe Biden Wearing
His Mask Around Other Vaccinated
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Posted by mc squared 5/13/2021 11:02:36 AM Post Reply
In the Oval Office today, while doing a brief appearance before the cameras, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Vice President Kamala Harris, President Joe Biden, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi all wore masks and sat very deliberately spaced apart — if not six feet apart, then as close to that distance as possible. Every elected official in that room was vaccinated months ago and is considered fully vaccinated. Their immune systems are as prepared for an encounter with SARS-CoV-2 as they can get. Yes, McConnell, Biden and Pelosi are getting up in years. But the CDC itself states, “preliminary data from Israel suggest that people vaccinated with Pfizer-BioNTech
Biden calls Netanyahu, says Israel
‘has right to defend itself’ against
Hamas rockets
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Posted by mc squared 5/13/2021 9:53:23 AM Post Reply
President Biden on Wednesday spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reaffirm US support for Israel after a night of bloodshed with civilians in Tel Aviv sheltering from Hamas rockets. “I had a conversation with Bibi Netanyahu not so long ago. I’ll be putting out a statement very shortly on that,” Biden told reporters at the White House. “My expectation and hope is that this will be closing down sooner than later. But Israel has a right to defend itself against thousands of rockets flying into your territory.”
Rand Paul clashes with Fauci: Didn't
your agency fund gain of function
research in connection with the
Wuhan virology institute?
17 replies
Posted by mc squared 5/11/2021 2:00:13 PM Post Reply
If you’re coming to this fresh, you’ll be lost. If you watched Tucker Carlson talk about it last night, you’ll be better prepared. And if you read this magisterial analysis by science writer Nicholas Wade a few days ago, you’ll be really prepared. I’ll sum up as best I can: The NIH, which Fauci’s agency is a part of, has given grants in the past to a nonprofit called EcoHealth Alliance, which hunts emerging viruses. Among the places where they do research is China. Of the $3.7 million EcoHealth received from NIH before 2019, $76,000 per year was given to — ta da —
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'Today, I stand in my queer identity
with pride': Governor Andrew Cuomo's
youngest daughter Michaela, 23, comes
out as bisexual and offers a 'helping
hand' to others struggling to
'emerge from the closet'
59 replies
Posted by Ribicon 6/4/2021 11:43:54 AM Post Reply
Governor Andrew Cuomo's youngest daughter Michaela has come out as bisexual in an Instagram post celebrating her 'queer identity'. The 23-year-old Brown University graduate opened up about her sexuality in honor of Pride month, sharing two images of herself posing in a 'gay for you' baseball cap, with one featuring the rainbow Pride flag and the Pansexual flag in the background. 'Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo is queer,' she began her caption, adding: 'Today I stand in my queer identity with pride.' Michaela, who is the daughter of Cuomo's ex-wife Kerry Kennedy, also hit out at Instagram, accusing the photo-sharing app of 'censoring the LGBTQ community'
Why do black African immigrants do
better than American-born blacks?
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Posted by Big Bopper 6/4/2021 10:53:09 AM Post Reply
Millions of sub-Saharan blacks seek to immigrate to America. They apparently haven’t gotten the memo that this is a wretched land of systemic anti-black racism. When they get here, they’re strangers in a strange land. English is usually not their first language. Their skin color tends to be very black, not the lighter color of American blacks who have an average of about 25% white blood in them. Despite those handicaps, they do better than American-born blacks. Compared to American-born blacks, their income is about a third higher, their poverty rates are significantly lower, their educational achievement is higher, and their marriage rate is double.
Happening Now: Violent Minneapolis Black
Lives Matter Mob Looting Sneaker Shop,
Target, Walgreens, CVS and More (Videos)
38 replies
Posted by Imright 6/4/2021 3:00:59 AM Post Reply
A large mob of Black Lives Matter militants looted a Target late Thursday evening in response to a fatal police shooting in the city. Winston “Boogie” Smith, 32, was reportedly wanted on a state warrant for being a felon in possession of a firearm. After being stopped in his vehicle by law enforcement, the U.S. Marshals Service say he “produced a handgun.” (Tweets) At least one person has already been assaulted and was left unconscious at Target.(Tweets) The circumstances did not matter however, and hoodlums took the opportunity to rob Target — for “justice” — or whatever.
'They make my blood boil': NYC psychiatrist
tells woke Yale University panel she
fantasizes about fatally shooting white
people during talk entitled 'The Psychopathic
Problem of the White Mind'
34 replies
Posted by Imright 6/4/2021 10:27:19 PM Post Reply
A New York-based psychiatrist who was invited by Yale University to give a talk titled Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind told the audience that she had fantasized about 'unloading a revolver into the head of any white person' who got in her way.Dr Aruna Khilanani, who runs her own practice in Manhattan, delivered the talk virtually to medical students and faculty back in April after being invited by Yale School of Medicine's Child Study Center.Audio of her 50-minute lecture was published on journalist Bari Weiss' Substack blog on Friday.Khilanani, who has previously taught at Cornell, Columbia and New York universities
Mike Pence: Joe Biden Campaigned ‘As A Moderate’
But He’s ‘Most Liberal President Since FDR’
32 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 6/4/2021 6:24:28 AM Post Reply
Former Vice President Mike Pence during a speech Thursday in New Hampshire blasted the policies of President Joe Biden, observing the president had gone from campaigning “as a moderate” to becoming “the most liberal president since FDR.” Pence delivered his remarks during the Hillsborough County GOP’s annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner, and as he railed against Biden and spoke optimistically about the Republican Party’s future, the former vice president only further added to speculation that he himself could be considering a run for president in 2024.
What a relief! New women's urinal
is six times quicker to use than a
traditional toilet, inventors say
31 replies
Posted by Ribicon 6/5/2021 2:45:59 PM Post Reply
University graduates have designed a women's urinal they claim is six times more efficient than the traditional lockable toilet. Amber Robyn and Hazel McShane, who graduated from the University of Bristol last year, designed the hands-free Peequal when they were asked to solve a 'real life problem' for their masters project.(Snip) Not wasting time on opening and closing doors and cleaning toilet seats, or laying toilet paper out over the seat, are also ways the design improves efficiency. A prototype of the urinal, which is semi-private so others waiting to use the Peequal can't see anything from the waist down,
Female Amazon delivery driver, 21, tells
complaining 67-year-old woman customer
to 'check her white privilege' and then
viciously beats her after being called a
'b***h' in feud over delayed package
30 replies
Posted by Ribicon 6/5/2021 1:49:58 PM Post Reply
A 21-year-old Amazon delivery woman viciously beat another woman, 67, who had called her a bi**ch after the San Francisco-area driver told her to 'check her white privilege' when she'd complained about a delayed package. Itzel Ramirez, the Amazon driver, was arrested after she was filmed assaulting the woman in Alameda County, the sheriff’s office said on Friday.(Snip) ‘I believe the Amazon driver said something about “your white privilege,” and my tenant said, “You don’t need to be a b***h about it,” turned around and walked away,’ Smith told KTVU-TV. Ramirez was so enraged that she began punching
Kamala Harris' stepdaughter Ella Emhoff
models in first VOGUE shoot celebrating
the 'return of the mullet'—which she
calls 'ugly-chic'—just weeks after
graduating from fashion school
29 replies
Posted by Ribicon 6/4/2021 10:06:27 AM Post Reply
In her latest modeling gig since signing with IMG in January, Vice President Kamala Harris' stepdaughter Ella Emhoff is featured in Vogue this month—where she discusses why she is a fan of the mullet. The 22-year-old—who is the daughter of Harris' husband, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, and Doug's first wife, Kerstin—posed in a pair of close-up shots for the fashion bible this month, showing her own mullet hairstyle from the front and back.(Snip) Her looks quickly caused a stir in the fashion world, with Teen Vogue calling her the 'cool girl' of the Biden-Harris administration, Vice branding her
Nonbinary Alaska Air Workers
Hurt by Dress Code, ACLU Says
28 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 6/4/2021 7:51:29 PM Post Reply
Alaska Airlines’s flight attendant uniform policy discriminates against nonbinary workers by forcing them to “conform to rigid gender stereotypes,” the ACLU alleged in a Friday letter demanding that the airline alter its dress code.The American Civil Liberties Union wrote the letter on behalf of Seattle-based flight attendant Justin Wetherell, whose gender identity is nonbinary, or not strictly male or female, and whose gender expression is fluid and can change over time. Alaska Airlines allegedly has “male” and “female” dress and grooming requirements, allowing transgender workers to adhere to standards that match their gender identity, according to the letter. But the
Breaking: Manhattan DA calls Trump
Organization senior vice president Jeff
McConney as the first executive to testify
to the grand jury in the case against
the ex-president
25 replies
Posted by Imright 6/4/2021 9:47:15 PM Post Reply
One of the most senior officials in the Trump Organization has been subpoenaed to appear before a special grand jury deciding whether former President Donald Trump should face charges, according to reports.Jeff McConney is senior vice president and controller of the Trump family business, where he is a 35-year veteran.The development indicates how investigators are entering a new phase as they focus in on the company's financial affairs.ABC News reported that he was the first employee of the former president's company to testify.
North Carolina police force says it WON'T
respond in-person to 911 calls about theft,
fraud, or trespassing after 84 cops left the
force since January 2020
24 replies
Posted by Imright 6/5/2021 5:00:31 PM Post Reply
The police department in one of America’s fastest-growing cities is facing staff shortages so severe that it will not respond to certain 911 calls, including complaints of burglaries, theft, property damage, identity theft, or trespassing.The Asheville, North Carolina Police Department said that it has lost 84 officers since January 1, 2020.APD Police Chief David Zack says the attrition rate, which has accelerated since protests against law enforcement became widespread in the wake of George Floyd’s death in May of last year, has reached crisis proportions.He said it is necessary to no longer respond in-person to low-level offenses
Winston Boogie Smith—felon with
20 prior busts—pulled gun on
cops before he was killed
24 replies
Posted by Ribicon 6/4/2021 3:01:33 PM Post Reply
The man who was fatally shot by Minneapolis cops Thursday had been wanted in connection with a felony arms conviction and been involved in at least 20 previous run-ins with authorities, according to records and a report. Winston Boogie Smith, 32, was gunned down in the Midwest city around 2 p.m. when he “produced a handgun” as members of a US Marshals task force tried to take him into custody on the state warrant, the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department said. Smith—who once posed with civil rights lawyer Ben Crump and posted about the George Floyd trial—was wanted in neighboring Ramsey County for failing
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