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George W. Bush says the Republicans
'won't win anything' if they stand for
'white Anglo-Saxon protestantism' and
slams his own party for not
being inclusive
Posted by Ribicon 5/3/2021 10:27:22 PM Post Reply
Former President George W. Bush suggested the Republican Party needed to reach out to a more diverse coalition of voters if it wanted to come back into power. 'If you Republican Party stands for exclusivity—you know, it used to be country clubs, now evidently it's white Anglo-Saxon Protestantism—then it's not going to win anything,' Bush said in an interview with The Dispatch podcast last week.(Snip) 'My whole point on all this immigration debate and stuff is, I think if we valued life as precious and every life matters, that we’re all God’s children, that all of a sudden the tone
The Bleak Biden Way replies
Posted by Imright 5/3/2021 10:25:55 PM Post Reply
After a hundred days of President Biden, I think most Americans are now on to what will follow in the next few years. Joyless Joe -- Biden frowns. He grimaces. He occasionally barks and yells as he delivers a gloomy view of America and its people, past and present. Admit it: We are all racists, then and now, captives of Jim Crow still. Biden needs as many fabricated enemies as he can find; otherwise, his speeches, his demeanor, his agenda are little more than absurdities. They cannot stand or fall on their own merits because they have none. So grumpy Biden, in his latest and final incarnation, is always anti-something,
Biden Visits Elementary School in Virginia,
Asks the Children if They’re High Schoolers
Posted by Imright 5/3/2021 10:17:12 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden and Jill Biden visited an elementary school in Yorktown, Virginia on Monday — and it went about as well as one might expect.Biden walked into a classroom full of masked children sitting at desks behind massive plastic partitions.The sight alone of children being fully masked and behind these jail-like plexiglass barriers is enough to enrage most Americans.But then Biden made matter worse when he asked the clearly young children if they were teenagers in high school. WATCH:(Tweet/Video) Biden suffered another embarrassing gaffe over the weekend when he had to ask his wife to help him find his fae mask when it was in his own pocket.
Obamas share intimate dinner with A-listers
Hanks, Springsteen and Spielberg
Posted by Imright 5/3/2021 8:49:44 PM Post Reply
Former President Obama and wife Michelle partied into the wee hours Monday with a few A-list pals — Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw and Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa.The powerhouse pairs gathered at the Hanks’ $26 million Pacific Palisades manse in California around 7 p.m. Sunday — and kept the party going till well after midnight, according to Splash News. But despite the long night, the well-heeled guests appeared no worse for the wear afterward.
Bernie Sanders Reinforces the Radical Left’s
Agenda: Free College, Free Health Care,
Mass Amnesty
Posted by Imright 5/3/2021 8:47:11 PM Post Reply
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Sunday delivered a speech to a group of left-wing supporters in Louisville, Kentucky, where he contrasted the radical left’s vision for the country with the agenda presented by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), contending the country is currently drifting toward anarchy and authoritarianism while outlining the need for free college, amnesty, and an increased minimum wage. Sanders laid out a dire state of affairs in a rally alongside former Kentucky State Representative Charles Booker, citing the fight against systemic racism, climate change, and the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.“Will we create a government, an economy, and a society that works for all of us
Biden salutes journalists: They ‘uncover truth,
check abuse of power, and demand
transparency.’ LOL!
Posted by Imright 5/3/2021 8:40:46 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden offered admiration and praise for the American media in a statement Monday recognizing World Press Freedom Day just a few days after major outlets published false information pertaining to the Justice Department’s investigation of former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.“Journalists uncover the truth, check the abuse of power, and demand transparency from those in power. They are indispensable to the functioning of democracy. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, journalists and media workers have been on the front lines to keep the public informed, at significant risk to their own health,” said Biden. “And, at a time when the truth is increasingly under attack, our need for accurate, fact-based reporting,
Breaking! Windham, NH Board Walks Out
of Town Meeting After Outraged Residents
Shouts Them Down Over Audit! — Video …
Update: Meeting Moved to High School
Posted by Imright 5/3/2021 8:33:24 PM Post Reply
HUNDREDS of local citizens turned out to the Windham, New Hampshire City Meeting tonight at the city hall.The city leaders or “selectmen” moved the meeting back to the smaller venue at the city hall sometime today. That way HUNDREDS of concerned citizens were left standing outside! The Windham residents WERE NOT HAPPY after city leaders held the meeting in a room that only held a few dozen people. The Windham residents are also outraged that city leaders announced they were going to use a corrupt deep state organization to hold the audit!
'I have completed my shift as the great
American cliché': Surgeon and Army veteran
pens incredible obituary to himself before his
death aged 48
Posted by Imright 5/3/2021 8:25:12 PM Post Reply
An Ohio surgeon penned an incredible obituary for himself before his death last week at the age of 48.Dr Thomas Lee Flanigan was known by many for his humor and his Facebook memes, so it wasn't surprising when his patients, friends and family members found out that he had written his own obituary in a way that only he could. The married, father-of-three, who also served in the Army, died on April 27. 'Well, that's it. I have completed my shift as the great American cliché. In the spirit of what turned out to be my last New Year's letter, my wild and crazy life has again taken
Neighbors in shock after shootings,
explosion at homeless camp in
Albert Davis Park
Posted by Ribicon 5/3/2021 6:11:30 PM Post Reply
Seattle—Neighbors living next to Albert Davis Park in Seattle's Lake City are begging city leaders to do something about a growing homeless camp at the park. The neighbors say they are living in constant fear and apprehension after a recent double shooting and explosion at the camp. "I don't think I've slept more than a couple hours, any night this this week," says Shannon Ellis-Brock, who lives near Albert Davis Park. She says drugs and crime are rampant at the camp, which took over the park when the pandemic hit over a year ago. She and others say the problems there are out of control
Asian woman walking in Manhattan
bashed with hammer by stranger
demanding victim remove mask
Posted by Ribicon 5/3/2021 5:57:12 PM Post Reply
An Asian woman walking in Midtown Manhattan was bashed in the head with a hammer by a stranger demanding the victim remove her mask, police said Monday. The NYPD is investigating the attack as a possible hate crime, the latest in a string of bias-fueled attacks against Asian victims in New York City. The 31-year-old victim was walking on W. 42nd St. she was accosted by a woman near Ninth Ave. about 8:45 p.m. Sunday. “Take off your mask,” the assailant, who appeared to be in her 50s, bizarrely demanded, according to cops. The kook bashed the victim in the head
Biden confirms he WILL raise refugee cap
from 15,000 to 62,500 this year after
several U-turns and accusations from
Democrats that he was sticking with
Trump's 'xenophobic' policies
Posted by Ribicon 5/3/2021 5:22:47 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden announced Monday that he is revising the cap on the total number of refugees who may be allowed into the country this year up to 62,500–after sustaining blowback from his party's left after appearing to stand pat at a much lower number. The administration had previously announced an effort to raise the cap up from 15,000 after getting blasted by critics including Democratic 'squad' members Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. The series of U-turns came to a head in April, when the administration had indicated it would move to raise the cap–days after
Bill and Melinda Gates announce
they are getting divorced
Posted by Ribicon 5/3/2021 5:09:42 PM Post Reply
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates—who is worth an estimated $130 billion — and his wife, Melinda, are getting a divorce after 27 years of marriage, the couple announced Monday in a joint statement. “After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage,” a statement from the billionaire philanthropist couple, tweeted from both of their personal Twitter accounts at 4:30 p.m. EST, reads. “Over the last 27 years, we have raised three incredible children and built a foundation that works all over the world to enable all people
Seattle’s Chocolati fires employee
after refusing to serve police officers
Posted by NorthernDog 5/3/2021 4:34:22 PM Post Reply
SEATTLE — After an incident in late April when an employee of Chocolati in Wallingford refused to serve a pair of Seattle police officers, the company announced in a Facebook post that the company is parting ways with the employee. The scenario started on April 27 when Mike Solan, president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, said that an officer and trainee went to the Wallingford location and was refused service. Solan said, “They were met with a bit of hostility.” Initially the employee ignored the pair, then said, according to Solan, “No, I won’t serve you.” After the incident
Facebook's Oversight Board will announce
its decision on the future of Donald
Trump's banned account on Wednesday
Posted by Imright 5/3/2021 4:22:13 PM Post Reply
The Facebook Oversight Board said it will announce its decision on the future of former President Donald Trump's Facebook account on Wednesday morning.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the platform was indefinitely suspending Trump's account on January 7, after Trump supporters had stormed the US Capitol the day before.At the time, Zuckerberg said Facebook believes that "the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great." He cited Trump's response to the protests against the election results
Reclaiming the Word? Trump Officially
Declares ‘Fraudulent’ 2020 Election
Should Be Known as ‘The Big Lie!’
Posted by Imright 5/3/2021 4:16:29 PM Post Reply
Former President Donald Trump announced via an official statement that, heretofore, he would like everyone to refer to the election results of 2020 as “THE BIG LIE.” “The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!” he wrote in a statement released Monday morning by his Save America PAC. Of course, this just continues the baseless allegation that the 2020 general election that Trump lost to President Joe Biden was somehow rife with malfeasance, and it aims to reclaim the term “big lie,” which has been used by Trump critics, who have frequently compared his false rhetoric to that
Chenasia Campbell Facing Charges After
Allegedly Attacking Flight Attendant
Posted by Ribicon 5/3/2021 3:59:04 PM Post Reply
New York–A Brooklyn woman is facing charges after allegedly attacking an attendant during a flight to John F. Kennedy International Airport from Miami. According to authorities, it happened Sunday midway through the flight. Officials said Chenasia Campbell, a passenger, went to the crew area of the plane and yelled at a flight attendant for not picking up her garbage. When another flight attendant tried to separate the two, Campbell allegedly began pummeling her and pulling her hair. Campbell then went back to the passenger area, but returned to the crew area after getting into an argument with another passenger, authorities said. Officials say Campbell was yelling
Florida Gov. DeSantis suspends all remaining
Covid restrictions: 'We are no longer in a state
of emergency'
Posted by Dreadnought 5/3/2021 3:44:09 PM Post Reply
WASHINGTON — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order Monday that immediately suspends all outstanding local Covid-19 emergency orders and related public health restrictions. "The fact is, we are no longer in a state of emergency," DeSantis said during a news conference. He acknowledged that Florida was still not done with its fight against the coronavirus but reiterated the nation's decline in Covid-19 cases and deaths. "I think that's the evidence-based thing to do," DeSantis said, adding that asking vaccinated individuals to continue to wear masks would undermine confidence in the coronavirus vaccines. Private businesses can still require
CEO takes back control replies
Posted by Maryland_Patriot 5/3/2021 3:33:08 PM Post Reply
Once upon a time, IBM required its male workers to wear white shirts (and of course ties) and sport no facial hair because the company did not wish to offend any customers. (snip) Instead of focusing on work, employees were arguing over politics. The company decided to change all that. But while its ban on talking politics in the office drew the attention from political blogs (duh), the ending of committees and the conversion of paternalistic benefits into cash are the real sea-change in the corporation.
McConnell Says ‘Zero’ Republicans Will Back
Biden’s Infrastructure Package
Posted by Dreadnought 5/3/2021 3:15:59 PM Post Reply
No Republican senator will back President Biden’s infrastructure plan as written, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) said at a press conference on Monday. “I don’t think there will be any Republican support — none, zero — for the $4.1 trillion grab bag which has infrastructure in it but a whole lot of other stuff,” McConnell told reporters. “We’re open to doing a roughly $600 billion package which deals with what all of us agree is infrastructure….If it’s going to be about infrastructure, let’s make it about infrastructure.” McConnell’s reference to a “$4.1 trillion grab bag” would include Biden’s roughly $2 trillion infrastructure package as well as
The CIA's woke recruitment video gets
panned: Don Jnr leads ridicule as recruit
describes herself as 'intersectional
cisgender millennial' diagnosed with
'generalized anxiety disorder'
Posted by Ribicon 5/3/2021 2:43:37 PM Post Reply
A new CIA recruitment video has been widely ridiculed online after the recruit described herself as an 'intersectional cisgender millennial'. The unnamed CIA officer, 36, tells viewers she is 'unapologetically me', adding that she to suffer from 'imposter syndrome' but now refuses to 'internalize misguided patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be.' But the clip has sparked a fierce reaction online with users labelling it 'woke'. Another said: 'The world is laughing at us.' Donald Trump Jr. tweeted: 'China and Russia will love this.' Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright, tweeted: 'The CIA used to be about mission to country.
Majority Of French Agree With Military
Generals That Nation Is Nearing "Civil War",
New Poll Finds
Posted by earlybird 5/3/2021 2:38:37 PM Post Reply
A new poll has found that a majority of French people support the sentiments expressed in a letter signed by active duty and retired members of the military warning that the country is heading towards a “civil war” caused by failed multiculturalism and attacks on French identity.Around 1,000 servicemembers signed the letter, including 20 retired generals, warning President Emmanuel Macron of “several deadly dangers” threatening France, including “Islamism and the hordes of the banlieue,” a reference to the fractured suburbs around major cities with high crime and immigrant populations. (Snip) blame the “anti-racism” movement for seeking to create a “racial war” by attacking symbols of French cultural cohesion and identity, including
It's unlikely America will reach
herd immunity, experts warn
Posted by NorthernDog 5/3/2021 1:56:57 PM Post Reply
When will the United States reach herd immunity to COVID-19? Experts now say it might not — but that doesn't mean the virus has to remain a "society disrupter." That's according to a new report in The New York Times, which says there is now a "widespread consensus among scientists and public health experts" that in the U.S., the "herd immunity threshold is not attainable — at least not in the foreseeable future, and perhaps not ever." (Snip) These experts think that COVID-19 may continue circulating in the United States for years, the Times reports, but that vaccines can help turn it
Toby’s Tale: How an Abandoned Dog Went from
Roadside to a Life of Comfort and Love
Posted by SurferLad 5/3/2021 1:49:05 PM Post Reply
The first rescue dog entered my life in 1950. He was a St. Bernard living in the cramped city apartment of an elderly lady who was kind but couldn’t care for a giant, even a gentle one like Buddy. Early the first morning of our life together I rushed downstairs in our rural Ohio home to see him. There, on the back porch were strewn the gnawed remains of his new leather harness and leash. [Snip] Toby was found sitting in a dirty puddle, shivering, befuddled. He went to the car willingly. Next day Toby wouldn’t even look at me. He was
Rental Companies Buy Up Used
Cars as Microchip Crisis Gets Worse
Posted by NorthernDog 5/3/2021 1:45:36 PM Post Reply
The semiconductor shortage has slashed vehicle production so much that rental-car companies can’t get the new cars they need, so they have resorted to buying used vehicles at auction. This is uncharted territory for the likes of Hertz Global Holdings Inc. and Enterprise Holdings Inc., which have made their profits by purchasing new vehicles cheaply in bulk, renting them out for as much as a year and selling them at auction. In the past, they have bought some used cars to shore up an occasional unforeseen burst in demand, but rarely for the mainstays of their fleets. “You would never
Florida congressman Charlie Crist expected
to announce bid for governor next week
Posted by Hazymac 5/3/2021 1:40:24 PM Post Reply
Charlie Crist, the state’s former Republican governor turned Democratic congressman, is expected to announce next week that he’s making a second run for governor as a Democrat. Crist said in a recent television interview that he is considering running for governor and tweeted Saturday that he will make a “major announcement” on May 4 in his home town of St. Petersburg. Crist won the governor’s mansion as a Republican in 2006 after many years in GOP politics. He decided not to seek a second term, instead running in 2010 for a U.S. Senate seat, which he lost to Sen. Marco Rubio. In 2014 Crist tried to mount a comeback as a Democrat,
How Do You Like the Thought
of Being Deprogrammed?
Posted by Hazymac 5/3/2021 1:33:53 PM Post Reply
Their normal human sympathies have atrophied. They live in the desert of their own inhuman politics. They are cold and apparently lack a spiritual life. Desperate to look down on other people, they take fatuity to a new level. David Atkins, recently elected as a California member of the Democratic National Committee, mused on Twitter (Nov. 21, 2020): "How do you deprogram 75 million people who would literally die to stick it to the domestic enemies the teevee and youtube conspiracy vids told them to hate? No, DO you deprogram 75 million people? Where do you start? Fox? Facebook? We have to start thinking in terms
Biden hears from elementary
school students about drawbacks
of virtual learning
Posted by Ribicon 5/3/2021 1:00:41 PM Post Reply
President Biden and first lady Jill Biden heard mixed reviews about virtual learning from elementary school students during a swing through Yorktown, Virginia, on Monday morning. Some students at Yorktown Elementary School told the president and first lady they liked virtual learning OK and one told Mr. Biden it was “kind of fun” because of the availability of snacks. Another student said that if you didn’t know the answer to a question you could just pretend like your microphone wasn’t working.(Snip) One of the glass partitions being used to shield the children fell off a student’s desk. “That’s probably my fault,” the president said.
A software company comes up with
a brilliant corporate speech policy
Posted by Maryland_Patriot 5/3/2021 12:14:56 PM Post Reply
Basecamp is remote work software that provides a single online environment in which workers on a single project can consolidate everything they do on that project. No matter where you are, there's a virtual meeting space in cyberspace. That's pretty cool. What's really cool about Basecamp, though, is its CEO's new rule: people may not discuss politics at work. With that single announcement, a third of the workforce quit. Other American corporations should follow suit.
'Squad' Rep. Cori Bush Calls America 'Racist
AF' After She Backs Defunding St. Louis Police
Posted by NorthernDog 5/3/2021 10:57:35 AM Post Reply
Democratic Missouri Representative Cori Bush, a member of the progressive "Squad," on Sunday called America "racist AF," after she backed defunding the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. "Our communities wouldn't have needed to spark a national movement to save Black lives if America weren't racist AF," Bush tweeted Sunday afternoon. The congresswoman's remarks come two days after she praised a "historic" vote to defund the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. (Snip) St. Louis is ranked by Neighborhood Scout as one of the country's most dangerous cities. Between 2009 and 2019, at least 179 people were killed by local police or
EPA to propose phasing-out
greenhouse gases used in
refrigeration and air conditioning
Posted by Ribicon 5/3/2021 10:38:12 AM Post Reply
The Environmental Protection Agency is set to issue wide-reaching regulations on Monday to curb the use and production of greenhouse gases from the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. The new regulations will target the production and importation of hydrofluorocarbons—commonly known as HFCs. The chemical compound was first developed in the 1980s to replace more harmful greenhouse gasses that depleted the earth’s ozone layer. EPA Administrator Michael Regan will propose that U.S. will curb HFCs emissions 85% by 2035. “With this proposal, EPA is taking another significant step under President Biden’s ambitious agenda to address the climate crisis,” Mr. Regan said. “The phasedown of HFCs
Fox Business Host Maria Bartiromo Shares
Her Experience Going Undercover To Get
Inside A Migrant Facility
Posted by Imright 5/3/2021 10:09:55 AM Post Reply
The Daily Caller’s Caity McDuffee talked to Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria” and Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo about her recent trip to the southern border where she had to go undercover to get inside a migrant facility.“I went undercover. So I got there and I had my phone in my pocket, so we were rolling because I didn’t want to break any rules but the truth is American people need to understand what’s going on,” she said.“We went into a building called the Delphi Emergency Facility, that’s where they were housing 17-year-old boys and younger, there was a group of 13-17,
Who’s really running Biden’s White House?
Step forward President Klain
Posted by Moritz55 5/3/2021 10:08:38 AM Post Reply
The name’s Klain — President Klain. Washington insiders delight in assigning the White House chief of staff this mischievous title as the driving force behind the actual president, Joe Biden. The man himself, Ron Klain, would never describe himself this way, but his firm grip on the levers of government has enabled the 78-year-old president to cruise through his first 100 days in office without breaking sweat. Everybody who is anybody in Washington knows Klain, although few people outside the Beltway — the ring road surrounding the capital — have heard of him. He is a powerful, confident operator who knows the business of government inside out.
Opponents of ‘critical race theory’
win Texas school board election
Posted by Imright 5/3/2021 10:04:33 AM Post Reply
A Texas school board has scored an overwhelming election victory to stop “critical race theory” and a new “cultural competence action plan” from being forced into classes.The elections in Southlake on Saturday were so divisive that backers of the new anti-racism measures called on the Department of Justice to intervene — and even pop star Demi Lovato ripped opponents of the plan.“It is horrifying to see how some of the parents … are literally FIGHTING to uphold white supremacy and are resisting the anti-racism work that is so needed,”
Exclusive: Spy Plane Identified Circling the
Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum Where
the Election Audit Is Taking Place – What’s
Going On?
Posted by Imright 5/3/2021 9:53:43 AM Post Reply
A spy plane was identified flying over the Maricopa County audit. What information are they after? Sunday morning we were alerted to the fact that a plane was circling around the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum last week. We received only the picture above. We followed up and found more information on this plane and additional information on other events where a plane circled the sky in a similar fashion. One such incident was in San Bernadino after the shooting spree by Islamic terrorists Farook and Malik.
Preachy Alyssa Milano gets
put firmly in her place
Posted by Magnante 5/3/2021 9:08:45 AM Post Reply
The one nice thing I can say about Alyssa Milano’s social and political views is that I think she means well. (snip) Fortunately, there are people willing to talk back to her. Most recently, that pushback came from a young New Orleans woman named Savvy. (snip) Savvy is there to give Milano a big dose of reality. “Imagine being a Black man and being told by some White lady with a microphone that you and the criminal on TV are one and the same because you like alike. Imagine being told by society that White people can be all that they can be but for you as a Black man
2022: Democrats shiver with the clock ticking replies
Posted by Magnante 5/3/2021 9:02:08 AM Post Reply
Democrats know that with crazy-left Joe Biden at the helm, it's "Après moi, le déluge." Louis XIV coined that phrase to say that all hell was going to break loose once his time passed in a conversation with his mistress. He was right: by 1789, it did. Democrats seem right now to be saying the same. Some examples, from today's news, starting with Fox News: The special election in Texas’ Sixth Congressional District on Saturday was seen as the first competitive race since Joe Biden was elected president and a bellwether on how a district that was seen to be purpling reacted to the new administration’s first 100 days.
Barack Obama, Race, and Revolution replies
Posted by Magnante 5/3/2021 8:59:41 AM Post Reply
For nearly 50 years, until 2009, the United Sates experienced enormous progress in race relations. (snip) In 2008 only 18% of all Americans were greatly concerned or worried about the state of race relations in the country. By 2017 that number had skyrocketed to 45%. Further, in 2008 66% of Americans thought race relations were good; by 2016, 63% thought race relation were bad. The common denominator in this freefall and primary instigator of the current societal chaos and national uncertainty: Barack Obama.
Pennsylvania Native, 29, Stabbed Dead By
Seattle Neighbor For Not Wearing Face
Posted by dst4life 5/3/2021 8:47:03 AM Post Reply
A Pennsylvania native was stabbed to death near his Seattle-suburb home on Sunday, according to police in Washington. John Huynh, 29, formerly of Ephrata, was stabbed in the heart following a disagreement with a neighbor -- over wearing a face mask -- according to charging documents filed in King County Superior Court. Huynh, two friends and his wife walked out of the Villas at Beardslee apartments in Bothell shortly before 7:30 p.m. Sunday, according to court documents.
BLM issues demands: convict Trump, investigate
conservative troops, don’t compare Jan 6
to summer of ‘peaceful’ riots
Posted by Skinnydip 5/3/2021 8:42:09 AM Post Reply
The BLM organization has released a new series of shocking and massive demands, centered around ex-President Trump and the "peaceful" riots of the summer of 2020. According to their list of demands, there are seven things they want to happen immediately in America: Convict and ban Trump from future political office. Expel Republican members of Congress who attempted to overturn the election and incited a white supremacist attack. Launch a full investigation into the ties between white supremacy and the Capitol Police, law enforcement, and the military. Permanently ban Trump from all digital media platforms. Defund the police. Don’t let the coup be used as an excuse to crack down on our movement Pass the BREATHE Act.
Top 10 Absurdities of the COVID Pandemic replies
Posted by Jack Garrison 5/3/2021 8:38:08 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party may be in denial, but the truth is unavoidable. For all intents and purposes, the COVID-19 pandemic which has ravaged our country and our economy for fourteen months is over. As we prepare to close the book on the nightmare it has been, let’s pause for a moment with the Top Ten list for the Month of May to reflect on some of the most ridiculous aspects of the handling of the coronavirus outbreak. #10 – One-way traffic rules in supermarket aisles –
Juror in Chauvin Trial Makes Potentially Problematic
Statements on Morning Show
Posted by Kelley Finn 5/3/2021 8:34:11 AM Post Reply
There are questions now being raised about Juror #52 in the Derek Chauvin trial, reportedly Brandon Mitchell. Mitchell has now come forward and given interviews on several shows. Speaking to the “Get Up! Mornings” show with Erica Campbell on April 27, Mitchell spoke about his experience on the jury. During the interview, Campbell said that many people aren’t all that eager to do jury duty.CORRECTION*
Barack Obama, Race, and Revolution replies
Posted by Hazymac 5/3/2021 8:24:49 AM Post Reply
For nearly 50 years, until 2009, the United Sates experienced enormous progress in race relations. Thanks to the efforts of individual citizens in their communities and not the nation’s ruling elites and patronizing liberals, this country was well on its way to racial healing. In 2008 only 18% of all Americans were greatly concerned or worried about the state of race relations in the country. By 2017 that number had skyrocketed to 45%. Further, in 2008 66% of Americans thought race relations were good; by 2016, 63% thought race relation were bad. The common denominator in this freefall and primary instigator
Liz Cheney reportedly acts like
a pig, not just to Trump,
but to other Republicans,
and may lose her GOP post soon
Posted by Magnante 5/3/2021 7:45:49 AM Post Reply
Liz Cheney is in trouble. After winning handily as chair of the House Republican Conference in Congress in February shortly after her unpopular vote to impeach President Trump, House members are now looking to get rid of her. Axios had the scoop on that: Top Republicans are turning on Rep. Liz Cheney, the party’s highest-ranking woman in Congress, with one conservative leader suggesting she could be ousted from her GOP post within a month. Why it matters: The comments by Reps. Steve Scalise, the minority whip, and Jim Banks, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, carry weight because of their close relationship with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy
Who Gets To Define What’s Patriotic? replies
Posted by RockyTCB 5/3/2021 6:40:18 AM Post Reply
Last week, President Joe Biden said it’s the patriotic duty of Americans to wear masks while outside. Years ago, while campaigning as Barack Obama’s running mate, he said it was patriotic to pay higher taxes. It’s hard to decide if these statements are more akin to the ramblings of a child or are uncomfortably similar to Third World despots who demand obedience from their subordinated citizens. Frankly, they’re both. Making a distinction is virtually impossible. When we hear Biden try to force his view of patriotism on the country, we think of Woody Allen’s “Bananas,”
Texas Rep Calls For Dem Official To Resign
After Racist Slur About Sen. Tim Scott
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 5/3/2021 6:22:18 AM Post Reply
A county Democratic official from Northeast Texas is facing demands to resign after he used a racist slur to refer to South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott following the GOPers rebuttal to President Biden’s speech Wednesday night. “I had hoped that Scott might show some common sense, but it seems clear he is little more than an oreo with no real principles,” Lamar County Democratic Party chair Gary O’Connor wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post, Fox News reported. Scott, one of only three Black U.S. Senators and the only Republican, has faced a barrage of racist attacks since his response to Biden’s address to Congress.
The Price Democracy Exacts
for Ignorance
Posted by Garnet 5/3/2021 6:11:14 AM Post Reply
In an 1816 letter to his friend Charles Yancey, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The functionaries of every government have propensities to command at will the liberty and property of their constituents. There is no safe deposit for these but with the people themselves, nor can they be safe with them without information.” Jefferson was making the case for taxpayer-funded public schools. He believed an educated electorate with access to a free press would be proof against the government’s inclination to encroach upon our liberties. One wonders if he would take such a sanguine view after witnessing what passes for education and news reporting today.
Bernie Sanders on James Carville: ‘I Don’t
Think He’s Terribly Relevant to What
Happens in Congress’
Posted by Imright 5/3/2021 5:36:08 AM Post Reply
Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) responded to political strategist James Carville saying the Democratic Party “can’t be more liberal” than Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) because they will not be able to pass any of their legislation.Sanders shrugged off Carville’s remarks, saying he does not think Carville is “terribly relevant to what happens in Congress right now.”“[S]enator Manchin has said he’s not in favor of lowering the eligibility age [for Medicare]. Do you think that was probably why Joe Biden didn’t include your provision in his plan?”
Beijing tops NYC in number of
billionaires on latest Forbes list
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The Big Apple has taken a back seat to Beijing as the world’s billionaire capital, and that’s before a new state tax hike possibly pushes more fat cats to leave.The Chinese capital has exactly one more billionaire than Gotham, 100 to 99, according to Forbes’ recently released list.The number of billionaires worldwide increased 32 percent to 2,755, or 660 more than a year ago, as many cashed in on a surging stock market. Beijing saw an uptick of 33 billionaires during the worldwide COVID catastrophe that began in China, while NYC’s roster increased by only seven.
Fake News Still Gaslighting
America with Phony Polls
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Opinion polls, particularly in the buildup to a presidential election, are not designed to reflect public opinion, but instead to shape it. For the media, objectivity is only of historic interest, a journalistic tenet from a bygone era. (snip) CNN commissioned a poll to support their lovefest over Biden’s spendfest speech. Their headline on the day after Biden’s speech was “7 in 10 who watched say Biden’s speech left them feeling optimistic.” Start with the bit about “who watched.” How many Americans gave up an hour of their evening to watch
Bronx judge RELEASES man, 29, who
'smashed windows of four synagogues'
HOURS after another judge defied
NYC's bail reform laws to keep him
behind bars
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A New York judge has released a man suspected of vandalizing synagogues across the Bronx - just hours after another judge defied the state's bail reform laws and ordered him locked up. Jordan Burnette, 29, faces 42 charges over a string of attacks on Jewish places of worship. He appeared in court Sunday, and was expected to be freed because New York State's bail reform laws say a suspect with his charges cannot be held on bail. But Bronx Judge Louis Nock classified some of the charges as 'hate crimes' and ordered him held on a $20,000 bail. However, the judge's defiance didn't last long.
Iran expects sanctions on banks, oil to be
lifted based on nuclear talks
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Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator said that Tehran expects US sanctions on oil, banks and other sectors and on most individuals and institutions to be lifted based on agreements reached so far at talks in Vienna, Iranian state media reported on Saturday. Russia and Western European powers, meanwhile, gave contrasting accounts of the task ahead in the talks to bring Iran and the United States fully back into compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal, as the talks adjourned for six days. “Sanctions... on Iran’s energy sector, which include oil and gas, or those on the automotive industry, financial, banking and port sanctions, all should be lifted based on agreements reached so far.”
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